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									Harry Coumnas – A Law Abiding
Harry Coumnas is a responsible citizen and respects
all the laws of the society. He follows the rules and
regulations of the society as he believes that laws
make the society a better and secure place to live in
and they are set for the overall development of society.
Laws protect people and make them able to
differentiate between right and wrong things.
He is an optimistic person and helps the
underprivileged children by making significant
financial contributions in donations and several
community services. Harry Coumnas comes from a
large family of 100 members who are residing in
different parts of the world including Australia, India
and Western Europe. He has a strong family values and
loves spending his quality time with his family
During college, he was a brilliant student as well as a
good sportsman. He took part in many wrestling
championships and won many championship awards.
He is also a skilled basketball player and has played for
Knicks basketball team in New York. He enjoys playing
pool all night with his friends. He is a teetotaler and
hates all types of alcoholic drinks and drugs.
Harry Coumnas loves adventure and fun. He takes part
in different activities which are full of adventure and
thrill. He enjoys sky diving, camping in the woods,
riding in the roller coaster, hitch hiking and driving
very fast cars. He is a pet lover and has 6 pets. He likes
playing with his pets in his free time which makes him
relaxed from work related stress
About Harry Coumnas
Harry Coumnas is a leading professional based in New
York. He is a humanitarian and helps the poor and
underprivileged children of the society. He is very
respectful of laws and follows all rules and regulations
which are made for the society. He likes mediation and
helps in resolving the problems of people.

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