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Secure - The Port of Houston Authority

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									                  May/June 2009


 Stevedoring Logistics                               Marine & Barge Services

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                    “Richardson Stevedoring & Logistics
                         & Affiliated Companies”
                          “Seamless Solutions”

             Customer satisfaction is the number one priority.
              For more information, please contact our
                  Houston Office at (713) 673-1110

                          Custom Bonded
             Providing Multiple Services for Ports of
Houston, Laredo, Texas and Alabama State Dock, Mobile, Alabama
       May/June 2009
                                                                             A bi-monthly publication.



                                               Emergency Response Plan


                                                                                                                                                                      M M U N I C AT

                                                                                                        EXE            IA
                                                                                                              CUTIVE L

                                               New PHA emergency

                                                                                                                                                                                                     LO              C   TI
                                                                                                                                                                                                          GISTICS SE

                                               response plan to be


                                                                                                         C                                                                                    EC
                                                                                                MMAND SE                                                                          FINANCE S

                                               NIMS compliant                                                                                      PL
                                                                                                                                                             NING SEC


                                                                                                                    PE                    C
                                                                                                                         R AT I O N S S E

                                               A TWIC in Time

Houston Ship Channel Security District:
A Vision Becomes Reality
                                          24   Ensuring a Strong
                                               Perimeter Involves
                                               More than Geometry


                                               Who Works at the Port
                                               Bill Crews’ new crew: the
   6 A Message from the                        port security and emergency
     Acting Executive Director                 operations team

   8 The Manifest
      PHA news highlights

 33 Business Connections
      Pasadena Chamber of Commerce:
      Partnering for prosperity

 34 Spotlight on Small Business
      Eagle I Security, LLC keeps
      eagle eye on PHA
                                                                                       Executive Office
                                                                                       Port of Houston Authority
                                                                                       111 East Loop North
                                                                                       P.O. Box 2562
                                                                                       Houston, TX 77252-2562
                                            THE PORT OF HOUSTON                        Phone: 713-670-2400
                                                                                       Fax: 713-670-2429

                                            AUTHORIT Y                                 Acting Executive Director
                                                                                       Wade M. Battles
                                                                                       General Counsel
                                                                                       Erik A. Eriksson
                                                                                       Acting Director of Administration
                                                                                       Thomas J. Heidt
                                                               James T. Edmonds        Director of Facilities
                                                               Chairman                James B. Jackson
                                                                                       Director of Public Affairs
                                                                                       Argentina M. James
                                                                                       Director of Operations
                                                                                       Jimmy M. Jamison
                                                                                       Director of Planning and Environment
                                                                                       Charlie Jenkins
                                               Steve Phelps                            Acting Director of Trade Development
                                              Commissioner                             Ricky W. Kunz
                                                                                       Director of Small Business Development
                                                                                       Gilda Ramirez
                                                                                       Harris County Auditor
                                                                                       Barbara J. Schott

                                                                                       Field Offices
                                                               James W. Fonteno, Jr.   New York
                                                                                       Keith L. Miceli
                                                                                       Eastern Trade Development Manager
                                                                                       3 Executive Drive, Suite 325
                                                                                       Somerset, New Jersey 08873
                                                                                       Phone: 732-748-3354
                                                                                       Fax: 732-748-3387

                                               Kase L. Lawal
                                                                                       Central & South America                         Brazil
                                                                                       (excluding Brazil)                              John C. Cuttino
                                                                                       Arturo Gamez                                    Brazil Representative
                                                                                       Central & South America Representative          Port of Houston Authority
                                                                                       Avenida Aquilino De La Guardia y Calle 47       Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3729
                                                                                       Ocean Business Plaza Building, Mezzanine        5th Floor
                                                                                       Panama, Republic of Panama                      Sao Paulo, SP Brazil, CEP: 04538-905
                                                                                       Tel.: +(507)340-0205                            Tel. +55 (11) 3323-5878
                                                                                       Fax: +1-281-754-4647                            Fax +55 (11) 3323-5916
                                                               Jimmy A. Burke          Email:                          Houston Access (832) 239-5076
                                                               Commissioner                                                            email:

                                                                                       Port of Houston Magazine’s editorial staff: Argentina James,
                                                                                       director of public affairs • Lisa Ashley-Whitlock, communications manager
                                                                                       • Maggi Stewart, senior publications specialist • Edwin Henry, publications
                                                                                       specialist • David Bray, photographer • Chris Kuhlman, photographer •
                                                                                       Esther de Ipolyi, freelance writer • Gilbreath Communications, Inc. •
                                                                                       D’Artagnan Bebel II, summer intern.
                                            Janiece Longoria                           This publication is not copyrighted and permission is given for the reproduction
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                              Commissioner                             or use of any original materials, provided credit is given to the Port of Houston
                                                                                       Authority. Additional information, address changes, extra copies, or advertising
                                                                                       specifications may be obtained by writing to the Port of Houston Magazine.
                                                                                       The Port of Houston Magazine is published by the Port of
                                                                                       Houston Authority, P.O. Box 2562, Houston, Texas 77252-2562,
                                                                                       and is distributed free to maritime, industrial and transportation interests

                                                                                       in the United States and foreign countries.
                                                                                       Visit the Port of Houston Authority online
                                                               Elyse Lanier

                                       PORT OF HOUSTON
                                         BAYPORT TERMINAL
                                  MOVING OUT OF GAGE CARGO THROUGH
                                      B A R B O U R S C U T O R B AY P O R T ?
                                     GULF WINDS C A N H E L P ! ! ! !
Heavy lift/Lashing Services

Pipe & Steel Handling

Flat-Rack Loading/Unloading

On Dock Rail Siding &
Cargo Handling
Flat Bed Services Including
Specialized Equipment
R e e l s, Fl a n g e s, Va l ve s,
G ra n i t e B l o c k s, M a c h i n e r y, e t c .

C a r g o H a n d l i n g Ya r d a t
Barbours Cut & Bayport

                                              N e e d Q u o t e ? E m a i l

                                          5300 STATE HIGHWAY 146, SEABROOK , TX 7 7586

                                          |   E-mail:   |   h t t p : / / w w w. g w i i . c o m   |

                                                                                                                                                  DSI-LOGISTICS, INC.
                                                                                                                                                          2702 Holmes Road
                                                                                                                                                     Houston, TX 77051-1022
                                                                                                                                                         Tel.: (713) 799-9429
                                                                                                                                                         Fax: (713) 799-1186

                                                                                                                           Food Grade General
                                                                                                                          Warehousing & Logistics
                                                                                                            Filling & Packaging Production Facility
                                                                                                                          3 Convenient Locations
                                                                                                                           500,000 Square Feet
                                                                                                                                 Rail Served
                                                                                                       U.S. Custom Bonded Warehouse #V-885
                                                                                                                           U.S.D.A. — #I-00190
                                                                                                                Organic Food Certificate #106144-A
                                                                                                                         Michael J. O’Connor, President
                                                                                                                            Phone — 713-394-2015
                                                                                                                        Phone — 713-799-9429 Ext. 2015
Communications Systems
Staff Training
Actively Engaged
                 A MESSAgE FROM
               WADE M. BATTlES

