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									Women’s fashion magazines, part one

Read on for the definitive list of women’s fashion magazines…

Directional and inspirational, women’s fashion magazine ELLE is the ultimate shopping and
lifestyle guide. Featuring the hottest new trends in style, fashion and beauty, the magazine
covers the latest runway reports, hair and beauty tips, life and love advice, and controversial,
contemporary issues.

Glamour magazine features fabulous fashion pages, beauty tips, inspiring articles, interviews,
self-help advice, health and fitness and much, much more.

In Style
In Style is an indispensable guide for women who love fashion, luxury, beauty and celebrity
gossip. Offering the latest expert styling and fashion, it is a style bible for sophisticated urban

Offering witty social reports, inside-track features and interviews, as well as fabulous fashion
and beauty, Tatler magazine is intelligent, glamorous and light-hearted.

Each issue of Cosmopolitan is packed with the latest celebrity news, style and beauty tips,
hair and sex advice, relationship help, quizzes and great giveaways. This accessible fashion
magazine is a must-read for women of all ages.

Harper’s Bazaar
Harper’s Bazaar is a one-stop fashion resource for women who desire the best. Featuring
everything from women’s couture fashion to the latest hair and beauty trends, alongside
celebrity news, events and runway show reportage.

Marie Claire
Your monthly digest of the latest designer and high street fashion news, as well as beauty
advice, lifestyle tips and celebrity interviews, Marie Claire is much more than just a women’s
fashion magazine. Special features include hard-hitting news reportage, coverage of social
issues and world events along with questions and answers by expert professionals.

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