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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA                                           FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2012                                           VOL. 108, NO. 24 ● SINCE 1908

Amendments to
FOIA proposed
 State bills would change
   current request law
        Thad Moore & Cassie Cope

   Two bills that would amend South
Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act
are moving forward in the House of
Representative’s judiciary committee.
   House Bill 4740, proposed Tuesday,
would exempt police from releasing
information that could be used in
law enforcement action or criminal
prosecution, and would allow agencies to
withhold information that would harm
victims or witnesses.
   Currently, state law only exempts
police from releasing information that
would harm their investigations.
   The other proposal, H. 3235, picked
up two sponsors Thursday. The bill
would require the government to fulfill
open records requests in 30 days, and
would put a cap on the fees agencies can                                                                                                                 Lee Walker / THE DAILY GAMECOCK
charge citizens in doing so.                   Students and supporters gathered on the Russell House patio Thursday evening to watch Student Government candidates debate.
   The law enforcement exemption, H.
4740, would close a loophole that allows
defense lawyers to unfairly access police
reports and circumvent court processes,
according to bill supporters.
   “I think that’s a splendid idea, because
                                               SG candidates debate platforms
what you have here is attorneys who
don’t want to go through the discovery         Potential officers highlight                      DeWitt and The Daily Gamecock                that we promise things that we can’t
process, so they get a citizen who’s not          campaign promises                             Editor-in-Chief Colin Campbell served        do,” Mizzell said. “We’re constantly
                                                                                                                                             pursuing parking and bringing the
                                                                                                as moderators.
involved in the case to do a FOIA,” Rep.
                                                                                                   As the sun began to set, the debate       CarolinaCard off campus, but it’s bad
Bill Taylor, R-Aiken, said. “This closes                      Amanda Coyne                      began with unopposed candidate for           to campaign on parking without a solid
up a bad loophole.”                                    ACOYNE@DAILYGAMECOCK.COM
                                                                                                vice president, Chase Mizzell.               plan. These are things we definitely
   Taylor said he wasn’t sure how the
                                                                                                   Q ue st ion s la rgely fo c u sed on      work on, but t hey ’re t h i ngs you
amendment would affect journalists or             C a nd id at e s f o r s t u d e nt b o d y
                                                                                                M izzell’s plat for m, wh ich places         shouldn’t hang your campaign on.”
the media’s coverage of crime, but he          president, vice president and treasurer
                                                                                                emphasis on initiatives like a campus          When asked what his plan would
said it was an issue that would come up        were grilled by moderators and duked
                                                                                                food bank and a bike-sharing program         be if the widely touted food pantry
as debate over the bill continues.             it out Thursday night on the Russell
                                                                                                instead of common complaints like            did not come to fruition, he quickly
   Rep. Chip Huggins, R-Lexington,             House patio in the annual Student
                                                                                                parking and advisement.                      responded with the Second Servings
a sponsor of the bill, downplayed the          Government Executive Debate.
                                                                                                   “One of the reasons that Student          Program, providing needy students
effect the proposed exemption would               Debate coordinator Josh Watts,
                                                                                                G over n ment has a somewhat                 transportation to Harvest Hope Food
have on news coverage and emphasized           Election Commission Chair A my
                                                                                                disreputable idea around campus is                          DEBATE ● 2
that it would protect citizens.
   “I think the news is still going to
break,” he said.
                                                                                                                      Vote for your favorite
                                                 Check out a
   Huggins added that the law, in its
current form, allows for “dissemination
of information where it’s being used in                                                                              candidate in The Daily
the wrong regard,” which he said is his
reason for being a sponsor.                      SPECIAL EDITION                                                     Gamecock’s online
   The bills detractors, including Jay
Bender, an attorney for the South                       of The Daily Gamecock Monday,                                poll. Results will
Carolina Press Association, disagree.
   “If this passes, you’ll never have                                  including profiles of the SG                  be revealed in
an opportunity to look to see what                                         candidates and endorsements.              Monday’s issue.
                 FOIA ● 2

Mast General Store encourages shoppers to ‘be sweethearts’
                                                                                                                 Regional chain donates              a nd goe s to fo od for t he
                                                                                                                  to local food agencies             hungry.”
                                                                                                                                                        Harvest Hope Food Bank
                                                                                                                                                     is a nonprofit, regional food
                                                                                                                          Kristyn Sanito             d ist r ibut ion org a n iz at ion
                                                                                                                                                     t hat ser ves 20 cou nt ies in
                                                                                                                                                     South Carolina. According to
                                                                                                                   Buy i ng Va lent i ne’s Day
                                                                                                                                                     Garrick, Harvest Hope serves
                                                                                                                candy for your loved one this
                                                                                                                                                     ab out 4 8 ,0 0 0 i nd iv idu a l s
                                                                                                                weekend can help prov ide
                                                                                                                                                     ever y week , a nd it ser ved
                                                                                                                relief to those struggling to
                                                                                                                                                     about a million families last
                                                                                                                afford food.
                                                                                                                                                     year. Harvest Hope accepts
                                                                                                                   Mast G enera l Store is
                                                                                                                                                     food donations and uses all
                                                                                                                teaming up with local food
                                                                                                                                                     monetary gifts to purchase
                                                                                                                agencies for its ninth annual
                                                                                                                “Be a Sweetheart ... Feed the
                                                                                                                                                        “We have an emergenc y
                                                                                                                Hu ngr y” event. For ever y
                                                                                                                                                     food pantry at Shop Road, and
                                                                                                                pound of candy purchased
                                                                                                                                                     people come to us directly and
                                                                                                                on Feb. 11 and Feb. 12, each
                                                                                                                                                     we give them food,” Garrick
                                                                                                                store will donate $1 to a local
                                                                                                                                                     said. “We also work with about
                                                                                                                food distribution organization.
                                                                                                                                                     450 agency partners. Those
                                                                                                                C olu mbi a’s lo c at io n w i l l
                                                                                                                                                     are organizations who come
                                                                                                                donate to Harvest Hope Food
                                                                                                                                                     to us for food ... and take it
                                                                                                                                                     out to their individual feeding
                                                                                                                   “It’s important to remember
                                                                                                                t hat at Har vest Hope, we
                                                                                                                                                        “Be a Sweetheart” is in its
                                                                                                                dedicate 98 cents out of every
                                                                                                                                                     ninth year, but it’s the first
                                                                                                                dollar donated to feed t he
                                                                                                                                                     for the capital city location
                                                                                                                hungry,” said Skot Garrick,
                                                                                                                                                     that opened on Main Street
                                                                                                                communications manager of
                                                                                                                                                     over the summer. The event
                                                                                                                Har vest Hope Food Bank.
                                                                         Parker Jennette / THE DAILY GAMECOCK                                        aims to raise awareness of
                                                                                                                “So money that comes from
The Mast General Store on Main Street has pledged to donate $1 to Harvest Hope Food Bank for every                                                   hunger in local communities,
                                                                                                                partners turns right around
pound of candy sold on Saturday and Sunday for the store’s “Be a Sweetheart ... Feed the Hungry” event.                                                          MAST ● 3

                                                     Rev Run at USC                                       Faith in health care                             USC faces Arkansas
     65°              40°                            Check out staff writer                               Columnist Stephen                                The Gamecocks will
                                                     Mary Cathryn Arm-                                    Barry argues that an                             travel to the Hogs’
                                                     strong’s review of the                               equal care mandate                               home court Saturday,
           Saturday                                  former Run-D.M.C.                                    violates religious                               where the Razor-
                                                     member’s on-campus                                   freedom.                                         backs are 16-0.
     61°              24°                            appearance.
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 2    Friday, February 10, 2012