      How do you ensure a safe and secure port? It’s a monumental job, requiring the
      efforts of everyone at the Port of Houston Authority.
        In Houston, it means ensuring the safety and security of the people who
      work at the port and the community surrounding it as well as the more than
      150 public and private facilities along the ship channel.
          Since the September 2001 attacks, maritime security has become a multi-layered process in terms of
      both people and security measures. It involves everyone from shippers to U.S. Coast Guard and
      Customs officials, Port Police, and the many stakeholders that make up the port, including the adjacent
      community and industry.
          Layered security involves deploying mul-
      tiple security measures, such as sophisticated
      camera systems linked with the U.S. Coast
      Guard, the use of credentials, such as the
      recently implemented TWIC program, mod-
      ern patrol boats and state-of-the-art commu-
      nication systems, linked with stakeholders.
          It means empowering employees by
      enhancing their “maritime domain aware-
      ness” and conducting ongoing training
      programs for staff, security personnel and
      all port users.
PHA’s multi-layered approach goes beyond
the three Gs: guns, guards and gates. We
increased intelligence and information
sharing and strengthened our relation-
ships with law enforcement in adjacent
communities and facilities.
    Through partnering, we are able to
share security data from the U.S. Coast
Guard, the city of Houston, Harris County
and Houston TranStar, a partnership of
governmental agencies that provides
transportation management and emer-
gency management services to the region.
    Maritime security today requires that
ports comply with the standards and regu-
lations developed by the Department of Homeland Security         On June 9, a historic milestone occurred when the Harris
(DHS). We must conduct security or vulnerability assess-         County Commissioners Court officially approved the dis-
ments of our port facilities, looking at both strengths and      trict after a resolution was presented. A majority of ship
weaknesses. A facilities security plan must be approved by       channel industries had signed a petition requesting its
the U.S. Coast Guard and updated every five years.               creation. The district will manage the maintenance and
    Having a security plan also helps in responding to weather   operations costs of security along the ship channel, using
incidents. After Hurricane Ike, we were able to re-open PHA      approximately $4 million annually from PHA and private
in only five days because we had a plan in place. We were        sector businesses.
able to use our security infrastructure, including the Port          Initiated after 9/11, the DHS’ Port Security Grant
Communications Center, equipped with satellite communi-          Program provides grant funding to port areas to protect
cations and Internet access, to respond to the effects of the    critical port infrastructure from terrorism. To date, PHA
hurricane and communicate with other port stakeholders.          has been awarded a total of $38.6 million in these federal
    Cooperation with public and private stakeholders             grants. In FY2009, the Houston-Galveston port area will
along the ship channel is essential. PHA meets regularly         receive $32.3 million in new federal assistance under the
with such groups as the Houston-Galveston Navigation             grant program that is providing ports almost $389 million
Safety Advisory Committee (HOGANSAC), the East                   nationwide. A portion will be disbursed to PHA for its
Harris County Manufacturers Association (EHCMA),                 security projects.
the Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) and the                     Congress established the federal Transportation
Area Maritime Security Council (AMSC), to share                  Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program
security information and develop response and recovery           in 2002, under the DHS, to ensure that any individual
procedures for security incidents.                               who requires unescorted access to restricted areas of port
    By working together with the U.S. Coast Guard, the           facilities and vessels has received a thorough federal
lead agency in protecting the waterways; U.S. Customs and        background check and is not a security threat. PHA
Border Protection, the lead in cargo security and screening,     successfully implemented TWIC on April 14, the
local law enforcement and stakeholders along the ship chan-      compliance deadline for the U.S. Houston-Galveston
                                                                                                                               Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

nel, PHA can better monitor port security.                       sector. In fact, two PHA facilities, Care and Barbours
Another prime example of cooperative relationships,              Cut terminals, were spot-inspected by the U.S. Coast
the Houston Ship Channel Security District is a public-          Guard and found to have no deficiencies.
private partnership formed to address the challenge of               With security, the more things change, the more they
how to fund the continued operation and maintenance              change. Needs are continually evolving. Equipment and
expenses of security devices such as closed-circuit TV           procedures as well as people and training need to be con-
cameras, patrol boats and virtual fences that were acquired      stantly evaluated. We must all be actively engaged in order
through the federal funding program.                             for the process to be successful. We cannot do it alone. n

                                            THE MANIFEST                               pha news highlights

                                              TExAS DELEGATION SECURES $98.3 MILLION IN
                                              STIMULUS FUNDING FOR SHIP CHANNEL

                                              Port of Houston Authority officials are applauding       to the second-largest petrochemical complex in the
                                              the efforts of the bipartisan Texas Congressional        world and accommodating 225 million tons of cargo
                                              Delegation, led by U.S. Rep Gene Green, which            annually, remains adequately maintained. In turn, the
                                              resulted in the designation of $98.3 million in          funding will help to strengthen the port’s stimulus to
                                              American Recovery and Reinvestment Act                   the economy, by contributing 1.5 million direct and
                                              (ARRA) funds to a vital waterways project. The del-      indirect jobs and $285 billion of economic activity
                                              egation’s efforts provide important relief to years of   to the nation.
                                              under-funded infrastructure projects at the Houston
                                              Ship Channel.
                                                 The stimulus funding serves as one of the largest-
                                              ever single allocations of federal funding for the
                                              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to construct,
                                              operate and maintain the HSC. The Administration
                                              is also to be commended for providing stimulus
                                              funding that goes a long way toward closing a five-
                                              year shortfall of HSC funds.
                                                 The Texas Delegation advocated aggressively for
                                              funding to ensure that the Port of Houston, home

                                              AAPA PORT SECURITY SEMINAR & ExPO SET FOR HOUSTON JULY 22–24

                                              The American Association of Port Authorities’            operation centers; port security project integra-
                                              (AAPA) 13th Port Security Seminar and Exhibition         tors; and commercial operations of Customs and
                                              will be held in Houston July 22–24 at the Westin Oaks    Border Protection.
                                              and co-sponsored by the Port of Houston Authority.          Among the featured speakers will be PHA Acting
                                              The seminar will focus on security and safety            Executive Director Wade M. Battles, who will discuss
                                              challenges confronting public seaport agencies           the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee
                                              and marine terminal operators throughout the             (NMSC), on which he serves as chairman, and Tom
                                              Western Hemisphere.                                      Schroeter, PHA associate general counsel, on legal
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                                 The event will also feature a day-long exhibition     challenges in port security.
                                              on July 23 to showcase the latest security trends,
                                              technologies and products in the seaport industry.
                                                 This year’s seminar will be hands-on and interac-
                                              tive, with in-depth discussion on such topics as the
                                              FEMA Seaport Security Grant Program; emergency

THE MANIFEST                                      pha news highlights

 Texas Southern University is partnering with the Understanding, the funds will be primarily allocated
 Port of Houston Authority (PHA) on a new degree to develop, promote, recruit and graduate students
 program in maritime transportation management from the Maritime Transportation Management and
 and security. The first such program at any Security Program at Texas Southern University.
 Historically Black College and University
 in the nation will address three highly
 prioritized national transportation needs:
 logistics, security and environment.
     Preparing graduates in this proposed
 degree program is not only important
 to the regional economy but also sig-
 nificant to meeting the workforce needs
 of the Port of Houston as well as the
 maritime industry.
                                            Pictured are Dr. Lei Yu, chairman of TSU Department of Transportation; Tim Mealey,
    PHA has committed $2 million to assistant principal and director of the Maritime Program at Austin High School; Dr.
 the program over a two-year period. John M. Rudley, TSU president; Port Commissioner Elyse Lanier; Dr. Sunny Ohia, TSU
                                            provost; Dr. Carol Lewis, director of Transportation Research Center; Dr. Kase Lawal,
 As outlined in a Memorandum of port commissioner; and Robert Mumphreys, principal of Yates High School.


