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Welsh Labour Grassroots by gegeshandong


									       Welsh Labour Grassroots
        Gwreiddiau Llafur Cymru
                Campaigning for democracy and socialist policies

        National Policy Forum election 2007 (Welsh CLPs)
We are standing for the section representing Welsh constituency parties on the National Policy
Forum, the Labour party’s principal policy-making body, which will be elected for the next two years
by Welsh CLP delegates at conference. We are all experienced Labour activists of many years’
standing, who have held office at all levels of the party. We are supporters of Welsh Labour
Grassroots, the centre-left activists’ network within the Wales Labour party.

                 NICK DAVIES                              FRAN                                   DARREN
                 (Swansea                                 GRIFFITHS                              WILLIAMS
                 West) has                                (Swansea                               (Cardiff
                 been active in a                         West) has                              West) has
                 number of                                been a                                 been a
                 CLPs since                               Labour                                 Labour
                 joining the                              party                                  Party
                 Labour party in                          member for                             member for
                 1981. He is          over 20 years and is a former          18 years. He is chair of
currently secretary of Uplands        Swansea City councillor. A past        Riverside branch and a member
branch and a member of                chair of Swansea West CLP,             of Cardiff West GMC. He has
Swansea West constituency             she has represented her                been a constituency delegate to
GMC and Executive Committee.          constituency at Welsh and              several Welsh and British
He has represented Swansea            British Labour conferences and         Labour conferences and was a
West at several Welsh Labour          was a member of the Welsh              member of the Welsh Labour
conferences. He is a member of        Labour Executive from 2004 to          Executive Committee from 1997
Unite.                                2006. She works for Unison and         to 1998. He works for PCS and
                                      is a Unite member.                     is a GMB member.

Now that Labour has had a change of leadership, we feel that the party should be critically reviewing
the policy agenda of the last ten years – much of which has caused deep concern to our members,
supporters and long-term voters. In particular, we need to recognise the damage done by the the
disastrous war in Iraq, the privatisation of many of our public services – especially within the NHS –
and the growing gap between rich and poor. We strongly support the very different approach taken
by Welsh Labour in the National Assembly, with its emphasis on collaboration, rather than
competition, in the provision of public services and its focus on tackling poverty and inequality. We
are also concerned about the growing ‘democratic deficit’ in the party – as exemplified by the
leadership’s refusal to act on repeated conference votes in defence of council housing. If elected, we
would work for greater accountability and transparency within the party and would seek to set an
example by giving a detailed report-back on every Forum meeting we attended, including details of
how we voted on each issue. Please give us your support.

WELSH LABOUR GRASSROOTS is a rank-and-file activists’ network that works for the democratic renewal of our
 party and the development of a socialist policy agenda for the twenty-first century. For more information, please
       contact us c/o 2 Wellington Mews, Wellington Street, Cardiff CF11 9BE. Tel: 029 20 221943. Email:

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