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					  D u rh am C o l l e ge                                                                                                                              Election
  s c o re s fi rs t i n KPI
 BY MELISSA VAN                      ing from 92 per cent in 1998-         and      University     Centre.   tions of the Durham graduates
                                                                                                                                                      Price as
 OVERBEEK                            99 to 94.1 per cent this year.        "Educational excellence is the    they hired, and 82.7 per cent
 Chronicle staff                        In addition, Durham’s stu-         basis of everything we do at      of the college graduates are

 For     the second year in a
     row, Durham College has
     scored first among six
                                     dent satisfaction ratings
                                     jumped by nearly five percent-
                                     age points and the graduate
                                                                           Durham. The KPI numbers
                                                                           further support the fact that
                                                                           we offer high-skill, real-world
                                                                                                             pleased with their education at
                                                                                                             Durham and its usefulness in
                                                                                                             helping them achieve their
 community colleges in the           satisfaction rating also went         education."                       goals.                                   BY STEPHANIE
 Greater Toronto Area in the         up from 81 per cent in 1998-             The results also reveal that      Students are equally happy            ZACHARIAS
 Key Performance Indicator           99 to 82.7 per cent this year.        94.1 per cent of the college’s    with their studies at Durham             Chronicio   staff________
 (KPI) surveys.                         "This Is a glorious day for        recent      graduates      were   College.
    The overall results for this     Durham College students,              employed in six months or           The survey indicates that                         Price, former
 year Indicate that Durham lias
 the highest graduate, employ-
 ment rate in Ontario, increas-
                                     graduates, employers and
                                     staff," says Gary Polonsky,
                                     president of Durham College
                                                                           less after graduation, 90.8 per
                                                                           cent of employers are content
                                                                           with the educational prepara-
                                                                                                             79.9 per cent of students arc
                                                                                                                      See Durham page 2
                                                                                                                                                      Daria DCSA vice presi-
                                                                                                                                                            dent, was efected
                                                                                                                                                      Durham College Student
                                                                                                                                                      Association president for

  Chemical spill at college
                                                                                                                                                      the 2001-02 term.
                                                                                                                                                         The election, April 3,
                                                                                                                                                      was later than the rest of
                                                                                                                                                      the DCSA position elec-
                                                                                                                                                      tions because Price was
 BY TANYA LAVOIE                                                                                                                                      the only candidate.
 AND JODY TAIT                                                                                                                                            However, since the
 Chronicio staff                                                                                                                                      DCSA will not allow the
                                                                                                                                                      president’s position to be
,    Students at Durham^College                                                                                                                        acclaimed, a second elec-
%were sent home April’Softer’a.                                                                                                                        tion was held once an
  chemical was thrown against a                                                                                                                        opponent,       Desmond
  wall In the environmental lab                                                                                                                        Foster, threw his hat in
  area of the school forcing evac-                                                                                                                     (lie ring. Foster jumped
  uation of the Willey Building.                                                                                                                       in late because he was on
   At approximately 12:15                                                                                                                             vacation in Hawaii and
 p.m. firelighters and ambu-                                                                                                                          didn’t realize that the
 lance crews were called to                                                                                                                           elections had started.
 Durham College to investigate                                                                                                                            Despite this, Jane
 a chemical spill.                                                                                                                                    Green, the DCSA office
    Three students and one pro-                                                                                                                       manager, says the elec-
 fessor, Mike Vatcher, were                                                                                                                           tion went well. According
 taken to hospital. Others were                                                                                                                       to Green, the turnout this
 assessed by ambulance atten-                                                                                                                         year was fantastic.
 dants and some received oxy-                                                                                                                            "We’re really happy
 gen at the scene. Those who                                                                                                                          with the turnout," Green
 were taken to the hospital were                                                                                                                      said as she watched the
 contacted over the weekend                                                                                                                           voting table. "I think the
 and no one has complained of                                                                                                   Pholo by Al Foumier   online voting is really
 any lasting effects.                                                                                                                                 helping."
    Durham College President          ’MAKING SURE EVERYONE IS OKAY: From left: Ambrose Samulski, Dean of
                                       School of Technology, a firelighter, a paramedic and MaryLynn West-Moynes,                                       See On-line page 2
       See Chemical page 2             vice-president of the college, reassure a student exposed to the chemical spill.

    Sports b anquet was huge success
 BY JASON NEPHIN                     was a vital part of the depart-
 Chronicle staft                     ment.      ’

                                       Dwayne Christo, Facility

 A     chemical spill and a
       change of venue were
       not enough to stop the
 31st Annual Durham College
 Athletic Banquet.
                                     Supervisor gave an emotional
                                     speech about Tulloch and how
                                     she has meant so much to so
                                     many in the Athletic
    The banquet was forced to           The evening saw coaches,
 move from the Durham                athletes, family and friends
 College Athletic Centre to E.P.     come out to recognize the
 Taylor’s on Friday because of a     accomplishments of Durham’s
 chemical spill that left most of    athletes.                   .     ,

 the school closed.                     The evening opened with
    However the staff worked         Will ElUs, outgoing DCSA pres-
 hard and the banquet began          ident, sharing the master of
 on schedule, running like           ceremony duties with Babcock.
 nothing had happened.                  Ellis provided comic relief
    The evening was also an          throughout the evening with
 opportunity to celebrate the        stories of his past as a track
 career of Lynn Tulloch who          star. There was also a brief.
 works in the athletic depart-       birthday celebration for Ellis
 ment and will "be leaving           who turned 23.
 Durham this Year. Athletic             After supper the evening’s                                     .                                                            Pholo by Jason Nephin
 Director Ken Babcock spoke                                                   DURHAM COLLEGE PRIDE: From              Stan Marchut, a Durham College hall of
 about Tulloch and how she                 See A night page 39                fame Inductee, athletes of the year Patricia Cowman and Darryl Reid, and hall of
                                                                              fame inductee Michael Stauffer receive recognition at the DC sportsbanquet.
2 THE CHRONICLE             April 17, 2001

                                                                                          US                NEWS

 Pri c e i s new D C S A p re s ident
                                    cerns of the students tliat                                                          gram generating a lot more         and needs of (lie students on
            sla((___________        prompted her to speak out for                                                        recyclable materials. She          these and other serious
                                    students and become a part of                                                        explained that tills is proba-     issues."
   Earlier this month, more         the team that leads them.                                                            bly the most talked about              Price says the DCSA has
than 700 students took part in          "The best tiling was helping                                                     issue among students, and          become much more actively
the DCSA election tor a new         the students" she says of her                                                        promised that she would do         involved with tlie scliool,
school president. Running in        experiences so far. "It’s been a                                                     something about it next            socially and politically over
the race were Darin I’ricc,         positive one all the way."                                                           year.                              tlie last few years.
Human Resource student, and             [’rice wanted to run for pres-                                                     ’1 also plan on working to           "We at tlie DCSA want to
Desmond Foster, a legal             ident last year, but held off so                                                     continue to build our rela-        promote an open door policy.
administration student.             she could’ gain more experi-                                                         tionship with the Whitby           Students can come to us with
   The winner of the election       ence tills year. Slie explained                                                      Campus," she said.                 concerns over anything, any-
was Daria Price, the current        tliat she knew she had to run                                                          This year, the campus in         thing at all, and we’ll do our
Vice President of Student           tilis vear because her duties                                                        Whitby ’had a lounge added.        best to help."
Affairs with the DCSA.              with" the DCSA didn’t feel                                                            According to Price, (lie DCSA         A single mother of a four-
   "I worked really hard," she      complete yet. "I feel tliere’s so                                                     also saw a growing voice          year-old daughter, Price
said about her campaign, "and       much more for me to do,’’ she                                                         from students at tlie Whitby      admits tliat the workload was
it pays off in the end."            said, "so much more."                                                                 Campus, and she vows to           difficult during tills last
   Most notable among her               "\Ve both ran a really good                                                       continue to listen to tlieir      month. Juggling lier family
contributions to Durham             campaign," I’rice said of her                                                         concerns and opinions, and        life, her schoolwork, tier part-
College would be bringing the       opponent Foster.                                          Pholo by Sandt.-i Smilh
                                                                                                                          work with them to better the      time job, her social life and
Toronto Star program to the            Price feels that she made a                                                        school as well.                   her work with the DCSA was
school this year.                   huge effort not only to pro-           WINNER: Price is all                            The DCSA is involved with        hard.
   When asked how she               mote herself during the cam-           smiles since winning                         a lot more than events at E.P.           "Going out to parties has
became interested in working        paign, but the entire DCSA as          the DCSA presidential                        Taylor’s, she explained.            sort of been put on the back
for the DCSA, I’ricc said, "I saw   well.                                  election.                                       "We work behind the              burner for now," slic said.
a lot of student issues while          Her first order of business as                                                   scenes too. At board meetings           Price is excited about next
doing the initial volunteer         president next fall will be to       for the college. Price says this               if the subject of tuition hikes     year’s DCSA staff.
work during my second year."        look into getting a more             is an important issue especial-                come up, it is the DCSA mem-            "We can finish what we
   It was the needs and con-        extensive recycling program          ly with the Toronto Star pro-                  bers who voice tlie opinions        began this year," she said.

On-line voting doubles                                                                                                     Durham ranks #1
this year’s ballot count                                                                                                   in KPI surveys
                                                                                                                           Continued from page 1               Tlie results of the   survey
Continued from page 1                                                                                                                                        help the college determine
                                                                                                                            satisfied with their overall     what areas to improve, so It
    Out of approximately 4,950 eligible voters,                                                                             educational experience at        can increase services to stu-
715 cast a ballot, approximately 14 per cent of                                                                             Durham and its usefulness        dents,    graduates and
the student population.                                                                                                     In preparing them for the        employers and helps the
   On-line ballots accounted for 28 per cent of                                                                             workforce.                       college provide greater
total votes.                                                                                                                   During the first weeks of     assurance that graduates
   These numbers are up from last year.                                                                                     February, KPI surveys were       will be ready for the work
According to Will Ellis, outgoing president,                                                                                sent to 25 Ontario colleges      environment.
"We’ve doubled from last year."                                                                                             to provide current students,       The KPI result have an
   Although Mike Ruttan, a graphic design stu-                                                                              new graduates and employ-        impact on the colleges
dent, voted on-line, he didn’t take the election                                                                            ers an opportunity to state      financially as well.
too seriously.                                                                                                              how satisfied they are with         A portion of the funding
    "I saw my friends voting, so I thought 1                                                                                the quality of their learning    that colleges receive in
should too," said Ruttan. "It doesn’t really                                                                                experience, support ser-         2001-02 will depend on
affect me in any sort of way."                                                                                              vices, workforce prepara-        how. well they have scored
    While this seemed to be the attitude of sev-                                                                            tion     and    educational      on individual graduate
eral students on voting day, the vast majority                                    ,’ Pholo by Slephanie Zacharias           resources offered -by the        employment, graduate sat-
do not have a clear view of what the president          ON-LINE VOTING PROVES                                               colleges.                        isfaction and employer sat-
and DCSA do for them.                                   POSITIVE: Mike Ruttan, a graphic                                       In 1998, tlie Ontario         isfaction ratings.
    As Price said, "We are the students’ voice."        design student, casts his vote                                      government introduced the           For the year 2000-01,
   The DCSA works to provide students with
                                                        on-line.                                                            KPI survey to ensure the Ontario colleges received
services and special events such as concerts. It                                                                            responsibility of all colleges 14 million in provincial
also keeps them informed on important issues            As well, Price would also like to see contin-                       reach specific standards.      funding based on the KPI
such as the student health plan.                      ued involvement with trie Whitby campus.                                 The KPI survey reflects results.
    One of Price’s main goals as president is to        The Whitby campus’contributed 22 votes to                           the college’s performance        Durham             College
expand Durham’s recycling program. She says           the election.                                                         for graduate employment, received $498,375 in KPI
it is an issue concerning many students.                Students wishing to find more information                           graduate        satisfaction, funding from the Ontario
    Other projects Price is planning to tackle        can visit the DCSA web site at, or                       employer satisfaction, stu- government, due to the
include an all-games computer room and                drop by the DCSA office on the second floor of                        dent satisfaction and grad- exceptional performance
cheaper prices in the cafeteria.                      the student centre.
                                                                                                  ’                         uation rate.                   on this year’s survey.

Chemical spill causes college evacuation
Continued from page 1
                                    and students shouldn’t have          Polonsky                                       fresh air," Conod said.             lege has already begun study-
                                    access to the chemicals as they        The college was re-opened                       "Then we had all started         ing procedures to improve
   Gary Polonsky said the haz-      arc kept in a locked storage         Friday evening.                                coughing by the time she had        handling of an occurrence like
ardous product removal com-         room. No students have access          Two Durham College stu-                      come back in the room. It just      this. He said gas masks may
pany Team One, hired by the         to this room. The storage            dents, Azhra Conod and Julie                   made its way around the             be stored in affected areas, and
college, told him the chemical      room was checked and there           Garreaud, third year environ-                  room."                              a public address system might
was a gaseous material called       was no sign of any chemicals         mental students, present at the                   A and H wings of the school be installed.
nitric oxide, "which can be         missing.                             time of. the spill, said they had              were isolated, but Polonsky,       Before the college makes
liberated when fuming nitric           Oshawa Fire Department            no idea that anything was                      said he wanted the entire any decisions it will contact
acid Is manipulated in certain      platoon chief Rick Newman            wrong and were in class for                    building closed until It was health, police and fire officials
ways"                               said they had a detector set up   almost an hour before being                       safe to return.                 for any suggestions.
   Polonsky said In this case       to pick up readings on chemi-     told to leave.                                       Although no one knows           "Although we have been
there is reason to suspect it       cals. They set it up around the
                                         .                               There was no glass or con-                     who threw the chemical on advised by the authorities that
was splashed against a wall in      spill, but received no reading.   tainer near the spill.                            the wall, Polonsky said that we handled this very well, it
A209.                                  "My Impression from the           "All of a sudden one girl                      serious action would be taken was a first and I am certain we
  The chemical is not one           professors is that it seems to be started coughing, and she                         if the person is caught.        could improve," Polonsky
normally used at the college        an act of vandalism," said went in the hall to get some                                 Polonsky said that the col- said.
  New facility for tech department
                                                                                                                                                            from the college visited sites In
Chronicle Stall___________                                                                                                                                  North America to see if other
   The technology department                                                                                                                                schools had anything resem-
is one part of Durham College                                                                                                                               bling what Durham College
that will undergo changes dur-                                                                                                                              wanted to build. They were
ing the expansion, the biggest                                                                                                                              disappointed to find out that
being the addition of the                                                                                                                                   there were none in existence,
Integrated       Manufacturing                                                                                                                              says Samulski. Their intentions
Centre (1MC) a flexible,                                                                                                                                    were to sec what other schools
fully-automated manufactur-                                                                                                                                 had to offer because, as
ing facility that will showcase                                                                                                                             Samulski says, "why do it your-
advanced technologies.                                                                                                                                      self if somebody else has
   "It’s going to be not only                                                                                                                               already done it."
top notch In Ontario, but top                                                                                                                                  The team looked at Sinclair
notch in North America. It s                                                                                                                                College in Ohio, Renssclcar
going to be second to none,"                                                                                                                                Polytechnic Institute in Troy,
says Ambrose Samulski, Dean                                                                                                                                 New York and Boston
of Applied Science and                                                                                                                                      University, and found that
Technology.                                                                                                                                                 they all had great facilities, but
   Students in electronics and                                                                                                                              none had the full level of inte-
mechanical take many of the                                                                                                                                 gration that Durham College
robotics courses at this level of                                                                                                                           was looking for.
manufacturing. When the                                                                                                                                        One particular place that
new IMC is built, the School of                                                                                                                             kept coming up was Aachen,
Applied        Science       and                                                                                                                            Germany. The team has not
Technology third year stu-                                                                                                                                  seen this facility yet, but has a
dents will 6c the primary users                                                                                                                             standing invitation to visit in
of the facility. However, with                                                                                                                              May.
the new level of integration                                                                                                                                   "What makes us different
being offered students in Food                                                                                                                              here is that it’s going to be
and "          Phannaceuticals,                                                                                                                             industrial size," says Samulski.
Environmental           Studies,                                                                                                                            "We are mirroring what would
Business and Manufacturing                                                                         Photo courlosy ol Durham Collogo technology department   happen in an automated man-
will also be able to use the     LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: Upon completion, the Integrated Manufacturing                                                     ufacturing facility."
facility.                        Centre will serve as an Impressive and Innovative addition to Durham College.                                                 When asked if he has seen
  Samulski says that within                                                                                                                                 other schools try to achieve
time the courses taken in the above It which holds a "plug     Durham College has an Samulski says.                                                         what Durham College is going
1MC will be mandatory for           and play" station or a minia-      automated assembly and plug         The heart of the IMC is the                      after Bunker says, " 10 per cent
technology students, and stu-       ture version of the station on     and play, but It Is not located showcase-manufacturing facil-                         of schools try something with
dents in the other programs as      the main floor. It will be used    In one area. The outcome of ity. The centre will be held in                           manufacturing."
well.                               for non-practitioners who           the r.ew facility is to have it a modern building filled with                           Students and faculty can
   The IMC will not only be         want to know how it works.         integrated, says Samulski.       glass and light. People walking                      expect a minimal amount of
used as a learning centre, but      They can ^plicate what hap-           "Which is much more com- by wiji be able to see the main                           disruptions during the con-
will be used to produce a wide      pens on the main floor using a     plex, but it reflects what hap- assembly operations and                               struction process since most of
range of products which will        small scale station, says          pens In the real world," he robotics stations.                                        the work will be done around
be sold. The money made will        Samulski.                          says.                               Superbuild project director                       part of the existing structure.
"recoup our investments," says         On the larger scale models,        Part of what the School of Bruce Bunker compares the                                  The outside perimeter wall
Samulski. It will go towards        which has a number of sta-         Applied        Science       and look of the IMC to that of a                        will be built first, and in the
costs of materials and keeping      tions, students will have to run   Technology has been trying to brewery.                                               summer construction consist-
the program running.                it themselves. The idea, says      do is bring in as much external     Because a brewery has glass                      ing of tearing down walls and
   The main floor of the centre     Samulski, is that a class would    certification as possible. By walls, a person can see beer                           rebuilding will be done.
is going to be 8,200 square feet    be here for a semester and stu-    using the 1MC, students will being made. The IMC has the                                Bunker says the whole oper-
where the "brains of the oper-      dents would rotate around the      not only receive a diploma, same effect. Students walking                            ation will start sometime in
ation" called the Programical       different positions so they        but they will be given written by can see how the assembly                           June and be finished in about
Logical Controllers is located.     could be involved in the entire    certifications for the work they line makes products.                                16 months.
This part has a second floor        operation.                         have completed in the facility,     A couple of years ago a team

 Crosswalk equals student safety at Durham
BY LISA BOYCE                                                                                                 ed in the summer, but in the                  crosswalk would be helpful in
Chronicle staff                                                                                               winter when the road is slip-                 preventing any accidents that
                                                                                                              pery it’s really a hazard."                   may happen.
   "Do something. Save your-                                                                                     The booth between the                         What are the steps in get-
self," one security officer said                                                                              paths has been here for                       ting a crosswalk in place?
regarding the walk to and                                                                                     approximately 11 years and                       According to Physical
from the residence over to the                                                                                the residence has been here                   Resources, the best place to
college.                                                                                                      since 1993.                                   start is by putting together a
   Everyday students are risk-                                                                                   When the residence was                     brief letter outlining concerns
ing their safety walking along                                                                                built it opened the door to                   and recommendations for
that path to class, residence                                                                                 many more students walking                    putting a visual crosswalk up
and the student centre.                                                                                       that path, not only to the                    and then give it to Brian
   Coming from residence                                                                                      school during the day, but at                 Beatson, director of Facilities
they walk up a path with a                                                                                    night to and from the pub.                    Management.
camera directed at it for safety,                                                                                Moreover, the booth creates                  As students walk to school
but then they come to a fork                                                                                  a blind spot for drivers and the              they stop at the road and won-
in the road. The path breaks                                                                                  pedestrians crossing that inter-              der if it is safe to cross when a
for the road to pass through                                                                                  section.                                      car is driving down. As drivers
coming from the school and                                                                                       One security guard said it’s               approach the path they won-
the parking lot leading all the                                                                               frightening to think of the                   der if it is safe to keep driving
way up to Simcoe Street.                                                                                      potential danger this path pre-               or if a student may run out
   The question is who has the                                                                                sents.                                        from behind the booth, per-
right of way at this point?                                                                                      But this issue has never                   haps running late to class.
   Suzanne Chase of physical                                                           Pholo by Lisa Boyca    been raised before.                                A crosswalk in place will
resources says, "pedestrians          RIGHT OF WAY: Students wait to cross road                                  "Honestly, this is the first               warn drivers of students cross-
always have the right of way,"        between residence and student centre as .a car                          time I’ve heard of it," said gen-             ing, thus avoiding any acci-
   But what about when there                                                                                  eral manager of the residence                 dents that could occur had it
is no crosswalk, stop sign or         approaches.                                                             Cal Littlejohn regarding the                  not been there.
lights? When there is no way        an crosswalk indicator is con-     crosswalk in place between the         need for a crosswalk. Chase,                     If something is going to be
of warning drivers that pedes-      sidered jaywalking, meaning        residence path and the student         who said that she didn’t quite                done about this, students are
trians may be crossing? What        pedestrians do not have the        centre which links to the              know if the issue had ever                    the ones who can put it into
happens in situations such as       right of way. So what changes      school.                                come up, is pretty sure that no               action.
these?                              on school grounds?                    "I believe there should be a        complaint had ever been                          As, the security guard in the
  On a city street crossing the        The security officer says       crosswalk with lights here,"           made.             ,(                          booth says, "start a petition,
road where there Is no pedetrl-     there should definitely be a       she said. "Not so much need-              All of these people agree a                do something."
A THE CHRONICLE                    April l/. 2001

  PUBLISHER! Margarol Scott
  EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Gerald Rosa
  AD MANAGER: Bill Merriott

 numb er
 1 in GTA
   Say it loud and say it proud - we’re
number one. Durham College students
have once again ranked their college as
the best In the GTA.
   Who knew we loved our school soo
   Back In February, students were
given time to fill out the Key
Performance Indicator surveys and
those results, combined with results
from graduate and employer surveys,
show Durham satisfaction rates are the
highest among community colleges in
the GTA,
   This is a positive message for the col-
lege, especially as it enters phase one of
Superbuild construction.                  Last year
Durham received $498,375 in funding
from the Ontario government -v a
result of the KPI ratings and It Is
expected funding for 2001-02 will once
again be based on student satisfaction.
    "This is a glorious day for Durham
College students, graduates, employers
and staff," said Gary Polonsky, presi-
dent of Durham College and
University Centre. "Educational excel-
lence is the basis of everything we do
at Durham. The KPI numbers further
support the fact that we offer high-
skilf, real-world education."
    In fact, the student satisfaction rat-
ing rose by almost five percentage
points over last year, and Durham also
has the highest rate of graduate’
employment in Ontario at 94.1 per
   Think about that next time it seems                            The hands-on learning and field                  ation.                                                 through the buzzing saws and pound-
just too early to crawl out of bed to                         placements are what gives Durham stu-                   Of course, there is always room for                  ing hammers feel about this disrup-
come to school.                                               dents the edge when it is time to face               improvement.                                            tion? Hopefully the disturbance will
    While other schools may be bigger                         the world outside of college and get a                  Areas students would like to see                     be minimal, but for now it is anyone’s
and carry more prestige, Durham has                           real job. Reading 50 pages a night of                improved include bringing more                         guess.
proved it has a whole lot of heart,                           textbook material is great if you need               healthful choices into the cafeteria,                     Still, everything we need to become
    It is this sense of responsibility that                   help falling asleep, but it might not                updating the equipment in the fitness                  successful, productive members of
seems to set Durham apart. Instructors                        come in too handy when the new boss                  centre and more accessibility to free                  society is right here at our fingertips.
take the time to get to know a little                         asks you to set-up a news’etter in                   printers for assignments.                              The instructors, courses, labs and
about each student and they know                              Quark and you’re stuck trying, to                       It will also be interesting to see how              equipment are all here ready to teach
your name when you come knocking                              remember where that particular lesson                the Superbuild initiatives affect                      us the necessary skills to go out there
on their office door looking for help.                        was in the text.                                     Durham’s standing in next year’s KPIs.                 and make a living.
Although this may seem like a bit of a                           "Durham’s unbeatable reputation                   It is said that by the time the                           And as the results show, we are pret-
pain when you’re trying to sneak by                           and the outstanding success of its grads             Superbuild plan is completed in                        ty darn proud of that.
after skipping an instructor’s class, it is                   in starting their careers are two key rea-           September 2003, Durham College and
this personal touch that helps keep                           sons why so many students choose to                  University Centre will be bigger and                                          Stephanie Zacharias
Durham students focused and                                   study here," said Daria Price, president             better than ever before. However, how
inspired.                                                     of the Durham College student associ-                will the students who have to sit

  EDITORS:           Jim Agaplto, Lisa Allrae, Kirk Best, Alllson Blehn,
         Eric Black, Olanne Bowman, Lisa Boyce, Shelah Brooks,
         Christopher Burrows. Amy Burton, Timothy. Bydal, Sarah
  Camirand, Jollroy Cohn, Erin Crawlord, Sarah Gibnor, David Graham,
  Scott Henry, Tania Hanvey, Tara Huk. Joyce Hunter, Stephanie (bale,
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  Krisitopher Irwin, Katharine KallczynskI, Jennifer KaplinskI, Hilary                                                                                    Jonalhas, Sharioon Kelly, Andrea Kennedy. Marianne KIdd, Joe King, Marok
  Kiscli, Kevin Kobzan, Daniel Laba), Paul Landlnl, Tanya Lavolo,                                                                                         Kockman. LonI Krummonacher, Brooke Lacay, Scott Lennox, Andrea
  Jennifer Leo, Jeremy Lepago, Cassandra McKenzlo, Paylos Milousis,                                                                                       Marchand. Natalie Martin, Jesse Mathleu, Matthew MaydanskI, Nancy
  Charley MIsner, John Montgomery, Jason Nephin, Rachol Patrick,
  Sarah Petersen, Alana Rayman, Andrea Reddy, Isabella RIvalello,
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  Darrell Sawatzky. Sandra Smith, Molissa Slire, Tara Stolar, Jody Tall,
  Sarah Teper, Coudney Turner, Sarah Van De Walker, Molissa Van
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                                                                                                                                             THE CHRONICIE..... April 17, 2001 5

   Manufactured bands good for music industry
   Using good-looking boys to sing,            band stereotype. The group Is literal-     "I totally agree with ’cm, up to a                 before drawing the line.
and sell records, manufactured boy             ly trained to be a band.                        extent," says Brown. "1 think
                                                                                               certain                                          Girls of all ages tune into these tele-
bands have become a multi billion-                Today, manufactured boy bands        there are a lot of pop bands out tlicrc               vision shows and as quick as a bullet a
dollar business. Respected musicians           have become the basis of pop music,     who arc the complete manufactured                     new fascination blossoms creating
such as Eiton John and U2’s Bono               selling millions of records each year.  thing and the music is drivel and I’ll                another craze. But for those bands
have commented on the manufac-                 However, tills does not mean they are   admit that some tracks that we’ve                     formed without the aid of a record
tured band inability to produce good           talented.                               released, they’ve been tliat thing that               company, these shows are making a
music.                                            Five, a group known to liave less you just hear and think, ’Oh God,’"                      mockery of their profession and arc a
   However, manufactured bands are             than satisfactory talent, is a manufac-    Performing In a band oilier respect-               disgrace to talented artists. I have no
more than a craze. They have latched           tured boy band from                                       ed musicians consid-               .problem with the creation of a new
onto television with series such as            Europe that recently                                              er bad causes these         band. However, when the pride of
Making the Band and 2gcther, based            debutcd        in   North                                          young men to ques-          another artist is at stake, and the
around the formation of boy bands.            America. In a recent             ww,fvsn^                          tion their pride.           media makes a mockery of a profes-
And they arc successful.
   Making the Band first aired in June
                                              interview Jay Brown,             MBkl^B       ’l/?n/               These boys dream of
                                                                                                                 becoming successful
                                                                                                                                             sion, it upsets me.
                                                                                                                                                Manufactured bands, whether they
soaring to the top of the ratings creat-      members, confessed                            Bw’ton               musicians.   However,       are talented or not, have found a place
ing a new phenomenon next to                  some of "Five’s songs             ’ "’""--                         fulfilling their dream      in the music business. Screaming girls
Survivor. Its second season begins to         aren’t up to scratch."                                             should not disgrace         who buy these bands’ CDs decide
air this month, and ABC is anticipat-            His comment came                                                their            talent.    whether (lie group will last. If they
ing another good season, The group’s          following criticism by George                    Moreover, when the craze of manu-             like the band’s im;ige, even if they
debut self titled record hit stores in        Michael, Eiton John, U2’s Bono and               factured boy bands expands to televi-         sing worse than Hurt Reynolds, the
February and rose to number five on           Blur’s Damon Albarn who feel the                 sion, like it lias recently, a lack of        band will be successful. From New
tlie billboard charts in the past two         UK’s manufactured bands arc "deriva-             respect is displayed. And it leaves the       Kids on the Block to N’Sync, manu-
months. 2gcther is the perfect boy            tive and cannot produce good music."             question of how far the media will go         factured boy bands arc liere to stay.

