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					We already saw Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2(7.0)just over a week ago, and now the
company has come clean with its 10.1-inch variant (along with a new Galaxy Beam
smartphone). Aside from bumping up the screen resolution of its LCD to 1280 x 800,
from 1024 x 600 on the 7.0, the 10.1 features the same 1Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of
RAM, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, front and rear cameras (VGA and 3-megapixels,
respectively) and 21Mbps HSPA+ connectivity if you opt for the 3G model instead of
WiFi. The 10.1-incher notably comes equipped with a 7,000 mAh battery (up from 4,000
on the 7.0), which will hopefully ensure stamina that's similar to its predecessor. The
slate is unsurprisingly loaded with TouchWiz-flavored Ice Cream Sandwich. and will be
offered in 16 and 32GB models (expandable by up to 32GB if you supply your own
microSD card). There's no word on pricing just yet, but Sammy plans to start selling all
10.1-inches of this treat during March in the UK -- and you can bet we'll get our own in-
person hands-on while we're traversing the show floor here at MWC.

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