Dr. Mark R. Moran Memorial Endowed Scholarship

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					Dr. Mark R. Moran Endowed Scholarship for BSW Students

Mrs. Dorothy M. Moran established The Mark R. Moran Endowed Scholarship for BSW students
in July 2011 in memory of her husband, Dr. Mark R. Moran, who died on July 21, 2010, in
Bowling Green, Ohio. Dr. Moran received his bachelor’s degree from Millikin University,
master’s degree from Indiana State University, and his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.
He was associate professor at Illinois State University teaching in its undergraduate Social Work
program from 1971 until retiring in 1981. In addition to his years on the ISU faculty, Dr. Moran
worked in the criminal justice system. He worked for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons at correctional
institutions in Kansas, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Kentucky, and subsequently held associate
superintend and warden positions in the Minnesota Corrections Systems. Dr. Moran was not
only a model teacher in the classroom, he was a role-model as a social worker. He brought
such a vast wealth of experience to teaching through his years as a practitioner. His work with
people in the correctional system was an example to our students of our Code of Ethics and
professional values that all people deserve dignity and hope for a better future.

Mrs. Dorothy M. Moran established this endowed scholarship fund as a tribute to the legacy of
Dr. Mark R. Moran and his strong commitment to the professional development of students
majoring in Social Work at Illinois State University.

Each candidate for the Mark Moran Endowed Scholarship in Social Work must be or have:

    A. Accepted for enrollment or enrolled in good standing at Illinois State University.

    B. Completed a minimum of 60 hours of credit as an undergraduate student majoring in
       Social Work.

    C. Demonstrated academic achievement, as evidenced by an accumulative GPA in the
       Social Work major of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or an accumulative GPA of at least 3.0
       on a 4.0 scale in academic coursework at their previous institution as a transfer student.

    D. Demonstrated financial need.

    E. Student must have taken at least one semester of Social Work major courses.

The scholarship dollars must be used for educational expenses. A single scholarship award will be
deposited in the recipient’s ISU account at the beginning of the fall semester to help cover educational

Scholarship Qualifications

As this scholarship is need based, you must have a FAFSA form on record with the Financial Aid office.
The scholarship committee will determine the recipient based on merit (GPA), need as determined by
Financial Aid, and desire to be a social worker. Write a two page essay that states your personal passion
and mission and how you will serve the needs of challenged people through a career in Social Work.
Also, include why you need the scholarship and how it would make a difference in your education.

Please attach your essay to the application form below.
           Dr. Mark R. Moran Memorial Endowed Scholarship
                         School of Social Work
                        Illinois State University
                             Normal, Illinois

2011-2012 Academic Year                      Application Date: _______________

Last Name                       First Name                 MI

Date of Birth                   UID

We would like to know how to reach you. Please give your correct addresses and
phone numbers for home and school.

School address

Home address

(______)_______________________       (______)_______________________
Local/Cell Phone Number               Home Area Code and Phone Number

Undergraduate Student     __________
                          Current G.P.A.

The application and the attached essay must be received by February 15, 2011.
Late applications will not be accepted.

You may drop the application off at the Social Work office on the third floor of
Rachel Cooper Building or mail to:
     Illinois State University School of Social Work
     Attn: Haerr Endowed Scholarship Application
     Campus Box 4650
     Normal, IL 61790

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