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									                              Volume 9
                                         RCBA NewsBrief                                                       September 2009

      BOARD OF
                                                    COMMERCIAL LITIGATION ISSUES OF INTEREST
     DIRECTORS                            Submitted by Paul Savad, Esq. Chair, Commercial and Corporate Law Committee;
                                                         Susan Cooper, Esq., and Joseph Churgin, Esq., of
    Glenn W. Kelleher                                                Paul Savad & Associates
     Lynne S. Hilowitz
       President Elect
      Keith J. Cornell                   Your client, the corporate owner of a residential apartment building, fell two months
       Vice President
    Lawrence Codispoti        behind in mortgage payments. The bank elected to accelerate the loan, as provided in the note and
     Alan E. Goldstein        mortgage, demanding payment of the full loan balance due.              The bank then commenced a
     Sandria P. Garvin        foreclosure action, and served your client through the Secretary of State. Your client did not
     Executive Director
         Directors:           receive the summons and did not serve an answer. The bank moved for a default judgment and
     Stephen B. Lowe
    Alan G. Rosenblatt        for the appointment of a referee. The bank has rejected your client’s offer to pay the delinquent
     Patrick T. Burke
     Robert D. Fenster        payments, plus penalties, interest and attorneys fees.
     Cassandra Bilotta
        Larry Gantt                      Will you be able to vacate your client’s default?
     Robert B. Marcus
       Ira S. Schoeps                    The answer is yes.
      Shelley A. Forde
     Larry J. Schwartz                           In Washington Mutual Bank v. Saint Nicholas Ave Holdings LLC, 7/29/09 N.Y.L.J.
   James J. Freeman, Jr.
     Elizabeth A. Haas
     Martin S. Butcher
                              26 (col. 1) (Sup. Ct. N.Y. Co.), the defendant owned a 6-unit residential apartment building in
                              Harlem. Due to residents failing to pay their rent, the defendant fell two months behind in
   Inside This Issue
        Page 1                mortgage payments owed to the plaintiff bank, WAMU, totaling approximately $7,500. The
  Commercial Litigation
    Issues of Interest        defendant promptly tendered the delinquent payments, plus legal fees, interest and penalties, but
   by Paul Savad, Esq.
                              the bank rejected the payment. After the defendant complained to the Banking Department,
         Page 2-3
   How Firewalls Work         the bank elected to accelerate the entire loan of $470,000, plus interest, penalties and legal fees.
        Part 2 of 2
    by Isaac Steinfeld                   The defendant was served with the summons and complaint through the Secretary of
     Annual Dinner            State, as authorized by the CPLR. Personal service on the defendant was not attempted, although
         Page 4-6             the bank knew that the defendant’s principal maintained a law office in the building.
   2009 Interim List of
“Qualified & “Not Qualified              The bank moved for entry of a default judgment of foreclosure, the appointment of a
  Submitted by IJEQC          referee to compute and an appointment of a receiver of rents. The defendant moved to vacate its
       CLE Calendar           default, admitting its two late payments, and reciting the bank’s refusal to allow it to promptly pay
         Page 7-9             what was owed.
 Personal Injury Litigation
     Issues of Interest                  The Court granted the defendant’s motion to vacate its default, noting that CPLR §3102
   by Jeffrey A. Adams
             ~                (d) provides that “the Court may extend the time to appear or plead, or to compel the acceptance
                              of a pleading untimely served, upon such terms as may be just and upon a showing of a reasonable
       Page 10-11
 I Do Not Need A Website      excuse for the delay or default”. The Court found reasonable excuse, because there was no
    by Besjon Alivandi
        Classifieds           evidence that the defendant intended to default, and indeed, there was evidence to the contrary.
       Page 12-14                        The lesson?
     Movin, In & Out
         Births               Foreclosure is an equitable action in which the mortgagor’s early tender of delinquent payments
        Red Mass              may predispose a court to exercise its discretion in favor of the mortgagor.
     CLE Registration
   PAGE       2                                                                                   VOLUME           9

                                      How Firewalls Work (Part 2 of 2)
This two-part article has been (slightly adapted and) reprinted with permission from, a website widely
recognized as a leading source for clear, unbiased, reliable explanations of how things actually works.

