Work Plan by yaohongm



It is time to write a Teaching Portfolio again. I as the language educator thought once
again what, how and why I have taught this or that in the classroom rather than
something else this year. It gives me a chance to stop to reflect and self-assess my own
teaching and learning career. Here below, I will reflect and list out the following points:
             Statement of Instructional Philosophy and Goals
             Lesson Plan and Strategies Used for the Whole Year
             Material and Resources Developed and Used in the Classroom
             Statement of Lessons Learned –Self Evaulation

     Statement of Instructional Philosophy and Goals
As I stated in my letter of application, I think language educators should be responsible
to educate our next generation, not only narrowly the ability of speaking, listening,
reading and writing, but also broadly the ability to know, think, act and behave in a
“certain” way. Learning and teaching are a life-long process in one’s life. We taught
students; at the same time, students taught us. We all live in the same global world to
learn and share from each other. Only do “Love, Care and Understanding” bond us to
live and learn better. My philosophy of teaching and learning language is to share my
“Love, Care and Understanding” with the people living in the same global world; my
general philosophy of learning and teaching language is to work with parents, teachers
and students to “Build a World of people with Understanding, Care and Love by
Language”; my specific philosophy of learning and teaching language is to provide
“Whole/natural language Approach of teaching and learning with the desire of being a
good user, master, thinker and player of language to build a world of Understanding,
Care and Love”.

IVE was a new challenge for me in term of target learners as I mentioned at the
beginning of the semester. My target learners are mainly Form-five school leavers with
various needs in their life. According to the classroom teaching, questionnaires, personal
contact and observation within this year, I had planned, prepared and written quite a lot
of materials to serve their own individual academic, psychological, social, cultural and
personal needs in their own learning and teaching everyday. I did try to build up trust
and care with and among students and teachers. I worked wholeheartedly to reach the
same consents with students and teachers to achieve the five objectives set by IVE and
put a little forwards to achieve more in our learning and teaching. Students’ attitudes,
motivation, learning strategy and preference were given the most important
consideration in my learning and teaching in IVE. Within this year, I had experienced
happiness, unhappiness, excitement, frustration, and surprise, worry and despair in
different circumstances. Personally, I had learned a lot this year in achieving the five
objectives listed as following: -
1.    To build up students’ confidence in learning
      To be confident speaker, listener, reader and writer in English

2.    To improve students’ communication skills in workplace
      To master language in a high degree to convey and perceive life meaning.

3.    To help students to be independent language learners
      To continue enjoy language even after formal schooling.

4.    To develop students’ 4 micro skills
          To develop their top-down and bottom up skills in reading, writing,
           speaking and listening.
          To develop their analytical and critical skills in reading, writing, speaking
           and listening.

5.    To establish students life-long learning attitude and habit
      To develop students’ ability in appreciation of the communication functions of
      language to enhance thinking and learning through learner diary.

                 Lesson Plan for the School Year
There were many changes throughout the year, which were caused by many factors out
of my control, for instance, the unknown formats and content for the five Assessments,
changeable Assessment time schedule. In short, the whole course was too examined-
driven or continuous assessment-driven in which 90% of the mark was taken account by
the performance in the “Test”. It was undeniable that I was forced to prepare some
materials to drill students to meet the requirement of the Institute and the academic
needs of students to further study in IVE. Nonetheless, I still had prepared and
developed my lessons under the strategies, which I stated in the Work Plan.

1.    Competency–based approach
      I have followed the competency approach in helping students to: -
           Use a range of learning strategies to improve English skills
           Read a range of short informational text relevant to the workplace
           Complete formatted texts relevant to the workplace
           Write routine business correspondence
           Request, understand and give spoken instructions on familiar workplace
           Make and deal with routine telephone calls in the workplace
           Request, understand and give routine information in spoken English
           Can understand short informational presentation relevant to the workplace
     Additionally, I used Whole language approach to supplement the deficient of
     Competency-based approach which I emphasize on enhancing students’ ability by
     acquire life meaning from different contexts and balancing students’ ability in
     critical, analytical sense and thought. There are two worksheet especially
     developed to enhance their critical reading ability. Ongoing, all students were
     requested to do their newspaper clipping once per week with 3 parts, namely,
     vocabulary, 5-W questions and checklist (Assumption, Brief, Clarity, Depth,
     Eyes, Facts, Goal, Hypothesis, Implication). Especially one student, Karen from
     A1, impressed me. She kept on reading, clipping and writing for the newspaper
     everyday that was 5 per week rather once per week even though I informed them
     not to do Part 3 as it seemed too difficult for them. I trust that she will succeed in
     improving herself in the future out of her own persistence and perseverance even
     though her English is quite low and far from the standard as the Form Five school

