Rolls-Royce Owners' Club Conducts Impromptu Car Show During

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					Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club Conducts Impromptu Car Show During Visit
           to the Stephen Birch Aquarium - March 13, 2005

Ocean Lovers’ Rally                                                                By: Brad and Michele Zemcik
Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You plan a simple
meet hoping for thirty people to show up and almost double attend. Leave it to John and Jan Houts to take it in stride and
make it all work “swimmingly.”

Arriving at the aquarium people checked in and made their way inside to view the various exhibits and commented on the
varied and unusual types of sea life. One display cleverly displayed jelly fish with special lighting so you could really exam-
ine their unique physiques. In other displays one had to study the tank to find certain creatures who are hidden by unique
camouflage, kind of like many car parts we are looking for when working on our cars.

One of the displays is a huge multi-thousand gallon tank housing a typical kelp bed sea life eco-system. The glass is ten
inches thick because of the water pressure. A docent gave a talk about some of the sea life as two divers entered to do
some tank maintenance and then feed the fish. It was fascinating to see the reactions of various fish since some don’t eat
for days at a time. She commented that some of the gentlest looking fish are the most aggressive. Imagine the divers having
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March-April, 2005                                                Page 1                              Volume 33 Issue 2
                2005 - Region Calendar of Events                                                       Region Officers
    (Meet host contact numbers can be found in the RROC-SDR Directory)
                                                                                                     and Board Members
  January 15 - 16
         Borrego Springs, Casa del Zorro
                                                                                                Brad Zemcik                 949.770.7832
                                          Steve and Nancy Hall                                    Email:
  February 11 - 13
         RROC National Board & Dual Driving Meet                                               Vice-Chairperson
                                            Dave and Jean Ely                                   Ivonne Webb                 619.435.8738
  March 13                                                                                       Email:
         Ocean Lovers’ Rally
                                           John and Jan Houts                                  Treasurer
  April 14 - 17                                                                                 Terry Luallin               619.222.6558
         Palm Springs Extravaganza Weekend with
         the Bentley Drivers Club Southwestern Tour
                                                Pierre Lemieux                                  Sig Hofland                760.328.5352
  May 15                                                                                          Email:
         Evans Car Collection
                                   Larry Davis and Joan Bowes
  June 4                                                                                        Ivonne Webb                 619.435.8738
         S.D. Automotive Museum Car Show on the Lawn                                             Email:
                                       Greg and Margie Millard                                  Valerie Suter (Co-Chair) 619.224.5431
  July 9                                                                                         Email:
         Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach                                                  Awards
                                Marge Sosa and Ed Gehringer                                     Tom Scheil                  949.380.8568
  July 24-30                                                                                      Email:
         RROC Annual Meet, Greenwich, CT                                                       Judging
                                                                                                Darwyn Lumley               760.724.6256
                                         National Headquarters
  August 14
         Polo Field Picnic (Tentative)                                                          Larry Davis                 619.582.4324
                                         Rolla and Andrea Rich                                    Email:
  September 11                                                                                 Pre-War
         TBD                                                                                    Robert Webb                 619.435.8738
                                          Lou and Valerie Suter                                    Email:
  October 2                                                                                    Photo
         British Car Day, Bonsall                                                               Rick Rosiejka               619.295.1345
                                                   Paul Katson
                                                                                               Public Relations
  November 13
                                                                                                Paul Katson                 619.285.9400
         TBD                                                                                       Email:
                                                           TBD                                 Technical
  December 11                                                                                   Paul Katson                 619.285.9400
         Annual Banquet and Awards Party                                                           Email:
                          Chairman Brad and Michele Zemcik                                     Editor
                                                                                                Dennis Eickhoff            858.674.5930
  If your car is unable to make it on a tour, you are encouraged to                               Email:
  participate by coming along as a rider. This allows you to experience                        Asst Editor
  different cars, meet new people and be an active member in the region.
                                                                                                Volunteers Welcome
  Contact the meet host or Activities Chairperson(s) for more details.

