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What is GIS by gegeshandong


									                  Emerging Technology Grant 2009-2010

A Blended Workshop on Teaching with GPS & GIS for Faculty in non-GIS Disciplines

                                 Final Report

                               William Bajjali, Ph.D.
                                 Associate Professor
                        University of Wisconsin at Superior
                      Department of Biology & Earth Sciences
                                 Barstow Hall 207-A
                                 Superior, WI 54880
                           Tel. (715) 394 - 8056 (Office)

                                  Submitted to

                                   Lorna Wong
                   Director, Learning Technology Development
                  University of Wisconsin System Administration
                                1654 Van Hise Hall
                                1220 Linden Drive
                         Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1557

                                  June 23, 2010

       Six broad-based GIS training courses instructed at the UW-Superior campus and two GPS training

workshop sessions at Superior and Fox Valley campuses were offered in order to improve the abilities of UW

instructors to provide relevant instructional activities using GIS and GPS technologies (Table 1). Twenty two

faculty/staff from different disciplines and from five institutions of UW System were involved in this training

(Table 2).

                             Table 1 detail Information about the GIS training courses

   Location           Type of Training                                                            Date
   UW-Superior        Introduction to ArcGIS (ArcMap & ArcCatalog)                                April 15
   UW-Superior        GPS Workshop                                                                April 17
   UW-Superior        GIS applications in the Natural Sciences (ArcMap & ArcToolbox)              April 22
   UW-Superior        GIS applications in Business (ArcMap, ArcCatalog & ArcToolbox)              May 7
   UW-Fox Valley      GPS Workshop                                                                May 14
   UW-Superior        GIS applications in the Social Sciences (ArcMap, ArcCatalog & ArcToolbox)   May 17
   UW-Superior        GIS applications in the Social Sciences (Repeated)                          May 19
   UW-Superior        Advanced GIS applications (Modeling)                                        May 21

                                    Table 2 Participant in GIS & GPS workshop

                   No   Trainee Name                       No   Trainee Name
                    1   Arney, Jo                          12   Manrique, Celia
                    2   Biasca, Karyn                      13   Morgenthaler, Wayne
                    3   Cao, Mei                           14   Patrick, Sue
                    4   Cristi Beringer                    15   Rau, Daniel
                    5   Deborah Augsburger                 16   Reilly, Janet
                    6   Ganapathy, Sandhya                 17   Schneiderwent, Myron
                    7   Kallgren, Dan                      18   Schoenhaar, Cheryl
                    8   Karyn Biasca                       19   Teclezion, Mussie
                    9   Kroening, Dubear                   20   Tu, Yunhong
                   10   Larson, Lisa                       21   Tucker, Shin-Ping
                   11   Levings, Daniel                    22   Zaidan, Younis

Faculty/staff attending the training were from the following disciplines: geology, geography, history,

mathematics, business, biology, applied psychology, technology program, education, and Lake Superior

Research Institute.

 The training courses provided introduction GIS knowledge and skills to UW instructors so that they can create

 exercises in their own class environments and utilize the GIS technology in their research.

Project Outcome

        The training aimed to improve the abilities of UW instructors to provide relevant instructional

 activities using GIS and GPS technology. Two broad-based activities were implemented in order to

 accomplish the following objectives.

   1. The training provided general GIS and GPS knowledge and skills to UW instructors (professors,

       academic staff) so that they can create exercises or laboratories in their own class environments.

   2. The instructor used a free software “Camtasia 7” to record the GIS workshop and posted it at


   3. The GIS training provided through training Desire2Learn/Elluminate and the GPS workshop was

       conducted face to face

        The key component of this project was the eight workshops that provided valuable ‘hands-on’

 experience to UW instructors. They addressed diverse case studies that have relevance to multiple disciplines,

 such as, in environmental science, business, biology, earth sciences, sociology, education and others. The

 workshops were customized to meet the needs and background of the instructors who decide to participate

 (see attached training course samples). These sessions were designed to engage participants in using GIS and

 GPS technology and to stimulate the development of their own exercises and class materials using spatial


The technical and pedagogical training on GPS and GIS technologies was provided through a blended

workshop, part faculty-to-faculty and part online using either Desire2Learn/Elluminate through UW-System.

The one-day face-to-face session provided instructions with best practices in using GPS with students and field

experience to generate and record data. The online sessions used recent enhancements in videoconferencing

technologies to teach the use of GIS for data representation and spatial analysis. The sessions provided

additional knowledge, skills, and best practices to instructors so that they can create and implement GIS and

GPS learning activities in their own class environments.

 The Workshop instructor is currently helping some of the participants in developing their assigned GIS

 exercises that will be used in the classroom.


   The training was very useful for many UW System faculties and staff. It generated a lot of interest and

 benefits for many faculty/staff who attended the GIS training courses. The following points can be expressed

 about the grant:

   1. The grant allowed preparation of eight customized eight GIS training courses and instruction at the
      campuses of Superior and Fox Valley.

   2. Twenty two faculty/staff from UW –System campuses attended the various training courses.

   3. The trainees presented different disciplines

   4. The investigator of the grant is now involved in helping design the GIS and GPS exercises with some of
      the trainees.

   5. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) played a big role in the success of the
      workshop. They managed the workshop and made sure that the registration were in order

       a. Dr. Lisa Larson (Coordinator of Instructional Development) provided the instruction of how to use
          the Elluminate and was with the instructor in the first session to provide help in the first GIS

       b. Emily Levings (University Services Associate) organized the workshop list of participants and
          correspondence with each of them.

   6. The workshop materials will be posted in Learn@uwsper till the end of the year and then will be moved
      either to the instructor web page or CETL web page.

   7. The GIS training also revealed the following:

       a. All the UW liberal art colleges have access to the GIS software but none of them is using the
          technology due to lack of the training. The colleges are paying yearly around $ 6,000 to renew the
          software but without using it. It is recommended to allocate funding to train the faculty at two year

       b. The online workshop using Elluminate is not the best technique to teach GIS technology.

Budget Summary

Table 3 summarizes the final budget of the project. The detail projects is attached in Appendix 1

                                          Table 3 Budget Summary

                          Item                          Amount
                          Salary                        $ 2,620. 45
                          Travel to UW-Fox Valley       $ 249.08
                          Supplies                      $ 115.99
                          Total                         $ 2,985.52


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