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									Choosing a Car GPS
Navigation System
Why you need a GPS navigation system for your
With built-in maps and turn-by-turn directions, you can't get lost, even if
you miss an exit or turn left instead of right.
How does GPS works on your car?
GPS locates your position within a few feet anywhere on
Screens and Mounting
An auto GPS navigation system uses an LCD screen to display maps
and directions.
Look for a high-contrast screen that won't get
washed out in bright sunlight.
Mapping Your Route
Car GPS navigation systems all include a basemap, which is a large-
scale view of the world around you.
Basemaps include major highways and large
cities, but they lack local roads.
To get the local view, you'll need region maps that show side streets
and downtown grids.
Maps need memory.
Find out what type of memory cards your GPS uses, and get a compatible
card reader for your PC so you can download maps from the Web.
Get the expertise of a veteran cabbie when it
comes to getting around and avoid traffic.
Visit our site for more tips on choosing a
 GPS Navigation System for your car…

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