 The Silver Coast News is published by, and for, the San Diego Region of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club, Inc., a non-profit corporation.
 All information furnished herein is provided by the membership of the club for use by the members only. Articles reflect the opinion of
 the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the regional policies nor is any authentication or approval implied by the editors or publishers
 who assume no liability for information contained herein. The San Diego Region and its editors seek to publish accurate material but
 neither assumes responsibility in the event of a claim of loss or damage resulting from publication. Material my be reproduced by other
 Regions provided credit is given. The editor reserves the right to edit for length and quality.

March-April, 2005                                                      Page 2                                    Volume 33 Issue 2
                      Happy Spring to all. After the much needed rains spring has made a welcome arrival. Time to get
Chairman’s Comments   the cars tuned up and out to the remaining meets for the year.

                      If you missed either of the past two meets, (covered in this issue) you missed two excellent meets.
                      Both John and Jan Houts and Pierre Lemieux are to be complimented for jobs well done. The cre-
                      ativity of this region in providing interesting meets never ceases to amaze me. We are blessed to
                      have such a talented membership.

                      Our upcoming meets portend to be winners also, so please try to attend one or both.

                      I am sad to report the passing of Peter Baines, General Secretary of the RREC. He held this position for many years and
                      was a tremendous force in the RREC and the pursuit of our hobby. Michele and I have known Peter for many years and are
                      fortunate to have visited with him last summer at the RREC meet. He will be sorely missed.

                      This is Dennis Eickhoff’s second issue and I hope you’ll all join me in congratulating him on the nice job he is doing. Let this
                      be a lesson to others that Dennis had not done this before and he is doing just fine. Editor is a key position and it helps you
                      meet other region members through taking photos and making sure you have them correctly labeled in the newsletter. The
                      region could use others to do the editors job in the future so please consider it.

                      Is it any surprise that drophead (convertible) models are being planned by both Rolls-Royce and Bentley? I had known about
                      the Bentley Arnage but I learned in Palm Springs that Bentley will also be producing a drophead GT. I have not seen this on
                      their press releases (I may have missed it) but heard of it from a UK BDC member. 2006 and 2007 should be banner years
                      for both companies in southern California.

                      Drive safe, change your oil and happy motoring.


                                                           Rolls-Royce Bentley Book Collection
                      Here is an opportunity to “jump start” your Rolls-Royce and Bentley book collection or add to it without searching months or
                      years for each title. There are many harder to find titles all in one spot. I am selling them as a lot. $1050.00

                      All of the books are in very nice shape unless noted:

                      Bennett,Martin - RR The History of the car - 2 copies 1st Edition
                      Bird and Hallows - The Rolls-Royce motor car and the Bentley since 1931 5th Edition 1984
                      Bird and Hallows - The Rolls-Royce Motor Car - 2 copies 3rd Edition
                      Brindle, Melbourne - Twenty Silver Ghosts - 1st Edition LARGE format small tear in dust cover on front. I will email photos
                        if you want so you can see for your self.
                      Brindle, Melbourne - Twenty Silver Ghosts - Small format
                      Dalton, Lawrence - Those elegant Rolls-Royce - 6th edition 1978
                      Dalton, Lawrence - Coachwork on Rolls-Royce 1906-1939 - 1st Edition
                      De Campi, John Rolls-Royce in America - 1st Edition
                      Eves, Edward Rolls-Royce 75 years of Motoring Excellence - 2 copies 1st Edition
                      Fasal, John The Rolls-Royce Twenty - MINT
                      Fenn, George Rolls-Royce - 1st Edition
                      Gentile, Ray Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental - MINT
                      Georgano, G.N. - The Classis Rolls-Royce - 1st Edition
                      Harker, Ronald - Their engines were Rolls-Royce - 1st Edition no dust jacket
                      Harvey-Bailey, Alec Rolls-Royce Twenty to Wraith - 1st Edition SRH Mem Foundation Historical Series #8
                      Oldham, W.J. Rolls-Royce 40/50 hp - Ghosts, Phantoms and Spectres - 1st Edition
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                        The Silver Coast News Editor hereby solicits any articles and photos which you think may be of interest to other club members. Want
                        to tell us about your new car? What about a recent trip you took in your Rolls-Royce or Bentley? How about describing a success,
                        or not, with a self repair or vehicle maintenance experience? Any tips on the proper care of the interior? Got any wonderful photos of
                        other examples of our favorite marques? If so please email them to and watch for the next issue of The Silver
                        Coast News.