2.   Tasks based
     I planned and developed all worksheet mainly with a complete meaning of life or
     center theme under the Whole Language Approach, so that students could acquire
     not only language, but also general knowledge and socio-cultural knowledge
     within the context. In my preliminary plan, I included four themes, namely,
     Entertainment industry, Tourism, Cyberworld and Mass Media according to the
     four authentic cases in the textbook used by IVE. Because of packed teaching
     schedule driven by the five Assessments, I had to cut the last theme, Mass Media.
     On the other hand, because of assessment 3, I developed one additionally theme,
     Camera. I drew my simple curriculum used for this year with Theme/Sub-theme,
     Unit, and Text type, Activities at the end of this section.

3.   Workplace Practice
     In term of workplace practice, I encouraged my students to have general
     knowledge and real contact with the four industries. There were both formal and
     informal visit with these businesses by reading some web sites. For instance, they
     needed to visit Hong Kong Tourist Association for tourism and Internet Café for
     Computer and Internet. These activities mainly were conducted in the Cill or out
     of classroom.
4.   Learner-Centred
     Classroom activities were designed for students, as they were our hosts. More
     students talk strategies had been adopted. In which, they were given a lot of
     chance for role-play, drama and presentation. There were quite a lot of impressive
     moment which let me astonished the creativity, critical and analytical thought,
     organisation power of IVE students. I was totally attracted by their presentation of
     Business Plan for Party, Itinerary Plan for Tourist and Research Report for the
     Internet Café for different Countries although some groups’ presentation were
     boring but some were very interesting.

5.   Self-access facilities
     In term of self-learning, I believe students need more guideline to develop from
     emergent learners to mature learners. At the beginning, I was pleased to have Cill
     room, which aimed to help build up students’ autonomy and self-awareness.
     However, as the time passed, some voices came from students about the grammar
     worksheet and computer efficiency. We did not seem to have immediate response
     and action to enhance our centre. There was no new material developed for the
     Cill as we discussed at the beginning of the semester. It was difficult to
     communicate and find out who were responsible for the Cill. Hence, I needed to
     develop some materials especially grammar exercises for the students. Moreover,
     a whole set of Reader Theatre Scripts which were written by Aaron Shepard for
     different secondary level students was downloaded for students. They were
     assigned to tape their voice in one reader theatre. I was pleased to know from
     students that they liked it although there were tons of words, which they did not
     know how to pronounce when taping the story.

6.   Authentic materials
     Most worksheets, which I adapted and developed, were authentic materials
     acquired from different parts of the world for learners of same level through
     Internet. It included poems, role-play scripts, newspaper and case study. I also
     included some well-written materials for students.
                                                       Foundation Diploma of Business
        Theme/sub-theme                                Unit               Text Type                                                            Activities
1. Entertainment industry                     U1-Shop talk                  Factual text: –                                       Teacher Demonstration
 Shop talk                                   U2-Open for business          Biography, Newspaper, Application letter, Interview   Reading & Writing: -
 Job and occupation                          U3-Describing products        Form,                                                      Scanning and Skimming
                                              U4-People and jobs                                                                       Cloze Passage
 Job Application                                                           Literary text –                                            Fill in blank
 Formal Letter                                                             Diamante Poem                                              Critical Reading Skills-Inference
 Job Interview                                                             Poem                                                  Speaking: -
 Showbusiness as a career                                                  Drama Script - The Applicant                               Role play
 Interview                                                                 Role play script – Job Interview                           Group Discussion
                                                                            Songs –
                                                                                                                                       Drama
                                                                                  I want to live
                                                                                                                                       Singing
                                                                                  War                                            Listening: -
                                                                                  I watch you Sleeping                                Poem Recitation
                                                                                  Grandma’s Feather bed                               Songs Appreciation and sharing
                                                                                  Bread and Rose                                 Writing: -
                                                                                  Uptown Girl                                         Biography Poem and Biography