In the last article, we described some of the benefits of using a firewall to protect your company’s computer systems from
being invaded by hackers and from becoming compromised. In this article we will focus on specific threats that exist and what
level of protection required to counteract them. It is important to realize that a firewall is not a single panacea from all the
threats that exist and that a multi-pronged approach is necessary for comprehensive computer security.

There are many creative ways that unscrupulous people use to access or abuse unprotected computers. Some of them are…
•Remote login - When someone is able to connect to your computer and control it in some form. This can range from being able to view or
access your files to actually running programs on your computer.
•Application backdoors - Some programs have special features that allow for remote access. Others contain bugs that provide a
backdoor, or hidden access, that provides some level of control of the program.
•Operating system bugs - Like applications, some operating systems have backdoors. Others provide remote access with insufficient
security controls or have bugs that an experienced hacker can take advantage of.
•Denial of service - You have probably heard this phrase used in news reports on the attacks on major Web sites. This type of attack is
nearly impossible to counter. What happens is that the hacker sends a request to the server to connect to it. When the server responds
with an acknowledgement and tries to establish a session, it cannot find the system that made the request. By inundating a server with
these unanswerable session requests, a hacker causes the server to slow to a crawl or eventually crash.
•Viruses - Probably the most well-known threat is computer viruses. A virus is a small program that can copy itself to other computers.
This way it can spread quickly from one system to the next. Viruses range from harmless messages to erasing all of your data.
•Spam - Typically harmless but always annoying, spam is the electronic equivalent of junk mail. Spam can be dangerous though. Quite
often it contains links to Web sites. Be careful of clicking on these because you may accidentally accept a cookie that provides a
backdoor to your computer.

While some firewalls offer virus protection, it is worth the investment to install anti-virus software on each computer. Installing some
level of spyware protection is also recommended. Consider the free Windows Defender from Microsoft for this purpose. (Download it
from And, even though it is annoying, some spam is going to get
through your firewall as long as you accept e-mail.

The level of security you establish will determine how many of these threats can be stopped by your firewall. The highest level of
security would be to simply block everything. Obviously that defeats the purpose of having an Internet connection. But a common rule of
thumb is to block everything, and then begin to select what types of traffic you will allow. You can also restrict traffic that travels through
the firewall so that only certain types of information, such as e-mail, can get through. This is a good rule for businesses that have an
experienced network administrator that understands what the needs are and knows exactly what traffic to allow through. For most of us,
it is probably better to work with the defaults provided by the firewall developer unless there is a specific reason to change it.

There are times that you may want remote users to have access to items on your network. Some examples are, a Web-site, Online
business or a FTP download and upload area.

In cases like this, you may want to create a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). Although this sounds pretty serious, it really is just an area that is
outside the firewall or in some instances connected to a specially designated port on the firewall. Think of DMZ as the front yard of your
house. It belongs to you and you may put some things there, but you would put anything valuable inside the house where it can be
properly secured.

Setting up a DMZ is very easy. If you have multiple computers, you can choose to simply place one of the computers between the Internet
connection and the firewall. Most of the software firewalls available will allow you to designate a directory on the gateway computer as a

Once you have a firewall in place, you should test it. A great way to do this is to go to and try their free Shields Up! security
test. You will get immediate feedback on just how secure your system is!

This article has been submitted by Isaac Steinfeld, MCSE, of Rockland Computer Specialists. He is available to respond to any
questions relating to this article or other technology related matters. Isaac can be reached at 845 367-1441 or at
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                                               SAVE THE DATE

                                                Annual Dinner
                                           Thursday, October 29, 2009
                                                   6:30 p.m.
                                              Pearl River Hilton

                                          Honorable William A. Kelly
                                           Supreme Court Justice
                                             State of New York

