Why Buy A Used Laptop Instead of New? by toriola1


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                                           Why Buy a Used Laptop Instead of New?
                                                      By Computers Priced Right

  Why Buy a Used Laptop Instead of New?
 by: Computers Priced Right

If you're planning to purchase a laptop or notebook (note that laptops and notebooks are the same
thing), consider buying used or refurbished laptop. A refurbished laptop is a used laptop that has been
rebuilt by a professional, and made to be like new again.

First, let us take a moment to consider your needs in a laptop. What do you plan to do with your
laptop? Do you your plans include the following: Surfing the internet Checking emails Instant
messenger Writing papers Printing Papers Making spreadsheets Slide Presentations Playing
Solitaire Downloading MP3's Listening to MP3's Burning to CD's Watching DVD's Digital camera
photo Children's games Keeping bank figures Small business use The lists goes on...

Most used laptops will easily complete all of the above mentioned tasks for you. What's really great is
that for most current applications on a refurbished laptop, you won't notice a performance difference
compared to a brand new laptop.

How is that possible to not notice a difference between a brand new laptop and a refurbished one?

That's a good question. The fact is, most current software for your computer is not designed to need
the high performance of a brand new laptop. Computer manufactures are moving so fast, that software
makers simply do not keep up. Most current software will run on a computer 4 times slower than the
fastest laptops made.

Most current software will run flawlessly on a computer 4 times slower than the fastest laptops made.

What does that mean for you? It means that it's not necessary to spend $1500 or more on a top of the
line laptop. Depending on your needs from your laptop, you may be able to buy a laptop for as low as
$250. A $250 laptop will perform all the necessary tasks for most people. However, if you are looking
for a laptop that will burn CD's and watch DVD movies, expect to spend $400 - $750.

Dell says I can buy a brand new laptop for $699, why should I buy a used one?

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

This is a very smart, and very much overlooked, marketing trick. Let me start by saying that I think Dell
is the best computer manufacture on the market, and I endorse their products myself. However, try this
yourself on any given day with any manufacture : Today I went to do www.dell.com and browsed new
inspiron laptops (The Dell line designed for home users). On the home page was an ad for a laptop
"from" $699. This is after a $100 rebate, so make that price $799. I click the ad and attempt to
purchase the item. I am offered to "Customize" or choose "Recommended Solutions". Customizing
sounds great. I'm the customer, and I should get what I want. After choosing "Customize", without
selecting any upgrades at all, suddenly the price of the laptop is $1371. I don't like that, so I chose all
of the lowest possible choices for all available features to achieve the lowest price. The lowest
available configuration made the price $907. I don't want to give up, so I go back and choose
"Recommended Solutions" because these configurations are pre-manufactured in quantity, and are
therefore cheaper. Four options were offered at these prices: $949, $1249, $999, and $1319. Each one
of these options was offered a $150 rebate (keep in mind this is a mail-in rebate so it doesn't lower
your price at checkout) so respectively, if I were to purchase, then wait for my rebate, I could get a
laptop for $799, $1099, $849, or $1169. Not one option was available to purchase this laptop at the
advertised priced price of $699, even after a mail-in rebate! You will find the same scenario anywhere
you go, no matter what manufacture.

No option was available to purchase a laptop for $699, even after a mail-in rebate!

They have to get you to buy from them somehow. All of the computer manufactures have been using
this marketing technique (as described above) for years. Imagine if everyone knew about this and the
money they could save on buying a refurbished laptop, without having to sacrifice any of their goals
and needs from the computer. These manufactures would not be the same companies that they are

There are more reasons to consider a refurbished laptop.

Another aspect of buying a refurbished computer that should be considered is this: Most refurbished
laptops available are not the "low end" home user based laptops. Examples of home user laptops are:
Compaq Presario, Dell Inspiron, eMachines, Hewlett Packard Pavilion, Sony Vaio, and Toshiba
Satellite. Refurbished laptops are almost always business model laptops that are off-lease from major

Business laptops have parts available even long after warranty expires.

