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									How to drink wine like an expert?
How to drink wine properly?
  Get the most out of your bottle of wine by
  learning some simple steps.
                  Step 1 – Look at Color and Clarity
Observe the wine for its opaque characteristics.
             Hold up behind the wine glass a white piece of paper, a white linen
             napkin, or something that creates a white neutral background.
             Examine the wine by tilting the glass
             away from you so that you can observe
             the wine’s color starting at the rim of the
             glance and following the wine to the
             center of the glass.
 Is the wine heavy, dark, watery,
 How else could you describe it?
 Is it clear or cloudy, or does it have
  sediment floating in it, like pieces of cork?
                 Step 2 – Smell
Release the aroma of your wine..
            Swish it around for a
            good 10 to 12 seconds,
            and then sniff it to get a
            first impression of the

                                         After that first impression
                                         settles, press your nose down
                                         into the wine glass and inhale
                                         deeply through your nose.
What are your impressions of the aroma now?
            Humans can pick up on thousands of unique scents.
            Our sense of smell is key to properly analyzing a wine.
       Step 3 – Taste
                                Sample the wine, beginning
                                with a little sip and rolling it
                                around the inside of your
                                mouth, letting it connect with
                                all of our taste-buds.

Sipping wine slowly allows
your taste-buds and your
sense of smell to recognize
the finer flavors of the wine
that are not detected as
easily when its gulped
Three phases of taste testing
1. Attack Phase -        the initial impression that
the wine makes on your palate
  Initial sensations: acidity, alcohol content, residual sugar,
  and tannins.
Evolution Phase - refers to the actual taste of
the wine on your palate.
  Discern the wine’s “flavor profile”.

Finish Phase - detect how long a wine’s flavor
impression lingers after we swallow the wine.
               •   How long a finish lasts – a few seconds, or longer?
               •   Does the taste hang with you or is it short-lived?
               •   What did the wine’s weight feel like – light-bodied, medium-
                   bodied, or full-bodied (like water, milk, and cream, respectively?)
               •   What is your last flavor impression (plumy, buttery, spicy)?
               •    Do you taste a remnant of the wine at the back of your mouth
                   or throat?
               •   Do you want another sip or did the wine have too bitter an end?
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