                                                   FOR SALE
                                    4 DRAW LEGAL FILE CABINETS (TAN)
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                                     MESSAGE FROM HON. SCHEINKMAN
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                                    In addition the regular “Term Sheets” in the display case
                                    located in the area in front of the magnetometers. The “Term
                                    Sheets” will list names of all Westchester judges and their
                                    assignments, courtrooms, clerks, court reporters, and
                                    associated telephone numbers. In the near future, we will be
                                    posting the “Term Sheet” and, eventually, daily calendar
                                    information on the District’s website: http://
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                                      AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MEMBERSHIP
                                         OF THE ROCKLAND COUNTY BAR
Since 2007, Hudson Valley Bank has sponsored various Association related events in some very significant ways. We
are committed to doing even more! You can help make it happen!
Your Association benefits by your decision to place your attorney trust and business accounts with Hudson Valley Bank.
It is what makes our ongoing sponsorship of local Bar Association programs possible.
Perhaps more importantly, you and your firm benefit directly from Hudson Valley’s commitment to attorneys. We don’t
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      Joseph Ruhl                                     Ana Morais                              Larry McElroen

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                  Hudson Valley Bank---254 South Main Street, Suite 110---New City, New York 10956

Hudson Valley Bank is an independently owned local bank with $2.5 billion in assets, serving the metropolitan area with 30 branches
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                 RETIREMENT DINNER                                    (718) 875-5199                FAX: (718) 855-6866
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  Second Judicial Department Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commissions Announce
                      2009 Interim List of “Qualified” and “Not Qualified” Candidates
 (BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, N.Y.) Pursuant to Part 150 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts, Independent
 Judicial Election Qualifications Commissions (“IJEQCs”) have been established in each of the judicial districts of New York
 State. The IJEQC is charged with responsibility of evaluating the qualifications of candidates within its judicial district who
 submit a questionnaire and seeking election to the following New York State Courts: Supreme, County, Surrogate’s, Family,
 New York City Civil, District, and City.

 After careful consideration, the Independent Judicial Election Qualifications Commissions for the Second Judicial Department
 have recently announced the following ratings for candidates for judicial offices within the 2nd, 9th, 10th , 11th and 13th Judicial
 Districts. Additional candidates are under consideration.

 Any candidate found qualified for election to judicial office is deemed qualified for that office for three years in the absence of
 new information that may reflect adversely upon his or her qualifications and background. Any candidate not found qualified
 for election to judicial office is deemed not to be qualified for that judicial office for one year from the date of submission of the
 candidate’s application to the commission.

 For a list of 2007 and 2008 rated candidates and information regarding the evaluation process, visit the IJEQC web page at or contact Vivian McCallum, Director, at the address above, by telephone at 347-401-9248, or by
 email at

                                               FOUND QUALIFIED
 Judicial District                                 Name                                            Judicial Position
    2nd JD                                     ADAMS, RACHEL A.                                 Judge of the Civil Court

 Judicial District                                   Name                                         Judicial Position
    9th JD                                     BELLANTONI, ORAZIO R.                           Supreme Court Justice
    9th JD                                       COHEN, JEFFREY A                              Supreme Court Justice
    9th JD                                     HUBERT, JAMES W. (JR)                           Supreme Court Justice
    9th JD                                      STEINBERG, DAVID L                             Supreme Court Justice
    9th JD                                      COLANGELO, JOHN P.                           Judge of the County Court
    9th JD                                      FORMAN, PETER M                              Judge of the Family Court

 Judicial District                               Name                                             Judicial Position
   10th JD                             EMERSON, ELIZABETH HAZLITT                               Supreme Court Justice
   10th JD                                  FLANAGAN, JAMES P.                                 Judge of the District Court
   10th JD                                  MARGOLIN, ROBERT A.                                Judge of the District Court
   10th JD                                   MURPHY, GLENN A.                                  Judge of the District Court
   10th JD                                 PARLATORE, ANTHONY M.                               Judge of the District Court

                                                                                              Continued on Page 6……….
 PAGE       6                                                                                            VOLUME            9

Judicial District                                    Name                                                    Judicial Position
   11th JD                                      LEWIS, DANIEL                                              Supreme Court Justice
   11th JD                                YABLON, EIZABETH RUTH                                            Supreme Court Justice
   11th JD                              BUTLER, LAURENTINA McKETNEY                                       Judge of the Civil Court
   11th JD                                 HAWKINS, DAVID MICHAEL                                         Judge of the Civil Court
   11th JD                               KIRSCHNER, AGNES KERTESZ                                          Judge of the Civil Court
   11th JD                                    LOVE, LAURENCE L                                             Judge of the Civil Court