2 Tourism                                     U5- In company                Factual text: –                                       Teacher Demonstration
   Hong Kong tourism                         U6 - Contacts                 Newspaper, Itinerary, Menu, Tourist guide, Tourist    Reading & Writing: -
   Training hotel                            U7- Travel arrangements       Information, Business Plan                                 Scanning and Skimming
                                              U8 - Publicity                                                                           Cloze Passage
   Hotel Reception 1 & 2                                                   Literary text –                                            Fill in blank
   Telephoning – Booking a room, Hotel                                    Drama Script,                                              Multiple Choice
    and Accommodation                                                      Role play script                                           Critical Reading Skills-Organisation
   Traveling                                                              Songs:                                                Speaking: -
   Nightmare Holiday                                                             Rocky Mountain High                                 Role play
   Ordering Meal at Restaurant                                                   Alaska and Me                                       Group Discussion
                                                                                  Sing Australia                                 
   Invitation to party                                                                                                                 Drama
                                                                                  Candle in the rain                                  Presentation-Business Plan
   Itinerary                                                                     I’ve Gotta Get a Message to you                     Singing
                                                                                  I went to your wedding                              Games
                                                                                  It’s my party                                  Listening: -
                                                                                  The Coffee Song                                     Poem Recitation
                                                                                                                                       Songs
                                                                                                                                  Writing: -
                                                                                                                                       Itinerary
                                                                                                                                       Invitation Letter to talk
                                                                                                                                       Reply to Invitation
3. Camera                                     Examine-driven                Factual text: –                                       Teacher Demonstration
 Live Web camera                                                           Newspaper, Enquiry Letter, Reply to enquiry letter    Reading & Writing: -
                                                                                                                                       Scanning and Skimming
 Thermal camera                                                            Literary text –                                            Cloze Passage
 New Technology -Digital Camera                                           Role play script                                           Fill in blank
 Enquiry - Camera                                                         Songs:                                                     Multiple Choice
 Enquiry – Home Security System                                                 That don’t impress me Much                           Problem Solving-Internet Research
                                                                                 Change the World                                Speaking: -
                                                                                 Words                                                Role play
                                                                                                                                       Group Discussion
                                                                                                                                       Presentation
                                                                                                                                  Listening: -
                                                                                                                                       Songs
                                                                                                                                  Writing: -
                                                                                                                                       Enquiry Letter

4 Cyber World - Computer and Internet         U9 - A world of               Factual text: –                                       Teacher Demonstration
    How I beat bill Gates                    information                   Newspaper, Report                                          Storytelling
                                              U10 - In production                                                                 Reading & Writing: -
    Internet Café                                                          Literary text –
                                              U11 - Good relations                                                                     Scanning and Skimming
    Cyber-Dating, Techno-chat                                       
                                              U12 -Personal development     Drama Script,                                              Cloze Passage
    Cyber Crime                                                           Role play script – Techno-Chat                             Fill in blank
    Internet café in different countries -                                Songs –                                                    Multiple Choice
     Asia-                                                                       Far Away Places                                 Speaking: -
     1.                        China                                             Loose Talk Costs Lives                               Role play
     2.                        Bhutan                                            Technicolor Dreams                                   Group Discussion
     3.                        Hyderabad                                                                                               Presentation
     4.                        Baghdad                                                                                                 Conference
     Nigeria                                                                                                                           Pair work
                                                                                                                                  Listening: -
     5.                        Egypt
                                                                                                                                       Songs
    Internet Café -Report                                                                                                        Writing: -
                                                                                                                                       Enquiry Letter
                                                                                                                                       Mind Map
                                                                                                                                       Project
      Material and Resources Developed and Used
                   In the Classroom
I attempted to use the textbook, “Work in Progress, Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter“,
provided by IVE. I taught from Unit 1 up to Unit 12. The textbook was developed based
on 4 authentic business cases study. I also used most worksheet developed by IVE. The
textbook was good in life meaning, but the content was a bit outdatedness. The
worksheet of IVE was workplace oriented, but it was poorly organized. Furthermore,
both did not integrate evenly four micro-skills.

Hence, I had to write my own materials to supplement the textbook and IVE worksheet
from time to time. It included four main kinds: -
   1. Worksheet for the Theme
      Worksheet for the Theme included task-based worksheet, newspaper for learning
      scanning and skimming, material for teacher demonstration. Each theme has 4-7
      sets of task-based worksheets. Each worksheet was designed with at least 3 tasks,
      which integrate four skills, speaking, reading, writing and listening. Most
      worksheets were focused on enhancing especially speaking and reading on the
      topic designed. For each newspaper script, I aimed to expose student to the
      current local and international issues around us. I also aimed to enhance their
      general knowledge about life. Moreover, I aimed to increase more reading for
      students. I had written more than 15 sets newspaper for scanning and skimming
      exercises. Each set has 10-15 Wh questions for scanning and skimming which
      tried to empower them the knowledge within a short time of 20-30 minutes per
      week. I also included poems and story in the material for teacher demonstration.

