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T        hank goodness the cold spell is over (and here’s hoping these are not
         more of my infamous famous last words).Chilblains (‘Ew! My toes look
         like uncooked frankfurters’ exclaimed ice ridden child), ice inside the
windows and around the clock hot water bottling gets pretty tiresome.
The most dreadful thing about freezing temperatures and the snow was my
wildlife rescue mission which went horribly, horribly wrong.
I thought it would be a truly good and kind thing to give our left-over warm
bread to the little birds in the garden (don’t they look so much cuter when they’re
all fluffed up and freezing)
Oops. All I achieved was to make the poor birds an easy target for the cat
(practically sitting ducks, even though they were blackbirds), who thought it was
a very nice, but rather slow game of catch the garden creatures. I think she was
actually disappointed at the lack of challenge.
Even worse, when I went outside to try and defrost the pipes with a hammer and
a kettle of water (doesn’t always work and potentially pretty messy), I found
myself looking at the cat’s latest haul and thinking what a waste it was. What with
the breadcrumbs (wholemeal, homemade...what’s not to like) and the fresh
blackbird, (which probably tastes like chicken) it’s a bread crumbed goujon just
waiting to happen.
I have incidentally, been slightly put off making breadcrumbs ever since I got my
finger stuck in the blender. In a scene reminiscent of an Indiana Jones film (the
helicopter bit, please don’t read this if you are eating), my poor finger went round
and round the blender until I noticed that I had my other finger holding the on
button down. Ah. Still, it was a great learning experience and I discovered three
very important things.
Firstly, I don’t do blood.
Secondly, I am not very brave. Post blender incident, a friend took me to Witney
minor injuries to get my finger assessed medically, as I was verging on hysterical.
Rather brutally I thought, the nurse said that there were ladies who she had
helped have babies that day who had made less of a fuss than me. (unfair! it was
very sore for a whole day)
Finally, and possibly most importantly, children don’t seem to notice if there’s a
bit of free range finger in their breaded chicken. So, maybe I could pass off a few
feathers as extra crunch.
Anyway, the birds are flying much faster now (phew), which must mean that
spring is in the air and thus there is spring cleaning to be done. Er…hooray?
(Many thanks to Steve Findlay Wilson for the front cover photograph of sheep at Broadwell)

Dear friends

L       ast month we had a wonderful party to celebrate my
        father’s eightieth birthday. It was called the ‘Pearly
        Gates’. It was a huge success, with lots of fun and
laughter and folk in all sorts of completely bizarre costumes.
All the guests were invited to come as saints of their own
devising such as St Amnesia, the patron saint of lost
spectacles, or St Muddywellies, the patron saint of dog
walkers. My mother came as St Margaret the patron saint of
metal handbags. It proved to be a hilarious occasion, with a climax when a
number of people came up onto the stage, to present the case with lots of witty
humour as to whether my father should be allowed through the pearly gates or
not. He did just scrape through the test, but then it was discovered that the gates
had broken down, so he couldn’t make it!
Amongst all the silly humour there was a wonderful message. In the midst of all
the laughter there was an underlying sense of excited anticipation about what lies
ahead. St Paul expressed something of this when he wrote ‘Eye has not seen nor
ear heard what good things God has prepared for those who love him’. He was
not just using romantic language; he was describing the reality of things. And that
is interesting in an age when it is fairly unfashionable to talk about ‘life after
But the New Testament is clear about one thing, and it could be summed up like
this. An eternal perspective is good for you. We live in sceptical times. Journalists
have dubbed it the ‘Now’ generation. There are those who pour scorn on the
possibility of belief in anything beyond what we can see and examine under a
microscope. I remember seeing in the window of a Jewellers shop a display of
rings that were marked ‘Eternity rings’. At the bottom of the tray were the words
‘Guaranteed for three years’! An interesting commentary on the way many people
view the subject!
But there is more to life than meets the eye. One of the reasons for Lent is to set
aside time to reflect on the whole nature of our existence, as we so easily get
caught up in the outward and forget the inward. It is easy to think that ultimate
reality is to be found in material things alone. I remember a man tapping the
comfortable leather seat of his sports car and saying ‘To me, this is reality!’ But
Jesus said ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds
from the mouth of God’. There is a whole world that we are invited to enter, a
whole dimension which alone can make sense of time and space. It is so
enriching to get our little lives in this world, into the perspective of eternity.
Harry MacInnes

Sunday 4th March (Lent II)
10.30am          Holwell            Benefice Communion   Rev MacInnes/
                                                         Rev Johnson
6.00pm           Kencot             Benefice Evensong    Rev Johnson
Wednesday 7 March
9.00pm           Black Bourton      Compline             Mr Jeremy Lane
Sunday 11        March (Lent III)
9.00am           Alvescot           Holy Communion       Rev Wheaton
9.00am           Broadwell          Holy Communion       Rev McGrath
9.00am           Westwell/Holwell   Holy Communion       Rev MacInnes
10.30am          Filkins            Parish Communion     Rev McGrath
10.30am          Shilton            Parish Communion &   Rev MacInnes &
                                    Children’s Church    Rev Wheaton
11.00am          Little Faringdon   Matins               Mr Jeremy Lane
6.00pm           Black Bourton      Evensong             Rev MacInnes
6.00pm           Kencot             Evensong             Rev Wheaton
Wednesday 14th March
9.00pm    Holwell                     Compline           Rev Ross
Sunday 18 March (Lent IV/Mothering Sunday)
9.00am    BBourton/Alvescot   Holy Communion             Rev McGrath
10.30am   Holwell             Holy Communion &           Rev MacInnes
10.30am   Alvescot            Mothering Sunday Service   tbc
10.30am   Langford            Mothering Sunday Service   Rev Martin Peirce
10.30am   Kelmscott           Mothering Sunday Service   tbc
10.30am   Filkins             Mothering Sunday Service   Rev Johnson
6.00pm    Westwell            Evensong                   Rev Ross
Wednesday 21st March
9.00pm    Kencot                    Compline             Rev MacInnes
Sunday 25th March (Lent V)
9.00am      Shilton                 Holy Communion       Rev Wheaton
9.00am      Kencot                  Holy Communion       Rev MacInnes
10.30am     Filkins                 Family Communion     Rev Wheaton
10.30am     Broadwell               Matins               Rev Johnson
11.00am     Lt Faringdon            Parish Communion     Rev MacInnes
4.00pm      Langford                Evensong             Rev Johnson
6.00pm      Holwell /Westwell       Evensong             Rev MacInnes
Wednesday 28th March
9.00pm           Filkins            Compline             Rev MacInnes

