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									                                                                  S T . O LAF L UTHERAN
                                                                         C HURCH
                                                                    601 6th Street NE
                                                                  Devils Lake, ND 58301

                                                                 A Family of Believers called to
                                                                  proclaim the good news of
                                                                    God’s reconciling love.
                    September 2011

What will it take to make a better society?
One of the most vexing prob-           smiles and the other during the riots       marrying and yet still planning on
lems in ministry today is the diffi-   a few weeks ago. The contrast is            having families. We see entire
culty experienced in getting           just plain startling, if you take the       families deciding that God is not
families to come to church –           time to consider it. Lord Sacks             nearly as important as other
together. It’s a problem that          spends a lot of time wondering              things and so more and more
has been coming for decades.           why such things are happening               people growing up outside of
For many years there was a             and he had some interesting                 the church. We see a lack of
segment of the church popula-          thoughts on the subject.                    compassion for others in the way
tion who began to bring their                                                      all sorts of institutions function in
children to Sunday school and          He cites the statistic that in the UK,      our society, both in government
then leave to go back home             over 40% of children were born out          and those which are private.
and return only to pick them up        of wedlock. Incidentally, I looked          Recently in a professional’s of-
again when things were fin-            up the statistics for the United            fice I was talking with a twenty
ished. I think many of us              States and found it was virtually the       year old assistant who told me
watched it happening but only          same. He also reported that ac-             she was going to go on for more
shook our heads, not really un-        cording to UNICEF, British children         schooling so that she would be
derstanding. Today these               are among the unhappiest in the             prepared to raise a family on her
same children are now the par-         world. He believes that, in large           own (for her, reality is that she will
ents and a large percentage of         part, this is due to the lack of any        eventually have children fol-
them have decided not to               male presence in families – 91% of          lowed by a spouse/boyfriend
bring their children at all. Now it    single parent families are headed           leaving her).
is more likely that they bring         by women (84% in the US). There is
their children only for baptism        little to any role for fathers.             So how does a society like ours
and the next time we will see                                                      deal with issues like these? None
them might be at a funeral. I          Lord Sacks believes many of these           of these issues are new. None of
often find myself wondering            changes are the result of a seismic         these issues have simple, pat
with fewer and fewer people            change in western society that oc-          answers, but I do believe that a
attending church, learning             curred in the 1960’s: a moral revo-         large part of the answer is a re-
about God and Jesus Christ,            lution. It was the idea that any-           turn to the values and the ethics
what are the differences?              thing goes. That we could, as a             of the person we profess to fol-
                                       society, abandon our entire tradi-          low: Jesus Christ. This means be-
Recently I read an essay enti-         tional ethic of self-restraint. He          ing intentional about prayer. This
tled, Reversing the Decay of           blames a lot of it on our loss of our       means putting others ahead of
London Undone that was pub-            Judeo-Christian moral code.                 ourselves. This means actually
lished, among other places, in         When people began to stop at-               sitting down and reading our
the Wall Street Journal. The           tending church and synagogue                Bibles, and just as important, at-
piece was written by Lord Jona-        there was a price to pay, a huge            tempting to truly understand the
than Sacks, the chief Rabbi in         one.                                        things written there. This means
Great Britain. In it, he reflects                                                  believing and worshiping some-
on the two very different pic-         I have been thinking along these            thing greater than ourselves,
tures of the city of London: one       same lines. I see changes in soci-          namely God.
during the wedding of William          ety that bother me deeply. I hear
and Kate just a few months ear-        many of you talking of the same
lier in which everyone was             things. We see people no longer                             Continued on page 2
From the Pastor
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                                                     Church Picnic To Celebrate
So I encourage you, when you see a
                                                     Rally Sunday, Sept. 18
new face in church go and intro-
duce yourself and welcome them.                         Everyone is welcome to a picnic to celebrate the first day of
Then follow it up the next week with                     Christian education classes at St. Olaf on Sunday, Sept. 18.
a “Hello” and a few other words that                  Classes begin at 9:40 and the children will sing at the 11:00 ser-
let them know that you care about                     vice. Serving for the picnic will begin following the 11:00 service
them. Perhaps you might step totally                   and will be held in the north parking lot (weather permitting).