Students opt for mo-peds as cheaper way to travel across campus
     Scooter riders save on                           Students like the affordabilit y of
     gas, parking expenses                         scooters, which range between $750 to
                                                   $850, said Billy Campbell, a recent USC
                                                   graduate and owner of Hawg Scooters on
               Aston Jeffcoat                      Rosewood Drive. He added that driving
                                                   scooters alleviates parking woes.
                                                      “When I went to USC, parking was
   Some students have found a more
                                                   pretty crazy,” Campbell said . “I was
maneuverable alternat ive to scoot
                                                   averaging about $200 worth of parking
around campus, driving motorized
                                                   tickets each semester, so I started this
scooters and mo-peds to class and
                                                   business to cater to Carolina students.”
add i ng a Eu ropea n f la i r to USC .
                                                      Ca mpbell sa id t hat negat ive
Chris Mason, a third-year criminal
                                                   stereotypes about those who use mo-
justice student, said he used to own a car
                                                   peds are evaporating after observing
but switched to a mo-ped save money on
                                                   such exponential growth in scooter sales
                                                   around the dawn of fall semester —                                                                  Aston Jeffcoat / THE DAILY GAMECOCK
   “My friends say, ‘At least you are saving
                                                   grossing $43,000 in August alone.               Some students who drive mo-peds see an advantage in finding parking on campus.
the earth,’ and I’m like, ‘Yep, because in
                                                      “It used to be, ‘Oh, he’s got a DUI,
three weeks I’ve filled it up only three
                                                   he’s got a DUI and he’s got a DUI,’ but            Campbell said students should not       confirmed that mo-ped thefts occur on
times,’” Mason said. “This holds a gallon
                                                   mo-peds get a lot worse rep than they           worry about the reliability of scooters.   campus.
and cost me $3.60 to fill up.”
                                                   should because people who have DUIs                “They usually break down for dumb         “South Carolina is the perfect place
   In South Carolina, the vehicles are
                                                   often are the ones who get in wrecks,”          things,” Campbell said. “That’s the        for a mo-ped,” Mason said. “In the next
considered mo-peds if the engine is 50
                                                   Campbell said.                                  beauty of it because no part costs more    few months, people will be envious.
cubic centimeters but a scooter if it’s
                                                      Safety may be a concern for some             than $50.”                                 They will see people riding around
more than 50 ccs.
                                                   students, but Mason said operating a               Students risk their scooters being      with just a T-shirt on. Even in the
   A motorcycle license is required to
                                                   mo-ped requires caution.                        stolen if they don’t lock them up.         winter it is so nice.”
operate a scooter, however; only a mo-
                                                      “You become aware of things around              “People are just going around and
ped operator’s license is required to drive
                                                   you and just have to think one step ahead       putting them in the back of minivans,”
a mo-ped in South Carolina. This license
                                                   of drivers and watch out for them because       Campbell said.                             Comments on this story?
can be obtained if someone does not have a
                                                   they don’t see you,” Mason said.                   USC Police Capt. Eric Grabski also      Visit
driver’s license and is at least 14 years old.

                                                                       “The need is so obvious that we could line up
                 FOIA • Continued from 1
information the police have collected,” Bender said.
                                                                    people from Aiken to Columbia to testify of how the
                                                                    FOIA law is foiled by government,” he said. “We don’t
                                                                                                                               Business fraternity
“The police instinct is to be secretive, and unless
                                                                    have a strong Freedom of Information Act in South
there is something that requires police to give up
information, they won’t voluntarily.”
                                                                    Carolina ... Currently, citizens are thwarted because
                                                                    there’s no teeth in the bill. Therefore, they can sort
                                                                                                                               offers interview tips
   Bill Rogers, the press association’s director, added
                                                                    of be put off and be told, ‘Oh, we’re working on it.’”
that the bill’s breadth would allow law enforcement to
                                                                       “A parade” of citizens who had issues with city             Delta Sigma Pi hosts information table
keep information under wraps.
   “This is a blanket exemption, and anything used in
                                                                    governments, school boards and state agencies                      following last week’s career fair
                                                                    testified in support of the bill over the last week, he
the prosecution could be withheld,” he said.
                                                                    said.                                                                            Dashia Starr
   The exemption, Bender said, appears to have already                                                                                         NEWS@DAILYGAMECOCK.COM
                                                                       Taylor said he’s received criticism of the bill,
picked up traction in the House of Representatives; the
                                                                    especially from smaller governments on the city and
bill lists 34 sponsors, including House Speaker Bobby
                                                                    county level, which are opposed to the time limit             A s a follow-up to last week ’s career fa ir,
Harrell, R-Charleston , and judiciary committee
                                                                    and requirement that they bear the costs of fulfilling      professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi
chairman James Harrison, R-Columbia.
                                                                    requests, and anticipates that opposition will emerge      hosted an information table on Wednesday and
   H. 3235, the bill that would require a time limit
                                                                    as it is debated.                                          Thursday to give students interview and resume
for FOIA responses, had fewer sponsors Thursday,
                                                                       The legislature will be off next week on furlough,      tips.
though it doubled its count to four.
                                                                    but Taylor said he expected the bill would be voted           Rachel Evans, a second-year global supply chain
   The bill, originally introduced by Taylor, also has
                                                                    on by the judiciary committee the following week           and operation management student, helped host
the support of Bender and Rogers.
                                                                    and hoped it would appear on the House floor shortly        the event as a member of the fraternity.
    “We think it really makes records affordable for
                                                                    thereafter.                                                   “We just wanted to follow up with the career
the public,” Rogers said.
                                                                                                                               fair and help students who have an interview to
   Taylor cited barriers to open records as explanations            Comments on this story?                                    succeed in getting their dream job or internship,”
for the need for such a bill.                                       Visit                               Evans said.
                                                                                                                                  Delta Sigma Pi provided students with handouts
                                                                                                                               of interview and resume tips, including “do’s and
     DEBATE • Continued from 1             as student body treasurer in high             “It’s implausible; once we get        don’ts” when applying for careers and internships.
                                           school, where we had a budget              it on the table, Sodexo will come           Evans suggested researching the company of
Bank and starting a student-staffed
                                           of $5,000,” Ibreak said, to which          in and say that we can’t bring           interest prior to the interview.
campus kitchen.
                                           some audience members laughed              it to restaurants that they have            “The company will notice, and it shows that you
   The debate then moved on to the
                                           in response.                               alternatives to. The only things         care and are interested in the opportunity,” Evans
treasurer candidates, Coy Gibson
                                              T he t h r e e c a nd id at e s f or    you can plausibly bring it to are gas    said.
and Yousef Ibreak, between whom
                                           president, John Cuenin, Emily              stations, grocery stores and dry            “Perfect Interview” can be scheduled with the
there was an occasionally intense
                                           Saleeby and Kenny Tracy took the           cleaners,” Cuenin said.                  Career Center, in which students may conduct
                                           podium last.                                  Tr ac y na med pa rk i ng a nd        a mock interview with a career specialist to help
   When Watts asked whether the
                                              Saleeby addressed her hopes to          advisement as problematic when           improve t heir sk ills before meet ing wit h an
senate finance committee gives
                                           start work on plans to build a new         asked about the biggest issue facing     employer. The interview can also be recorded for
preference in f und allocation
                                           Russell House if elected.                  USC students, and offered possible       students to replay and correct themselves.
to “la rger, more est abl ished
                                              “It’s a big project, and I know it’s    solutions.                                  Evans suggested using the STAR (situation,
org a n iz at ion s,” Gib son, t he
                                           not a five-year project. The reality           “We’re looking into providing         task, action, result) method when asked behavioral
current senate finance committee
                                           is 15 to 20 years,” Saleeby said.          st udents with cheaper garage            questions in an interview. She said employers often
chair, immediately shot back.
                                              Saleeby later stated campus             options. Online ticket payment is        use these types of questions to learn more about
   “Absolutely not. Absolutely not.
                                           safet y as an initiative she had           another thing that we’re working         the potential employee’s attitude and method for
We treat every organization fairly.
                                           already started work on.                   on, and it could get online within       solutions in difficult situations.
We followed the guidelines set
                                              “Two weeks ago, I saw that the          the next year,” Tracy said.                 Students are encouraged to state the situation,
out for us, and we treated every
                                           call boxes in front of Patterson              He also proposed transitioning        the task they were asked to do, their actions and
organization as if they were the
                                           weren’t working,” Saleeby said. “I         advisement to an online system           the results. Following these steps helps give the
first to come to us,” Gibson said.
                                           had lunch with the USC Police              based on the one implemented             employer a clear picture of the situation and the
   Gibson was then asked if he
                                           Department last Wednesday, and             in the School of Mass                    results in a brief and organized way.
believed that was a fair approach to
                                           that day and the day after, I saw          Communications and Information              Following an interview, students were told to
fund allocation, and he said he did.
                                           those boxes were getting fixed.”            Studies.                                 send a thank-you note to the employer immediately.
Ibreak, who was asked the same
                                              She listed increased lighting and          Saleeby later questioned Tracy           “Employers and recruiters still appreciate them,”
question, disagreed.
                                           more call boxes throughout Five            on the plausibility of changing the      Evans said.
   “Some students feel that there
                                           Points, the Vista, south campus            advisement system. Tracy cited              Writing a resume based on the career was also
is some favoritism towards some
                                           and central campus.                        the School of Hospitalit y and           emphasized. Evans suggests getting advice from
organizations,” Ibreak said.
                                              Cuenin, who has maintained              Retail Management’s transition to        employers in the field on how to write an organized
   He continued to assert that
                                           that SG is “broken” and has been           online advisement as proof that the      resume that stands out.
putting the SG budget online,
                                           campaigning as an outsider despite         transition is possible.                     When sending a professional email, it should be
his main campaign point, would
                                           t wo years of SG ex perience,                 Tracy also faced a question           three to five sentences. Include when last speaking
eliminate this feeling and the “lack
                                           detailed his plans to change the           from Cuenin, who called Tracy a          to the correspondent, be specific in what the email
of transparency” he believes there
                                           organization.                              “one-trick pony” and asked him to        is regarding and let the recipient know you will be
is in SG.
                                              “I would make sure that the             respond to claims by others that         awaiting a response.
   Ibreak was then asked what
                                           cabinet is meeting once a week and         he did not address safety concerns          Employers are beginning to view profiles on
his platform consisted of besides
                                           submitting reports biweekly about          while he was the secretary of safety     LinkedIn, a social media website that highlights
creating a website where the SG
                                           what they’re doing and what they           and transportation.                      students’ resumes and professional aspects that
budget would be posted, which has
                                           need help doing,” said Cuenin, to             “I think I’ve addressed many          employers and recruiters may be interested in.
been a point he has campaigned
                                           which a cluster of his Beta Theta          safety issues. The Carolina Cab is          “ It g ive s you more spac e to sh a re you r
heavily on.
                                           Pi brothers applauded. “We need            about getting people home from           professional information,” said Julian Oliveros, a
   “There’s a lack of transparency
                                           to be as active on campus as we            Five Points safely,” Tracy said.         fourth-year economics and management student.
in other aspects; nobody knows
                                           should be. We should continuously             He also cited his work on the         “It’s more personable.”
how senators vote in the Senate
                                           be show i ng what we do a nd               Safety Walks program.                       The website also allows students to refer people
Finance Committee. There’s no
                                           communicate what we can do.”                  Candidates have less than a week      based on their prior knowledge and experience,
accountability,” Ibreak said.
                                              In response to a question about         left to campaign before elections        as well as meet those with similar professional
   He also addressed his relative
                                           tak ing t he CarolinaCard of f             start on Feb. 14.                        interests. Delta Sigma Pi partnered with the Career
lack of experience.
                                           campus, Cuenin cited conf licts                                                     Center to help provide undergraduate and graduate
   “ W h i le I h aven’t h ad t he
                                           with the university’s contract with        Comments on this story?                  students with the most effective information.
opportunity to serve in senate
                                           food service company Sodexo.               Visit                “Partnering with student organizations is a great
finance committee, I did serve
                                                                                                                               opportunity because students listen to students,”
                                                                                                                               said Erica Lake, assistant director for employer
                                                                                                                               relations. “Peer-to-peer education is very helpful,