Judicial District                                        Name                                                 Judicial Position
   13th JD                                         MINARDO, PHILIP G.                                       Supreme Court Justice

                                                     FOUND NOT QUALIFIED

Judicial District                                    Name                                                     Judicial Position
   11th JD                                KIRSCHNER, AGNES KERTESZ                                          Supreme Court Justice

                                                    APPLICATIONS PENDING
Judicial District                                         Name                                               Judicial Position
   9th JD                                             SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL                                    Supreme Court Justice
Judicial District                                          Name                                               Judicial Position
   10th JD                                             ANZALONE, ANNA R.                                   Judge of the District Court

                                                     CLE CALENDAR
                                                  Thursday, September 17, 2009
                                                CLE: Improvisation For Lawyers
                               Time: 6:00 p.m.– 9:00 p.m. (Registration @ 5:30 p.m.) Light Dinner
                                               Level: Transitional/Non-Transitional
                                    Cost: $75.00 in advance; $85 at the door; $95 non-members
                                                     $40 paralegals and students
                                    Place: Rockland BOCES Conference Center, West Nyack
                                           Credits: 3 (2.5 Professional Practice; .5 Ethics)
                                                     Thursday, October 1, 2009
                                              CLE: Bankruptcy Law Update 2009
                               Time: 6:00 p.m.– 9:00 p.m. (Registration @ 5:30 p.m.) Light Dinner
                                               Level: Transitional/Non-Transitional
                                    Cost: $75.00 in advance; $85 at the door; $95 non-members
                                                     $40 paralegals and students
                                    Place: Rockland BOCES Conference Center, West Nyack
                                           Credits: 3 (2.5 Professional Practice; .5 Ethics)
  **Kosher Meals are dependant on the delivery service available from the caterer. All kosher meals must be ordered in advance and require an extra
               charge of $10.00. Call the Association and place an order for a kosher meal. Please give us at least one weeks notice.
                                                     Credit is not given for partial attendance.
                  Make sure your blue evaluation forms are completed and turned in to CLE Coordinator to receive your certificate.
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                                  PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATION
         Public misconceptions in the field of personal injury law equal or exceed any other area of legal practice.
 Rarely does a day, and certainly not more than a week, pass without some invective comment. “Coffee is supposed
 to be hot”, “Don’t shirk your responsibility”, and “You want something for nothing?” are frequent sound bites.
 Whether on television, in print, or on a blog; a politician, corporate bigwig, or so-called pundit; our neighbors,
 friends, or family; everyone seems to have an opinion.
         It is my privilege with this column to begin a platform to address some of the myths and facts of tort law.
 Future columns will deal with topical issues concerning personal injury law, specific types of accidents, do’s and
 don’ts; in short, anything having to do with accidents. Feel free to offer comments, criticisms, or suggestions.
         Public perception is that accident litigation is on the rise; that people look to sue for any reason, no reason,
 good reason, or bad reason. The reality is that there is less personal injury litigation today than in prior years.
 Every year for the last 20 years personal injury litigation has lessened. Many may disagree with this statement but
 the facts prove otherwise.
         Many people claim that personal injury lawsuits are bad for business, bad for the consumer, and bad for the
 Country. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a cost to businesses to test their products, but the cost of
 a test is cheaper than the cost of a defective, dangerous, and injurious product.
         Personal injury lawsuits that protect the consumer are too many to name. I offer a few. Several years ago
 Ford knowingly kept a car that killed and injured people on our highways. Lawsuits exposed this horror and Ford
 recalled the Pinto. Prior to litigation, railroad crossings did not have gates and lights. Seatbelts, airbags, crumple
 zones, and head restraints have all been improved due to lawsuits. Children were being injured and killed due to
 automatic garage doors that did not have electronic eyes and recoil mechanisms. Only after parents sued did this
 change come about. Cigarette warning labels and no smoking zones have been influenced by litigation. As part of
 the tobacco settlement a few years ago, plaintiff lawyers were able to establish a fund to pay for advertising that
 speaks to the dangers of smoking. Even the simple and obvious idea of putting an “x” on the area of the body to be
 operated upon came about because of a lawsuit.
         Safe products whether at home or abroad are one of the hallmarks of our Country. We should not put
 people in harm’s way. This is good business, keeps us strong, and simply put is the right thing to do.
         In 2002 the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry had a net-profit of approximately $1.1 billion dollars.
 Since then we had the horrific terrorist attacks of “9/11”, the devastation of hurricane Katrina, and other
 unfortunate disasters. While our premiums continue to escalate, what many do not know is that insurance profits
 soar. In 2004 the industry collectively had an after tax profit of $40.5 billion dollars, then the largest in history. In
 2005 profits were $48.8 billion, in 2006 profits were $67.6 billion, and in 2007 profits scaled back slightly to $65
 billion. Total net income for the period 2003 – 2007 was $253.1 billion.
         What motivates insurance rates are risk, disaster, investments, and management. Insurance executes and
 lobbyists admit these facts, including a recent interview by an executive of AIG. Personal injury litigation is a
 system for those unfortunately injured due to negligence to be fairly compensated, and to protect others from
 continued negligence, no more and no less.