New addresses for the Internet                                                                                   Restaurants vs. home
  It has been said that the big advantage of          domains of .corn, .org, .gov .cdu and .net.                   Since 1 liave had the plea-            to wonder. After all, when
the Internet is all that unlimited room to               ICANN considered and discarded a .kids                  sure of eating at liome and the       do we really know exactly
roam.                                                 suffix (it couldn’t guarantee safe content)                disappointment of dining out,         wliat is in the food we are cat-
   But after just a decade, tlic dotcom world         .gco for geographic locations and .ill instead             1 thought I would sliare my           ing?
is already starting to run out of addresses.          of .name for personal sites. Did it consider               knowledge with those who                  But this is exactly what 1 am
   So, like any successful developer, the                                                    are still unaware of the many          talking about. Eating at home
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names                 Inquiring minds want to know.                             negative aspects of tlie fast-        is not like that. You always
and Numbers (ICANN,           ’
                                                                      And, really, why stop                       food restaurant.                      know what you are eating
short) is taking down (he                                     there?                                                Not once liave 1 ever expe-         because you add every ingredi-
barricades and opening up                                        The possibilities are end-                      rienced food poisoning in any          ent that ni.’ikcs up that meal.
sQven new cyberspace-sub-                                     less: .doc for health, of                          way, shape or form from eat-          This is what 1 like to call "safe
   These domain subdivi-
                                                  Jennifer    course; .buy for all those                         ing at home. When 1 eat, I            eating."
                                                              shoppers; .eat for restaurant                      enjoy what I am eating; I                 Diners however, do not
sions, which will no doubt
cause major traffic jams
                                            Lcc               reviews; .pray for religious                       don’t worry about tlie effects        have this great comfort.
                                                              sites; .con for the prison pop-                    my meal may liave on me ttie          Instead many restaurants have
just the same as their dot-                                   ulation; .jerk for all those                       next morning.                         unhealthy kitchens, which of
com counterparts, are .info and                               annoying tdemarketers; .sex,                          Too. bad I can’t say the           course we are unaware of until
.biz, which can be used as addresses for any needs no elaboration. ’                                             same about eating out. All I          it is published, in a highly
informational pr business web sites; .name       With all these new dotcoms popping up
                                                                                                                 have ever done wliilc eating          regarded newspaper long after
for personal sites; .pro for professionals; like Jiffy-pop popcorn, who’s to say what will                       out is stare at my food won-          the many meals we, the unsus-
.museum for museums; .aero for airline hold up for the next decade. Overloads, and                               dering what it is doing to my         pecting customers, liave con-
groups, and .coop for chickens (just kidding) conflicts will continue as more andfimore                           body and wint tlie aftermath          sumed.
.coop for business cooperatives. The new- people purchase computers and begin the                                of my consumption may be                  Hey, but we shouldn’t be
comers will join the- leafy, established daunting task of surfing the net,                     .                 tlie next day. This, i acknowl-       complaining, at least we got
                                                                                                                 edge, is or tlie fast food junkie     tlie meal we actually ordered
                                                                                                                                                       and not some fragment of bits
                                                                                                                                                       and pieces of wliat the menu

Residence proves to be a smarter choice                                                                                                                describes as the real tiling. It
                                                                                                                                                       happens at least once in a fast
                                                                                                                                                       food lifetime; (lie waiter places
                                                                                                                                                       a dish in front of you and you
   Although some students             partying, but to a certain .col-         the same things they are and     get to class for a two-hour lec-       find yourself asking the ques-
believe living on campus              lege students, and usually               who -may even be in their        ture, and then driving the             tion "whose is this?" Yep, it’s
could have a negative influ-          only occurs on the weekend.              program or a similar pro-        same distance all the way              every eater’s worst nightmare;
ence on their education, life            During the week, there i.s            gram. This provides the stu-     home again when it’s done.             being served something you
in residence proves to be the         rarely any partying so the               dents with peer help study           Some students say these            did not order or something
smart choice for many who             rooms and halls are quiet.               partners and group members       classes are not even worth             that in no way resembles any-
choose to live there.                 Many -tenants say that on                right around the corner.         going to. On the other hand,           thing like what you thought
  The Durham                                               weekdays               Many of them agree it is      the only traffic students liv-         you ordered.
College   resi-                                            most      of        easier to focus on work when     ing in residence have to                   Honestly, eating at home is
dence is locat-                                            their time is       surrounded by others who are     worry about are the cars               far better than eating out, no
ed quite a dis-                                            dedicated to        doing the same thing.            entering the parking lot.              matter which way you look at
tance      from                                       homework                    Making it to 8 a.m. classes       Moreover, the days where           it.    People should choose
local      bars,                                      and study-               is also easier- when living      they only have one class are           health over convenience, not
clubs       and                                       ing,    and              minutes away from school.        their best days because it             the opposite.
movies, thus                                          had    they                 Several students living in    means they can run home                    Now, being human you
students         are                                  been      at             cities outside Durham Region     and jump into bed afterward.           can’t help but be swayed by
forced to spend more time             home it would have been                  area think highway traffic is     ’
                                                                                                                    Living in residence gives          the beautiful smell of a burger
doing homework and study-             spent talking on the phone               what causes them to be late      students the opportunity to           emporium’s      aromatherapy
ing for tests. Many students          and maybe going out with        for morning classes, and may              meet others with similar aca-         slipping into the window
who don’t live on campus              friends.                        eventually make them unmo-                demic interests, helps them           cracks while driving by. After
believe there is nothing but             Being away from home tivated to-the point where                        spend their time wisely and           all, the one thing that we all
noise, drinking and partying,         and friends, although It is not they no longer want to go                 makes it easier to get to early       have In common is our pur-
therefore making it difficult     .   necessarily the best thing, school.  .
                                                                                                                classes. Campus life isn’t an         pose for eating instant grat-
to concentrate on school-             can help students integrate        This is especially true for            about socializing. For many           ification. Not to mention, 1
work.                                 into college life. Not having those who have days when                    it’s about getting the most           suppose, that minus the
   However, these external            their friends around makes they only have one class. For                  out of their education, and in        extreme amounts of fat, a fast-
factors are everywhere,               them want to socialize within many students who decided                   the process, possibly even            food burger could seem a lot
whether one is living in resi-        tlie residence and meet new to stay at home and drive to                  making their school experi-           more enticing than a burger
dence or at home. The resi-           people, perhaps get to know school, this means driving as                 ence a less stressful, ’more          made        from       scratch.
dence does have its share of          others who are experiencing much as one hour or more to                   enjoyable one.                                          Lisa Boyce
  6 THE CHRONICLE            April! 7, 2001

                                                                                       US            NEWS
  G eneral Motors hires for summer j ob s
 BY TAN1A HENVEY                                                                                                and must be returning to               middle of June," says Ryerson
Chronicle Staff                                                                                                 school full-time in the fall.          University student, Megan
                                                                                                                    Even those who work for            Thow. "The previous summer I
   General Motors of Canada                                                                                     the company as temporary               didn’t start until after shut-
will employ summer students                                                                                     part-time (TPT) workers must           down." (Shutdown is the plant
this year, despite tlic automo-                                                                                 re-apply if they intend on             vacation time and usually
tive industry’s lower demand                                                                                    working as summer students.            takes place tlie first two weeks
for cars and resulting layoffs.                                                                                 TP’l’s arc students who work           of July).
   "General Motors requires                                                                                     for the company on Mondays,               "I started In mid-June...and
summer students to replace                                                                                      Fridays and Saturdilys as need-        was laid off in the third week
lull-time employees on sum-                                                                                     ed throughout tlie school year.        of August," said Krista Gingcll
mer vacation," said GM repre-                                                                                       When it comes time to liirc        of Guelph University.
sentative Marcellc Sliayda.                                                                                     students, GM gives TPTs first             Ginyell and Thow have
"And it should be noted that                                                                                    priority, then students who            worked for the company for
summer students are not hired                                                                                   h.ive worked as summer stu-            the past two years. And both
until full-time employees on                                                                                    dents previously, and finally,         have been able to stay off’the
layoff are called back to work."                                                                                ttiose students who have never         Ontario Student Assistance
   Layoffs arc n.’.’t new to the                                                                                worked for GM arc called in to         Plan (OSAP).
company, especially during                                                                                      work.                                     "The employment of sum-
tlie -first quarter of 2001.                                                                                        "The number of summer              mer students assists (them) in
General Motors has cancelled                                                                                    students hired varies from year        earning money towards their
overtime in its Oshawa car and                                                             Wolo by Tania convoy to
                                                                                                                     year based on business            further education," mentioned
truck plants and has stated             AIDEN LAVERTY: Enters           the gates at General                    needs," Shayda said.               Shayda.
there will be no extra hours            Motors in Oshawa.                                                          So the company does not            Students at General Motors
until at least the middle of                                                                                    know how many students it          earn enough money to pay
June.                               Century.                              there would be positions avail- will hire for the summer until           their tuition which Is why so
    ".While the North American        In January 2001, GM dealers         able to them this year.               each supervisor decides if a       many students depend on
 industry is moderating from         delivered 32,897 vehicles, an           "Prior to summer students student is needed in an area,               General Motors hiring, stu-
 2000’s all-time record demand       increase of 7.2 per cent over        being called into the plants as          "Students are brought into      dents for the summer.
levels, we still expect 2001 to     January 2000, according to a          vacation replacements, any the plants to replace a regular                  "I knew that the pay was
be a stronger than average year      statement by the company.            laid off seniority member worker who has requested                       good and realized that if I did-
across the North American               "January sales were very          returns,"     explains       John additional vacation, over and          n’t want to have to worry
market," said General Motors         strong and we are forecasting       Graham, CAW Union repre- above the two-week shutdown.                     about paying off a loan, that it
of Canada President, Maureen         that 2001 will be the third best    sentative. "Saying that, we With the seniority of our work                was something that I couldn’t
Kempston Darkes in a state-         sales year in the past 10 years      believe, like other years GM force, the hours of overtime                 refuse doing," Thow said.
ment in January.                    in Canada. With the signifi-         will still be hiring students to worked, the pace of the work,               That is why so many stu-
   In     February,     General     cant personal income tax             replace our members on members are encouraged and                         dents return to GM year after
Motors, the country’s largest       reductions that took effect in       extended vacations."                   many take additional weeks         year.
automaker, laid off 3,600           January, Canadian customers             GM is accepting applica- off," Graham said.                               "At first, I swore last year
employees. Plants in St.            have more money to spend,"           tions for hourly summer stu-              This year students will not     would be it," said Thow, "But
Catharines, Windsor, C^hawa         stated Kempston Darkes. "We          dents to meet vacation require- begin working full-time until             because of financial difficul-
and Ste. Thercse, Quo. were         think that consumers will use        ments In the plants, according the middle of June at the                  ties, it appears as though I will
affected.                            some of this increase in dispos-    to Auto Info, the Oshawa Car Oshawa plants, according to                  be going back again."
   In addition, the Number 2         able income to purchase             Assembly PI;, it’s daily newslet- the Auto Info.                             Both Gingell and Thow
 Car Plant in Oshawa was shut        today’s newer, cleaner, safer       ter.                                      But that is nothing new to      believe GM will hire summer
down for a week in March and         vehicles."                             Students who want to work students who have worked for                 students again, despite the
will be again at the end of this        With layoffs taking place        for GM in the summer must GM in the past.                                 economic difficulties the auto-
month. This plant produces          within the company, students         have completed the first year             "This summer that just,         motive industry is facing.
the Buick Regal and Buick           were curious as to whether           of a post-secondary program passed, I started working in the

 E . P. Tayior ’s Pub named after ’likeabl e E ddie’
BY ERIN CRAWFORD                                                         Taylor was technically abiding        ings for the year, setting a        meaning or sense of tradition
Chronicle staff                                                          by Canadian law, and yet he           record of $3,414,169 in race        as did the name E.P. Tayior’s.
                                                                         was still able to discreetly          purses won, as well as being        .  "We had a name and we
   "...likeable Eddie, who at 47                                         advertise his beer and promote        the all-time leader in the          liked the name. Edward
controls and operates as much                                            his brewery at the same time.         breeding of stakes winners.         Plunket Taylor. There’s just so
industry as anybody else in                                                 Cosgrave Stables went on to        From 1948-1980, E.P. Tayior’s       much history there, and it
Canada.... a big vigorous man                                            become one of North                   horses had won ’a total of          makes sense. From our per-
with a sparkling personality                                             America’s leaders in races won,       7,667 races, and earned more        spective, it’s a name that has.
and a rare ability to organize                                           obtaining 308 victories over a        than $37,623,000.                   so much tradition. We
and direct.                                                              five-year period.                        In 1980, Taylor suffered his     thought it was worth sending
   "That      was    how     the                                            In 1950, Taylor became             first stroke, and his son           a letter to the (Taylor) family,
December, 1948 edition of The                                            Durham College’s next-door            Charles took over the opera-        wondering if they were inter-
Blood-Horse        .   magazine                                          neighbour with the purchase           tion of Windfields Farm. At         ested, and the response was
described E.P. Taylor. Does                                              of Colonel R.S. McLaughlin’s          the time of his death in 1989,      very positive."
that name sound familiar? It                                             Parkwood Stables on the north         Edward Plunket Taylor had              At the same time, Durham
should,                                       Ptiolo courtesy of Windlields Farm
                                                                         side of Conlin Road.                  just bred his farm’s 322nd          College was in the process of
   Every time students head            E.P. TAYLOR: Horse                   The 1,250-acre farm, later         stakes winner.           Today,     swapping         land      with
over to the pub between class-         owner and beer dis-               named Windfields Farm, went           Windfields Farm is owned and        Windfields Farm, Durham
es or after school, they are sit-      tiller. gives pub its             on to breed some of the most          operated by E.P. Tayior’s fami-     owned land on the northeast
ting in a building named for a         name.                             successful racehorses in the          ly, and they continue to be         corner of Conlin Road and
man who enjoyed beer as                                                  world. Northern Dancer, win-          actively involved in the breed-     Simcoe Street, and Windfields
much as they do. However,           to a greater number of people.       ner of the Kentucky Derby, the        ing and training of thorough-       had land- north of Conlin
the name E.P. Taylor is most        However, the promotion of            Preakness and the Queen’s             bred racehorses:                    Road. Consequently, the land
closely associated with the         beer was.-in those days, forbid-     Plate went on to sire hundreds           When the pub opened in           tlie college gained was larger
world of horse racing. He           den by the Canadian govern-          of foals, some of which sold for      August 1995, manager Andre          than what Windfields gained.
experienced overwhelming            ment. This only prompted             more than $10 million.                Boudreau felt that it was              Because Durham received a
success as one of North             Taylor into coming up with an           In 1952, Taylor recognized         important the pub be given a        larger piece of land, the presi-
America’s most famous race-         idea of how to work around           the need for a superior race-         name that held a certain sense      dent of Durham college at the
horse breeders.                     this law.                            track in the Toronto area, and        of tradition."! believe that tra-   time asked Boudreau to hold
   In 1936, Edward Plunkct             Turning to his love of hors-      started buying up parcels of          dition is important in this type    off on naming the pub E.P.
Taylor was an entrepreneur          es and racing, he purchased          land in the area of Rexdale           of operation because flashy         Tayior’s, as part of the idea of
and prosperous businessman          five racehorses for a total of       Boulevard and Highway 27.             marketing is just here-and-         the land-swap deal was to offer
who enjoyed attending and           $6,000, and began to race the        Over a 12-month period,               there, whereas tradition has a      a major building (such as a
wagering his money on horse         horses under the name of his         Taylor acquired 280 acres of          lot more long-term benefits,        library) in Tayior’s name.
races. At the time, Taylor was      newly acquired farm, Cosgrave        land, and his $13 million                "There was a contest run-        However, not everyone agreed
involved with the production        Stables, which was, conve-           "super track" was announced.          ning among Durham College           with this idea.
and advertising of the beer         niently enough, named after          Woodbine Racetrack opened             students to receive input as to        So the Durham College
that he and fellow brewer           Tayior’s flourishing Toronto- in June 1956, with Tayior’s what the new campus pub                              campus pub was christened
Jimmy Cosgrave developed.           based          beer           company, own horse, Landscape, win- should be called. Some sugges-               Edward Ptunket Tayior’s.
   As all enterprising business     Cosgrave’s Brewery.                          ning the first race.          tions were The Green Room, or          And the rest, as they say, Is
owners do, Taylor was looking          By racing his horses under                  In 1977, Taylor reached the The Cottage, but none of these      history.
for a way to promote his beer       the Cosgrave Stables name, top of the breeder’s list in earn- names held any significant
                                                                                                                                    THE CHRONICLE              ApriM 7,2001      7

              OMPtJS NEWS                                  ^^^^||^^^i»»^^^««^i»»«^^^"-^"^^^-^^

  Air One unit assists Substance abuse
                         used to escape
    police in arrests student
BY CHRIS BURROWS                         "There have been no major         traffic and without chance of                                       problems
Chronicle Staff                                                            escape, a   canine unit and
                                      complaints," said Petzold,
         After a year in service,     referring to the noise made by       three other ground units were                                           who works out of the
the Air One Unit of the               the helicopter while in use.         directed in. The driver Imme-       BY DIANNE BOWMAN                    Bowmanville office of the
Durham Regional Police has            He also said that most of the        diately pulled over and surren-     Chronicle staff                     Pincwood Centre.
been responsible for more             phone calls regarding the heli-      dered without Incident.                                                     The Pinewood Center
than 53 per cent of arrests           copter were from residents              Three occupants of the               Ninety-       nine bottles of   has many offices through-
while on scene and 46 per             who saw It flying over their         vehicle were charged with sev-      beer on the wall, 99 bottles        out Durham Region offer-
cent of assisted arrests.             homes and wanted to know If          eral criminal offences in rela-     of beer bottles of beer, if         ing several different treat-
   It Is also responsible for         they should remain inside.           tion to the vehicle and previ-      one of those bottles should         ments depending on the
locating numerous missing                Petzold also said the air unit    ous driving .and drug-related       happen to fall then there           severity of the case.
persons and confiscating ille-        does not replace ground units,       offences. When asked by             will be 98 bottles of beer on           These treatments range
gal drugs growing around the          but greatly enhances their ser-      ground units, the driver of the     the wall.                           from dropping into a com-
region, according to Initial          vices by tracking criminals day      vehicle said if it wasn’t for the       This popular little ditty       munity treatments center
reports from the Durham               and night while sending the          helicopter he would have tried      has been around for many            for group sessions once a
Regional Police.                      ground units the co-ordinates,       to escape again.                    years and although it may           week to living in a special-
   The Air One Unit, wliich           and by following speeding               Air One is also responsible      be cute It isn’t funny.             ized residence for up to six
has been In service since 1999,       vehicles.        In          one     for drug detection and eradi-          Substance abuse is prob-         months.
has saved an excess of 4,200          Instance in its first year of        cation.     The unit can also       lem at universities and col-            People come to sub-
hours of patrol officer time          operation the Air One was            cover a large area of ground        leges across Canada. Drugs          stance abuse centres, like
with a response time of               asked to assist with a vehicle       when searching for areas of         and alcohol are used by             the Pinewood Centre, at
around two minutes, one               stop in PIckering. The driver        cultivated marijuana.               some people to relax, and           many different stages of
third that of ground units and      ’ of the stolen vehicle refused to        Over a two-day period,           abused by others to escape          abuse. Not everyone is at

aided in the reduction of             stop and fled into a conserva-       these patrols were conducted        life’s problems. These              the same level.
crime within Durham Region,           tion area, almost hitting a          during normal duty hours.           Include stress, overwork,               The city’s population is
according to Constable Todd           group of students on a field         Whenever flying between             financial instability and           very similar to a triangle
Pctzold, one of the officers          trip.                                jobs, the air unit would pass       falling relationships says          placed on its side. At the
assigned to the unit.                    Two days later, while on          over suspected cultivation          the Centre for Health and           targe end there is the
     In a survey conducted by         patrol in an area of Port Perry      areas. During those two days        Addiction in Toronto.               majority of the population
the Durham Regional Police            known for its frequent auto          a total of 215 plants were             The two most common              who need to be educated
and completed by 132 respon-          thefts, Air One spotted a vehi-      seized with a street value of       substances that are abused          on the facts and problems.
dents, 98 per cent of people          cle which matched the                 $545,000.                          today are marijuana and             This group falls under what
said that Air One should fly          description of the stolen vehi-         The Durham Regional              alcohol. Prescription drugs          is known as the Prevention
every other week, while 70 per        cle. The unit took up surveil-        Police are currently looking       and street drugs are also           Program.
cent of participants said they         lance and followed the velilcle      for ways to make the air unit      used. Alcohol and marijua-                The next level In tl^e
were in favour of it flying            to Brooklin.                         more cost effective, possibly      na are easily obtained, con-         middle are those who may
every week.                     ’
                                          Thoiifh the driver and pas-       purchasing the helicopter,         sequently they are used              require supportive services
   Afso, 121 people agreed the        senger were aware of the unit’s       which is rented from National      and abused most often,               to help them develop skills
air unit was a crime deterrent        presence, they did not drive          Helicopters of Bolton, Ont. Its    says the centre .                   to overcome their personal
and . 127 people said it              erratically or attempt to lose        hangar, at the Oshawa                 In a survey done by the          problems in other ways.
improved police and commu-            the helicopter.                       Municipal Airport, is owned        centre in the fall of 1998,              Finally, at the top of the
nity safety just by making its             Once the vehicle entered         and operated by the Canadian       7,800 students from 16              triangle there is the smaller
presence known.                       an area safe from pedestrian          Flight Academy.                    colleges and universities           group that requires instant
                                                                                                               across Canada were sur-             services. They have unique
                                                                                                               veyed. The survey reported          needs and require special-
                                                                                                               that 92 per cent of the stu-        ized treatment. All these

          Vegetarian’s choices                                                                                 dents had admitted to
                                                                                                               drinking once in their life-
                                                                                                               time, 87 per cent had con-
                                                                                                               sumed alcohol in the past
                                                                                                                                                   people require different
                                                                                                                                                   help and consequently
                                                                                                                                                   counsellors have developed
                                                                                                                                                   different stages to help

      affected by religious beliefs                                                                            12 months and 85 per cent
                                                                                                               had drank in the first eight
                                                                                                               weeks of school. It was also
                                                                                                               reported that 67 per cent
                                                                                                                                                   them identify where an
                                                                                                                                                   individual belongs. This is
                                                                                                                                                   how the Pinewood Centre
                                                                                                                                                   characterizes the various
  BY JENNIFER LEE                    which is on the surface of the        Javohin, a practising Hindu         had consumed five or more           individuals that come to
  Chronicle Staff                    whole you let it           and vegan: "The image of            drinks on at least one occa-        the clinic for help.
                                 serve as food." (Gen, 1.29)               cows wandering the streets of       sion since the beginning of             Everyone who comes to
     The choice of eating meat Later it referred to Jesus the              India has embedded itself in        the school year. 35 per cent        the facility          must go
  or not is an ongoing debate. commandment, Thou shall                     our minds.                          consumed eight or more              through treatment to help
  Many claim eating meat is not kill’ saying, "You heard                      The degree of vegetarian-        drinks on one occasion              overcome substance abuse.
  wrong while others think of that it was said to those of                 ism within the Hindu reli-          during the same time peri-          Before individuals can
  it as a needed pleasure.       ancient times. Thou shall                 gion varies wildly, as some         od.                                 start treatment the coun-
     Many religions have advo- not kill’; and whoever shall.               sects practise strict veganism,        For many students uni-           sellor must determine the
  cated a meat-free diet. While kill shall be in danger of the             while others only abstain           versity is a new experience         stage reached
  a few religions are lenient, judgement." (Matthew 5.21)                  from beef."                         and a way to prove their                 "We will sit down with
  allowing congregation mem-       . Pastor David Breen of the                "Those who advocate veg-         independence.       For 31.1        an individual and try to
  bers to eat what they choose Trinity Pentecostal Church                  etarianism profess that many        per cent of the students,           determine which stage
  as long as they occasionally in Peterborough took this                   people are weak of heart and        drinking was a major part           they are at and which treat-
  eat meat. The reason a vege- approach: "Dietary rules are                so succumb to meat eating,"         of the initial university           ment would best suit their
  tarian diet has been preferred ubiquitous within religions,              Campbell said, "while those         experience                          needs," said Ormiston.
  over meat dates thousands of but very few restrict their                 advocate a meat-oriented               When students were                   A call is all it takes to get
  years.                         worshippers’ diets to a strict            diet say that a meat diet is        asked in the same survey            an appointment and start
      Former Omemee Christian vegetarian diet. The ratio-                  essential for a normal and          about how many of them              the required treatment.
  Cults minister Jim Campbell nale for the restrictions are                healthy life because it pro-        used marijuana, 47 per              There is also a 24 -hour cri-
  gave his ideas on vegetarian- varied and, in some cases,                 vides protein."                     cent of them had tried              sis      center        available.
  ism, being one himself.        mainly originated for health                 Breen said: "The notion of       marijuana at least one if           Anyone can call or drop
      "Take for example, the reasons rather than respect.                  abstaining from animal              not more in their lifetime.         into this centre anytime to
  Christian tradition," he said. Both the Muslim and Jewish                products might originate out        Twenty-eight per cent of            get information or to ask
  "Although most are now religions ban pork and vari-                      of fear that one is eating a        the students surveyed have          questions.
  lenient, previously many ous other meat products as                      reincarnated           ancestor,    used marijuana in the past                      Confidentially    is
  great saints advocated a being unclean, and Catholics                    respect for other lifeforms, or     12 months.                          assured for those more
  meat-free diet, for more rea- are expected to abstain from               observations that certain ani-         There are services avail-        than 16 years of age and
  sons than one."                meat on Fridays."                         mals tend to be disease-rid-        able for people who are suf-        older in all counselling ses-
     According to the King           With all of these restric-            den and should therefore be         fering substance abuse.             sions.
  James version of the Bible, in tions on religion, Hindus are             avoided. Regardless of the             " We are here to counsel                  Questions or con-
  the beginning it was said by probably the most renowned                  source differing ideas should       you and find the basis of           cerns regarding substance
  God, "Here 1 have given you .in terms of dietary practices.              be treated with respect and         your problem." says Denise          abuse should be directed
  all vegetation bearing seed        According     to    Sarah              deference."                        Ormiston, a counsellor              to 1- 888-881-8878
    E . R Tayior ’s endorses Smart Serve
   COLLEGE                                                                                                                                tomers is slowed .
                                                                                                                                            This can be done
                                                                                                                                          numerous ways, including
                                                                                                                                          offering a variety of non-alco-
   FIGHTS                                                                                                                                 holic beverages, avoid serving
                                                                                                                                          multiple orders, suggesting
                                                                                                                                          food by showing a menu and
   DRINKING,                                                                                                                              finally, by serving water’with
                                                                                                                                          straight drinks.
                                                                                                                                             Smart Serve has outlined
   DRIVING                                                                                                                                some techniques of interven-
                                                                                                                                          tion in order to avoid a con-
                                                                                                                                             The techniques listed
   BY CHARLEY MISNER                                                                                                                      include "ensuring that back-
   Chronicle stall                                                                                                                        up Is available, showing con-
                                                                                                                                          cern for the safety of the
     College and university                                                                                                               guest, speaking privately to
   pubs are using server intern-                                                                                                          the guest to avoid embarrass-
   ship programs, like BAC-                                                                                                               ment, being courteous and
   CHUS, more often in an                                                                                                                 non-judgemental, minimiz-
    effort to ensure all customers                                                                                                        ing confrontation; getting
    will get home safely after                                                                                                            help from the guest’s friend
    having a few drinks.                                                                                                                  and if a guest becomes
         BACCHUS is a program                                                                                                             aggressive, calling the man-
    that is widely used by a                                                                                                              ager. If the situation gets out
   majority of the colleges and                                                                                                           of control, call the police."
   universities across Canada.                                                                                                               The staff of E.P. Taylor’s
       E.P. Taylor’s operates                                                                                                             has the right to deny a person
   under one such policy known                                                                                                            entry if they are drunk,
   as Smart Serve Ontario, a pro-                                                                                                         underage or undesirable.
   gram created by the                                                                                                                       The Alcohol and Gaming
   Government of Ontario.                                                                                                                 Commission of Ontario
      Smart Serve is a division of                                                                                Pholo by Charley Misnar
                                                                                                                                          administer       the     Liquor
   the Hospitality Industry                                                                                                               Licence Act.
   Training Organization of           DON’T ENDANGER THE LIVES OF OTHERS: If you decide to drink, don’t step behind the                      The AGCO has the full
   Ontario. The program is           wheel. Call a cab or a friend to take you home.                                                      authority to regulate estab-
   designed to promote respon-                                                                                                            lishments from selling and
   sible alcohol beverage ser-          "Part of our policies and regularly don’t have a prob- part of."                                  serving liquor to the public
   vice.                             procx.’aures," said Andre lem with confrontations               There are plenty of regula- and to: issue transfer and
      Smart Serve, according to      Boudreau, manager of the among patrons.                       tions that E.P. Taylor’s must renew licences, issue endorse-
   it’s training manual, applies     student centre, "is to have        "Its not that any problems follow according to the Smart ments, review licence appli-
   to all staff of an establish-     them (the employees) go staff face with patroni, aren’t Serve training manual, in cations, refuse licences, sus-
   ment who will be working in       through the program (Smart necessarily relevant to the regards to serving a person pend licences, revoke licences
   areas where alcohol will be       Serve) or to have completed program," he said. "Do I feel alcohol past the point of and add terms and condi-
   sold and served under the         the program already."           that the program assists in intoxication, having a "duty tions to licences.
   Liquor Licence Act,                  Perhaps the greatest poten- helping the staff in dealing of care" in the sale of liquor              E.P. Taylor’s has built quite
      When people are hired at       tial for liability at an estab- with those patrons? Not nec- and ensuring that the person a reputable establishment
   E.P. Taylor’s, there are train-   lishment involves patrons essarily. That’s a skill set. Its does not get behind the thanks in part to the strict
   ing    programs, including        who drink and drive.            one of the components of the wheel and has another way guidelines it must follow, as
   Smart Serve; they must go            It is seemingly important skill set, the ability to make of getting home.                         set out by various Server
   through before they are           to keep customers satisfied the right decisions, the abili-     To avoid a confrontation Internship                       Programs,
   allowed to serve alcoholic        and avoid any confrontation. ty to resolve conflict. That’s a and prevent further liability includingSmart Serve Ontario
   beverages.                        Boudreau noted that .they skill set that this training is service of alcohol to cus- and BACCHUS.

