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  The academic performance of Victorians is assessed regularly. Assessment
 provides feedback on the learning progress of each Victorian and serves as a
           tool to gauge if he is ready to advance to the next level.

Assessment takes two forms:

Continual Assessments (CA) - include class tests, common tests, project work
and other assignments, such as homework. CA is both formative (to obtain
feedback on a pupil's learning) and summative (to measure attainment).
Common tests are held once in Term One for all levels and once in Term Three
for S1 - S3 levels.

Semestral Examinations (SE) - these are the Mid-Year and Year-End or
Preliminary Examinations scheduled to measure pupils’ attainment in the
various subjects. As we will be moving to the new school site in Semester 1,
the Mid-Year SE will be conducted in May 2005 only for the S1 - S3 level.

The Year-End SE is held in October for S1 - S3 levels.

From 2005, only the grades scored in the GCE O-Level Examination will be
used by MOE for posting pupils to the various JCs for provisional admission in
March/April, the following year. It is very important that Victorians aim to do
well for the school’s formative Preliminary Examinations so that they can be
better prepared for the GCE O-Level Examination.

The school has scheduled two examinations for the S4 in July and September.

The weightings of the CA and SE are shown below :

        Semester                     CA           SE          Total
        One                          15%          25%         40%
        Two                          15%          45%         60%
        Total                        30%          70%         100%

For S4 pupils, there is no CA in Semester Two. The grades scored in the
Preliminary Examination will be used by MOE for posting pupils to the various
JCs for provisional admission in January, the following year. It is very
important that Victorians aim to do well for the Preliminary Examinations so
that they can qualify for the Junior College of their choice.

Grade Structure
                    Marks                          Grades
                 > or equal 75                      A1
                    70 - 74                           A2
                    65 - 69                           B3
                    60 - 64                           B4
                    55 - 59                           C5
                    50 - 54                           C6
                    45 - 49                           D7
                    40 - 44                           E8
                  < or equa 39                        F9

Absence from CA or SE

Pupils who are absent from a CA or SE paper must submit a Medical
Certificate upon returning to school. (Only exceptional reasons for absence
approved by Principal would be considered). Otherwise, they would get no
marks for the test or exam paper concerned.

Progress Report

After each major CA or SE, the results are reported in the Progress Report Card
or Result Slip for Parents' or Guardians' information. Parents or Guardians are
to initial on the result slip.

Parents and Guardians must ensure that their child or ward bring the progress
card to their attention. They should contact the school if they find anything


Entry to Victoria School does not guarantee a pupil doing well academically at
the end of 4 years. Victorians must aim towards and be committed to meet the
expectations set out. The academic policies and benchmarks expected for all
Victorians are shown in the table below.

    Policy           S1             S2                S3               S4
Class       Classes to        Pupils move up    Dependent on      Pupils move
Composition have              from S1 classes   subject           up from S3
            pupils                              combination       classes
            from all
Promotion      Pass in L1 Pass in L1 &              Grade 6 in   GCE O-
Criteria       & > or     >50% overall               EL &         Level
                                                     Pass in 2
based on       equal 50%                             other
MOE’s          overall                               subjects     L1R5 > or
Guidelines                                           or;          equal to 20
                                                    Grade 6      to qualify
                                                     or better    for JC
                                                     in 5         admission

Assessment     CA1,     CA1, CA2, SE2         CA1, CA2, SE2 GCE O-
Modes          CA2, SE2 & Homework            & Homework    Level
               &                                            Examination
Subject      NA           No. of subjects  To continue            Consistent
combinations              in S3:           with S3 subject        performance
                                           combinations in        in all
                          <65% overall - 7 S4:                    subjects (B3
                          subjects                                or better).
                                                    7 subjects
                          >65% - 8                   - L1R5
                                                     cannot be
                          subjects(English,          more than
                          Maths, Science             21 points
                          and Humanities            8 subjects
                          above 60% for              -L1R5
                          each subject)              cannot be
                                                     more than
                          >75% - 9                  9 subjects
                          subjects(English,          - L1R5
                          Maths, Science             cannot be
                          and Humanities             more than
                          above 70% for              14
                          each subject)
                                              (To drop one
                                              subject if above
                                              conditions are
                                              not met.)


From S1 to S2, and S2 to S3
      The criteria for promotion include a pass in English Language (and Higher Mother
       Tongue for Special Stream) and a pass percentage of 50% of the overall marks for all
       subjects at the end of the year.
      Pupils who do not meet the promotion criteria at the end of Sec 1 or 2 will be laterally
       transferred to a less academically demanding course (from Special to Express or
       Express to Normal Academic). As Victoria School does not have Normal Academic
       classes, such pupils will be transferred to schools that offer the Normal Academic

From S3 to S4

      To move on to S4, pupils must score a Grade 6 in English Language and 2 other
       subjects (one of which must be Higher Mother Tongue for Special Stream).
      If the above minimum criteria are not met, a grade 6 or better in 5 subjects has to be
       obtained for advancement to S4.
      If both sets of criteria are not met, lateral transfer to a less academically demanding
       course or retention will happen, depending on the age of the pupil.

Admission to JC

Top 5 JCs L1R5 : 6 to 8
Other JCs L1R5 : 6 to 20


L1 = First Language (EL or HMT)
R5 = 5 other relevant subjects

1st from Humanities Group
2nd from Maths & Science Group
3rd from Humanities, Maths & Science Group
4th and 5th any 2 others excluding CCA

Bonus Points to JCs

· Affiliation - VS pupils get 2 bonus points for entry to VJC provided VJC is
First Choice.

· CCA Score - Grade A1 & A2 (2 bonus points), Grade B or C (1 bonus point)

· HMT Cases - Obtain A1 to C6 in both EL and HMT (2 bonus points)

Maximum number of bonus points per pupil is capped at 4. Bonus points are
used for ranking and not for eligibility to the Pre-U courses.

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