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					               What is Sulfuric acid
Sulfuric acid is an oily, colorless liquid with no odor. It is a key
component in batteries,wastewater treatment, ore production, and
fertilizer creation. Sixty-five percent of all fertilizers available on the
market today are created from a combination of sulfuric acid and
other chemicals. It is created from inorganic materials through a
process that utilizes a special type of chemical reaction. More than 40
million tons of sulfuric acid are produced annually in the United States
Sulfuric acid was discovered in the 8th century by an alchemist
named Jabir Ibn Hayyan. When sulfur compounds are burned, sulfur
dioxide gas is left behind. When sulfur dioxide gas is heated to 450
degrees, the combination turns into sulfur trioxide. Jabir Ibn Hayyan
mixed sulfur trioxide with water to create sulfuric acid. A century later,
Ibn Zakariya al-Razi, a Persian physician and alchemist, continued
studying the acid and discovered it had the ability to destroy iron
and copper oxide.
A variety of substances can be mixed with sulfuric acid in order to
create new products. Sulfur can be mixed with forms of aluminum to
create aluminum sulfates. When aluminum sulfates are mixed with
wood pulp, the fibers bond together and create paper. Aluminum
sulfates mixed with dioxides create a mixture that takes impurities out
of water. These aluminum dioxides are commonly used at water
treatment plants.

Cyclohexanoneoxime and sulfuric acid combine to make
caprolactum. Caprolactum is used to make nylon. Hydrochloric acid is
another creation derived from sulfuric acid that is commonly used in
the world today. In addition, sodiums and sulfuric acids are combined
to help refine petroleum in order to create gasoline.
Due to the acid's unstable properties, it is essential for those
combining sulfuric acid with water to add it to the water and not the
other way around. If water is poured into sulfuric acid, a volatile
explosion of boiling water can be created. Though sulfuric acid is
non-flammable, it can create hydrogen gas, which is highly volatile.

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