                              Robert L. Gillette,                 funding to widen and deepen the Houston Ship
                              who served as a Port of             Channel. He was an active participant in promoting
                              Houston commissioner                the port authority’s business, attending trade sessions
                              for 12 years, died on               around the world, riding with the Houston Pilots and
                              May 8 at the age of 92.             giving out more than 100 maiden voyage plaques.
                                 Gillette was elected                Born in Jackson, Michigan, in 1916, Gillette
                              a commissioner of                   moved to Houston with his parents when he was
                              the Port of Houston                 10 years old. He attended the University of Texas,
                              Authority by the Harris             and while employed as an office boy at the Humble
 Robert L. Gillette           County Mayors and                   Company, he found his life’s purpose, enrolling in
                                                                                                                                    Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

 Councils Association in 1987 after retiring from                 night classes at South Texas School of Law and meet-
 41 years of private law practice in Baytown with                 ing Sue Alexander, his wife of 67 years.
 the firm of Reid, Strickland, and Gillette. His elec-               Robert Gillette was a prominent civic leader in
 tion as commissioner of the port authority fulfilled a           Baytown and Harris County for more than 60 years,
 longtime dream and he served until 1999.                         serving as president of the Baytown Chamber of
    In his capacity as a PHA commissioner, Gillette               Commerce, the Lee College Foundation and the
 was instrumental in lobbying Congress to secure                  Baytown Area Water Authority.

                                            THE MANIFEST                                     pha news highlights

                                               EAST END CHAMBER’S PORT APPRECIATION DAY
                                               CELEBRATES PORT’S CONTRIBUTIONS

                                                                                                                              Annually, more than 8,000 vessels call at
                                                                                                                              the port, which is ranked first in the United
                                                                                                                              States in foreign waterborne tonnage and
                                                                                                                              second in total tonnage.
                                                                                                                                 The event also honored the Port of
                                                                                                                              Houston Authority’s excellent leadership.
                                                                                                                              PHA has a continuing partnership with the
                                                                                                                              East End Chamber to create new opportuni-
                                               Presented with specially designed plates in recognition of Port Appreciation
                                               Day are PHA Commissioner Jimmy Burke, PHA Chairman James T. Edmonds,
                                                                                                                              ties for area businesses.
                                               PHA Commissioners Jim Fonteno, Elyse Lanier and Steve Phelps and PHA              “We can be proud of achieving our ninth
                                               Acting Executive Director Wade Battles.                               consecutive year of operating revenue growth dur-
                                               The East End Chamber of Commerce hosted ing an economic downturn, as well as withstand-
                                               Port Appreciation Day on May 13 in recognition of ing a major hurricane,” said PHA Chairman James
                                               the port’s significant contribution as the No. 1 eco- T. Edmonds. “Just as the city of Houston itself is
                                               nomic engine in the state.                                            tending to move counter to the rest of the nation’s
                                                  The Port of Houston’s connection with the East trend toward recession, the port has been enjoying its
                                               End goes back nearly a century.                                       strongest export activity in years.”

                                pOrt peOple delivering the gOOds

                                               LETTERS TO THE PORT OF HOUSTON


                                                  I want to thank you for allowing the students of Cullen Middle School to experience the Port
                                               of Houston Boat Tour on April 7, 2009. We were running a bit late and the staff made sure the boat waited
                                               for us that morning. The students enjoyed the tour greatly. We know that our students can be a handful
                                               but your wonderful staff handled our students with care.Thank you once again for your time.
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                                  Ms. M. McCain
                                                  Cullen Middle School

                                             THE MANIFEST spotlights news briefs exclusively from PHA, its customers, trading partners, and community
                                             stakeholders. Submit information in the form of a letter or press release via e-mail to or via fax
                                             713-670-2425. The Port of Houston Magazine does not guarantee publication and reserves the right to edit submissions
   10                                        for content and style.
                                            New PHA emergeNcy resPoNse PlAN to be NIms comPlIANt

                                             Allows systematic, proactive                                to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s NIMS
                                             approach to incidents                                       Resource Center.
                                                                                                            NIMS works hand-in-hand with the National Response
                                             The Port of Houston Authority (PHA) is revamping its        Framework (NRF), the Resource Center reports. NIMS
                                             Emergency Response Plan to be more consistent with          provides the template for the management of incidents,
                                             National Incident Management System (NIMS) guide-           while the NRF provides the structure and mechanisms for
                                             lines, says Bill Crews, PHA port security and               national-level policy for incident management.
                                             emergency operations manager.                                  The new plan, which Crews expects to be completed
                                                “The problem we have with the                            by mid-summer or August, will give PHA a viable,
                                             present plan is that it is not NIMS-                        universally recognized system for emergency manage-
                                             focused,” Crews says. “We’ve enlisted                       ment/response teams to work collectively by offering a
                                             the services of a consultant who has done      Bill Crews   consistent and common approach to preparedness,
                                             a gap analysis (measuring the present plan                  training, coordination and implementation of crisis
                                             against the target plan and identifying the gaps between    management techniques.
                                             them). Once we’ve assembled that data, it will be              Once the plan is implemented, PHA emergency
                                             distributed to all the section leaders and the new plan     response teams will be indoctrinated through a series of
                                             will be finalized.”                                         preparedness resources consisting of a continuous cycle
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                                NIMS provides a systematic, proactive approach to        of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising,
                                             guide departments and agencies at all levels of govern-     evaluating and taking corrective action. These efforts
                                             ment, nongovernmental organizations, and the private        are designed to ensure coordination during times of
                                             sector to work seamlessly to prevent, protect against,      crisis and facilitate efficient and effective emergency
                                             respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of       management and incident response.
                                             incidents, regardless of cause, size, location, or             “The plan will involve periodic training exer-
                                             complexity, in order to reduce the loss of life and         cises,” Crews says. “You have to exercise your plan or it
                                             property and harm to the environment, according             won’t work.”