 FREE                           CAR WASH
                                with any service
                                                                                                                               and Delta Sigma Pi is a great avenue to share the
                                                                                                                                  The fraternity plans to host the information
                                                                                                                               table again in the upcoming fall semester to help
                                                                                                                               prepare students prior to the career fair.
                                                                                                                                  “We just want to share our knowledge that
                                Online appointments:                                                                           we gained from our classes and fraternity with
                                                                                                  students from every major,” Evans said.
                         “We take the worry out of your car care”
                                                                                                                               Comments on this story?
  803-256-2110      |   1410 North Millwood Avenue                                                                             Visit
                                                                                             Friday, February 10, 2012               3

  MAST • Continued from 1               A lt hough $1 may not
                                     seem l ike much, each
as wel l as t he world,
                                     donated to Harvest Hope
while also cont ribut ing
                                     can buy t hree meals,
monetar y donat ions
                                     according to Dortch.
t o h e l p f i g h t h u n g e r.
                                        “Fifteen dollars in the
According to Garrick, 17
                                     food bank will actually be
percent of South Carolina’s
                                     able to feed a family for a
population lives in poverty
                                     week,” Lazenby said. “We’ll
and one in six families goes
                                     also be collecting change
to bed hungry every night.
                                     in our change jars to go to
   “It’s important for us to
                                     Harvest Hope Food Bank.”
be an active part of each
                                        All seven Mast General
l o c a l c o m m u n it y, a n d
                                     Store locations, including
human services is one of
                                     Columbia, are taking part
our core areas,” said Deb
                                     in the event, each working
L a z e n b y, c o m m u n i t y
                                     w it h its ow n local food
relations manager of Mast
                                     agency — Greenville, S.C.,
General Store. “A nd we
                                     with Loaves and Fishes ;
thought, ‘Well, we have our
                                     A shev i l le, Way ne s v i l le
candy, and it’s Valentine’s
                                     and Hendersonville, N.C.,
Day. Donations are kind
                                     with MANNA FoodBank ;
of slow down this time of
                                     Boone and Valle Crucis,
year after Christmas, and
                                     N.C ., w it h t he Hu nger
this is a great way to help
                                     Coalition ; and Knoxville,
them out.”
                                     Te n n . , w i t h S e c o n d
   Plus, t he stores carr y                                                                    Parker Jennette / THE DAILY GAMECOCK
more t han 500 t y pes of                                                 The Mast General Store has more than 500 types of
                                        The Mast General Store
old-fashioned and modern                                                  old-fashioned and modern candies and chocolates.

                                     is located in dow ntow n
ca nd ies a nd chocolates
                                     Columbia at 1601 Main
that people can buy for the
                                     St. and is open Saturday
romantic occasion.
                                     f rom 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.                                           it’s positively here.
   “We’re known for candy,
                                     and Sunday from noon to
so we can only imagine
                                     6 p.m. To find out more
how much we can provide
                                     on how to volunteer and
for them,” said Jill Dortch,
                                     help fight hunger in South
area manager for fashion
                                     Carolina, visit harvesthope.                                  get a            @ the
of t he C olu mbi a M a s t
General Store. “We sell
thousands of dollars worth                                                                    8-5 M-F & 4-8 pm Sundays
                                                                                                no appointment needed
of candy over a weekend,             Comments on this story?
especially for Valentine’s.”         Visit                            Carolina Card/cash/check/credit/debit

     Runs through February 26, 2012                           
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Friday, February 10, 2012                    4

                   EDITORIAL BOARD                                                                                                                                                                     Prop 8 repeal
                           COLIN CAMPBELL


                                              ANDERSEN COOK
                                                                                                                                                                                                       challenges states
           Managing Editor                    Copy Desk Chief

       MICHAEL LAMBERT                        PARKER JENNETTE
                                                                                                                                                                                                       to support gays
          Viewpoints Editor                   Photo Editor

      GEORGE HINCHLIFFE                       KRISTYN WINCH                                                                                                                                            Momentum for equal
             Design Director                  Asst. Mix Editor                                                                                                                                         marriage rights grows