                        The Silver Coast News is published bi-monthly during the last half of the even numbered months. Meet write-ups and meet photos
                        should be submitted no more than 1 week after an event. Other articles and information should be submitted no later than the 10th of
                        every month. Please check with the Editor for specific publication dates. Please submit photos (preferably digital at 300 dpi or better)
                        with identity of the persons shown and the year, make, model and chassis number of any car(s) shown.

                      March-April, 2005                                                       Page 3                                 Volume 33 Issue 2
                                      ~~ WELCOME NEW MEMBERS ~~

Patrick Russo - San Diego             Jerry Bevins - Phoenix, AZ                      George Chambers - Newport Beach
(looking for a Cloud)                 1997 Silver Spur III - NAV-59516                1956 Silver Cloud I - LSZB227
                                      (RROC Southwest Director)                       1969 Silver Shadow - SRX7400

Lars Nielsen & Ron Beam - Palm Desert
1979 Corniche - CRK50154 & 1991 Silver Spur NAM-34965

                                                 RROC-SDR Website
Check out your San Diego Region RROC Website. You can find our regional website by visiting and navigat-
ing to “Regions & Societies” then to “Regional Websites” and finally to “San Diego”. Alternatively you can type the following
into your browsers’ address bar which will take you directly to our regional website:
In order to control the size of the data storage requried, prior meet photo displays will be limited to the last 12 - 18 meets. If
you want to review any of the older photos, please do it soon before they are deleted.

La Jolla Motor Car Classic                                                               Reported by: Doug Gates
The first La Jolla Motor Car Classic was held on a picture perfect day in January at the Cove. There were several different
classifications of vintage cars. An extensive array of exotic cars were also on display. A festival atmosphere existed at this

                                                                   scenic coastline setting. A live band performed and judges
                                                                   were decked out in navy blue blazers, adding class to an
                                                                   already fun event. Symbolic Motors displayed the latest

                                                                   exotic sports car models. However, the day had something
                                                                   for everyone: Mustangs. T-Birds, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and
                                                                   more. The entire event was a fine testament to the car
                                                                   enthusiasts of San Diego. Several RROC-SDR members
                                                                   walked away with awards.
                                                                                                                                     Photos by Gates Photography

March-April, 2005                                               Page 4                                 Volume 33 Issue 2
                      Attention RROC-SDR Members: Region Directory Update
Please review your listing in the San Diego Region Directory. If there are any changes which should be
made, let me know before May 10th. I will be publishing the 2005 Directory in May.
                                                                     Larry Davis, Membership Chairman

Palm Springs Extravaganza (continued from page 7)
                                 the chimney of the building and the stars in the
                                 Desert night.

                                           On Saturday, April 16th, we were in the parking
                                           lot at 6:00 a.m., but missed some of the driv-
                                           ers who started off early to Lake Havasu. The
                                           Temperature had been 94 degree on Friday and
                                           they wished to have an early start to help their
                                           automobiles and drivers to stay cool. The last
   Tom & Renee Scheil and Family -         tour cars left at about 9:00 a.m. We wished our                 Is anyone ready to return to
    Son, Joe, on the right was very        new found friends a safe and pleasant tour.                        Le Vallauris for lunch?
helpful and informative during the Palm
        Springs Air Museum tour.
                                     At 11:00 a.m. our RROC group gathered to follow our leader, Pierre, on the “Celebrity
House Tour.” We drove past and tried to identify, by address, about twenty-nine homes of the 1950’s and 60’s in the play-
ground of the stars from Bing Crosby to Elvis Presley. We then went to lunch at “Le Vallauris,” which takes its name from a
small town on the French Riviera. The tables in the patio, which Pierre reserved for our group were just what someone who
has been in those Mediterranean places would hope for. Vallauris, the town, lies close to the sea among hills covered with
orange trees and mimosa. The food at “Le Vallauris” was delicious and the company most congenial.