         Jeff Adams, Esq., 455 Route 304, Ste 105, Bardonia, NY…. 845-638-6800
 PAGE      8                                                                                 VOLUME           9

                                     12 tips from Lawyer Assistance Program
These tips are offered to aid in one’s personal life. The following are the 12 suggested steps of Alcohol Anonymous, a proven
self-help organization.

1.  Recognize I have a problem. Denial is a barrier to moving on.
2.  Accept that another party can assist with the situation. Discuss the situation with a trusted friend. Seek counseling.
3.  Trust that another party can handle the responsibility. Let go of ownership of the problem and assign the mechanics to a
4. Examine my self. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What do I wish to keep? What do I wish to change?
5. Recognize my weaknesses by revealing them to a trusted party; communicate my willingness to change.
6. Prepare to make the change. Resolve I will be a different person, for the better.
7. Take the action to change. Move from resolution to doing.
8. List persons to strengthen our relationship. Improve communication with people in our lives.
9. Actually talk, see, and be with people that are in your life. Be active; be personable.
10. Do a regular inventory of myself. Periodically take stock of where I’m at, where I’ve been and where I’m going. List my
    plusses and minuses. Recognize where I need to improve.
11. Use mediation. Practice speaking my wishes. Learn to listen to the whispering of serendipity; to hear things I missed in the
12. Help others. Be active in community. Offer to do things that contribute to the larger world.

 It’s not easy to admit there is a problem. It’s even harder when you think no one notices. But they do. Asking for
  help could be difficult. Knowing there is help available makes it a little easier. Understanding the unique needs of
                                 our colleagues is crucial that’s why we’re here for you.
                                                         Contact us:
                                         LAWYERS HELPING LAWYERS
                         Ben Selig, Esq., (845) 942-2222; Barry Sturtz, Esq., (845) 369-3000
                 Paul Goldhamer, Esq., (845) 356-2570; Lynn Brustein-Kampel, Esq., (845) 634-4700

Need a Place to Meet in New City?                                                                          Sharon Tucker

                                                                  ERA Tucker Associates, Inc.
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           usage, faxes and copies.                               IT TAKES ABOUT 60 DAYS TO RECEIVE
                                                                             THE NEW ONE.”
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 I Do NOT Need A Website!
 By Besjon Alivandi

 Having a website may seem pointless. After all, you have a healthy roster of clients and continue to attract new
 business through referrals, the Yellow-Pages, and other existing advertising or marketing efforts. So why would you
 want to change a system that has worked for years?