FOIA amendments                                                                                                                                                                                            The past week has been
                                                                                                                                                                                                       monu ment a l for ma r r iage
                                                                                                                                                                                                       equality. A federal appeals court
close, open loopholes                                                                                                                                                                                  ruled Tuesday that Proposition
                                                                                                                                                                                                       8 — a referendum measure
                                                                                                                                                                                                       that placed a ban on same-sex
   Making their way to the state House of
                                                                                                                                                                                                       marriage in California — was
Representatives are two amendments to
South Carolina’s Freedom of Information
Act — both providing, in their respective
ways, changes that could have a significant
                                                                              Health care: faith’s new battleground                                                                                        Just five months after a state
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Supreme Court ruling allowed
                                                                                                                                                                                                       same-sex marriage, 52 percent
impact on state and local journalism. The                                      Mandate forces choice                                  not sell. The separation of church
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         of California
                            fi rst proposes a                                                                                          and state exists not only to protect
                                                                              between ideals, services                                the government from the intrusion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         voters approved
  “With these bills, definitive, 30-
                            day time limit                                                                                            of religion but also to protect religion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         a constitutional
  state legislators                                                              In the last few weeks, there has been                                                                                                   amendment that
                            w it h i n wh ich                                                                                         from the intrusion of government.
                                                                              a fiery debate over the Department of                                                                                                       defi ned marriage
  are closing one           agencies must                                                                                                The second problem is that Catholic
                                                                              Health and Human Services’ mandate                                                                                                         as only occurring
                            honor FOI A                                                                                               hospitals actually provide a great
  loophole only to          reque st s ; t he
                                                                              concerning employees and equal access
                                                                                                                                      deal of free health care because they
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         bet ween a man
                                                                              to health care. The mandate would                                                                                                          and a woman —
  make room for             second, on the
                                                                              essentially require both religious
                                                                                                                                      are nonprof it, nondiscriminator y                               Samantha what we know as
  another one.”             ot her hand,                                                                                              institutions. These hospitals can also                           Hunter
                                                                              and secular institutions to provide                                                                                                        Prop 8. After the
                            restricts access                                                                                          provide a great deal of care while                               First-year public
                                                                                               all employees t he                                                                                                        passage of Prop
                            to crime reports                                                                                          not contradicting the values they                                relations student
                                                                                               opportunity to pursue                                                                                                     8 , g ay c ouple s
that involve pending investigations in                                                                                                inherently represent. For example, in
                                                                                               a l l f or m s of he a lt h                                                                                               that were already
which released information might do harm                                                                                              the case of rape, doctors can provide
                                                                                               service.                                                                                                married were allowed to keep
to witnesses or the victim. At first glance,                                                                                           medicines that can prevent ovulation,
                                                                                                   A nd just like t hat,                                                                               all of the terms of marriage
these bills cover two different practices                                                                                             sperm capacitation and fertilization
                                                                                               Catholic hospitals will                                                                                 except t he act ual term
within FOIA legislation, but they have a                                                                                              — so long as there is no evidence of
                                                                                               cease to exist.                                                                                         “married.”
common theme — closing loopholes in                                                                                                   conception.
                                                                              Stephen              This mandate would                                                                                      Now, with this new ruling,
what has become a capricious process.                                                                                                    This mandate would not only be a
                                                                              Barry            require Catholic                                                                                        gay couples in California will
   In this instance, state legislators are                                                                                            violation of certain constitutional rights
                                                                              Second-year      hospit a ls to honor                                                                                    fi nally be able to take part in
closing one loophole only to make room                                                                                                that we as Americans all enjoy, but it
                                                                              print journalism coverage for abortions                                                                                  the rights that were promised
for another one.                                                                                                                      would also destroy the inexpensive and
                                                                                               and contraception, both                                                                                 them and that they deserve
   We couldn’t more strongly agree with                                                                                               diverse treatments that can be received
                                                                              of which are in direct contradiction                                                                                     as Americans. In two weeks’
the first bill. Agencies, when left to the                                                                                            at these institutions. The threat of
                                                                              with the Catholic faith. A cruel choice                                                                                  time, California will count
vague requirement of a “reasonable” time                                                                                              fines and other reprisals for holding to
                                                                              presents itself for many Catholic                                                                                        itself among the number of
limit for FOIA requests, often brush                                                                                                  certain beliefs would have a horrible
                                                                              institutions. Either hospitals refuse                                                                                    states choosing t he side of
journalists aside — or outwait them.                                                                                                  effect on the availability of treatment
                                                                              to allow these services and thereby                                                                                      equality and marriage rights.
Forcing organizations to participate in a                                                                                             from faith-based health providers. If
                                                                              receive hefty fines from the federal                                                                                          The momentum is palpable.
process that was created for the benefit of                                                                                            you do not believe in the treatment
                                                                              government, or these hospitals cave                                                                                      States are finally making the
the public is finally a sign that the laws of                                                                                          given or are looking to explore different
                                                                              to the pressures of President Barack                                                                                     progressive steps needed to
this state are living up to ideals, and not                                                                                           options, you can choose for yourself
                                                                              Obama’s administration and abandon                                                                                       create real change. Now that
just falling victim to corruption.                                                                                                    which hospital you go to and what
                                                                              their beliefs. Whatever the decision in                                                                                  the setback that was Prop 8
   What the fi rst bill repairs, the second                                                                                            treatment you would like to receive.
                                                                              this case, a truly Catholic hospital will                                                                                h a s b e e n b a n ne d , we a re
undoes. The intention of protecting                                                                                                   Our country and health care have only
                                                                              not be a reality in the United States.                                                                                   f i na l ly back on t rack . It ’s
v ict ims sounds wonderf ul on paper,                                                                                                 been strengthened by these Catholic
                                                                                 There are two problems that this                                                                                      only a matter of time before
but common sense teaches us that this                                                                                                 institutions and the diversity of care
                                                                              mandate poses. First among them is the                                                                                   marriage discrimination based
sentiment serves to hide the desire to                                                                                                they offer.
                                                                              fact that Catholic and all other religious                                                                               on sexual orientation is over.
hold back crime reports from the public.                                                                                                 This is not simply a matter of
                                                                              hospitals and institutions are private,                                                                                  All couples should be able to
No professional news source would use                                                                                                 medical coverage, or of “choice” or
                                                                              faith-based institutions protected by                                                                                    make the same steps in their
information that could endanger a victim;                                                                                             “life.” It is a matter of defending the
                                                                              special provisions. This means they                                                                                      relationships — the same level
if one did, the repercussions — both                                                                                                  religious and property rights inherent
                                                                              should be free of regulations that go                                                                                    of commitment — regardless
professional and legal — would be severe.                                                                                             to the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.
                                                                              against the faith and values they hold.                                                                                  of sexual orientation. The West
While understandable, this type of action                                                                                             Catholic or atheist, Democrat or
                                                                              The DHHS mandate brazenly spits in                                                                                       Coast is making progressive
gives us serious reservations concerning                                                                                              Republican, t he DH HS mandate
                                                                              the face of these private institutions’                                                                                  decisions that all states should
the direction of information freedom in                                                                                               violates the ideals that define our nation
                                                                              right to control what they do and do                                                                                     follow.
South Carolina.                                                                                                                       and should be condemned by us all.

Arts funding contributes to social enrichment
                                                                                      support from the conservative American Family                                        that would otherwise be left in obscurity. PBS also
   Conservative threats to cut budgets                                                Association, successfully reduced the NEA budget                                     hosts a world of independent music, from bluegrass
                                                                                      to $99.5 million, down from $162 million in 1995.                                    to free-form jazz, which would go unheard without
    ignore impact of creative projects                                                This occurred following pressure in 1981 and 1989                                    support. Hundreds of documentaries inspiring
                                                                                                       to abolish the NEA entirely.                                        change would never have made it on screen.
  Mitt Romney addressed on Wednesday portions
                                                                                                         Th is clear opposit ion by                                           If you ask any student of music or art history, he
of his proposed budget plan that include “deep
                                                                                                       conservatives to fight arts funding                                 or she will highlight the indisputable influence of
reductions in the subsidies” for the federally
                                                                                                       highlights the incredible need to                                   patronage on the arts — whether that patronage was
sponsored National Endowment for the Arts, the
                                                                                                       protect and advocate for the allocation                             from a person or from a group. As a nation, we must
National Endowment for the Humanities and the
                                                                                                       of funds to these organizations. CPB,                               pay homage to that tradition and give our artists and
Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was during
                                                                                                       through the Public Broadcasting                                     our broadcasters the support and security they need
this talk that Romney had another memorable —
                                                                                                       Service, is responsible for numerous                                to continue to perform for us.
and somewhat haunting — quote.                                                        Patrick          valuable contributions to our overall                                  Conservatives like Romney may consider the arts
  “We’re not going to kill Big Bird, but Big Bird is                                  Mitchell         n at io n a l d i s c o u r s e a nd t o t he                       expendable in a time when many are struggling just
going to have advertisements,” he said.                                               Electrical
                                                                                                       intellectual health of our societ y.                                to make ends meet. However, despite the threats
  NEA and NEH each receive around $167 million                                        engineering
                                                                                      graduate student Shows such as “Bill Nye, the Science                                and the criticisms, the arts remain a vibrant industry
as an annual budget , while CPB receives around
                                                                                                       Guy,” “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,”                                   in which many fi nd more than a job — they fi nd
$422 million . To put that in perspective, Jerry
                                                                                      Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” and “Sesame Street” were                                       a lifelong pursuit. The contributions from these
Falwell’s Liberty University received $445 million
                                                                                      subsidized through the aforementioned agencies.                                      publicly funded programs have had an undeniable
in federal aid last year and the National Science
                                                                                          NEA and NEH distribute grants for arts and                                       impact on our societ y. In these tough years,
Foundation has an annual budget of $6.9 billion.
                                                                                      humanities projects across the United States to                                      sacrifices need to be made, but they have to be the
  The conservative attack on these groups is
                                                                                      create provocative, freely expressed art and music                                   right sacrifices.
nothing new; back in 1996, Newt Gingrich, with

