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									Dr. Nabil Safwat

Dr. Nabil Safwat is Chief of Transport Section at the United Nations Economic and
Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) since January 1998. He is
responsible for the work on transport, customs and trade facilitation in the ESCWA
region. Dr. Safwat has over thirty years of experience in transport planning and
systems analysis. He worked as an expert and consultant in Saudi Arabia, United
Arab Emirates, Sudan and the United States. Dr. Safwat has conducted and managed
over 50 research projects and studies, and supervised 11 Ph.D. theses and several
M.S. research topics, mostly in the United States.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Transport Systems Analysis from Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT), his M.Sc. in Highway Engineering from Ohio State University,
his Diploma in Planning (with emphasis on regional planning) from the Institute of
National Planning in Egypt, and his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Cairo University.

Dr. Safwat has played a key role in the formulation and adoption of the Agreement on
International Roads in the Arab Mashreq, the Agreement on International Railways in
the Arab Mashreq, and the recommendations for trade and transport facilitation in the
ESCWA region. He continues to play a major role in promoting the establishment of
national facilitation committees and the application of information and
communication technologies in Western Asia.

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