    Gamers taking up Computer Commons
BY PAUL LANDINI                             cy clearly states a code of conduct all        installing games to the network or unusually heavy flow no action is
                                            students are expected to follow, a self- workstations.                              taken.
Chronicle staff                             monitoring system is relied upon to           ..More importantly though, gamers        However, if a ’student voices an
                                            give the students the autonomy .their steal space away from students looking objection to what someone is looking
  Sitting in the Computer Commons,          education demands.                         -to do their work.                       at, it will always be investigated.
a distinct pattern slowly becomes              "It’s a huge issue of academic free-        "If it’s not very busy and you have     "If you’re in the back of a class, and
apparent.                                   dom versus censorship," says Chris six guys or girls playing Doom or you want to look at something with
  A gangly young man looking like an        Hinton, the network administrator for Quake, then we don’t have any prob- inappropriate content, if nobody’s
extra from Revenge of the Nerds sits        the Macintosh labs.                         lems with that," says Denis Shelston, behind you and you’re not bugging
perched on his chair, eyes fixed on his        It would be nearly impossible to the director of Academic and Technical anybody, I honestly couldn’t care less,"
screen and a sly smirk creeping across      block out all of the sites on the Internet Services. "But when we have students said Shelston. "On the other hand, if
his face. Behind him, the same scene        with questionable content, though fil- coming in to do legitimate work for you’re sitting up at’the front and there
plays out, this time with different char-   tering software is available, says their classes, and they can’t sit down are a bunch or ladies behind you, or
acters. Guys with sheepish grins and        Hinton. With these programs, certain because we have people playing games, guys for that matter...this could be
shifty eyes occupy at least half a dozen    words or phrases are bagged and when this is when it becomes inappropriate." very disturbing."
of the computers in the room. It does-      someone tries to access a site contain-        "But", added Shelston, "how do you      For the most part, those caught
n’t take an investigation to know what      ing any of these words they are denied. have a policy that says it’s okay if it’s viewing material deemed to be inap-
they’re up to. Their beaming smiles say        These programs may be ideal for the not busy, but it’s not okay if it Is busy? propriate will simply be ask,ed to shut it
it all.                                     home, but in a school they just don’t How do you draw that line?"                   off. Repeat offenders risk losing their
    Porn. Smut. Trash. Whatever you         work. Too many sites with legitimate           This is where the information tech- computer         privileges,   something
want to call it, in today’s point-and-      educational value would be blocked. nology acceptable use policy comes Shelston happily reports has yet to
click world it’s simply a fact of life.     And how does one define what’s Into play, a revision of the current happen.
Much to the chagrin of the moral            appropriate? These are the problems computer use policy slated to take                 The school hesitates at any strict
majority, and to the delight of count-      the network administrators are faced effect this summer.                            monitoring, feeling that this is just as
less men worldwide, anyone with             with, and there are no easy solutions.         "It’s a changing world," says much a violation of student rights as
Internet access can gain entrance to           While pornography is an issue, it Shelston. "Gaming and chatting sending or displaying questionable
the tliousands of sites which cover the     certainly isn’t the only one.               weren’t very popular a few years material.
entire spectrum of raunch and                  "Gamers pose the biggest problem," ago...chatting is also acceptable, but to        The students are responsible for
debauchery. What better way to kill a       says Kent Hayden, one of the friendly what limit? We have to word a policy monitoring themselves.
 three-hour spare?                          faces behind the Help Desk in the to reflect acceptable usage; that’s the              So next time there’s an e-mail on-
   Durham College is home to hun-           Computer Commons,                           difficult part."                        screen saying, "Check out these
dreds of computers, each with its own          Because the system has a finite             The current policy is complaint-dri- bableslll" and it’s doesn’t seem to be
connection to the World Wide Web.           capacity, the school can’t afford to ven. Computer traffic is monitored to from any maternity ward; wait and
Though the school’s computer us poli-       have students downloading and               an extent, but unless a site receives open it up at home.
                                                                                                                                    THE CHRONICLE       ApriM7, 2001      9

  Protests a problem, but not at Durham
Chronicle staff                     "Protests don’t occur here Their only concern and job is               justice.                          the time 1 graduate."
                                 because If there are any issues to keep the peacc»                           So do students at Durham           Not all the students at
   In recent years, protests, both sides want to resolve the         However, this is easier said          College share the same atti-      Durham College share the
demonstrations and other issues, and do it before It than done. In the recent issue                        tude?                             same attitude.
methods of self-expression, reaches that stage."                  of CAMPUS.CA, a story focuses                 Eric Berckstrom, a second      Elio Baldi a third-year stu-
have become more common at          He says the last time there on the many protests and ral-              year student at Durham, says      dent at the school feels differ-
colleges and universities across was a problem at Durham lies that have occurred in the                    protest would only be a last ently.
North America.                   College was a strike in the late past three years In Canada and           resort.                              "1 would definitely l)e will-
   That much said, how has 1970s. That particular strike the United States.                                   "If there is a major decision ing to protest, if I felt that my
Durham College avoided this included the CAW, and                    The story speaks of a new             that’s been made by the school rights as a student or as a per-
trend? Is it the school that Curwain recalls a few alterca- age of protesters who not only                 that 1 do not agree with, 1 son, were being infringed
steers clear of controversial tions, but nothing too violent. want tlieir protests to be heard,            would show my displeasure, upon then I would not hesitate
decisions tliat may lead to a       When Is It time for the but also to be answered.                       but 1 would much rather try to protest." Baldi who spoke
confrontation with the stu- police to get involved in                The story describes disturb-          and resolve the matter in a with a great passion on the
dents? Or do the students of protest?                             ing images of violence in the            peaceful and civilized way."      topic says lie would be willing
Durham College feel such            "The only time we get news, huge crowds of students                       Berckstrom also went on to to fight until he gets what he
action Is not the way to resolve involved is when the protest marching, waving signs and                   say that his focus right now is wants.
a disagreement.                  gets violent or if there has blocking buildings.                          elsewhere.                           "A student’s welfare is very
   Could protests develop at been any property damage,"              Tlie message is that students            "Right now my main con- important. If a student’s rights
Durham College?                  explains Curwain. 1 Ie also said today, or young people in gen-           cern is graduating and starting are being taken away then 1
   Staff Sgt. Jim Curwain of the that during protest, police eral, feel strongly about their               a career, and 1 hope that some- think we have every right to
Durham Regional Police does- must remain neutral, they can- rights and social issues, and                  thing like that (a protest) does- correct that problem, and do it
n’t think so,                    not back one particular side. will fight until they feel have             n’t happen between now and by any means necessary.

  Voter turnout upsets candidate                                                                 Safety concerns an issue
Chronicio Staff                                                                                              at Athletic Centre
   Desmond Foster < first year                                                                    BY LISA BOYCE                         the employees at the centre do
Legal administration student                                                                      Chronicle staff                       their best to uphold this very
was defeated in the Durham                                                                                                              important rule which requires
College Student Association                                                                          Durham College offers excel- identification.
president election last week,                                                                     lent athletic facilities to students,    "Although," she said, "if it is
but argues that there are no                                                                      staff and those who purchase really quiet like it is now, the
losers.                                                                                           memberships.                          door Is usually left open,"
   "We are both winners," said                                                                       For women especially, it pro-         But what about times when it
Foster.                                                                                           vides a safe place to work out at is extremely busy, when anyone
    "We went and endeavoured                                                                      because only members can gain can just walk by without being
into something that was                                                                            access.                               noticed?
unknown and it was fun."                                                                              This eliminates the worry that        "When it’s busy the door Is left
   When the results were                                                                           many women have just wonder- open, because we don’t have the
announced and Foster found                                                                         ing how safe they are while work- time to keep running back and
out he wasn’t president he stat-                                                                  ing out.                               forth to release it."
ed that he was not upset by it,                                                                       What makes the athletic centre       So when is the door actually
but he was upset by the small                                                                     so special? It is the centre’s most closed and how do they keep
number of people who voted.                                                                       important rule that student and control of who is entering the
   He explained that Durham                                                                       staff identification or a member- centre?
students should be interested in                                                                  ship must be presented in order          Most members are aware of the
student government because it                                                                     to gain access to ttie facilities.    centre’s policy and drop their
affects them and their school.                                                                       The centre can be quite a busy card off at the desk without hav-
   Many wondered why Foster                                                                       place at times, but it can be fairly ing to be asked.
entered the election after the                                                                    empty during certain hours.              But for tliose who are unaware
deadline for applications was                                                                        The door to the centre is sup- or are not members, Tulloch
due.                                                                                              posed to be shut, and opened assures "no matter what, we
     He explained that he had                                                                     only by staff members once a always stop them and ask if we
planned to run for the position                                                                   membership card is known. can help them and inform them
of vice president of finance, but                                                                 However, more often than not, of the rules."
was out of the country when                                         Photo by Hilary KIsch         the door is open.                        Members are assured this
the election took place.           DESMOND FOSTER: "We are both win-                                 This leads members to wonder "open door policy" is secondary
    He saw running for president                                                                  if anyone get into the centre. to safety at the athletic centre.
                                                into something that was
as an opportunity to be on coun- ners, we went it was fun."
                                   unknown and
                                                                                                  And if so, are they as safe as they The door may be open, but that
cil and get his ideas across.                                                                     think? This is a major issue. It’s doesn’t mean rules aren’t being
    Foster who’s platform included                                                                safety, especially at night, and followed.
getting more outside awareness of Civic Centre, said he would most likely                         especially for female members.           The Athletic Centre hours are
Durham College, charity months, run for council next year.                                           Lynn Tulloch, facility co-ordi- from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday
improvement to the school’s accessibility  He stated that he would not run for                    nator, who is usually in the front through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to
for special needs students, and Durham president, but is interested in being on the               office along with four others, says 6 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.
College pool privileges at the Oshawa council.

     Differences in societies don’t so unnoticed
 BY SCOTT HENRY                     now learning that in Canada         not arrogant. There’s a differ-  non-associated offshore gas         independence since his depar-
 Chronicle staff____                trust and forgiveness are           ,ence. With Moose, (Alkadhee)    field in Qatari territory in the    ture from family.
                                    respected values.                   he is all about having fun. I’ve ’80s, the country has money.           As it stands, Alkadhee plans
    The biggest difference             Iraqi-born Alkadhee, 21, is.     never seen him stressed."           "My father is a chemical         on graduating school in
 between society in Canada          no newcomer to a nomadic               The nickname Moose, short engineer," says Alkadhee. "By           Ontario, either with McMaster
 and, the ’Middle East "is the      style of living. Since his depar-   for Mustafa, has stuck with the time you turn 20 back                or Western University in the
 way that people think," says       ture from his parents in Qatar      him since his move to Canada home, it’s normal to own two            computer science field, work-
 Durham College international       at 16, Alkadhee has completed       in the summer of 1999.           or three cars."                     ing for several years, and mov-
 student, Mustafa Alkadhee.         schooling in England and              ’Perhaps his easygoing char-      Although Alkadhee prefers        ing back to Qatar around the
 "I’m beginning to learn how        Bahrain In order to apply for       acter reflects on the weff being the llfestyle of Qatar, he          age of 30 to settle down and
 Canadians see everything           college.                            of Qatar, where his mother, acknowledges that Canada has             start a family.
 now;"                                 Alkadhee speaks with cer-        father and sister reside.        been a profitable experience in        But perhaps when he sees
    The way in which society        tainty and charm, and Isn’t            Qatar Is a wealthy country, his life to date.                     more of what Canada has to
 portrays people of a country to    afraid to be the first to crack a   and the style of living Is much     "I’ve learned that I have to     offer, he will reconsider,
 act and believe certain ways       joke.                               more affordable than here in depend on myself. Back home                "You never know, 1 might
 forces people to value different      Roommate Ryan Rowley             Canada. With the discovery of everything is so easy for me,"         like it here, and not want to
 customs or issues. Alkadhee Is     Insists. "He’s very funny, but      the world’s largest known says Alkadhee referring to his             move back,"
10 rHEWRONICiE               April 17, 2001

             OMPUS NEWS
 Hearth Place offers support                                                                                                                       Student
 for cancer victims and families                                                                                                                   services
 AN ESTIMATED                       the clerical staff is made up of
                                                                         Cancer Society, there were an
                                                                         estimated 19,200 new cases of
                                                                                                                learn special cosmetic tech-
                                                                                                                niques to help disguise the
                                                                                                                                                   gets a
 19,200 NEW                            Hearth Place receives no
                                    government funding, so It
                                    relies solely on donations and
                                                                            breast cancer in Canada in appearance-related side effects
                                                                            2000. There were 840 new of chemotherapy and/or radia-
                                                                            cases of lymphoma.                  tion to help them Improve
 CASES OF BREAST                    special events to fund Its oper-            Hearth Place created the their self-image," said Suzanne

                                     ations.                                breast and lymphoma support Serrc-Hall,
                                        Every year, Eraser Ford, a car groups because there arc more assistant of patient programs
                                     dealership in Whitby, hosts a patients facing these types of at I.ook Good Fee! Better.
                                     golf tournament and for the cancers at tlic centre. But that                  The program believes that        BY BECKY WHAN
BY TANIA HENVEY                      past few years, the tournament does not mean that any other by helping women to look                          Chronicle slall
Chronicle stall                      members have been playing form of cancer means less to good, they feel better about                              Margaret Greenlcy
                                     for Hearth Place.                      tliosc at Hearth Place.             themselves. And they arc also      has worked hard over
   Hearth Place Is a cancer sup-        As a result of the last tour-           "What we really, really try able to face their disease and         the years and It’s paid
port centre In Oshawa that           nament, Hearth Place received to do is to key in to what that fight It with confidence.                       off In an appointment as
offers support programs and         enough money to finish tlic person really needs. So we                         Look Good Feel Better docs      executive director of stu-
activities to make living with       basement of the centre. This really do a lot of listening and not receive money for research                  dent services.
cancer easier, for those in         created more activity and sup- understanding where that per- and is not given money from                          Greenlcy, a Durham
Durham Region and surround-         port rooms for tlicir clients.          son is coming from and then the government.                            graduate, starting as a
ing areas.                              In order to become a mem- often say to them, you know,                     "The products used in these     placement officer. She
   The original Idea for Hearth     ber, Hearth Place requests a how can we be helpful," men- workshops are donated by                             became a training con-
Place came from Carolyn             $10 fee to offset mailing costs, tioned Braithwaite.                        member companies of the            sultant, and 10 years ago
Alexander, a woman who was          Hut this fee is not required if a           Another activity offered at Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry            she went Into adminis-
diagnosed with breast cancer.       person would like to partici- Hearth Place is therapeutic and Fragrance Association,"                          tration as the director of
   "One of the things Carolyn       pate in classes, support groups, touch, which involves rcflex- added Serrc-Hall. Lakeridge                     career and employment
found was that in dealing with      cancer information sessions or ology and rciki. Rcflcxology, Health Oshawa works closely                       services. Three years ago
her own cancer, there wasn’t        use the library.                        first used in Egypt in 2300 UC, with Hearth Place.                     she became the director
something       available    in         "One of the                        ________ is based on                   Those who have been newly        of student services.
Durham Region that provided         things        people                                      the idea that diagnosed with cancer wifl                Her responsibilities as
some of the emotional support       find really good                                         there        are leave the doctor’s office with a     director of student ser-
and wellness type programs,"        about         Hearth ~ ...we’re not                      zones within breast cancer package that               vices have included
said Marg Braithwaite, director     Place is we don’t                                        the feet and includes Information about               financial aid, peer tutor-
at Hearth Place.                    necessarily have just a support                          hands       that Hearth Place. It is the Hearth       ing and the student
   The closest support centre       all the answers centre for the                           correspond Place volunteers who put this              handbook.
for the Durham Region at the        for people, but a                                        with          all package together.                      Her teaching experi-
time was Wcllspring in              lot of times when          person dealing                g l a n d s ,        And once the new cancer          ence comes through
Toronto. However, for those         someone is kind with cancer... It                        organs, parts centre is built, there will be a        continuous      learning,
facing cancer treatment, trav-      of caught in the                                         and systems greater connection between                where she was an
elling to Toronto is not feasi-     system,          .^.hey can be a     family!’            of the body. Hearth Place and the hospital.           Instructor In business
ble. Chemotherapy Ircntrnents       don’t           know                                     When pres-           The 90,000-square-foot can-      administration.
take energy from patients and       where to go or                                            sure is applied cer centre, to be built on the          "So I have had about
 they are unable to travel long     wlio to ask," said                Mnrg  Braitluvaitc      to these areas, south side of the hospital, will     five careers: during the
distances.                           B r a i t h w a i t e.                                   stress         is serve approximately 740,000        time    I’ve been at
   When Alexander came up           "Based on some                                            reduced and people               in      Durham,     Durham College, each
witli the idea for Hearth Place,    of our knowledge here and the changes occur within the Peterborough and the counties                           one very different and
she went out into the commu-        experience of our clients that body,                                        of Haliburton, Victoria and        providing a lot of learn-
nity and asked people to help       are volunteers, sometimes you              Reiki, a Japanese healing Northumberland. It is estimat-            ing opportunities," said
her develop it. As an active        can say to someone, OK this is form, is when a practitioner ed in the first year of opera-                     Greenley. <
member of Kingsview Church          the way to manoeuvre the sys- places his hands on the tion, the centre will treat more                            Greenley will be
and a school teacher, she           tem, or try this person."               patient with the intent of than 3,500 patients and han-                replacing Bonnie Giriter-
knew many people.                       Hearth Place is a support healing and waits for the reiki dle more than 51,000 radia-                      Brown who retires as of
   "There were 21 people alto-      centre for those who have energy to flow. If there is a tion visits.                                           July 1.
gether who were the founders        been diagnosed and their fam- specific area of concern, the                   The Ontario government              "The opportunity to
of Hearth Place...The group         ilies. It is all based on individ- practitioner will keep his has committed more than                          work with Bonnie over
was made up of survivors, rep-      ual need.                               hands in the same position for $288 million for cancer treat-          the next three months
resentatives from the hospital          "Basically what happens as long as necessary.                           ment services since 1995. This     will allow me to learn
and community agencies, a           here at Hearth Place is we                  "What happens here is we includes $120 million for the             about the roles and
lawyer, an accountant and           work with anyone who has have people that are profes- construction of five new can-                            responsibilities of an
others interested in the con-       been diagnosed with cancer sional practitioners In the cer centres, one of the five                            executive,"          said
cept," said Andrea Shaw, exec-      and anyone that is involved community and they volun- being Oshawa.                                            Greenley. "I’m job-shad-
utive director of Hearth Place.     with that person or affected by teer their time to Hearth                      In addition, it has provided    owing."
   However, before Hearth           the cancer," Braithwaite said. Place...We book (clients) for $10.5 million in start-up funds                      Greenley is a graduate
Place became a reality,              "So we’re not just a support appointments, and they can to fast-track the development                         of the Durham College
Alexander died.                     centre for the person dealing come in and try these different of three new cancer centres.                     business administration
   "Unfortunately,       Carolyn    with the cancer...It can be things to see if it helps them Durham, Peel and Waterloo                           marketing         program.
did not live long enough to          family, it can be friends. cope with their stress," each received $3.5 million for                            While she’s been work-
                                     Because once cancer affects Braithwaite said.                                                                 ing, she received her,
see the centre open, but her                                                                                    their project.
husband carried on as chair to      someone it affects            the rip-      This gives the opportunity         Currently, there are no hos-    bachelor of adult educa-
ensure the project went on           ple effect         it affects every- to try these therapeutic activi- pices in the area for those liv-        tion     from      Brock
after her death," said Shaw,        one."                                   ties before having to spend ing with cancer.                           University, and she is
   Hearth is an acronym for             Hearth Place offers activities one’s own money on treat-                   Marg Braithwaite wants to       currently working on a
Hope,             Encouragement,     for those who have been diag- ment.                                        encourage anyone dealing           masters degree.
Acceptance,          Reassurance,    nosed with cancer, and their               One of the most significant with cancer to come by or to             A community leader,
Trust, and Help.                     families. There are support activities offered at Hearth call as someone .is always will-                     Greenley was chosen
   The logo features a hearth, a    groups for those living with Place is Look Good Feel Better. ing to provide support.                           Woman of Distinction
fire and the letter C that           cancer and for caregivers.             This is a program run by               Hearth Place is located at 86   by the YWCA two years
stands for Carolyn,                     The caregiver support group Lakeridge Heath Oshawa, but Colborne St. W. In Oshawa.                         ago for her role in edu-
   "In the early brainstorming       meets every Thursday after- held at Hearth Place due to the The drop-in centre hours of                       cation and training.
planning stages, they came up        noon. This group is for the construction at the hospital.                  operation are Tuesday to              "During the last 15
with the hearth as a symbol of       family, not cancer patients. It            Look Good Feel Better was Thursday 10 4 p.m.                years I’ve  had an excel-
wymth, safety and comfort,"          allows caregivers to address started in September, 1992 Friday they are open 10 a.m.                          lent opportunity to work
said Shaw. "It was a stu-            issues that no one else, but and since that time, it is esti- to 1 p.m. If unable to attend                   In a number of different
dent.-.who designed the logo         another caregiver would mated that 342,000 Canadian during                             business .
                                                                                                                                          hours,   roles in the college," said
with the fireplace and gold          understand. Any frustrations women living with cancer appointments are available.                             Greenley, "I’m really
flame."                              or anger they may face can be have been helped. In 2000, it                   Want to contact Hearth          looking forward to the
   Shaw and Braithwaite are          released by talking.                   was believed 57,000 women Place? They can be reached by                future where I have an
the two directors of the centre.        There is also a breast cancer were assisted throughout the phone at (905) 579-4833, by                     opportunity to . move
Shaw works as executive direc-       support group and a lym- 64 Look Good Feel Better fax at (905) 579-1204, or by e-                             into new areas that I’ve
tor from Tuesday to Thursday         phoma cancer support group workshop sites.                                 mall at      never worked in before,"
while Braithwaite runs the           within the centre.                         "Our program is offered to Or on the web at
centre on Fridays. The rest of          According to the Canadian women living with cancer (to)
 Can daycare germs b e prevented?
BY JODY TAIT                   la, mumps and whooping                antibiotic to decrease the          The    Durham     District      frequent hand washing by the
Chronicle staff                cough. Most children are              chance of getting it," said       School Board uses the same        teachers and the children Is
                               Immunized against them,               Pierce                            procedure.                        important to prevent spread
   Daycarc’s across Durham although it is important prop-               Depending on the illness          "Children in schools really    of disease.
Region and the Health er precautions are taken when                  and how contagious it Is, the     do not get sick as much as           Dr. Frank Fung a family
Department arc working they occur.                                   child may have to stay out of     children in daycare centres,      physician said, "The washing
together to prevent the spread    After a child has been diag-       the daycare for several days      because they are older and        of hands definitely will help
of colds, flu and other com- nosed with a rcportable dis-            after taking the antibiotic to    have already been exposed to      to not spread infectious dis-
municable diseases.            ease and the health depart-           avoid spreading illnesses to      a lot of things and have the      ease from one person to
   Communicable diseases ment is notified a public                   other children.                   immune system to fight it         another."
must be reported to the health nurse must get as                        At the Durham College          off," said Pierce.                   The soap that Is used for
Health Department immedi- much information about the                 Early Learning Centre there          There arc many serious ill-    hand washing is an antibacte-
ately after a physician has child who is ill and the Illness.        has only been one case where      nesses that children in a day-    rial soap that must be In a
diagnosed a child attending The nurse gets a list of all the         they had to report a disease to   care can get, however there       pump, rather than a bar that
daycare.                       children in the centre and            the health department.            arc other contagious diseases     could spread germs from one
   Diseases can spread very checks their immune status                  Ann-Marie Ulrlch, who has      In a daycare that do not have     person to another.
quickly and if a child is not and if they arc up to date with        been an ECE since 1987 after      to be reported to the health         Daycare teachers arc also
Immunized there could be their shots.                                graduating from Durham            department.                       required to disinfect the
serious implications.             Some children who attend           College, is now the operator         These diseases include         tables with bleach and water
   The Durham Region Health daycare have never been                  of the Early Learning Centre.     chicken pox, hand, foot and       after m’Therc is nothing left
Department plays a major immunized .                                    "1 thought it was amazing      mouth disease, pink eye and       to chance," said Ulrich.
role in ensuring daycares are     A letter in detail must be         just how fast the health          the common cold.                       A child returning to day-
taking the proper precautions provided to the health depart-         department acted when we             Since these illnesses arc so   care must be able to partici-
to prevent serious illnesses ment and daycare operator               reported that one of the chil-    common in a daycare atmos-        pate in all aspects of the pro-
from spreading, because there explaining why the child is            dren had whooping cough,"         phere and are not that seri-      gram, Including playing out-
is so much close contact and not immunized,                          she said, "They were so orga-     ous, they only have to be         side.
interaction among children.       "These children are the            nized and within 24 hours         reported monthly by the day-          "More children are more
   Danielle Pierce, a public ones more at risk to get a              everything was taken care of."    care operator to the health       susceptible to illness, especial-
health     nurse      In   the reportable disease,", said               A public health nurse          department so that they can       ly in daycare or even school,
Communicable             Disease   Pierce.                           attends the daycare centres,      be monitored.                     because it only takes one per-
Control and          Prevention       The health department,         on a regular basis. The nurses       With. non-communicable         son to infect others," said
Program       for the , Durham     after checking all the records,   who go to the centres check       diseases it is up to the opera-   Fung.
Region Health Department           must send a letter home           all records of the children,      tor how they deal with it.            Children who are attend-
said, "There Is so much close      explaining the disease In         make sure everything is up to        The Durham College day-        ing daycare do end up devel-
contact in daycares and so         detail to parents and what        date, and answer any ques-        care Is also taking other pre-    oping a stronger immune sys-
children who haven’t been          they can do to decrease the       tions.                            cautions to prevent illnesses     tem than other children.
exposed to a lot of illness        chance of their child catching        If there are some children    from spreading and this              "Children that have been
don’t have their immune sys- it.                                     in the centre who are not         begins when the child first       in daycare and then go off to
tem built up to fight these       "We also recommend that            Immunized and they do not         arrives at the centre.            school are less likely to get
serious Illnesses, even if they family members or anyone             have a letter explaining why         Teachers arc required to       sick as much because they
have had the Immunization." who is in contact with either             they haven’t been, they must      check the health of the child,    have either already had the
   Some of the diseases that the child who has the illness            be ’’.mmunized as soon as pos-    by noticing any visible signs     illness or have built up a real-
must be reported immediately or even the child who has                sible or they will not be         that the child is ill.            ly strong immunity to it from
are measles, meningitis, rubel- been exposed also take .in            allowed into the daycare.            Other precautions such as      being in daycare," said Pierce.
  12 THE CHRONICLE            April ! 7, 2001