There are six components included
in NIMS:
• Command and Management
• Preparedness
• Resource Management
• Communications and Information Management
• Supporting Technologies
• Ongoing Management and Maintenance

In addition, NIMS standard incident
command structures are based on three
key organizational systems:
• The Incident Command System (ICS)
• Multi-agency Coordination (MAC) System
• Public Information Systems

   If a natural incident, such as a severe                                                    ICS provides the disciplines and orga-
weather event, or man-made incident, such as a                                                nizational flexibility to handle all forms
chemical spill, explosion or terrorist attack, were                                           of incidents or crisis situations, regard-
to threaten PHA facilities, PHA’s ICS would be immedi-                      less of size or scope; allows personnel from various
ately implemented.                                                          agencies or organizations to rapidly meld into a
   An ICS consists of organizational hierarchy and                          common management structure with common termi-
procedures for the management of the overall incident(s)                    nology – thereby eliminating communication or chain-
and the means to control personnel, facilities, equipment                   of-command conflicts; provides logistical and
and communications. The system is designed to be used                       administrative support to operational staff; and, by
or applied from the time an incident occurs until the time                  eliminating the duplication of efforts, is cost-effective.
the situation is resolved.                                                      The Port Commission of the Port of Houston
                                                                                                        Authority is situated atop the
                           Four-Tiered Organizational Structure                                         four-tiered organizational struc-
                                                                                                        ture of PHA’s proposed new plan,
                                                                                                        followed by the Executive
                                                                                                        Liaison – PHA Acting Executive
                                                                                                        Director Wade Battles—and
                                                                                                        the Command Section, which is
       ISS                                                                                              headed by Crews.
                                                                                                            On a peer, and somewhat

                                                                                                        autonomous level, rests the


                                             CO                I
                                                M M U N I C AT

                EXE          IA
                    CUTIVE L
                                                                                                        Communications Section, headed
                                                                                                        by PHA Public Affairs Director

                                                                               LO            CT
                                                                                                IO      Argentina James.
                                                                                  GISTICS SE
                                                                                                                                             Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                                                                                            For general staff sections of
                                                                                                        the Incident Command System

                                                                                                        – Operations, headed by PHA

                         I                                                T

                      CT                                               EC
             MMAND SE                                        FINANCE S
                                                                                                        Operations      Director    Jimmy
                                                                                                        Jamison;     Planning     Section,
                                   PL                 N                                                 headed by PHA Director of
                                      AN          TIO
                                         NING SEC
                                                                                                        Planning      and     Environment
                                                                                                        Charlie      Jenkins;      Finance


                         PE                    C
                              R AT I O N S S E
Section, headed by PHA Acting Director of                          organizations seeking information directly from the inci-
Administration Tom Heidt, and Logistics Section,                   dent or event.
headed by PHA Acting Director of Trade Development                    Because of the universality and flexibility of the NIMS
Ricky Kunz – fall under Crews’ command in case of                  system, any threat or incident that spreads beyond the
a crisis.                                                          PHA footprint can be addressed through the meshing of
   Jamison’s team, under NIMS guidelines, is responsible           other agencies under a Unified Command System (UCS)
for tactical operations, developing tactical objectives and        and Joint Information Center (JIC).
organization and directing all tactical operations.                   As the groundwork for the new emergency response
   Jenkins’ team, under NIMS guidelines, prepares and              plan jells, one constant Crews is sure of – is the mettle
documents PHA’s Incident Action Plan (IAP), col-                   of his ground troops, which was tested during the mid-
lects and evaluates information, maintains the status of           September onslaught of Hurricane Ike last year.
resources and maintains documentation for the incident                “Everybody stepped up to the plate during Ike,” he says.
records.                                                           “Our entire (Port) police department reported for duty,
   Kunz’s team, under NIMS guidelines, is responsible for          with the exception of one officer whose family was forced
ensuring that assigned incident personnel are fed, have            to evacuate. Many of them worked 24 hours straight and
communications, medical support and transportation as              beyond. Not one of them complained that anything we
needed to meet the operational objectives.                         asked of them ‘wasn’t my job.’ n
   Management of all costs related to the incident and
responsibility for providing accounting, procurement,              “their dedication enabled us to have the assets
time recording and cost analyses rest with Heidt’s team,            in place to assess damage after the hurricane
under NIMS guidelines.                                              and immediately move into recovery ”mode.”
   James’ team serves as the conduit between internal and           – bill crews, PHA port security and emergency
external stakeholders, including the news media or other              operations manager.

                          W W ROWLAND TRUCKING COMPANY
                              HOUSTON, TX 713.675.1200 - 800.725.1200
                                                      LOCAL & ROAD DRAYAGE
                                                   SECURED DROP LOT FACILITIES
                                                        EQUIPMENT STORAGE
                                        ON SITE M&R (HOUSTON, DALLAS, SAN ANTONIO, LAREDO)
                                                      DOMESTIC VAN SERVICES
                                                     CONTAINER DEPOT SERVICES
                                                       BROKERAGE SERVICES
                                                         CONTAINER SALES


               210.227.3901                                                                          901.947.4990

          reach YOur target market
                                      IN THE PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAzINE

