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					Associations Unlimited

Associations Unlimited is the online version of the ready reference shelf mainstay The
Encyclopedia of Associations. It includes everything that was found in the print resource
(and more).

Searching is very user friendly.

Simply, you can search the database by Association name or acronym, or by location.

On the Subject/Any Word page,
You can type any word into the Free Text search box or find a Subject Descriptor from
the alphabetical List of Subjects, or

Use any of the four drop down menus to choose Subject or SIC code categories.

The default range is all three geographical modules, National, International, and
Regional, State or Local, but any of the boxes can be unchecked to narrow your search.

Unique to the online version is the IRS data collected on U.S. non-profits. Here there are
search categories covering the data non-profits are required to file.

In Custom Search you can combine multiple search criteria to refine your search and on
the Expert Search page you can use Boolean operators in your search.

To navigate among the pages use your browser’s back button or click on Revise Search
to go to your Search Page or Main Menu to get back to the opening page.

Each Search Page has its own help module in case you need more support.

What can you find in Associations Unlimited?
Straightforward entries give contact information as well as background for all sorts of
associations in the U.S. and a limited number of international associations also.

For example, what year was the WCTU founded? What was the WCTU? Does it still
exist? If so, what is their budget? Their staffing? Any publications? Conventions? Do
they give a web site? Are there local chapters? Do they have tax exempt status? Do they
have a library?


Associations Unlimited QUESTIONS

If you would like to be entered in a drawing for prizes, send answers to the tutorial
questions to Answers will be posted on __________

   1.      Where is the next Northwest Steam gathering? And when is it?

   2.      What labor union in Washington state maintains a library?

   3.      Do you have any information on dogs…I want to rescue an Airedale.
Associations Unlimited ANSWERS

   1. Center for the Wooden Boat, Seattle WA. August 10,11,12 2007

   2. SEIU, District 925, AFL-CIO

   3. ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee

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