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					                                               RAISE Year 4 Final Report

Cross border PLC to develop resources and strategies to support Looked After
Children and other vulnerable learners

Supporting Looked After Children during Transition from KS2 to KS3

Project Lead School:Pontarddulais Comprehensive School

Name of Project Leader: Rachel Thomas/Sue Phillips
        Email Address:

         Telephone No: 01792 884556/01792 405689
        Local Authority: City and County of Swansea

   1. Participating Schools:

   Pontarddulais Comprehensive School

   Feeder Primaries






   2. Partnership Working:

Feedback obtained from pupils, and subsequent adaptions made.
Parents/carers are the main focus group of this project.
Resources designed for parents/carers.

On-going and long term collaboration with feeder Primary Schools, including meetings, visits, pupil
opportunities, events and experiences.

Links/liaison with Access to Learning staff in Education Dictorate e.g. Lac Education staff. EWO,
EP,Behaviour/learning specialist teachers

Links with social services staff e.g. social workers and support teams e.g. CAST

RAISE Yr 4 Final Report LAC Pontarddulais                                                           v3
   3. Links with other RAISE initiatives:

          Development of PLC within SWAMWAC region – particular links with project schools,
           therefore inter-county planning, producing and presenting of resources.

          Presenting SWAMWAC workshop and development of SWAMWAC raise (LAC) website

   4. Description of the activities undertaken:

  a range of transition activities within the school transition programme e.g.:

          Transition week for year 6 pupils

          Curriculum days

          Enterprise events

          Sports and entertainment events

          Community participation

          Buddy schemes

          Comprehensive pupils working in partner primary schools with pupils

  Compilation and production of transition pack targeted at carers/parents of looked after children.

  Resources include folder and DVD with pupil participation.

   5. Objectives

      Outputs:

       Aim was to further develop our successful transition programme to particularly target and
       support vulnerable looked after children.

       Success measured in looked after children, as all others, achieving successful transition from
       Primary to Pontarddulais School. Evidenced by no year 7 children unduly leaving the year

  Compilation and production of transition pack targeted at carers/parents of looked after children.

  Resources include folder and DVD with pupil participation.

RAISE Yr 4 Final Report LAC Pontarddulais                                                          v3
   6. Description of monitoring and evaluation process:

   Discussed, developed and evaluated in PLC of swamwac Raise schools group.

   Feedback sought from pupils, especially LAC pupils, also parents/carers and school staff in
   feeder Primaries and in Pontarddulais. Evidence in LAC case study which includes parental
   response, highlighting the success of transition and appreciation of additional support.

   7. Description of the dissemination activities

   Dissemination with feeder Primaries and through RAISE Schools website and conference.

   8. Main findings of the evaluation:

          LAC pupils should have the same opportunities as all others, but provided with additional
           support as to meet their specific, individual needs.

   9. Links with RAISE themes.

       RAISE Themes:

       Improving transition processes for disadvantaged learners moving between the stages of

      Multi-agency approaches to support the progress of disadvantaged/vulnerable learners; e.g.

      Strategies for improving learners’ motivation, behaviour, attendance and self esteem;

   10. What sustainable benefits will arise as a result of your project?

       Materials produced and detailed long term structure of transitional activities in place.

       These will continued to be revised and adapted as needed(to maintain our excellent
       transition, as recognised by Estyn Inspection in 2009)

RAISE Yr 4 Final Report LAC Pontarddulais                                                        v3

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