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List Builder and Money Making Method


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									     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
You do not have right to sell it. And earnings can
vary from person to person. I cant be held
responsible if you do not earn as much as I do. If
you get this guide from anywhere else, then join
my mailing list at
www.blackhatguidez.net for more of my stuff. I am
always sending reports and guides to my members
90% of them being free but some of them are not
free as the market will get satured just like this

How to make a huge list and also some cash?

I will be honest with you guys as I have been in
all of my other guides. This method is very SMART
but it requires some amount of work, basically
here is the outline of the method and things you
1. You need a website
2. Some investement is required - how to make a
3. Aweber Account "I have solution"
4. You got to outsource your work.
5. Forums
6. Account on some affiliate networks to find best
offers to promote to your list.
7. Pinging Techniques

Basic idea. We will be exploiting the Anime/Manga
market which is HUGE HUGE really HUGE. You will be
providing Manga translations to your readers
before it gets out online and goes live to
everyone else. You will be opting readers from
different manga forums and if possible from
youtube. Idea being you will join forums start
posting to get good amount of posts and then after
a while you will mention in discussion place "that
you live in japan and you can provide Manga's the
moment it is out in market, you will scan it in
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     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
highquality and send it to everyone, it will be
just a fan work, nothing else just want to help
people get Manga as soon as possible", let me tell
you about the these Manga fans. Basically Mangaz
are really popular now a days, and people take
them so seriously, I mean if you go over
NarutoFan.com site people are like crazy to get
the latest manga. But mangaz are all in Japanese,
which means it comes out in Japan first before
people get it and translate for everyone else. Now
what you can do here is, actually get the Manga
the day it comes out, either give away translated
version or just raw japanese version. PEOPLE LOVE
IT TRUST ME. People are impatient they just wanna
see the manga so even if u get it raw, it will get
you traffic. You can also get the Anime, in raw
japanese version and upload it before anyone else
and make some cash now remember people who upload
these for others are not IM'ers they are just fans
trying to be nice and trying to help others get
the anime before anyone else. Now some of these
guys donno any marketing techniques to actually
get visitors, they upload it on youtube and expect
some people to find it, which is not the way to
go, further these guys have no idea about list
building and stuff, trust me when I say that. I
been playing with Naruto which is a very popular
anime and I have been able to opt-in many emails
and then promote some other offers..so lets go
through the guide..

Difference between Anime and Manga is, an Anime is
like a cartoon, you can watch it, which is in
motion and not like static comic, basically VIDEO
form of the manga. On the other hand Manga is the
comic version, which is all pictures and words,
just like old Marvel comics.

1.You need a website which will look like you are
an anime fan. You can start with an easy Wordpress
Blog, there are tons of Anime templates, you can
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     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
get the plugins around and have a running website
within minutes. At this time you just want to have
a website that looks like an anime site. It would
be a good idea if your domain name is related to
Anime, gives it a nice touch.
Tips - "I am a wordpress fan so I will be talking
about Wordpress mainly"

Start with wordpress which is easy and got tons of
plugins or build your own with CSS/Html.
* Put permalink structure => %postname%
* Give good Blog Title and Tagline "related to
your ANIME"
* Add the huge PINGLIST, that I sent you guys last
time, or you can find it within the winrar.
* Add important plugins for sure "SEO Wordpress
Plugin" I have included list of important plugins
that I always install to my new wordpress blog.
* Put 2 posts maximum on frontpage
* Use the list of Wordpress templates I have
included, these are Adense Optimized Templates
which I use for almost all of my websites.
* Not important but do a keyword research based on
your anime so you can include it in the list of
tags and SEO wordpress plugin, you can include
character names, episode names etc.