The Port of Houston is expanding and your company could be a part of this growth in 2009! With the first
phase of the Bayport terminal now operating, the Port of Houston is becoming one of the fastest-growing
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Targeted Circulation 12,500
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Who are these 12,500? Local, national and international senior level executives who are port tenants, manufacturers, shipping lines,
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                                            The recent implementation of TWIC – the federal Transportation
                                            Worker Identification Credential – has added one more vital layer
                                            of security to the Port of Houston Authority, and thanks to a
                                            multidepartmental effort of coordination, the process was as
                                            smooth as the glossy card itself.
                                                                                                                                         in Time
                                               Established by the Department of Homeland Security                Crews and Turning Basin Terminal
                                               after 9/11, the TWIC program aims to ensure that indi-            Manager Walt Kleczkowski.
                                               viduals who potentially pose a threat do not gain une-            In the last four months before
                                               scorted access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime           implementation, they met
                                               transportation system. The TWIC is a “smart card,”                weekly; and they are still meet-
                                               which contains the worker’s name, photo and biometric             ing, but biweekly, to attend to
                                               information (fingerprint template). To obtain a TWIC, an          any remaining issues.
                                               individual must successfully pass a federal security threat           “All PHA facilities became
                                               assessment conducted by the Transportation Security               TWIC compliant on April
                                               Administration (TSA), which looks at criminal back-               14, the deadline for the U.S.
                                               ground, immigrant status, terrorist watch list screening as       Houston-Galveston sector,”
                                               well as mental capacity.                                          Jimmy Jamison, director of opera-
                                                   As with most successes, implementing TWIC at PHA              tions, reported at the May 19 Port Commission meeting.
                                               took months of thorough planning and discussions.                 “Several PHA facilities have been audited by the Coast
                                                    “We hashed out every possible scenario for customers         Guard since that date without issues.”
                                               and stakeholders who enter the port,” says Bill Crews,                Jamison also praised what he called a true team effort,
                                               port security and emergency operations manager. “We               requiring assistance from most, if not all PHA divisions,
                                               benefited a great deal in having done outreach to tenants,        and thanked tenants, users, labor officials and all employ-
                                               port stakeholders and labor.”                                     ees on port facilities for their cooperation.
                                                   “The multifunctional team within the port worked on the           “Ensuring a safe and secure port is a top priority of the
                                               issues and talked out the ‘what-if’s,’” says Tom Schroeter, PHA   Port of Houston Authority,” says Wade M. Battles, PHA
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                               associate legal counsel. “Part of the effort was communicating    acting executive director. “As part of that effort, we sup-
                                               to all stakeholders, including PHA employees, tenants, truck-     port the TWIC program. The program provides for the
                                               ing companies, port users and members of the International        issuance of a tamper-resistant identification card that can
                                               Longshoremen’s Association.”                                      be obtained only by individuals who pass an extensive fed-
                                                   Beginning about two years ago, representatives from           eral background check. PHA has worked diligently over
                                               executive office, operations, facilities, port security and       the last few years preparing for the implementation and
                                               emergency operations, legal, maintenance, engineering,            we will also continue to work with the U.S. Coast Guard
                                               human resources, public affairs and small business met            to address any challenges and issues associated with the
                                               regularly to prepare for TWIC implementation, led by              startup of this program.”
Nationwide, one million individuals have enrolled in            “TWIC is one of the layers of security that allow us to
TWIC. In the Houston region, those required to have         control access to our port facilities,” says Schroeter, who
a TWIC include most PHA employees, longshoremen,            remains as a resource person on compliance issues and
truckers, steamship lines personnel, stevedores and         interpretation of regulations pertaining to TWIC. “It’s not
vendors. Individuals who are not required to have           just having the card but a federal background check con-
TWICs are emergency responders, federal, state and          ducted by the Transportation Security Administration.
local law enforcement officials, merchant marines with      It’s part of our maritime domain awareness. And, like any
proper credentials, escorted persons and persons going to   program, it’s a work in progress.”
public access areas.                                            “Now that the implementation is past, it’s very evident
    Anyone needing unescorted access to secure areas        that things are settling down,” says Crews. “We have very
of PHA, as well as any other MTSA-regulated facility        few outstanding issues.”
along the Houston Ship Channel, must either have a              There have been occasional problems with individ-
TWIC or be escorted while on the property. A TWIC           ual cards, but Crews says the card readers are now fully
is required throughout PHA’s Barbours Cut and Bayport       activated and functioning.
container termi-                                                   “One issue at the beginning was having to turn away
nals and to the                                                people at the gates who didn’t physically have their cards,”
waterfront areas                                               he says. “We had to implement a process the U.S. Coast
of PHA’s Turning                                               Guard developed called ‘Limited Security Measures,’
Basin     terminal                                             by checking the DHS database to see if the applicant
(that is, all areas                                            had passed the threat assessment – at that time, a lot of
located on the                                                 them were ‘pending.’”
waterfront side of                                                 Providing an additional layer of protection is the
the fence separat-                                             TWIC escort for individuals without TWICs who
ing the upper and                                              must go to a restricted or secured area. PHA employees
lower levels) and                                              with TWICs also take TWIC escort training as do
such other areas designated as “restricted” or “secured.”   many of the tenants and companies that do business on
    The Coast Guard will conduct checks, including using    PHA’s lover level.
                                                                                                                              Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

handheld card readers, to confirm the identity of TWIC          TWIC is currently being used as a “flash pass” access
holders during regular inspections and unannounced          card. The U.S. Coast Guard will announce a second rule
spot checks.                                                as early as the end of the year about the next phase of
    “TWIC adds another layer of security on an already      implementation, which involves verifying the biometric
robust security system,” Crews says. “It gives us the       through electronic card readers.
capability to know the people who are at the port               While breathing a sigh of relief that TWIC is now
through our access controls. It’s not just an ID, people    in place, Crews offers one last comment: “Just don’t
must go through a thorough background investigation.        lose your card,” he says. “It costs $60 to replace it.”
Having a TWIC means that person has been vetted.”               For more info on TWIC, go to n
                                           The Making of the Houston
    Pictured are retired Executive Director Tom Kornegay,
    PHA Commissioner Jim Fonteno, PHA Chairman James T.
    Edmonds, PHA Commissioner Elyse Lanier, Gov. Rick Perry,
    PHA Commissioners Janiece Longoria and Steve Phelps.

                                                                     Texas Gov. Rick Perry ceremonially signs House Bill 3011,
                                                                     authorizing creation of the Houston Ship Channel Security District.

                                                                      PHA Acting Executive Director Wade M. Battles
                                                                      gives U.S. Rep. Peter King a tour of PHA’s Mobile
                                                                      Command Center.

                                                                                                                          Harris Co. Judge Ed Emmett is briefed on
                                                                                                                          developments of the Houston Ship Chan-
                                                                                                                          nel Security District program.

                   U.S. Rep. Peter King (flanked by Sylvia Garcia,
                   Harris Co. Precinct 2 Commissioner, and PHA
                   Commissioner Janiece Longoria, got a first-
                   hand look at PHA’s security system during
                   a May 2008 visit.

Ship Channel Security District
        A press conference was held on June 10 at Harris County Commissioners Court to formally announce
        the approval of the Houston Ship Channel Security District.

                                                                                          Sylvia Garcia, Commissioner,
                                                                                          Harris Co. Precinct 2, and Harris
                                                                                          Co. Sheriff Adrian Garcia

                                                          Harris County Judge Ed Emmett

    Pat Bellamy, chair of Houston
    Ship Channel Security Council

                    Port of Houston Captain of the Port William Diehl
                                 speaks at HSCSD press conference.

              Houston Ship Channel Security District:
              A Vision Becomes Reality

                                 A historic decision was made on June 9, turning a
                                 longtime vision into reality with the official creation
                                 of the Houston Ship Channel Security District, the nation’s
                                 first of its kind. This unique entity, made up of public and
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                 private stakeholders along the Houston Ship Channel,
                                 will be a key element in ensuring a safe and secure
                                 Port of Houston.

The district evolved from what might seem like a difficult    Edmonds. “Its creation is important not just for the Port of
problem. How do you provide the optimum funding to            Houston but the state of Texas. This public-private part-
protect more than 150 private and public facilities along     nership will now serve as a security model for the nation
25 miles of a vital waterway? As one of the world’s largest   to keep our ports, our region and our country safe.”
seaports, Port of Houston handles more foreign waterborne         “Industry rose above every issue, persevering to make
tonnage than any other U.S. port, and the Houston Ship        this happen,” says Pat Bellamy, who chairs the Houston
Channel, serving the nation’s fourth-largest city, is home    Ship Channel Security Council. “A sign of the indus-
to the world’s second-largest petrochemical complex.          try environment in the Houston region is if we say we
But the solution is a relatively simple one: partnership.     are going to get something done, we do it – in this case,
   Envisioned by PHA Chairman Jim Edmonds more                despite a hurricane and an economic downturn.”
than two years ago, the district is designed to help              The Houston Ship Channel Security District was
improve security within the Houston Ship Channel area         officially established at the June 9 Harris County
by assisting with the local share and operations and main-    Commissioners Court meeting. A petition to request
tenance of security infrastructure that benefits all users.   the district’s approval was created about a year ago and
The approximately $4 million annual funding will come         was signed by a majority of ship channel industries. The
from the port authority and private sector businesses on      combined appraised value of the facilities that signed up
the ship channel.                                             comprised more than 82 percent of the total value of all
   The district boundaries include facilities with the        the potential facilities in the district.
potential greatest impact from homeland security                  “The bottom line is that this security district makes
threats – East Harris County Manufacturers Association        our local industry more secure from homeland security
(EHCMA) facilities and Maritime Transportation                threats,” says Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. “Industry,
Security Act (MTSA)-regulated facilities.                     the port, Harris County, the University of Houston, and
   “The district allows us to have a coordinated, system-     other local government agencies are working together for
wide approach to security for the entire waterway,” says      a safer and more secure region.”

