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					                                                                            PA         PA Risk Platfom
                                                              PA Risk Platfom Risk Platfom                                                      PA Risk Platfom


       Updated by the 15th of every month                     January Comments in red or yellow
                               Product Name                   11i v1.5       11i v1.6   11i v1 11i v2 11i v3                                    11i v4
                                           Release                  11.20      11.22     11.11          11.23                11.31               11.40
                                        Availability                01/03      02/09     00/09         June'03               2H04                FY05
                                              CPU                    IPF        IPF     PA-Risc         IPF           PA-Risc        IPF         PA/IPF   Planning Contact                    Comment

       Should we include platform support as part of this document ?

                                                                   No OE      No OE
TCOE                                                               Support    Support    Opt.            ?
       Java 3D Dev                                                  Yes         1.5                      ?
                                                                   No OE      No OE
OE FOUNDATION                                                      Support    Support    Opt.            ?
     LVM                                                      in                 in       in             in           CLVM CLVM
     HP JFS(3.3)                                                  in             in       in            out            out  out
     VxFS3.5                                                  Uncommitted      N/A        in             in             ?    ?
     VxFS4.0                                                                                                            ?    ?
     Base VxVM (3.1)                                              in            in       N/A                           out
     Base VxVM (3.2)                                          Uncommitted                 in            no             no
     VxVM 3.5 (rootability)                                                               in            in              ?
     VxVM4.0                                                                                                            ?    ?
     EMS FrameWork                                            Uncommitted
     HP Apache based Web Server                                  Q201           1.5
     CIFS/9000 Server                                         Uncommitted       in        in      in     in      in     in           in    in
     CIFS/9000 Client                                         Uncommitted       in        in      in     in      in     in           in    in
     Java Plug-in                                                Yes            1.5
     Java2 JRE 1.3                                               Yes            1.5
     Java2 SDK 1.3                                               Yes            1.5
     Netscape Communicator (v4.75)                               Q201           1.5
     Mozilla Client                                                                       in             in             in           in
     PAM Kerberos                                             Uncommitted                 in
     ServiceControl Manager                                   Uncommitted
                                                                No OE         No OE
OE Base Customer Selectable                                     Support       Support    Opt.
                                                                                                                                                                             split item in two lines 100Base-THP-PB,
       100Base-T (HP-PB, EISA)                                Uncommitted                                                                                                    EISA
                                                                                                                                                                             split item in two lines ATM PCI(11.23:NO,
                                                                                                                                                                             11.31;YES), ATM HSC (11.23:NO,
       ATM (PCI, HSC)                                         Uncommitted                                                                                                    11.31:NO)
       FDDI (HSC, HP-PB, EISA)                                Uncommitted
                                                                                                                                                                             split item in Hyperfabric PCI(11.23 :YES,
                                                                                                                                                                             11.31:YES), Hyperfabric HSC(11.23:NO,
       HyperFabric (PCI, HSC)                                 Uncommitted                                                                                                    11.31:NO)
       MUX (PCI, EISA)                                        Uncommitted                                                                                                    split this item in MUX PCI .EISA PCI

                                                                                                                                                                             Split item in Token Ring PCI, HP-PB(11.23
       TokenRing (PCI, HP-PB, EISA)                           Uncommitted                                                                                                    :YES) , Token Ring EISA; discontinued
       HP-UX Install Utilities 11.11 (IUX)                        IA            1.5
       iCOD (Instant Capacity on Demand)         Uncommitted
       Online Diagnostics                        Uncommitted
       Netscape Directory Server                 Uncommitted                in      11.23+12 mon    in        in
       WebQoS Peak Package Edition                    No                    no          No          No        No
                                                    No OE      No OE
OE Enterprise                                      Support     Support     Opt.
      EMS HA Monitors                            Uncommitted
      MirrorDisk/UX                              Uncommitted
      HP Online JFS(3.3)                             Q201        1.5
      HP Online JFS(3.5)                         out             no         in          in?
      HP Online JFS 4.0
      VxVM 3.1 FULL                                              in                     out
      HP VxVM (3.2) FULL                         out                        in          out
      HP VxVM (3.5) FULL                                                    in          in
      HP VxVM 4.0 FULL
      Glance + M/M                                  Q201         1.5
      Glance + M/M                                  Q201         1.5
      OV GlancePlus Pak (English)                   Q201         1.5
      OV GlancePlus Pak (Japanese)                  Q201         1.5
      Process Resource Manager                   Uncommitted
                                                   No OE       No OE
OE Mission Critical                                Support     Support     Opt.
        CVM Base                                 Uncommitted     out        in          in
        ECM Toolkit                              Uncommitted
        MC/ServiceGuard (v11.09)                                Q102
        MC/ServiceGuard (Release after v11.09)                  Q102
        ServiceGuard NFS                         Uncommitted     in         in          in            Uncomit.
        Workload Manager                         Uncommitted
        vPars support                                                        in         out         in        out
        vPars intregration with iCOD                                         in         out         in        out
        Vpars support for LAN/SCSI                                           in         out         in        out
        MC/SG intergration with vPars                                        in         out         in        out
        vPars support on Pinnacle                                        in(Q4/03)      out         in        out