Sunday 1st April (Palm Sunday)
10.15am     BPoggs/Filkins             Benefice Communion      Rev Wheaton & Rev
6.00pm      Alvescot                   Benefice Evensong       Rev Ross
Thursday 5th April (Maundy Thursday)
7.30pm      Kencot              Parish Communion               Rev MacInnes &
                                                               Rev Ross
Friday 6th April (Good Friday)
10.30am     Bradwell Village           Children’s Service      Rev Wheaton
2.00pm      Shilton                    Good Friday Service     Rev McGrath
Sunday 8th April (Easter Sunday)
9.00am      Langford                   Holy Communion          Rev Harrison
9.00am      Black Bourton              Holy Communion          Rev Wheaton
9.00am      Westwell                   Holy Communion          Rev McGrath
10.30am     Broadwell                  Parish Communion        Rev Meredith
10.30am     Alvescot                   Family Communion        Rev Johnson
10.30am     Filkins                    Family Communion        Rev MacInnes
10.30am     Holwell                    Parish Communion        Rev McGrath
10.30am     Kelmscott                  Family Communion        Rev Wheaton
10.30am     Kencot                     Parish Communion        Rev David
10.30am     Shilton                    Parish Communion        Rev Harrison
11.00am     Lt Faringdon               Parish Communion        Rev Ross

Wed 14th March         Black Bourton              10.00am       EJ
Wed 28th March         Black Bourton              10.00am       HM
Fri 2nd March          Holy Communion             11.30am       NUW
Wed 7th March          Holy Communion             11.30am       HM
Fri 16th March         Holy Communion             11.30am       NUW
Weds 21st March        Holy Communion             11.30am       PW

Sunday 4th March (Lent II) Purple
Genesis 17.1-7, 15, Psalm 22.23-end          Romans 4.13-end      Mark 8.31-end
Sunday 11th March (Lent III) Purple
Exodus 20.1-17      Psalm 19 [19.7-   1 Corinthians 1.18-25       John 2.13-22
Sunday 18th March (Lent IV & Mothering Sunday) Purple

Numbers 21.4-9      Psalm 107.1-9          Ephesians 2.1-10         John 3.14-21
Sunday 25th March (Lent V) Purple
Jeremiah 31.31-34     Psalm 51.1-13        Hebrews 5.5-10           John 12.20-33
Sunday 1st April (Palm Sunday) Red
Isaiah 50.4-9a       Psalm 118.19-24  Philippians 2.5–11            Mark 11.1-11
Thursday 5th April (Maundy Thursday) White
Exodus 12.1-14       Psalm 116.1, 10–      1 Corinthians 11.23-26   John 13.1-17,
                     end                                            31b-35
Friday 6th April (Good Friday)
Isaiah 52.13-end 53    Psalm 22            Hebrews 10.16–25         John 18.1-end of
Sunday 8th April (Easter Day) Gold/White
Isaiah 25.6-9     Psalm 118.[1–2] 14–   Acts 10.34–43               Mark 16.1-8


T       his year, the York Lent Course explores the ‘past, present and future place
        of the Christian faith in our society’.
        The course CD includes contributions from, among others, Archbishop
John Sentamu and the Roman Catholic broadcaster, Clifford Longley, to
stimulate our thoughts and discussions on a series of questions for the Church
March 5th          A Secular Society?        March 19th     Competing Creeds?
March 12   th      A Beleaguered Church? March 26th         Handing on the Torch?
Our meetings are on Monday afternoons, from 2.00pm to 3.30pm, at 11 Oakey
Close, Alvescot. You are welcome to any or all of them: I look forward to seeing
you! Please contact me on 01993 846169 for further details
 Liz Johnson

O         ur next meeting will be on Wednesday February 29th, instead of March at
          3.00pm in the Methodist Church Schoolroom. This is to look at slides
          of Malaysia prior to the Women’s World Day of Prayer.
This will be on Friday March 2nd at 2.30pm in the Methodist Church. This year’s
service has been prepared by the women of Malaysia. Refreshments will be
provided. All are welcome.
There will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
Barbara Edwards

                                          Good Friday Children & Families
                                          Children and Families are invited to join
                                          us on Good Friday (6th April) at 10.30am
                                          in Bradwell Village Hall, as we remember
                                          the events of Jesus’ last week, and
                                          discover what makes Good Friday so
                                          good. We will have crafts and activities
                                          for children and parents/carers to engage
                                          in together, some songs, and a short talk
aimed at all the family. There will be hot cross buns and drinks afterwards, a
chance to hang around and chat.
Patrick Wheaton
At our last service the Rev Andy Robinson spoke on
Psalm 73 and encouraged us enormously by
reminding us that despite the way the world is today
we have glory to look forward to (verse 24), and that
for now, we have God who is always with us and
holds us by our right hand (verse 23). What more
could we want?
We are looking forward to our services in March
when Dr David Earl will be speaking for three Sundays on the letter of James
Preachers for March
March 4th            Informal               March 18th          David Earl
March 11  th         David Earl             March 25th          David Earl
All our services in March are still at 3.00pm. Visitors are always very welcome.
Our last soup day of the season is on Wednesday March 7 th in the Old School at
Shilton from 12.00 to 1.30pm. Everyone is very welcome.
Elizabeth Harfield
Saturday 17th March at 2.00 pm
Free Entry At Langford Village Hall
Good Quality ItemsBric-a-Brac, Book, Nearly New,Cake Stall etc Raffle & Light
Refreshments Available. The hall is open 6.00pm-7.00pm Friday 16th to accept
goods. Contact Cherry 01367 860304 or Doreen on 01367 860060 Proceeds split
50/50 in aid of theVillage Hall and Church.
Chrissie Tinson

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                 St Peter’s

Please do come and join us in St Peter’s Church at 10.30 am on Sunday 18 th
March for our family Mothering Sunday service - everyone is very welcome.
Refreshments will be served afterwards.
Tessa Farley and Jayne Lewin
Many thanks to the Alvescot Charities who donated £50
to St Peter’s for new books. The children were delighted
to find a selection of new books in their class book
boxes to read and take home to share with parents.
From money raised from various fundraising activities, the school has also
purchased a new portable amplifier and microphones which we are hoping will
make an enormous difference at Church Services and performances. Thanks to
everyone who has supported our fund raising events so far this year. Without
your support we would be unable to purchase these additional resources that the
school budget does not provide for.
All classes have enjoyed working with Claire Wallace, a specialist dance teacher,
to create dances linked to their topics over the past few weeks. The Foundation
Stage created some wonderful dances based on different toys and Classes 1 and 2
gave fantastic performances of their dinosaur and recycling dances.
This month, the children and staff have enjoyed assemblies led by Reverend
MacInnes, Tessa Farley, Reverend Johnson, and Reverend Wheaton. They have

particularly enjoyed learning about Epiphany and Candlemas as well as exploring
themes of ‘Making a difference’ and ‘Love’.
When the new term starts, after the Spring Break, we are all looking forward to
our exciting Science project, working with a real forensic scientist to solve an
invented crime! The children will be collecting evidence from the crime scene
and investigating the evidence using microscopes and fingerprinting equipment.
Hopefully, the crime will be solved and the culprit identified!
Throughout the term the children will be learning about the importance of
science in our everyday lives and developing their knowledge of how science is
used in the different jobs that people do e.g. a chef, gardener or builder. If you
know anyone who uses science in their jobs and would be willing to come into
school to talk to the children about their jobs and the science involved, we would
be very grateful if they would contact Jenny Jura, Class 2 teacher, at the school.
On Friday 23rd March, all the children will be supporting Sports Relief and will be
walking a Sports Relief mile to raise money to help people living incredibly tough
lives, both at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries. If you
would like to join us, we will be leaving the school at 2.00pm.
Our annual Easter Bonnet Parade will take place around the village on the
afternoon of Monday 26th March and our Easter Service in St Peter’s Church will
be held at 2 o’clock on the afternoon of 28th March. If you would like to join us
in our celebrations then you would be most welcome.
Don’t forget the Gift and Pamper evening on Friday 2nd March. It starts at
7.30pm and tickets are £3.50 to be bought in advance from the school office or
on the door on the evening and tickets include a glass of wine and nibbles. There
will be a range of beauty treatments available as well as gifts and cards for
Mother’s Day and Easter. We hope to see you there!
Sam King