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                                                                                                                   “Music is forever; music should grow and mature
                                                                                                                   with you, following you right on up until you die.”
                                                                                                                                                        — Paul Simon

                                                                                                                                           Friday, February 10, 2012        5

                                                                          Whose house?
                                                                                               Rev Run takes over Russell

    Carolina Productions brings
     former Run-D.M.C rapper,
     reality TV star to campus
               Mary Cathryn Armstrong

  The line started forming before 7 p.m.
  A buzzing crowd of USC students snaked its
way around t he Russell House lobby, slowly                                                                                                   Brian Almond / THE DAILY GAMECOCK
winding into an already packed ballroom. As              USC African American studies professor Kimberly Simmons moderated Thursday night’s discussion with Rev
funky fresh beats courtesy of old-school rappers         Run, sponsored by Carolina Productions. Topics ranged from the rapper’s exposure to hip-hop to his religious life.
Tone Loc, N.W.A. and Public Enemy vibrated the
                                                         his early obsession with radio DJs, mixtapes and           before rap records were sold in stores. And when
speakers, it became clear that this wasn’t Russell
                                                         Grandmaster Flash. But it was one experience in            he wasn’t soaking in the hip-hop, Simmons could
House anymore; it was Run’s House.
                                                         the eighth grade that left the greatest impression         be found DJing in the attic of his home.
  Carolina Productions hosted Joseph Simmons,
                                                         on the young emcee.                                           So how exactly did Rev Run make the transition
better known to this generation as Rev Run from
                                                           “I became fascinated with radio DJs,” Rev Run            f rom chu n k y cha i n-wea r i ng rapper to t he
MTV’s “Run’s House,” on Thursday night for an
                                                         said. “In eighth grade, I went to my friend’s house        white-collared reverend we see on stage today?
intimate discussion on life, music and, of course,
                                                         and he had all these psychedelic lights, and he            According to the reverend, the height of his
Run-D.M.C. While it’s been a couple of decades
                                                         started playing records by Chic where it sounded           Run-D.M.C. fame was also his low point, as he
since Rev Run walked this way with Aerosmith
                                                         like they were rapping, but it was something               continuously strived to outshine the competition
or told us how “tricky” it was to be one-third of
                                                         totally different.”                                        of rap peers like LL Cool J and the Fat Boys .
the groundbreaking hip-hop group, Run proved
                                                           From there, Rev Run began his foray into the             Bursting onto the stage in a surge of ferocity, Rev
there’s no dust collecting on his game, breaking
                                                         music world, tacking up promo posters for shows            Run admitted he would trample anything in his
into an impromptu rap the moment his feet hit
                                                         featuring his brother (multi-mogul and Def Jam             way to get to the front and stand out against the
the stage.
                                                         founder Russell Simmons) and protégée Kurtis               big names.
  But t he evening soon took a t urn for t he
                                                         Blow on Jamaica Street in Queens, N.Y. Simmons                “I was crazy,” Rev Run said. “I was out of my
mellow, as the reverend of rap settled into his
                                                         soon became immersed in m i xtape cult ure,                mind I was so competitive.”
chair for a series of questions moderated by USC
                                                         pick ing up copies of original, ex perimental                 Eventually, Rev Run came to the realization
African American studies professor K imberly
                                                         material cut by groups like Grandmaster Flash
Simmons. Run began by reflecting on his initial                                                                                              RUN ● 6
                                                         and the Furious Five on the streets of Manhattan
exposure to the world of hip-hop, chronicling

Band stays true to self with ‘Scars & Stories’
The Fray releases third                    each song into one of two categories:
album full of emotional,                   gut-wrenching, contemplative crier or
    reflective tracks                       hopeful ballad fit for the radio.
                                              The Fray is back — three years after
                                           its last, self-titled album — with an
             Chloe Gould                   emotional, provocative and reflective
                                           collection of tracks that mirror the
                                           Colorado ba nd’s t r ied, t r ue a nd
                                           established chart-topping sound.
“Scars & Stories”                             “Scars & Stories” is, as an album,
                                           just as wonderful as its name. It’s
THE FRAY                                   simple, understated and cool — it
                                           doesn’t try and fight the third-disc
Label: Epic                                pitfall with a revamped image and
                                           barely recognizable but progressive
                                           style. It’s true to itself and tells the
                                           band’s stories, complete with all of the
                                           earned scars along the way.
                                              “The third album is the extroverted
                                           type. It’s the free spirit, wanderer
                                           type,” guitarist Joe K ing said in a                                                                          Courtesy of
                                           December VEVO interview. “It’s the          The Fray’s latest album, “Scars & Stories,” includes the single “Heartbeat.” The album
                                           little kid that I probably was. It’s just   was inspired by an impromptu trip to Europe that the band took prior to recording.
                                           curious, and there’s a lot of wonder
                                                                                       grown into a station staple — a real, the little imperfections and end-all,
                                           in it.”
                                                                                       honest and charged favorite. And it be-all of love, repeat ing: “If you
                                              The “Scars & Stories” track list
                                                                                       has a story that reaches far beyond the love someone, you love them all the
                                           takes listeners on a t rip t hrough
                                                                                       Malibu beach and weekend bonfire same.” But, with backstory in mind,
                                           Europe. From “Munich” to “Rainy
                                                                                       showcased in the single’s music video. it’s a powerful piece. It’s a worldwide
                                           Zurich,” each song and emotion-
                                                                                          W h i le v i s it i n g t h e g e n o c id e heartbeat.
                                           packed ly r ic was i nspi red by a n
                                                                                       museum in Rwanda, Slade stood atop                “ T he Fighter ” fol low s up t he
                                           impromptu, prerecording trip. The
                                                                                       a 250,000-person grave site, staring f irst single, building t he album’s
                                           ba nd took a good chu n k of t he
  They reel you in with a slow kick                                                    at a fi re burning in the center of the expectations and fulfilling every hope
                                           album’s budget and hopped a plane,
drum and somber, growing run on                                                        valley, the singer said in the VEVO for The Fray we all know and love. It’s
                                           vocalist Isaac Slade said in the VEVO
the ivories.                                                                           interview.                                      Isaac Slade and his infectious voice,
  It st ar t s out w it h a level lead,                                                   The opening track has since been complete with occasional falsetto and
                                              “Heartbeat,” the album’s first single,
drawing in with a familiar and famed                                                   guised as a love song grappling with
                                           hit the radio in October and has since
voice, growing to a chorus that shuffles                                                the give-and-take of a relationship,                          FRAY ● 6
 6      Friday, February 10, 2012