Independent ISUs
      Nokia WAP Demo Product 2.0                 Uncommitted     out        out         out
      IPv6 Dev. Env.                             Uncommitted                            n/a
      IPv6 Phase 1                               Uncommitted                in
      IPv6 Phase 1.2                                                         in
      IPv6 Phase 2minuus                                                                in
      IPv6 complete                                                                                 in        in
      Mobile IPv4                                                           in
      Mobile IPv4 - Phase 2(AAA)                                            in
      Mobile IPv6
      Netscape Client                                PA                     in
      Netscape Server                                IA                     in                     out
      HP Online JFS(3.3)                            Q201                                           out
      HP Online JFS(3.5)                         Uncommitted     no         in        in *(?)       ?
      HP Online JFS 4.0                                                                             ?
      VxVM 3.1 Full                                              in
                                                                                                                    *waiting validation Can we remove this
Delete CFS                                       Uncommitted               in (*)                    ?              from list?
       VxVM Fast Resynch Option                  Uncommitted                 in                 is obsolete
       VxVM works with MC/SG                     Uncommitted                 in          in
       CVM Full Product                                      Uncommitted         in       in ??
       HP VxVM (3.2) FULL                                    out                 in        out
       HP VxVM (3.5) FULL                                                        in         in
       HP VxVM 4.0 FULL
       iPlanet Web Server                                                                  out
       IPFilter                                                            in    in         in
TBR    IDS/9000                                                                  in         in
TBR    IDS - v2.2                                                                in        in
       IPSec/9000                                                          in    in         in
       AAA for Mobile IP                                                                    in
       Install Time Security                                                     in         in      in        in
       Bastille Security Tool                                                    in         in      in        in
       Kerberos integration with LDAP                                            in         in      in        in
       IPFilter: HA support                                                      in         in
       IPSEC:AES support                                                         in         in
       LDAP-UX                                                                   in         in      in        in
       SSH Secure Shell 3.6                                                      in         in      in        in

       Netscape Directory Server                                                 in    11.23+12 mon in        in
       Network Accelerator                                                       in        in
       Internet Express                                                          in    11.23+6mon   in        in

HPUX Core Functionality
       System Call: Gettimeofday() lightweight system call
       Posix AIO performance
       Deterministic Response for Telcordia
       Kernel Driver ABI                                                                  in
       Memory Locality              rename to Cell Local Memory                           in         in   in
       Shared Memory Support for PRM                                                    maybe       Want Want
       Shared Memory Teardown                                                           maybe
       Synchronization Re-Arch
       Thread Priority Inversion (SCHED_NOAGE)
       True Real-time Response
       Unified Buffer Cache                                        -        -     -                      in        in

      Unicode Support 3.0
      Unix95 Support                                                                        in           ?
      Unix98 Support                                                                       out
      Unix200x Support                                                                     out

       LDAP bw, address mgmt, pthread-safe                                       out       out
       Next generation audit                                                               in
       Thread level protection rings
       Root containment /Access control                            -        -     -      maybe
       Root file protection                                                              maybe
       RSA libs                                                                           in
       Secure defaults, config                                    Q201     1.5
       Long user names                                                           out       out
       Bastille Security Tool                                                     in         in     in        in
       Directory Enable Computing                                                out       out
       Kerberos Integration with LDAP                                             in        in      in        in
      Linux ABI (IA-64 Only)                                                              11.23+9 mon                   in
      Linux API (PA)                                                     Q302      in         in        in
      Linux API (IA-64)                                        -           in     Yes          in                       in
      Application Event Notification                         Q201         1.5       -
      Kernel Driver ABI                                                                       in
      Linux Porting Kit                                                   in      in           in
      Linux Runtime                                                       no      no      11.23+9 mon              in
Scalability And Partitions
      64 Way Scaling                                                              in         in
      128 way boot                                                                         11.23+
      128 way DSS & Tech App Perf
      128-way SDET scaling
      64-way SDET                                             -           -        -
      Cell OLA                                                                               out             in     in
      Cell OLD                                                                               out             in     in
      Cell OLR                                                                               out             out    out
      Full Processor Dealloc & iCOD                                               in         in              in     in
      MxN threads                                                                            in               ?     in
      I/O OLAR PCI for McKinley                                                              in              in     in
      I/O OLD                                                                                out             in     in