                  BLACK BOURTON
                 St Mary’s

The meetings take place in St Mary’s Church at 7.30 pm on every fourth
Wednesday of the month. Everyone is very welcome.
The next meetings will be 28th March and 25th April. Please note the AGM will
take place on Wednesday 16th May.
Doreen Hart

                 St Peter & St Paul’s

None this month           Lent
The flower list is making its way around the village so I hope that it will be
complete for Easter, many thanks to all the kind people who volunteer.
There is not a list for the noble souls who brave a chilly mid-week church to
clean and polish, they organise themselves. We are so grateful; it really shows.
At the time of going to print, these are as follows (both in the village hall)
Parochial Church Council (PCC) Annual meeting, April 16th, at 6.30. This is open
to all, and we hope to achieve more names on the PCC
Parish Meeting, April 23rd at 7.30pm. Contact Roderick Wordie if you wish to put
something on the agenda.
It is such a shame that there are no Broadwell people who bowl, come and have
a go on the Open Day, April 18th. Anyone who would like to do this should
contact Jack Augur (01367 860566)
He will willingly offer help and information, as it is a game near to his heart.
In last month's Pump there was a page about the Augur connection in Kencot,
and there was a mistake. Jack says it should have been Andrew, not David, who
appeared on both Countdown and Fifteen-to-one. (brainy family, all of them)
The snow has caused much merriment at Broadshires this month. The children
have been kitted out in their all-weather gear and embraced the cold
with the kind of enthusiasm that only children have! When the snow
didn’t have the right consistency or volume to make a decent
snowman inspiration was had from the sandpit and there were many
‘proud parents’ admiring their handiwork after the creation of the
‘sandman’ was complete!
You would think the ‘Broadshires Café’ had reached a peak with the
stone soup of last month, but no one had accounted for the addition of ice cakes
to the menu. Delicious with a warming cup of tea (creates a nice contrast!) but
not ideal for anyone who may have a loose tooth or two as they are a little

The children have continued to enjoy their Chinese New Year celebrations.
There were mixed reactions to the tasting of the Chinese food but attempting to
eat it using chopsticks caused a great deal of amusement.
Many an hour has been spent setting up the ‘Broadshires Zoo’. It seems that
leopards and lions can get on ever so well with penguins and zebras! The game of
matching the baby animals with their parent has been a firm favourite and the
collaged dinosaur has been watching over it all from his spot on the wall.
Next term’s topic is Transport. Please do get in contact should you have an
expertise in the subject.
As always, if you’d like any more information or wish to enquire about a place,
please call Jackie Overton on 01367 860729 or email jackie@broadshires-
Rowan Harris

                 FILKINS & BROUGHTON POGGS
                 St Peter’s

Bingo will take place in Filkins Village Hall on Friday 23rd March eyes down at
8.00pm (doors open at 7.00pm). Tea/Coffee & biscuits served, with all proceeds
going to Cancer Research. If you want to donate prizes please call Marion on
01367 860094
We are always pleased to welcome visitors from the other Broadshire parishes at
our annual Gardening Club Plant Sale and so I thought you might like advance
notice of the details. We will be holding the ANNUAL PLANT SALE on
Saturday, 19th May 10.00am - 12pm in Filkins Village Hall
I anticipate that, as usual, there will be a wide range of plants for sale; there will
be interesting ‘green elephant’ objects to buy and coffee & refreshments to enjoy.
Last year we had an interesting area for children to have hands-on gardening
experiences to encourage their interest in growing things, I will keep you
informed about plans for this year. Entrance is free to everyone and the doors
open at 10am.
I am often asked about membership of this informal Club which is restricted to
people living in Filkins and Broughton Poggs. For further information please
look on the Filkins website under ‘Leisure’.
Happy gardening
Lucille Jones

Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                      Thursdays
                                              1st March    Mrs J Higham      860197
6th   March   Mrs A Dossett-       860357     8th March    Mr A Woodford     860319
13th March    Mrs J Geake          860534     15th March   Mrs K Morley      860777
20th March    Mrs M Cover          860302     22nd March   Mrs J Geake       860534
27th March    Mrs F Shrouder       860053     29th March   Miss H Squire     860337
3rd April     Air Cdre J Langer    860700     5th April    Mrs J Higham      860197
10th April    Mrs C Woodford       860319     12th April   Mr A Woodford     860319
The remainder of April will be covered in the next Pump and St Filica Newsletter
when the availability of drivers for the next six month period is known.
 Due to the continued high cost of fuel the charges will be increased, as indicated
in brackets, from 1st April. We are sorry that this is necessary.
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.00 (£2.50) Witney
& Fairford - £5.00 (5.50).
Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £8.00 (£9.00), Cheltenham and
Oxford - £10.00 (£11.00) - plus parking charge if applicable. Charges are for a
single return journey.
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery service only covers appointments up to 4.00 pm on
Tuesdays and Thursday. All users of the service must be able to make their way
to and from the car unaided. Any problems please contact me on 01367 860319
Tony Woodford

Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday       9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday      8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday Closed                      Closed
Thursday     9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday       Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

Day                  Morning                                     Afternoon
Monday               10.00am- 12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Tuesday              10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Wednesday            10.00am - 12 noon                           3.00-5.00pm
Thursday             10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Friday               10.00am - 12 noon                           3.00-5.00pm
Saturday             10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Sunday               closed                                      3.00-5.00pm

This month we sent a letter to all Filkins villagers, reminding them of ways in
which they can support the shop and make sure we hit the targets we need to
keep this valuable part of village life going strong.
Whether it’s buying a £10.00 share and becoming a member, volunteering in the
shop once a month (with a trained member of staff to help you!) or simply
popping in, to buy what you need more often. Did you know that if every
villager spent £5.00 a week with us, we would easily hit the budgets we need to
ensure long term stability.
You might not be able to visit the shop more often, but there are other ways in
which you can show support. You can become a member of our wine club, let us
know if we don’t have your email and we will make sure you receive our regular
wine offers. Does your local club or organisation buy food or wine or are you a
party host extraordinaire? These sorts of orders make a huge difference to us.
We supply wine in association with Oxford Wine Company, which means we can
bring you a vast selection of wine at the same price you would pay elsewhere,
plus free glass hire.
Don’t forget we also deliver weekly, fortnightly or monthly with no delivery
charge and we now accept credit and debit cards.
Never pick up the iron again! We are delighted to launch our new ironing service.
Our ironing lady charges £12/hour and as a rough guide, gets through 8-10 shirts
per hour. Pick ups will be twice a week, so just drop off your ironing at the shop,
mark the bag clearly with your name and phone number and we will have it back
for you within 5 days. Contact us during shop hours at 01367 860239 or
Here’s hoping Spring has sprung by the time you read this. We look forward to
seeing you in the shop!
Trish Poole

