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Dead Apple iPhone 3G Battery


Have a dead Apple iPhone 3G battery? Hire iPhone Repairs Direct to replace your battery.

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									                         Dead Apple iPhone 3G Battery
If you have a dead Apple iPhone 3G Battery you can quickly and cheaply, have the battery replaced by
our UK Apple iPhone repair service. This article explains why you should have your battery replaced, plus
why you should hire us to be the ones to replace it.

                          UK Apple iPhone 3G Battery Replacement Service

The Apple iPhone 3G isn't as high spec as the 4 model, but it is still an incredible phone. Just because
the battery has come to the end of its life, doesn't mean it is time to move on, and upgrade. If the Apple
iPhone 3G was meeting your requirements, before the battery died, then surely it will still meet your
requirements once the battery has been replaced?

It is scary how many Apple iPhones you see listed on auction websites that only require a replacement
part. Naturally these phones are quickly purchased by those who will arrange for the Apple iPhone repair,
as it is an opportunity for them, but perhaps it is a missed opportunity for the seller also? Perhaps the
thinking behind some of the auctions is the hassle factor, where people think it is too much hassle to have
the battery replaced.

Whereas having to take a photo for an auction, pick a time to start the auction, write the details, answer
any questions and then hope, if not using a buy it now, you achieve an okay price, not forgetting the fact
you hope the buyer pays and doesn't present a problem later. Now that sounds like hassle to me!

Instead opt to use an Apple iPhone 3G repair service in the UK to avoid hassle, and to end up with a
battery ready to power your device. We provide complete UK coverage as we operate an affordable
Apple iPhone repair service via post. All you have to do is order your repair online, then package and post
us your iPhone. No hassle at all!

We've operated our Apple iPhone repair service since September 2007. We don't offer a one price fixes
all service, instead opting to provide a select range of Apple iPhone repair services, which results in
tailored realistic pricing.

By using our Apple iPhone repair service you can have a replacement battery installed quickly. We will
turnaround the repair in forty-eight hours or less, from when we receive the Apple iPhone 3G at our
Banbury repair centre.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Please save yourself the hassle and use an
experienced team who know what they are doing, to fix your Apple iPhone 3G.

                 Have a dead Apple iPhone 3G battery? Hire iPhone Repairs Direct.

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