2. Investement part - This is the toughest part,
because I know most of you are not from Japan and
are mostly from Europe, USA and some other places.
You must be thinking how can I get the Manga/Anime
before anyone else. Well you need someone in Japan
who will do the work for you, this is the hardest
part, because it is hard to find someone in Japan
who will do the work for you at cheap price. First
of all he has to buy the Manga and then scan it
for you, which is a lot of work and from my
experience i have found out that unless you pay
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     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
good its hard to find them, and I even went to
japan for 3 months, so I can find 3-4 person who
can do the work for me for long term that was the
reason I was away for months from DP during early
summer and December - January. Because I had to
find someone to keep up my earnings. So you could
go there which I wont recommend you. The other way
would be to actually go to Mangahelpers.com and
look around who posts SCANS of Manga and others
who does the translation remember, THESE GUYS HAVE
we know these guys donno anything about it they
are just fans there having fun time. If you
approach one and tell him that you will pay him if
he could send you scans the day it comes out, MOST
OF THEM would be more than happy to help you,
because they are doing the job for free over
there, imagine someone paying them lol. I got few
guys from there who were getting me Naruto Manga
on time, although in Japanese but i didnt care
because I knew people love to get it before anyone
else even if they cant understand a word. You can
even find one who will do the translation for you
at a real cheap price, these are just kids and
other people who are fans if ur friendly with them
and tell them that ur a crazy FAN and u r paying
to have the SCANS because you cant wait at all, or
anything else they will do it for you. This is one
of the approaches I took when I was looking for
one. Another method, you can use, go to
GetAfreeLancer.com and post a message stating you
want someone to get you the Manga SCAN the day it
comes out and email you, mention it will be a
longterm work and there will be bonuses and stuff.
Here they might ask you a bit more than what you
would get from forum guys. You can also try
Craigslist in Japan "tokyo" section to be honest I
have never tried CG, but I heard the site gets
good traffic from Japan so its probably that
people are looking for work around there also. You
can hire someone cheap there also. Once you the
                      Page 4
     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
manga guy, see if you can get him to record Anime
for you also. In my case it was Naruto, the anime
used to be broadcast Thursday nite Japan time,
which was wednesday morning for me. As japan time
differs a lot. I used to have my worker record it
for me at nite, the whole process did take time
and I had to pay him but the good thing was I had
the video before anyone else, imagine 40k UNIQUES
at your blog, I know it sounds crazy, and it is
crazy, because you do get that traffic, Anime is a
huge market.But with my method the hard part is
getting Anime is very hard, because it takes a lot
of effort to conver the TV show into some format
then send it to you. But if you pay good and if
the person is really in need of cash and work then
he will do it for you, it is harder than the manga
version but it can drive insane traffic besides ur
Manga. Once you find the person, now its time to
get people to sign up for your newsletter so you
can send them Manga.

*find someone who can get you the manga the day it
comes out and scans it for you.
*find someone who can get you the anime converted
to some format, that can add on more to your crazy
*Forums are the best place to get someone work for
you. They are students mostly and would love to
help you get manga for some cash.
*When working in GetAfreeLancer, don't pay in
advance make sure the guy gets you the Manga
before you pay him, do escrow if he wants to. Gold
members with good reviews would be a good call.
3. Where to get people?

Before you get people to sign up for your
newsletter you will need few things done. First of
all find your Manga, with that I mean, do your
                      Page 5
     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
research and see which Manga you will be
promoting. Mine was Naruto, DO NOT GO WITH IT,
that market is saturated to death, I myself have
only 950 Members lol, but I do get tons of
uniques, you can touch around 100k views in no
time if you do it all good. To get a list of
popular Mangaz you can go to OneManga.com and see
the list of Manga, then the next step is to do
some search and find whats the demand for all
those Mangaz, Naruto and few others are very very
popular, but all other Mangaz are popular also,
just take your time in doing the research, find
the market that is not saturated and can bring you
at least 400-500 subscribers, remember your list
will grow overtime, do not be greedy and target
Mangas that got other Internet Marketers in it.
Like some Mangas are so popular that you won't get
a single subscriber if you target it. So check out
OneManga.com see the list and see which Manga you
can exploit. There are tons and tons, remember
some Mangas pick popularity overtime, like Naruto
was not famous but now everyone knows about it
because it gets hired in the US, Canada and some
other counteries beside Japan. Once you have
decided which manga to promote then its time to do
some research and find forums and places where
people that like the manga hang out, like in my
case it was naruto, I started looking for places
where I can find people who like the Manga and
would love the Manga before everyone else, I found
OneManga.com and NarutoFan.com the best place,
there are many other places but these 2 got me
more members than any other forum. Remember the
more forums you target the more subscribers,
because for example someone who hangs out on DP,
it doesnt mean he hangs out on WarriorForum or V7n
or some sort of other forums. So make sure you
find enuf forums to get started with. Once you
know which manga to promote the next step would be
to see, the search volume and also number of
videos related to that manga on YouTube. That will
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     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
give you a good idea about the number of people
that like it, in youtube you can get an estimate
number of readers through the number of views and
with search you can see how many people are
searching for it during a month. Anime market is
good, almost all of them touch few million
readers. By now you know the Manga you will be
promoting, you will have a good idea about the
market, number of readers etc.