out of your comfort zone and ask a
friend or co-worker who doesn’t at-                   Meat, buns and beverages will be provided and the rest of the
tend a church to come with you to                                            meal will be potluck.
church. Tell them why church is im-
portant to you. Tell your children and
your grandchildren what it is that is so
special and important about God
                                                     All St. Olaf Women Invited
and the people of God.
                                                     To Bible Study & Meeting
       July Expenses                                 Fall is in the air and it is time to   put your donations behind the
                                                     gear up for the fall season.           closed doors on the east end
VBS ....................................... 169.05   WELCA will be held Septem-             of the basement. We will also
Church Supplies................. 266.13              ber 1, 2011. The schedule for          need help setting up, working
Insurance ............................ 790.00        the evening is as follows: 5:30        the day of the rummage sale
Maintenance ..................... 755.85             p.m. - Board Meeting in li-            with collecting money and
Retreat Center Exp............ 126.40                brary, 6:30 p.m. - Bible Study,        bagging items, morning cof-
Otter Tail.............................. 508.00      7:30 p.m. - meeting and pro-           fee and lunch.
MDU ..................................... 688.00     gram. Kathy Benson, North
City of Devils Lake ............... 99.73            Dakota Community Support               Let’s start off this fall with lots
NDTC ................................... 208.53      Coordinator with Army One-             of enthusiasm! All ladies of St.
Webhosting .......................... 20.00          Source will be the featured            Olaf are members of WELCA
Dakota Prairie CAA............. 50.00                speaker. Kathy will speak and          and we want you to come
Lutheran Social Services..... 66.67                  answer questions on how to             enjoy the Bible study and fel-
EaND Synod .................... 1,200.00             support military service per-          lowship.
Office Equip. & Maint. ...... 430.77                 sonnel and their families.
Office Supplies ................... 433.61                                                     ~ Betty Nygren, WELCA Pres.
Miscellaneous ........................ 9.90          Also, ladies it’s not too early to
Postage............................... 240.79        be gearing up for the fall rum-
                                                     mage sale which will be Octo-
Auto Expense ....................... 40.00
                                                     ber 8. We will need lots of
                                                                                               Building Fund Loan
Payroll Taxes ....................... 457.15
                                                     good help and for everyone                (March 2005= $361,500)
BC/BS................................... 686.40
FSA Contrib........................-416.66           to search your houses for little            Balance: $32,665.83
Housing Allowance ........ 2,283.32                  treasures for our sale. You can            (Note due March 2013)
Pension/Insurance.......... 3,457.88
Soc. Sec. Allowance......... 308.32
Pre-Tax Cont......................-130.00
                                                     Weekly Attendance & Envelope Giving
Wages .............................. 8,552.08             Date            Attendance        Building Fund General Fund
Bulletin Exp.......................... 150.23        July 31                  202             $8,620.00    $4,459.50
Worship supplies ................ 306.39
                                                     August 7                 142              $343.00     $5,249.00
Youth Activity ....................... 20.82
Total Expenses ............$21,779.36                August 14                219              $339.00     $4,186.00
       Income ................21,638.28              August 21                160              $462.00     $3,675.00
                                        -141.08      August 28                183               $230.00    $2,738.00
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“Make it Simple” For Fall                                              Our
Stewardship Campaign                                                   Members
                                                                       In The Military
This year our con-                      each household to
gregation will be                       bring forward to the             Pvt. 1st Class Jessica Stein
participating in a                      altar their Commit-                  SSgt. Sherri Read &
stewardship pro-                        ment/Cove- nant                        SSgt. Barry Read
gram entitled “                         Card indicating your                Cpl. Jeffrey J. Olson
MAKE IT SIMPLE.”                        financial support in-                 Sgt. Jesse S. Olson
The MAKE IT SIMPLE                      tent and also an op-                   Grant Thompson
                                                                                 Orville Wang
theme will be the                       portunity to serve by
                                                                             Justin & Jill Johnson
focus of our services starting   volunteering your time.                        Derrick Owens
the end of September,            More details will follow in                  Jonathan Pearson
through early November.          the church bulletin in the                     Tyler Halvorson
The concluding worship will      coming weeks.                                 Matthew Martin
include an opportunity for                                                 Sgt. Major Brian Soper
                                                                                 Nevon Heisler
                                                                                Ben Halvorson
            Schwan’s Food                                                       Brian Pederson
                                                                                  Cory Schall