  Transit meets needs of disabled
 Chronicle stall                              whether able-bodied or disabled. More bility," said Bates.                            chairs. Straps and buckles arc available
                                              consideration and funding should be           Another publicly-funded transporta-     to tic down the wheelchair if the pas-
   Oshawa’s transit system accessibility      made available to accomplish these," tion method within Oshawa is GO                  senger wishes.
 and its respect for human rights is          said Bob Goody, general manager of Transit, which also serves the GTA and                 Extra railings and assistance alarm
 good, despite the province’s failing         Oshawa Transit.                            beyond,                                     strips have been installed.
 grade.                                          Oshawa Transit’s mission statement        Tlie Oshawa station is accessible for        When the doors open, a crew mem-
    In a discussion paper on accessible       says it will, "provide a safe, efficient wheelchairs. However Oshawa trains            ber puts a portable bridge between the
 transit services in Ontario, the Ontario     and cost-effective public transit service only service Oshawa during peak,             car and tlie platform to allow step-free
 Human Rights Commission stated               which responds to the needs of the cit- weekday periods. At other times,               access to the train. Tills accessible
 those with disabilities, older people        izens of Oshawa for travel within the Oshawa riders must take a bus from               device is not only used by passengers
 and families with young children have        city and tor connections to adjacent Pickcring in order to get back to the             in wheelchairs, but is also helpfuT to
 the right to be treated equally under        municipalities and to                                      station. These buses        seniors or families with strollers.
 the Ontario Human Rights Code. This          regional and inter-                                        are no.t whcelchair-           Finally, the platform is marked, dis-
 includes their use of public transporta-     regional public transit                                    accessible.                 playing the direction of the accessible
 tion.                                        st^vices,"                                                    But GO Transit           route in areas where elevators have
    But a survey conducted in July, 1999         It puts a bus stop            Public transit            depends on Oshawa-          been installed.
 revealed transit service providers were      within a 450-metre                                         based, Handl-Transit if        The commission believes that public
 unaware of their human rights obliga-       walk of 95 per cent of         certainly                    a wheelchair-acccssi-       transit services should set a standard
 tions. This survey was sent to 25            homes in Oshawa,              increases mobil-             ble mode of trans-         based on human rights principles.
 municipalities, although not nil            according to the City of
                                                                            ity opportunities            portation is needed.       There should be full accessibility and
 responded.                                  Oshawa wcbslte.                                                Handi Transit is a      equal access regardless of where the
    "The survey revealed that while sig-         Most Oshawa Transit        for all members              non-profit organiza-       individual lives In the province.
                                                                                                                                        "This legal duty applies to all transit
 nificant efforts have been made to
 improve the accessibility of transit ser-
 vices across the province, much more
                                             buses arc outfitted with
                                             (ACTS (Improved acces-         of society.            ?     tion founded in 1974
                                                                                                         that provides trans-       providers unless it Is Impossible to ful-
                                             sible conventional tran-                                    portation to residents     fill for reasons of undue cost. health or
 needs to be done,", explains Laurcn         sit system) features for                                    of Oshawa who are          safety factors," said Bates.
 Bates, senior policy analyst of tlie        those with disabilities,                   Bob Goody        physically challenged.         Oshawa Transit has been doing
Ontario Human Rights Commission.             older people and fami-                                      The service has seven      everything in its power to make the
 "For example, in Toronto, none of tlie      lies with young chil-                                       vans equipped with         city more accessible to those people
250 streetcars are accessible, and there     dren.                                      wheelchair lifts and Is capable of carry-   with disabilities, older people or fami-
are no plans to make them accessible."           "These features include oversized ing up to sever, passengers in wheel-            lies with young children.
    Although there have been efforts to      destination signs, a "next stop" interi- chairs and four people for ambulatory             "Neither (the federal or provincial
change the systems, the overall accessi-     or illuminated sign...a PA system and passengers or attendants.                        government) seems committed to par-
bility of transit services In the province   speakers throughout the bus, and addi-        "Hand! Transit provides service to       ticipating at the municipal level, where
is poor. More needs to be done. accord-      tional light at the front and back door, permanently or temporarily disabled           the public transit responsibility is
ing to the Ontario Human Rights              both Inside and outside," explained individuals whose mobility problems                deemed to be," said Goody. "The tran-
Commission (OHRC).                           Goody.                                     prevent access to conventional public       sit industry is lobbying for more par-
   "People using paratransit services           These ?TC the range of features that transit. Attendants or escorts may ride        ticipation by the provincial and feder-,
experience major discrepancies in ser-       help visually impaired, hearing with an eligible passenger and will be                 al governments financially and from a.
vice levels across tlie province, includ-    Impaired and physically challenged charged a regular fare," according to               policy development perspective. A
ing eligibility criteria, fees and geo-      public transit users in Oshawa.            their wehiite.                              standard for... vehicles for specialized ;
graphic limitations," said Bates. "In            In addition, Oshawa Transit has two       GO is working to make itself fully       transit has been a long drawn out ven-
some cases, persons with certain types       new floor buses on order that are to be accessible to those with disabilities. It      ture."
of disabilities, such as persons with        delivered in September. These buses has wheelchair accessible buses in                    Even Bates had mentioned there has        ,
mental disabilities, or with ambulatory      will have no front steps, but instead some cities. Currently, everyone riding          .been little discussion in the province
or temporary disabilities, are unable to     will have ramps that will accommo- the train pays the same fare and people             about this matter. The commission
access either the conventional system        date mobility devices such as wheel- with disabilities do not need a reserva-          feels this paper will be the first step in
or the paratransit system."                  chairs and scooters. These buses will tion.                                            promoting discussion about accessibil-
   The commission decided to look at         also have the 1ACTS features as stan-         A disabled passenger who needs           ity of public transportation in Ontario.
public transportation in the province        dard devices.                              assistance can bring someone along             "Under the (Human Rights) code. it
because it is essential for so many peo-        "Barriers to public transit services free. The station attendant or bus dri-        is the role of the Ontario Human
ple. Transit systems that do not meet        raise important human rights issues. ver must be notified when the tickets             Rights Commission to ensure compli-
the needs of this group prevent them         This means that transit service are bought and it can then be desig-                   ance with these legal requirements and
from participating in community life,        providers have a duty to ensure that nated as a "party ticket."                        to promote public awareness of these
according to the OHRC.                       transit     systems are accessible.           The fifth car of every train offers      issues," stated Bates.
   "My perspective is that public tran-      Conventional transit services, such as accessibility .for the entry and exit of           The commission is accepting writ-
sit certainly increases mobility oppor-      buses, subways and streetcars, must be wheelchairs. There are fewer seats in           ten submissions until June 30, 2001
tunities for all members of society,         designed to ensure maximum accessi- this car, allowing for eight wheel-                regarding this issue.

  Internet research of travel sites can save time                                                                                              Activity fees
                                                                                                                                               fund projects
                                                                                                         student discounts. Though
BY STEPHANIE ZACHARIAS                        Air, bus and train travel, from Toronto                    they are not always displayed         BY KEVIN KOBZAN
Chronicle staff___________                                                                               on the Web sites, many carri-
    School is almost over. and           to Vancouver, leaving June 7, returning June 15           ’
                                                                                                         ers do offer discounted rates
                                                                                                                                               Chronicle StaH
that means travel time is just                                                                           for students with proper iden-           Curious to know what
around the corner. Whether            Web Site        Roundtrip            Student        Travel         tification.    According to           the student activity fee is?
students are trying to find the                     Starting Prices       Discount      Flexibility, they do not offer           The’student activity fee
cheapest way home for the           $535.00             none        10 flights       student discounts, but the air-       is a series of fees assessed
summer, or are planning a                                                                                lines they represent might if         and sanctioned by the
sight-seeing tour of Canada, $649.38                $538.21       5 options       contacted directly.                   DCSA to cover various
travel Web sites are becoming     $352.00              none       21 options         Andrea Wilson, a student,           activities and projects
a fast and economical way to        $592.00            $385.00        1 option       tried her luck at using four          within the college, says
book a trip. The key is doing a                                                                          travel Web sites;,        Karen Graveline, Registrar
little research.                                                                                         G r e y h o u n d . c o m ,           with Durham College.
   The cost of plane tickets,      departure and arrival times to      a day earlier or later. Many car- and,           "The student activity
rental cars and hotel rooms is     choose from.         Conversely,    riers offer special rates depend-    "I’ve never looked at ticket       fee has been around for
rising between two and five        there are also random seat          ing on the day. For example, buying web sites before, how-              many      years,"    says
per cent over last year, accord-   sales offered on the web, often     try departing on a Thursday ever, this was a great eye open-            Graveline. who stated the
ing to survey results from         the day before, so this may be      instead of Friday.                er," said Wilson. "I really liked     fee started in 1982.
Rosenbluth International, a        an option for someone who              If the actual travel time is the option of being able to                The student activity fee
travel management company.         doesnit require a lot of pre-trip   not a huge factor, try checking book your ticket on-line. I def-        covers items such as ID
    However, there are some        planning.                           various means of transport initely liked these sites and                cards, computer upgrades,
things want-to-be travellers          Flexibility is another way to    other than flying, such as train would consider using them if           security access, and the
can do to save some money          increase chances of snagging a      or bus. While these ground- and when 1 need to book a                   drug and dental plan.
when booking on line.              cheaper ticket. If departure        bound modes of transporta- flight."                                        The drug and dental
    One way is to book as far as   and arrival times are not cru-      tion do take longer, lower           Wllson’s favourite site was        plan, which are run by
possible in advance, This gives    cial, check various times. Early    prices and beautiful scenery Travclocity. "This site had the            the DCSA, are optional for
travellers a chance to beat sea-   morning departures and late         may make up for the extra cheapest travel option, which                 students, who can opt out
sonal price increases, while       night arrivals sometimes cost       travel time,                      as a poor student, definitely         if they already have a
still having a selection of        less. As well, look into leaving       Lastly, don’t forget to check appealed, to me."                      plan, says Graveline.
South Oshawa to get police station
Chronicle staff                    downtown headquarters is             will know what they did right     some community involve-           have the same interest for the
                                   the lack of a holding cell.          and what they did wrong and       ment with the station.            safety and health of the com-
   The Community Policing             The station will be staffed       go from there.                       Rev. Kevin Robertson said,     munity," said Robertson.
Centre being built in the south    by a staff sergeant, Partridge,        "Most of the crime that         "I think that the centre will        The church is leasing the
end of Oshawa will open July       two other constables and a           originates from the south end     bring a sense of safety and       land to the police for about
1, and area residents are hop-     clerk. At least four officers will   is    in    the Cedar and         security to residents of the      $1,000 a month which will
ing it will have a positive        work In that area on a               Wcntworth area and Is com-        area. and police will gradually   also help the church develop
Impact in reducing crime.          dayshlft. The officers who are       mitted by youth," said            improve the community."           more programs independent
   "1 am glad there Is going to    working in that zone will only       Partridge.                           The police department has      from the centre,
be a centre down here, because     work there and go nowhere               A project that Partridge has   asked tor members of the             Warren Ydung, municipal
It makes me feel more com-         else outside of that area, unless    been working on that relates      parish congregation to volun-     councillor for the area, has
fortable    and                                      there is a call    to the number of calls made to    teer on the committee for the     been instrumental and sup-
safe since it is                                    1 11 v u l v i 11 y police In that area came from     police station, and has asked     portive in getting this plan off
has      always                                     public safety.      two buildings that are right      Robertson to provide coun-        the ground, said Partridge.
been a rough
part of the
city,"      said
Elinor Lceder
who has raised
                     ^  1 think it (^ie
                     new static n) wi 11
                      clean up thie
                                                        In Oshawa across the street from one
                                                    there arc three another.
                                                    zones that the         "In one building tlic police
                                                    police cover were called 32 times this year
                                                    with about 12 from Jan. 3, to Jan .19, result-
                                                                                                          selling. The church has also
                                                                                                          given permission to the police
                                                                                                          to use the parish hall for any
                                                                                                          community functions that
                                                                                                          they may have, including the
                                                                                                                                               The money to build the
                                                                                                                                            centre came from the police
                                                                                                                                            budget, and was a little over
                                                                                                                                              "1 really do think that this
a family and          south end of                  officers         in ing In 25 criminal investiga-     youth group that the centre       new centre will be effective,
lived In the                                        each one on a tions," said Partridge.                 hopes to start.                   maybe not at first, but in the
community for         Oshawa.                       dayshift and           Between Jan. 3 and the           "I think that it is really      long run it will be the best
more than 10
years said.
                                             ?      18 on a night- March 1, police were called to
                                                    s h i f t . the other building 18 times,
                                                                                                          important that the church and
                                                                                                          the police work together as
                                                                                                                                            thing that happened to the
                                                                                                                                            south end community," said
   "I think it                                      Wh enever resulting in 15 criminal Inves-             much as possible, because we      Partridge.
will clean up                    Elinor Lee der     there is a 911 tigations, Partridge said.
the south end."                                     call, the first        The police want to know
   The entire                                                           why and what they can do to
concept for the                                     clear must go prevent it more problems.
centre developed   ed              »o
                            after to that call, which leaves               One method. Partridge said,
Durham Regional Police Chief police going to different areas is to have the community
Kevin McAlpine assembled a and not developing a sense of involved and have its support
group of 10 officers and asked ownership to one area.                   because police can’t do it on
for a study of community              The four officers working in their own.
policing centres           across the south end will also be               Most Community Policing
Canada. From this he wanted given a certain zone within Centres across North America
to develop a centre in the the area, so there is always an have a liaison committee, a
Durham Region.                     officer near by.                     board of directors assembled
   This centre was originally         The officers who arc work- from people in the communi-
planned to only pass out pam- ing opposite shifts from each ty, to discuss the area’s prob-
phlets’ to the community on other will always share infor- lems.
safety, however the officers mation between one another                    ’H>.y address their concerns
who conducted the study so that they know what’s with the police and how they
came up with a business plan going on.                                  can make a change.
for the police services to have       "There is a real continuity,         About       11   years ago
more than just a building.         there is a paper trail to what Partridge became involved in
   Constable Chris Partridge, a we have established and 1 community policing in the
police officer for 35 years, has think it is a far better way to townhouses at the end of
been involved with communi- do business than we have ever Ritson Road in Oshawa that
ty policing before in the south done before," said Partridge.           most people used to call the
end of Oshawa, and was part           He also said one of the main ghetto. Partridge encouraged
of the group that conducted reasons why the south end of community involvement and
the study.                         Oshawa was chosen for the gradually the crime in the area
   "This is the way we need to police station is because it is decreased.
do business," he; said. "We perceived by many officers in                  "You have got to have com-
need to centralize,’ we need to the Durham Region as one of munity involvement,’ you
get involved in more problem the most difficult areas to have to," said Partridge.
solving and get into partner- work in.                                     Partridge has already estab-
ships with other agencies             "Number two is that it is a lished relationships with other
within the community."             static area, and it’s not going agencies including the proba-
   The station is going to be to grow or shrink, and that tion office.
built on Cedar Street, beside information comes from a                     There will be two probation
St. Peter’s Anglican Church, variety of social and political officers working in the south
and will be a modular building agencies," said Partridge.               end exclusively. He would like
of about 2,220 square feet.           The plan is to spend at least welfare to get involved also.
   Other than its smaller .size, one year in the south end                 St. Peter’s Anglican Church
the only thing different working to improve any prob- is leasing the land to the
between this new station and lem, so the following year they police and is going to have

 Sports Admin reunion planned
  BY JOYCE HUNTER                                   meet with them (Sports Administration
 Chronicle staff   ____                             alumni) under pleasant circumstances," said
    Imagine searching tor old college class-        Stewart.    .

  mates and finding out one of them had died.             Because of Stewart’s efforts Durham
 That is the story of Kathleen Stewart.             College’s Sports Administration program will
    Stewart, who graduated from Sports              host an alumni reunion for all 27 years of
 Administration in 1988, began her search           graduates on June 2 at the Durham College
 because she thought it would be nice to            Student Centre. .
 catch up with her old classmates.                    The purpose of the reunion Is to renew old
     While making contacts, Stewart learned         acquaintances or form new ones.
 that her friend and fellow alumnus, Janice            There is a $25 registration fee to attend
 was terminally ill. The day Stewart found          the main function, which includes a recep-
 Janice’s work number she.was stopped in the        tion, cash bar for greeting old classmates and
 hall and told Janice had died three days pre-      a classmate schmooze session. All Sports
 viously.                                           Administration alumni wishing to partici-
    "It’s sad that we ended up talking because      pate should contact Lori Connor In the
 Janice died, and 1 decided to do it (the Sports    Durham College Alumni Office. The dead-
 Administration reunion) because I wanted to        line for registration is May 11, 2001.
 14 THE CHRONICLE             April ! 7, 2001


  Scholarships and bursaries at DC
Chronicio Staff                       F.lias agrees, "Why should   The general offering bur-
                                   only returning students get saries of $500 arc awarded in
   Paul Hli.-is, first-year multi- scholarships, when first year February for student’s study-
media student at Durham students work just as hard to ing from September to April.
College, believes finishing get good marks." Besides Another one is issued in June
assignments at the college or scholarships, Durham also for students enrolled during
 university level can he an issues bursaries to students in January to August.
 accomplishment, but paying financial need.                            "Whatever little bit that
 for an education is a struggle.       The difference between bur- helps n student Is a huge
     Even though tlierc are a saries and scholarships accord- boost, it gives encourage-
 number of different scholar- ing to ment," says Ellas.
 ships and bursaries available is:                                     Although bursaries provide
 for students, many people like       -* A bursary is a non-refund- financial assistance, students
 Elias arc unaware of the finan- able grant of money given to arc taking advantage of what
 cial help out there.              students based on financial some call free money.
     Betty-Annc Biytli, Special need,                                  Cherle Marshall, a kincsiol-
 Projects      Co-ordinator    at      * A scholarship is a non-    ogy student at York University
 Durham College, has a differ- refundable sum of money says, "1 tliink schools sliould
 ent outlook. "Bursaries and awarded to help finance fur- investigate people who apply
 scholarships have gotten really ther education. Scholarships for bursaries because I’ve
 big in the last few years," says arc more academic than finan- licard so many stories of peo-
 BIylh.                            cial.                            ple getting bursaries to live the
    I-’or example, approximately       Bursaries are funded by tlie high life, while their parents
 one third of 2,000 Ontario government and companies pay for their education. Every
 medical scliools need addi- donating money towards Tom, Dick and Marry is apply-
 tional funds, says Dr. Albert scholarships and bursaries.          ing for bursaries at York
 Schumachcr, Ontario" Medical          "We look at the number of because of the strike."
 Association president and people enrolled at the college,             The general offering bur-
chairman of its student bur- and then there is a formula saries are distributed depend-
sary fund committee.              done in the finance depart- ing on whether students are
    Durham offers 135 in-’ ment. Then they give us a per- returning, and if their grades
course scholarships to the top centage of tliat and whatever are above a 2.5 GPA, says
two students In eacli program, that percentage is they will put Biyth, who issued 300 general
with the two students receiv- that in tlie budget, and that’s bursaries out of 500 applica-
ing $1,000 and $500 respec- what we work with for bur- tion.
tively.                           saries," says Biyth.                "You have to be really care-                                                        Photo by Kevin Kobzan
   To be eligible for the schol-      Durham has three types of ful when doing the bursaries
arship, the Individual must be bursaries available for stu- and scholarships because you                   Betty-Anne Biyth: Special Projects Co-ordinator at
a full-time returning student dents.           including’^eneral, want to help as many students             Durham College.
with a minimum GPA o( 3.0, external and Individual bur- as you can, says Biyth,                         says, applications for bursaries once they get to school how
 says Biyth. The successful stu- sary,                                 The general bursaries are        from schools such as Durham, expensive things are going to*
 dents are presented with the          There is a large number of promoted          through       the   University of Toronto and be. They have to sit down and
 award at the scholarship cere- external bursaries available Internet, Pipeline, flyers, stu-           Queens University are avail- realize and have a financial
 mony held every November.        throughout the year, which dent handbooks and the                     able in the guidance office.     plan before they go to school,"
    Durham also introduced a are on file in the student sup- Chronicle.                                    Joyce Jean, guidance secre- says Biyth.Biyth believes stu-
 new scholarship for first year port office, says Biyth.               Besides college and univer-      tary at St. Mary’s Catholic dents think they’re getting a
 students this past year, called       Individual bursaries, which sity students receiving finan-       Secondary School in Pickering cheque when applying for a
 the year 2000 scholarship, are not promoted, can exceed cial help, graduating high                     says, there is a scholarship loan.
 which allows the top three stu- $500 depending on a student’s school students are also eligi-          binder available for students       "Speaking as a mother who
 dents in each program to situation.                                ble for bursaries,                  to look through with counsel- has been through this, it’s
 receive $500.                         Each student applying for       For the past five years          lors available to answer ques- Important that students have a
    Although the year 2000 an individual bursary must Durham has offered entrance                       tions.                           financial plan," Says Jean
 scholarship is only a trial pro- make an appointment with a bursaries to high school gradu-               Also, Durham goes to high . Elias believes that both sec-
 ject, Biyth thought it worked financial.aid officer.               ates planning to attend             schools in May to go over ondary and post-secondary
 well enough to continue next         Tlie financial aid officer Durham. Students need a 60-            OSAP applications and the students should plan out a
 year.                             looks at several factors, if the per-cent average to qualify for     process, says Biyth.             budget to help keep funds
    "We thought nobody is student works part-time, if the bursary, says Biyth.                             Informative seminars are available throughout the
 really looking at the first year they have applied for OSAP or        The entrance bursaries are       available for high school stu- school year. "It’s amazing
 people, as far as scholarships a loan, and if they have a sum- renewable each year until               dents to make them aware of what students spend their
 go," says Biyth. "Now we can mer job. Students then fill out graduation if the student                 the funds required to attend money on."
 say we’re giving scholarships a budget explaining their maintains a 2.5 GPA.                           college or university.              For further information on
 to first, second and third year, expenses/We basically look at        Rose Retsinas, head of              "With the cost of every- scholarships and bursaries,
 where before it was only for how they’re (students) helping Guidance at Pine Ridge                     thing getting so high, these students can check out
 returning students".              themselves," says Biyth.         Secondary School in Pickering       students don’t have a clue

        Coming: out of the closet is not that hard
   BY TANYA LAVOIE                            moved away to school.                     mom and he did it on the telephone          There aren’t many gay facilities in
   Chronicle staff                               "I found it easy in a big city com-    because he lives away from them and      Oshawa, there are two gay bars one in
      Brad Jenkins is a gay male and at       pared to a small town to come out."       felt more comfortable this way not       Oshawa and one in Whitby. Toronto
   one time he was known as straight.         he said.                                  knowing what their reaction would        has a much bigger gay scene, they
   In varic’.is stages of his life, Jenkins     Jenkins was comfortable with who        be.                                      have Church Street, which is the gay
   was curious about his sexuality.           he was and now doesn’t care what             His mom took it well. He was cry-     community of Toronto.
   Although lie wasn’t sure if he was gay     other people think of his llfestyle and   ing and she wasn’t which created a          Jenkins mentioned how he was
   or not, he did have relationships with     choice in sexual preference.              little tension. Although he asked his    much happier now that he had
   females, as that was the normal thing         "There will always be people who       mom to tell his dad, he was a little     "come out of the closet" he could live
   for guys to do.                            have problems with gays, but 1 just       worried about what he might say.         the lifestyle and not be scared of what
      High school was the only time that      brush them off," Brad said.                  "My dad is the typical blue collar,   might happen.
   Brad had any problems with bias               When starting college Brad had no      GM worker," Brad stated. But his dad        "Come out and you will feel so
   against gays and he never had any          problems letting people know that he      took it well too. His parents didn’t     much better, because you can be
   threats on his life, only comments         was gay. People were more accepting       care because he was their son.           yourself/’ he tells other gays. "Tell
   and he always brushed them off.            of his choice of sexuality, then they        A lot of Oshawa people who are        your parents, parents are usually
   When Jenkins was 18 he knew that           were in high school. His worst fear       gay like to hang out in Toronto,         accepting with this. There is always
   he was gay, although he still didn’t       was telling his parents, he wasn’t sure   because of the lack of things to do in   one out of 10 that might not be
   admit it. That came when Jenkins           what they would say. He told his          Oshawa.                                  accepting about the matter."
"No scents is eood sense "                 matic patients have adverse reactions       duced a bylaw prohibiting the use of       at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto
MULTIPLE CHEMICAL                           to perfumes and other fragrances, and perfumes, various cosmetics, such as
                                           some researchers have even suggested scented hairsprays, deodorants and
                                                                                                                                  told The Globe and Mail he considers
                                                                                                                                  what is going on In Halifax "mass psy-
                                            that exposure to fragrance may actual- aftershave lotions in public places            chogcnic illnesses." House regularly
SENSITIVITY AFFECTS                         ly cause asthma.                           including schools and buses. It was the    treats people with MCS and says,
                                               For some sufferers of environmental first bylaw of its kind in North               "From a medical standpoint there is no
                                            Illness, staying in a situ-                                                           disease process in (MCS sufferers), and
 18 PER CENT OF THE                         ation where there is an
                                                                                                         In Ottawa people are     yet they are adamant something is
                                           abundance of fragrance                                    asked to be scent-free       wrong with them."
 POPULATION                                 can make them ill for      "    Where do     you         on the bus, and hospi-          The Regional Municipality of
                                           days, making them miss start and where                     tals such as the            Durham’s Health Department did no)
                                           work and other impor-                                     Queen sway-Carte ton         comment too much on the issue and
BY JACQUI RIVERS                            tant activities.              doyou    stop               Hospital have also start-   simply stated only that it doesn’t have
Chronicle staff                                The majority of MCS banning                           ed a "No Scents Is Good      much information on the topic.
                                            sufferers tend to be                                     Sense" campaign.                The Durham Board of Education
   Could you be making someone at           middle-aged, middle- products?                                                        does not foresee (tie banning of scents
this school sick?
   Wearing perfume, cologne, hair-
spray, aftershave or even deodorant
                                            class white women,
                                            financially able to exit
                                            the environment that’s
                                                                                              »          The Halifax ban has
                                                                                                      not only affected resi-
                                                                                                     dents, but also the fra-
                                                                                                     grance industry.
                                                                                                                                  in public schools anytime in the near
                                                                                                                                     "Where do you start and where do
can be making other students sick.          making them sick.                        Gary Gibson         Charles Low, presi-      you stop banning products," asked
   The problem Is called multiple              Evidently, poor folks                                 dent of the Canadian         Gary Gibson, manager of health and
chemical sensitivity, also known as        can’t afford to escape                                    Cosmetic Toiletry and        safety at the Durham Board of
environmental illness, and according        from this illness, said H. James Wedner Fragrance Association told The Globe          Education.
to the U.S. National Academy of             a medical professor at Washington and Mall last April that according to                  "We choose to address this on a
Science, 18 per cent of the population      University.                                his membership, recent sales of "fine      case-by-casc basis because there are
is affected by it.                             People with environmental illness fragrances and scented products                  many variables to deal with."
    Environmental illness is caused by      may also be bothered by artificial showed a decided downward slump in                    Durham College has the same posi-
the release of synthetic chemicals from    scents in cleaning products, laundry the Halifax area."                                tion.
various products into the surrounding      detergents, soaps, candles, air freshen-       Could a ban like the one in Halifax        Margaret Green ley, director of
air contributing to indoor air pollu-       ers and scented markers,                   happen in Oshawa?                          Student Services, believes the college
tion,                             r-
                                                     According        to   Fragrance      MCS has been widely rejected by         would not ban scents because it would
   People with environmental illnesses      Foundation, a non-profit educational most doctors and researchers across              be a difficult policy to enforce.
report symptoms such as headaches,          section of the fragrance industry based Canada and the United States as a                "If someone docs come to us and
dizziness, nausea, fatigue, shortness of    in New York, there are more than legitimate organic disease. They claim               raises our awareness of the situation,
breath, difficulty with concentration      .1,000 body fragrances on the market the disease is all in the sufferer’s mind.        certainly we would work with that per-
and allergy-like symptoms.                  today.                                        Dr. Ronald House, an epidemiolo-        son to create a safer environment,"
   It has been shown that many asth-           In December 1999 Halifax intro- gist at the Occupational Health Centre             said Grcenlcy.
16 THE CHRONICLE              April 17.200]

                                                                                  US           NEWS

      Sheridan students want
   support group s in high school
       staff____________                                                                                                                             ence what people think in col-
                                                                                                                                                     lege. because people still don’t
    High schools could use       .1                                                                                                                  know I am gay," lie said.
 support group for gay anil les-                                                                                                                        Before the organization is
  bian students and Sheridan                                                                                                                         up and running, a charity
  College’s Human Service’s                                                                                                                          number must be obtained and
  Administration students are                                                                                                                        that can take any where from
  trying to make it happen.                                                                                                                          six months to five years to get
     Wade Jenklns, a student at                                                                                                                      it.
  Sheridan, Is trying to get a                                                                                                                          The only other way it can
  non-profit organization set up                                                                                                                     be done is (f tlicy find an orga-
  to help students In high                                                                                                                           nization that already has a
  school who arc gay and les-                                                                                                                        charity number and is willing
  bian.                                                                                                                                              to add them onto their organi-
     He also hopes to stop some                                                                                                                      zation.
  of the discrimination against                                                                                                                         Another Durham College
  gays and lesbians, by having                                                                                                                       student, Brad Jenkins, says
  the group open to straight                                                                                                                         that it will be hard to get this
 people     who would like to                                                                                                                        project up and running, but he
  know about homosexuals and                                                                                                                         does believe it is a good idea.
  their lifestyle.                                                                                                                                      "It will be hard, because
     In order forjenkins and his                                                                                                                     there arc narrow-minded par-
 classmates to get this organiza-                                                                                                                    ents," lie said. "And that is
 tion up and running, they                                                                                                                           where the kids get their preju-
 have to take a number of steps.                                                                                                                     dices from, the parents."
    They will have to get all (lie                                                                                                                            In llglit of all preju-
 information they can find on                                                                                                                        dices that society may have
 gay and lesbian organizations                                                                                                                       about gays and lesbians, the
 located In Ontario.                                                                                                                                 Sheridan students working on
    They also liave to .see if                                                                                                                       this project are hoping this
 there is an organization like                                                                                                                       might help end some of tlie
 this.                                                                                                                                               prejudice against gays and les-
    "We have to find out if this                                                                                                                     bians.
 type of program will be effec-                                                                                                                         The Sheridan students hope
 tive or not," Jenkins said.                                                                                                                         to have all their information
    In order to find this out,                                                                                                                       gathered by the end of April.
 agencies must be contacted                                                                                                                             They believe they can make
 and the agency’s contacts                                                                                                                           a difference and are trying
 must be contacted.                                                                                                                                  hard to accomplisli this task.
   The agencies and their con-                                                                                                                          "The college could offer a
 tacts can help the group deter-                                                                                                                     gay and lesbian support
 mine whether there is a pro-                                                                                                                        group," said the Durham stu-
 gram like this already, the                                                                                                                         dent. "Whether the students
 agency can also let them know                                                                                               Photo by Tanya Lavole   are in the closet or out of the
 how effective they think it will       GAY PRIDE WEEKEND: (Left to right) Wade Jenkins, Jay By and Brad Jenkins celebrate                           closet it could help a lot of us,
 be.                                                                                                                                                 and also the people out of the
    The main goal of this non-          gay pride.
                                                                                                                                                     closet could share their com-
 profit organization that is            The Sheridan College stu-        can’t handle the situation on      ning because people didn’t               ing out experiences.
 under way is to focus on high        dents will set up these support    their own.                         take advantage of it.                       Brad Jenkins agrees saying
 schools and get community            groups and get them running,          "That is what we are here           A gay student at Durham              an out of the closet gays could
 support.                             then the rest is up to the stu-    for," Jenkins said. "The staff     College, who doesn’t want his            help the in the closet students,
      "With smaller communi-          dents and teachers that run        might find problems and situ-      named published, says it is a               "A support group in high
 ties it could be hard to get the     the support group.                 ations, that they can’t han-       great idea, and believes that a          school might have helped
 support, but with bigger places        They will return to the          dle."                              support group in high school             me," Jenkins said. "I could
 like Toronto support doesn’t         schools and help if there are         Durham College had a sup-       would have helped him come               have met other gay and les-
 seem to be an issue," Jenkins        any problems and the staff         port group for gays and les-       out of the closet.                       bian students, and we could
 said.                                members at the high schools        bians, but it is no longer run-       "It doesn’t make a differ-            have shared stories and fears."