We were certainly very fortunate with our ‘winter and cold
countries’ topic during the first half of the Spring term; the short-lived February
snow brought with it some fantastic first hand experience for the children.
This half-term we will be looking at Spring (if it ever arrives!) and Easter along
with our child-initiated topics. We hope to recreate last year’s success of rearing
frogs from our tadpoles!
I am also very proud to announce yet another award at Filkins Nursery! I was
voted Business Person of the Year 2012 by Fairford and Lechlade Business Club
at the end of January and Filkins Nursery was a finalist in the category Business
of the Year. I am delighted to have been announced as winner amid stiff local
opposition and to be recognised by parents and staff for ‘hard work, dedication
and commitment to the nursery’. We are also entering this year’s NDNA Nursery
of the Year competition in April.
Spring term finishes on Friday 30th March, but Easter Holiday Club will be
running for the following two weeks. Call 01367 860594 for further details.
Louise Jenkins
Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad

               St Mary’s

Coming in from a freezing wind and treachery under foot, it was exhilarating to
find an email with a plan, PARISH PUMP MARCH! Although, while I would
follow our beloved Editor through thick and thin, I did think it might be more
fun a little later in the spring, April perhaps. Then I began to wonder, was it a
notice of a Benefice Get-together, or perhaps an exhortation to put on our Big
Society boots and get something done? I shall look forward to the March issue to
learn which of the many worthy things we are going to march for.......
If you read your copy of the Parish Pump in time, the next Benefice Communion
on Sunday March 4th, will take place here, one of the smallest villages of the
fifteen, at 10.30am. The Rector, the Rev Harry MacInnes will take the Service
with the Rev Liz Johnson, and we hope you may be able to come and join us.
Corinna Rock

                St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers - Anne Stephens

                St George’s

 No flowers during Lent.
The Annual Parochial Church Council (PCC) meeting will take place on
Thursday 28th April 7.30pm at the Village Hall.
Kencot Village Hall is available for hire for children and family parties, meetings,
classes, etc. The hall can accommodate approx 50 people seated at tables.
There is a well equipped kitchen, tables and chairs, secure outside area, and the
building is wheelchair accessible.
Cost to residents from Shill Valley and Broadshire Benefice £6.00 a day. To
those outside the area £12.00 For further information contact David Portergill Tel 01367860217
Gill Cox
We always try to pick up litter on the roadside verges in March to keep the village
looking at its best, before the grass begins to grow and covers it over. This is also
important before our National Gardens Scheme ‘Gardens Open’ day on Easter
Monday. This year West Oxfordshire District Council is promoting a Litter Blitz
project for all communities in the district and so this adds a further reason to do
this. It is planned that we will do this on Saturday 31st March when WODC is
assisting with yellow tabards, bags and litters grabbers and eventual rubbish
collection. Volunteers to help are of course needed, more details from the Parish
Chairman, telephone 01367 860903.
The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on
Thursday 29th March. The Annual Parish Meeting will be followed by the Annual
Village Hall Meeting. All are welcome to attend

Diary reminder: plans are moving forward for residents of Kencot and Broadwell
to hold a Pig Roast to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee on Tuesday 5 th June 2012.
More details to follow.
Ian Morrison

             St Matthew’s

Lent no flowers.
The Annual Parish meeting will be held at St. Matthew’s Church on 30th April at
6.00pm. Everybody is welcome to come along and hear details of the past year in
the life of St. Matthew’s church.
Annual General Meeting. The Annual General meeting of Langford Parish
Council will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 9 th May at 7.00pm.
New Councillor needed
Following the recent retirement of Jenny Pitkin, the Parish Council is seeking to
co-opt a local resident to the vacant position of Parish Councillor. Should you
wish to express an interest or would like further information please contact
Lynda Scott on (01367) 810606 or by email at
Parish Clerk
Following the retirement of Neil Ray who had served as our excellent clerk for
several years, the Parish Council has appointed Lynda Scott as parish clerk.
Lynda currently serves as clerk to Clanfield and North Leigh parish councils and
remains a key figure in the AGGROW campaign against sand and gravel
extraction in our area. She thus brings considerable experience to Langford
Parish Council and will continue to serve all three councils. We are delighted to
have her on board.
Annual Litter Pick.
The day of the Annual Litter pick in the village is Sunday 1st April meeting at the
Village Hall at 9.00am. We welcome any volunteers to assist with clearing the
village of rubbish, bags and litter pickers will be provided.
War Memorial
Hopefully, many residents of the parish will have noted the excellent

refurbishment work carried out on the village War Memorial by a local stone
mason accredited by English Heritage. The work should ensure that this
important village memorial survives for many decades to come.
Playground. The parish has a reserve of some £6500 the bulk of which has been
ear-marked for re-establishing the village playground. This project was put on
hold during the affordable housing project at The Elms but, with these new
dwellings nearing completion, the Parish Council has turned its attention to the
playground project in earnest. There are two priorities. First, the commissioning
of a professional playground consultant to draw up fully costed plans and advise
on health and safety issues, funding opportunities and insurance, and second,
applications to various potential funding bodies for additional funding to bring
the playground project to fruition. Through the hard work of our chairman, the
Parish Council has secured a grant from WODC for 25% of the costs up to a
value of £9,727 that gives us a useful platform on which to build. Other
applications are pending.
Join us for an evening of whist at Langford Village Hall on Tuesday 6 th March.
We start at 7.30pm however if you would like some tuition please arrive a little
earlier than this. The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and biscuits at half time
with all the profits going to the Village Hall. We play for small prizes, everyone is
welcome. You do not need to be an expert card player to come and join us, if
you would like to know more or even a lift please call me on 01993 852378.
Jo Hutchings
Saturday 17th March at 2.00 pm
Free Entry At Langford Village Hall
Good Quality ItemsBric-a-Brac, Book, Nearly New,Cake Stall etc Raffle & Light
Refreshments Available. The hall is open 6.00pm-7.00pm Friday 16th to accept
goods. Contact Cherry 01367 860304 or Doreen on 01367 860060 Proceeds split
50/50 in aid of theVillage Hall and Church.
Chrissie Tinson
Despite our topic theme being ‘On Safari’ this term has seen the
excitement of snowy playtimes at St. Christopher’s. The playing
field has been strewn with snow people of all different shapes and
sizes and the corridors full of a variety of wellies and snow boots!
The Nature Club, run by Janet Hobbs, has been busy making large sculptures of
an elephant and giraffe using boxes and paper all wrapped up in masking tape.
The two animals look rather impressive and are now getting their final layers of
paper and colour to finish them off.