      A resolution was presented to and approved by                      matching dollars to fund specific security projects,
      Commissioners Court at its 10 a.m. meeting.                        maintenance and operational services. Although
         “This district creates a partnership that will defi-            intended to prevent terrorism, the district also will deter
      nitely produce results,” says Sylvia Garcia, commis-               theft and other security and safety issues, such as hur-
      sioner, Harris County Precinct 2. “The nature of securing          ricanes, evacuations and plant upsets.
      our region from harm is so complex that we need this                   Infrastructure improvements include wireless and fiber
      district to ensure that we are all on the same page in             optic-wired communications systems with integrated
      providing the most comprehensive safety net with the               analytics and intelligent video software: surveillance and
      dollars we have.”                                                  detection cameras, including closed-circuit TV; night
         With a focus on deterrents and prevention with                  vision and motion detection technology; land and water
      high visibility, the district will leverage more than              detection components, such as radar, sonar, and security
      $30 million in federal grants to install technology and            sensors; and enhanced radio communication.
      security infrastructure, with operations, maintenance and              Services include routine security capability, such as
                                                                         marked patrol boats, patrol cars, all-terrain vehicles;
                                                                         improved rapid response times; improved information
                                                                         sharing, alerts and notifications plus quicker business
                                                                         recovery capabilities; surveillance of security district
                                                                         geography without infringement on privacy; and a con-
                                                                         solidated, multi-agency operational and strategic com-
                                                                         mand and control emergency response structure.
                                                                             Member assessments as determined by the board
                                                                         of directors will fall into categories based on various
                                                                         criteria, including size and appraised value of facility;
                                                                         number of employees; activity, traffic, tonnage, volume
                                                                         throughput of operations; and security profile.
                                                                             Two years in the making, the Houston Ship Channel
                                                                         Security District was authorized by the Texas State
                                                                         Legislature in its 80th biannual session in 2007 through HB
                                                                         3011. The bill was authored by Texas State Rep. Wayne
                                                                         Smith, sponsored by Texas State Sen. Mike Jackson and
                                                                         co-authored in the House by state Reps. Rick Noriega,
                                                                         John Davis and Ana Hernandez, and co-sponsored in the
                                                                         Senate by Sen. Mario Gallegos.
                                                                             PHA, Harris County, the private terminals represented
                                                                         by EHCMA, the West Gulf Marine Association, University
                                                                         of Houston and other security partners, supported the leg-
                                                                         islation. The bill was officially signed by Governor Rick
                                                                         Perry on June 15, 2007, shortly after it passed. Perry also
                                                                         took part in a ceremonial signing at PHA headquarters in
                                                                         August 2007.
                                                                             The ultimate purpose of the district is to provide a
                                                                         greater degree of security and safety for facilities, employees
                                                                         and communities surrounding the Houston Ship Channel.
The security district is generally bounded by I-10, Hwy 225, SH 146 on
the east and the Turning Basin to the west.                              “We’re not just monitoring a thin line of water, but
patrolling facilities along the ship channel and the
                                                             BefoRe HSCSC, THeRe wAS PSSC
associated supply chain and support industry surround-
                                                             forerunner to the Houston Ship Channel Security Council was the
ing it,” says Bellamy, who is director of the University
of Houston’s Southwest Public Safety Technology              Port Strategic Security Council (PSSC). The public-private group
Center. Bellamy explains in a simple analogy why the         was formed after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
district is so important: “Think of a flat piece of land     officials accepted an invitation from U.S. Rep. Gene Green five years
dotted with ant mounds. Each one of those mounds             ago to visit the Port of Houston and explain what criteria went into
represents PHA, individual industries along the ship         determining how much in security grants ship channel industries
channel, various government entities and others. The         would receive.
land that separates the mounds has little or no security.
                                                             while facility-by-facility security programs are good at protecting
We have to better protect land and water between the
                                                             each facility, it was determined that port security grants were
ant beds by protecting what’s in between – basically
our effort serves as the ‘glue’ that connects all of these   needed to implement a security approach integrated throughout
mounds into what will become one common security             the whole port complex.
system down the road.”                                       PSSC was established to address these concerns and seek funding
    The next step is election of the 11-member board         for and implement security projects within the U.S. Coast Guard
of directors, which will manage the district. The direc-
                                                             Captain of the Port’s area of responsibility in Harris County.
tors serve staggered two-year terms, eight are elected
                                                             working with experts in port security, PSSC developed a list
from manufacturing/maritime industry membership
                                                             of projects to systematically improve security in the Houston
and three are appointed members. Two representatives
                                                             Ship Channel area. The PSSC soon recognized that a mechanism
of each of the four zones will be selected by a majority
of facility owners within each zone. Other directors are     was needed to allow the county, the facilities, and others to
a representative of the port authority, and one appoin-      equitably pay for the local share of the grants and the operation
tee each from Harris County and the Harris County            and maintenance of these new security projects. The PSSC partners
Mayors and Councils Association. The directors will          decided the means to collect these funds could be modeled after
choose a presiding officer, secretary and other officers.    management districts.
That process is expected to be completed by the end
                                                             The council, now the Houston Ship Channel Security Council, is a
of August.
                                                             partnership of the area manufacturers, refineries and petrochemical
    “We try to look at the big picture,” says Bellamy.
                                                             plants represented by eHCMA, local cities along the channel, Harris
“We have to make sure everything is integrated.
If we don’t, it would be like connecting an HDTV             County, including both Judge ed emmett and Commissioner Sylvia
to an eight-track player for audio. As the district          Garcia, the University of Houston, PHA and other private and public
grows, we want Houston to be compatible and inter-           entities. The council’s effort has been supported with funding from
connected with other area ports, such as Freeport,           the DHS. To date, Harris County and the council have been awarded
Texas City and Galveston.” n                                 more than $38.6 million in federal port security grants.
     Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009
Ensuring a

involves more
than geometry

At the Port of Houston
Authority (PHA), establishing
a robust perimeter around the
                                  Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

restricted areas of its Turning
Basin terminal required much
more than a geometric solution.

