YAKIMA YOUTH BASEBALL – Dec. 11, 2006

Call to Order & Minutes: The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. Minutes from the
previous meeting were distributed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Dave Ross presented the Treasurer’s Report. Current balance on
the checking account is $979.23, plus the $475 balance from the Money Market Account
was moved to the checking account. There is also approx. $74,000. in the Smith Barney
account and the CD.

Dick Johnson said that we did not break even the past couple of years. In 2006 we had to
transfer $5,000 from the Smith Barney account to pay bills and Dick had to write an addl.
$1,000 check to Enterprise Rent-a-Car to pay for van rentals; YYB will need to reimb.
him when funds are available. A discussion followed on whether we should purchase a
van or continue renting at a cost of approx. $11,000 per year. Mobile Fleet Service has
indicated that they may be willing to provide maintenance and repairs at cost if we were
to purchase. No decision was made at this time.

Facilities: Ken Weaver has not heard back from Y.V.C.C. yet.

The light pole behind the 1st base dugout is out and needs to be fixed. Ken will have his
brother look at it before the season starts.

Coaches Committee: After reviewing the draft of the Coaches Directive, all of the
coaches have submitted their resignations based upon their interpretation of the
document. The coaching staff was supposed to meet with the Coaching Committee prior
to the submission of the final document for Board Approval to give their input and make
any necessary changes or additions, but they chose to resign rather than meet with the
committee. Greg Lybeck shared the philosophy of the Coaching Committee: their desire
is to improve the program at all levels (Beetles, Blues, Scarlets) by improving the
coaching and communication, and that they felt the kids were not developing at the same
level as other teams we are competing against. Dick felt the results should have come
before the Board before being presented to the coaches. He felt the situation was handled
poorly and the coaches felt threatened. There seems to have been a breakdown in
communication between Ken Weaver and Ryan Froula. Eric Silvers said that he felt the
issues were dealt with well and fairly, and he is saddened by the result. Bob DiPietro had
a different opinion on these changes, but felt it wasn’t due to lack of coaching. He felt
there was room for improvement, but wanted to work with the coaches to address the
weaknesses and plan a “road map” to the future. He agreed that the coaches should have
had the opportunity to talk over these issues, and it was noted that Ryan Froula requested
to meet with the Coaches Committee prior to submission to the Board. He was very
disappointed that Ryan chose to resign, but really felt it was unfortunate that the other
coaches followed him in resigning. He was very disappointed that they did not take the
opportunity to discuss their concerns with the committee first. Everyone felt it was
important to keep the door open for the other coaches to reconsider and talk with them.
Pete Orgill expressed concern that there was no positive feedback to the coaches in the
document and felt that Action Step #3 would be completely unreasonable to any coach.
He also expressed his disappointment that all of the coaches decided to resign. Dick
Johnson felt that the coaches were concerned about the fact that there were parents of
players on the committee and felt that would impair their objectivity. Bob DiPietro
explained that the committee had no intention of making roster recommendations but
wanted to be part of the discussions to understand why some of the decisions were being

At this point, we need to begin taking steps to search for a new coaching staff before the
start of the 2007 season. Cress Bradford suggested we evaluate the pay rates we offer to
make sure we are competitive with other programs, while Dick Johnson said he felt the
compensation offered was fairly reasonable. A Search Committee was formed to begin
the process of looking for possible candidates. This committee will consist of the current
Coaching Committee (Greg Lybeck, Bob DiPietro, Ken Weaver, Eric Silvers, Ron
Hartley and Reedy Berg), as well as Ross Shultz, Dick Johnson, and Pete Orgill. Ron
Hartley will serve as Chair.


Ways & Means: We need to come up with more fundraising ideas. The Murder Mystery
brought in approx. $4,000, plus it offered the opportunity for players to work off part of
their player fees. Ideas discussed included hosting a golf tournament or running a food
booth at the Central Washington State Fair. Ken said that he would like to see an
enduring fundraiser that would continue throughout the years. Bob DiPietro pointed out
that the Century Club and Beetle Alumni are untapped resources that should be
considered. Dana Lybeck, Kathy Carrillo, and Reedy Berg will begin looking into
fundraising options and come back with ideas next month.

Ryan Froula said that the 2007 schedule is almost set and he will see that it gets sent to

Dick said that it would be worth our while to pursue hosting the American Legion State
Tournament here. Ken will look into this.

Old Business: Doug Palachuk will serve with Greg Lybeck, Al Kraft, Pete Orgill and
Tom Hinman to evaluate the issues related to the proposed changes to the 13 – 15 year
old baseball program.

New Business: We may need to look for a new concession manager as Donna has
indicated that she may not be returning this year. She was paid $50 per game last season.

Adjournment: There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting
was adjourned at 8:25 p.m. The next Board meeting will be held on Jan. 8, 2007, starting
at 7:00 p.m. at the meeting room at Jack-son’s Sports Bar.

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