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                                                  your specific niche.
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                                                           Affiliate Communication
                                                               By Sharon Housley

  Affiliate Communication
 by: Sharon Housley

Communication is Key!

When building an affiliate network communicating with affiliates is important for merchants to maintain
a good relationship. An affiliate's web site targets visitors, who may not necessarily view a merchant's
web site, and therefore expands a merchants market. An affiliate may not be able to actively keep up
with the merchants product, it is important for a merchant to keep affiliate's informed about new
product information, sales, new releases, links, graphics, promotions and special offers.

Keep in mind, not all affiliates are going to produce a high volume of traffic, and importantly, visitors
who want to purchase a merchant's products or services. The occasional gem makes the time taken
well worth your effort. Talk with successful affiliates, find out what they are doing to effectively promote
your software, and use that information to assist those affiliates who are not as successful.

Assist affiliates in understanding your product; no one knows your products like you do. For affiliates to
drive traffic that will convert to sales, they need to understand the benefits of the product they are
marketing. Once an affiliate knows the product, they will be better able to act as an extended sales
force. In order for the affiliate to make the effort, you simply must support them!

Make Communication Easy

Many 3rd party affiliate-tracking programs notify both the affiliate and merchant of a sale. This can
often be automated and will create positive communication between merchants and affiliates. Making
an affiliate's role easier will help them increase earnings and further promote a merchants site.

Provide affiliates with great looking graphics and sample text. Graphics that work best are those that
highlight your web site, yet fit the look of an affiliate's web site.

Newsletters are another great way to get information to affiliates. Include tips and specific for affiliates,

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along with general marketing advice that helps with site promotion. If you are looking for software to
manage newsletters, I highly recommend Group Mail -. http://tinyurl.com/23ljy

Affiliate Taboos

An affiliate generates a sale for a product and the merchant promptly decreases the commission. This
sends a very negative message to the affiliate, in many cases they've taken a lot of time to place links,
promote products and because they've driven effective traffic their commission is decreased. If its
necessary to decrease a commission for whatever reason, be sure to include a personal note detailing
the reason and letting the affiliate know that you still support their efforts.

A Cheat?

An affiliate sale occurs, you go to their website and don't find any links you decide they must be
cheating you! This conclusion is simply a based on poor communication and reporting. Many, many
affiliates have multiple sites, very few affiliate tracking programs allow affiliates to list multiple sites, and
in many cases the number of sites listed do not accurately reflect the number of sites owned and
managed by the affiliate. Additionally many affiliates manage opt-in newsletters that may result in
sales, but links are not visible on a website. An example of a popular ezine often promoting affiliates is

Links, Links, Links

Keep your links valid! If you update a section of the site or remove an offer provide a redirect or retain
the link saying that such and such offer has expired and a new one has replaced it. It seems a waste to
discard targeted traffic because a special has expired. Be sure to communicate with your affiliates, and
if a link will only be good for a specified length of time tell them up front. When an offer expires notify
affiliates a week prior to the expiration with a reminder. This will give them ample time to make any
needed updates.

Added Incentives!

Affiliates love added bonuses for reaching goals or specified levels of sales. Many of the 3rd party
affiliate vendors run contests and provide large incentives for their top performing ones. Reward and
praise successful affiliates.

Affiliates tend to be experts in other areas, which relate to a merchants business; therefore, by
communicating useful information, and helping affiliates increase their earnings, they will give added
exposure and increase your sales. Communicating with affiliates will ultimately benefit visitors of both
sites. A little effort in the beginning can mean big rewards in the long run.

Sharon Housley manages marketing for NotePage, Inc. http://www.notepage.net a company
specializing in alphanumeric paging, SMS and wireless messaging software solutions. Other sites by
Sharon can be found at http://www.softwaremarketingresource.com and

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                               Affiliate Networks - What to Look For in a Good Program
                                                         By Matthew Henderson

If you want to give affiliate marketing a try, you need to join a program. Thankfully, affiliate networks
are free to join and also easy to find. All you have to do is check out Clickbank and Commission
Junction programs and browse around until you find a product you'd like to promote.

 If you want to bring success to an affiliate network, then it's best you promote only items you're familiar
with. Don't just sign up for a program because the commissions are good, especially if you don't even
know the first thing about the products involved. Success on the internet includes finding a quality
product that is easy for you to understand, finding an audience to target your marketing to, turning
leads into sales, and following up on your customers to make sure they're satisfied.

 It may seem like a lot of hard work, and while it can be, you won't feel as if you're working at all once
you get the hang of everything! Just as long as you sell products you're familiar with, you will find that
promoting them can be fun. There's an old saying that if you find something you love, you'll never have
to work again. This saying describes affiliate networks and internet marketing perfectly.

 Perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself when debating whether or not to
promote a certain product is, "Would I buy this myself at its current price?" If you believe that you
would, then you can reasonably expect that some other people may as well. However, if you don't think
the product is worth its current price, then you may want to look for products within a different affiliate

 Although promoting a product you like is a must, if you're new to affiliate networks altogether then you
need to sign up for a program where there is good communication between merchants and affiliates.
Some networks have special training programs to help new affiliates get started! Communication is
essential, therefore it's in your best interest to join an affiliate network that makes communication a top

 Don't worry if you don't make your first sale right off the bat. You're not a lone. There are thousands of
other internet users just starting out too. There are training programs, guides, informative articles,
blogs, etc. that will teach you everything you need to know. As long as you sign up for with good
affiliate networks, you will receive guidance from others as well.

 You may become frustrated sometimes, and even disappointed. You need to learn to face any and
every challenge that comes your way. Remember, even the best affiliates make mistakes sometimes,
and the "worst" affiliates and the ones who never learn from their mistakes. Whatever you do, never
give up. Using affiliate networks is a great, fun way to make money, but in order to succeed, you need
to be prepared for anything.

 You will need to learn certain marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization, social
networking, article marketing, back linking, directory submissions, and so forth. It may take you a little
while to get going, but once you do, you'll be glad that you chose affiliate networks as a means for
starting your own business!

Matt Henderson, owner of http://MyOnlineSuccess.com, is an affiliate internet marketing coach. Learn

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