Spatial Data Explorer Web Portal Project by gegeshandong


									Discussion of Status and Direction of
 navigatOR and Oregon Explorer and
Wrap-Up of Phase 1 of Oregon Spatial
Data Library, Measure 49 Reporter tool
    and Oregon Hazards Explorer

    Kuuipo Walsh, Marc Rempel, Janine Salwasser
Oregon State University Libraries & Institute for Natural Resources

            Oregon Explorer and navigatOR Meeting
                        July 29, 2009
             Thank You
DAS: Project Sponsor and Funder

USGS: Funder of Oregon Spatial Data Library

DLCD: Funder of Measure 49 Tool and Oregon
Hazards Explorer

FEMA: Funder of Oregon Hazards Explorer
         Meeting Objectives
Wrap up of Spatial Data Explorer Web Portal project
(Oregon Spatial Data Library phase 1, Measure 49 tool,
and Oregon Hazards Explorer phase 1)

Discuss strategy(s) for moving forward with development
of spatial data portal

Bring each other up-to-date on related efforts

Plan for next navigatOR/OE integration meeting with
broader group of partners/users and discuss potential for
Oregon Spatial Data Library phase 2 project.
Spatial Data Explorer Portal Project
 A report on the required and desired functionality of the
 Oregon Spatial Data Library

 Implementation of metadata services through the GIS
 Portal Toolkit (GPT 9.3)

 Identify in the Oregon Spatial Data Library which layers
 are framework layers

 Metadata harvestable by; links to The
 National Map and

 Development of the Oregon Hazards Explorer

 Development of the Measure 49 Reporter tool
       Deliverables postponed
•   Develop final design and estimate costs and
    timeline for portal development and
    implementation in multiple phases

•   Test access to Framework data from a few
    distributed providers

•   Exploring/resolving security issues

•   Provide access to other DAS/OSU enterprise
    tools as appropriate
        Oregon Imagery
        Explorer portal
        • County downloads
        • Links to
        and The National Map
July 1, 2009 – July 23, 2009

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