   2. Worksheet for Critical Skills
      Worksheet for Critical Skills was aimed to empower students with the important
      life skills of Critical reading and thinking. I had developed quite a lot of
      worksheet about it but only used a few including two in the list at the end of the

   3. Self Learning Materials
      Self-Learning Material included Grammars and Reader Theatre Scripts. The
      grammar items chosen and developed were based on the 5-Continuous
      Assessment. We could not find this grammar items worksheet both in Cill and
      our textbook. Hence, I needed to develop and adapt some from other textbooks.
      The grammar worksheets were distributed regularly in Cill according to the
      individual academic needs and enquiry of students. Reader Theatre Scripts were
      downloaded to meet the drama activity run by the centre. I aimed to further wet
      their taste of learning English through drama. I also aimed to build up their team
      spirit. Hence, Reader Theatre Scripts were used which were simpler in context
      and language with more than 6 characters per story. Aaron Shepard developed this
      set of drama scripts mainly for classroom usage for secondary school. I thought it
      was more suitable for our academically low achievers to build up their confidence
     in speaking. They were too shy to participate in the drama activity for public
     performance. They preferred to do it in classroom or out of the classroom.
     According to the Dairy written by some students. They enjoyed taping their voice
     in the story of Wali Dad even they had many difficulties of taping it.

4.   Songs
     Songs, which matched the themes, had been developed to teach them phonic and
     enhance their listening power. I had developed four albums that included different
     singers and bands from different parts of the World. It has John Denver,
     Madonna, Eric Clapton, The Corrs, Enya, Wet Wet Wet, Elton John, Shania
     Twain, Ronan Keating, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, R.E.M., Boyzone, Bee Gees,
     Simply Red, Cher, Phil Collins, ABBA, Tina Turner, Engelbert Humperdinck,
     Patti Page, Connie Francis, The Platters, Tom Jones, Lesley Gore, The
     Marmalade, Zombies, Engelbert Humperdinck, Conway Twitty, Connie Francis,
     George Gibbs, Brook Benton, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Patti Page, Dean
     Martin, Perry Como, Dinah Shore, Johnny Mercer and Glenn Miller. For each
     singer and band, I downloaded his/her biography to empower my own knowledge
     of the entertainment industry. Their successful stories sometimes touched me. I
     still remember the moment I shared the legend of Dinah Shore with my students.
     Dinah Shore suffered from illness at early age. She was limp from then onwards.
     However, she kept on fighting her own life battle to join the entertainment
     industry which everyone thought there was no place for her. Of course, she won
     and got popular in singing and hosting. Her successfulness enabled her to travel
     around the world regardless of her limp. My students and I were encouraged and
     motivated by her determination and persistence in chasing her own dream and
     rainbow. In preparing the songs to match different theme and sub-theme for each
     lesson in the classroom was not an easy task. Most of the time, I wasted a lot of
     energy of researching, reading, listening, writing and designing the songs sheet. I
     might finalize 20 pieces of work, but only one piece of work could be integrated
     in the classroom. However, I have no regret of spending a lot of time of
     developing this material. I plan to do more for next school year.
        Worksheet for 4 Themes - Authentic Cases
Theme 1 – Entertainment Industry
Task-based Worksheet
   Shop talk
   Job and occupation
   Job Application
   Formal Letter
   The job applicant (Drama)
   Job Interview
   As an employer, apart from academic qualification, what two other qualities do
     you look for in the candidate who applies for a job in your company?
   Showbusiness as a career
   The Problem that trouble me much
   A letter of apology to a friend for not turning up for an appointment
   Rock “n” Roll”

Demonstration Materials
   Interview Structure
   Interview Checklist
   50 likely interview questions for graduates
   Newspaper
   A New Year Prayer – Poem
   Practicing Pronunciation through Proverbs
   Spellings of Vowel Sounds,
   English Letter Sounds
   Word Stress in English
   How to Improve Your Pronunciation
   Skimming

Newspaper – Scanning and skimming Worksheet
   Ruling allowing doctor to use mobiles attacked-SCMP, 19/4/2001

Newspaper – Critical Reading Skills (Checklist)
   Teacher rejects special classes for daughter-
   Gesture towards a better memory – SCMP, 24/11/2001

Theme 2 – Tourism
Newspaper – Scanning and skimming Worksheet
   Hong Kong tourism a tall story – SCMP, Heike Phillips
      Tomb reveals secrets of ancient live – SCMP, Alan Lee
      Peak museum keeps police history alive – SCMP, Thomas Chang
      New–look café opens at Peak – SCMP, Victoria Button
      Training hotel ‘a dream come true’ – SCMP
      Space Tourism -BBC

Task-based Worksheet
   Hotel Reception 1
   Hotel Reception 2
   Telephoning
   Telephoning – Booking a room, Hotel and Accommodation
   Traveling
   Nightmare Holiday
   Ordering Meal at Restaurant
   Invitation
   Two or three valuable things about Hong Kong
   Hong Kong is less and less attractive in the eyes of tourists. Do you agree
   Itinerary