                         Coffee and donuts or beer?
                                      evaluation has been conduct-       the   seating area will be-        there are plans to turn a por-           want to be in quiet areas,
 STUDENTS HAVE                        ed by the college administra-      redesigned to better accommo-      tion of it into a learning com-             The student centre, for
                                      tion. Students have been given     date the students.                 mons. It would be an open                example, is frequently loud
  FINAL SAY IN                        ample opportunity to express          "Instead of having tables       space, containing 260 comput-            with music constantly being
                                      what they would like to see on     that only seat six people," said   ers, 100 retained from the               played in there. We want to
                                      campus and administration is       Bruce Bunker, the project          computer commons in the                  offer the students a variety of
  DESIGN OF                           taking note of what is popular     manager for the SuperBuild         Gordon Willey building to go             choices to what suit their
                                      on campus at other colleges        project, "it is going to be        along with 160 new comput-
                                                                                                                                                     needs best,"
                                      and universities.                  scaled to represent the set-up     ers.                                        It was reported in the Feb
 Chronicle staff

   What kind of coffee shop
 would you like to see on cam-
                                         A big trend among college
                                      students is coffee. This trend
                                      was taken into consideration
                                      when it came time to decide if
                                      a pub would be added In one
                                      of the buildings or If there
                                      would be a coffee bar.
                                         " A lot of branded concepts
                                      are being considered," said
                                      Ralph Aprile, director of
                                      administrative services. "We
                                                                         of a Tim Hortons or
                                                                         McDonald’s. There will be an
                                                                         alcove set-up, with tables that
                                                                         can seat two, four or six peo-
                                                                            Inside the cafeteria, with
                                                                         regards to the servers them-
                                                                         selves, there are some changes
                                                                         which are being considered.
                                                                         Among them are a fruit, salad
                                                                         and soup bar, which will
                                                                                                               There will be seating avail-
                                                                                                            able at the back of the’ room
                                                                                                            for students to sit and have a
                                                                                                            coffee. In the room next to it
                                                                                                            will be a cyber cafe which will
                                                                                                            sell coffee and allow students
                                                                                                            to surf the Internet.
                                                                                                               "Coffee is no longer consid-
                                                                                                            ered to be something that you
                                                                                                            gulp down in 10 minutes,"
                                                                                                            said Bunker. "We want the stu-
                                                                                                                                                     20, 2001 edition of The
                                                                                                                                                     Chronicle that the SuperBuild
                                                                                                                                                     project has already gone over
                                                                                                                                                     budget. Bunker said it would
                                                                                                                                                     have an effect on certain
                                                                                                                                                     aspects of the project.
                                                                                                                                                        "Some things will be
                                                                                                                                                     deferred," he said. "The cafete-
                                                                                                                                                     ria will have the renovation go
                                                                                                                                                     ahead as planned. We will
                                                                                                                                                     have to see about the expan-
    The opening ceremonies for        have started negotiations with     attract students that are con-     dents to be able to sit down,            sion of it. The financing for
 the SuperBuild expansion are         Tim Hortons. They are the          cerned with eating healthier       relax and talk to friends or             that may have to come from
 scheduled to take place at the       meet all ends all type of estab-   foods. Also, a world tour con-     study."                                  another source."
 campus in April. The campus          lishment who sells something       cept is in the planning stages.       Bunker noted that the                    As for the overall design for
 will be renovated and in the         for everyone, whereas some-        There would be a designated        options of the students are              the completion of the college,
 process new buildings, facili-       one like Starbucks Is more of a    area in the cafeteria, which       bound by seating zones, a                students and staff will have to
 ties and food service areas will     niche type market."                would serve a different variety    restriction that he would like           wait until the project is fin-
 be added. In order to fully             An area that will be renovat-   of foods from Chinese food to      to change.                               ished.
 understand what kinds of ser-        ed is the Marketplace cafeteria.   perogies, for example, each           "Life Is made up of smoking              Construction is scheduled
 vices should be available to the     Its current set-up does not        day.                               and non-smoking areas," he,              to be completed by September,
 students, market research and        fully cater to the students and       In one of the new buildings,    said. "Most students nowadays            2003.                     ’
Renewed trust in b lood supply
BY MELISSA VAN                                                                                                                                donors.
OVERBEEK                                                                                                                                         According to tlie CBS’s web-
Chronicle stall                                                                                                                               site, the first goal was to make
                                                                                                                                              a smooth transition from the
   The number of volunteer                                                                                                                    Canadian Red Cross to the
blood donors has increased                                                                                                                    new system of blood service
since the Canadian Blood                                                                                                                      and the effort has been recog-
Services (CBS) took responsi-                                                                                                                 nized.
bility for the blood supply sys-                                                                                                                  In the years 1999 and 2000
tem from the Canadian Red                                                                                                                     the public began to embrace
Cross Society in September                                                                                                                    the new system.
1998, and the public’s trust                                                                                                                     A survey conducted by the
has been restored since the                                                                                                                   CBS in January 2000, found
tragic blood episode In the                                                                                                                   the number of Canadians
early 1980s.                                                                                                                                  "very supportive" of the new
   "In our latest poll, a                                                                                                                     system Increased from five per
resounding 92 per cent of                                                                                                                     cent to 72 per cent from May
Canadians said they feel com-                                                                                                                 1998 to January 2000.
fortable about donating blood                                                                                                                    To ensure that the Canadian
through the new agency," says                                                                                                                 blood system Is reliable and up
Lesly Bauer, communications                                                                                                                   to national and international
manager for CBS head office in                                                                                                                standards of safety many
Ottawa. "Eighty-four per cent                                                                                                                 changes have been made, says
believe the blood system in                                                                                                                   Bauer.
Canada is safer today than it                                                                                                                    Because managing the
was five years ago."                                                                                                                          blood supply is the only
   The CBS, successor to the                                                                                                                  responsibility CBS has, the
Canadian Red Cross, is a non-                                                                                                                 organization fully commits to
profit, charitable organization                                                                                                               giving Canadians a safer blood
responsible for recruiting                                                                                                                    system.
blood and plasma donors                                                                                                                          CBS is dedicated to cutting
through its 14 blood centres,                                                                                                                 the risk of blood donating by
two plasma centres, and more                                                                                                                  screening every unit of blood
than 11,000 blood donor clin-                                                                                                                 for the viruses linked to AIDS
ics across Canada, with the                                                                                                                   (H1V-1 and 2), hepatitis B and
exception of Quebec. Quebec                                                                                                                   C, syphilis and a form of adult
has its own agency, Hema-                                                                                                                     leukemla (HTLV-1 and 11).
Quebec.                                                                                                                                          Every unit is also screened
   "The blood service was                                                                                                                     to determine tissue and blood
assumed by the CBS to restore                                                                                                                 type to ensure compatibility
the confidence and trust of the                                                                                                               with the recipient.
public," says Bauer.                                                                                                                             CBS has also implemented
   In the early ’80s Canada’s                                                                                 Photo by Mellssa Van Overbook
                                                                                                                                              additional safety measures,
blood system, under the opera-                                                                                                                such    as     Nucleic Acid
tion of the Canadian Red              GIVING BLOOD: Catherine Shearer-Kudel donates blood at the Durham College                               Amplification Testing (NAT),
Cross, unknowingly infected           blood donor clinic held on March 16th.                                                                  which detects hepatitis C virus
approximately 1,200 people                                                                                                                    much earlier than previous
with the HIV virus and anoth-      in February 1995 and the other       Canadians were starting to nine per cent said it was due to           tests, and a new deferral policy
er 12,000 people with the          in November 1997, it was         lose faith in the blood system fear of needles.                           to protect the theoretical risk
hepatitis C virus.                 emphasized that "many of the     and as a result there was a seri-    Furthermore, the poll indi-          of alternative Creutzfeld-
   Because of the lack of          system’s problems resulted       ous decline in the number of cated that in the late fall of               Kakob Disease (vCJD) entering
knowledge of these viruses, by     from a lack of co-ordination     people donating blood.            1994 and early spring of 1995           the blood supply. This is the
the 1990s the number of peo-       among the many institutions          In the spring of 1997, the major changes in attitudes                 human variation of mad cow
ple infected with HIV and          involved."                       Red Cross commissioned a were noticed. The number of                      disease.
hepatitis C increased tremen-         A few of these institutions   public poll about the Canadian Canadians who refused a rec-                  "There is a whole new struc-
dously.                            included the Canadian Red        blood system and in the pub- ommended               transfusion           ture which is more account-
   On Oct. 4, 1993, the            Cross, and the provincial and    lic’s opinion why there was a jumped from 26 per cent to 36               able and more responsive,"
Commission of Inquiry/ also     federal governments.                decline in donors.                per cent.                               says Bauer.
known      as      the Krever      "The responsibility was             The findings indicated that      The percentage of people                 The Canadian Red Cross
Commission, was established     divided between the govern-         more than 42 per cent of who refused transfusions still                   continues to function as a
to begin an investigation of    ment and the Red Cross," says       Canadians said the fear of remained in the 34 to 39 per                   charitable organization provid-
the contaminated blood sup-     Sharon Walker, branch manag-        receiving a blood-related ill- cent range until 1997.                     ing humanitarian and disaster
ply.                            er for the Red Cross Society in     ness was the result of declining    In the fall of 1998, the              relief. It runs water safety pro-
   During the eight months of Oshawa.                               donations.                        Canadian Blood Services was             grams, teaches youth about
Investigation the case was         Afterwards, the Canadian            Ten per cent indicated that launched in attempt to restore             injury prevention, aids the
reviewed thoroughly.            Red Cross started to feel it was-   the decline was a result of pub- confidence and trust of the              homeless and provides various
   In two reports, one released n’t receiving enough blood.         lic dislike of the Red Cross and public and regain voluntary              other services.

April dance lessons to b e held             There are two levels of ballroom        growing up overseas.                     to hear from her throughout a class is,
                                         dancing offered, Including the waltz,         Carol Joynes also teaches many "Remember the golden rule; do not
BY STEPHANIE ZACHARIAS                   fox trot, cha-cha, and jive.               other forms of dance outside the col- look at your feet!"
Chronicle stall   ___________               If time permits the rumba and tango     lege, including country line dancing        Peopfe of all ages, shapes and sizes,
                                         will be thrown in as well. There are       and Celtic dancing. As well, Joynes as well as various dancing abilities, can
   Do you have two left feet? Stepped also swing classes.                           runs a dance club in Whitby, where her be found at the ballroom and swing
on more toes than you care to remem-        Think you don’t have a need to learn    motto is "Dance is the Spirit of Life."  classes at the college.
ber? Can’t understand why people these dances?                                         Joynes describes dance as being sen-     Everyone has different reasons for
laugh at you when you’re doing what         Well, think about this. These dances    sual, erotic, and fun. She says that taking the classes. These reasons range
you think is the cha-cha at weddings? are always played at weddings, but few        many couples have told her that learn- from getting out of the house, to trying
taking a dance class at Durham College people know how to do them, then             ing to dance together has improved to impress a girlfriend, to just wanting
may be the answer to your ’I got no end up looking mighty silly when they           their relationship.                      to bring a little music into their lives.
rhythm’ blues.                           try. As well, by learning these dances        The instruction Joynes gives is thor-    Classes are offered on Tuesday,
   Many/students attend the college for that require rhythm, skill and flare, you   ough, and covers everything from the Thursday, Friday and Saturday
programs that will help them with a are sure to boost your club-dancing             basics of proper etiquette, to hpw to evenings, with the next round starting
career. However, there are also many style,                                         count out dance steps, to how to let on April 24.
fun and creative continuous learning        Carole Joynes is the dance instructor   your body rise and fall naturally with      The classes run for up to 10 weeks,
classes, such as dance, to spice up non- here at the college. Joynes has been       the music.                               and prices range from $81 to $114,
study time,                              Involved in dance since she was a teen        One thing Joynes’s students are sure depending on the length of the course.
 18 THE CHRONICLE           April 17, 2001

                   CAMPUS NEWS
           Anci ent trails in O shawa
         subj ect of hi stori cal re s earch   ly studying the history of Ontario’s in the United States until after the turn          roads, and the Idea of portaging with a
BY JEREMY LE PAGE                              first people, and -through the insight of of the century.                               Buick or Ford, Is fortunately, out of the
Chronicle stall                                what Powless calls oral history,               Powless’s other suggestions include      question. But (lie use of these similar
   Driving into Oshiiwa on      any rural      research and common sense, they are tlie fact that a large First Nations vil-           routes has changed less than one may
road, jusl as the first daylight appears,      challenging many traditional theories lage called Gantcsctaigon was actually            think over several hundreds of years.
one is reminded of ;i word often for-          on the subject.                             located in Oshawa, Previous sources            As a city, Oshawa has spent a lot of
gotten in the city nature. A few deer              For example, a common belief was claimed it to be near the Houge River in           time and money developing roads and
may cat by tlie edge of a tree line; a red-    the existence of a French trading post I’ickering. The village, Powless says,           rail lines to its surrounding towns and
tail hawk may be perched upon a tele-          on the shore at Oshawa                                     would have been occu-        villages.
phone wire.                                    called tlie Cablne de                                      pied by Seneca people,          Likewise, without these roads, rural
   But by the first traffic light it is all    Plomb. Plomb trans-                                        rather than Huron.           trade would suffer greatly. Areas such
forgotten. There are parking spots to          lates as lead, or shot,         That native                Powless suggests several     as Scugog rely on tourism and business
find, and meetings to attend. There is         suggesting an outlet for                                   reasons for tills, namely    from nearby cities, just as Oshawa itself
only time for a quick coffee, and then         tlie trade of arms and       people were at                the pottery shards and       employs hundreds of people from
one dissolves into the workday like the       ammunition. The 1973          war with each                 certain       descriptive    Scugog itself.
sugar in (lie Styrofoam cup held in one       publication The Secret                                      records from tills time.        "A lot of people come from Oshawa
s hand.                                        Paths of the Trent by        other prior to                   Other inhabitants of      to visit our store," says Valeric Larocca,
   Many hundreds of years ago, it is          researcher Leslie Frost       first contact                 the region to the north      owner of Native Focus in Port Perry.
probable that a First Nations trader also
travelled a similar route; for the key to
                                              supports this idea, and
                                              is one of the few texts                             ?       included a variety of
                                                                                                          bands, such as the
                                                                                                                                       She offers a variety of native arts and
                                                                                                                                       crafts, and has been in business since
any sophisticated system of economy is        available on the topic.                                     Mississauga,         who     1998, after the close of Native
trade, and pre-Europcan inhabitants of            It is a theory, howcv-
the Durham area were miicli more                    that Powfess finds                Gregg  Powless remain day.the areaThe
                                                                                                                   in             to   Perspectives (owned by the Mississauga
                                                                                                                                       of Scugog). Larocca also says several of
comparable to the present population          unlikely. Given his                                         Mississauga Nation is a      her family members worked for
than perhaps once thought.                    studies, if this stock                                      branch of the Ojibwa         General Motors in Oshawa, showing
   In tact, many native routes were pre-      house did exist, he feels it was closer to (Anishnaabee), who migrated from the          that the economies do, In fact, recipro-
sent in the area of modern-day                Darlington Point, farther east of Mississauga River Basin near Sault Saint               cate business.
Durham and its surroundings. These            Oshawa than formerly thought. This Marle. Local historic text suggest that                  Far from diminishing, the trade
pathways, which consisted of water            would have provided an area far this was a result of the fur trade around                between Lake Ontario area residents
and land, extended north to the               enough away from local inhabitants to 1695.                                              and those of the north is as strong as
Scugog basin, and as far east as Rice         maintain protection, while command-            Finally, Powless insists a traditional-   ever, if not stronger.
Lake and Port Hope.                           ing a view of Toronto, or even ly accepted travel route from Oshawa                         Canoes may now be replaced by
  Scugog, which was yet to boast a            Kiny.ton on a clear day.                    Creek to the Scugog region proposes          cars, and walking left to the golf course
lake, was rich with wild rice and cran-          Tne French would not want to hide too many problems, namely an eight                  rather than everyday transportation;
berries, while the Inhabitants of the         a landmark like that, Powless says. to 10 mile portage that was probably                 but the need to create efficient lines of
Oshawa area likely traded with the            Instead, he believes the ideo of the introduced by the French, and not the               trade is still essential.
Ganarasks and other bands of tlie east>       Cabine came from museum records First Nations of the Oshawa region.                         Still, when driving along the road
    "The whole idea that native people        where a man named Benjamin Wilson Harmony Creek, according to Powtess,                   into the city, early enough in the
were at war with each other prior to          claimed to have discovered such a comes to within two miles or so of the                 morning, one may find himself dream-
first contact," researcher Gregg Powless      place in the late 1700s. However, current lakes southern tip, and seems a                ing about those past eras. Nature and
says, is utter hogwash.                       Powless notes that a 1798 census from much more suitable portage.                        its history, for a single moment, may
   Powless and his brother are current-       New York State shows Wilson residing           Today, people have the luxury of          reveal itself as hundreds of years ago.

     Clarington good candidate for new proj ect
   The project involves the town’s nuclear power plant and its supply of tritium
                                     aim is to have Canada chosen                                          believed to be both safe to the     non-toxic gas. The deuterium
  BY DIANNE BOWMAN                   as the host country for fusion                                        surrounding community as            and tritium fuels would fuse
  Chronicle staff                    energy research and develop-          { Iter will be the              well as being environmental-        together to produce fusion
                                     ment. The other countries                                             ly safe.                            energy.
     With the worlds major
  source of tritium, a key ingre-
                                     competing against Canada for          largest brain                      Fusion is the energy source         Scientists have spent bil-
                                     this project are France and                                           that powers the sun. Fusion         lions of dollars over the past
  dient in producing fusion, Japan.                                        gain in Canadian                occurs in the sun when the          50 years trying to make fusion
  Clarington had become an             If Canada wins the bid to           project history .               intense heat and pressure           practical for commercial use. .
  excellent candidate for the host the project then it would                                               cause light atoms to collide            The Iter project originally
  Iter project.                     be located in Clarington. It
     Iter (which stands for will be located between                                               ?        and fuse together. This creates
                                                                                                           heavier atoms and energy is
                                                                                                                                               started in the late 1940’s and
                                                                                                                                               has progressed through many
  International Thermonuclear Darlington                  Nuclear                                          released.                           stages. It is an extension of
  Experimental             Reactor) Generating plant and the                       Dr.Peter Bernard            Fusion energy is created by     the JET (Joint European
  Canada was established in Blue Circle Cement plant in                                                     the energy released when           Torus) project which is locat-
  1997.                             Bowmanville.                        will also bring many advan-         atoms are pushed together in       ed in the United Kingdom
     Its members include indus-        Clarington has many              tages with it.                      contrast with nuclear energy,      and has been operating since
  tries, all levels of government, advantages making It a desir-           The benefits of this project     fission, which splits atoms,        1983.
  labour and post- secondary able site.                                 for Clarington and surround-           As Iter Canada states, the          The original life cycle of
  institutions. It was developed       The major advantage for          ing areas include a boost in        process that will take place in    JET was supposed to be until
  to help locate the Iter project. the area is the world’s only         scientific and technological        Clarington requires precise         199.0, but the project was
  Uer meaning "the way" in adequate supply of tritium, a                education, enhancement of           and controlled operating con-      extended three times to max-
  Latin works with fusion form of hydrogen, is located                  the Canadian profile, oppor-        ditions.                       ~   imize, scientific benefits. It Is
  which is said to be the clean- next door at the Darlington            tunities to Canadian. scien-           If any of the conditions        now scheduled to conclude in
  er energy. So Iter is believed nuclear plant.                         tists to participate in leading    should change the reactors          2002. .
  to be the way to a cleaner             This site is also easily       edge research, help for .the        will shut down. There Is no            It has been successful in
  energy.                           accessible by road, rail, air       economy, 68, 000 person             possibility of an energy           achieving its scientific , tech-
     "Iter is not only a major and water.                               years of employment and the         release or core meltdown in        nological and engineering
  opportunity that will benefit        Canada also provides             attraction of related indus-        the fusion process.                objectives. Her wornd be the
  Canada, but also the last step favourable socio-economlcal            tries. Iter will also bring many       The Iter machine; which Is      second largest (international
  in a huge worldwide program conditions, as well as the                scientists from around the          called the tokamak, needs          research project next to the
  to develop a new cleaner industrial capabilities to build             world who will relocate in          two forms of hydrogen, tri-        space station and. will cost
  energy form for our planet," the project. Canada’s infra-             Durham Region,                      tium       and     deuterium.      approximately $6 billion to
  said    Dr. Peter Barnard the structure already covers                   "Iter will be the largest        Deuterium can be extracted         construct. It will take eight
  founder, chair and CEO of fusion technology.                          brain gain in Canadian pro-         from water. The end product        years to build and will be In
  Iter Canada.                     Not only would Canada                ject history," say Dr; Barnard.     of deuterium-tritium fusion        operation for 20 years, cost
     The organization’s main provide benefits for Iter .but it                This source of energy is      is helium which is natural         ing another $6 billion..
    College offers full-time summer j obs
 Chronicle Staff                         The jobs are available for         Applicants must have been       Jobs are     available at all            Students are encouraged to
                                      Durham College students, buT       a full-time student this semes-    Durham College campuses               come to B205 and speak to a
     For the past three summers       not to Durham University           ter and must be returning in       and arc in many different             financial aid officer to make
  Durham College has been             Centre      students.     Other    the fall as a full-time student.   fields.                               sure they qualify for the pro-
  offering full-time summer           requirements students must            Summer students need not           All of the summer jobs pay         gram.
  employment to students,    i        meet in order to qualify for the   apply because they will not be     the same amount, $10 per                 "I can’t see how anyone can
     "The jobs are intended to be     summer job program includes        available for daytime work.        hour and offer 35 hours per           lose on this program, I think it
* project-based and will                                                                                    week.                                 is so positive for the students,"
                          provide     being able to demonstrate             The last requirement to par-
  students with a broad base of       financial need.                    ticipate in the program: appli-       The list of summer jobs,           said Macdonald.
  )ob experience, hopefully in           "We are trying to give stu-     cants must have a grade point      their descriptions and qualifi-          For more information on
  student-related fields, but it is   dents with the greatest finan-     average of 2.0 at the end of       cations needed, are posted on         the summer employment pro-
  up to the student to choose         cial need an opportunity to        this semester.                     the Work Study/Summer                 gram at Durham College keep
  the job they want," says Lyn        make money to offset educa-           The summer jobs will be         Employment bulletin board             an eye on the Campus Pipeline
  Macdonald, a financial aid          tional     costs,"     explains    starting May 14 and will run       outside      B20S     (Student        or contact Lyn Macdonald at
  officer with Student Services.      Macdonald.                         up to and including Aug 31.        Services).                            721-3111 ext. 2122.

  Committee reviews fate of Newcastle school
 Chronicle stall                      they    need,"    said   Sylvia      "Everything is driven by the upgraded facilities rather than             The     review    committee
                                   Tcrpstra, Superintendent of number of kids we get, and have them bused to a different voted unanimously to recom-
    A local public school Is clos- Schools.                    how you allocate those kids to location," said Terpstra,  mend to the board of educa-
 ing,                                Lockhart Public School has schools is critical," said                    There     arc        currently 28   tion to close Lockliart Public
    No parents or students were no students. It did hold classes Willsher the Kawartha Pine                 portables     ’   in use     at       School.
 in attendance at the public for Junior Kindergarten, Senior Ridge District School Board                    Bowmanville schools and the              If the recommendation is
 meeting held to decide the Kindergarten and Grade 1, but chairman.                                         school board expects enroll-          approved, the board will offer
 fate of Lockliart Public School. these students have been          Several options for the                 ment to increase next year.           the     building      to     the
    The number of empty seats bused to John M. James Public school were analyzed includ-                       The school board’s five-year       Peterborough Victoria
 at this meeting begged the School in Bowmanville since ing keeping the facility open                       capital plan includes a new              N o rt h u m be r l a n d
 question of where were ’:he January.                            and dormant at a cost of                   elementary school for the             Clarington Separate School
 parents      of     the     600     At present, the. school has $10,000 annually,                          Bowmanville area in 2003.             Board, the French Catholic
 Bowmanville students current- no identifiable school commu-        The committee looked at                    The cost to use Lockhart           School Board, the French
 ly being taught in portables.    nity and therefore falls short using the facility as an over-             Public School as an overflow          Public School Board, and the
    They missed <in opportunity of the Ministry of Education flow for Bowmanville are,i                     facility Is projected -at             Ontario Realty Corporation.
 to see their school trustees in funding formula require- enrolment, which is currently                     $102,250 annually, whereas               If none of these boards or
 action.                          ments.                         over the minlstry’rated capaci-            the cost to locate four porta-        the ORC are Interested in the
    Last September, Lockhart        The review committee con- ty and expected to continue                   bles on an existing school site       site at a cost of $1, it will be
 Public School in Newcastle sists of Bob Willsher and that way for the next four                            would be a one-time cost of           made available to other public
 was identified by the Kawartha Nancy Coffin, school board years.                                           $32,000 with an annual main-          Institutions such as the munic-
 Pine Ridge Board of Education trustees from the Municipality       "After seeking input from               tenance cost of $8,000.               ipality, colleges and universi-
 for a review to look at the ,, of Clarington, Terpstra, Joe parents of students, we have                      The savings if Lockhart ties.
 future of the tiny school.       Hubbard, Superintendent of come to the understanding                      Public School was closed           If no interest is expressed in
    "The review is held to make Administrative Services and that they would rather see                      would be $112,328 annually the building by any of these
 sure that the students get the two community representa- children in portables on the                      taking into account its capaci- groups, it will be sold on the
 programs and education that tives.                              site of existing schools with              ty for 98 full-time pupils.     open market.