            Truck Fundraiser                                                      Brent Schall
                                                                                  Cory Hagen
                                                                            Amy & Cory Everson
            Our Sr. High         ber 8. If you are not able to
Youth who are going on the       pick up your items on Oct. 8           Please let the church
Mission Trip to New Orleans      our youth will deliver them           office know if you know
next summer are sponsoring       to you. People can also
                                                                           of others serving.
a Schwan’s Food Truck Sale       purchase items off the truck
in September. Schwan             on Oct. 8. Please help us
foods has a good variety of      out. The more items that
delicious items for sale. If     are sold, the higher per-
you regularly buy things         centage of the profits they
                                                                          Thank You to Justin
from them we hope you will       will get towards their trip.          Langerud for his years of
consider ordering it through     Thanks!                                service and deployment
us this month. Items can be
ordered from the youth on              WANTED                            in the Army National
Sunday mornings in Sep-
                                     Experienced                         Guard and to Brandon
tember or from the youth
directly during the week or            Painters                        Langerud for his years of
from Jamie in the church           To paint in early September in         service in the Air na-
office. All orders must be       the education building at St. Olaf.
turned in to our church of-
                                                                           tional Guard. Their
                                  Please call Darci and leave your
fice by 5:00 pm on Thurs-                                               names were omitted in
day, September 29. The
                                  name if you can help. The Deco-
                                    rating Committee will let you      earlier issues during their
items can be picked up at
the Home of Economy park-                know exact dates.                   time of service.
ing lot on Saturday, Octo-
                                                                                               Page 3
                                     Building Fund               Virginia Pederson from Gary &
                                       In Memory Of:             Helen Armstrong; Glenn & Betty
 We welcome into                                                 Soper; Judy Ovre; Roger &
                               Colleen Bryn from Tom & Stacie    Yvonne Knutson; Rich & Carol
 the family of God:            Wade; Armen & Connie Han-         Lybeck
   Riley Lynn Schmiess         son; Edna Vrem; Irving & Janice
daughter of Carly Peterson &   Thompson; Livonia Crane; Wal-
                               ter & Helen Hanson; Richard
                                                                   Norway Cemetery
      Brian Schmiess                                                     In Memory Of:
                               Lybeck Family; Gary & Helen
                                                                 Colleen Bryn from Marilyn Pe-
   Kodi Ann Beckedahl          Armstrong; Irvin & Dorothy Nel-
                                                                 derson & Family; Thelma
                               son; Betty Kalhagen; Darrel &
  daughter of Trent & Holly                                      Thompson; Gary Bryn; Idelle
                               Connie Heins; Vernon & Agnes
       Beckedahl                                                 Foss; Tom & Betty Moen
                               Christianson; Duane & Ann
                                                                 Zachary Moen from his family
                               Johnson; Morgan Walford;
                               Gordon & Shirley Tostenson;
                               Henry Halgren from Glenn &            Pew Bibles Fund
                               Betty Soper;                              In Memory Of:
                               Todd Linde from Alta & Carl       Warren J. Blanchfield from Mark
                               Bloomquist;                       & Mary Jane Blanchfield
                               Sam Lovin from Richard Lybeck     Esther Weed Hanson from Mark
  Our prayers for God’s        Family; Frances & Ann             & Mary Jane Blanchfield
                               Schemionek; Tom & Stacie          Bernhard Storsteen from Mark &
peace and consolation go       Wade;                             Mary Jane Blanchfield
  out to the families of:      Allan Opoien from Livonia         Julius Weed from Mark & Mary
                               Crane                             Jane Blanchfield
                               Deceased Family & Friends         Henry Halgren from Earl & Lois
          Sam Lovin            from Rich & Carol Lybeck          Isakson
          Barry Cox            Byron Soper from Mae Soper        Finna & Bill Shafer & Arthur &
                               Barry Cox from Ken & Linda        Irene Rohr from Byron & Jessica