February 27th marks the start of our Africa focus week with a visit from the Iroko
traditional African theatre group. The children will be watching a performance by
the group and then participating in workshops. During the rest of the week each
class is going to focus on learning about one African country. On Friday 2 nd
March they will ‘check-–in’ for their internal flight around Africa and visit the
different countries to share each other’s learning.
The year 5 children are really enjoying their visits from Gordon Campbell as they
practise singing with the other partnership schools ready for the Anthems Night
performance on March 8th.
The whole school had a focus on fire safety following the visit from a fire safety
officer. Cherry class learnt more about fire fighters and enjoyed dressing up and
role playing how to be a fire fighter! The older children used the information they
had learnt and shared this with their families at home by writing a fire plan as
part of their homework project.
Finally some dates for your diary, you are invited to our celebration of Mothering
on Friday 16th March at 2.30pm, Forest School sharing on Friday 23rd March at
2.30pm and our Easter Celebration on Wednesday 28th March at 9am. All events
mentioned are in the school hall and everyone is welcome.
Carol Phillips

               LITTLE FARINGDON
               St Margaret’s

No flowers this month Lent.
The annual PCC meeting will take place in the church on Sunday 22nd April at
11.00am. The meeting will follow a short act of worship, in lieu of the usual
fourth Sunday communion service (communion will instead take place on Easter
Sunday 8th April). Everyone in the village is most welcome to attend the PCC
meeting, whether regular churchgoers or not. We do want everyone in Little
Faringdon to have an opportunity to offer input on the running of the church
and the forms of worship held here.
Tickets are selling well for ‘Music, Mirth & Murder’ an evening of contrasts that
will combine laughter and shock-horror on Saturday 17th March at 7.00pm in St
Margaret’s Church. This event is designed to raise money for the replacement of
the stone crosses on the church roof. Two talented individuals will entertain and

inform us throughout the evening. Ross Mallock, a poet, song-writer, musician
and wit, will be making a welcome return to Little Faringdon. Richard Martin
from the Cotswold Woollen Weavers, and in conjunction with the Filkins
Swinford Museum, will be telling us about the dreadful 1893 Little Faringdon
murders; a story that shocked the nation at the time. Tickets at £7.50 each are
still available from Jeremy Taylor (Dovecote House/Tel: 01367 252205). Please
make cheques payable to St Margaret’s Little Faringdon.
Saturday 17th March ‘Music, Mirth & Murder’ evening in the church at 7.00pm
Sunday 8th April        Easter Sunday communion service at 11.00am
Sunday 22    nd April   APCM in the church after 11.00am service
Tuesday 5   th June     Village Diamond Jubilee Celebration Picnic by the river
Sunday 10    th June    Special service to commemorate St Margaret of England
Sunday 24    th June    Annual Church Lunch
Sunday 14    th Oct     Harvest Festival.
Sunday 16    th Dec     Carol Service
More details on these events will follow in due course.
Barbara Browne

                Holy Rood
Um … nothing much has happened in Shilton between last month’s PP deadline
and this month’s, or not as far as the Old School committee is concerned
anyway. And at the time of writing the Snowdrop Day hasn’t yet taken place,
although bookings are coming in thick and fast. We are, however, already
thinking about the first major Not-To-Be-Missed Event Of The Year, the now-
traditional Shilton egg races, egg hunt, boat and duck races on the pond and
Easter tea on Saturday 7th April. More details in next month’s PP.
Shirley Cuthbertson
21st March Shilton
23rd May Shilton - Statutory Annual meeting at 6.00pm followed by the Annual
Parish meeting at 7.30pm
18th July Bradwell Village
3rd Oct      Shilton
5th Dec      Shilton

All meetings start at 7.30 unless otherwise stated. Meetings at Bradwell Village
will take place in the Hobbies Room.
Katherine Robertson
Our Annual Meeting will be held in the Old School Village Hall on Wednesday
18th April at 7.00pm. Do please put this date in your diaries and come along as
everyone is very welcome to attend.
Jean Roberts
Our last soup day of the season is on Wednesday 7th March in the Old School
from 12.00 to 1.30pm. It’s a good time to meet up and share homemade soup,
crusty bread, cakes, tea/coffee and other nibbles as well as meeting other
villagers and catching up on village news. This season we have given all donations
to Gatehouse in Oxford which helps the homeless but the March donations will
go to Christian Aid. We do hope lots of you are able to come.
Elizabeth Harfield
And now for something completely different! On 9th March we are going on a
trip to Wallingford for a tour of the Boat House and a talk on The Boat Race
from Tom Barry. Members have already pre-booked for this jaunt and at present
there are no vacancies: so please don’t come to the Old School and be
disappointed. Anyone who is particularly keen to join us can ring Elizabeth
Harfield on 843444 to see if there are any vacant places on the coach.
Please warn your friends not to make a fruitless journey to the Old School. We
get back to normal on Friday, 13th April, (an ominous date) when the AGM will
be followed by a talk on the suffragettes by our own Muriel Pilkington.
 Fred Robertson
An excellent tradition Burn’s Night celebration was held in the village hall on
Friday 27th January. This was a great credit to the organiser Val Kent. We were
entertained by the brilliant Lechlade Scottish Dancers and Singers who
performed all evening. A haggis supper was served, piped in by the bagpipes and
addressed by one of the singers.
 The evening ended with the guests invited to try their hand at Scottish dancing,
made easier after a couple of drams of the hard stuff. It really is such a shame
that more residents didn’t make the effort to turn out. It could be argued that this
event is one of the most sociable evenings on our calendar.
Look out for the ever popular Skittles Night at The Plough in Alvescot in April.

Bradwell Village Residence Association are concerned about the isolation of the
village. We are therefore planning a petition to try and get a foot path from
Bradwell Grove crossroads to the Burford Roundabout. So please support us
when we come knocking at your door.
Tony Cripps
Do you have young children aged between 0-5years old? Why not
come along to our baby and toddler group? Weekly craft activity, songtime,
playtime and refreshments included in the £1.50 per family contribution. Come
along to the village hall for a free taster session, you and your children would be
very welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. Contact Angela on 01993 823623.
Abbie Ogden

                 St Mary’s

While most of Westwell has been hibernating through the ‘severe weather’
conditions the feline community and some of their human allies have been busy:
Many thanks to West Oxfordshire Cats Protection for trapping and neutering
approximately 13 feral cats over the past two months.
Westwell residents may have noticed an increase in feral cats over the past year.
No one is sure where they have come from but their numbers have increased
quite suddenly. Feral cats are protected under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and
have the right to roam. Cats Protection offer a neutering and release programme
provided someone in the community is prepared to keep an eye on them and
feed them. They are also tested for cat flu and cat FIV (an AIDS like syndrome
not passed on to humans), if they are infected they are put to sleep. The cats that
have been neutered and released back into the village have had their left ear
clipped to make them more easily identifiable. There are still quite a few more to
be trapped so please keep an eye out for them and let Hayley Gibson know so
she can contact the CP. Otherwise there will be an explosion of kittens in the
village over the next few months. Special thanks to Muriel Baldwin who has very
kindly allowed the 10 or more feral cats who have set up home in her garden to
remain now that they have been neutered.
Any cat lovers in the village (or non cat lovers who do not want an explosion of
kittens in the Spring!) may also wish to make a donation to Cats Protection
Miles Gibson


A look at events and news from a little further afield.