 In this introductory article we will define websites,        As such, they rightly concluded, their website was not
 examine the role of a website, and explore a common          worth any real investment of time or money and saw little
 website misconception. It will be the first article of a     benefit from it.
 series concerning websites, website marketing, and
 related technologies and activities that benefit the legal  However, a website can actively provide real added value
 professional. To begin, let's define “website” and some     to a firm. For example, a professional website can be
 related terminology.                                        instrumental in attracting new business if harnessed
                                                             correctly. Attorneys and legal firms, who utilize warm
             What exactly is a “website”?                    leads and referrals generated from their website, have the
 A website is a collection of related webpages that are potential for significant growth.
 addressed with a common domain name on the Internet.
                                                                   A website as a tool for business growth
 A “webpage” is a document that is composed of text,
 images, videos, or other digital assets. To view a website, One local attorney in Monsey, NY specializing in
 a person needs to have a computer connected to the Inter- uncontested divorces, generates almost all of his business
 net, a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or directly from his website. While this is a specialized case
 Apple's Safari), and the address – or domain name – of of a highly focused online marketing strategy, there is no
 the website.       Examples of domain names are: reason you can't start getting new clients from your own,, and            website.

 The first webpage that is displayed when going to the        The caveat? You must ensure your website is developed
 domain name is called the homepage. The homepage is          effectively to harness Internet technologies and connect
 connected to other webpages in the website by clickable      with those seeking your services.
 areas such as underlined or highlighted text, buttons, and
 images. The address that is displayed when you click a       Potential new clients must be able to find you not only by
 link is called a URL such as     searching for your name on their favorite search engine,
                                                              such as or, but also by searching
           A website as an online brochure                    for the subject of their particular area of interest.
 When a firm first sets up a website, many times their goal
 will be to simply “be on the Internet.” They first          For example, if a person is looking for an attorney to
 purchase a personalized and meaningful domain name          assist in an uncontested divorce in the New York area,
 such as their or and then            that person may search for “divorce attorney NY” or
 create a basic website.                                     “uncontested divorce Brooklyn”, etc... Having your
                                                             website appear in response to a person's search is
 Most of the time, this initial presence on the Internet absolutely key to attracting new clients and will be the
 simply serves as an expanded business listing or an online subject of next month's article.
 brochure with their contact information, an “about us”
 page, a description of services, and other information they
 would like potential clients to see.                        This article has been submitted by Besjon Alivandi.
                                                             Besjon is Executive Dir. of and has
           The great website misconception                   over 15 years of experience building websites. LegalSite-
 The largest misconception we found among attorneys we is based in Monsey, NY and specializes in
 have interviewed is that their website can only serve as an websites for legal professionals. Contact Besjon at
 online brochure for their business.                         1-800-680-6829 or via email at
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                                           YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, STAFF, AND FRIENDS
                                                   ARE CORDIALLY INVITED
                                          TO THE ANNUAL “RED MASS’ IN WHITE PLAINS,
                                                         NEW YORK
                                                     GUILD OF NEW YORK
        Has relocated his office to
         11 North Airmont Road                   THE MASS WILL BE CELEBRATED BY
           Suffern, NY 10901              THE MOST REVEREND GERALD T. WAALSH, D.D.
Phone (845) 426-5790 Fax (845) 426-5793    Rector, St. Joseph’s Seminary and Auxiliary Bishop,
                                                         Archdiocese of New York
                                               ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CHURCH
       LAURA M. CATINA, ESQ.                               148 Hamilton Avenue
                                           (Between Grove Street & North Lexington Avenue)
    f/k/a Laura M. Feigenbaum, Esq.                       White Plains, New York
             Has relocated to               ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2009, at 6:00 P.M.
       Condon & Associates, PLLC                     *******************
    55 Old Turnpike Road, Suite 502       LAWYERS OF ALL FAITHS AND THEIR FAMILIES
                                                  ARE INVITED TO ATTEND
            Nanuet, NY 10954
                                           The Red Mass is a solemn Mass invoking the guidance of
             (845) 627-8500                the Holy Spirit on the deliberations of the Courts and on             the endeavors of all members of the legal profession.
                                          Tradition holds that it came to be called “Red” symbolizing
                                          the scriptural “Tongues of Fire” descent of the gifts of the
                                                         Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.
 IF YOU HAVE MOVED OR WILL BE MOVING,         This venerable custom began in Europe in the 13th
     PLEASE CALL THE ASSOCIATION @        century. From the time of Edward I, the Mass was offered
              (845) 634-2149              at Westminster Abbey at the opening of Michaelmas Term.
   SO WE CAN UPDATE OUR                        Similar celebrations are held in Paris and Rome.
         RECORDS.                          In the New World, the practice was instituted by the Guild
                                            of Catholic Lawyers of the Archdiocese of New York in
                                          1928, with Patrick Cardinal Hayes presiding. It provides a
                                             unique opportunity for the legal profession to seek the
                                            special gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding,
                                                              counsel, and fortitude.

