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					                                                           AIR Issue 1 March 2011


                          Issue 1 March 2011

Created by FlyTek 2011. www.flytoronto.webs.com Images courtesy of respective authors.
                      AIR Issue 1 March 2011

     Table of Contents
1. Cover
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. File Library
5. What goes into the theme?
6. Incredible. Again. The 747-8
7. Incredible. Again. Images
8. Introducing Documents
9. Behind the Scenes
10. FlyToronto goes mobile
11. Back Cover
                                                             AIR Issue 1 March 2011

        Welcome to yet another year at FlyToronto! Time flies; I can’t believe it’s
already March! Many new features have been added to the site, and our community
is always expanding. Our file library is growing all the time; make sure to check it out
in the discussion forums as plenty of great addons are waiting to be discovered.


      This is the first issue of the monthly newsletter, to be named Air, which can
be downloaded off of the documents page. These articles will feature new things on
the website, aviation news, highlights and links. I’ll try to keep up a solid schedule of
newsletters, but you never know: School work always takes priority in my books!


           Thank you for tuning in! Clear skies ahead…
                                                                 AIR Issue 1 March 2011

                                                              Heads up:
                                                 Boarding for the file library
                                                       begins in 5 minutes
        Pay a visit to the file library if you have time. Head over to the discussion
forums and scroll down until you reach the public boards. There you’ll find two
separate flight simulator forums, one for FS9 and one for FSX. They contain a
plethora of addons that will satisfy any pilot. First choice environmental upgrades,
scenery and aircraft are all available for download, courtesy of AVSIM and
Flightsim.com. If you enjoy these addons then please consider donating to them.
These websites work hard to host files for free, and we should always remember to
give back. Each addon page contains a brief summary of the contents, the author, a
few screenshots and a download link:

 Example of an addon page: The wonderful POSKY 777 -300ER in Vancouver 2010 Air Canada colours

    I hope you’ll find the file library to be a great resource. Happy downloading!
                                                           AIR Issue 1 March 2011

                                                    What goes into
                                                    the theme?

      Simplicity is the key design philosophy behind FT’s theme. I wanted it to have a
nice and airy atmosphere; nothing heavy or dark. Light blues contrast the vibrant red
on the homepage and create a sense of freedom. The font for the logo is Calibri; neat
and simple, yet modern and sophisticated at the same time. Themes change
according to seasons and holidays: Early Spring features a special ICE theme with
snowflakes dancing across the header. Winter had animated snowflakes billowing
around the website and summer gleams with a clear sky theme; appropriately
named AIR.

      All the logos and background images were first taken from Flight Simulator X,
and then edited in Paint.NET (a great program that I recommend, by the way). Glow,
blur and softening are applied to spice up the image. What you see in the
background and logo of FlyToronto is actually a screenshot of the Las Vegas Skyline,
albeit heavily edited.
                                                               AIR Issue 1 March 2011


       Over 40 years ago the first 747-100 took off into a rainy Washington sky,
forever to be remembered as the original Queen of the Skies. On February 13 th, 2011
the first 747-8 Intercontinental was rolled out in a special sunrise livery. First flight of
the passenger version is expected to be March 20th. A special website
commemorating the event has been set up by Boeing, and can be found here:

       *** I can still remember the first time I got to ride on a 747-400 with EVA. It
was amazing; the sheer size of the thing struck me at first sight. I remember how the
flight attendants let me into the cockpit. I was so shy at the time that I didn’t even
know what to say. I think I just smiled and snapped a few photos! Several years later I
got a chance to see RA001 first hand at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It was the
747 that sparked my interest in aviation, and I’ll never forget that. ***
                                                         AIR Issue 1 March 2011


News Flash: Air China orders five Boeing 747-8 Intecontinentals, becoming the third
customer of the type, after Lufthansa and Korean Air.
                                                       AIR Issue 1 March 2011

     Share: Introducing Documents

     I’d like to show you a new page on the website called Documents. The
documents page features reviews and articles that can be downloaded for your
viewing pleasure, such as the monthly AIR Newsletter. Things like AVSIM Reviews
and photo albums will be added over time. The best part is that you can add files
yourself! This is a great way to express what you have to say to our community.
Accepted files are doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, and .ppt.
                                                           AIR Issue 1 March 2011

Behind the scenes: The Webs Editor

      Ever wondered what it’s like to manage your own website? The wonderful (and
free!) Webs Site Builder let’s you experience the thrill of creating your own webpage.
Webs is basically the brain which FlyToronto runs on. All the files are hosted on their
servers and I can use the simple editor to change things to my preference. FlyToronto
actually uses the AIR template, but I’ve heavily modified it using some easy CSS
coding. Add some nice background and logo images and you’ve got a great looking
website. The range of customization is incredible and allows me to personalize pretty
much anything. Webs gives me data regarding how many visitors I have, views, time,
and much more. There are many apps that I can install to improve FT’s usability.
Overall it’s just an amazing piece of technology.
                                     AIR Issue 1 March 2011

               Adapting to the technology
               of today:
               FlyToronto goes Mobile
               Keeping up with the technology of today:
               FlyToronto is now available in Mobile Phone form.
               A new application on Webs allows FT to be
               converted into a smart phone optimized website.
               Visit and check up on the latest aviation and
               flight simulation news, from anywhere in the
               world, on the go. The website features everything
               you would find on the full version, but condensed
               into a stylish, easy to navigate design. With all
               these new features who knows what awaits us in
               the future?

That concludes the first issue of AIR.
Remember to check back in April for
              Issue 2!
                                                           AIR Issue 1 March 2011

Created by FlyTek 2011. www.flytoronto.webs.com Images courtesy of respective authors.

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