Business laptops provide a better solution because they are the laptops provided by a company that
are proven to work well. Examples of business laptops are: Compaq Armada, Dell Latitude, Hewlett
Packard Compaq Mobile/Business Workstation, and Toshiba Tecra. Home user laptops, believe it or
not, are usually testing grounds for new engineering of laptop equipment. Home user laptops are
typically given shorter warranty, and are designed to last until that warranty expires. After the laptop's
warranty has expired, the newer "experimental" home user model available uses different parts. Since
the older models are no longer under warranty, and they use "out of date" parts, the manufacture no
longer stocks the parts. Therefore, when your home user laptop has an out of warranty problem (which
it will), the parts that are available to fix your laptop are very expensive, if they are available at all. This
leaves the home user with the attitude to "throw away and buy new", which is exactly what the
manufacture wants you to do.

Since business laptops use technology that is proven to work, their parts seldom change from model to

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

model. Due to this fact as well as the fact that business laptops are leased to corporations, huge stock
piles of parts are kept at the manufacture for extended warranties as well as out of warranty
purchases. For example, you can still call Dell today to order parts for an out of warranty laptop that
was manufactured in 1997 or 1998 for the same cost as laptops manufactured in 2002.

Business laptops are more expensive than home laptops (as much as $3000), buy used and save a

Business laptops, due to their stability, are far more expensive than home user laptops. Using the Dell
example, the cheapest Dell business laptop (Latitude), currently available is $2000. Many of the
refurbished laptops being sold today for $250-$800 originally sold for $3000 or more. This means you
can buy refurbished and save as much as 80% over buying new.

Purchase a refurbished laptop that will suit your needs and last for years, at a great savings.

What all of this means is that if you purchase a refurbished laptop, you can expect the following: Able
to complete all tasks necessary to an everyday user Half the cost of a brand new home user laptop
Up to 80% less than a brand new business laptop Proven technology that will last for years Parts
always available if your laptop has a problem Take control in your life, and put extra money in your
pocket for other things that are important to you!

Find a Great Refurbished Laptop on the Web Today at www.computerspricedright.com

Computers Priced Right specializes in sale of refurbished laptops, or used laptops, off-lease laptops,
used notebooks, and used laptop parts, mainly from Dell.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                Used cheap laptops - Buyer Beware
                                          By John Ducharne

If you were going to buy a used car, you would take a look at the engine, check to see how many miles
it had been driven, look for any dents and probably you would ask the owner why they were selling it,
what problems it has had in the past, and how it has been renovated over the years. Just like you
would do a background check on a used car, if you are thinking of buying a used laptop, you need to
know what it has been through.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing a used laptop, but a computer's history is a lot more
elusive than a car's. A refurbished laptop computer is one that was sold to a customer but sent back to
the manufacturer because of problems, and finally fixed in a factory to be sent back to a store to be
resold. Used cheap laptops are different than this and they are rarely accompanied with a warranty.

Used cheap laptops are a risky investment - maybe someone simply ditched their laptop because they
no longer had any need for it or wanted to upgrade to another brand out of curiosity or personal
preference. In this case, their secondhand laptop will be a really cheap, worthy buy (assuming the
particular laptop is what the consumer wants). Unfortunately, many used cheap laptops may simply be
defective and no matter how inexpensive they are, there is no reason to buy them only to encounter
problems later and be forced to replace it.

Communication with a store employee or the previous owner of the laptop is the only way to ensure
that you buy a reliable, used computer. Ask questions about why it's being resold; if you feel you are
not getting an honest answer or that you receive a hostile reaction, move onto your next option!

John Ducharne takes you by the hand when it comes to purchasing a discount laptop online. Get the
ins and out of discount laptops and make an intelligent buying decision today.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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