Victim-Witness Assistance Brochure by gegeshandong


                                                                                   USCP Information for                                 IF AN ARREST IS MADE

                                                                                 Victims and Witnesses of                          Once the case is filed, you will be con-
                                                                                          Crime                                tacted by the Assistant U.S. Attorney as-
                                                                                                                               signed to handle your case. Each U.S. Attor-
                                         Information for                                                                       ney’s Office has a Victim/Witness Coordina-
                                                                                                                               tor to help answer your questions and deal
                                           Victims and                            The United States Capitol Police (USCP)
                                                                                                                               with your concerns during the corresponding
                                                                                                                               stages of pretrial and trial process. Since
                                                                                                                               most criminal defendants are released on
                                      Witnesses of Crime                      is aware of and concerned about the prob-
                                                                              lems you may experience as a victim or           bond pending trial, you should not be sur-
                                                                              witness of crime. We understand the feel-        prised if this happens in your case.
                                                                              ings of confusion, frustration, fear, and an-
                                                                              ger sometimes suffered as a result of the           As a victim and/or witness of serious
                                                                              disruption of life which you have experi-        crime, the Assistant U.S. Attorney can pro-
                                                                              enced.                                           vide information on the following.

                                                                                                                               ●      Scheduling changes and/or continu-
                                     United States Capitol Police                 The following information has been pre-
                                                                                                                                      ances affecting your appearance or
                                                                              pared to help you deal with these problems
                                     Victim-Witness Assistance                and better understand how the criminal jus-             attendance at judicial proceedings.
                                              Program                         tice system works. We have included im-
                                                                                                                               ●      The release detention status of the
                                                                              portant information on what services are
                                                                              available to assist you as well as a descrip-
                                                                              tion of your rights under Federal law.           ●      The acceptance of a plea of guilty or
    USCP Officer’s Name                                                                                                               a guilty verdict.
                                                                                         THE INVESTIGATION
                                                                                                                               ●      The date set for sentencing if the
                                                                                 The days and months ahead may be
                                                                                                                                      defendant is found guilty.
                                                                              particularly stressful to you as a victim and/
                                                                              or witness. Even though this may be a diffi-     ●      For victims, the opportunity to ad-
  USCP Report/Case Number
                                                                              cult time for you and your family, we need              dress the court at the time of the
                                                                              your continued support in our efforts in ap-            sentencing.
                                                                              prehending the criminal and bringing him to
                                                                              justice.                                         ●      The sentence imposed.

                                                                                 A police investigation can be both com-       ●      Advance notification of the defen-
                                                                              plex and time consuming. It may involve                 dant’s release from custody.
    United States Capitol Police                                              several organizations, some federal and
 Victim-Witness Assistance Program                                            some local. Remember, your interests are
                                                                              very important to us.