     Bowls &                   Hunt; Edna Vrem; Rodger
                               Haugen; Cleo Deplazes ;
                               Duainne & Paula Bourcy; Glenn
                                                                 Lanny & Matthew from Dennis &
                                                                 Karen Riggin
      Pans                     & Betty Soper; Lloyd & Carole
                               Hintz; Richard & Sandra Lunde;
                                                                 Gordon Fugle from Darin &
                                                                 Stacy MacDonald
                               Irving & Janice Thompson;
 We have ac-                   Glenna Gjestvang; Mark & Kris-
                                                                        Radio Fund
  cumulated                    tel Peterson; Gary & Helen Arm-
                               strong; Janice Breakey; Larry &           In Memory Of:
  quite a few                                                    Colleen Bryn from Sharon
  bowls and                    Betty Nygren; Tommy & Myrna
                               Peterson; Alta & Carl Bloom-      Henke; Dorothy & Jim Miller;
pans in the kitchen. Please    quist; Dennis & Judy Thompson     Dorothy Kitterman
    stop by the kitchen                                          Morris Knudson from Ilene
  (dishwasher room) and                 In Honor Of:             Schemionek
 pickup your bowl or pan!                                        Sam Lovin from Ilene
                               Duainne & Paula Bourcy’s 50th
The remaining items will be    Wedding Anniversary from
            sold at the Fall   Livonia Crane; Walter & Helen
               Rummage         Hanson; Judy Ovre; Duane &               Music Fund
                Sale, Satur-
                               Ann Johnson; Janice Breakey;              In Memory Of:
                               Gary & Helen Armstrong; Den-      Colleen Bryn from Delores &
                day, Oct. 8    nis & Judy Thompson               Lawrence Vigesaa; Cory & Kris-
                               Caroline Fogelson’s Birthday      ten Kenner
                               from Livonia Crane
 Page 4
    Faith & Care Group #1 - September 2011
662-6787 ....... James Andrews, Joseph & Jacob                    662-2705........James & Gail Miller
662-3653 ....... Duane A. & Susan Armstrong, Molly &              662-2518........Necito & Joan Montaniel
                 Benjamin                                         662-5765........Amy Mosbaek
230-3738 ....... Katelyn Armstrong & Tyler Skurdall,              662-3347........Robert & Bernice Ness
                 Ashton                                           395-4375........Keith & Joan Ness, Jessica and Kolby
662-8379 ....... Fred Biri                                        351-2879........Josey & Amber Ness, Brynn
662-8797 ....... Kory & Colette Boehmer, William                  662-3752........Rose Marie Nyhus
662-8324 ....... Jared & Elisa Christensen, Cassandra,            662-7234........Rene & Sherri Ouellette, Cami, Carson
                 Kaylee, Carter                                   351-0899........Donna Popowski, Alicia & Derek
662-3401 ....... Eric Christofferson                              398-3282........Art & Carol Rohr, Beth
398-3447 ....... Judy Cox, Michael & Patrick                      398-3075........Byron & Jessica Rohr
662-5199 ....... Cleo Deplazes                                    662-7346........Patricia Rohrer, Lisa
662-4081 ....... Douglas & Lynn Goodwill, Natalie & Cale          665-3031........David & Ranae Schnaidt, Stephanie &
662-4342 ....... Donna Hagen                                                      Emily
662-8952 ....... Dale & Faye Halle, Heath & Toni                  398-3039........Greg & Danita Skjerva, Derrick, Geoffrey,
662-4779 ....... Lloyd & Carol Hintz                                              LaDonna & Scott
662-5686 ....... Patty Johnson, Jared                             662-7270........Terry & Connie Straabe, Caitlin, Michelle &
662-3253 ....... Elizabeth Kalhagen                                               Tara
662-4187 ....... James & Carol Kling                              662-4289........Jarrod & Lori Stubbe, Quenten & Malcolm
662-2972 ....... Esther Larson                                    662-8026........James Travers
662-2381 ....... LaVerne Leier                                    662-8373........Barbara Walden
381-2152 ....... Darren & Lori Lippert, Kaylee, Blake
351-2418 ....... Nicole McIvor, Julia, Blaine                     662-4782........Duane Wass, 501 12th Ave. S.