Dining celebrates Valentine’s Day from
USC restaurants
 offer holiday

        Kristyn Winch
                                     enjoy coleslaw, potato
                                     salad a nd a buf fet
                                     including pulled
                                     barbecue pork, pulled
                                     barbecue turkey breast,
                                    macaroni and cheese,
                                                                     Court Bistro for a “Love
                                                                     Lunch” special from 11
                                                                     a.m. to 2:30 p.m. While
                                                                     you’re there, check out
                                                                     the Sweet Showdown
                                                                     Cupcake Decorat ing
                                                                                                  sugar snap peas a nd
                                                                                                  yellow rice. The lunch
                                                                                                  also includes a bouquet
                                                                                                  giveaway. Preston’s also
                                                                                                  has a special Valentine’s
                                                                                                  d i n ner pla n ned on
                                                                                                                                 The Mix’s breakdown of everything
KWINCH@DAILYGAMECOCK.COM            white rice, green beans,         Compet it ion f rom          Tuesday night.                 you need to know about this week
   Wa nt t o m a k e
                                    rolls, iced tea, coffee          2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Eight          Bates Diner, Grand              in arts and entertainment
                                    and banana pudding.              students will decorate       Market Place a nd
Valent ine’s Day date
                                        To p o f C a r o l i n a     oversized cupcakes           Honeycomb Cafe will             Tyler Simpson
pl a n s but you’re                                                                                                               TSIMPSON@DAILYGAMECOCK.COM
                                    will also be serving a           and compete for t he         a l l have Va lent i ne’s
stranded on campus?
                                    Sw e e t h e a r t B r u n c h   first-place prize, a $100     Day menus. Holiday-
Carolina Dining will be
                                    from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30          gift card. Even though       t hemed cook ies a nd
serving several special
                                    p.m. on Sunday for $21           only eight students are      c a nd ie s w i l l b e f or
meals in honor of the                                                                                                               Daniel Radcliffe
                                    p er p er s on . Br u nc h       competing, spectators        s a le at C a f é Verde ,
holiday, and most of
                                    diners can choose from           can purchase cupcakes        Jazzman’s, Hampton
them can be purchased
                                    a variet y of breakfast          to decorate, too. The        Street Café, Cooper’s            admits to being
on a meal plan. Here’s
a lo ok at t he t reat s
                                    or lunch options, and            Sweet Showdown will          Corner at the Thomas             drunk on the set
                                    beverages and dessert            also feature appearances     Cooper Librar y a nd
offered for you and your                                                                                                           of “Harry Potter”
                                    are included. On                 b y C o c k y, C h e f A l   Fast Break. Colloquium
s weet hea r t , ra ng i ng                                                                                                      I wonder what spell he
                                    Tu e s d a y n i g ht , t h e    and t he Pillsbur y          Café w il l be sel l i ng
from dinner to dessert.                                                                                                          cast on himself to sober
                                    Valentine’s Day Dinner           Doughboy.                    cake pops and cookies
   To p o f C a r o l i n a ,                                                                                                    up?
                                    Bu f fet is $27. 29 per             Preston’s at Noon has     on Valentine’s Day.
USC ’s rot at i ng
                                    person. Seat i ngs for           two special menus for            To learn more about
restaurant above
                                    Valentine’s Day are at           Valentine’s Day. The         Carolina Dining
Capstone House, has
                                    5 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and            restaurant is serving a      spec ia ls, “l i ke” it s
s e v e r a l Va l e n t i n e ’s
                                    8 p.m. Re ser vat ion s          Valentine’s Day lunch        Fa c e b o ok p a g e o r
Day specials planned
                                    are recommended for              with roasted pork loin       follow it on Twitter @
t his weekend and on
                                    a l l t h ree event s. To        or bro ccol i c hedda r      Carolina_Dining.
t h e a c t u a l h o l i d a y.
                                    reserve your spot, call          baked st uf fed potato                                                                M.I.A. flips the bird
On Friday, diners can
partake in Cupid’s BBQ
                                    803-777-7919.                    entrees, chicken noodle                                                               during Super Bowl
                                        If you’re on the north       soup a nd ch il i con
Buffet from 11:30 a.m.                                                                            Comments on this story?
                                                                                                                                                             halftime show
                                    side of campus on Feb.           carne with sides of fire-
to 1:30 p.m. For $10.75                                                                           Visit
                                    14, d r op b y G ibb e s         roasted red peppers,         mix
per person, diners can
                                                                                                                                                         M.I.A couldn’t (bang, bang,
                                                                                                                                                         bang, bang) and take your
                                                                                                                                                         money, so she did the next
      FRAY ● Continued from 5
                                                                                                                                                         best thing.
far-reaching acoustics.
   The song tells the tale of the
lover and the fighter, wrapping
b a c k u p t o t he c ho r u s of :
“Loneliness has always been
with me / Maybe we were meant                                                                                                      Snooki says
to be on our own / But I gotta                                                                                                    she’s bisexual
try or it will destroy me / ‘Cause,
baby, we don’t have to be all                                                                                                    I don’t k now — is
alone.”                                                                                                                          this giant tangerine
   It wins us over in its honesty                                                                                                su re she’s not just
and real emotion. Whether it is                                                                                                  drunk-sexual?
in his voice, gaze or bald head,
Slade has a certain brand of                                                                                                                                                    Courtesy of
genuineness that’s set apart The
Fray as a top act.
                                                                                                       Courtesy of
   And then there’s a taste of the
provocative — never something                  The iTunes deluxe edition of “Scars & Stories” includes five cover songs.
that’s been associated with the                Life” effect — beautiful in its          words and piano-backed beauty,
“Over My Head” musicians.                      delivery but heartrending in its         with a faint hint of strings.
“Turn Me On” was written about                 conception.                                 The iTunes deluxe edition                                                Russell Brand
a YouTube video of a regal — and                 “Sc a r s & Stor ie s” da nce s        tacks on an additional five covers
by all accounts wholesome —                    through its twelve tracks with an        — well worth the extra $3 —                                                   and Katy
belly dancer and the movements                 effortless flow. There’s no need          including Yeah Yeah Yeahs’                                                   Perry finalize
of the woman’s body, according                 for the skip button, with each           “Maps” and Bruce Springsteen’s
to K i n g i n t he b a nd’s l i ve            song painting its own picture —          “Streets of Philadelphia.” And                                                 divorce
Walmart Soundcheck.                            each story overtakes each beat           although it’s not the pinnacle of
   “Run for Your Life” harkens                 and pieces together the grander          Fray talent, The Fugees’ “Ready                                         Brand has become
back to the tracks that made                   work.                                    or Not” earns a little laugh with                                       “t he one t hat got
The Fray’s career. It’s deep, and                And it all — on the original           Slade’s stellar raps.                                                   away ” i n Per r y ’s
as the chorus builds, listeners                version of the album — comes                                                                                     life.
are struck somewhere between                   to a close w it h “Be St ill,” a
tears and a mile-wide hopeful                  gorgeous closer that borders on          Comments on this story?
smile. It’s the “How to Save a                 Christian hymn in its simple             Visit

                   RUN ● Continued from 5                               “Many of you have visions, and there are so              “The Wolverine”
                                                                      many haters out there who will try and stop                 set for release
that even though he had fulfilled all of his material                  your vision because they’ve never seen an idea
desires, a large part of him was still empty inside.                  like yours,” Rev Run said. “God put you on                     in 2013
Soaking in a tub at a hotel in Los Angeles, Rev                       this earth to succeed, but there will not be a
Run felt himself rejecting the idea of success and                    testimony without a test.”                                 We l l , I g u e s s i t
decided it was time to make a change.                                   Rev Run also advised students to remain                  was u navoidable.
  “I realized that I had this gift,” Rev Run said. “I                 open to new ideas, a concept he familiarized               Let’s just hope Fox
knew I could have things, but I didn’t want those                     himself with after originally turning down                 doesn’t screw this up
things to have me.”                                                   ideas to collaborate with Aerosmith on “Walk               — again.                                        Courtesy of
  It wasn’t long before Rev Run found himself                         This Way” or the Adidas sneakers he first
heading to church every Sunday, toting along                          described as “fugly.” As for his thoughts on
the biggest Bible he could fi nd (he was still very                    the current state of hip-hop, Rev Run said
competitive) as he cultivated his relationship with                   he is highly impressed with artists like Lil
God. Deciding that if he was going to fi nd God,                       Wayne for putting out artists like Nicki Minaj
he wasn’t going to miss even the smallest detail.                     and Drake while building up powerhouse
Rev Run was soon named an usher at his church,                        companies like Young Money Entertainment.
                                                                                                                                                                Adam Sandler
where he was often recognized by young fans as                        Although he still believes in the honor and                                              to star in “Candy
he seated them in the pews. Although he would                         “groove” of old-school classic rap, Rev Run
always be Run, the Rev knew this was not his                          said he is watching the genre unfold in this                                                 Land” film
ultimate destiny.                                                     century with no criticism at all.
  “I became very focused on wanting more from                           “I don’t sit on the judgment seat; it’s not my                                         Re a l ly? Do e s A d a m
God,” Rev Run said. “I had this vision of having                      job in life,” Run said. “I don’t tell people what                                        Sandler want us to hate
the white collar and really having it all together                    to do, even when I’m giving a sermon. If the                                             him even more?
that a lot of people didn’t understand.”                              younger generation wants to discover acts like
  But Rev Run continued to live out his vision,                       A Tribe Called Quest and Run-D.M.C, let
and he encouraged USC students to do the same                         them do it on their own.”
with their own ideas. One of the key elements,                          Rev Run has a definite power about him,
Rev Run said, is to never let the haters keep you                     and even sitting one-on-one after his talk with
down.                                                                 students, he still maintains a righteous energy
                                                                      that is both inspirational and soothing. When
                                                                      asked about how he created the perfect balance               “House” to end
                                                                      between “Run” and “Rev,” he says it’s been a
                                                                      surprisingly easy task.                                    after eight seasons
                                                                        “I’m blessed that a lot of young people have
                                                                      seen me on TV,” Rev Run said. “To be my old                Despite h is w isdom,
                                                                      age, I’m lucky I get to keep both the Rev and              t h e r e’s o n e t h i n g D r.
                                                                      the Run. I am a kid, but I don’t try to be one             House couldn’t save: the
                                                                      because I want them to like me for me.”                    show’s inevitable end. It’s
                                                                                                                                 time to pull the plug.
                                                                        Speak ing to his wife Justine as she read
                                                                      the newspaper in the seat next to him, Rev
                                                                      Run looked upward as he smiled to himself in
                                                                      reflection of the evening’s discussion.