Ah! Pierre, the wine reception offered at the home of “The Wine Purveyor to the Stars,” was a memorable occasion in your
charming 1950’s home in which we were surrounded by your very eclectic collection of art. Sunday brunch at “Spencer’s,”
at the Tennis Club, was a treat. The food was just right, the ambiance special and of course our group of friends again a joy.
Some of us went on a tour of the upper level to visit the old club house which is built into the rocks of San Jacinto Mountain.
On the other side great views of the tennis courts, the desert, and Palm Springs. We overlooked the upper garden terraces
where many important social events took place in decades past. It took us back to our youthful Palm Springs days!

The participants from our region, not on the BDC tour, included: Sir Orville Bingley and his 1999 Silver Spur II; Bill and Janis Clarke of Palm
Desert and Vancouver Canada with their 1993 Silver Spur; Dennis and Janice Eickhoff and their 1990 Corniche III; Sandra Elkins and her
new 2005 Bentley and passenger RROC Western Region Rep. Jerry Bevins of the Arizona Region; Chuck and Gloria Eller and their 1975
Corniche DHC; Dave and Jean Ely and their 1978 Silver Shadow II and guests Manley and Linda Sarnowski; Ed Gehringer and Marge
Sosa in their 1993 Brooklands; Leonard Grotta and his 1995 Silver Dawn II; Anne Griffin and her 1989 Corniche II DHC; Perry and Peggy
Hirsch and their 2000 Arnage RL; Chuck La Rocco and his 1934 3 1/2 Derby and his 1990 Bentley Eight; Pierre Lemieux and his 1979
Silver Wraith II; Renee and Tom Scheil and their 1968 Silver Shadow; Lou and Valerie Suter with their 1988 Silver Spur; Rob and Ivonne
Webb in their 1938 4 1/4 Derby Bentley Pillarless Saloon with guests Ed and Suzan Schwiezer; Jay Weinert and his 1970 Silver Shadow;
Ranald and Sylvia Wyder and their 1979 Silver Shadow II; and our Region Chairman Brad Zemcik and Michele.

Thank you Pierre for a job well done and a very hard act to follow!

Ocean Lovers’ Rally (continued from page 6)
After stuffing ourselves on bountiful brunch, we were off to enjoy our boat ride aboard the Houts 50 foot yacht which holds
thirty people comfortably. Ok, you’ve got about double that. John and Jan decided to make it easy and have two different
rides. So, John skippered two different groups pleasing everyone who attended.

                                           We had a great turnout from our Palm Springs
                                           members and several members from Orange
                                           County as well.

                                           A hearty “Thank you for a superb meet” goes out
                                           to the Houts. John mentioned something about
                                           this being an annual event. I think they’d get
                                           another excellent turnout if they do.

                                           Members attending: R. Davis and P. Carlson, E.Hyde
 Barbara Allen with her Granddaughter                                                                 San Diego, how you have grown!
                                           and D. Azcona (aquarium only), the Rainvilles, the
                                           Olds, Leonard Grotta and Charles Long, the Zemciks,
the Eickhoffs, the Houts and Jan’s mother Grace Binder, the MacQueens, Lorin Alreds, Todd Butler, Norman Leitman, the Allens and their
granddaughters, the Elys, the Wrights, Steve Hall, the Risbergs, the Tarrs, E. Gehringer and M.Sosa, Rick Rosiejka and Michael Gunnerson,
John Ellison, the Suters, Ann Griffin, and Pierre Lemieux.

March-April, 2005                                                        Page 5                                  Volume 33 Issue 2
Ocean Lovers’ Rally (continued from Page 1)
                                   to be more leery of the halibut over the sharks. One of the most fascinating things is
                                   that the fierce looking Moray Eels are almost blind. They have to eat by smelling out
                                   their food. During the feeding one of the eels kept coming back and sticking its head
                                   into the fish bag, got its food and swam off to eat it. It did this several times. Not once
                                   did the diver flinch.

                                          We also visited the tide pool displays, the unique
                                          seahorse and pipefish breeding displays, and a
                                          shark reef.

