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									Do you feel confused and intimated when you have
to choose a wine as a gift or to serve one at dinner?
   Be one of those people who know exactly which bottle
   to purchase from the racks of daunting wine labels.
How to choose a wine?

Types of Wines
 “Red wine or white wine?”
Tannin Content in Wine
 Tannins are a vital ingredient in wines, especially red
 wines, and form the basis of wine reviews.
Acidity of the Wine
 A higher acidity makes the wine more tart and sour
 tasting; whereas a low acidity results in flat tasting
 wine that has a higher chance of getting spoilt.
Alcohol Content of the Wine
On every wine label you’ll notice a percentage of alcohol by
volume which indicates its body.
 * 7.5% - 10.5% indicates light body
 * 10.5% - 12.5% indicates medium body
 * 12.5% and over indicates full body
 (very high alcohol)
Reading the Wine Label
Help you know the type, variety, flavor, region and vintage
of the wine.
Vintage of the Wine
Refers to the year the wine was made.
 Older wine does not necessarily mean
 better wine, especially if the older bottles
 were from a bad vintage.
Where to Buy
Purchase wine from liquor outlets that take proper care of
their wine, like buying directly from the winery.
Choose and select the best wine that
fits for your taste and your budget!
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wine, wine types, wine tasting and more…

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