                      NEWS FROM BURFORD SCHOOL
Burford School Bookshop: Book Into Business

B       urford School now have their very own bookshop based in the Burford
        School Library. The Madhatter Bookshop at Burford School is a fully
        functional bookshop and Richard Kemp from the Madhatter Bookshop,
based in Burford High Street, has been working closely with library staff to
develop a scheme: Book Into Business.
The bookshop will be completely run and managed by students, six at a time for
a three month period, before another team of six take over. This will allow 18
students per year to benefit directly from the experience.
There are four ways in which this scheme intends to succeed:
1. As an enterprise focused on exciting the reading community within the school
and helping to foster a self-sustaining community of readers.
2. As a viable business which gives its management team insight into business
acumen, entrepreneurial flair and high performance team working.
3. As a real engagement with the rigour and best practice of project
management, with learning and evaluation at the core of delivering success.
4. Leadership development for each individual in the Book into Business
management/project team such that each member is able to use the experience
to successfully open a door to the next step in their chosen career path
(university, work or entrepreneurial business set up).
The bookshop was officially opened on Wednesday 25th January by the Mayor of
Burford, John White and the Head of Burford Chambers of Commerce, Jenny
Smith. It is open to all members of the school and they will be able to order
books as well as purchasing books already in stock.
You can follow the Book Shop blog at

The Department of Education have published exam result league tables for 2011.
At GCSE we were 8th out of the 34 Oxfordshire Secondary Schools and 2nd in
West Oxfordshire. Our Maths and English
results were particularly strong. At ‘A’ Level
Burford was 7th out of the 34 state schools
and 18th out of all schools, state and
independent, outperforming many of the local
independent schools.
On the 19th January the Headteacher of
Burford School, Mrs Haig, and the Heads of
other West Oxfordshire Secondary Schools
accepted an invitation from David Cameron
to visit Downing Street.
The purpose of the visit was to discuss
current changes in education, particularly
relating to raising standards.
Afterwards there was a visit to Dane
Academy, an Inner City School which has
been transformed by Headteacher, Sally Taylor, in the last 3 years.
Jane Edwards
February 7th saw a new venture for the Lenthall Concerts: the mounting of a
complete opera. True, this was a one-acter, Bastien and Bastienne, written by
Mozart at the age of twelve; but it was nevertheless mounted with full scenery
and costumes, with an accompanying ‘orchestra’ consisting of a string quartet, led
by Michael Bochmann, and the pianist Barrie Cooper. Though it doesn’t quite
reach the heights (or depth) of Mozart’s mature operas Bastien and Bastienne is
full of charming music, which was spiritedly sung and acted by its young cast:
Grace Carter, Benjamin Carin Maggs and Paul Bradley.
The second half of the concert presented more substantial operatic fare in the
shape of excerpts from later Mozart operas, as well as works by Giordani,
Handel, Gluck, Donizetti, Delibes, Massenet, Cilea and Saint-Saens. In these we
heard the three singers above, plus Emily Campbell and Catriona Pollard.
All were performing under the flag of MJ-UK, a stable of young singers trained
and promoted by the well-known mezzo Maria Jagusz, who sang several of the
selections herself with a professionalism and confidence that gave the others
something to aim for, enjoyable (and in some cases exceptional) as their
contributions were. There is great electricity in hearing young, committed

amateurs perform alongside established professionals, and it is very much in the
remit of the Lenthall Concerts to promote this wherever possible.
The next concert is on Tuesday, March 6th at Burford School, starting at 7.30,
when the Bochmann Trio and the pianist Paul Turner will play piano quartets by
Mozart and Brahms. For further details: ring 01993 822279, or go to the Lenthall
Concerts website at
Chris Yapp
Burford Singers Dream, of Gerontius, St John’s Parish Church, April 1 st 7.30pm
and Public Rehearsal at 2.30pm.,Conductor Brian Kay Cotswold Chamber
Orchestra with Vanessa Williamson mezzo, Ben Thapa tenor and Quentin Hayes
bass. Please note that the only tickets remaining for the performance at 7.30pm
are for the reserved seats priced at £12.50 and £10.00 (students half price).
Tickets (unreserved) are available for the Public Rehearsal at 2.30pm priced at
£5.00 in advance or £6.00 at the door. Tickets are available from The Madhatter
Bookshop, 122 High Street, Burford OX18 4QJ tel. 01993 822539.
Jan Campbell
 The Lechlade Gardening Club, who meet every 2nd Wednesday in the month at
7.30pm in the Memorial Hall, Lechlade have received the following speakers in
the previous months. In January Carl Sadler gave a lively talk on the art of Trug
making. He descibed the process from the harvesting of the various woods used
in the Trug to actually creating a Trug infront of our eyes. There were many
questions asked at the end which led him to reveal his involvement in making
hurdles, staves and other various accoutrements that were used in some major
films, the latest being War Horse by Stephen Spielberg. So if you go and see that
moving film look out for his work won?t you.
In March the Bee Man cometh to give a talk on the importance of bees,
something we all need to be aware of as they are our major pollinators. In April
there will be a talk on The Royal Parks.
 Did you know that by joining the Lechlade Gardening Club, not to be confused
with the Lechlade Garden Centre Gardening Club, you will be entitled to 10%
off purchase of seeds and plants at Burford Garden Centre.
Tim Yeoman
NOW at Bradwell Village Hall 1.30- 4.00 pm every Thursday ALL BRIDGE
PLAYERS WELCOME Ring Kathy 01993 822712 or Sue 01993 823582

250 Free Memberships of Oil Scheme
Thanks to funds from a new Department of Health scheme called WARM
HOMES, HEALTHY PEOPLE, ORCC Trading can offer one year’s FREE
membership of the Community bulk oil buying scheme to 250 vulnerable people.
The term ‘vulnerable’ could refer to anyone who might be struggling to meet the
cost of heating their homes to a reasonable warmth, families with young children,
older people, those who have a disability or long term illness, someone with
employment difficulties. The offer will only be available until 31st March!
There is plenty of information on our website about the oil scheme so you can
see what the benefits are and if you want any further information, please e-mail
us on
We need to know WHY the free membership would be a help – tell us a little bit
about age, your financial circumstances (e.g. I’m unemployed, or have only my
pension, or my wage is low), your household (e.g. I live alone, or have young
children) and if relevant, whether you have a health problem. If you are worried
about the cost of your heating, please let us know how you deal with that – e.g. I
can only partially heat my home, or I turn the thermostat down low, or I don’t
turn the heating on.
High streets and market towns in decline? Well, perhaps not in Oxfordshire.
Mary Portas’s recent review of the high street has shown what community-
minded Town Partnerships in the county had already demonstrated: that they
know best what is required to make their towns vibrant.
A lively event in Carterton Community Centre on 17th January, hosted by ORCC,
celebrated the achievements of 6 towns in the county at the end of a funding
scheme initiated by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA).
Members from each of the towns went home from the event invigorated by
examples of a wide range of creative and enterprising projects.
An important factor in each town’s success was the initial completion of a local
consultation exercise - a ‘Health Check’ - to develop a shared vision for the
future. This was required before an application for some of the £700,000
SEEDA funding on offer, which had to be at least matched by funds from
elsewhere, including local sources.
 For further information about ORCC’s work on market towns, contact Philip
Newbould on
Christine Bartle