                                                                                                               Sup er Will
                                                                                                              faces work
                                                                                                              with a smile                      DCSA executive team."
                                                                                                              ELLIS HOPES                          One of the goals Will
                                                                                                                                                wanted to accomplish this
                                                                                                              STUDENTS                          year was to create a stronger
                                                                                                              BECOME MORE                       relationship between the
                                                                                                                                                college and the community.
                                                                                                              ACTIVE IN                         He thinks this was accom-
                                                                                                                                                plished through the many
                                                                                                              THE DCSA                          charity       functions
                                                                                                                                                throughout the year.
                                                                                                              BY RACHEL PATRICK                    Will’s approach is often a
                                                                                                              Chronicle alalf_______            little different from the
                                                                                                                                                norm, like the time that he
                                                                                                                                                dressed in a Superman outfit
                                                                                                                The sound of Will’s             for the Superbuild ground-
                                                                                                              singing preceded him as lie       breaking ceremony.
                                                                                                              sauntered down the hall. He          "Who       better to play
                                                                                                              was late for an interview         Superman      - he is a super
                                                                                                              because lie had driven his        man!" said Green.
                                                                                                              brother home from school. It        It is stunts like this that
                                                                                                              was just one more side trip       attracts attention and has
                                                                                                              in his busy day. Will was         helped him to become well
                                                                              Pliolo by Stephanie Zachailas   doing his juggling act.           known in the community.
   BIG SMILES: Betty-Ann, a big sister and volunteer at the SIster-To-Slster cloth-                             As the former president of         Will ran on the platform
   ing store In Whttby, with her litte sister Sara. They enjoy trips to the mall, rent-                       the Durham College Student        that lie was here to protect
   ing a movie, or grabbing an ice cream.                                                                     Association Will Ellls has        students.
                                                                                                              been busy this past year. He      "I wanted to protect them
                                                                                                              said his biggest challenge from being misled," he said.
 National Volunteer Week                                   A
                                                                                                              this year has been juggling He wanted the students to
                                                                                                              tils time between being a know that the college Is
                                                                                                              full-time student, DCSA reportabic to the students.
                                                                                                              president and holding a part- Will wanted to keep the

 honours those who help                                                                                       time job. Will’s tenure as night and correspondence
                                                                                                              DCSA president Is coming to students more informed
                                                                                                              a close, and he’s still juggling about .what’s going on at the
                                                                                                              and still smiling.                college. He said tliat this was
BY STEPHANIE ZACHARIAS                             viding funding for 40 not-for-profit agencies in               W h e n                                       addressed
Chronicle staff                                    the area. There are ’.WO to 400 volunteers                 asked what                                        t h r o u gh
                                                   working to help raise money for the United                 he consid-                                        C a m p u s
   A battered wife finds support at a local wom-   Way to distribute to the agencies it supports.             ered        his                                   Pipeline
en’s shelter and hopes this bloody nose will be       According to Bob Howard, campaign direc-                b i g g e s t           You’ve got to             where       the
her last. An elderly man who has felt empty        tor for the United Way, all efforts are made to            accomplish-                                       calendar of
and alone for years now has someone to talk        give agencies tlie funds needed, but there is              ment       this
                                                                                                                                  know what’s                   events        is
to. A little girt who hasn’t laughed since her
mom died giggles while she’s baking cookies
                                                   never enough money available. This can be                  past      year,     really going on               posted.
                                                   disappointing for those who volunteer for the              W i l l             with the stu-                    Will com-
with her new friend.                              United Way.                                                 answered,                                         mented on
   These things couldn’t have happened with-         "Probably the number one job I can do is to              "That’s       a     dents, what their the lack of
out the help of volunteers.                       motivate people, to get them to understand,
   April 22 to 28 is National Volunteer Week, a and then to execute," reflects Howard. "We
                                                                                                              tough ques-
                                                                                                              tion."              concerns are.           9     interest on
                                                                                                                                                                the part of
chance to pay a special tribute to the 7.5 mil- say we’re going to help people; let’s go out and                  He called                                     students to
lion Canadians who selflessly ’give their free doit."                                                         Jane Green,                                       hold DCSA
time to those in need. It is also a good oppor-                                                               DCSA office
                                                                                                                                                  Will Ellis
                                                     Big Sister’s is another organization in                                                                    positions.
tunity for those who have been thinking about Durham that is always looking for more volun-                   ma n age r,
volunteering to get out and become Involved. teers.                                                           and       asked                                      "I don’t
    Every day in the Durham Region hundreds          "It’s a big commitment, and not that many                 her what she thought.            know why that Is. I think it’s
of people are helping the more than 300 not- people have that kind of time," says Nicole                          "Getting the DCSA out because they don’t know
for-profit agencies in the area by volunteering. Barbour, support co-ordinator for the local Big              there among the students," that you get paid, although
For some it is four hours a day, for others it is Sisters group.                  .                           said jane. "There’s been it’s not a lot."
a couple of hours a week. However, there is          Potential Big Sisters are required to donate              more people coming in the           Will said that the experi-
still a need for volunteers in this area.         three to four hours per week, for a minimum of              office this year than ever ence gained from the posi-
    The Volunteer Resource Centre for Durham one year. As well, there is also a thorough                      .before."         Will,     still tions looks great on a resume
Region is an organization dedicated to match- screening process, including a visit to the per-                 smiling, quickly agreed.         and sometimes carries more
ing potential volunteers with’agencies in need. son’s home, and interviews with anyone who                        Will .said       that    his weight than a grade point
According to Nancy Burke, manager of the cen- lives there. This is necessary for the protection                approachable manner and average.
tre, there are 55 agencies trying to gain volun- of the little sisters.     Last year out of 130               accessibility have helped           WiYl is hoping the experi-
teers with help from the centre. Volunteers inquires, only 14 new big sisters were found.                      him in his role as president. ence he. gained from his
are able to choose the group they wish to help,      According to Barbour, because of the num-                    "You get to know what’s position as’.iDCSA president
although according to Ontario law all must ber of college students in the area..Big Sisters is                 really going on with the stu- will help him as he leaves
undergo a background check.                       starting a new program in April called Big Sister            dents, what their concerns school and begins his career,
    "Regarding college students, Burke/encour- F6raDay,a chance for people with less time to                   are. I love people and-I love "I’d like to see what I can do
ages them to think of volunteering to help still volunteer.                                                    to talk.       -                 by focusing on just one
with future careers.                                 On the second Wednesday of each month,                       "Students told me that the thing at a time," he said.
    "Any field that you go into, once you grad- activities such as crafts or swimming will be                  high price of food in the           Will took the time to walk
uate from either university or college, you go planned. Barbour urges tliose interested stu-                   cafeteria was a concern, so I the interviewer out of the
to find a job, and they say fine, you’ve got a dents who will be going home for the summer                     went to Beaver Foods and I DCSA office, offer a choco-
diploma but you’ve got no experience," says to start the screening process now, so when                        relayed those concerns. "We late bar from a basket,
Burke. "If you can do volunteering in the field September rolls around they can start.                         arranged Toonie Tuesdays exchange pleasantries with
that you are training in, then you’ve got the        Big Sister’s also runs a clothing store in                and it’s been a big success,"    the office manager, and was
experience to go with the education when it Whitby called Sister To .Sister.. which carries                       Green said; " Will has then scheduled for another
comes to the end and finding something gently used clothing. TheStore is also looking                          worked very hard for all stu- meeting, He was singing
paid."                                        for donations,       ’
                                                                                                               dents this year. The DCSA again. Can Will Ellis :focus
  Two other organizations on the Volunteer       Anyone Interested in volunteering can                         and Durham College are bet- on one thing at a time? It
Resource Centre’s list are the United Way and check out the Volunteer Resource Centre web-                     ter places because of Will doesn’t-appear very likely in
Big Sister’s.                                      siteat, or call at                  Ellis and his hard-working this lifetime.           ,

  The local United Way plays a big part in pro-                                                ;

                                                   (905) 440-4509.                  ,
Indoor tanning is similar to solar
 BY PAULO SANTOS                                People with skin type one always from Club Tan. "Tills is thanks to the                 Moderate exposure to UVB helps
 Chronicle staff                             burn easily and severely, tan little or carefully timed sessions and the differ-        develop a natural barrier in the skin to
                                             not at all, and peel. These are people ent outputs that arc an option in a tan-         protect the body from excessive UV
    Is tanning indoors the same as tan-      most often have fair skin, blue eyes, ning salon."                                      Fight.
 ning out In the sun?                        freckles and their skin is white.          She also went on to say that skin                  However, the Canadian Cancer
    Yes, says a representative for the          People with skin type two usually damage mainly occurs when a person                  Society states it Is Important to note
 Canadian Cancer Society in Toronto.         burn easily and severely, tan minimal- overexposes the skin to UV light,                  this protective barrier has only a sun
    "Both the sun and low pressure tan-      ly or lightly and also peel. These arc whether indoors or out.                            protection factor of three, meaning
 ning beds emit UVA and UVB rays,"           people with fair skin,                                 A person should also               that the skin can be exposed to UV
 she said. UVA and UVB are a combi-          red or blonde hair,                                  wait at least 48 hours               light three times longer than if there is
 nation of ultraviolet light that most       blue, hazel, or even                                   before the next tan-               no barrier.
 effectively produces pigmentation and       brown eyes and their                                    ning session, states the             "It Is so important to remember that
 darkening In the skin. The tanning          skin is white.                 Both the sun            Canadian         Cancer            these benefits occur only with moder-
 process consists of UVB light produc-          People with skin          and low      pres-        Society.                          ate exposure to UV light," the employ-
 ing melanin granules that are later         type three burn mod-                                      The        Canadian            ee at Smart Tan Salons said.
 darkened by UVA light, giving the skin      erately  and tan about       sure tanning               Cancer Society stresses              The Canadian Cancer Society stated
 a dark appearance.                          average. This is the                                    that those selling the            it has a different view on the subject of
    It Is recommended by the Canadian        average      Caucasian      beds emit UVA                 service or products of          benefits being tied to tanning.
 Cancer Society, health departments          with white skin.            and UVB rays.                 artificial tanning arc              "There Is no such thing as a healthy
 and doctors that all exposure, whether
 indoors or outside, be gradual and
                                                People with skin
                                             type four burn mini-                                ?     strongly advised by
                                                                                                       health departments
                                                                                                                                       tan. Tanning parlours and sun lamps
                                                                                                                                       are not a safe way to tan."
 moderate.                                   mally. tan easily and                                     not to declare any            .     From the early 1980s until now the
    "Tanning salon operators should          above average with                 Canadian Cancer        other benefits than             increase in UV from UVA type tanning
 assume the responsibility of helping        each exposure. These          Socic ty represcn ta tive   those of cosmetic               equipment has risen from twice the
 customers to determine their skin           people have white or                                      value.                          amount produced by the sun at noon.
 types, so that a rational decision can      light brown skin, dark                                       With that aside,             to up to 20 times. There is increasing
 be made before sloping under the            brown hair and dark eyes. Their skin however, an employee of Smart Tan                    evidence that overexposure to UVA
 bed," an employee of Club Ta1? In           is white or light brown.                   Salons said that there arc some bene-          may cause skin cancer, particularly
 Oshawa said.                                   People with skin type five rarely fits that cannot be overlooked.                      malignant melanoma as well as aging
    Skin type is a method of determin-       burn, tan easily and substantially.           "Continued ovcrcxposurc to UV               skin. Melanoma is characterized by
 ing a person’s ability to produce           These are people with brown skin,          light, whether inside or out, can cause        the uncontrolled growth of pigment-
 melanin. A person’s skin type is               People with skin type six never burn skin cancer," she mentioned. "But                 producing tanning cells. Excessive
 hereditary and cannot be altered by         and tan profusely. These are African there is no evidence which proves that               overexposure to UV light Is the most
 outside influences. Skin types range        American blacks, Australian and South melanoma is caused by gradual and                   important preventable cause of
 from type one (Albino) to type six          Indian Aborigines and their skin is moderate UV exposure.                                 melanoma as outlined by the
 (African American).                         black.                                        Melanoma is a serious form of skin          Canadian Cancer Society.
    The      Ottawa-Carlcton     Health          "Though for the most part a person cancer that can be fatal. Many derma-                Caucasians with (air skin are four
 Department, and the Canadian Cancer         tans indoors as well as she would out- tologists will                                    times more likely to develop
 Society have charts available outlining     doors, the fair-skinned person has a          acknowledge the need for moderate          melanoma than Caucasians with olive
 the different skin types and their          better chance of achieving some sun exposure, while using sunscreen                      skin.    When detected in its early
 details.                                    colour indoors," says the eit/ployce and sun safety.                                     stages, melanoma is highly curable.

  Passover celebrated by many Canadians
  THE EXODUS                        born,
                                       The’holiday’s name, Pesach,
                                    meaning "passing over" or
                                                                       of this history. The first two
                                                                       nights of the eight-day holiday
                                                                       are celebrated with lavish
                                                                                                           mon and apples that repre-
                                                                                                           sents the mortar that the
                                                                                                           Jewish slaves used to assemble
                                                                                                                                               es of wine are poured to repre-
                                                                                                                                               sent the four stages of exodus:
                                                                                                                                               freedom; deliverance, redemp-
                                    "protection" In Hebrew, is                                                                                 tion and release. A fifth cup is
  REMEMBERED                        derived from the instructions
                                                                       meals called seders in which
                                                                       the stories and history of
                                                                                                           the Pharaoh’s bricks.
                                                                                                              The parsley and the roasted      poured and placed on the
                                    God gave to Moses.                 Passover are told.                  egg are reminders of the            seder table. This is an offering
                                       To encourage the Pharaoh           "What Passover means to          springtime, and the parsley is      for the Prophet Elijah. The
BY SHELAH BROOKS                    to free the Israelites, God        me and what it means to the         dipped in salt water as a           door to the home is left open
Chronicle staff                                                                                                                                during the seder to invite the
                                    intended to kill the first-born    Jewish people at the same time      reminder of the tears of the
                                    of both man and beast. The         is that It is a festival holiday    Jewish slaves.                      prophet in.
   With smiles and laughter,        Israelites were instructed to      which commemorates, histori-           The shank bone is symbolic         During the       seder, the
Jewish families gathjer around      mark their dwellings with lam-     cally, the exodus of the chil-      of the sacrificial lamb offering.   Haggadah,     the book of
the table to commemorate the        b’s blood so that God could        dren of Israel from oppression      The bone can come from              Exodus, is read and the history
exodus of their people from         identify and pass over their       In Egypt." said Rabbi Howard        whatever the family is eating.      celebrated with its stories,
Egypt 3,000 years ago. The          homes.                             Morrison of Beth Emeth Bais         such as the leg bone of a roast     songs and prayers. The
holiday Passover, still celebrat-      By the time the last plague     Yehuda        Synagogue       in    turkey,                             youngest child at the table
ed today, is in remembrance of      was endured by the Egyptians,      Toronto.                               The bitter herbs, freshly        answers the four questions
the Israelites escape from slav-    the Pharaoh finally agreed to         There are many strict rules      grated horseradish, reflects the    asked at Passover. These ques-
ery.                                freedom. The Israelites left       during Passover, with only          bitter affliction of slavery.       tions are designed to make the
   This year Passover was cele-     their homes so quickly there       special food, dtshware and sil-        Also at the centre of the        children curious and want to
brated April 8,. and lasted until   wasn’t even enough time to         verware being used. The dish-       seder table are three pieces of     ask questions themselves
April 16. The eight days in         bake their breads, so raw          ware and silverware, stored for     matzo in a matzo cover (a           about Passover.
which the holiday is celebrat-      dough was packed for the jour-     the rest of the year, are taken     cloth sleeve or envelope).             The Haggadah itself stresses
ed commemorates the 40 years.       ney. As they fled through the      out of storage, cleaned and         Before the meal begins, the         the importance of the seder as
it took the .’Israelites to cross   desert of Egypt, they would        used during the eight days.         middle matzo is removed and         "a spectacle meant to excite
the Egyptian’ desert and reach      quickly bake the dough in the         In the days leading up to        broken In half. One half is         the interest and the curiosity
their promised land.                hot sun into crackers called       Passover, the house is cleaned      returned to the matzo cover         of the children."
   According to the book of         matzos.                            of all yeast foods, called          while the other half, called the       "For many, many adult Jews
Exodus, a simple Jewish shep-          Though they were now free,      hametz. It is either eaten or       Afikomen, is hidden to be           today, their most memorable
herd named Moses was                the Pharaoh’s army chased the      given to non-Jewish friends or      hunted by the children at the       Passover experience takes
instructed by God to go to the      Jews through the desert            neighbours.                         end of the seder meal.              them back to their childhood,
Pharaoh, Ramses II, and             towards the Red Sea, where            For the seder, there is a spe-      "It becomes kind of the          sitting around with their par-
demand the freedom of his           they were trapped. At that         cial centerpiece, that is used.     Jewish hide-and-seek," said         ents and their relatives as they
people. Moses was ignored,          point, a miracle occurred. The     the seder plate, which con-         Morrison. "And the whole            were growing up," said
and he warned the Pharaoh           waves of the sea parted and        tains the five foods that are a     purpose of that is to peak the      Morrison. "Passover is consid-
that God would punish the           the Jews were able to reach the    reminder of the struggles of        involvement of the children."       ered one of the most family-
people of Egypt if he didn’t        other side. As soon as they had    the Israelites in the quest and        The child who finds the          oriented holidays where peo-
free the Israelites. Moses was      all safely reached the other       journey to freedom.                 Afikomen wins a special prize.      ple will come together even if
again ignored.                      side, the sea closed, trapping        Haroseth, parsley dipped in      Some homes break the                they don’t live near each other
   As a result of ignoring the      the Pharaoh’s army in the          salt water, roasted egg, shank      Afikomen into many pieces           anymore, to be together for
pleas of Moses, God punished        waves.                             bone and bitter herbs are those     assuring that each child pre-       those days."
the Egyptians with 10 plagues,         At this time, the Israelites    five foods.                         sent can find a piece and              The seder is finished when
Including blood, frogs, hall        realized they were finally free.      Haroseth is a mixture of         receive a prize.                    the children have found the
and the slaying of the first-          Passover Is the celebration     chopped walnuts, wine. cinna-          During the seder, four glass-    Afikomen and everyone has
                                                                                   US          NEWS
                                                                                                                delivers cash relief
                                                                                                                for home heating
                                                                                                           BYTANIAHENVEY                      and demand and prices can
                                                                                                          Chronide staff                      fluctatc.
                                                                                                                                                  "Natural gas has been
                                                                                                                                              increasing with the sus-
                                                                                                             The Canadian government          tained economic growth in
                                                                                                          lias introduced a one-time, tax-    Canada and the United
                                                                                                          free payment that provides relief   States, This rising demand,
                                                                                                          from increasing heating expens-     in turn, has led to increasing
                                                                                                          es to low and modest income         commodity prices for gas,"
                                                                                                          families.                           stated the National Energy
                                                                                                             "’the government is deliver-     Board (NEB).
                                                                                                          ing on its promise to provide           In addition, storage levels
                                                                                                          timely relief from higher-than-     in Canada arc high, but the
                                                                                                          normal heating costs to those       levels in the United States
                                                                                                          who need it most. This repre-       have decreased since last
                                                                                                          sents a direct benefit to more      year. This has raised concern
                                                                                                          than 11 million Canadians,"         about the supply and
                                                                                                          said Christopher Brooks, special    demand for the United
                                                                                                          assistant to Oshawa MP Ivan         States and has placed pres-
                                                                                                          Grose.                              sure on prices. With only
MOTHER OF MURDER VICTIM: Brenda Coplthorn’s daughter was brutally murdered                                   Anyone who receives the          one market covering the
and now her murderer Is serving a life sentence in a beautiful condo style pod.                           GST/HST credit from a 1999          continent, Canadian gas
Brenda wants to Inform other families about where some murder convfcts-serve                              income tax return will receive      prices are also determined by
time.                                                                                                     the Relief for Heating Expenses     the United States’s demand
                                                                                                          (RHE).                              for gas.
                                                                                                             The RHE Is $125, however if         "Residential consumers,
Condominium lifestyle                                                                                     one is married or living com-
                                                                                                          mon-law, an additional $125
                                                                                                          will be paid.
                                                                                                             Those who are single and
                                                                                                                                              of course, have virtually no
                                                                                                                                              near-term alternatives, apart
                                                                                                                                              from reducing consumption,
                                                                                                                                              as they are restricted by

for convicted murderers                                                                                   living with a child will
                                                                                                          receive an additional $125.
                                                                                                          And each family can receive
                                                                                                          a maximum of $250.
                                                                                                             "Even if you rent your
                                                                                                                                              installed fixtures furnaces,
                                                                                                                                              hot-water heaters and appli-
                                                                                                                                              ances," the NEB stated.
                                                                                                                                                   High demand and higher
                                                                                                                                              prices will send a message to
BY AMY BURTON                                                                                             home, the RHE is deter-             the gas company to Increase
Chronlcal staff                    real world," Copithorn says.        Moreover, although he was          mined only by the 1999              production. Once this
                                   "Rob was only a few months          involved in the Wh^by riot         income tax return. There            occurs, consumers should
   Brenda Copithorn, mother        into his term when he was           that left one officer injured,     were no other forms to fill         see a drop in prices, accord-
of murder victim Jennifer          moved there."                       there was no conviction which      out," Shepherd said.                ing to the NEB.
Copithorn, is urging the fami-        Glen      and        Brenda      meant Appleton could not be          According    to           the        "While the gas commodi-
lies of murder victims to be       Copithorn. with the help of      punished.                             Canadian National       Energy      ty prices would appear to be
alert to the fact that many        Dan McTeague, Liberal MP            Copithorn said Fenbrook is          Board, higher prices are a         near the top of their current
criminals are serving life sen-    from Pickering-Ajax, were able   "okay for the right people,"           result of the rising demand        cycle, it is possible they could rise
tences in minimum or medi-         to get Appleton moved to         but not for Appleton.                 .for natural gas.                   further before declining," the
um-security prisons.               Warkworth        prison     in     Brenda Copithorn adds:                  Natural gas in North            NEB said.
   Jennifer Copithorn was bru-     Campbellford, Ont., a tougher "There is no deterrent at                 America does not depend on            With the rising costs of gas
tally murdered Aug. 3, 1998.       medium-security        prison. Fenbrook. It is a place to help          separate local and regional        prices, the federal government is
Her killer, Robert Appleton,       Appleton is being held in a cell inmates move back into soci-           markets, but instead consists      attempting to make the
was sent to Fenbrook, a newly-     awaiting an assessment as to ety."                                      of only one market that sup-       increase easier for those that
built, medium-security prison,     whether he should be moved         Although there is a segrega-         plies the continent.               need it the most with the
four months into his 25-year       to a maximum-security prison. tion unit in the facility,                   Prices are determined on        RHE cheques which were
sentence.                             Copithorn said federal inmates do not serve a lot of                 the open market by supply          sent out starting Jan. 31.
    In a recent interview.         Solicitor General Lawrence time in these cells. It is a pun-
Copithorn described Fenbrook       MacAulay admited a mistake ishment room in case the
as a "beautiful facility."         had been made and said he is        inmate is not following orders.
 Unlike many prisons where         not in the habit of putting first      Copithorn is amazed at the
inmates are kept in cells, at      degree murders in a place like      amount of murders that are
Fenbrook, each inmate lives in     that.                               sent to minimum or medium-
one of the 12 unit, condo style       Barry Dixon of the National      security prisons, and the fami-
pods.                              Parole Board, said in a recent      lies of the victims are not even
  Copithorn, who was given a       Interview "security classifica-     aware. She said there are "tons
tour of the prison in              tions have changed since his        of cases" like hers, where the-
November, said each room has       case       became       public."    family thinks justice is done,
"carpeted floors, painted          MacAulay recently announced         the killer has been sentenced
walls, a bed and a desk for the    any first or second degree mur-     and Is going to jail for a long
inmate to use."                    derers will have to spend a         time.
   Inmates also have" the          minimum of two years in a              One case in particular
option of going to the "bagel      maximum-security facility."  involved OPP officer Tom
shop and supermarket" also           A document released by the Coffin who was murdered by
located inside the prison,         National Parole Board states former fire captain Allan
   Lucie McClung, the com-         the only convicted criminals MacDonald. MacDonald was
missloner of corrections,          who will be sent to a maxi- sent to Fenbrook only eight
insists Fenbrook is not as         mum-security prison are those months into his sentence.
relaxed as it seems. In a recent   who cause "frequent or major The Coffin opposed that deci-
published report, McClung          difficulties causing serious sion and MacDonald was
said if the prisoners wantec? lo   institutional adjustment prob- transferred    to Joyceville
escape they would have to          lems and requiring significant prison, a high-level, medium-
cross "two wire fences topped      constant management inter- security prison.
with razor wire, escape sound      vention," as well as inmates      Most families of murder vic-
and motion detectors and           who need "constant and direct tims, are unaware that out of
elude      perimeter vehicle       supervision" and display "an the "300 people held in
patrols."                          uncooperative attitude toward Fenbrook," Copithorn said,
  Copithorn disagrees with         institutional programs and "80 of them are lifers."
McClung’s view of Fenbrook.        staff."                           When asked what. she
   "Fenbrook is for criminals         Copithorn said Appleton would like most, Copithorn
who have served three quar-        "got along with all the said of her daughter’s killer
ters of their sentence, and are    inmates very well" therefore "I’d like to see him in a maxi-
preparing to go back to the        he was not seen as a risk. mum-security prison,"
                                                                                                                        THE CHRONICLE            April ! 7, 2001   23


 C ontrol the cannib al in you
                                             vegetarian diet slowly while others        family is not vegan or vegetarian for     the book Vegetables Rock: a complete
BY JENNIFER LEE                              take the plunge and quit meats cold        that matter, but they have stood by       guide for Teenage Vegetarians, she
Chronicle start
                                             turkey.                                    my side through the tough times,"         says, "To make it all work, you need to
   Welcome to tlie real world, wlierc           Mackenzie was one person who-           says Carter.                              be realistic, you need to be flexible,
the arches arc golden, take out is finger    took the plunge. At the age of 15 she         According to Carter: "India has to     you need to be creative, you need to
licking fried, and the cows are all mad,     decided to cut out animal products         be the best place for vegetarian foods,   read labels, and you need to believe
    In many ways there’s never been a        entirely and take on the lifestyle of a    and not just because they consider        that you can survive in a vegetarian
better time to be a vegetarian. It is def-   vegan.                                     cows sacred. They have the best           challenged society."    ’

initely the wave of the future, but the          I’m not going to say it was a recipes and the most exotic spices                    Tile web site says if you
present hasn’t quite caught up.              breeze, because it wasn’t. It was diffi- which help in making foods that are         are nervous about going vegetarian,
   With the increasing number of peo-        cult to wake up everyday and sec my normally bland, fun and tasty." She              try meat impostors like veggie burgers
ple cutting out animal products and          family eating eggs, bacon, sausage and also adds that Spain is another great         made out of soy and other meatless
the subsequent rise in products cater-       having butter and ice cream, I had to place for good food and recipes along          Ingredients.
ing to their needs, going vegetarian         adjust, and that is just what I did. I witli Japan and Taiwan.                          Dietician Angela Primes from
has never been easier.                       began to go grocery shopping with my        There Is no shortage of vegetarian       Toronto says that although a vegetari-
   There are hundreds of healthy, deli-      mother more and I also began helping foods to help make the transition. In           an diet lacks protein In comparison to
cious vegetarian foods to fit every          to prepare dinner. Every meal 1 threw fact, most of the food we eat is vegan.        the diet of a meat eater, it is possible
taste.      In choosing a vegetarian         something into my family’s dinner           In Frances Moore’s book Diet for a       for people to make up for this liugc
lifestyle, people will discover foods        that was vegan whether it was bread Small Planet, she says "What we cat is           loss.
they love, and feel at peace knowing         that didn’t contain whey or a salad within our control, yet the act ties us             She says, that (lie best way to do
that the diet is cruclty-lree.               with a home-made vegan dressing."        to the economic, political and ecologi-     that is by supplementing one’s diet
   If, for various reasons, people decide         Others remove the animal prod- cal order of the whole planet. Even an           with protein pills and lots of green
to try out the lifestyle of a vegetarian,    ucts from their diet and replace them apparently small change consciously            vegetables.
the first thing they’re probably won-        with plant foods with which they are choosing a diet that is good for both              "Lettuce and broccoli are two of the
dering is, how hard is it going to be?       already acquainted.                      our bodies and for the earth can lead       best vegetables for protein supple-
   "The Important thing to remember             Still others concentrate on experi-     to a series of choices that transform     menting, and it doesn’t hurt that they
is to make the change at your own            menting with entirely new vegetarian       our whole lives."                         taste great." Primes adds that a person
pace and only make changes you feel          foods, often International              Carter took this approach on vege-     can get the best of both worlds by eat-.
comfortable with. While reducing             cuisines.                                  tarianism, "If I don’t eat people or my   Ing lettuce and broccoli together in a
your consumption of animal products             Vegan Christine Carter, a native of     dog, because they have a tace, why        salad.
completely may be ideal, any reduc-          Ottawa, says tliat international foods     should I eat a cow?"                         In her book Pierson offers this final
tion Is a step In the right direction,"      offer the best vegan options and have        She also added that she has never       advice to people thinking about taking
says health food specialist and practis-     tL’e best tastes.                          seen anything wrong with what slic        the plunge into a meat free diet,
ing fruitarian Sarah Mackenzie from             "This past summer my family and I       has chosen (or herself. Slie believes     "Vegetables are going to be your
Hamilton.                                    went on a trip around Europe and           that in helping those less fortunate      friends, and my advice to you Is: Dig
   In starting the transition to a vege-     Asia. We had the best time sampling        (the animals) she has also helped her-    them. Cultivate them. Get to know
tarian diet, there are a few different       new cuisines and learning why other        self.                                     them.       Vegetables will be your
strategies. Some people shift into a         cultures cut meat out of their diets. My      According to Stephanie Pierson in      friends."
24 THE CHRONICLE           Aprin7, 2001