Theme 3 – Camera
Newspaper – Scanning and Skimming Worksheet
   New Zoo introduces live Web camera – News-Chronicle
   Thermal camera enhances safety – Times-News Staff Writer, 11/2/2002
   A very Candid Camera – BBC, 5/2/2002
   Inexpensive color-sensing chip to redefine digital photography – Associated
     Press, May Wong
   Camera to watch Lan Kwai Fong-SCMP, 18/2/2002

Task-based Worksheet
   Enquiry – Home Security System
   Camera - Enquiry

Theme 4 – Computer and Internet
Newspaper – Scanning and Skimming Worksheet
   How I beat bill Gates – SCMP, Joyce Li
   A hi-Tech Brew – SCMP, Jacky Wong
   China acts on net ‘addicts’ – BBC, Duncan Hewitt
   Cyber cafes to boost learning – BBC,
   China internet café debate hots up – BBC

Task-based Worksheet
   Computer and Internet – Cyber-Dating, Techno-chat
    Computer and Internet – Cyber Crime

Newspaper - Intensive Reading Articles for Presentation and Project
  1.          Asia -Asian Internet Cafes: Asia at 14K - BBC
  2.          China -World: Asia-Pacific, China casts a cyber net - BBC
  3.          Bhutan -Bhutan gets its first internet café - BBC
  4.          Hyderabad - Cyber city gears up - BBC
  5.          Baghdad - Internet café opens in Baghdad - BBC
  6.          Nigeria -Nigeria embraces new technology – BBC
  7.          Egypt –Internet addiction strikes Egypt – BBC

Demonstration Materials
   Report
   Report Writing
      Worksheet for Critical Reading Skills
  Reading Comprehension skills – Making Inference
  Finding the Pattern of Organisation

      Self-learning Materials for Cill
1. Grammar
  Gerunds and Infinitives
  The Passive:
       The Passive: Overview
       The Passive with Modals
       Passive Causatives
  Conditionals
       Factual Conditionals: Present
       Factual Conditionals: Future
       Unreal Conditionals: Present
       Unreal Conditionals: Past
  Adjective Clauses
       Adjective Clauses with Subject Relative Pronouns
       Adjective Clauses with Object Relative Pronouns

  Focus on Grammar (1995), Marjorie Fuchs & Margaret Bonner, Longman
  Grammar Series.
              Self-learning Materials for Cill
2. Reader Theatre
      RTE #1 ~ The Legend of Lightning Larry
      RTE #2 ~ The Legend of Slappy Hooper: An American Tall Tale
      RTE #3 ~ Savitri: A Tale of Ancient India
      RTE #4 ~ Resthaven
      RTE #5 ~ The War Prayer
      RTE #6 ~ The Enchanted Storks: A Tale of Bagdad
      RTE #7 ~ The Gifts of Wali Dad: A Tale of India and Pakistan
      RTE #8 ~ Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer
      RTE #9 ~ The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale
      RTE #10 ~ The Battle of Song: A Hero Tale of Finland
      RTE #11 ~ The Calabash Kids: A Tale of Tanzania
      RTE #12 ~ The Hidden One: A Native American Legend
      RTE #13 ~ Master Maid: A Tale of Norway
      RTE #14 ~ The Sea King's Daughter: A Russian Legend
      RTE #15 ~ The Millionaire Miser: A Buddhist Fable
      RTE #16 ~ How Violence Is Ended: A Buddhist Legend
      RTE #17 ~ Count Alaric's Lady
      RTE #18 ~ The Crystal Heart: A Vietnamese Legend
      RTE #19 ~ How Frog Went to Heaven: A Tale of Angola
      RTE #20 ~ The Magic of Mushkil Gusha: A Tale of Iran
      RTE #21 ~ Help! Hilary! Help!
      RTE #22 ~ Which Shoes Do You Choose?
      RTE #23 ~ Casey at the Bat
      RTE #24 ~ Forty Fortunes: A Tale of Iran
      RTE #25 ~ When the Twins Went to War: A Fable of Far East Russia
      RTE #26 ~ The Magic Brocade: A Tale of China
      Alternate RTE #27 ~ Master Man: A Tall Tale of Nigeria
      RTE #28 ~ Mop Top: A Tale of Norway
      RTE #29 ~ The Borrower and the Boy