                                            The venerable PHA terminal is a
                                            beehive of activity, involving ten-
                                            ants, Executive Office Building
                                            workers, visitors and vendors, truck-
                                            ers and railways, in addition to the
                                            laborers and stevedoring companies
                                            that work the cargo ships. Unlike its
                                            more specialized sibling terminals,
                                            sealing off the entire complex was
                                            not an option.                                                 system allows access and departure from the secure areas
                                               The challenges facing PHA’s security management             for one vehicle at a time.
                                            team included designing an operations concept to                   Pedestrian access and exit points – used primarily by
                                            facilitate the free flow of commerce; yet definable            ILA workers and other laborers – are controlled by turn-
                                            enough to ensure the security of those areas requiring         stiles. There are nine vehicle and 16 pedestrian check
                                            controlled access.                                             points at the Turning Basin Terminal.
                                               What they came up with was a “perimeter within a                Crews says a collaborative effort by all segments of the
                                            perimeter,” according to Bill Crews, port security and         PHA security team, contributed to a smooth transition to
                                            operations manager.                                            TWIC implementation on April 14.
                                               “We added another concentric ring of security around            A virtual “all hands on deck” call went out as security
                                            our restricted areas that are specific to the Turning Basin,   personnel were stationed at all entry and exit points to
                                            because of our upper and lower road levels.” he said.          assist truckers and laborers in adjusting to the new system.
                                               Ensuring a strong, secure perimeter has
                                            been a PHA priority for the past six years.
                                            It was initially addressed by monitoring
                                            and surveillance through the use of closed-
                                            circuit television technology. Limiting access
                                            included fencing and manning at specific
                                            entrance and exit points.
                                               However, once the federally mandated
                                            Transportation       Workers      Identification
                                            Credential (TWIC) program appeared on the
                                            horizon, efforts at establishing and improving
                                            perimeter protection became more intense,
                                            focused and sophisticated. They also included
                                            more flexibility.
                                               “We had to keep the access and movement
                                            of our tenants, employees and customers in
                                            mind,” Crews says. “It called for more creative
                                            thinking, particularly for truck access.”
                                               Crews says PHA “applied developing tech-
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                            nology” in answering the challenge. “Speed
                                            gates” were installed on nine roads – one for
                                            entry and one for exit – to control truck traffic
                                            to the docks.
                                               The gate opens when a driver presents an
                                            authentic TWIC and closes once the vehicle
                                            has passed through the checkpoint. The

        “WE WENT FROM bEiNg a cOMPlETEly OPEN
   FaciliTy TO ONE iN WHicH yOU’vE acTUally gOT
         yOUR idENTiTy iN ORdER TO gaiN accESS.”

                                       “It was a success,    to do something. You are required to prove your identity
                                       not only in terms     in order to gain access.”
                                       of vehicle access,       The new system essentially allows traffic on the upper
                                       but with labor        levels of the terminal to flow, virtually unrestricted, while
                                       getting through       the lower levels are more tightly controlled. Crews says
                                       the turnstiles,” he   input from the PHA Operations team and a comprehen-
                                       says. “We geared      sive education program helped contribute to the relatively
                                       up for the event      seamless transition.
                                       by manning the           “This could not work without input from Operations,”
                                       entry and access      he says. “That input was extremely valuable. Our ability
                                       points with secu-     to communicate and work so closely with Operations
                          Bill Crews   rity personnel to     was coupled with an outreach program to all constituent
                                       help get everyone     groups – truckers, laborers and stevedoring companies.
through the learning curve. We went from being a com-        We needed that experience and expertise from the other
pletely open facility to one in which you’ve actually got    side in order to make it work.” n
     Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009
     Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009
Who Works at the Port

                                                Bill Crews with Police
                                            Dispatcher Bertha Collins

                         Bill Crews’ New Crew:
                                            The Port Security and Emergency Operations Team
                                              Since coming on board the Port of Houston Authority             Crews explains the reason for the restructure was “to cre-
                                              in April 2008, Bill Crews has been hard at work finding        ate a hierarchical system of reporting, holding individuals
                                              ways to improve port security. In January 2009, the Port       throughout the chain of command more accountable.”
                                              of Houston Authority Police Department was restruc-            Accountability from top to bottom is now a chief priority.
                                              tured into the Port Security and Emergency Operations          Having stability within the chain of command gives offi-
                                              Department, with Crews selected to lead efforts at             cers clarity on where to report problems, and officers like
                                              ensuring continued port safety. Crews has 27 years of          having more opportunities for advancement. The transi-
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                              professional experience coming from his time with the          tion also finalized the automation of the dispatch station
                                              U.S. Navy, NASA, the Department of State and the               and control room with the addition of the CAD systems
                                              White House following his graduation from the American         administrator, making it easier to generate, track, and file
                                              Military University in West Virginia. A certified protec-      incident reports and other documents.
                                              tion professional, Crews has the responsibility of directing      Crews speaks for many in his department when he says,
                                              and monitoring PHA’s security operations and programs          “We needed this change a long time ago.”
                                              while meeting federal, state, Coast Guard and other regu-         In the May/June 2008 issue of the Port of Houston
                                              latory requirements.                                           Magazine, Crews indicated he was going to look closely

   at policy, procedure and personnel. Since Crews’ arrival,               for planning, organizing and directing all administrative
   the department is in the process of approving a new use                 duties for their respective shifts. Farmer, who took this
   of force policy and finalizing a new code of ethics. Both of            position in February, has seen the progression.
   these policies help define the role of the officers.                        “I have seen the security vastly improve in my 13 years
       In addition, the officers have formalized a policy com-             with the port,” he says.“I can see, as time progresses,
   mittee comprised of various officers and administrative                 even more security because you can never have too many
   personnel. The committee meets regularly to discuss                     safeguards in place.”
   issues brought to their attention by other officers and                    Crews, together with his crew, strives for increased
   staff. Newly promoted to the position of asset manager                  professionalism within the department and cites last
   is Sergeant Frances Corolla. Corolla is in charge of all                year’s accreditation of the Port of Houston Authority as
   equipment needs, including uniforms, radios, and vehicle                ISO 28000:2007 certified, the first award of its kind, as an
   maintenance. In addition, she assists on any ongoing                    indication their efforts are being noticed worldwide.
                                  inquiries or investigations.                  “Our officers have worked very hard to make this
                                      Crews also promoted                  transition a successful one. We strive to be a more respon-
                                  Sergeant Frank Marker                    sive service organization, with the continuing goal of
                                  to the position of train-                increased professionalism in the department.”
                                  ing/investigator. Marker, a                 Crews adds, “Security is a never-ending process.
                                  master peace officer with                We will always be assessing and always looking for ways
                                  19 years of experience, is               to improve.” n
                                  tasked with coordinating
                                  firearms and field training
                                  while ensuring that all officers
                                  have fulfilled the govern-
                                  ment-mandated TCLEOSE
Sergeant Frank Marker
                                  (Texas Commission on Law
   Enforcement Officer Standards and Education) courses.
   Crews likes seeing “officers take advantage of opportunities
   for training.”
       Accordingly, Marker is putting together a training
   scenario at the shooting range, saying because officers
   rarely even draw their weapons, this new discipline will
   give them all an opportunity to practice discharging their
   weapons in a controlled environment. While he admits
   his added responsibilities keep him busy, he firmly believes
   “these changes were for the better and help us do our jobs
   with greater professionalism and efficiency.”
       From the onset, Crews has set out to refocus the
   mission of his team and hopes that newly promoted Deputy
   Chiefs Andrew Farmer and Anthony Kinchen can help
   the department realize that goal. They are responsible
                                                                                                                                          Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

“These changes were for the better
and help us do our jobs with greater
professionalism and efficiency.”