       DLKM I/O                                                                              out             in     in
       Dynamic Patching                                                                      out             out    out
       >50% Auto or Dynamic Tunables                          -           -         -        in              in     in
       more dynamic tunables                                                       in        in
       Hyperfabric supports RAC                                                 enhance
       NativeNet and large user count/HMP over Hyperfabric                      enhance
       APA rapid startup                                                        enhance
       Oracle 9i RAC support                                                    enhance
       SGeRAC                                                                   enhance     in??        out        out
       MC/SG conf mgt - new SPUs                                                enhance
       PCI-X Doorbells                                                                      in??
Networking and Wireless
       Secure Internet Services
               RCP                                            in
              Telnet                                          in          in      in          in
               FTP                                            in
       BIND 9 .2.0                                                  in           web          in         in ?
       WU-FTP 2.6.1                                                 in           web          in
       Sendmail 8.11.1                                              in           web          in
       R-commands                                                   in           web
       Telnet                                                 in    in            in          in
?      RFC2292bis Support
       NTP support                                            in    in            in          in
       PPPoE                                                                      in          in
       PPPv6                                                                      in          in

       TFTP support                                           in    in            in          in
       IP Address Management                                                      in
       DHCPv6 Basic Implementation                                                in                                         pre-investigation
      LDAP-DNS Integration                                                          in      in    in    in
      DHCP - v6 -Complete

      TCP Wrapper                                                                  web      in
      SLP                                                                          web      in

      Gated 3.5.9                                                      in           in      in
      v6Routing                                                                     in      in     in    in
       Multicast futures                                                                           in    in
      RTP Prototyping                                                              web      out   out   out
                                                                                            out   in?

      AutoFS 2.3                                                                            in
      NFS ACL Enhancement                                                   out
      NFS 3.0 Performance optimized to SPEC sfsV2                           out     out

System Management
      Web devices config (CAT)                           out                out     out      in
      Web based SAM                                      out                out     out     out   in    in
      SCM 1.0                                            out                 in      in      in   in    in
      SCM 3.0                                            out                 in      in      in   in    in
      Nimbus                                             out                out                   in    in
      SIM (ystem Inventory Mgr)                          out                out     in      in    in    in
Languages and Development       THIS SECTION HASN"T BEEN REVIEWED
      Aries 32                                          Q201                1.5
      Aries 64                                          Q201                1.5
      Xlibx                                               IA                1.5
      CDE/Xt/Motif                                      Q201                1.5
      DCE RPC                                             IA                1.5

      HP aC++ LTU                                               Q201        1.5
      HP-UX Dev Kit                                             Q201        1.5
      HP-UX MLIB                                                Q201        1.5
      HP-UX STK                                                 Q201        1.5
      OO Cobol RTS LTU                                           IA         1.5
      Fortran90 LTU                                             Q201        1.5
      Japan Fort90 mnl                                          Q201        1.5
      Fortran90 Docs                                            Q201        1.5
      Fortran 95 (Native/Cross) (IA)                            Q201        1.5
      C/C++ dev tools - compilers, optimizers,linker,WDB DTLS   Q201        1.5

Networking and I/O cards
                                                                            out     in      in
      LAN Monitor APA                                                       out     in      in
      64-port Terminal MUX                                                   in     in      in
      2G FC Tachlite                                                         in     in      in
      1 port U160 SCSI                                                       in     in      in
      2 port U160 SCSI                                                       in     in      in
2-port serial
(X25/FR/SDLC)                      out   in   out
4-port serial (X25/FR)              in         in
2 port FWD SCSI                    out   in    in
2 port U320 SCSI                   out   in    in
U160 RAID                          out   in    in
2-port 2Gb FC                      out   in    in
1000BaseT Dual Port (5704 chip)    out   in    in
1000BaseSX Dual Port (5704 chip)   out   in   out
10G Ethernet                       out   in    in
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