Reader's Theater- Aaron Shepard, (
Songs developed to
  train Phonics
           Super Stars
1.    Madonna – Frozen
2.    Eric Clapton – Change the World
3.    The Corrs – What can I do
4.    Enya – Orinoco Flow
5.    Wet Wet Wet – Love is all Around
6.    Elton John – Candle in the Wind
7.    Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much
8.    Ronan Keating – Life is A Rollercoaster
9.    Bryan Adams - Can’t Stop This Thing We Started
10.   Bon Jovi – These Days
11.   R.E.M. – Daysleeper
12.   Boyzone – A Picture of You
13.   Bee Gees – You Win Again
14.   Simply Red – Stars
15.   Cher – Strong Enough
16.   Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love
17.   ABBA – Super Trouper
18.   Tina Turner – The Best
                John Denver -Songs
John Denver – Disk 1
   1. Take me Home, Country Roads
   2. Eagles and Horses
   3. High, Wide and Handsome
   4. Hold Onto me
   5. Whispering Jesse
   6. Never a Doubt
   7. Eagle and the Hawke
   8. I watch you Sleeping
   9. For You
   10.Annie’s Song
   11.Potter’s Wheel
   12.Two Different Directions

John Denver – Disk 2
   1. Rocky Mountain High
   2. Wind Song
   3. Chained to the Wheel
   4. Thanks to you
   5. To the Wild Country
   6. Grandma’s Feather Bed
   7. The Chosen Ones
   8. Higher Ground
   9. Bread and Roses
   10.I want to live
   11.A marvelous Toy
   12.Alaska and Me

John Denver – Disk 3
   1. Sunshine on my Shoulder
   2. Deal with the Ladies
   3. Amazon
   4. Eclipse
   5. Tenderly Calling
   6. Islands
   7. Children of the Universe
   8. Calypso
   9. Flower that Shatters the Stone
   10.American Child
   11.A little Further North
   12.Sing Australia
           Golden Oldies on CD
1. The last Waltz - Engelbert Humperdinck
2. I went to your wedding – Patti Page
3. Frankie – Connie Francis
4. Smoke gets in your eyes – The Platters
5. Delilah – Tom Jones
6. It’s my party – Lesley Gore
7. Reflection of my life – The Marmalade
8. She’s not there - Zombies
9. Am I that easy to forget – Engelbert Humperdinck
10.Mona Lisa – Conway Twitty
11.Stupid cupid – Connie Francis
12.Tweedle dee tweedle dum – George Gibbs
13.(How much is) That doggie in the window – Patti Page
14.The great pretender – The Platters
15.Endlessly – Brook Benton
            Bee Gees - Songs
1.    This is Where I came in
2.    She keeps on coming
3.    Sacred Trust
4.    Wedding Day
5.    Man in the Middle
6.    Déjà vu
7.    Technicolor Dreams
8.    Walking On Air
9.    Loose Talk Costs Lives
10.   Embrace
11.   The Extra Mile
12.   Voice in the Wildermess
             Bee Gees - Songs
1.    Started a joke
2.    To love Somebody
3.    Holiday
4.    Words
5.    I’ve Gotta Get a Massage to You
6.    In the Morning
7.    Melody Fair
8.    Jive Talking
9.    You should be dancing
10.   How Deep is your Love
11.   Stayin’ Alive
12.   Night Fever
13.   To much Heaven
14.   Tragedy
15.   The Only Love
16.   One
17.   Wish You Were Here
18.   New York Mining Disaster
1.    Uptown Girl
2.    What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
3.    I’ll be There
4.    My Girl
5.    I Lay My Love On You
6.    When You’re Looking Like That
7.    Westlife Megamix
8.    My Love
9.    What Makes a Man
10.   Against All Odds
11.   Close
12.   Somebody Needs You
13.   Angel’s Wings
14.   Soledad
15.   Puzzle of My Heart
16.   Dreams come True
         Memories (3)
Frank Sinatra
   Dream
   The Coffee Song
   Five Minutes More
   I’ve got a crush on you
   There are such things

Judy Garland
   Over the Rainbow
   Zing! Went the strings of My heart
   You Made Me Love you
   It’s a Great Day for the Irish
   On the Sunny Side of the Street

Patti Page
   Tennessee Waltz
   Old Cape Cod
   I went to your Wedding
   Changing Partners
   How Much is that Doggie in the Window

Dean Martin
   Far Away Places
   Someday
   Room Full of Roses
   I can’t give you Anything but love
   I Got the Sun in the Morning
                    Memories (6)
Perry Como
   Till the end of Time
   Prisoner of Love
   Dig you Later (A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba)
   Because
   They say it’s Wonderful

Dinah Shore
   Buttons and Bows
   Far Away Places
   The Gypsy
   Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)
   You’d be so nice to come Home to

Johnny Mercer
   On the Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe
   Ac-cent-Tchu-Ate-The Posite
   Zip-a-De-Doo-Dah
   Personality
   I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City