                                                                        “I kept it real,” he said, gently nodding his
                                                                      head. “I kept it real and so deep.”

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                                                                                                                                                             Photos courtesy of MCT Campus
                                                                                                                                                                            Friday, February 10, 2012            7

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                                                                                                                        Crossword              Edited by Wayne Robert Williams                            10/02/12
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                                                                                                                        1 Revolution for
                                                                                                                        6 Run together
                                                                                                                        10 Midnight snack
                                                                                                                        14 “The Family Man”
                                                                                                                        15 Mystical letter
                                                                                                                        16 Home furnishings
                                                                                                                        17 Success symbol
            TODAY                                                                                                       18 Alarm clock
    COLOUR REVOLT, THE                                                                                                  19 Shout to a line
                                                                                                                        20 Movie about a
   REJECTIONEERS, FOLEY                                                                                                 wacky submarine
      8 p.m., $10                                                                                                       crew?
                                                                                                                        23 Give out in
 New Brookland Tavern,                                                                                                  portions
                                                                                                                        24 Set-to
     122 State St.                                                                                                      25 Quarterdeck?
                                                                                                                        28 Set the stage for
                                                                                                                        32 Carpooler’s __
ATLAS ROAD CREW W/                        TOMORROW                                   GOTTHEIT, DOOMSLANG,               lane
                                                                                                                        33 Feeling when
LUKE CUNNINGHAM                           SUNSHONE STILL,                            CAVE DWELLER,                      surrounded by
9 p.m. doors / 10 p.m.                    DANIELLE HOWLE,                            ROOMDANCE, KOSMOKOP                taxis?

                                                                                     7 p.m. doors / 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                        36 Largest of a
show, $5                                  HAUSMAN                                                                       septet

5 Points Pub,                             7 p.m., $10                                show, $5                           38 Tote
                                                                                                                        39 Certain surgeon’s                                 Solution 08/02/12 - Sorry!
                                                                                                                                                    10 Trendy retailer
2020 Devine St.                           New Brookland Tavern,                      Conundrum Music                    concern
                                                                                                                        40 Prince’s request
                                                                                                                                                    named for its

                                          122 State St.                              Hall, 626 Meeting St.              to the Pauper?
                                                                                                                                                    original 57th
                                                                                                                                                    Street address
                                                                                                                        45 In addition
                                                                                                                                                    11 Gave the nod
                                                                                                                        46 Level of
                                                                                                                                                    12 Tantalizing, in a
                           Columbia Charlotte Shuttle                                                                   47 Harper Lee
                                                                                                                        recluse Boo __
                                                                                                                                                    13 Magician’s prop

           Hey nts!
                                                                                                                                                    21 Iconic Ingrid
                                                                                                                        49 Chicago city
                        The Charlotte Airport Just Got Closer                                                           council mem.
              e                                                                                                                                     22 Mineralogist

                                                                                                                        50 Prepare eggs, in

      S             $49 each way • Pick up/drop off at USC                                                              a way
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                                                                                                                        criticisms from
                                                                                                                                                    Potter” films et al.
                                                                                                                        the Musketeers?
                                                                                                                                                    26 Put forth
                                                                                                                        57 Thick-bodied fish
                                                                                                                                                    27 Walled Spanish
                                                                                                        02/10/12        58 Stir up
                                                                                                                        59 Birthstones for
                                                                                                                                                    28 Desire
                                                                                                                        some Scorpios
                                                                                                                                                    29 Bumpkin                   Solution 09/02/10
                                                                                                                        61 Farm housing
                                                                                                  1 2 3 4               62 Letters from
                                                                                                                                                    30 Goddess of
                                                                                                                                                    31 Down-and-out
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                                                                                                                                                    48 Unexpected
                                                                                                                        4 Like fliers on the
                                                                                                                                                    visitor ... and a
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                                                                                                                                                    50 Like some
                                                                                                                        student                                                    56 Unlikely
                                                                                                                        6 “Well played!”                                           57 TV drama set in
                                                                                                                                                    51 Earthshaking
                                                                                                                        7 “12 Angry Men”                                           Vegas
                                                                                                                                                    ’50s event
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                                                                                                                                                    53 Clumsy ship
                                                                                                                        some, briefly                                               “Charlotte’s Web”
                                                                                                                                                    54 Edible pocket
                                                                                                                        9 “Why’d I do that?”
                                                                                                                                                    55 Get under control
                                                                                                                                                      Friday, February 10, 2012            8

Gamecocks prepare for Arkansas
                                                                              Razorbacks 16-0                     to play in the second half.          1-7 in the league before the
                                                                                                                  However, t he Volu nteers            game. The problem for USC,
                                                                               on home court                      pulled together and shut the         though, is that it will have to
                                                                                                                  door on t he G a mecock s.           play at Arkansas where the
                                                                                          Kyle Heck               Carolina shot just 34 percent        Hogs are 16-0 for the season.
                                                                                                                  from the floor, and sophomore            Overall, Arkansas is 16-7,
                                                                               South Carolina suffered            for ward Damontre Harris             4 -4 in the SEC . They are
                                                                           a not her setback in t he              once ag a i n r a n i nto fou l      led by t heir star for ward,
                                                                           s e a s o n l a s t T h u r s d a y,   trouble, holding him to just         ju n ior Marshaw n Powell ,
                                                                           f a l l i ng to Ten ne s see 69-       21 minutes on the floor.              who averages 19.5 points per
                                                                           57. Coming off a 34-point                 Sophomore guard Bruce             game. They have three other
                                                                           blowout to Kentucky, USC               Ellington led the Gamecocks          players who score in double
                                                                           was looking to get back on             with 12 points and freshman          figures, with 73.5 points per
                                                                           t rack Wed nesday aga i nst            g ua rd Da m ien Leona rd            game.
                                                                           a Ten nessee tea m w it h a            scored 11 on three of four              On t he ot her hand,
                                                                           shooting average below 45              3-point shots. Although USC          Carolina is second-to-last in
                                                                           percent. However, Tennessee            lim ited Ten nessee to just          the SEC in scoring at 62.3
                                                                           shot 50 percent from the field          38 shots, and just 15 in the         points per game, and at times,
                                                                           and made 10 of 20 3-pointers           second half, the Vols made           the matchup zones have left
                                                                           to send the Gamecocks to               the most of the shots they           opponents wide open from
                                                                           1- 8 i n t he SE C he ad i n g         were able to take.                   behind the arc.
                                                                           into Sat urday’s contest at               “There were some good                Against Tennessee, Horn
                                                                           Arkansas.                              things that we did tonight,”         stressed that the Gamecocks
                                                                               “They did a really good job        Horn said. “We had 12 assists        needed to stop the Vols from
                                                                           of executing offensively,” said        on 19 baskets and took care          making 3-pointers because
                                                                           South Carolina coach Darrin            of t he ba sketba l l ag a i nst     “they have been a different
                                                                           Horn. “For a stretch of about          one of the top two or three          team when they have made
                                                                           16 minutes there, I felt we did        defensive teams in our league        them ... Those shots really
                                                                           a really good job defensively.         statistically. But the bottom        got them going offensively.”
                                                                           Then we gave up that barrage           line is that we did not fi nish          Te n ne s s e e m ade s e ve n
                                                                           of 3s at the end of the half,          the fi rst half defensively and       fi rst-half 3-pointers, in fact.
                                                                           and that really changed the            gave up too many easy ones           Carolina hopes to improve
                                                                           game. When you get down by             down the stretch to be able to       t h at s t at i s t ic a g a i n s t a n
                                                                           double figures, that’s hard to          overcome it.”                        Arkansas team that is in the
                                                                           come back in this league.”                Next up for the Gamecocks         middle of the league in most
                                                                               T he G a mecock s nea rly          is a road game against               offensive categories.
                                                                           pu l led of f t he comeback ,          A rkansas . The Razorbacks
                                    Chris Keohane / THE DAILY GAMECOCK     coming within three points             were toasted Thursday by             Comments on this story?
Damontre Harris fouled out after 21 minutes against Tennessee.             at 58-55 with four minutes             G eorg ia , wh ic h wa s ju st       Visit