        119 D Street, N.E.                                                         In 1982, Congress passed the Federal
     Washington, D.C.   20510
                                                                              Victim and Witness Protection Act. This Act
                                                                              is designed to assist you to the fullest ex-
                                                                              tent possible in recovering from the effects
      Phone: 202-224-5151                                                     of crime. As part of this Act, you will be
                                                                              kept informed of the status of your case if
                                     United States Capitol Police             you so request.
      E-mail: AskUSCP@cap-               Tel. 202-224-5151
    In addition, Federal Guidelines for Fair                                                                 ADVOCACY RESOURCES                             BATTERER’S INTERVENTION
                                                 IF YOU ARE THREATENED OR HARASSED
Treatment of Victims and Witnesses pro-
                                                                                                     □   AYUDA (assistance for immigrant victims:                    RESOURCES
vide that “The victim of a serious crime, or       As a witness in the government’s case,                202-387-4848
in the case of a minor child or a homicide,     there is the possibility that you may be har-                                                           □   CSOSA Domestic Violence
the family of the victim should be con-         assed. If anyone threatens you or you feel               Child and Adolescent Protection Center
                                                                                                     □                                                      Intervention: 202-442-1822
sulted by the attorney for the Government       that you are being harassed because your co-             (services for abused children and adoles-
in order to obtain the views of the victim      operation in this investigation, immediately             cents: 202-476-4100 and 202-476-5000           □   East River Collaborative 2nd
or family about the disposition of any Fed-     contact the USCP investigator or the U.S. At-            (evenings)                                         Responder Program: 202-397-7300
eral criminal case brought as a result of       torney Victim Witness Coordinator assigned to
such crime, including the views of the vic-     your case.                                           □   Chinatown Service Center (social services      □   Family and Child Services
tim or family about:                                                                                     for Asian residents): 202-898-0061                 Treatment: 202-289-1510
                                                    If you are in or on U.S. Capitol Buildings
●     dismissal;                                and Grounds and you feel threatened or in im-        □   DC Rape Crisis Center (24hr Sexual             □   Interdynamics Anger Management
                                                mediate danger, call 202-224-0911. If you are            assault hotline)202-333-7273                       Program: 301-306-4590
   release of accused pending Judicial        elsewhere, call 911.
     proceedings;                                                                                    □   Domestic Violence Intake Center: DC
                                                    Additional penalties have been established           Superior Court, Room 4235: 202-879-
   plea negotiations; and                     for harassment and other threats as part of the          0152 and Greater SE Hospital, Suite 311:           SYSTEMS BASED RESOURCES
                                                Federal Victims and Witness Protection Act in            202-561-3000
   pretrial diversion program.                order to further ensure your safety.                                                                    □   Crime Victim Compensation Office
                                                                                                                                                            (financial assistance for violent crime
     INJURIES, PROPERTY & EVIDENCE                         COMMUNITY SERVICES                                                                               victims): 202-879-4261
                                                                                                              EMERGENCY SHELTER
   You may be eligible for crime victims                                                                                                                □   USCP Reports Processing Section:
                                                     If needed, the U.S. Attorney Victim Wit-
compensation assistance that is available                                                            □   Dwelling Place (shelter for victims of elder       202-593-4099
                                                ness Coordinator assigned to your case will
to victims compensation. Information on                                                                  abuse): 202-583-7602
                                                help you by referring you to the most appropri-                                                         □   US Attorney’s Victim/Witness
the crime victims compensation can be
                                                ate of the various public or private programs                                                               Assistance Unit: 202-514-7130
found on the back of this brochure. If an                                                            □   House of Ruth (24hr shelter):
                                                that provide counseling, treatment, or support
individual is arrested and is found guilty or                                                            202-667-7001
                                                to victims or witnesses of crime. It is impor-                                                          □   Victim Information Notification
pleads guilty, you may also be eligible for
                                                tant for you to know that you may suffer from                                                               Everyday (VINE): 877-329-7894
restitution. Restitution is court-ordered                                                            □   My Sister’s Place (24hr shelter):
                                                resulting physical, emotional and/or financial
payment to you as a victim of crime. It                                                                  202-529-5991
                                                difficulties long after the crime itself occurred.
means that the defendant must return the
                                                You need not deal with these problems alone;
things he stole from the victim, or other-
                                                help is available to assist you and your family
wise make good the losses he caused. As
                                                cope with the impact of crime.                              INFORMATION/REFERRAL
a provision of the Federal Victim and Wit-
ness Protection Act, the judge may con-
sider restitution before passing sentence.

                                                                                                     □   National Center for Victims of Crime
    In those cases where recovered prop-
                                                                                                         (8:30am-8:30pm for information)
erty is needed as evidence in the case the
                                                                                                         Referrals: 1-800-FYI-CALL
U.S. Attorney’s Office Victim-Witness coor-
dinator con provide information on when it                                                           □   National Organization for Victim Assis-
can be returned to you. Restitution may                                                                  tance (24hr intervention, referrals,
be available to you as part of a plan of                                                                 information): 800-879-6682
prosecution to help defray the costs of
property not recovered or the costs of any                                                           □   Mayor’s Citywide Information Line: 311
repair which may be necessary.

   If appropriate, we will contact your em-
ployer to discuss further the importance of
your role as a victim or witness in the gov-
ernment’s case.

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