                   Faith & Care Group #2 For October 2011
Conrad Adahl                                  Beverly Lee                                 Orville & Audrey Wang, Autumn &
Duaine & Barb Ash                             Bradley Leben                               George
Lisa Bachmeier, Kelsey                        Ruby Lohnes, Dani                           Valerie Weber
Roxanne & Mike Barendt, Morgan &              Dale & Nona Martz                           Mary Jane Zemek, Melissa, Rebecca,
Hannah, Tanner                                Kent & Hayley Ness, Ty                      Michelle & Mikayla Leaf
Rodney Bennes                                 Sigurd Olson (Oberon)
Nicole & David Bender, Austin                 Derrick & Holly Owens, Alexander            Robert Anderson
Orlinda Bendickson                            Stella Papachek                             Vernon & Agnes Christianson
Janice Breakey                                Tommy & Myrna Peterson                      Clarence & Clara Kaeding
Jon & Cindy Brown, Drew & Casey               Mabel Rabadeaux                             Hyllis McDaniel
Gene & Melissa Burkhard, Brady & Toby         Bonnie Rader, James                         Amanda Tufte
Dennis & Paulette Clemenson                   Sharon Rance
Carlotta Giese                                Ann & Richard Rasmusson
Judy Hager                                    David & Cindy Rham, Nathan & Nicole
Walter & Helen Hanson                         Dana Salisbury
Jacqueline Hunt, Jesse                        Stacy & Shannon Schmidt
Jan Johnson, Brittany & Kayla                 Valerie Skadsem, Amber, Clint LaRa
Josh & Dona Krahler, Jadyn, Amber &           Glenn & Betty Soper
Zachary                                       Gaylene Tollefson

                                                                                                                      Page 5
                                            Growing Together
                                                      St. Olaf’s Youth & Family Ministry

 S OIL       s Le
                  gi        t)
                                        VOLUME 15 : ISSUE 9                                               September, 2011