Glenn Miller
   In the Mood
   American Patrol
   String of Pearls
   Tuxedo Junction
   Pennsylvania 6-5000

Abba - 01 - Summer Night City
Abba - Chiquitita
ABBA - Dancing Queen
Abba - Does Your Mother Know
ABBA - Fernando
Abba - Gimme Gimme Gimme
ABBA - I Have A Dream
ABBA - Knowing Me Knowing You
ABBA - Lay All Your Love On Me
ABBA - Mamma Mia
ABBA - Money Money Money
ABBA - One Of Us
ABBA - Super Trouper
Abba - Take A Chance On Me
ABBA - Thank You For The Music
Abba - The Name Of The Game
ABBA - The Winner Takes It All
Abba - Voulez Vous
ABBA - Waterloo
         Statement of Lessons Learned –Self Evaluation
               Teacher Self Evaluation Form
1. Teacher’s Philosophy- Love, Care and Understanding
    Have I understood the character of my students?
    I tried to understand the character of students in different classes (F1, A1, L1). In
    general, most students were quite passive in their learning. They have common character
    of new generation, fear of challenge, laziness and curious. Comparatively, students of
    A1 were more active and creative. Each of them had their own new idea of doing thing,
    but they co-operated with the team members especially the work was closely related to
    Assessment. Students of L1 were very shy, slow in learning but they were working very
    hard to reach the expectation of the Institute and teachers. They always had arguments
    among themselves in a silent way. Students of F1 were passive in their learning but they
    had good class spirit and team spirit. They have good communication with each other
    and they cared the feeling of others. Hence, the case of low attendance student, Mancius
    Law, troubled them. It put them in the struggle of being love to tolerate deviant
    behaviour and being strict in following the indecisive instruction of the school.
    Superficially, I thought I understand the character for different classes and individuals. I
    cared what they feel and think.

    Which student do I want to have an in-depth understanding of his/her learning
    performance and problems by observation?
    I have observed many students within this year and tried to have an in-depth
    understanding of their learning performance. I was impressed by some students,
    namely, Walker and Mancius in F1, Karen and Tiffany in A1, Karen, Mandy and Hippo
    in L1. Walker was a shy but mature man. He was the only one who did not join any out
    class activity, e.g. lunch together, but he was very obedient to teacher’s instruction of
    participating class activity and drama as well. He kept on studying very hard from
    beginning till the last moment in expecting to promote to High Diploma. I wish his
    dream could be realized soon. Mancius skipped class for more than 78 hours for
    English, 36 hours for Chinese and unknown hours for other business subjects. She
    protected herself by building a great wall. It was difficult for me to talk with her. I
    sought help from Lily of Business Department in the mid of semester, but I thought Lily
    could not enter her world as well. She seemed lock and hide herself in her own closet
    that she tried to find excuses to avoid any hazard. I thought IVE and I had already
    tortured for half semester without telling her what final decision we would have for her
    absenteeism. I wish IVE and I could avoid any indecisive attitude towards any
    wrongdoing of our students. I also wish that someone could unlock Mancius’ heart to
    give her warm and kindness. Karen in A1 was a hard working student whom I had
    never met before. She rarely spoke in the class because of her low speaking ability, but
    she was good in reading and listening. She listened attentively and seldom fell in sleep.
    She just kept on checking unknown words of different worksheets through dictionary
    before and after class. I was impressed especially by her presentation for the Internet
    Café. She acted like a kindergarten teacher by using Mind Map effectively to introduce
    the Internet Café in Bhutan. I really thought she could be my teacher as I stated in the
    Assessment Form for Internet Café. Tiffany looked like a deviant with special dress and
    necklace. Internally, I thought she got heart with undistinguished fire. She was always
    late and absent in the beginning especially after her new friend changed to study in
    another IVE. She was absent for more than 18 hours in the first half of the school year. I
    had an-in-depth chat with her. Afterwards, she changed radically. She even acted as
    assistant monitor to help the monitor who was not able to listen and speak any simple
    English. Moreover, she got many friends in the class because of her kindness and
    positive attitude in learning. I wish she kept on her positive attitude in meeting new
    people and in learning. Karen, Mandy and Hippo was the rare group among students.
    They always invited me for lunch. Mandy and Hippo are Christian, but Karen is not.
    They shared with me their worry of their learning especially on Accounting and English.
    They also shared with me their worry of the financial support for studying High
    Diploma. I wish they all could further study no matter taking and evening or day course
    in higher education.

    Do I care for the needs of my students? What I have done to care for them?
    I thought I do care for the needs of my students and had done quite a lot for them.
    However, is it enough? It still has room to do more.

