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1)Monday: Fox on Socks Day. Wear your silly socks
Tuesday: Top Hat Tuesday. Wear your Cat in the Hat, hat
Wednesday: Guest Readers- community volunteers come in and read to a class
Thursday: Green Day--- Wear green and have green eggs and ham for lunch in the cafeteria
Friday: Diffendorfer Day

2)Invite the custodian, the cooks, a bus driver, the principal or asst principal to visit a classroom
and read a Dr. Seuss story to the kids. They have to wear the Cat in the Hat hat. Take their
pictures and post it in the hallway.

3) Fox in Socks - We wear crazy socks on that day then have students donate a new pair of
socks to give to the local shelter for children.

4) Book Swap – Collect used books from each grade level; mark boxes for each grade level to pt
the books into; then at the end of the week spread the books out on tables and let children
choose books to take home.

5)Wacky Wednesday- they love this... Dress Wacky on Wednesday
Wear RED day and get a sticker that says "I read a book with a friend"--- Pair the older
students with younger students and have a time that a book is "read" to each student.

6) In the library make big spots out of colorful paper and have Dr. Seuss books on the spots. Let
students spend about 15 min. on the spots (in the floor) reading the book that is there--- let the
students talk about the book they read with each other.

7)Have each teacher invite someone in to read during reading period. Some years the high school
book club buys a book for lower grades and goes down to read to the little kids then donates a
book to their library. The high school book club enjoys signing the books they donate.

8)Build a huge Seuss hat to sit on the stage or somewhere in cafeteria or library all week;
teachers all buy and wear Dr Seuss hats all week.

9)Dr. Seuss Week Activities
Monday – Mixed Up Monday – Wear mixed up clothing (shirts on backwards, inside out)
Tuesday – Top Hat Tuesday – Make top hats at school and read The Cat in the Hat and The Cat
in the Hat Comes Back.
Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday - wear Silly Socks and/or pajamas and have a relaxed reading
time in our socks with Seuss books.
Thursday - Theodore Thursday with Fourth Grade - learn about the man Theodore Geisel and
fourth grade come to partner read Seuss stories with the kindergartners.
Friday – Fabulous Friday!! – “Oh the Places You’ll Go Day” – Students dress in what they want
to be when they grow up.

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