     O laf I
(St.                                                                                 Rally Day 2011 kicks off a week of
                                                                                                       “Excitement” as
“Lord let my heart be good soil.”
         Matthew 13:23                                              September 18                        Sunday School,
                                                                                                    Wednesday School
 Sr. High Youth
                                                                                     and Confirmation classes start the
                                                                                                 week of September 18.
                                                                         A picnic lunch will be served after worship.
September 13                                                                      Come and “Catch the Excitement” !
  Youth Board &
  Education                                             Wednesday School Teachers Needed
  Boards                                                 otherwise there will be no Wednesday School
September 18
  Rally Day
                                        Confirmation Orientation                     Wednesday, Sept. 21 7:00 p.m.
September 21
  Confirmation                      Required for all 7th, 8th & 9th graders and parents.
                                                            The time has come! The time is now!
September 23
                                                            The time to officially register for the 2012 ELCA Youth
  Middle School
                                                            Gathering/Mission trip is here! You can pick up a registra-
                                                            tion form in the church office or e-mail us at
September 28                                              to get one. The event is open to youth currently in 9th
  Confirmation                                              through 12th grade. If you haven’t signed up yet it’s not too
  Classes Start                                             late! The registration deadline is Friday, September 30.
October 2
  3rd Grade Bible
                                    Your registration form and non-refundable deposit must be turned in by that day.
  Class                             We will be doing a fund-raiser at Pizza Ranch on Mondays, September 12 & 26.
                                    Please come for supper!
October 9 Youth
  Gathering                                                     FUEL                          6th - 8th grade Retreat
  Celebration                                       Sr. High Youth Get-togethers                 September 23-25
October 30                                         2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month,             Detroit Lakes, MN
  Confirmation                                                  6:00-7:00 pm               Talk to Jamie for more details and
  Sunday                                                      Starting in October          to register.
Minutes from the August Council Meeting
The regular congregational                                               Riggin. Guest: Jamie Travers.
council meeting was called to                                            Sunday School: Lori is still look-
order by President Judy Thomp-                                           ing for two Sunday School
son at 8:00 p.m., August 9th,                                            teachers. Need Wednesday
2011.                                                                    School teachers. There will be
                                                                         a teachers meeting Sept 11th at
Present: Judy Thompson, Jim                                              9:40 am in the third floor praise
Helgeson, Joe Hoiberg, Kim                                               chapel. An alternate date will
Hatten, Jamie Travers, Pastor      Holy Communion at Heartland           be set up if needed. Sunday
Nicla, Yvonne Herda, Stacy         Health Care for Chaplain Ra-          school students will sing once a
MacDonald, Ray Sletteland,         chel Johnson. This past month I       month at the church service.
Mary Jane Blanchfield, Darci       have led guitar worship on July       Cara will continue to seek out
Gilbertson, Cara Mitzel, Helen     17th and July 31st. This coming       teachers for Wednesday night.
Armstrong and Chuck Olson.         month we will also be having
Absent: None                       guitar worship on August 14th         Youth and Family Ministry: Pre-
                                   and 21st.                             sent: Beth MacDonald, Becky
July minutes were approved as                                            Lang, Stacy MacDonald and
printed in the August Spire.       Jamie: Since the July 2011            Jamie Travers. Absent: Kim Pe-
                                   council meeting: helped lead          derson, Cole Boehmer and
Treasurer’s report was pre-        the worship services each             Chris Johnson. Beth moved
sented by Jim H; Jim moved to      week. Preached on July 24th,          Becky seconded to approve
pay bills. Yvonne seconded.        met with Christian Ed Board,          minutes as printed in the Au-
Motion carried.                    Youth & Family Ministry Board,        gust Spire. Motion Carried. 7-
                                   Safe Communities Coalition            12 Grades: Grillapalooza at
Pastoral Staff Communications:     and twice with Lake Region            Leevers on July 15 & 16 made
Pastor Nicla reported: This past   COAD, took three students to          $600.00. Back to School free
month Nica and I took four         Day Camp at Park River Bible          lunch will be August 22nd 11-1
days to travel to Decorah, Iowa    Camp on July 13th, organized          at Taco Johns for grades 9-12.
to see the many final concerts     and cooked at the Grillapa-           Middle School Synod Retreat
at Lutheran Summer Music and       looza youth fundraiser at             for 6th – 8th grades will be Sept
then to bring Dan back home        Leevers on July 15 &                  23rd -25th. House Boat Trip: The
