High-Speed Internet Access For Remote Canadian Communities

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                          High-Speed Internet Access For Remote Canadian Communities
                                                 By News Canada

  High-Speed Internet Access For Remote Canadian Communities
 by: News Canada

(NC)—We are in the information age dominated by an on-demand knowledge society. Canada is one
of the most connected countries in the world and the Internet has become so central to our lives that
many people can't do their work or stay in touch without it.

In short, today's world demands high-speed Internet access.

And the demand for speed is growing as the Internet becomes an essential part of modern life and new
bandwidth-hungry services, applications and devices are rolled out.

But what if you're among the more than 7.5 million Canadians in rural and remote communities who
don't have cable or DSL high-speed broadband access? Typically, these areas of the country have
been underserved by the simple fact that the economics of a land-based system will never justify mass

Fortunately, there is a solution for many of these remote residents – a high-speed satellite Internet
service offered by Bell ExpressVu's DirecPC. Essentially, the system uses the same Bell ExpressVu
satellite dish as the Bell ExpressVu TV service, but works independently from the satellite receiver to
deliver data to your computer.

How fast is satellite Internet? DirecPC features download speeds of up to 400 kbps - that's up to seven
times faster than a traditional 56k modem.

In every day terms, that means users can download a 4MB audio file in 60-70 seconds compared with
over 19 minutes using a 56K modem. Or download a 1MB video file in a little over 16 seconds
compared with almost 5 minutes using a 56K modem.

It's a broadband Internet access service that is always on and is available to anyone, anywhere in
Canada with a phone line and a local Internet Service Provider.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Increasingly, high-speed Internet is becoming a must-have service. According to Canada's National
Broadband Task Force, the vast majority of Canadians are going to require high-speed Internet access
to use new online services from governments and businesses that are increasingly placing information
and products on secure Web sites. All aspects of our society are being altered by the availability of the
Internet to the point that e-business and e-learning are seen by many as crucial to the development of
our economy.

Without high-speed access, the benefits of these new services are generally restricted to Canadians
living in the largest urban areas of the country. DirecPC satellite, however, levels the playing field for
those living in remote or rural areas.

DirecPC is available from Bell ExpressVu dealers throughout Canada or by contacting Bell ExpressVu
at 1-888-DirecPC (347-3272) or direcpcinfo@expressvu.com. For more information, please visit

- News Canada

News Canada provides a wide selection of current, ready-to-use copyright free news stories and ideas
for Television, Print, Radio, and the Web.

News Canada is a niche service in public relations, offering access to print, radio, television, and now
the Internet media, with ready-to-use, editorial "fill" items. Monitoring and analysis are two more of our
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are packaged in a variety of ready-to-use formats and are made available to every Canadian media
organization including weekly and daily newspapers, cable and commercial television stations, radio
stations, as well as the Web sites Canadians visit most often. Visit News Canada and learn more about
the NC services.

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                      Telecommuting Gains Traction Because of Swine Flu Virus Scare
                                                        By Erick Simpson

The current H1N1 virus scare (Swine Flu) is driving the need for companies to be flexible in allowing
employees the ability to work from home if the pandemic continues to worsen. Available technologies
such as remote access secured by VPN (Virtual Private Networking) provide the capability to offer this
to remote workers.

 Many major corporations already have remote access services in place to help their field service
personnel access company resources. So the first thing to do is to contact your IT department to find
out if this capability already exists in your company.

 Company requirements. The methods available to companies to begin to allow access to their
systems via high-speed Internet vary. Opening up a port and adding a VPN tunnel into the business is
the first step. Then, you need to determine what interface will be used. A popular way is to allow
desktop access via a software solution such as GoToMyPC. Microsoft Windows operating systems
have Remote Desktop Connection built in to them and provide similar functionality.

 This would allow employees to connect to their desktop PC from their PC at home, and be able to
work just like they were sitting at their desk. They would not have to install any of the applications on
their home equipment, plus email settings and drive mappings would all be intact.

 Another scenario involving remote access includes users who have a laptop that they take home or on
the road with them. Chances are there already exist Internet connections for these users at these
locations, and since their applications are probably already installed on their laptop, they would not
have a need for a remote desktop software connection, but instead rely on their remote access
capabilities to work with data and files at the home office.

 Employee requirements. What does a remote employee need to have access to? Three things
generally fall into this category: email, files and applications. These could all be accessed via the
remote connections mentioned above. The only potential challenge would be local printing. But, since
current trends and attitudes shy away from unnecessary printing, the best thing to do would be to keep
documents in the digital realm and manage them appropriately.

 Since these applications would all be running on the user’s PC that is located at the office, there would
be no bottle-neck in speed. The PC at the work site would operate like normal, and the appropriate live
screen image would be sent back to the PC at home.

 Laptop users have somewhat more of a challenge, even with a very fast high-speed Internet
connection and good VPN software. This results from the need for the local applications on the laptop
to access data and files at the office over the Internet connection, which slows things down. The
amount of slowdown depends upon what is being accessed, but if it is large data files such as
databases, spreadsheets, publishing documents, etc., the speed difference will be noticeable and
might prevent the use of them altogether. In these situations, what works on a PC at home also works
on a laptop on the road, and Windows Remote Desktop Connection or 3rd-party desktop sharing
software would be a good option for the user.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 It matters little what the driving force is in allowing employees to work
 from home. If the capability to work remotely is available and it benefits the company, then it will be
promoted and used. It may also help in reducing the spread of biological viruses, and promote
environmental responsibility by reducing the frequency that users drive in to the office to perform their
work functions.

Erick Simpson is the Vice President, MSP University. Join MSP University FREE for all things
Managed Services. http://www.mspu.us

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