Following recent public engagement, the Neighbourhood Action Group has
decided to focus on the issues of youth provisions, speeding, litter and dog
fouling.Youth provision will be their first priority. Great work was carried out by
a NAG sub-group which secured funding, premises and staff for The Allendale
youth centre and they want to ensure Carterton is progressed further. The NAG
feels strongly that providing for young people is the best tool to tackle perceived
gangs of youths, which was a concern for the public.
Action plans focusing on hotspot areas will be formulated to deal with speeding,
litter and dog fouling.
The Allendale Youth Centre is nearly finished and the official opening will be on
Tuesday 10th February at 3.00pm by Colin Fletcher, the Bishop of Dorchester.
There has been an increase in the number of reports of dogs not being under
control in a public area. Several dogs have been attacked and received nasty
injuries. Please could we ask all owners to take responsibility, keep your dogs
under control and clear up after them.
 There have been a number of complaints received in relation to people cycling
on the footpaths and cycling without lights. As a cyclist you should always have
lights on your bike when it is dark and should cycle on the road or cycle paths as
indicated. If it is not safe to cycle on the road then please dismount and push
your bike to reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians. Penalty notices will be issued
to those who ignore this.
A burglary took place this month on Aston Road, Bampton. We are asking all
communities from Bampton, Burford and Carterton to remain vigilant and if
anything appears suspicious then please contact the police on 101.
The dates and locations for the Have Your Say meetings have been updated and
can be found on the Thames Valley Police website
Please have a look and if there are any issues you would like to discuss then pop
along and speak with your local officer.
We are appealing for witnesses to a number of criminal damage incidents that
have occurred at the end of January to the units on West Oxfordshire industrial
park by the BP garage in Carterton. We would like to speak to anyone who has
information about who was responsible. If you can help, please call 101.
Have you signed up for community messaging yet? By filling in a simple form
and giving us your email address or phone number, you will be updated with
specific crime alerts for your neighbourhood. These range from information
about burglaries and vehicle crime to witness appeals and crime reduction advice.
If you would like to join, please either speak to the team or sign up online at
Clare Sadler

 I had a sad, but none the less an enjoyable week, having to say
cheerio to many of you after ten years on the Kencot, Broadwell,
Langford, Kelmscott post round.
As a youngster ,selling farm machinery, I moved on to manage a
chicken farm, followed by twenty years in dairy farming, and
joined Royal Mail in 1998.
All these changes were forced on me,( twice by redundancy ) but I look back, and
think how lucky I have been to enjoy such a varied career.
Suffice to say it was not my wish to leave you, but politics dictated the changes,
and my new round in Quennington, Hatherop, and Coln will no doubt come
 It has been a great privilege to deliver to you over the years, and be able to share
many of your happiest moments, and also some of your saddest.
On a trip to Ireland in 1996 I was talking to a young Irish man who told me that
in Ireland there are no strangers, just friends waiting to meet. How true these
words have been for me over the last ten years.
So with a tear in my eye, I thank you for your kindness and hospitality during this
time. Best Wishes (please keep me updated with your news. My e mail address is
Postie Steve
‘Singers from England and Wales were chosen to open the England v Wales Six
Nations match in February at Twickenham’. You would think from this
statement that several choirs combined but it may surprise you to know that all
these singers make up the 60 strong international award winning Wessex Male
Choir, based in Swindon. They were asked to open the Southern v Northern
Hemisphere match in December 2011 at Twickenham and sang to a 35,000
capacity crowd to raise funds for Help for Heroes. As a result they were selected
by the Six Nations organisers to entertain the crowd at the beginning of the
match in February which was a sell out crowd of 85,000 plus the millions that
watched the match on television. This was the biggest audience they have ever
entertained and are likely to entertain in the future. The English singers had to
learn the Welsh anthem Land of my Fathers in the native tongue and sung that,
the National Anthem and Laudamus before kick off at 4.0pm. Musical Director
Rob Elliot said that the English songs lasted only a few minutes whereas the
Welsh ones lasted hours. He would wouldn’t he because he is a proud
Tim Yeoman

Burford Primary School recently had a visit from
‘Jungle Jonathan’ of Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow.
The morning’s events involved each class having
time with Jonathan learning about a selection of
animals such as an African Giant Black Millipede, a
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula named Ruby and a
Brazilian Rainbow Boa. Jonathan was particularly
impressed by the selection of questions the children
put to him. The children had a fantastic time listening to Jonathan and loved the
opportunity to handle some of the animals. The visit has inspired a selection of
work from each class including letter writing, webpage design and model making.
Sally Hunt
William Dore, organist at Ampleforth Abbey, will be giving a recital of ‘Music for
Easter Week’ to include works by J S Bach, W A Mozart, L Vierne and R
Chilcott, at the Methodist Church, Witney. The concert will take place on
Wednesday April 11th 2012 at 7.30 pm. Tickets are £10.00 (£8.00 students) these
will be on sale from Shillbrook Stationery, 17 Burford Road, Carterton, and
Music Stand, 62 High Street, Witney. For full information contact
This event is in aid of St Joseph’s Church Restoration Fund. St Joseph’s was
originally built as a threshing barn for Rock Manor Farm in the early 1800s. It is a
Grade 2 Listed building and one of the oldest buildings in Carterton. It became a
church in 1940 and has been serving the local community ever since.
William’s mother (and his aunt) live in Broughton Poggs; he went to school at
Ampleforth College, the school run by Benedictine monks in Yorkshire, where
he won a major music scholarship. He is now the organist there.
Maureen Clifford
This cold spell of weather is a good time to see unusual birds in the garden and
elsewhere. I have just looked out of the window and seen the first Brambling of
the year feeding on mixed seed put down on the ground on the remains of the
snow from the recent fall. It was a nice bird to see on a cold grey misty day and
usually turns up at this time of the year. A winter visitor from Northern Europe,
known as ‘the Northern Chaffinch’ it will often mingle with chaffinch flocks and
indeed resembles a Chaffinch. Earlier in the winter there can be large flocks of
them in the north and they like to feed on fallen beech mast.
Earlier in the day a dozen Fieldfares briefly visited the garden after some apples I
had put out for the birds but they were soon driven away by the blackbirds