4. How to get sign ups?
You will need to join all these forums and post
like crazy for a while so that you can get your
post count up, or you can pay someone to do forum
posting for you, do not spam them with your
signature link, just take part in random posts
where you can add something, 30-40 posts are
enough so that you show you are ready to help
them. By now I am hoping you have an anime blog,
with aweber in there, so people can opt-in, you
can have a nice space where people can enter their
email and name, those of you that do not have
aweber and cannot afford it please read the tip at
the end to get around with it.
Once you have enuf posts, just post a message in
general section or around saying, that you would
like to help the community by providing them the
Manga at earliest date possible. Change the
wordings do not copy the exact lines I wrote, just
something similar, tell them that you are in japan
and you can get the manga scan it and send it to
everyone, then at the end provide the link to your
blog saying, you can visit my blog and sign up for
the newsletter, as i will be sending them to
everyone at once, so just sign up, you gotta guide
them where they have to click to sign up, if you
have enuf posts and have good image around, you
will have few xxx sign ups in no time, usually
within minutes, make sure you bump your thread.
Now you have the post, you can wait for the sign
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     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
ups now. Repeat the same procedure in all other
forums, do mention that you will only be sending
them manga when u get it and sometimes it will be
translated and other times raw, most possibly raw
version more than translated version as you are
busy. These people love it as i said to get raw
versions at earliest possible, so they will sign
Once you have your list, it will be time to email
them some offers, I recommend you take good care
of your list for a while, before you start sending
them adverts. You should join lots of affiliate
networks, so that you can find offers that will
likely get you sign ups. Zip code and email offers
do very good for this kinda stuff. I have had good
luck with "install" offers also, where one has to
install the software so that you can get paid for
Try to sign up at COPEAC, CPAEmpire, Hydra and few

I think have summed up everything you need to get
started, I mentioned that if you do not have
aweber, there is an alternative to it, well I can
offer you aweber the way you want, as i have an
account there, so you can basically
get mine and i can even send the broadcast
messages for you. It will cost a little bit
because i will be doing some of your work. If you
dont want it that way, you can just become a
member there and i think its worth every single
penny www.aweber.com, you can always email me if
you would like me to do it for ya.
Once you get some traffic, start doing some tiny
SEO on your website, like article submission,
directory submission, stumbleupon, other social
bookmarking services, Digg, Propellors etc.. I
provide all these services in case you ever need
someone with good knowledge and someone who u can
                      Page 8
     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
trust. Prices will of course be cheaper for my
members than people over DP. But this should come
after you have a steady website with good steady
flow of traffic.
Here are some tips and tricks I use to further
monetize this whole method.

1. Wordpress is better than HTML site, easier to
post and easier to config further you got tons of
plugins and stuff.
2. Sign up to as many affiliate networks as you

3. Be active in forums, 5-6 posts a day is
nothing. I know some of you spend hours on pc
doing stuff. 5-6 posts a day is nothing, just say
"good post I agree with you" etc stuff like that,
so that other members also join your list.

4. Try to have domain name related to your Manga.
5. Google about the manga before you start working
on it, know it inside out, I had to watch Naruto
anime, in order to participate in forums, you dont
have to you can go to wikipedia or some other
sites and just know whats the story all about that
will be good enough to get started.

6. Target Youtube users, just search the manga
name and you will get tons of replies, you can
easily PM every single user who likes the show and
let them know you have your own blog and you
provide latest scans. This is a time consuming
job, if you think you cannot do it, I also provide
the service I have workers who can send PM on your
behalf, we will create your youtube account, get
you friends and also PM other members who love the
anime about your site. I know you must be thinking
I am crazy, but this business is full of cash.
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     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
People that visit youtube they do not know about
forums and other places, trust me most of the
people online are not savvy like us, they donno
how to search and stuff they just want things to
come at their door. People are lazy this is a FACT
that you must remember always and always. People
are so lazy that I read a recent survey and it
showed that 90%+ number of people do not have
time to type youtube.com in their browser lol,
they open their Internet Explorer and as almost
everyone's homepage is Google.com they just type
"utube" to get to youtube.com, that says a lot.
Once you have a list, do not stop there, try other
places, see US based forums where people are young
and hardly get time to search forums, they would
rather have manga delivered to their email for
them than searching.