                                                         CAMPUS MEWS
                                                    Mutual Funds                                                                                  DC club
   Students invest in their futures                                                                                                            Christians
 Chronicle stall
                                    and contributes $2,000 a year ing young is that the money
                                    through age 26 and Lisa starts you have invested will not be
                                    investing at age 27 and con- at your disposal. The advan-
                                                                                                          Williams at Dynamic.
                                                                                                             Williams believes that the
                                                                                                          way mutual funds are market-
                                    tributes $2,000 a year tages, however, outweigh the                   ed, they show everything to
    More risky than a bank          through age 65.                  disadvantages.                       be long term and mostly             BY JODY TAIT
 account, but with better earn-         Both earned 10 per cent in      For one, investing provides       geared towards retirement.          Chronicle stall
 ing potential, mutual funds        compound annual returns, education for young people,                  But retirement isn’t the only
 arc a great way for young peo-     but because of those few extra and tlie investment will grow          thing that mutual funds arc
 ple to save their money.           years of compound growth, and leave a lot of money to be              good for.                               Need to have a little
    By putting any amount of        Paul will end up                                   able       to          For young people, especial-     more Christianity In your
 money, even $25 a month,           with $1,035,160                                    *’**»     j
                                                                                                      i   ly those sllTl thinking about       life? Then why not join
 into a mutual fund for five        at age 65, while      -                               Lor n a         what they want to do for a          (he      Durham College
 years at an interest rate of 10    Lisa will have                                     Capucho. a         living and not about retire-        Christian Club?
 per cent per year, that invest-    $883,185 at age          We as mutual              financial          ment, mutual funds are good            The Salvation Army of
 ment would be worth                65.                  fund carriers                 analyst at         for just saving money and           Oshawa, which Is running
 $2,014.68 by the end of five          According to                                    Dynamic,           earning interest with it.           the club, developed the
 years.                             Investmen t          should change                 be l i eves           Say the plan is to buy a car     concept two years ago
   The most frequently asked        Funds           of   the way it                    t h c r e          in five years. If you put           when a member of the
 question, especially by stu-       Canada, a cer-                                     should be a        $2,000 a year for five years        church who had recently
 dents who don’t   know much        tain amount of       is marketed                   mandatory          Into a mutual fund, by the          moved from Barbados to
 about saving pas^ their bank       risk is involved.                           y      course in          time you buy the car you            Canada was attending
 account, is "what is a mutual     The element of                                      high school        could have $13,431.22, a siz-       Durham College.
 fund?" The simple answer Is       risk         varies                                 w h i c h          able downpayment.                      She really didn’t know
 that a mutual fund is a pool      depending on                   Glcnn Williams       tea ch es             Mutual tunds are also good       anyone, and had no one
of money invested on behalf        tlic types of                                       young peo-         for are saving for weddings,        to share her interests with.
of investors.                      investments in                                                         college or university, a house,        The club officially had
   That is, the money used to      the         funds.                                  in vesting         a boat, a vacation, or even for     its first meeting Jan, 19 of
buy a mutual fund is put           Generally, it can be assumed and the power of compound                 a first baby. Whatever the rea-     this year, and has a Bible
togetlicr with the money of        that tlic higher the risk, the interest. Many others at                son, mutual funds are there         study every week at lunch
others who have bought that        better the investment should Dynamic feel the same way.                to help save and ’earn .it the      in room K10, along with a
same fund to create a pool of      perform.                            When many of them were             same time.                          fellowship night every
money which is then invest-            Risky investments have to in school, there wasn’t even                For a student or young per-      other Friday where the
ed in the companies or prod-       pay off for investors or no so much as advertisements in               son thinking about investing,       entire group goes out for a
ucts that you chose.               one would buy them.              tlic newspaper trying to              the advice that Chris               casual night of fun.
   "Invest early and invest           Most mutual funds, how- attract investors and as a                  Nickerson gives is to invest in        Jim Burkett, who has
often,"      advises     Chris     ever, control risk to some result, they didn’t start                   something that interests the        been a youth pastor. for
Nickerson, regional vice-pres-     extent because they are diver- investinn until later on in life.       individual.                         the Salvation Army for
ident of Dynamic Mutual            sified. That means they invest       But h’Aw can young people           "If you arc Interested in         over a year and is also
l-’unds In Toronto. "The more       in a large number of invest- be attracted to mutual funds,            technology, invest in tech-         helping to run the club
money you put away when             ments at the same time and want to put their money                    nology," says Nickerson,            saidf"Somc of the purpos-
you’re young, the better off       spreading out the impact if away?                                      Chances are the investment          es of the club are to bring
you’ll be at a later age."         any one of the investments          "We as mutual fund carri-          you choose will also be of          any Cliristians from the
   For example, Paul invests       should lose money.               ers should change the way it          interest to others and will         college to join, and. even
in a mutual fund at age 19             The disadvantage to invest- is marketed," said Glenn               have good numbers.                  others       who      aren’t
                                                                                                                                              Christians that may have
                                                                                                                                              questions or misconcep-
                                                                                                                                              tions        about     what

 Leasing or buyin a car
 BY RACHEL PATRICK                            ers go, GM realizes that you’re just out of         Dealerships generally finance used
                                                                                                                                              Christianity is all about."
                                                                                                                                                 Burkett, who is also a
                                                                                                                                              soldier with the church,
                                                                                                                                              has been working with
                                                                                                                                              youth for the past four to
                                                                                                                                              five years, and looks after
 Chronicle staff                              college and that you probably haven’t            cars and often have a lower finance rate       the youth at the church,
                                              financed anything before, so they’ll give        than banks.                                    by providing outreach
                                              graduates a break on the lease, as far as        "We will shop around to get you the best       programs, new programs
    To buy or to lease? New or used?          what you need to qualify."                       rate," said Stewart. "Because of our vol-      within the community
 These are questions car buyers are faced        The basic difference between buying           ume as a dealership, banks will usually        and pastor care and visita-
 with at some point in their lives. Many      and leasing is that by buying, the pur-          give us a better rate than they’ll give        tion for those who need it.
 graduates will be facing these questions     chaser will eventually own the car, but          you." Interest rates available from the           The club right now
 soon, as they enter the workforce and        with leasing, the dealer continues to            dealer are sometimes two per cent below        consists of about 12 mem-
 need transportation to their new jobs.       own it. With leasing, the lessee only            bank interest rates. All paperwork can         bers, and is hoping more
     Before going to look for a car, gradu-   pays for the portion of the vehicle’s orig-      be arranged through the dealer.                people will join.
 ates should do some homework. They           inal value that is used, which is the                Leasing can be arranged on used cars,         Burkett said, "The fel-
 should figure out how much they can          amount that it depreciates over, the term        as well as new ones. Any balance of fac-       lowship night is some-
 afford for a down payment, and how           of the lease. For example, if a car that         tory warranties available on the car can       thing the club really
 much they can afford to pay monthly.         costs $20,000 is leased and it is worth          be transferred to the new owner.               enjoys because it brings
 They shouldn’t forget to take into con-       $13.000 after 24 months of leasing, only            If there is no warranty left on the        others together and peo-
 sideration the graduate rebate offered by     the $7,000 difference, plus interest is         vehicle, most dealerships will offer a 30-     ple get to make new
 General Motors. The rebate is available       paid for. When buying, the entire car is        day 50/50 warranty. This means that if         friends."
 to anyone graduating from a two-year          paid for. This is why leasing offers lower      anything goes wrong with the car dur-             The club will break for
 college program, or a three-year univer-      monthly payments than buying.                   ing the first 30 days, the dealer will split   the summer months, but
 sity degree program, between May 1,               Leasing enables a person to get more        the cost of repairs with the purchaser.        will begin again in
 1998 and December 31, 2001.General            car for the money and drive a brand new              Stewart has this advice for graduates     September;
 Motors will rebate $1,000 on a new GM         car every three or four year. Stewart said      looking to obtain their first vehicle:             This is when members
 vehicle.                                      87 per cent of the vehicles that move off       "Stay within your budget. Everyone              are planning to have a big
    In order to process the GM rebate,         the dealer’s lot are leased. Most people        would like that 4X4 with all the options,       celebration tor the club so
 according to Scott Stewart, a salesman at     choose a lease that coincides with the          but you can’t always afford it. Rather          that more people will be
 Cowan Pontiac Buick, the dealer               length of the manufacturer’s warranty.          than getting a 10-year-old truck because        aware of it, and what it Is
 requires either a copy of a diploma, or a     If something major goes wrong with the          you can afford it, and having all kinds of      all about.        :
 transcript of marks. To process financ-       car. It’s always covered and there are          problems with it, and constantly                   This club is free to join,
 ing arrangements, the dealer will require fewer maintenance worries.                          putting money into it; buy something            and Is open to anyone
 a driver’s license and a recent pay stub as     Low interest rates on both vehicle            small; orand new, with a full warranty.         who may have questions
 proof of income. It is a good Idea to purchases and leases are usually offered                Lease it for three years. It’s cheaper and      or concerns.
 have a co-signer lined up if one has around Christmas each year, which                        it’s better In the long run.",                     "This has been our first
 never had credit before In case It is nec- coincides with the end of a model year.                Buy or lease? New or used? Everyone’s       year of the club and It was
 essary to complete the financing. Under There is usually less selection, but better           situation is different. Ask someone trust-      successful, so maybe when
 the GM graduate program a co-signer financing deals available. Stewart said, "                worthy to recommend a dealer or sales-          we start’again in the fall
 may not be necessary.                        If you’re not fussy on colour or options,        person. Driving to that new job may             we will have many more
     Stewart said, "As far as first time buy- that’s the time to buy."                         become a reality very soon.                    .people who want to join’
                                                                                                                                               the club," said Burkett ;
School, work a tough balancing act
BY TIM BYDAL                           "Time management is a big                                           four hours a night, four to five  stocking shelves about 10 to
Chronicle Staff                      thing for me, I find that it                                          days a week at Casey’s Sports     15 hours per week. He has
   Attending college or univer-
                                     works very well." She said.
                                        With      time-management
                                                                          -ment ismanage-
                                                                                   a big
                                                                                                           Bar and Grill in Kitchener, as a about two hours of homework
                                                                                                           line cook.                        per night, but he gets most of
sity can be a lot for a student      one could prioritize what                                                 When asked if he ever takes it done on his 20 minute break
to handle. Maintaining a
respectable grade point aver-
                                     needs to be done for that day
                                     and include any scheduled
                                                                          thing for me, I                  homework to work with him, and the rest when lie gets
                                                                                                           he said, "most of the time yes I home. He says there was no
age can takes hard work and          hours of work. A dally planner       find that it works               do," but when it comes to stress where lie works.
dedication.                          or an electronic organizer           very well.       «               actually having the time to do       "You can basically work at
   But when a student wants          would be something to Invest                                          it such as on his break, he said, your own pace," he said.
to be able to enjoy the week-        in to keep track of any assign-                                       "I’m lucky to even get a break "Usually the boss Isn’t even
ends, or own a vehicle, earn-        ments, tests, or projects that                                        some nights, it’s that busy there."
ing an Income is usually the         are due.                                       Lyn McDonald           there, and when I do get a           What if students were to
way to do it. A part-time job Is        "1 myself use an electronic                                        break I don’t feel like doing only look for jobs with a slow-
then added to the already busy       organizer, and I carry a journal                                      anything but just sitting there er pace, where they are guar-
life a college student leads.        with me," said MacDonald.             easier then others. The easi-   and relaxing. You’re constant- anteed at least one 15-minuto
   However, being able to jug-       "And they work very well I         er jobs, such as pumping gas or    ly moving so you get pretty break per shift, there is no
gle the two and do it success-       also carry with me a tape          bagging groceries are among        tired."                           stress Involved, and the boss is
fully takes away most of the         recorder because I sometimes       the jobs that most students are        "To a certain point tills has never around? Would this
spare time a student may have        get thoughts that I can’t write    not working.                       affected my grades a little, but help keep their focus on only
to do assignments, study for         down on paper, like when I’m          "It’s amazing how many          it hasn’t gotten out of hand," school? Barton doesn’t think
tests and work on projects. The      In the car."                       students are working in high       he said. "I spoke to my boss so.
student must then come up               It’s essential, however, to     stress environments, like          recently and explained to him        "For most students it’s not
with a way to complete atl           remember not to over sched-        restaurants." says Steve Van       my situation. We have recent- that easy," said Barton, "and
assignments on time, and still       ule too much work for one          Alien, a student of Conestoga      ly worked something out so most aren’t that lucky.
be able to work part-time as         day. MacDonald says, "It’s         College In Kitchener Ont.          my focus can get back to             For most, they have no
well.                                important to be realistic about        An example of a student        school 100 per cent, but I will choice where they are going to
   Lyn MacDonald Is a mem- how much work you can                        working in a high stress envi-     still continue to work there,"    work, they simply must have
ber of the Student services accomplish in one day. Don’t                ronment is Daniel Dove, a first        Rob      Barton      attends some kind of an income com-
department     at   Durham schedule too much, you have                  year computer-programming          Algonquin College in Ottawa, ing in to pay for all the things
College. MacDonald works full to know your limits."                     student at Conestoga College       majoring in small engine necessary
time. and takes two University          Different students have dif-    in Kitchener, Ont. Averaging       repair. He works part-time for       for the very busy and
courses at night during the          ferent jobs while they arc         about two hours of homework        a grocery store right around expensive school year, and of
week.                                going to school, arvl some are     per night, Dove also works         the corner from his house, course the luxuries,"

Teachers are being put to the test
BY ANDREA REDDY                                                                                                                                  first phase of the teacher test-
Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                                  ing program began last fall
  ;   All   new   graduates    of                                                                                                                when Ontario introduced a
Ontario teachers’ college, and                                                                                                                   Innymigc proficiency test for
teachers trained outside of                                                                                                                      new teachers who took tlieir
Ontario, .will have to take a                                                                                                                    training outside Ontario in a
qualifying test starting next                                                                                                                    language other than frcnch or
year.                                                                                                                                            t’nglish.
   The         comprehensive                                                                                                                         Another campaign promise
teacher-testing program was                                                                                                                      was to make schools safer for
promised by the Ontario gov-                                                                                                                     students and teachers. The
ernment in 1999 to ensure                                                                                                                        province plans on buckling
that all teachers have the up-                                                                                                                   down on criminal checks for
to-date skills, training and                                                                                                                     all school board employees.
knowledge.                                                                                                                                          "It’s another due diligence
  "The teacher testing pro-                                                                                                                      step to better protect kids,"
gram is something that we                                                                                                                        said Ecker.
said in the last’s a                                                                                                                  The criminal check will be
campaign commitment/’said.                                                                                                                       for all school board employees
Education Minister Janet Ecker                                                                                                                   with access to children, not
in a recent interview. "If we                                                                                                                    just teachers.
were elected we would bring a                                                                                                                       "Any children agency’s and
teacher testing program...that                                                                                                                   organizations who do work
would assess and evaluate not                                                                                                                    with children have require-
only knowledge, but skills and                                                                                                                   ments for criminal reference improve student                                                                                                                     cliccks for their employees
learning....It is very similar in                                                                                                                and their volunteers," said
concept to a lawyer’s bar                                                                                                                        Ecker. "It is not an unusual
exam.                                                                                                                                            request."
   The program is based on                                                                                                                          Sproul agrees that there is a
what is happening in other                                                                                                                       need for criminal reference
countries and other jurisdic-                                                                                                                    checks in the teaching profes-
tions according to Ecker.                                                                                                Pholo by Andrea Reddy   sion.
   "We looked at what works                                                                                                                         "I totally agree with (the
there and .at best practices           TAKING THE TEST: A teacher assists a student during a test. Soon the teachers                             criminal reference checks), but
from other jurisdictions."             will be taking the students’ seats to do the same.                                                        there needs to be consistency
   Ecker does not want to this                                                                                                                   because right now there isn’t."
test to be thought of as a way       ates have been given the           by completing some required        incorporate into your curricu-           The inconsistency that
to put down teachers in              opportunity to learn that stuff    courses and professional           lum."                                 Sproul refers to is the various
Ontario.                             then it is fine." she said.        development activities that           "If we have to take a test         prices for the check. The price
   "This in no way was                  Tony Leong, another             will include written tests and     obviously it’s them (the gov-         differs depending where
designed, nor should it be           teacher at Bliss Carman was        assessments.                       ernment) that have the prob-          teachers are required to obtain
interpreted as, a statement          not as supportive.                    "The requirements the           lem. They should supply the           their criminal check from.
about teachers today," said             "It’s better to have someone    teachers are racing are no dif-    test for us, we shouldn’t have           Cathy Inglis, ’ a newer
Ecker "We have many excel-           come in and evaluate by sit-       ferent than what health pro-       to put anything forth money           teacher’at Bliss Carman, had
lent teachers...! have had           ting In on a class," said Leong    fessionals are facing," said       wise. There’s already a concern       to obtain a criminal
many in my life, and met             "I know people who haven’t         Ecker "(Doctors) have differ-      that we’re being underpaid to            reference check within the
many in my job as education         done well In school, but are        ent kinds of mandatory             begin with, and now you want          last year.
minister."                          excellent teachers. There are       requirements to stay up to         us to go spend more money to             "When we did It (the crimi-
   Teachers have mixed emo-         scientists who are doing well,      date."                             be. more qualified. Why               nal check) there was some
tions on the test. Janlne           but aren’t very good teachers,"        The teachers are worried        would we want to be in this           confusion about consistency
Sproul, a teacher at Bliss             The government also plans        about wlio’s going to pay for      profession?"                          and how the police check was
Carman Senior Public School to introduce proposals requir-              this re-certification.               The qualification test Is one       done." she said. The test only
in : Scarborough, thinks the ing all teachers in Ontario be                "That        makes     total    piece of a large comprehensive        cost Inglis $10, but cost her
test Is fine as Hong as it is fair. re-certified every five years.      sense/’sald Sproul, "you’re get-   program being phased In over          friend $40, Neither had a
   ;     "As long as the gradu- This would be accomplished              ting new material that you can     the next couple of years. The         criminal record.
  26 THE CHRONICLE             April 17, 2001

                                                              LAMPUS                        NEWS
     Drinking and driving a serious problem
 BY TIM BYDAL                         have been rising, and falling
 Chronicle slalf                      consistently.
     According to n survey by             "The last year lias been tlic
 Mothers       Against      Drunk     worst," said Bell, "over the
 Driving (MADD), during the           past year the percentage of
 past five years drinking and         drinking and driving cases
 driving has become a very seri-      have definitely been on the
 ous problem in Canada. Every         rise at a rapid pace in thi-’
 year 35,000 drivers are con-         Durham Region."
 victed of a criminal code viola-        According to MADD, people
 tion and 85 per cent are relat-     aged 16 to 24 is tlie most like-
 ed to drinking and driving,          ly casualties of drunk driving.
     In 1996 there were 38 peo-          "I don’t think teens arc
 ple charged with impaired dri-      aware of the penalties that
 ving causing death and 239          they can face if they arc in an
 charges of impaired driving         accident and they hurt some
 causing bodily harm. More           one, or even kill someone,1>
 than 23,000 people were             said Bell. "And it happens a
 charged with being over the         lot."
 80-Milligram limit of alcohol           If an individual is in a car
 in their blood.                     accident and someone is
    With all the stats that show     killed, if they are charged with
 the consequences of drinking        impaired driving as a cause of
and driving, the question is         the accident, they can face jail
why do people still do it?          time, A driver convicted of
    " I think people still drink    impaired driving causing
and drive, at least in (he          death can face anywhere from
Durham Region, because the          three to seven years in prison.
chances of them getting                 The charge is criminal negli-
caught are very slim," says         gence causing death. The
Police Constable Jill Bell of the   penalties are more than seven
Durham       Regional      Police   years depending on the (udge.
Service,                             However, people charged
   "Depending on where you with drunk driving who don’t
live, certain forces are very up kill anyone, but someone Is
on the fighting against drunk stilt injured, are charged with
driving, because they have the drunk driving causing bodily
necessary man power to harm and the penalties are a                                                                                                   Photo by Tim Bydal
accomplish it," said Bell. little less severe.                       DRINKING AND DRIVING: Police officers will stop drivers even in daylight hours
"However In the Durham              This charge can be dealt
Region the manpower is just with as a third offence mean-            if It Is believed a driver may be drunk.
not there," she stated.          ing the penalties arc the same
   According to officer Bell, in as those given for someone face anywhere from 90 to 180 their licence for life, and the insurance company. And find-
the Durham Region over the who has been charged before. days in jail. Driving privileges penalties are as follows.                 ing a company that will insure
past five years the percentage      Fines range from $500 to are forfeit for a minimum 10             You will have to pay a fine drivers will be difficult because
of arrests due to drunk driving $1,000, and people convicted years and some people lose of $1000, and you could face of the high risk.
                                                                                                  up to 180 days imprisonment.         "No one forces someone to

    Paper sludge a problem
                                                                                                  Also you will be forced to for- drink and drive. It’s a decision
                                                                                                  feit all your driving privileges that is made totally by the dri-
                                                                                                  for a minimum of ten years, or ver," says Bell. "However if
                                                                                                  you could lose your license for there were more advertise-
                                                                                                  life.                            ments and commercials put
Chronicle slalf____________ cerned with the contents of             They are currently working        On top of all the fines and out there that show intense
                                 this byproduct.                  on getting it removed from the other penalties faced, are court pictures of victims and their
   The trucks ran during the        "No one really knows what Oshawa Gun Club.                    proceedings and the cost of cars after a crash, maybe that
day, at night and on holidays. paper sludge is and that is a        "We have been given many lawyers.                              will make people think twice
This sparked a community’s concern," she says.                    answers -but still have many        Insurance premiums can before they get behind the
curiosity about what the trucks     So in April 2000, she pre- questions," said Debbie Vice. skyrocket, depending on the wheel after drinking." ,
were carrying and where they pared a letter and went door- They have been told that it is
were going. Finally they decid- to- door throughout her com- tested for everything from
ed to look into it, questioned a munity alerting people of arsenic to zinc and is safe. " No
few people and did some paper sludge. They received 30 one really knows what paper
research. They found that the letters from concerned individ- sludge is."
substance being hauled was uals and passed them on to the           The Protect the Ridges has
paper sludge.                    Ontario Ministry of the had many hurdles to overcome
   From this discovery Protect Environment.                       but continues to work towards
the Ridges was formed, a group      The        Ministry        of the objective to have paper
of dedicated community mem- Environment told them it was sludge removed from Durham
bers who want to protect the unlikely the paper sludge con- Region.
air and water in their commu- tained contaminants.           The    Protect the Ridges has had
nity. They are also working to Protect the Ridges Coalition many public meetings to
have the piles of paper sludge, would like some answers and inform the public of findings
located throughout Clarington proof. They talked to many and the progress to date.
and Oshawa removed.              experts with environmental These meeting also provide a
   This organization was start- backgrounds to get their opin- sounding board for the com-
ed by Walter Vice and his sis- ions. Although they have not munity to voice their concerns
ter- in-law Debbie Vice. The come up witli any exact proof and also for representatives
idea of Protect the Ridges they continue their research.          from      the    Ministry    of
organization was conceived          This organization consists of Environment and Atlantic
because of their concern with 16 active members that make Packaging to make presenta-
the number of trucks driving up the steering committee. tions and answer any .ques-
by their homes.                  They also have an estimated tions or concerns people may
   Paper sludge a byproduct of 275 supporters throughout have,
newspaper recycling, comes Oshawa and Clarington, They              The Ridges group continues
from      Atlantic    Packaging are also working actively with to work toward its mission
plants, including the one the Municipality of Clarington and welcomes anyone who
located in Whitby.          This and City of Oshawa.              would like to support them in
byproduct was being dumped          Although they were success- its endeavours.
in large piles In a gravel pit ful In removing paper sludge         The group feels if it is suc-
north of the 10th concession from Clarington they feel it cessful in removing paper
in     Clarington and on was not a real success, because sludge completely it will
Harmony Road in Oshawa. Atlantic Packaging relocated remain together to continue to
Many of the residents, includ- the piles to the Oshawa Gun protect the water and air
ing Debbie Vice, were con- Club to be used as noise benns, throughout the community.
  Digital or black and white ?
     Which camera to buy
            DIGITAL                         falling within $200 to $900. The more tal camera and Its software.
                                            features that arc added to the camera,      Image capacity refers to the camer-
                                                                                                                                     "The camera Itself Is pretty com-
                                                                                                                                  pact and easy to use," she said.
                                            the higher the cost.                     a’s memory capacity to hold images              Another Oshawa retailer recom-
PHOTOGRAPHY B A                                The delay between shots refers to before running out of room. The
                                            the amount of time, measured In sec- number of shots a single digital cam-
                                                                                                                                  mends the Olympus D460 for entry
                                                                                                                                  level users stating that the quality is
                                            onds, it -takes the camera to process era can hold is anywhere from one to            excellent for the money the customer
GROWING TREND IN                            and store an Image when shooting. 3,000 images. Memory can always be                  Is paying.
                                            This delay ranges from approximately added to cameras by purchasing high                 With cither a traditional 35 mm
                                            one to 20 seconds. This may not be an volume storage cards which increases            SLR camera or a digital camera, many
  SCHOOLS AND                               Issue to some, but for others having the storage capacity.                            users agree that both have tliclr
                                            to wait before being able to take           The size of digital cameras doesn’t       advantages and disadvantages.
  PROFESSIONAL                              another shot may be an annoyance.        necessarily affect the Image quality,
                                               A flash is necessary for using the however it docs suit the user’s need.
                                                                                                                                     An SLR camera works great with fil-
                                                                                                                                  ters for effects, allows the user to
                                            camera Inside or in low-light condi- Digital cameras come In three stan-              choose between automatic and manu-
     FIELDS                                 tions. The types of flashes vary from dard sizes, pocket size, medium and
                                            camera to camera.                                     SLR size.
                                                                                                                                  al controls, has aperture and shutter
                                                                                                                                  speed dials to allow more or less light
BY SARAH GIBNER                             Flashes are built Into                                    Pocket size is a camera     in and is      satisfying to those who
Chronicle staff                             most digital cameras                                  that Is so small it can lit-    enjoy processing their own film, mak-
                                            and on average these                                  erally fit in a shirl pock-     ing their own prints and seeing all of
  Many shutterbugs enjoy the
                                            flashes do not work
                                            beyond 10 feet. If
                                                                      -  Customers want et. These are extremely
                                                                                                  light-weight cameras at
                                                                                                                                  the hard work that goes Into making
                                                                                                                                  one picture.
process of snapping pictures with           this Is a problem, an     to know about               approximately half a               On the other hand, film processing
their single lens reflex cameras and        external flash option     pixel quality and           pound and are around            can be expensive. When a great pho-
processing their negatives and pho-         provides a more           how it compares             five inches in width and        tography opportunity arises, the
tographs themselves. Others prefer          powerful and versa-                                   only 1.5 inches deep.           proper adjustments need to be made
the ease of digital cameras and the         tile flash.               to traditional                  Medium size Is slight-      to the camera In order for the pictures
instant gratification of viewing their
images Immediately.
                                            Important       when
                                                                      photographers.         5     ly larger than pocket size
                                                                                                  and Is the average size of
                                                                                                                                  to turn out. It sometimes takes a
                                                                                                                                  while to learn all the controls and for
Whether a strong believer in 35 mm          deciding on which                                     a digital camera. It            those who don’t have access to print
film or a good quality digital camera,      digital camera to              Kristina Houghton       weighs around half a           facilities, waiting those few days to
sales have not reflected a inclination      choose,                                                pound to one pound.            get the pictures can be an added
toward either product.                         Houghton       said                                    SLR size refers to a dig-   annoyance.
   Digital photography is growing           one of the most                                        ital camera that looks            Digital cameras have their pros and
more popular with the quality of dig-       common questions customers ask like a standard 35 mm camera. It’s                     cons as well. Some of the advantages
ital Imaging technofogy closely             deals with resolution.                     larger than the medium size camera         Include its user friendly controls, the
approaching that of traditional film,          "Customers want to know about           and has a rectangular body with a          ability to view the photographs taken
and as more people are becoming             pixel quality and how it compares to       noticeable lens. SLR size cameras           almost Instantly instead of waiting
computer savvy. Preference, however,        traditional photographs."                  weigh more than one pound and tend         for the labs, no film and software
depends solely "on the users them-             Resolution is expressed in pixels,      to gro.’v heavier when more features       packages that come with the digital
selves.                                     and pixels refer to the true resolution    are added.                                 camera allow easy adjustments such
   Kristlna Houghton, a sales associate     of the camera. When it comes to the           Creative controls, focus and expo-      as red eye and fuzzy pictures to be
at Black’s Photography said: "More          quality of photographs, the more pix-      sure settings, Interchangeable lenses,     fixed at once.
people inquire if digital is the way        els the better. With 35 mm film, the       mini-movie options, a remote control          The disadvantages include high
that photography is headed. There           resolution of an 8x10 Inch print is        and instant prints are some of the fea-    camera prices and resolution.
were quite a few sales around               1600X1200 pixels. Retailers say that       tures to choose from. They aren’t nec-        Digital cameras have clear images,
Christmas, but some people- are still       customers should try to purchase a         essary, however some serious photog-       but when they are compared to tradi-
Intimidated by new technology."             camera with at least 1.3 million pix-      raphers may opt to use them.               tional photographs, there is a slightly
   Another sales associate from a local     els.                                          When it comes to traditional cam-       noticeable difference in photo sharp-
photography store said he had                  Another important Issue that users      eras, the options to choose from vary      ness.
noticed a bit of an increase in sales in    need to consider Is how they are           depending on the user’s need for spe-         Whether or not photography is a
digital cameras, but they are still sell-   going to transfer the photographs         cific features. SLR cameras offer man-      job or just a hobby,there may always
ing almost an equal number of SLR           from their camera to their computer.      ual and automatic settings, flash, fil-     be a need for photos in newspapers,
cameras as well.                            Two popular options are via 3.5 inch      ters and timers. Houghton urges cus-        magazines and many other places.
   Regardless of preference, asking the     floppy disks and universal serial bus     tomers to ask questions in order to             As the world of photography shifts
proper questions and doing research         cables.                                   purchase a camera that will match           toward a more digitally-based means
Is necessary before purchasing a cam-          The floppy disk is where the cam-      their needs and requirements.               of taking pictures, 35 mm film will
era of any kind.                            era stores its images and can be placed      All cameras and digital cameras sell     continue to play an important role in
   When It comes to digital cameras         in a PC or Macintosh computer. The        very well despite name brands.              photography as well as digital images,
there are many different areas that         USB cables transport images from the      Houghton says many people come in                    For those who fear that film
need to be considered such as price,        digital camera via a connection that      inquiring about major brands such as        will grow obsolete, don’t forget that
delay between shots, flash type, reso-      sends multiple bits of information at     Kodak and Fuji because those are the        when colour film was invented peo-
lution, ease of download, image             the same time. The USB is the fastest     names that they are so used to hear-        ple still continued to take black and
capacity, camera size and features.         way of downloading images, but may        ing. They recommend purchasing a            white photographs.
   Depending on what the user is            not be compatible with certain com-       Canon digital camera because Canon            Look at the effects that it had on
looking for the price can range any-        puters. Always know the computer’s        has a good reputation and is ideal for      the world of photography. Digital
where from $50 to $2,500 with most          capabilities before purchasing a digi-    novice digital imaging.                     imaging is just as big of a step.