                             Officer R.E. Walker and Deputy Chief Farmer                                                                     31

partnering fOr prOsperitY

From the Chippewa name that roughly translates to            to the chamber,”
“Crown of the Valley,” Pasadena has a rich history. The      says Trainer. “I
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has been establishing           was also hon-
partnerships to promote business and job growth in the       ored that he
area for 73 years.                                           named me to
    With a mission to promote economic development and       the PHA Small
community growth to ensure the prosperity of Pasadena’s      Business Advisory
                                                                                   Sherry Trainer, President and CEO,
businesses and citizens, the chamber has played a key role   Council.”             Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
in helping transform the city. Formerly a largely agricul-      Employment
tural community – Pasadena has also been known as the        in Pasadena is closely tied to ship-channel industries,
“Strawberry Capitol of the South” – it is now one of the     which have created opportunities for partnerships on
largest chemical manufacturing complexes in the world.       several different levels.
    The port and Pasadena are longtime partners. When           Many Pasadena firms participate in PHA’s Small
the Port of Houston was in its early development stages,     Business Development Program, which was designed
many Pasadena residents realized it was more lucrative to    to help PHA contractors make good faith efforts to
work at the port than to farm.                               include small business participation in eligible contracts.
    “Over the years, we have always had a good work-         PHA’s Pedro Garcia, manager of the Small Business
ing relationship with the city and community as well         Development Department, serves on the chamber’s
as the businesses                                                                                        board of directors.
that represent the                                                                                           “We feel the port
Pasadena Chamber,”                                                                                       should have a per-
said PHA Chairman                                                                                        manent place on our
Jim Edmonds at the                                                                                       board because they
March 15 “State of                                                                                       are so important to
the County” lun-                                                                                         us,” Trainer adds.
cheon to accept the                                                                                          “Think      what
chamber’s Industry                                                                                       we wouldn’t have
of the Year award on                                                                                     if not for the port,
behalf of the port.                                                                                      like all the import
    “I am extremely                                                                                      and export goods,”
pleased that the port                                                                                    says Trainer. “It’s
was named indus-                                                                                         such a presence
                                                                                                                                 Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

try of the year,”                                                                                        here. We at the
says Sherry Trainer,                                                                                     Pasadena Chamber
president and CEO                                                                                        look forward to
of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. “The port               continuing to work with the port for many years
does a lot for us. We have been working together for         to come.”
many years.                                                     Committed to strengthening the region’s economic
    “Our port commissioner is Steve Phelps and he does       base, the Pasadena Chamber will continue to create
a great job of communicating partnership opportunities       opportunities for the city’s growth and prosperity. n

                                            SPOTLIGHT ON SMALL BUSINESS
                                            eagle i securitY, llc keeps eagle eYe On pha

                                            When former FBI agent Rolando Moss opened his                      professionalism, dis-
                                            security services business, coming up with a name was              tinguish them from
                                            easy. With a background in law enforcement and an                  most other security
                                            affinity for the national bird, Moss dubbed his company,           guards.
                                            Eagle I (pronounced like “eye”) Security, LLC.                        “All our guards
                                                                                                                                            Rolando Moss and Sheldon Theragood
                                                The Queens, New York, native started his career as             must have high school
                                            a police officer, then worked as a special agent for the           diplomas,” he says. “They also are required to complete
                                            Federal Bureau of Investigation for 15 years before enter-         Homeland Security training as well as PHA training and
                                            ing the corporate environment as a senior director of              protocol and pass a series of aptitude tests. They must wear
                                            corporate security. He started his own business in 2005.           uniforms and have good interpersonal skills.”
                                                “To successfully run your own business, first, you have           Among other services that EIS offers are security
                                            to have the skill sets,” he says. “Working with PHA’s              system design and integration, risk and vulnerability
                                            Small Business and Police departments provides mentor-             assessments, security program management, executive
                                            ing and additional tools that have been instrumental in            protection, development and vendor selection, security
                                            Eagle I’s success.”                                                training and third-party peer review. EIS partners have
                                                Eagle I provides 42 security guards, or 35 percent, of         more than 100 collective years of investigative and
                                            the total at PHA. They are non-commissioned (unarmed)              security experience.
                                            guards who check IDs to ensure proper credentials                     Moss, who has a B.S. degree from Capital University,
                                            at PHA’s facility gates. Moss says Eagle I staff’s                 Columbus, Ohio, is certified as a vessel security officer and
                                            training, education and physical fitness, as well as their         facility security officer. n

                                                                                                                                                   Corporate Office
                                                                                                                                                    Operations &
                                                                     F R E I G H T S Y S T E M , I N C.                                             Houston, TX
                                                                               Freight Forwarding Services / NVOCC                                   713-631-1095

                                                                                 Ocean freight forwarding                                          Baltimore, MD
                                                                                   Import/export/customs clearance
                                                                                 Air freight forwarding                                              410-354-2670
                                                                                   Indirect air carrier certification                               Charleston, SC
                                                                                 NVOCC – FCL/LCL worldwide                                           843-744-9787
                                                                               Trucking / Drayage
                                                                                                                                                   Savannah, GA
                                                                                 FTL and LTL
                                                                                 Flatbed / Van / Trailer                                             912-966-0800
                                                                                 Container drayage – local and OTR
                                                                                 U.S. Bonded Carrier                                              Jacksonville, FL
                                                                                 Airport Pickup and Delivery                                         904-693-1577
Port of Houston Authority | May/June 2009

                                                                               Warehousing / Crating                                                 El Paso, TX
                                                                                 Container stripping / stuffing                                       915-921-5099
                                                                                 Warehouse storage
                                                                                 Trans-loading / consolidation
                                                                                 Project Management
                                                                                 Bonded Warehouse – Houston

                                                                               Real-Time Web Tracking
                                                                                 Proof of delivery available for printing

                                                        Our product has always been Service.             
                 Gateway to World Markets
                                                     Superior Container, Steel,
                                                     Breakbulk and Project
                                                     Cargo Experience
                                                     • Largest container terminal
                                                       on the U.S. Gulf Coast
                                                     • Cargo units up to 630 tons directly
                                                       discharged from vessel to rail car

                                                     Superior Facilities –
                                                     and lots of them!
                                                     • 57 general cargo and heavy lift
                                                       docks with concrete backup areas
                                                     • 8 container docks with 340 acres
                                                       of paved yard, and growing!

                                                     Motivated and innovative
                                                     Customer Service Team
                                                     • We speak “High, Wide
                                                       and Heavy” fluently
                                                     • Flexible gate and crane
                                                       hours available

                                                     • Direct all-water service
                                                       connects PHA to the world
                                                     • Served by both major western
                                                       railroads – UP and BNSF
                                                     • Direct interstate highway access

                                                     Abundant Skilled
                                                     Labor “Partners”
                                                     • Continuous workforce stability –
                                                       decades without labor interruptions
                                                     • Trucking, railroads, warehouses, freight
                                                       forwarders and the largest project cargo
                                                       port in the United States

                                                  Port of Houston Authority
                                                  111 East Loop North
                                                  Houston, Texas 77029   |   800-688-DOCK (3625)   United States of America
The Port of Houston                                                                                        PRSRT STD
PO Box 2562                                                                                                US Postage
Houston, Texas 77252-2562                                                                                     PAID
                                                                                                           Houston, TX
                                                                                                          Permit #1395

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                                 and increases efficiency.

                          We’ll keep our pencils sharp and help control costs.
                                  Because we do sweat the small stuff.

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