7. Do not rely on youtube. There are some other
sites that get tons of visitors and these peope
dont even visit youtube but find their videos and
manga from other sites, specially Dailymotion.com
this site has HUGE NUMBER OF MANGA FANS. Exploit
it, Veoh also has good numbers, others you can
check it out...
8. Once you are all ready and you have the person
who will do the scans for you. It will be time to
exploit the Power of Yahoo Answers, just go to
Yahoo answers and ask a question regarding your
manga, something like this " Where can i find the
latest chapters of naruto or where can i find the
latest scans of naruto manga?" something like
this, answer it on your own from another account
and link back to your url. I even provide this
service in case you do not have time.
9. Password protect your manga, always put it
inside a rar file with a passowrd, the password
must always be your website url like if your
website is www.naruto.com then your pass will be
                     Page 10
     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
exactly the same, this helps grow your website
even if someone distributes it.

10. Join other anime related forums and act as a
different person and give away manga scans, and
mention where you got it.

11. Within your manga scans provide another page
which will mention where the scans came from and
credits, always give yourself the credit of scan.
Just credit the author who wrote the manga thats

12. This is the deadlist THING i do in all of my
steps, before you even post the article, DIGG IT
and then ping it. For example say today is 10th
March and you will get the scans at 17march as
there, mangas comes only once in a week. What you
can do is actually start a post in your blog with
tags and title of the next episode like in my case
it would be "Naruto Chapter 391" which is coming
out in a weektime, I would start a new Post on my
blog give it the title and tags, and then Digg
this article and then Ping the url in my blog and
the rss feed at DIGG. You can ping at
pingomatic.com, all of you know how to ping the
Digg RSS feed as I sent it on my first guide ever.
Just go to your History under your Digg account
and and you will see MY HISTORY RSS, get your
history RSS url and then just PING it. What
happens here is that your site gets the rank for
that term right away, so when 2-3 are left for the
manga to come out people will search for it and
they will get the Digg url first. Trust me DIGG
owns every single url out there, because Google
loves Digg, just make sure your Digg url matches
your title and have tags in it and your summary
says enuf. In your blog as you dont have the manga
yet, you can just write something like "as usual I
will be posting the manga within minutes when it
is out, till then you can enjoy the old ones that
                     Page 11
     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt
i have shared" you will be giving out raws, as it
costs a lot to get it translated, what you can do
is once the transalted version is out just email
it to your list also, and put it in your blog.
13.Install the plugins I have included within.

14.Best way to get tons and tons of Adsense clicks
is, to find the ugliest tempate and then add
adsense to it. Basically a white template with
white background and an adsense blackcolor, people
click like crazy. But i have included some nice
templates in case you wanna use them. You can also
download an anime based template from some
template directory which is a good move.
15.Upload your manga on Piratebay.org and then
digg it and ping it also. Some people search
torrents when they are looking for manga, they
dont go to youtube, they dont go to forums but
Piratebay and mind you guys but Piratebay gets
ENORMOUS amount of traffic.
16. You can also use http://onlywire.com/, to get
bookmarked on 10-12 sites with a click of mouse.
You will need account on all of them but its one
time only after that it is all easy. I highly
17. This is another killer tip. Create a video
with Windows Movie Maker, in it put something like
this " To get the latest scan in your email visit
our webpage -> ur webaddress" upload it on
youtube, give it the title of upcoming chapter,
all tags. Digg it and then go to pingomagic and
ping the youtube url.

18. If you really want to dominate the market then
use propellors and then ping them all with
delicious. And there will be nobody on google
other than you.
                     Page 12
     List Builder and Money Making Method.txt

If you have any questions please email me and if
you have any suggestions or further tips then
please let me know. So i can add it in my coming
updates. I might update this guide as I learn new
stuff on the road....

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