although they are larger in size. A wandering winter nomad from Scandinavia
with a noisy chack, chack call they will not settle for long but are very nervous
wild birds unlike some of our garden birds. They love fruit and last week I
counted between 70 and 80 birds hoovering up a large number of apples fallen
from a particularly prolific tree in the rectory garden. Nothing goes to waste and
often fallen fruit proves to be life savers to wildlife during cold spells of weather.
Yesterday I had a male Reed Bunting, again feeding from ground seed. Lacking
the black head of the male in summer it still retained the white collar and a hint
of the dark bib.
A good day at Slimbridge on 22nd
January produced some interesting birds,
two outstanding. A visit to the Zeisse
Hide in the morning brought my best
ever sighting of a Bittern (see photo). This
rare and mysterious bird has a habit of
hiding in thick vegetation, particularly
common reed or ‘phragmites’ and its
golden plumage, barred and streaked
with shades of brown and black, its neck
extended, its thick deep yellow beak
pointed skywards, the close together eyes glassy bright, standing on greenish legs
tend to blend it into the background until it makes a move. A member of the
heron family it is best known for its booming call, a deep resonant bullish sound
that can be heard up to 5km away, rather like the sound of blowing across the
top of a bottle. Numbers have fluctuated countrywide and almost been wiped out
over the past few years but in 2009 there were at least 82 calling males. I was
pleased to take a couple of reasonable photographs this time.
After lunch I returned to the same hide hoping to see this rare bird again, but
without success, it had crept back into the reeds. However, while waiting for it to
re-appear someone shouted out ‘Skua’ ! and coming in from the left flew a large
powerful, dark gull like bird which later was identified as a Pomarine Skua. It
landed in the water just in front of us and proceeded to bath and preen. After
about fifteen minutes it flew off further up the Severn Estuary where I was to
have distant sightings from another hide later in the afternoon.
This is a first sighting of this rare bird for me. The Pomarine Skua is a migrant
wintering at sea in the tropical oceans. It breeds in the far north of Eurasia and
North America, nesting on tundra. Piratical in behaviour, showing great agility as
it harasses its victims, robs gulls, terns and gannets of their catches. It will also
kill birds the size of a Common Gull. On its breeding grounds it will also feed on
lemmings and other rodents.
David Roberts

(or rather what Antony is having for his dinner…..lucky chap!)
Pheasant Guidwife
You may be wondering why I am writing about
pheasant, in March, long after the season is over. Silly
woman, you think. But wait. Chances are, if you shoot,
you have several in the freezer and the family have
reached the point of saying ‘not pheasant casserole
again!’. Probably, like me, you have a standard recipe that
you churn out over and over again which involves onion,
garlic, bacon, mushrooms, wine, thyme and a bayleaf, which is lovely, but you
don’t want it every week.So, here is something a little bit different. I cut it out of
The Field a few months ago and was intrigued because it seemed very
straightforward and a change from the usual. And so it is. The peach chutney
gives a sweet and sour piquancy which is really rather good. The article claims
that it is particularly good for older birds and freezes brilliantly (I can verify this).
The recipe has South African links and the author makes it with Mrs Ball’s
Original Peach Chutney, which her cousin brings back in large quantities from
South Africa. Not having a cousin in South Africa, I make it with whatever peach
chutney I can find, or mango chutney, which works well too. Although the recipe
designates whole birds I have made it with joints and it was lovely.
2 pheasants
Sunflower or other oil for frying
3 large onions cut into rings
6-8 tbsp peach or mango chutney
1½ to 2 glasses red wine
1-2 tsp cornflour if needed
Preheat the oven to 150ºC/300ºF/Gas Mark 3. Salt and pepper the pheasants
and then, using a large, flameproof cast iron casserole, brown the birds all over in
the oil and set aside.
Fry the onion rings gently in the same pot until slightly coloured and soft, stirring
to make sure they don’t burn. Sit the browned pheasants, breast up, on top of the
onions and spread a thick layer of chutney over them. Pour over the red wine,
then put the lid on and cook for 1½ to 2 hours. If you want a slightly less runny
sauce you can thicken it with a teaspoon or so of cornflour. Serve with rice or
mashed potato to soak up the juices. Serves 4.
Angela Galione

Antony Galione: Academic. Professor. Jack Russell owner.
Having been made Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford aged just thirty-nine,
one can safely assume that Antony Galione is quite bright. So it’s with a smile
that he recalls having achieved just nine percent in his first science exam,
prompting his master to report, ‘…he’ll never make a scientist’.
The school was Felsted in Essex, which in those days was a rather draconian
institution at which he boarded. Despite its strictures, Antony enjoyed it there.
He took to divinity, Greek and history in particular and still enjoys Egyptology
(his interest in which he attributes to a primary school teacher, Gladys
Shacklady). But it was when he took up chemistry that his fascination for science
From Felsted he went up to Trinity College, Cambridge to read natural sciences
and stayed to do a PhD. He loves to know how things work and the pursuit of
knowledge to derive useful outcomes is what drives him. He was lucky to have
studied under the eminent Sir Michael Berridge. Together they looked into the
role that calcium ions play in cell regulation and this is still the main focus of
Antony’s research. What he’s uncovering is how fluctuations in the tiny traces of
calcium ions in our cells regulate some of our most vital functions. His work
could profoundly influence the way we use drugs to treat all kinds of conditions.
Unusually, his was not a family of academics. His parents had a dairy farm near in
Burnham on Crouch and Antony recalls four a.m. starts to help with the milking.
His surname is Sicilian, his father having come to England after the war in search
of a more prosperous life. His mother is a Cole, part of a large local dynasty who
owned, amongst other interests, the Tucker Brown boatyard.
After Cambridge, he was awarded a Harkness Fellowship to Johns Hopkins
University in Baltimore. His two years stateside were formative ones because,
living next to the library and the lab, he was able to indulge his research interests.
But he hankered for the UK and returned to Oxford to take up the Beit
memorial Scholarship and to marry Angela Clayton whom he’d met at
Cambridge where she read Art History. He has been at Oxford ever since, has
won many accolades, is a fellow of New College and Chair of his department
(again, attaining that role at just forty two).
Antony and his wife Angela (our very own Pump cook) live in Holwell with their
beloved Jack Russell George, Willow the cat and horses Sean and Chocolate. No
closeted academic, Antony is very much at the heart of this small community.
He is church warden and a member of the PCC. For someone who has achieved
so much in at such a young age he’s remarkably grounded. He says ‘ I don’t feel
like a scientist, to me science is just common sense’ and tells me with a smile that
Angela still asks him when he’s going to get a proper job.
Julie-anne Edwards

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5 th   Lent meeting 2pm – 3.30pm contact Liz Johnson 01993 846169.
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17  th Music,Mirth & Murder in March, Little Faringdon info 01367 252205
19  th Lent meeting 2.00pm 3.30pm
21  st Shilton Parish Council 7.30pm Further information 01993 840825.
26  th Lent meeting “Handing on the Torch?” 2pm – 3.30pm
28  th Black Bourton Parish Council meeting in the Church 7.30pm.
29  th Kencot Annual Parish Meeting & Hall AGM , Village hall 7.30pm.
31  st Kencot Litter Blitz further details contact Ian 01367 860903.
Mondays Bradwell Babes 9.30 – 11.30 info 01993 823623.
Thursdays, Chess at The Vines, Black Bourton 6.45pm
Thursdays, Bridge Club, at Bradwell Village Hall 1.30-4.00p.m all welcome info
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