to North Dakota. It was a great    16,organized and ran                  houseboat trip has been can-
time – but hot! I also attended    “Sojourners” camp for eight stu-      celled for this year but will be
one board meeting of Heart-        dents grades 3-6 at St Olaf the       scheduled for next summer.
land Care Center in July. July     first week of August, did work        Sojourners: Eight youth partici-
16th I presided at the wedding     on the 2012 ELCA Youth Gath-          pated August 1-4 at St Olaf.
of Danielle Ness and Matthew       ering Trip, various pastoral visits   Thank you to Jace Riggin for
Malek. Sunday, July 17th I bap-    with youth and youth events           being a counselor and the Gil-
tized Reagan Gail Brown.           and other duties including prep       bertsons and Alexanders for the
Wednesday, July 27th I presided    work for coming events and            use of their campers for show-
at the funeral of Colleen Bryn     activities.                           ers. 2012 ELCA Youth Gather-
and Friday, July 29th I presided                                         ing: 13 kids have signed up so
at the funeral of Sam Lovin at     Christian Education Board: Pre-       far and three adults have
Gilbertson Funeral Home. Sun-      sent: Cara Mitzel and Kory            shown interest in going. Regis-
day, July 31st I baptized Riley    Boehmer. Absent: Lori Stubbe,         tration deadline is September
Lynn Schmiess. Tuesday, Aug.       Brenda Langerud, Annie Ras-
                                                                                       Continued on page 8
2nd I presided at a service of     musson, Eric Berg and Tammy
                                                                                                  Page 7
August Council Meeting
Continued from page 7               September 11th at 9:45 between      dance and Alta Bloomquist was
                                    services.                           a guest not a committee mem-
30th. Online registration is Sun-                                       ber. Janice seconded. Motion
day, Oct. 9th. Jamie will see if    Lay Ministry: Present: Florene      carried with corrections. The
the youth can participate in the    Rogne and Ray Sletteland guest      committee reviewed our
11:00 service and possible pot-     Pastor Jeff. They discussed         budget. Choir rehearsal will be-
luck after the service with a       home communion visits. Men’s        gin August 31st. Everyone is wel-
short meeting to follow. We         Club: No report WELCA:              come. The pianos are in need
then met with Christian Educa-      Miriam Circle will meet on Au-      of tuning. Tom Wade has do-
tion board to set some dates for    gust 10th to assemble hospice       nated an upright piano to St
activities this coming year.        kits and newborn kits for Global    Olaf. Arrangements need to be
                                    Health Ministries. They will be     made about delivery. Monday
Church Properties: Present:         given to the health clinic of our   Aug. 15th Pastor Jeff and the
Chuck Olson, Joe Yager, New-        companion synod, Central Afri-      committee will be meeting with
ton Lindseth, Roger Knutson and     can Republic. All interested        a representative from Tri-Corne
Kirk Sweeney. Absent: Lloyd         members of St Olaf are wel-         audio regarding the audio and
Hintz. Old Business: Mission        come to join them and coffee        visual system at the church. The
Statement of the Retreat Cen-       and kuchen will be served. Re-      congregation has raised
ter was questioned and will be      port submitted by Florene           $5462.00 of the $7483.44
looked up. Better use of the Re-    Rogne.                              needed for the pew bibles. We
treat Center was discussed.                                             will request $2200.00 from the
One idea was to have the Re-        Outreach & Evangelism: No           contingency fund to complete
treat Center worship services on    meeting                             the purchase. Meeting ad-
Wednesday evening and have                                              journed.
one service on Sunday, possibly     Stewardship: Met August 9th at
at an earlier time. Plans were      noon on the 3rd floor. Present:     Old Business: A. The Ann Clem-
made to install new windows in      Tom Wade, Mary Jane Stubbe          enson annuity of $6600.00 is cur-
the kitchen and library in Sep-     and Yvonne Herda. Minutes           rently in the contingency fund.
tember. New Business: The city      were accepted as printed in         Yvonne moved to place
engineer will be contacted          the August Spire. We reviewed       $3000.00 into the Foundation
about the special assessment of     videos for the Stewardship pro-     Fund and $2200.00 into the pew
the church for the 7th street wa-   gram “Make It Simple” and di-       bible fund to complete that
ter main project. Retreat Center:   vided up the areas that need to     project, Ray seconded, motion
No separate report.                 be completed. The committee         carried.
                                    will meet again on August 22nd
Congregational Life: Present:       at noon to go over materials        New Business: none
Bud & Kay Mootz, Karen Lind-        and timeline. There being no
seth, Helen Armstrong and           further business the meeting ad-    FYI: Pastor Jeff and Jamie will
guest Joe Hoiberg. Picnic for       journed at 1:15 pm.                 not be at the September meet-
opening of Sunday School will                                           ing because they will be at-
be sponsored by Congrega-           Worship & Music: Present: Mary      tending the annual retreat at
tional Life. Menu will be           Jane Blanchfield, Russ Pearson,     Fair Hills.
planned later. Bud & Kay            Lynda Pearson, Irving Thompson
Mootz will be moving at the end     and Janice Breakey. Irving
of September so more members        moved to accept the July min-       Respectively Submitted
will be needed for the commit-      utes with the following correc-     Kimberly Hatten
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                                        September 2011
     Sun                 Mon                Tue               Wed                Thu                 Fri                Sat