   Our Hosts: Jan and John Houts
                                      Gathering back on the plaza it was decided to
   and Jan’s mother, Grace Binder     take a group photo of all the cars. Remember
         from Hershey, PA.            hoping to get thirty people? Well, try lining up 23
                                      cars in a circular drive. It was a logistic challenge,
to say the least, but was over come and Doug Gates stepped up to take a photo of the
cars and the group from standing on a roof of a van! The “hit” car of the day had to be John Ellison and his new Bentley GT
John Ellison’s new Bentley GT
Upon departing, the group drove up to Mt. Soledad and on to the San Diego Yacht Club where Jan Houts had arranged for
a small room but had to change things and secured a larger room to accommodate the large group.

                                                                                                                                                       Meet Photos by Gates Photography and Rick Rosiejka

                                                                Aloha!                         Captains for a Day: Philip Tarr, John
Brunch doesn’t get any better than this
                                                                                               Houts (the real Captain) and Rob Webb
                                                                                                         Rich Davis & Phil Carlson

                                                                                                                                      Ed Gehringer &
 Tom Wright and friend Debbie      Anne Griffin getting her sea legs      Charles Long, Leonard Grotta                                 Marge Sosa
                       (Continued page 5)

March-April, 2005                                                      Page 6                                                    Volume 33 Issue 2
Palm Springs Extravaganza (continued from page 12)
                         Bentley, Park Ward DH; 1939 4 1/4 MX Series Derby Bentley
                         from Dallas, Texas; and a third Derby Bentley from Sheffield,
                         England. Derby Bentleys are the 1930’s Rolls-Royce Bentleys
                         called the “Silent Sports Car.” Other postwar automobiles in-
                         cluded a 1950 Bentley Mark VI saloon; a 1952 R-Type, Bentley
                         Continental; a 1953 Bentley R Type Saloon; a 1957 Bentley
                         S1 Continental Drop Head, down 2000 miles from Vancouver
                         Canada with an Australian driver; 1980 Bentley S2 Saloon; a
                         1993 Bentley Brooklands; and a 1996 Bentley Azure.

                         Our RROC region owes Pierre Lemieux a great vote of thanks for organizational success in giving
                         the tour a marvelous send off. On Friday afternoon we visited the “Pond de Rosa” Ranch in Palm
                         Springs where Mr. Pond houses his collection of elegant automobiles in a natural desert Western
                         village setting with Spanish style architecture which includes his home plus about eight casitas/

       Rolls-Royce Phantom II                             Vector 8                                    BMW 503

garages. In a very appropriate manner there is a sculpture of a Desert Big Horn Sheep on an island in a pond in front of his
home. Gary Murphy was our host/mechanic in charge of the team who maintain the 115 pristine automobiles. A different car
is used each day, when Mr. Pond goes to the “city.” Mr. pond is known for his love of prewar Bentleys, however, at this time
his health would not allow him to come out for a closer look and he had to be satisfied with viewing the parade of cars, as
they entered his compound, on his security system. Later we visited the Palm Springs Air Museum, the hangers and planes
again provided by Mr. Pond. The European Theater display brought back memories to our British friends, most of whom

      Palm Springs Air Museum                       On the Patio at Cuistot               Gloria & Chuck Eller at Le Vallauris

were children when they witnessed the horrors of the German bombing and rocket attacks. The Air Museum’s docents are
volunteers, many of them retired pilots, some of who have flown in combat in the type of aircraft on display. An exception is
Joe Scheil, son of Renee and Tom Scheil, members of our region. He is a young airline pilot who delighted his audience,
with the assistance of his daughter, Caroline, age two.

