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                  Acme's BREEZEMASTER exhaust fan provides a healthier environment for animals,
                             which can lead to improved productivity and profitability.

•   HIGH EFFICIENCY                                                      •    3 PHASE MOTOR WITH BELT DRIVE
•   54" OR 72" DIAMETER                                                  •    ACME DRIVE ASSEMBLY – 5 YEAR WARRANTY*
•   PROVEN ACME HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN                                  •    2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

*See back for warranty statement.

        Single Phase                                            CFM vs. Static Pressure (Inches w.g.)
                                            .00                       .05                         .10                          .15
      Model             HP
                                    CFM           C/W          CFM           C/W          CFM           C/W            CFM           C/W
    BDR54L               2          30000         20.4        29300          19.5        28600          18.6           27300         17
    DDP54L               2          30537         18.7        29383          17.0        27911          15.2           26211         13.6
    BDR72M               3          53490         25          51000           23         48500           20            45600         19
Performance shown are preliminary pending confirmation from tests performed at Bess Labs, University of Illinois

The BREEZEMASTER HV fans are belt drive fans using high                   Permanently lubricated unique captured bearings in
efficiency 2 and 3 horse power three phase motors. These fans             strong-formed bearing casing remain in perfect alignment
are a marriage between the standard agricultural belt drive fan           after shipment, installation, and subsequent operation.
and the ACME’s larger industrial fans.                                    Bearings are resiliently mounted in neoprene rings,
                                                                          providing extra protection and vibration isolation. The
The wide-cambered galvanized propeller provides                           bearing assembly is rated at L50 life of 200,000 hours and
maximum airflow and high CFM/Watt for low energy costs.                   features Acme’s 5 year limited warranty..
The propeller is designed for the best air movement over
the wide range of static pressures found in modern tunnel                 The motor is totally enclosed with sealed ball bearings and
applications.                                                             are energy efficient, continuous duty type.
      EVAPORATIVE                                         AIR INLETS                               DIRECT FIRED                                   LIGHT TRAPS
    COOLING SYSTEMS                                                                                  INFRARED

          CONTROLS                                    PROPELLER                               CURTAIN MACHINES                                SUPPLY AIR FANS
                                                      WALL FANS

          SHUTTERS                                  ECONOMY                                  PLASTIC/FIBERGLASS                                HORIZONTAL AIR
                                                 GALVANIZED FANS                                    FANS                                         FLOW FANS

LIMITED WARRANTY Acme Engineering and Man-                 which are hereby expressly disclaimed claimed and           and National Fire Protection Act (NFPA). Guards
ufacturing Corporation extends this limited warranty       waived.                                                     must be installed when fan is within reach of person-
to the original purchaser and warrants that products                                                                   nel or within eight (8) feet (2.5 m) of working level or
described herein shall be free from original defects in    Acme products are designed and manufactured to              when deemed advisable for safety.
workmanship and materials for two years from date          provide reliable performance but they are not guar-
of shipment (except for Acme’s exclusive duplex split      anteed to be 100% free of defects. Even reliable            DISCLAIMER The Company has made a diligent ef-
pillow block bearings and shaft 5 years from ship-         products will experience occasional failures and this       fort to illustrate and describe the products in this liter-
ment, belts one year from shipment, and polyethyl-         possibility should be recognized by the Purchaser           ature accurately; however, such illustrations and
ene tubing at 90 days from shipping, AIR40 Heater          and End User. If these products are used in a life          descriptions are for the sole purpose of identification,
warranty one year from date of shipment, AIR40             support ventilation system where failure could result       and do not express or imply a warranty that the prod-
Emittter warranty three years from date of shipment        in loss or injury, the Purchaser and End User should        ucts are merchantable, or fit for a particular purpose.
and DDP fan lifetime warranty on its propeller, cone,      provide adequate back-up ventilation, supplemen-
and housing), provided same have been properly             tary natural ventilation or failure alarm system, or ac-
                                                           knowledge willingness to accept the risk of such loss       INDEMNITY Purchaser acknowledges various
handled, stored, installed, serviced, maintained and                                                                   warnings by the Company regarding the products
operated. Refer to Form MS149 for complete limited         or injury.
                                                                                                                       and its installation and use. If the Company incurs
warranty terms and conditions. This form is avail-         WARNING DO NOT use in HAZARDOUS ENVI-                       any claims, lawsuits, settlements, or expenses (in-
able to anyone at The Com-                RONMENTS where fan’s electrical system could                cluding attorney fees) for any loss, injury, death or
pany's warranty is in lieu of all other warranties,        provide ignition to combustible or flammable materi-        property damage including, but not limited to, claims
express or implied, arising by law or otherwise, in-       als unless unit is specifically built for hazardous envi-   arising out of the Purchaser’s or any end user’s in-
cluding without limitation the implied warranties of       ronments. Comply with all local and national safety         stallation or use of the products, the Purchaser shall
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose,      codes including the National Electrical Code (NEC)          indemnify and hold the Company harmless.

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