                            We Thank the David J. Yvars Group, Inc.,
                                       for sponsoring
                                GUARDIAN AD LITEM 2009
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                                                  DISCIPLINARY LAW
                                                  (914) 682-0037
 Michael Zall
                                                             RICHARD E. GRAYSON
                                                              ATTORNEY AT LAW
                       Two Yorkshire Drive
 PATENTS             Suffern, New York10901                175 MAIN STREET, SUITE 307
                                                          WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK 10601
 TRADEMARKS              Tel# (845) 357-6800
 COPYRIGHTS             Fax# (845) 357-4616

                                                                SAVE THE DATE

                                                       THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY
                                                           HUDSON VALLEY REGION
                                                              14TH ANNIVERSARY
                                                      MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST
                                                                 CANCER WALK
     Angelina Marie Cuccinello                             SUNDAY-OCTOBER 18, 2009
                 6 lbs 6.8 oz                              AT WOODBURY COMMON
                July 1, 2009                                  PREMIUM OUTLETS
                Proud Parents                                FOR MORE INFO CALL:
                                                             800-233-5049 EXT. 13 OR
  Elizabeth & Peter Cuccinello, Jr.             

          Jack Rory Zitofsky
                  7 lbs 12 oz                                 MEMBERSHIP DUES
               August 23, 2009
                                                      MEMBERSHIP RENWALS FOR 2009/2010
                Proud Parents
                                                          HAVE BEEN MAILED OUT.
       Eric & Laura Zitofsky                        THOSE RECEIVING CORRESPONDANCE BY
                                                     E-MAIL WILL RECEIVE THEIR RENEWAL
                                                                 VIA E-MAIL.
           ASSOCIATION                             IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR RENWAL
                                                  NOTICE, PLEASE CONTACT THE ASSOCIATION
   Book: Shanghai Girls by Lisa See                                OVERSTOCK

   September 29, 2009 (6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.)       WE HAVE 4 CRIMINAL TRIAL ADVOCACY 8TH
                                                  EDITION BOOKS AVAILABLE AT NO COST. IF YOU
 City Line Restaurant, 258 S. Main St, New City    ARE INTERESTED PLEASE CALL LESLIE @ THE
   $25.00 (includes light dinner & soft drinks)                  ASSOCIATION
RSVP to Pat Bachan @ 845-639-3800 by 9/15/09                      845-634-2149
                                                                                                               US POSTAGE
                                                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                                              MONSEY, NY
                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 5683

                                                  We’re on the web

Name(s)_________________________________________Updated E-mail____________________________

 Improv for Lawyers -       September 17, 2009                                       6:00 p.m.— 9:00 p.m. $ 75.00

 Bankruptcy Law Update - October 1, 2009                                             6:00 p.m.— 9:00 p.m. $ 75.00

 Free speech and the Internet - November 5, 2009                                     6:00 p.m.— 9:00 p.m. $ 75.00

 Sophisticated Estate Plan- November 18, 2009                                        6:00 p.m.— 9:00 p.m. $ 75.00

                                         Credit is not given for partial attendance.
    Make sure your blue evaluation forms are completed and turned in to CLE Coordinator to receive your certificate.
    If you pre-pay but are unable to attend the seminar you will be refunded the full amount only upon advance notice
                                (3:00 P.M. the day of the seminar) of your non attendance.
  **Kosher Meals are dependant on the delivery service available from the caterer. All kosher meals must be ordered in
 advance and require an extra charge of $10.00. Call the Association to place an order for a kosher meal. Please give us at
                                                 least one weeks notice.

                                                   **Hardship Policy**

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