                                                                                                                                 Meet Photos by David Ely and Brad Zemcik

   Michele Zemcik, Janice Eickhoff,            Brad Zemcik, Perry & Peggy Hirsch          Rob Webb & Jerry Bevins - RROC
Janis Clarke, Jean Ely & Sandra Elkins                                                      Southwest Regional Director

Pierre Lemieux’s choice of restaurant on Friday night was excellent. The great patio of Cuistot (which means Chef) was a
most delightful setting for the impeccably served, superb dinner and wines, for ninety of us. We were lucky, the weather
was perfect. The weekend before had been rainy and the one before that, extremely windy. Our British friends remarked
that in England they could not even have planned to eat outdoors at night. Some were tickled to observe the moon over
                                                   (Continued Page 5)
March-April, 2005                                                Page 7                             Volume 33 Issue 2
Presidents’ Day 2005                                                             Reported by: Dennis Eickhoff
What to do on a rainy Presidents’ Day Holiday during the third wettest winter in the 150 years of record keeping in San Diego?
Why not participate in a photo shoot with golf pros orchestrated by a British magazine and accompanied by a BBC reporter
                                                     and cameraman? And
                                                     instead of using the
                                                     La Costa Resort golf
                                                     course just before the
                                                     start of the Accenture
                                                     Match Play Tournament
                                                     as planned why not use
                                                     a TaylorMade ware-
                                                     house? If this all sounds
                                                     a bit bizarre, it was. My
                                                     brother-in-law David
                                                     Ryder, who was visiting
   Ian Poulter wtih the GOLFPUNK and BBC crews                                                   What’s next?
                                                     from Indiana, and I spent
a full day watching this event unfold. Why us, you ask? Because we brought
the most important prop used during this shoot, my magnolia 1990 Corniche III.

Over the past 100 years the world indeed has grown much smaller than
it once was while one recognized symbol of quality and prestige – Rolls-
Royce – has prevailed. So how does someone in England who wants
to photograph professional golfers as they pass through southern Cali-
                                           fornia on the PGA tour find such
                                           a prop. They used contacts to
                                           find the most likely candidates
                                           who could provide the desired               Graeme McDowell
                                           prop, members of the RROC-
                                           SDR. While it was not the most

                                                                                                                                 Photos by Dennis Eickhoff
                                           exciting or productive day I have
                                           spent recently it was a chance to
                                           meet some interesting people and
                                           golf pros Justin Rose, Graeme
                                           McDowell and Ian Poulter – who
                                           by the way finished fourth in
                                           the Accenture Tournament. Ac-
                                           cording to the Creative Director
       Ian Poulter - He liked the car!     of GOLFPUNK magazine the
                                           Rolls-Royce Corniche will appear
on the cover of the edition which will be released during May 2005. So all of you happy readers of GOLFPUNK maga-
zine, stay tuned for a little slice of life close to home. DO YOU THINK ANYONE WILL NOTICE? Oh well, if I hadn’t
shared this story you would never have known what happened “right here in River City” on a rainy day in February.

Book Collection For Sale (continued from page 3)
Oliver, George Rolls-Royce The best car in the World - 1st Edition
Pastouna, Andrew Rolls-Royce State Motor Cars - 1st Edition
Phugh, Peter - The Magic of a Name - The First 40 Years - 1st Edition
Rimmer, Ian Rolls-Royce and Bentley Experimental Cars - 1st Edition
                                                                 Robson, Graham Rolls-Royce & Bentley Collectors
                                                                   Guide Vol 3. soft cover
                                                                 Tubbs, D.B. - The Rolls-Royce Phantoms - 1st Edition
                                                                 Tucker, Malcom - The Goodwood Phantom - 1st Edition
                                                                 Woudenberg, Paul R. - RR and Bentley Buyer’s Guide
                                                                   2nd Edition
                                                                 Rolls-Royce Seven Decades - Published by Autocar
                                                                   Magazine - Hardback
                                                                 RR Alpine Compendium 1913 & 1973 - Spline is taped
                                                                   with clear tape

                                                                  Interested parties contact Brad Zemcik by phone or
                                                                  email - SEE OFFICERS LISTING ON Page 2.

March-April, 2005                                             Page 8                                Volume 33 Issue 2
March-April, 2005   Page 9   Volume 33 Issue 2
                    Advertising Policy
                    Private party advertisements for Rolls-Royce/Bentley vehicles, want ads, parts, lost
                    and found, or information will be published for members at no charge. For car sales
                    include chassis number and asking price. Photos will be published at a nominal
                    charge. Non-member advertising will be accepted at published rates. Display ad-
                    vertising is accepted, at the discretion of the Editor, for business card, 1/4 page, 1/2
                    page, and full-page insertions in increments of one, three or six insertions. Please
                    contact the Editor or Public Relations chairperson for additional information.

