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Student Writer:

      Name: Kathleen Rappa
      Phone: (517)-353-5655


      Name: Dr. Lee June
      Title: Vice President of Student Affairs and Services and Assistant


      153 Student Services
      East Lansing MI, 48825
      Phone: 517.355.2264

Interview Questions and Answers
(Answers are not quotes.)

Q. What is your job here on campus?

      A, Dr. June is the Vice President of student affairs and services and
      the Assistant provost. Fourteen units of the university report to him,
      including the counseling center, IM sports, student life, and the
      service learning center.

Q. What is your purpose here on campus?

      A. Dr. June's purpose is to make sure that there are activities to
      keep kids involved on campus. He does not think that students are
      not involved at MSU.

Q. When and why did you come to Michigan State?

      A. Dr. June came to MSU in 1973. He has a degree as a
      psychologist and a high interest in commitment to student services.
      He decided to come to Michigan State because he has a high
      interest in a university with diversity.

Q. Do you think that there are opportunities here on campus in which
students can be involved in political activities?
      A. Yes, there are opportunities for studentsto be involved in political
      activities. One such opportunity is the "Bring Out the Vote"

Q. Who reports to you from the service learning center?

      A. Karen Casey reports to Dr. June and Hiram Fitzgerald (Assistant
      Provost). Service learning has a very important academic and civic
      role, and he wants them to be tied together more closely.

Q. So what does Karen Casy do?

      A. Karen Casey has her own staff at the service learning center.
      She interacts collaboratively with the faculty and community to
      promote service learning. Her role is to leverage and encourage
      and create more opportunities.

Q. How does MSU compare to other universities in regards to service
learning and civic engagement?

      A. Michigan state is one of the leaders in regards to service
      learning and civic engagement. He described MSU as "pioneers"
      and that we are respected as one of the top ten universities invol

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