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Dr - Cranston School District


									      Dr. Lawrence P. Filippelli is currently the Assistant
Superintendent of Schools in Scituate, RI. Prior to holding this
position he served as principal of Scituate middle school and was
named the 2009 recipient of the NASSP/MetLife Rhode Island Middle
School Principal of the Year Award.
       Dr. Filippelli is also the district supervisor of the Crisis
Response Team for Scituate Schools and has had numerous hours
of experience and training on the local on school tragedy, student
loss, facility security planning, suicide bomber mitigation and
integrating technology to enhance building safety and security
      Dr Filippelli also serves as an adjunct professor at Johnson &
Wales University in their Graduate School as well as a special
lecturer in technology strategic planning in the doctoral program in
Educational Leadership. He has currently been appointed to a Rhode
Island Senate special commission on Cyberbullying Cyberthreats,
and Sexting.
     Dr. Filippelli is the owner of The Education Consortium, LLC a
Rhode Island licensed business which specializes in education
consulting with a specific focus on Cyberbullying, sexting, creating
and maintaining crisis response plans.

Internet Safety and Your Students: A
Teacher/Administrator's Guide

This program will provide information to educators, teachers, and school
administrators interested in protecting their children and students from
Cyberbullying, sexting, cybermobbing and online predators. Specific
instruction will focus on how predators target students and what
teachers, administrators, and parents can do to protect them. Topics
discussed will also include the dangers of posting inappropriate pictures
and messages on social networking sites, “sexting” and information on
the consequences of poor behavior choices online. There will be a strong
focus will be placed on Cyberbullying and cyber stalking. Participants
will come away with templates and information to help foster positive
conversations with children about online safety.

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