                                             Published Advertising Rates
                    Black & White

                            Ad Size             Cost Per Year (6 issues)         Cost per Single Issue
                    30 Word Ad                             N/A                          $50.00
                    Business Card                         $150.00                       $75.00
                    Quarter Page                          $250.00                         N/A
                    Half Page                             $350.00                         N/A
                    Full Page                             $450.00                         N/A

                    Color (limited - subject to availability - first come, first served)

                              Ad Size and Location                      Cost per Year (6 issues)
                    Full Back Page                                              $3,000.00
                    Half Back Page                                              $2,000.00

March-April, 2005                               Page 10                            Volume 33 Issue 2
     J.C. Taylor Antique Auto Insurance Information Sheet
             Underwritten by Maryland Casualty Company (A member of the worldwide Zurich Insurance Group)
                                   with offices and claim facilities in principal U.S. cities.
                                         1 (800) 345-8290 (610) 853-1300

Applicant                                               Date of Birth                                        Occupation
Address                                                                                                         Zip
                                                                                              Phone Number (            )

1. Operator License Number                                                                    Number of Antique Autos owned

2. List all losses in past three years and moving violations-antique and modern cars. (Date-Cause-Payment.)

3. Total Annual Mileage: Club Functions                                                    Other Purposes

4. Name of antique or car club to which you belong
5. List modern cars used for daily transportation (owned)                                                 (or company cars)
6. Where are cars garaged? Under one roof? Construction of garage-brick-frame-fire resistive

7. Has rated horsepower or other specifications been changed? Yes                                No             If yes, explain:

           8. The following coverages are available. Indicate those desired by placing “X” in proper boxes.
     Liability ($100,000 single limit) Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Annual Rates: 1st car $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00

     Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist-Rates as required by your State. Car 1 $                                 Car 2 $                Car3$
     Liability ($300,000 single limit) Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Annual Rates: 1 st car $20.00, 2nd $14.00, 3rd $8.00
     Medical Payments of $1,000.: 1st car $4.00, 2nd car $3.00, 3rd car $2.00. Units in excess of 3, NO CHARGE
                                                                    Physical Damage
     Physical Damage (Comprehensive Includes Fire and Theft)-Annual Rate- $0.35 per $100 of insurance for each vehicle.
     NO DEDUCTIBLE. Vehicles 25 yrs. or older.
     Physical Damage (Collision)-Annual Rate-$0.35 per $100 of insurance for each vehicle. NO DEDUCTIBLE.
     Vehicles 25 yrs. or older.
                     (Note-Collision is not written as a singular coverage but is available with Comprehensive.)
     Physical Damage (Comprehensive Includes Fire and Theft)-Annual Rate-$0.70 per $100 of insurance for each
     vehicle. NO DEDUCTIBLE. Vehicles less than 25 yrs.

     Physical Damage (Collision)-Annual Rate-$0.70 per $100 of amount of insurance for each vehicle.
     NO DEDUCTIBLE. Vehicles less than 25 yrs.
9. Date this coverage is to be effective                                                         Policy Minimum Premium $50.00
                                                ANTIQUE AUTOS TO BE INSURED
          We Require: 1. PHOTO of all vehicles listed                      2. APPRAISAL for each vehicle valued at $20,000 or over
                                           Body Type                   V.I.N. (Vehicle I.D. Number)                       Present Valuation
        Year         Make                Series or Model                 Serial or Motor Number                         (Amount of Insurance)
                                                  Use separate sheet for additional cars to be insured.
                            An application may be forwarded to you for additional information.
 My vehicle(s) will be used mainly in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest and will
not be used primarily for the transportation of passengers or goods.
          If you are a resident of FL, PA, or NJ, send copy of regular car policy.           NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL STATES.