2. Teacher’s Affective Factors
    Is there anything affecting my emotion, feeling and arousing anxiety?
    There were at least two incidents, which affected my emotion, feeling and arousing
    anxiety. The first incident was about discipline. My Class A1 once created noise, which
    distributed the Centre Head during break. Mr. Leung run into my class to scold the
    students. Agnes notified me when I went out of toilet. When I entered my classroom
    again, I found faces with horrify and scariness. The room was full of extreme quietness
    of death. I had to comfort and lift up the spirit of my students again to continue our
    teaching and learning. Of course, I knew that one student fell down from chair
    accidentally made the loud bang sound. After class, I had gotten concern from a few
    teachers about the incident, “fighting” and the “break”. I was appreciated to have
    teachers’ caring and concern. I was appreciated to discover the management skills and
    strength of the Language Centre Head, Xian Yan. She really understood our students’
    behaviour and handled the cases tactfully. I had learned from her good communication
    skills in bridging the gap between school administrator and classroom teachers.
    However, I thought if it was possible to include the 5-minutes break in our timetable so
    that teachers needed not worry whether break should be given to students. It would be

    The second incident was about attendance. I got a special student, Mancius. She had
    caused me many unsleeping nights in thinking and reflection my own attitude, teaching
    method, communication methods as well. What can I do in the future or next year if I
    come across same situation again? I thought I only could strengthen my positive attitude
    of life by grasping the wisdom and discipline from God. Only in God, I am acquiring a
    disciplined and prudent life. He will give me strength and peace to overcome the
    unsleeping nights.
3. Teacher’s Professional Factors
    Do I talk too much without listening to the voice of my students, teachers, parents
    and school administrators?
    This year, as usual, I thought I didn’t talk too much without listening to the voice of my
    students, teachers and school administrators, but I was just shocked that no parents voice
    were heard. I enjoyed listening the sharing from students. I also enjoyed the sharing with
    many teachers including Raymond, Yung, Chung Kwai, Gail, Nat, Tse, and Agnes
    especially during lunch hour. We had good mutual understanding and sharing. I wish I
    would have more chance to chat with April and Cindy. They seldom had lunch with us.

    Is the lesson structured and conducted smoothly to let the learners learn in a
    rapport environment? Are the materials used effectively and efficiently to arose the
    interest of the learners? Do I need to exploit more resource for students and
    myself? Can the materials guide themselves to think and assess themselves
    critically the human life?
    Most lessons were not structured and well planned. I was extremely hesitant in
    conducting the lesson for F1 because they usually had the first lesson for each self-
    developed worksheet and material used. However, I normally reconstructed and
    reorganized the lesson for L1 and A1 after the first experimentation. The lesson would
    be run smoothly to let the learners learn in a rapport environment for L1 and A1. I wish
    I would have the chance of experimenting all lesson plans again for the next semester if
    IVE’s curriculum did not change much. Most self-developed materials were effectively
    and efficiently arose the interest of the learners. I do need to continue my exploitation in
    songs and biographies of singers. There is a lot I want to develop but have not been
    finalized. I wish I could do a little more in June before summer holiday start. Some
    materials could guide them to think and assess themselves critically the human life.

4. Teacher’s Language Knowledge Base
    Is there any questions of grammar, syntax, semantic raised by students that I don’t
    In general, I did not meet insolvable enquiry of grammar, syntax and semantic raised by
    students. I just wonder how could I help them resolve their own grammar, syntax and
    semantic errors. Moreover, I still wonder how to integrate my own Language
    Knowledge of grammar, syntax and semantic in the forth-coming content-based
    classroom. Moreover, I wish I could spot out and solve the learning problems of
    speaking, listening, reading and writing for my students and myself.

5. Teacher’s Teaching Methodology Knowledge Base
    Have I integrated a balanced four macro-skills of speaking, listening, reading and
    writing with the focus on the meanings of life through texts, tasks and activities on
    I had integrated quite a balanced teaching methodology with four macro-skills of
    speaking, listening, reading and writing with the focus on the meanings of life through
    different tasks with both literary and factual text on learners. I had also used other
    Methodology of Language Teaching to convey life meanings unintentionally but
    effectively and efficiently. I still keep on learning new methodology of through reading
    journal from time to time.
6. Teacher’s Language Learning and Acquisition Knowledge
      Do I improve in language performance in four macro-skills?
  I do improve in language performance in four macro-skills by practicing my speaking with
  my colleague all the time, by reading journal, newspaper and books everyday, by listening
  to different kinds of songs every week, by writing teaching materials for every theme. I
  thought my students also improved in language performance in four macro-skills through
  reading newspaper and worksheets.

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