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									Bye-Bye NOLA

                    Michael Hunt
      VP, Enterprise Applications
>   Network Operations Logging Application
>   PBS “homegrown” application
>   Supports the distribution of schedule information
>   Supports flow of information to automation
>   Current generation in operation since 1992
Orion v1.0
>   Web-based application
>   Supports the collection of program info
>   Replaced former PDB – program database
>   In operation since 2001
NOLA needs to be replaced
> Built to support processes in place since the 70s
> It’s broken!
  > Cannot support
     > File-based contribution and distribution
     > Frame accurate timings
     > The growing number of versions
> BroadView was selected to replace NOLA
> Implementation design began in early 2004
  > Needed time to consider systems supporting stations
  > Significant effort to future-proof plans
Orion v1.0 needs to be upgraded
> Current version of Orion cannot support
  > Association between program information and media
     > Not built to allow for the submission of spots
     > Not built to allow for the submission of media files

> Completing Orion v2.0 development
> Will be compatible with BroadView
Operational Impacts of Change
>   Guiding Principles
>   High-level Information Flow
>   Key Impacts
>   Program Information Hierarchy
>   PODS v4 and Reporting
>   Timeline
Guiding Principles
In support of external and internal deployment

> Reduce duplicative tasks (ie: re-keying, re-
  creation of reports, etc.)

> Automate to minimize the number of hand-offs

> Promote clear ownership and accountability for
Guiding Principles
In support of external and internal deployment
> Communicate key concepts and solicit feedback from
  key stakeholders

> Do No Harm

> Minimize the initial impacts on producers, distributors,
  and station operations
High-level Information Flow
                   Today                                                      Future
                   Orion v1.0                                                 Orion v2.0
                   Producers                                                  Producers
                       And                                                        And
                   Distributors                                               Distributors
 data push
                                        Traffic Reports                                         Traffic Reports
                     NOLA                 Posted In                           BroadView           Posted In
                                        PBS Connect                                             PBS Connect

                   PODS v2                                                PODS v4

     Stations                 Stations                                            Stations         ACE Stations
                               Using                        Stations
      Using                                                  Using                 Using             and those
   Myers/Protrak               Scout/                                              Scout/              using
                           Programs Plus!                 Myers/Protrak
                                                                               Programs Plus!       BroadView
Key Impacts of the Change
> Positioned to manage the submission of spots
> Processes and systems to support ingest
> Streamline repacks
> Timings will no longer be estimated
   > Approximate
   > Technically Evaluated
      > Timing information will be frame accurate

> More detailed rights information
> “Usage Dates” will govern program availability
Key Impacts of the Change
> NOLA subscripts are going away
  > In their place: Package Types
  > Other characteristics tracked separately:
       >   Revision Number
       >   CC
       >   SAP
       >   DVI
       >   Aspect Ratio

> NOLA Codes will continue to be generated
  >   i.e. Episode-level – NOVA 001601
  >   Stations highly dependent
  >   Distributed via PODS v4
  >   Will continue to appear on reports
Program Information Hierarchy Mapping
  What was formerly     Will soon be
     Program Contract    Master Deal
     (PAA) Program
     Acceptance             Deal

     Episode            Program Item

     Version              Package

     Repack(s)           Revision(s)
Hierarchy Example - Clifford
                                         Master Deal:
                                        Clifford’s Puppy

                                        Deal: Clifford’s
                                         Puppy Days
                                          Season 3

                                        Program Item:       Program Item:
                    Program Item:
                                         Another Fine        Cyber Puppy
                      King Mac
                                            Mess              Problems

                       Package:            Package:            Package:
                       SD|Base             SD|Base             SD|Base

Revision1:          Revision2:          Revision1:          Revision1: Cyber   Revision2: Cyber
King Mac w/ Kraft   King Mac w/ Juicy   Another Fine Mess   Puppy Problems     Puppy Problems
Spot                Juice Spot          w/ Kraft Spot       w/ Kraft Spot      w/ Target Spot
Hierarchy Example - Nova
                                 Master Deal:
                                NOVA Season 3

                 Deal: NOVA:     Deal: NOVA:       Deal: NOVA:
                  Dirty Bomb      Fire Wars         DNA & You

                  Program:         Program:         Program:
                  Dirty Bomb       Fire Wars        DNA & You

                   Package:        Package:          Package:           Package:
                   SD|Base         SD|Base           SD|Base            HD|Base

Revision1:      Revision2:      Revision1: Fire                      Revision1: DNA &
                                                  Revision1: DNA &
Dirty Bomb w/   Dirty Bomb w/   Wars w/ Home                         You w/ Nabisco
                                                  You w/ HP Spot
Ford Spot       Chevy Spot      Depot Spot                           Spot
 Package Types
                       >   Base
                       >   Unedited
   Unique types for
                       >   Stacked
Standard, Widescreen
                       >   Stacked Unedited
                       >   Embedded Promo
    High Definition
       Programs        >   Reinvented Breaks
                       >   Pledge
                       >   Pledge Event
                       >   Short
                       >   Spot
    Packages – not Versions
Information about the   Physical media arrives at    Program packaging       Package is assembled
  media is submitted    PBS and is associated with   information is based on via BroadView …
   via Orion v2.0 …     BroadView media records …    forms submitted via
                                                     Orion v2.0 …
  Media Inventory
    Content Cut 1              Content Cut 1
    Content Cut 2              Content Cut 2           Format Sheet
    Content Cut 3              Content Cut 3           Provides Package
                                                           Structure              Package ABC

                                                                                  Content Cut 1
   Media Inventory              Ad Copy
                                                                                  Underwriter 1
    Underwriter 1              Underwriter 1
                                                +           UCC           =       Content Cut 2
                                                                                  Content Cut 3
                                                         Underwriting             Underwriter 2
   Media Inventory               Ad Copy                 Information

                               Underwriter 2
    Underwriter 2
PODSv4 and Reporting
> Stay in your seats!

> Detailed Session today at 10:45am
> All current NOLA reports will come from BroadView in
  some form
   > Program Offers

   > Schedule Listings – Advance Schedule, Alpha List, OPSLOG,
     Program Lineup and Timings (PLT), and corresponding revisions

> Reports will be available from PBS Connect

> Key data elements will be indexed and fully searchable
PBS Connect
> PBS Connect’s program search pages will be

> Data will be more easily found

> Streamlined process for publishing pages
> Training has started

> Extensive testing May and into June

> BroadView’s current ‘go live’ is slated for late June

> PODS v4 will start producing files at the same time

> PODS v2 will continue to produce files in parallel for
  one week containing day-of-air changes only

     Michael Hunt
VP, Enterprise Applications

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