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					        Metsäliitto Group


                       introduction and                                  policy
                       objectives                                        guidelines
                       Metsäliitto Group is committed to promoting       1. Everyone at Metsäliitto Group shares
                       sustainable development, to continuously im­      responsibility for our environmental per-
                       proving its operations and to conducting its      formance. We meet our legal obligations. We
                       business in a responsible way. Environmental      ensure that we have the necessary compe­
                       care is an integral part of corporate responsi­   tence and skills to carry out our environmen­
                       bility and sustainable development. Metsä­        tal responsibilities. The members of our
                       liitto Group has integrated environmental         working community know the environmental
                       management into its entire range of business      impacts associated with their work and rec­
                       activities.                                       ognize their own opportunities and obliga­
                                                                         tions to influence matters.
                       The goal of this Environmental Policy is to set
                       principal guidelines and base for respective      2. We improve our environmental per-
                       policies and operations by Group’s businesses.    formance continuously. We recognize the
                                                                         environmental impacts related to our oper­
                                                                         ations throughout the entire value chain of
                       Scope of                                          our operations. Our objective is to minimise
                                                                         the adverse environmental impacts of our
                       application                                       operations throughout the entire value chain
                                                                         and the life cycle of our products and services.
                       This Environmental Policy shall be applied        We develop our products, processes and
                       globally in all companies and legal entities      working methods according to the principles
                       belonging to the Metsäliitto Group, including     of sustainable development and continuous
                       individual production units.                      improvement to improve our environmental
                                                                         performance and energy efficiency. In devel­
                                                                         oping the production processes, we use high­
                                                                         ly developed production and cleaning
                                                                         methods with maximum efficiency and best
                                                                         availability with regard to their technique and
                                                                         economy. We enhance both our own environ­
                                                                         mental know­how and our stakeholders’ en­
                                                                         vironmental know­how.

Metsäliitto Cooperative Metsä­Botnia M­real Metsä Tissue
                                     3. We utilise our production resources                                their environmental quality. We actively en­
                                     responsibly. We utilise raw materials, water                          gage in dialogue about our environmental
                                     and energy efficiently and ensure that chem­                          work with customers and other stakeholders,
                                     icals are used with caution and according to                          including environmental non­governmental
                                     regulations. Our wood raw material is renew­                          organisations.
                                     able and we also utilize recovered fibre as
                                     raw material in production when applicable.                           7. Environmental impacts are assessed
                                     Residual waste and by­products of operations                          when considering company acquisitions and
                                     are utilised as raw material for various appli­                       other investment projects as well as divest­
                                     cations or for their energy content, when                             ments and activity cessations.

                                     4. We are committed to sustainable forest                             Supplementing
                                     management. We utilize renewable wood
                                     raw material that originates from sustainably                         guidelines
                                     managed forests. Together with our wood
                                     suppliers we are committed to taking into                             Supplementing instructions will be given in
                                     consideration the economic, social and en­                            context with environmental management
                                     vironmental aspects of forest management                              systems of business areas.
                                     and procurement in accordance with the
                                     principles of sustainable development. We
                                     know the origin of the wood we use and we                             ownership, approval
                                     aim at increasing the share of certified wood.
                                                                                                           process, changes
                                     5. We expect our suppliers to follow a
                                     responsible environmental policy. Environ­                            and deviations
                                     mental aspects shall be taken into consider­
                                     ation in procurement contracts and supplier                           This Environmental Policy was approved by
                                     audits.                                                               the Board of Directors of Metsäliitto Coopera­
                                                                                                           tive in January 2011. The policy is owned by
                                     6. We communicate transparently with our                              the Senior Vice President, Sustainability and
                                     stakeholders. We handle environmental                                 Corporate Affairs and all updates, changes,
                                     issues openly in cooperation with our custom­                         deviations and supplements thereto shall be
                                     ers, the general public and the authorities.                          authorised by Sustainability and Corporate
                                     Transparent and straightforward environ­                              Affairs. The environmental policy will be re­
                                     mental communication is part of this. We                              viewed on an on­going basis and environmen­
                                     publish product­ and production­related en­                           tal objectives for Metsäliitto Group’s business
                                     vironmental information and utilise environ­                          areas are defined based on this Environmen­
                                     mental labelling in our products as a proof of                        tal Policy.

Metsäliitto is an international forest industry group present in some 30 countries. Metsäliitto combines
responsible forest economy and innovative technology to produce high­quality products and solutions
from renewable Nordic wood in a sustainable way. The Group focuses on wood supply, wood products
industry (Finnforest), pulp (Metsä­Botnia), paper and board (M­real) and tissue papers (Metsä­Tissue).
Metsäliitto Group’s sales total EUR 5.4 billion and it employs 13,000 persons.

Metsäliitto Cooperative Metsä­Botnia M­real Metsä Tissue

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