Equestrian expects improvement
    Gamecocks travel to                   away from the Southern Equestrian
     Tennessee-Martin                     Championships.
                                              Major is looking forward to this
                                          matchup, despite the cold weather.
              Cory Burkarth                   “I am hoping we will do well,”
        SPORTS@DAILYGAMECOCK.COM          Major said. “The weather is going
                                          to be brutal with a high on Saturday
   Despite four straight loses, South
                                          of 35 (degrees) , so we’re going to
Carolina equestrian remains ranked
                                          have our work cut out for us. We are
No. 7 in the latest coaches’ poll.
                                          putting some different folks into the
   Carolina started the season in 2005
                                          lineup, so it will be interesting to see
and 2007 national champion fashion;
                                          how things pan out. We have had a
however, the women’s equestrian
                                          great week of practice, so we’ll just
team, aside from one close win against
                                          have to see.”
Southern Methodist University, has
                                              Advancing forward to the match,
been on a losing streak since falling
                                          M ajor ex p ec t s her out st a nd i ng
in a tiebreaker against No. 1 Auburn
                                          pl ayer s to cont i nue to gl i sten.
and dropping two close games against
                                          Standout players include juniors
No. 2 Georgia and Oklahoma State.                                                                                                                       Chris Keohane / THE DAILY GAMECOCK
                                          Kimberly McCormack and Audrey
The four-game skid that confronts                                                              South Carolina will have a mature team this season with eight returning position players.
                                          Jewel l a nd red sh i r t sophomore
coach Boo Major’s team has put it at
                                          Johnna Letchworth. McCormack has
an overall season record of 3-5, 0-3 in

                                                                                               Softball opens season
                                          an overall record of 12-3, with two
conference. Be that as it may, Major is
                                          MVP awards. Letchworth is 6-1 in
optimistic about USC’s next matchup
                                          horsemanship and has been awarded
against Tennessee-Martin.
                                          two MVP awards as well.
   “We k now we are bet ter t han                                                                 USC starts 2012 campaign
                                              “Kimmy McCormack is doing a                                                                    new face at catcher and little depth
our record, and we have caught a
                                          great job for us on the hunter seat                    with Palmetto Classic at home               on the mound. Sophomore sensation
lot of bad breaks,” Major said. “Of
                                          side. She is consistently winning in                                                               Julie Sarratt , who tossed a no-hitter
course we are frustrated, but are
                                          equitation on the flat and equitation                                                               in her first collegiate start , will miss
pretty pleased with how we are riding                                                                             Kyle Heck
                                          over fences, and I expect her to                                                                   the season after undergoing Tommy
this semester. Our hunt seat team                                                                       KHECK@DAILYGAMECOCK.COM
                                          continue to be the anchor for our                                                                  John surger y. April Borchardt and
actually has a 6-2 record, and if they
                                          t e a m . Jo h n n a L e t c hw o r t h h a s                                                      Ashley Chastain graduated, which will
keep going the way they are going                                                                 The year before Beverly Sm it h
                                          only had one loss t his season in                                                                  force the Gamecocks to rely heavily on
[they] should get a high seed at our                                                           took over as softball coach for South
                                          horsemanship,” Major said. “She is                                                                 Broyles and senior Kierstyn White this
national championship. Our western                                                             Carolina, the Gamecocks won just 11
                                          prett y unbeatable and has a great                                                                 season.
team is constantly improving and is                                                            games and went 1-27 in the SEC.
                                          mental preparedness ... We expect                                                                     “To be honest, I’m not too concerned
competing well right now, despite                                                                 Last season, Smith’s first, the club
                                          her to continue her winning ways as                                                                with our pitching staff this season,”
their record.”                                                                                 won 26 games. Smith was happy with
                                          she did last year with hopes that she                                                              Smith said. “Our three pitchers we
   The last time USC and Tennessee-                                                            the progress made, but says the players
                                          will be named to the Equestrian All-                                                               will throw out there this weekend are
Mar t i n met was i n a n Nat iona l                                                           still haven’t reached her goal.
                                          America team again this year. Audrey                                                               excellent. However, we will not have the
Collegiate Equestrian Association                                                                 “My expectations this year are the
                                          Jewell is currently 5-1 in reining, and                                                            depth that we had last year. I remember
national championship match in 2011,                                                           same ones I had last year — to finish
                                          that is the best record amongst our                                                                last year we could pitch three pitchers in
where the Gamecocks won 5-3. The                                                               .500 or better,” Smith said. “We didn’t
                                          reiners.”                                                                                          a game; we can’t do that this season. We
Skyhawks are also having a downturn                                                            reach that goal last season (going 26-30),
                                              The season standouts are going                                                                 are going to need a lot of quality starts.”
with a three-game losing streak for                                                            but if we can get that goal, we will have
                                          to need to step it up this weekend                                                                    P.J. Fulmer, who started 179 games
a season record of 2-4, but they will                                                          a shot to make the NCAA tournament.
                                          to quell frustration with the team’s                                                               at catcher in her four-year career at
be no pushovers for the Gamecocks.                                                             That is our goal. I know my team better
                                          record and keep sights on another                                                                  Carolina, will be replaced by junior
The previous game for the Skyhawks                                                             this season, and I am excited to get the
                                          national championship.                                                                             college t ransfer Shelby Gonzales .
was a close loss in a tiebreaker to                                                            season underway.”
                                                                                                                                             G on za le s had 27 home r u ns a nd
No. 6 Kansas State . They will be                                                                 Carolina will get the 2012 campaign
                                          Comments on this story?                                                                            104 RBI last season for North Idaho
looking to bounce back as well in                                                              u nder way Fr iday at t he Palmet to
                                          Visit                                                                     College. The leaders last year in home
this matchup that is only a few games                                                          Classic , which will be played here
                                                                                                                                             runs and RBI for Carolina had five and
                                                                                               in Columbia at Beckham Field . The
                                                                                                                                             28, respectively. Smith says Gonzales
                                                                                               Gamecocks will face Tennessee State
                                                                                                                                             will provide more than power for the
                                                                                               Fr iday af ter noon, t hen w i l l t u r n
                                                                                               around and face Western Kentucky and
                                                                                                                                                “Shelby brings us a great bat, but she
                                                                                               Winthrop on Saturday. USC will finish
                                                                                                                                             also brings in a lot of experience,” Smith
                                                                                               up the tournament Sunday with a game
                                                                                                                                             said. “All three catchers we brought
                                                                                               against Cleveland State.
                                                                                                                                             in to replace P.J. can swing a bat, but
                                                                                                  “We are really just ready to play
                                                                                                                                             Shelby has the most experience.”
                                                                                               against someone other than ourselves,”
                                                                                                                                                W i nt h rop won t he Pa l met to
                                                                                               Smith said. “We will be facing some
                                                                                                                                             Showdown in Columbia last year, but
                                                                                               quality competition this weekend. I
                                                                                                                                             Smith is hoping to see a different team
                                                                                               believe all four teams we face are
                                                                                                                                             from the one that took the field last
                                                                                               introducing new pitching staffs, so we
                                                                                               have to be ready.”
                                                                                                                                                “I’m looking for our team to come
                                                                                                  W it h eight posit ion players
                                                                                                                                             out and compete consistently,” Smith
                                                                                               returning, the Gamecocks will have a
                                                                                                                                             said. “I want to see some intensity this
                                                                                               mature team this season. Significant
                                                                                                                                             season. We have shown it in preseason
                                                                                               returnees include center fielder Lauren
                                                                                                                                             practice so far; we just have to show it in
                                                                                               Lackey, shortstop Samie Garcia, second
                                                                                                                                             games now.”
                                                                                               baseman Dana Hathorn and pitcher
                                                              Courtesy of USC Athletics
                                                                                               Audrey Broyles.
                                                                                                                                             Comments on this story?
                                                                                                  However, Ca rol i na w i l l have a
Junior Kimberly McCormack will “be the anchor for our team,” says coach Boo Major.                                                           Visit

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