Signature:                                                                                                   Date:

             Note: Your insurance will become effective upon payment of the entire premium, acceptance of the risk and
           compliance with all state specific laws and regulations. Please sign and forward with your remittance, payable to:

                                         320 South 69th Street • Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 19082
                                                   web site:

March-April, 2005                                                             Page 11                                        Volume 33 Issue 2
The Palm Springs Extravaganza                                                                   by: Ivonne O. Webb
The weekend of the 14th to the 17th of April 2005 was indeed an extravaganza. We had the privilege of meeting fifty wonder-
ful members of the BENTLEY DRIVERS’ CLUB (BDC) from England, Canada, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, California,
New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Eighteen of them were driving their W.O. BENTLEY automobiles. These automobiles
were manufactured from 1921 to 1931. In 1931 Bentley Motors was taken over by Rolls-Royce. The only 8 Liter automobile
on the tour was assembled in 1931. The cars were shipped to Long Beach where they went through customs -- not without
difficulty as they did not all arrive on the same ship. These cars are magnificent open, sports cars, many with bodies similar
to those with which Bentley won the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race in 1928, 1929, and 1930. Some of the drivers have
owned and driven their cars for decades and maintain them themselves.

We joined The Western United States BDC Tour at the Mission Inn in Riverside for lunch on Thursday, April 14th. After lunch
we all proceeded to Palm Springs and the Palm Mountain Resort. The parking lot, with all of these incredible automobiles,
was a sight to behold. That evening Chuck LaRocco hosted a BDC reception at his new home and seven car garage in
North Palm Springs.

                    There were 3,037 W.O Bentleys manufactured by the original
                    founder between 1921 and 1931. 1622 - 3 Liters; 665 - 4 1/2 Li-
                    ters; 545 - 6 1/2 Liters; 100 - 8 Liters; 55 - 4 1/2 Supercharged; and
                    50 - 4 Liters. Today there might be about 1700 remaining in the
                    world and there were 18 W.O. Bentleys present visiting the USA.
                    Most of the visitors are retired and one can sense a symbiosis of
                    drivers-owners, and their legendary, superb automobiles as they
                    participate on Driving Tours. In most instances they are supported
                    by their wives, who share in the love for their automobiles. They
                    have to share in this love of driving or riding as they cover many
                    miles in an open, stiffly sprung automobile. David and Margaret
                    Smith, were in Palm Springs last October to scout the Hotels, stops,
  “Pond de Rosa”    and made a “dummy run” of the route.

The Bentley Drivers are very sports minded, down to earth, friendly, people and ap-
peared delighted in the support of the BDC Western US Region and the RROC San
Diego Region. One of the organizers, David and Margaret Smith, of Essex England,
have owned their 3 Liter car for 49 years. Of the other organizers, Richard and Annie
Freestone have a 1928 4 1/2 Liter and Doug and Jean Salmon have their Bentley Speed
6, i.e. 6 1/2 Liters, UV85556. This Western US tour counted on, in great part, the sup-
port given by Ed Gehringer and Marge Sosa of BDC US Western Region and RROC
San Diego Region. Ed and Marge intended to drive their newly restored 4 1/2 Liter,
but unfortunately were victims of an accident when hit from the rear by a Mercedes, at
a stop light, and could not drive that automobile. So they are participating on the tour
with their 1993 Bentley Brooklands.

The BDC Western Tour includes Palm Springs, Lake Havasu, Sedona, Grand Canyon,
Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Durango Colorado, Moab Utah, Las Vegas, Santa
                                  Barbara, and May 9th back in the Port of Long
                                  Beach. May 10th they will be homeward bound
                                  after about 2000 touring miles.

                                        Some members, like Terry Ward of Malvern
                                        Australia has been involved in six Bentley cross
                                        country runs on three continents. He said: “we
                                        love the cars and we love the social scene.”
                                        Other cars on the tour included: a 1936 Lagonda
      Pierre Lemieux, Our Host,         LG45 Rapide DHC; a 1937 4 1/4 Liter Derby
  Fantasizing about a Bentley 8 Liter
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March-April, 2005                                            Page 12                                Volume 33 Issue 2

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