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                                               Ink refill: Frequently Asked Questions
                                                                By Larry Andrew

    Ink refill: Frequently Asked Questions by Larry Andrew

Ink refill: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ink refill kit?
An ink refill kit allows you to replace the ink in your inkjet cartridge yourself when it is empty. The ink
refill startup kit contains everything you need. Depending upon the make and model of your printer,
you’ll get detailed instructions, a syringe, a bottle of ink and sometimes a small drill. After purchasing a
start up kit, you’ll only need to purchase the ink in the future.

The following questions are often asked about ink refill kits.

How many times can I refill my inkjet cartridge?
If your inkjet cartridge has a built in head, you can expect to refill the ink 10-15 times. If you cartridge
does not have a built in head, theoretically you should be able to refill it forever, but there are other
factors that prevent this. You inkjet cartridge can dry out or clog. Usually, ink cartridges without a print
head can be refilled 5 times. To increase the life of your cartridge, never let it dry out. Always keep the
extra cartridge full. Don’t touch the copper plating on the print head and always refill your cartridge
when the ink runs out.

Will the ink-refilled cartridge print the same quality?
Reputable dealers sell inks that meet or exceed the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards
for your specific inkjet cartridge.

How hard is it to do my own ink refill?
Refilling your inkjet cartridge is a simple process. Of course, a little practice helps. It will take about 5 to
10 minutes the first time you attempt a printer ink refill. After that, it should only take a few minutes. If
you’re careful, it’s not too messy. If you accidentally get some ink on your hands, don’t worry about it.
Ink can be easily removed with a mild bleach solution. With practice, you’ll save money and have very
few problems.

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Larry Andrew is an educational consultant, author and publisher
Purchasing printer ink, toner and inkjet cartridges on line should be fast, convenient and cost-effective.

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                                     Do you want to Beat the High Cost of Inkjet ink?
                                                              By Larry Andrew

Do you want to Beat the High Cost of Inkjet ink? by Larry Andrew

If trends hold true, approximately 68 million inkjet ink cartridges will be consumed this year. That’s a lot
of inkjet printer ink! If you’re one of the thousands that purchased an inkjet printer at a real bargain,
then reality has already hit you. Inkjet printer ink is not cheap. Depending on the size of your cartridge
and the type of printing you’re doing, you can expect to print from 300 to 800 pages… and sometimes
much less than this.

Welcome to the world of inkjet printers. Truthfully, they do produce a high quality output at a
reasonably fast rate. Inkjet printer ink also comes in a wide variety of colors. However, once your inkjet
ink cartridge is empty, what do you do?

What you need is a cheaper source of inkjet ink. The fact is, that the inkjet cartridge used in inkjet
printers can be refilled for a fraction of the cost you’ll spend on a new cartridge. Most inkjet cartridges
are easy to refill. You also need to know that a manufacturer cannot void your warranty if you refill your
own inkjet ink cartridge. It’s the law.

An inkjet ink cartridges that retails for $25 or more can be refilled for about $2.00. The good news is
that an inkjet cartridge can be refilled on an average of 10 times before it totally wears out. That’s a lot
of money back in your pocket.

These ink refill kits can easily be purchased on the Internet for as low as $12.95. A single kit can refill
your cartridge from 3 to 25 times. That makes inkjet printer ink much more affordable. You don’t have
to rush out and buy that new expensive inkjet cartridge.

However, there needs to be one word of caution. Be sure to buy your inkjet ink products from a
reputable and authorized reseller. Look for dealers that offer you high quality and dependable service
at an economical price. Also double check the dealers warrant. Any dealer worth dealing with will offer
you a money back guarantee, plain and simple.

That’s it… now it’s time for you to do your homework and beat the high cost of inkjet ink.

Larry Andrew is an educational consultant, author and publisher
Purchasing printer ink, toner and inkjet cartridges on line should be fast, convenient and cost-effective.

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