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									Organisational Development Vacancies
~ Supporting Information

Organisational Development Business Partner
Organisational Development Adviser (job share – 17.5 hours per week)

Both posts are based in our Gosforth office

Hello, my name is Jennifer Flint and I’m the Organisational Development
Manager for Isos.

I have put this document together to give you a context for understanding the
job descriptions and person specifications for the two posts we are

I hope they give will you a better feel for what it will be like to work in our team
and help you make an informed decision about whether we are a good fit for
each other.

With that in mind I am including:

   Organisational context and our agenda
   Organisational Structure Chart
   Summary of the vacant roles
   Who we are looking for to join our team

Thank you for your interest

Organisational Context
Isos has just been through a major restructure to create one single
organisation, from what was previously a group structure with three distinct
operating companies, each with their own boards, managing directors and set
of financial accounts. The restructure has affected the organisation at every

This year gives us a great opportunity to move forward as one. To support this
the Executive Team have developed a new (2020) Vision.

         in 2020
    We are the north’s leading housing company, acclaimed
    nationally as the most pioneering organisation in our sector.
    Our customers love our diverse and innovative services,
    which improve their lives in ways they never thought
    possible. Our success is sustained by a thriving commercial
    portfolio. Our brand, delivered everyday through exceptional
    customer service, is widely celebrated as a symbol and
    guarantee of outstanding quality. Year after year we are
    recognised as one of the very best companies to work for.
    We continue to grow because we are the first and best
    choice for customers, partners and employees.

Our agenda
Our team has been created to help support Isos in achieving its vision,
merging together what was previously Human Resources and Learning and
Development. Over the next eighteen months we have a big agenda to
deliver, including:

    Supporting the implementation of the Isos Customer Access Strategy
    Establishing a new central hub for our Property Services Team
    Embedding our new organisational values into everything we do
    Our inaugural Managers Conference followed by a Staff Conference
    Team Leader development
    Reviewing our performance management processes
    Harmonisation of terms and conditions
    Development of our Staff Forum
    Development of our HR and payroll database
    Review of team information storage and filing
Organisational Structure Chart
Within the organisation we have four directorates – Business and People,
Finance, Property and Development, Customers and Communities – each
headed up by an Executive Director who reports into our Chief Executive,
Keith Loraine.

Our team sits within the Business and People directorate.

                                            Business & People

                                                 Business & People
                                                  (Richard Fryer)

                         Assistant                                              Assistant
                    Director (Business)                                     Director (People)
                       (Dick Ayling)                                        (Peter Ferguson)

      Strategy &          Information                           Health &
                                            ICT Services                    Organisational          Comms &
     Performance           & Service                             Safety
                                            & Technical                      Development            Marketing
       Manager              Design                             Manager
                                              Manager                          Manager              Manager
      (Kari Best)          Manager                           (Ean Badham)
                                          (John Sammons)                    (Jennifer Flint)    (Ali Richardson)
                        (Greg McIntyre)

                          Organisational Development
                                             Assistant Director
                                             (Peter Ferguson)

                                                (Jennifer Flint)

                    OD Business
                                                OD Business                 OD Adviser
                                                  Partner                      X2
Summary of the vacant roles
Each of the two vacant posts have three distinct parts to their roles, as

OD Business Partner – full time
First point of contact
Property & Development and Customers & Communities are our two large
operational directorates that include a range of disciplines and services
including housing management, property services (which includes our trade
staff), development, asset management, safer neighbourhoods, financial and
social inclusion, care and support and customers services.

The Business Partner role will be the first point of contact for one of these
large operational directorates, providing excellent customer service and
dealing with all relevant casework.

Project lead
We have a number of OD projects to be delivered in the next twelve months
and beyond. Another major aspect of the role will be to lead on projects which
will be allocated according to experience, skills and areas of interest.

Specialist area
The new Business Partner will be responsible for updating, developing and
communicating people policies to keep us up to date with employment law
and best practice as their specialist area.

OD Adviser – job share
First point of contact
We currently have a part time Business Adviser who works Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday (am). We are looking for someone to join us to cover the rest
of the week – Wednesday (pm), Thursday and Friday.

The role will be the first point of contact for either the Finance or Business &
People directorate, providing excellent customer service and dealing with all
relevant casework.

Administrative support and process management
This element of the role is to co-ordinate and administer the day to day and
cyclical processes of the OD service including recruitment and selection,
induction, appraisal etc.

Project support
We have a number of OD projects to be delivered in the next twelve months
and beyond. Another key element of the role will be to provide project support
to the Business Partners, OD Manager and Assistant Director (People) which
will be allocated according to experience, skills and areas of interest.
Who we are we looking for to join our team
For both roles, you need to be passionate about delivering great customer
service and like the sound of working in a small, friendly, hardworking team.
You will also need to be a qualified CIPD professional with excellent
interpersonal skills and the ability to build rapport and gain peoples’ trust in
handling challenging and sensitive issues.

Because we are a relatively small team you will need to be versatile enough
to turn your hand to different pieces of work, and prepared to muck in and do
whatever needs to be done when we are under pressure to meet a deadline.

For the Business Partner role you will be confident at working with senior
managers dealing with HR issues. Ideally you will also have led on OD
projects and/or have some training and development skills and experience.

For the Adviser role you will have excellent organisational skills and attention
to detail, with the ability to juggle and prioritise a wide variety of tasks.

And finally, I’d also like to think that you are the sort of person who genuinely
want to make a difference to our customers and communities.

If this sounds like you, we look forward to receiving your application.

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