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									                                   CURRY COUNTY
                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

             JOB TITLE: Victim Advocate - District Attorney’s Office

EXEMPT:              No
SALARY LEVEL:        U-5
SUPERVISOR:          District Attorney
PREPARED BY:         District Attorney                                  June 2006


The Victim Advocate contacts, aids and supports victims of crimes as directed by the
District Attorney and Crime Victim Assistance Program Director; works as a team with
prosecuting attorney in developing cases; investigate and documents victim losses for
restitution purposes; works with staff from county departments and other agencies,
police, courts, victims assistance services, corrections and treatment programs to
improve integration of intervention efforts as directed by supervisor. Primarily
responsible for providing assistance to the Program Director with the more routine work
on lower-level and juvenile cases.


Works under the supervision of the District Attorney and Crime Victim Assistance
Program Director. Operates from general policies, procedures and instructions, but
must exercise individual discretion and tact when dealing with the public.   Job involves
a high degree of complexity and comprehension of police reports.



Any single position of a class will not necessarily involve all of the duties listed, and
many positions will involve duties which are not listed.

1.     Assists as directed with grant and budget preparation by assisting with the
       recording of fiscal records and other records and reports to meet grant
2.     Assists with case consultation and tracking of cases.
3.     Provides direct victim services: Informational and emotional support, court date
       notification, courtroom preparation and accompaniment, information and referrals;
       assistance with CV Compensation, restitution, victim logistical needs, etc.

                             JOB DESCRIPTION
        JOB TITLE: Victim Advocate - District Attorney’s Office – Page 2


4.     Serves as liaison between victim and police, attorneys, physicians, family and
       others as needed; attends meetings, interviews, or examinations victim may be
       required to attend; acts as liaison between DA and all other agencies at case
       level, as requested by supervisor.
5.     Works with crisis intervention services, shelters, etc. to provide comprehensive
       victim assistance.
6.     Be available for after hour call-out to provide assistance to crime victims on-
       scene, at the hospital, etc; refers victims to appropriate community services.
7.     Provides information and assistance to victims in obtaining restraining orders
       and stalking orders.
8.     Performs other assignments as directed by the District Attorney or Program

Familiarity with criminal justice system and community resources. Knowledge,
understanding and empathy regarding needs of crime victims. Knowledge of legal
requirements, regulations and laws applicable to CVA Program. Knowledge and ability
to operate various computer programs.       Grant writing ability. Considerable knowledge
of record keeping and reporting and ability to establish and maintain records, reports,
and statistical data. Ability to work independently as well as to work closely as a team
with prosecuting attorneys. Ability to handle difficult people and crisis situations in a
calm and professional manner. Ability to establish and maintain effective working
relationships with staff, other agencies and the general public. Effective oral and
written communication skills. Ability to maintain confidentiality.


High school graduation or equivalency. Any combination of experience and training,
such as community service experience with direct experience with victims and course
work emphasizing social work, psychology, sociology, law or a related field, that would
provide the applicant with the skills, knowledge and ability to successfully fulfill the
duties of the position.


Normal working hours but also subject to call out as indicated below. Work is primarily
performed in office and court with a need to deal with hostile or upset individuals.
The position is impacted by urgent time deadlines, uncontrollable interruptions, need to
shift attention before tasks are completed and repetitiveness.       Can be called upon for
evening or weekends in emergency situations to provide direct victim services.

                             JOB DESCRIPTION
        JOB TITLE: Victim Advocate - District Attorney’s Office – Page 3

Working conditions can be somewhat dangerous due to threats of violence by
defendants and upset victims.    Conditions can be stressful due to high emotional state
of victims.

Valid Oregon driver license.
Professional licenses, certificates, and continued training as may be required.
Criminal background check.

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