                                                                            1                   2                   3
                Summer Sunday Schedule:
                                                                            -6:30 WELCA Bible   -8:00 AA &          - 4:00 Logan &
  8:30 Worship Service at the Retreat Center - Sept. 4 & 11                Study                Al-Anon                Charla
  9:30 Coffee Fellowship at the Retreat Center - Sept. 4 & 11              -7:30 WELCA                               Hannesson
  10:00 Coffee Fellowship at St. Olaf                                       Meeting                                   Wedding
  11:00 Worship Service at St. Olaf                                        -7:00 Boy Scouts
        Communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays and Special Occasions

4                    5                6                   7                 8                   9                   10
 8:30 & 11:00        - 8:00 AA         -Quilting         - 7:15 Choir        -12:00 Board of    -8:00 AA &
Guitar Services                                                              Stewardship         Al-Non
                                       -4:30 Executive
                                       Committee                             -7:00 Boy Scouts

                                       -8:00 Al-Anon

11                   12               13                  14                15                  16                  17
-8:30 Last service                                                           -4:00 Thursday     -8:00 AA &
at Retreat Center    - 8:00 AA        -Quilting           - 7:15 Choir
                                                                             Fellowship at       Al-Anon
-9:30 Cong. Life                      -7:00 Boards                           Park Place
-10:00 Sunday
School Teachers                       -8:00 Council
Meeting                               -8:00 Al-Anon                          -7:00 Boy Scouts
-2:00 Worship at
Odd Fellows

18                   19               20                  21                22                  23                  24
  -9:40 RALLY        - 7:30 Prisca    -Quilting           -2:00 Lydia Circle
                                                                             -7:00 Boy Scouts   -Spire Deadline
    SUNDAY             Circle                             at Park Place
 - 12:00 Picnic                       -8:00 Al-Anon       -3:45 Wednesday
                     - 8:00 AA                            School                                -8:00 AA & Al-Non
                                                          -7:00 Confirmation
                                                          -7:15 Choir

25                   26               27                  28                29                  30
-9:45 Faith                                               -3:45 Wednesday -7:00 Boy Scouts
& Care Meeting for   -7:00            -Quilting                                                 -8:00 AA & Al-Non
                     Compassionate                        School, 7th & 8th
Group #2                                                  Grade Confirm.
                     Friends          -8:00 Al-Anon       Classes
-9:45 Altar Guild
                                                          -7:00 9th Grade
                     - 8:00 AA                            Confirm. Class
                                                          -7:15 Choir
                                                    12:00 p.m.
                                          Church Picnic
                                            9:40 a.m.
                     Rally Sunday
                                                                 Non-Profit Organization
                                                                 U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                 Permit No. 17
                                                                 Devils Lake, North Dakota
                                                                 Address Service Requested
                 September 2011
         St. Olaf Lutheran Church 
               601 6th Street NE 
       Devils Lake, ND  58301‐2525 
             Phone: 701‐662‐4911 
               Fax: 701‐662‐4820 
Pastor Jeffrey S. Nicla 
James W. Travers, Family Ministry Coordinator 
Darci Gilbertson, Office & Financial Secretary 
Kirk Sweeney, Custodian 
Lynda Pearson, Organist 
Russ Pearson, Choir Director 

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