“The Diary of Anne Frank” by dffhrtcv3


									Diary Entries
Diary Entry #1 – 11/14/2011
Reflect on the following statement made
by Mr. Frank:
“There are no walls, there are no bolts, no
  locks that anyone can put on your mind.”

What do you think he means? Why does
 he say it? Why is it significant that he
 says this to Anne?
Diary Entry #2
Write about a time when you stood up for
something you thought was right or about
a time you looked the other way.

Then reflect on the following question
posed by the author of “Terrible Things” in
her introduction: “If everyone had stood
together at the first sign of evil would [the
Holocaust] have happened?”
Diary Entry #3
On September 28, 1942, Anne writes, “You
 only really get to know people when
 you’ve had a jolly good row (argument)
 with them. Then and only then can you
 judge their true characters!

Give an example from your own
  experience that either supports or
  challenges Anne’s statement.
Diary Entry #4
When you look at the lists of numbers of
 Jews killed in the Holocaust they really
 are “Nameless Numbers.” Compare
 Anne’s diary to the cold lists of numbers.
 Which document (considering the diary
 as a document) has more impact on
 you? Why? What are some other ways
 to put names and faces to the horrors of
 the Holocaust?
Diary Entry #5
“A little piece of heaven, surrounded by
  heavy black rain clouds”
Write a poem or create a drawing that
  illustrates the meaning of-and your
  reactions to-Anne’s description of her life in
  the Secret Annex. What strikes you most
 Fears of discovery?
 The lack of food?
 The quarrels among the people hiding?
 The relative safety of the Secret Annex?
Diary Entry #6
Anne writes about seeing herself through
  someone else’s eyes (January 12,

Describe yourself through someone else’s
  eyes-a parent’s view, for example, or
  that of a close friend or a sibling.
Diary Entry #7
On July 15, 1944, Anne writes about how it
 is harder for young people to be in
 hiding than for the adults.

Comment on her reasons for making this
  statement. Why do you agree or
  disagree with what she says?
Diary Entry #8
Write about how you think you
 would feel visiting the Anne Frank
 House in Amsterdam, where
 “visitors can climb the steps
 behind the bookcase, walk
 through the rooms where Anne
 and her family lived, see the
 photographs of movie stars that
 Anne put on the walls, and climb
 up to the attic where Anne and
 Peter spent time together.”
Journal Entry #9
   Go to the Holocaust Magazine
   Browse the site
   Print a copy of a Holocaust poem that you
    find particularly interesting.
   Write a reflection to this poem as your
   Be sure to attach the poem to your entry.

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