             Police work is hard to balance
                                 the time, as an important and        who regularly bought drugs         greatly reduced," says Smith tions of the police.
 BY KR1S IRWIN                   successful police operation,         from local dealers and then        who emerged from the case          So strong are his feelings
 Chronicle staff                 but the effects on Smith’s life      rented      rooms      at    the   with little recognition for his in fact, he stays away from
                                 have been damaging.                  Edgewater with prostitutes.        hard work, save from his most newspapers altogether
                                      "I was married when I              After several months of this    immediate colleagues.           because of what he sees as
    The public in the Toronto started the case and was.               kind of work, the stress of           But more important is the their anti-police attitudes.
 area is largely ignorant of the divorced by the time it              keeping up the role affects all    irreparable damage done to        Smith states that drug
sacrifices made by members ended," he says".                          aspects of the officers’ person-   his family, since his divorce squads are always the first to
 of police services to keep        This kind of effect on the         al lives to such an extent that    was partly due to the be picked out as those respon-
 them safe, says Constable Ted lives of those Involved in             often their own lives are often    demands of his work includ- sible for corruption on the
 Smith (not his real name) of undercover work is fairly               destroyed, says Smith.             ing a great deal of time away police force because of the
 Toronto Police Services.        common , because of the                The result of this particular    from home.                      individuals with whom they
    Smith was the central extreme demands placed on                   case   saw     the     Queen-         The divorce is also due to must associate to get things
 Investigator involved in the the officers.                           Roncesvales     area     much      the stress placed on the indi- done.
 takedown of the Edgcwater          In the case of Smith, he          improved with the change of        vidual from exposure to dan-      As well he says that movies
 Hotel: at        Queen     and found himself immersed in a           the Edgewater Hotel into a         gerous circumstances.           depicting undercover work
 Roricesvales in Toronto.        world, of drugs and prostitu-        Days Inn,                             Because of the effort Smith make the police look as bad as
    The case, which took place tion In which he played out              "Since then the level of         put forth, it irks him to see the criminals they are trying
 in 1999, was a major story at the role of a crack head biker         crime in the area has been         some of the media interpreta- to arrest.
28 WE CHIIONKIS              April 17, 2001

Pita Pit honours student relations
Chronicle stall
                                   became such a success that         soon.                               "We have always wanted         open eventually.
                                   within the first two years there      Of the 43 stores in Canada    our own business and we have        The McLeans are happy
                                   were restaurants open in 10        one of them is in Oshawa,        some friends who have fran-       with their decision to open
  John    Sotiriadis and Nelson    different, major locations.        close to Durham College.         chised before. So we decided      their own business under the
Lang, founders of The Pita Pit     Today, there are 43 stores            Nancy and Jeff McLcan are     to do it," Nancy McLcan said.     Pita Pit franchise and have no
franchise, may have stumbled       open in Canada and 18 open-        the owners of The Pita Pit at       Nancy went into her new        regrets about it.
across something good.             ing soon.                          1128 Simcoe St. North. With      business with 20 years of expe-      "I’m my own boss, and
   It all started back in 1995        The franchise also extends      $100,000 and a lot of determi-   rience in food management.        believe it or not, 1 see my kids
when the first restaurant was      Into the United States, with 13    nation, the McLeans have            Not all who franchise a Pita   more now than I did when I
opened in Kingston, Ont. It        stores open and 17 opening         their own business.              Pit store have the same experi-   was In food management,"
                                                                                                       ence as Nancy. And for these      Nancy said.
                                                                                                       people, Pita Pit offers work-        The Pita Pit corporation

     Durham is scheduled                                                                               shops In Windsor over a cou-
                                                                                                       ple of days.
                                                                                                          Nancy       mentioned
                                                                                                       since its opening in
                                                                                                                                         prides itself In its relationship
                                                                                                                                         with students. That relation-
                                                                                                                                         ship can be attributed to the
                                                                                                                                         majority of restaurants located
                                                                                                       2000, the Madcaps’ Pita Pit       near major universities and
     to get a facelift June 1                                                                          has flourished as a business,
                                                                                                       and they are now looking to
                                                                                                          They plan on opening
                                                                                                                                         colleges, student discounts
                                                                                                                                         and an advertising concept
                                                                                                                                         targeted mainly towards those
                                                                                                                                         aged from 18 to 28.
     THE NEW SCHOOL WILL                Several years ago, the wing, or the classes at the             another restaurant in Oshawa         The Pita Pit offers a variety
                                    president of the college, end of the L wing.                       in the near future. Though        of pitas, from the vegetarian
                                    Gary Polonsky predicted             Although these will            finding a lease will not be as    (three grams of fat) to the club
     HOLD 3,000 MORE                that a university would be remain                    relatively    easy as it was the first time,    (mid-20s), with bread contain-
                                    constructed 200 yards north unchanged after Superbuild             they are both confident it will   ing only one gram of fat.
      STUDENTS ON TOP OF            of the existing college that Is completed, the new build-
                                    will follow along the lines of ings will be easy to navigate
                                    Waterloo University,            and their addition will
     THE EXISTING 4,000                As well, he stated the col- Improve some of the access
                                    lege would continue to grow ways in the existing build-
     BY KRIS IRWIN                 and take over a great deal of ings.
    Chronicle slaff                space to the south.                 Bunker says improved
                                       After an examination of access to the main building
       The layout of structures the plans for construction will be constructed at the
    that compose Durham that will take place through current location of the
    College are confusing and Superbuild, the college’s accounting wing.
    disjointed at best.            continued ________                                There will be
       New students to the col- growth is                                         a    significant
    lege need to refer constantly assured,
    to a map of the building, to
    find their way from one B u n ke r ,
    class to another.
                                      B r u ce
                                                    -  New parking
                                   p r o j e c t lots will be made between the A
       The reasons for this manager for to compensate
                                                                                  modification of
                                                                                  the     passage
                                                                                  r u’-i n 1 n g
                                                                                  and H wings.
    arrangement may be found Superbuild                                              "At present,
    in the history of the col- has many for the lost                              students must
    lege’s development from an insights to ones and allow                         pass through a
    enrolment of a small group offer about                                        small outdoor
    of students, through its the ways in for growth...                     f      c o u r ty a r d
    slow. yet continuous growth which the                                         which serves
    to provide training for stu- new con-                                                purpose"
                                                                 Bmce Bunker littleBunker.
    dents in an environment struction                                             says
    that has always bee.n geared will        add                                     A new thor-
     toward practical use.         new       class-                               oughfare will be
        In 1968, Durham College rooms and resources to the built through this area
     opened with an enrolment college as well as modifying which will lead to another
     of only 203.                  some of the existing struc- new building which may be
        Originallly the college tures.                              built on the north side of
     offices were located on the       Bunker agrees that some the building. As well, he
     corner of Simcoe and Alma of the hallway layout in the says there will be additions
     streets in one of the oldest college today could be con- made to the fitness centre,
     residences in the town. fusing for new students. the H wing, and an
     Soon after, the college was Understanding the ease of improved entryway v/ill be
     built at its current location navigating structures is made for the cafeteria.
     which had previously been a what Bunker calls "way-               Construction is sched-
     field belonging to multimil- finding",                         uled to begin at Oshawa
     lionaire E.P. Taylor.             An example of this is the campus in June. The new
        The main campus build- difficulty in trying to find building will be located on
     ing was opened in 1971. an easy route to the athletic the site of the current pay n’
     Nine years later in 1977, the complex. There simply isn’t display parking lot. Bunker
     college celebrated the open- one.                               says It will be connected to
     ing of the "Athletic and           From the main entrance the accounting wing which
     Activities building" which students have two choices will be "blown away" to
     was open for public use as to make their way to the make room for a grand new
     well.                          athletic complex.                entrance to the rest of the
        It was this gradual con-       They walk through the college. New parking lots
     struction of the college by purple pit to the doors in will be made to compensate
     continually making addi- the stairwell at the for lost ones, and to allow
     tions to the existing build- north/west corner, and then for the growth of the stu-
     ings that has made Durham travel outside around the dent population. No real
     College so confusing to nav- building to the complex. disruption to the usual func-
     igate.                         Or, they can walk up the tioning of the college is
        By the end of the 80s, the stair, to the second floor, expected says Bunker.
     college had grown five times through the B and F wings,            Superbuild is intended to
     larger In terms of enrol- past the main entrance on accommodate a 40 per cent
     ment.                          the north side and past the increase in student popula-
        The college enrolment study hall to another stair- tion.
     continues to grow and as it well in the athletic complex           The new structures will
     does, so does the physical which will lead down to the hold 3,000 students on top
     structures of the college. gymnasium and weight of the existing 4,000, and
     The college is about to room.                                   provide everything else that                                   319 BROCK fJ
     embark on Superbuild,             Another example of diffi- will be necessary to them                                         WH1TBY ONTARIO
     which will add more class- cult way-finding is the long, Including parking, faculty,
     room facilities to the twisting route from the pur- services and easy way-find-                                                 (905)665-2010
     Oshawa campus,                 ple pit to the offices in the C ing,
Students planning trip s, take note
BY AMY BUR-TON                              was kept well maintained."        any other foreign place.      If
Chronicle staff                                "The food was delicious," he   unsure as to whether an area is
    Students are heading south              said adding, It was very          safe, it is always good to ask.
 for the summer, not only                   American with entrees such as     Reyham was told not to go
because of the low prices, but              hot-dogs and hamburgers. He       near the slums of the city for
also because of great weather,              spoke of dinner themes held       his own safety.
beautiful beaches and stress                nightly such as-seafood or bar-      The Canadian Embassy rec-
 free environment. But a dose               becued entrees.                   ommends anyone traveling to
 of caution Is recommended for                 He thought the weather was     the city of Chiapas should
 any travelers going to Mexico.             terrific, the people were         exercise extreme caution.
    For students on a limited               extremely nice and- the bars      Travellers who visit this city
 budget, a travel agent for                 were incredibly fun.              are at risk of being raped,
 Howard Travel Bureau Ltd.,                    "They know how to have a       robbed or murdered. Other
estimated an "all inclusive                 good time," he said when          unsafe places arc the moun-
 week vacation to Mexico                    referring to a night at a popu-   tain highlands north of San
 would cost $1,200,"                        lar bar in Mexico City. He        Cristobal de Las Casas, the
    However, before booking a               compared the bars In Mexico       municipality of Ocosingo, and
 flight, travel agents advise               to those in Toronto saying        the entire southeastern jungle
 researching the intended des-              Mexican bars are "more ani-       portion of the state cast of
 tination. Asking the opinion               mated, and they have better       Comitan.
 of friends and family members              service." Reyham had such a          Reyham said he made good
who have been to the city is a              good time that he plans to        use of the hotel safe. Travel
good way of finding out what                travel to Cuba next year.         agencies also encourage visi-
 the place is like. The local                  For those planning a^rip to    tors to avoid wearing obvious-
 library is also a good place to            Mexico, there arc some            ly expensive jewelry or design-
 research information.                      Mexicans holidays to look for-    er clothing, and carry only the
    In February Alex Reyham, a              ward to. On May first it is       cash or credit cards that will
 first-year Advertising student             Primero de Mayo.           This   be needed on each outing.
 at Durham College, travelled                                                                                                                                        Pholq by Amy Burton
                                            national holiday is equivalent       There are armed rebels and
.to Mexico on his reading week              to Labour Day weekend,            armed       civilian     groups        ALEX REYHAM: Reyham says his trip was one
 with a friend. He vacationed               which in Canada, tends to be      throughout these cities who            of the best experiences of his life.
 In Puerto Vallarta. The all-               fun. On May fifth it is Cinco     commit violent crimes. There
 inclusive trip cost $1300 with             de Mayo day, a Mexican holi-      have been incidents where
 tax included, For that price,              day honouring the Mexican          two insurgent groups, the          to take n vacation, the amount       leaving travellers to find their
his food, drinks, hotel accom-              defeat of the French army at       Popular Revolutionary Army        of money available often              own flights home.
modations, and return air fare              Puebia de los Angelas in 1862.    (EPR) and the Insurgent            determines the destination. A           Students considering pur-
were paid for.                              And the last holiday of the       People’s Revolutionary Army        travel agent from Howard             chasing such a package arc
’’^pon his return, lie said the             summer Mexicans celebrate is      (EPRI) have kidnapped civil-       Bureau        travel     agency      encouraged to deal with a
trip’was "one of the best expe-             Navy Day on June first.           ians in the past.                  expressed his concern about,         respectable travel agency. Be
riences of his life." He was                   Cuba, Dominican Republic           Reyham did not report any      students purchasing inexpen-         sure to ask tlie travel agent
pleasantly surprised when the               and Jamaica are also cheap        trouble while he was in            sive, all-inclusive vacation         about tlic options available in
hotel clerk upgraded his room               vacation spots and are popular    Mexico, however, he said           packages and travels on char-        case of fliglit delays or cancel-
to. a suite when he told her it             among college students.           while waiting for his flight to    ter fliglits. These flights are      lations.    Students are also
was his birthday, Reyham                       However, travel agents         leave Mexico "a lady got her       usually delayed for a few hours      encouraged to have access to
reported the "hotel rooms                   warn tourists to exercise cau-    purse stolen at the airport."      or even days. Sometimes tour         extra cash in case of an emer-
were very clean, and the hotel              tion when visiting these or          For many students wanting       operators go out of business,        gency.

Abortion pill to T?e tested in Canadian clinics
                     "’                      JL
                              ««-   .

                                            tion activist Ellen Wiebe in      standard surgical abortion.        work.                               a private abortion this way
  BYTANYALAVOIE                             July 2000.    It is also being       The procedure is very sim-        An       RU-486      abortion     and feel more comfortable
 Chronicle staff                            tested also in Torontp^jat        ple. The woman must be less        involves two drugs: RU-486 to       going home," Yurks said.
                                            Women’s College Hospital,         than seven weeks pregnancy.        kill the developing child, and         She likes the idea of the
     "Avoid picket lines at abor-           Quebec City, and Sherbrooke,      The woman must see the doc-        misoprostbl, also known by          pill, but worries that it could
 tion clinics      now."                    Que.                                                 tor for a       the brand name Cytotec to           give teenagers the wrong
     With a new Abortion pill        There       are                           physical
                                                                              ________                           cause the uterus to contract        idea.
 called RU-486, that might some side effects                                                                                                            "It is just giving the chil-
 .happen, but there don’t seem to the pill..
  to be too many benefits to         According to       Women can  (
                                                                               and has a
                                                                               choice of
                                                                               an injec-
                                                                                              h                  and      expel     the     fetus.
                                                                                                                 Although Cytotec isn’t illegal
                                                                                                                 in the U.S. it is only approved
                                                                                                                                                     dren of society more reason
                                                                                                                                                     to have unprotected sex,
 ^the pill some people say.       studies conduct-                             tion or a                         for its original use, to prevent    because it will be made easier
     "Like any method of abor- ed for the United.    have a more pri-          pill. The                         ulcers. Cytotec has not been        to have an abortion," Yurks
 tion, RU-486 kills children States Food arid,.;     vate abortion             pill    ,or officially approved for’use in :                          said.
                                                                                                                                                        "It seems that the pill is
  and hurts women. It has no D          r     u g .
                                                                               injection ’abortions.’
 ’benefits; it has only costs," Administration,      this way, and             than stops     "On August’ 23, 2000,                                  being .tested" in Canada
 isaid David Curtin.              RU-486 is’: 92 per feel more corn            the preg- Searle,’ the’ company which                                 because the pro-abortion
                                                                               nancy, cre- manufactures Cytotec, wrote                               lobby wants to make abortion
 ; David Curtin, editor in cent           effective,
 Ichief at the Interim newspa- ’meaning one in:.     fortable.                           ?
                                                                               ates cramp- to U.S. obstetricians advising                            even more widely available,"
 per who .has been following 12 women who                                      ing     and them that Cytotec is not                                  Yurks said, "by enabling non-
 ithis topic carefully.;. -       take it will have            ,               bleeding approved for use in abor-                                    specialists in any area of the
 ’: He expects that the pill will to get an abor1               Sarah Yurks us u a l l y tions," Curtin said, "and that                              country to perform abortions.
 .be brought into Canada tion in order to                                      hea vi e r its use for that purpose can                               not to mention to make abor-
 ’because of the Canadian. complete ’ the                                      than the lead to severe vaginal bleed-                                tion simpler, more private,
 ^Abortion Rights Action process. .                           regular menstrual flow and ing, retained placenta, shock,                              and less traumatic for
 ^League.                        Two per cent of the women then the woman aborts, usu- uterine rupture (sometimes                                    women." Yurks said.
    ."GARAL; of course, is in the U.S. trials, required ally within five days.             requiring a hysterectomy),                                   It is not known when a
 strongly in favour of RU-48," surgery to stop blood loss and    There is a one in five and even maternal death."                                    decision will be made on the
                               one per cent ended up hospi- chance of the drug not work-      Sarah Yurks, who works at                              pill and when the testing will

 ;Curtln said,

    The Cnnadian RU-486 talized. According to the ing, therefore the woman Beginnings the family plan-
           .                                                                                                                                         be done.
 ;ab6rtion pill trial that is New England Journal of must go to follow up appoint- ning centre in Cobourg, is                                           "Abortion is not a very pri-
 expected to involve about Medicine. Blood loss in an ments with the doctor, in familiar with the pill and                                           vate thing, and this pill will
 .1,000 women, began in RU-486 abortion is nearly order to make sure that the agrees with its use.                                                   make it more comfortable for
 Vancouver under pro-abor- four times the average in a pill or injection in fact does         "Women can have more of                                the women," Yurks said.
   30 THE CHRONICLE               April 17. 2001

                                                                                      U^ NEWS
  Intern ational j ob opportunities
         ive teachers a chance to travel
 Chronicle stall
                                                 ioned way will be able to find all the   is signing. Do not forget’to research tlic        Flieler went on to explain, as long as
                                                 same information, but it may take        country to learn about where you will         tlic teachers stay for the full contract
      Students aren’t the only people who        them a little longer.                    be living."                                   the school will fly them home as well.
   want to leave the country to work and            The Globe and Mail still has a sec-      "Before the teacher decides to leave           Now if teachers decide to leave in
   travel.                                       tion for working overseas. Others feel   she should have a landing fee. working        the middle of the contract they better
       More teachers are packing up to           more comfortable with .a recruiter or    visa, passport, medical insurance and         have backup money.
   teach in different countries. With (lie       agencies to handle the                                    vaccinations and back           Sometimes teachers may decide this
   need for international teachers over-         planning.                                                up     money,"       said     Is not the work or the country for them
   seas many Canadians are looking at              Some scliools still                                    Flieler. Most of the          so they decide to do a midnight run.
   this as an opportunity of a lifetime.          participate           in                                time the school will             " A midnight run is when a teacher
      To apply to teach overseas all a           exchanges and many
                                                                                Teaching is a             take care of the landing      packs their bags gets a cab and goes to
; teacher needs is a bachelor’s degree and        teachers still prefer to      great  way    to          fee for the teacher.          the airport and tries to catch a flight in
   a letter of reference.                         teach abroad this way.     (ravel. The                     The working visa           the middle of the night," said l-’lieler.
        But if the teachers have a masters or    This is where the teach-                                 and passport have to             A midnight run can be expensive
   teaching degrees it will make rhcm a          ers have to swap (heir      demand for                   be applied for and pur-      and the traveller will be happy to know
   little bit more marketable for a teach-       homes, lifcstylc and                                    chased in Canada.             the backup money is there to cover tlie
   ing position.                                 jobs. A teacher doing a
                                                                             teachers is so                  "Both of these can        costs.
      Most teachers will take a leave of         direct exchange will        high and the                be applied for on line.           If (lie teacher is going to a country
  absence for a year. This is one of the         have to be a homcown-                                    For the passport just go     where English is not the first language,
  hesi ways to teach overseas because
  when a teacher returns home she is still
                                                     Whatever means of
                                                                             are there.
                                                                                                  ?      to the Canadian gov-
                                                                                                         ernment web page and
                                                                                                                                       she may want to learn some key phras-
                                                                                                                                       es and tlic currency. This will help the
  guaranteed her old job.                        travel teachers choose,                                 go from there, or pick        teacher adjust and gain respect more
     Just this year the Durham Board of          they should make sure                                   up an application form        easily, said Flieler.
  Education is allowing teachers to leave        to do some research.                  Mike Rcnrdon      from the post office,"            "1 would take lessons or get a book
  for two years.                                     "Look into the com-                                 said Mike Rcardon,            and tapes to learn the key phrases.
     "The Internet is one of the best           pany to make sure                                        taught in Australia for       Phrases that will get you around like
 places to find information," said              there is no hidden cost.                                 Ills teacher’s degree.’       liow much, where is the bathroom and
 Michele Flieler, taught in Korea for a         Contact the school and talk to them to      "The working visa is just as easy just     turn here," said Flieler.
year.                                           find out if they are reputable. Try to find the country’s high commission’s                For any teacher who loves to travel
   "Dave’s ESL ( is            get names of teachers who have taught web page and apply on line."                     this Is a great experience, said Reardon.
the place to start looking for teaching         at the school and contact them," said       Most of the time teachers do not           "Teaching is a great way to travel. "The
jobs overseas. This website has every           Flieler.                                  have to worry about their expenses for       demand for teachers is so high and the
place in the world on it."                          "Make sure contracts are in English the flight because the schools usually         opportunities are there. So go where
  Teachers researching the old fash-            and the teacher understands what she pay for the flight.                               the job takes you."
                                                                                                                         THE CHRONICLE            April 17, 2001       31


   Riding program change s l ives
BY ERIN CRAWFORD                                                                                                                            people.
Chronicle   stall___________                                                                                                                   Ponies are not accepted into
                                                                                                                                            the program, as their stride is
   Imagine a child normally                                                                                                                 too short and choppy, there-
confined, to a wheelchair sit-                                                                                                              fore providing no therapeutic
ting atop a 1,200-pound ani-                                                                                                                benefits to the rider.
mal, or a blind person taking a                                                                                                                After being accepted into
liold of a set of reins and guid-                                                                                                           Ihe program, tlie horses must
ing a horse instead of being                                                                                                                undergo a three to six month
guided.                                                                                                                                     dcsensitization program, dur-
   For many people with dis-                                                                                                                ing which they must become
abilities, riding a horse may be                                                                                                            familiarized with the equip-
something they can accom-                                                                                                                   ment used to assist some of
plish only In their dreams.                                                                                                                 the disabled riders.
However, at the Community                                                                                                                      The stable often requires the
Association for Riding for the                                                                                                              use of hydraulic wheelchair lift
Disabled       (CARD),     these                                                                                                            in order to enable riders to
dreams become reality.                                                                                                                      mount their horses. The hors-
   "We Improve quality of life;                                                                                                             es must be able to quietly
and you’re accepted for who                                                                                                                 stand between the lift and the
you are," is the program’s                                                                                                                  ramp, and wait patiently until
unique philosophy; one that                                                                                                                 the rider is safely aboard. The
has helped change the lives of                                                                                                              horses must become comfort-
hundreds pf thousands of dis-                                                                                                               able around wheelchairs, as
abled people,                                                                                                                               well as becoming accustomed
   As the first therapeutic rid-                                                                                                            to the feeling of braces and
ing program in Canada, CARD                                                                                                                 splints on their sides, all appa-
has been helping riders of all                                                                                                              ratus used in class (balls, flags
ages with a variety of disabili-                                                                                   Photo by Erin Crawfofd   and poles) and also behaviours
ties since Nov. 27, 1969.             CHANGING LIVES: Variety Club Equestrian Centre located In G. Ross Lord Park                           exhibited by some of the riders
   A disabled rider himself,          North York, where i^ARD operates.                                                                     (screaming, shouting and
Joseph Bauer was inspired to                                                                                                                yelling). According to Green,
bring CARD to Canada as he                                                                                                                  the most important quality for
felt tlie need for more disabled     attending.    For example, if a                                tional support to riders as they
                                                                            When a horse lifts its hind                                     a horse to possess is empathy.
people to be able to benefit         rider has a Herrington rod (a                                  move through their therapeu-
                                                                         leg to take a step forward, the                                       "It’s amazing. You can tell
from therapeutic riding. He          steel rod that is inserted into                                tic exercises. CARD relies on
                                                                         corresponding side of the rid-                                     which arc the horses that are
visited established therapeutic      the back in order to keep the       er’s pelvis is raised up and for-
                                                                                                    more than 250 volunteers to             going to look after their rid-
riding centres in Europe along       spine straight), then move-         ward, imparting a front andassist in lessons, clean stables        ers," Green said.
with Doctor R.E. Renaud, and         ment while on horseback      back motion that the rider and take care of the horses.                      Most of CARD’S horses arc
together the two of them             would be seriously restricted,receives. A horse also swings       Judy Wanless, director of             from six to IS years old;
researched the benefits that                                       its hips as it moves, so the Volunteer Services for CARD
                                     therefore limiting the benefits                                                                         although they recently had a
therapeutic riding provided its      that       riding             rider is being moved laterally says volunteers arc the back- liorse retire at 32.
                                                            provides.                                                                                         Green
participants and subsequently        Uncontrolled seizures, osteo-as well.                      ,.  bone of tlie CARD organiza- claims that age is the most
Introduced CARD to Canada.           porosis and any behaviour        These actions are referred to tion, and that a shortage of common misconception that
   CARD began at Littlebrook         that might prove abusive or  as passive exercise, as it causes volunteers is an on-going people have about CARD’S
Farm in Thornhill and was            unsafe for the horse, volun- riders muscles and joints to be problem.                           horses.
housed in a number of differ-                                     gently mobilized and stimulat-
                                     teers or the riders (such as bit-                                 "We are always looking for       "The biggest problem we
ent locations over the years.        ing, hitting or screaming)   ed without the active partici- volunteers, and I think that if have is that people think that
In 1979. with help from the          would prevent someone from   pation of the rider. The swing- you have the right personality, this is a good place for their.
Variety Club and Wintario.           riding at CARD.              ing, repetitive motion that a it’s a great opportunity for horse to retire, and this is not
CARD settled into its present                                     horse’s walk provides Increases many people," Wanless said.
                                         After returning a registra-                                                                 a retirement home. The hors-
location known as the Variety                                     muscle tone and strength, bal-
                                     tion package, riders are given a                                  After filling out an applica- es work really hard here, It’s
Club Equestrian Centre in G.         thorough assessment by       ance, posture and hand-eye tion package, volunteers are physically and mentally stress-
Ross Lord Park in North York.        CARD’S occupational and      co-ordination of riders.          accepted into CARD and then ful for them - they liave to be
   CARD has since become the         physiotherapists as well as a    As well as the exercise pro- must complete a training and behaving all the time," Green
third largest therapeutic riding                                  vided by the horse, it Is orientation session provided said.
                                     certified instructor to deter-
centre in North America, and                                      mandatory for a therapist to by a resident therapist and cer-
                                     mine their physical, cognitive,                                                                    For many people, it takes a
the largest in Canada.               social and medical goals;    be present in the ring during tified instructor. After receiv- while for them to become
   CARD runs year-round,             Once they have been assessed,classes. They are there to work ing the necessary instruction, accustomed to the motion of a
dividing the program into                                         individually with riders to new volunteers are paired up horse’s walk. Many of the rid-
                                     riders are placed on a waiting
four, 10-week sessions. The          list, and when a spot becomesImprove their physical and with an experienced CARD ers have spent their lives in
program accepts people rang-         available, are scheduled intocognitive strength through volunteer until they feel com- wheelchairs, and are not used
ing in age from three to 80,         the appropriate program.     specialized activities and exer- fortable enough to work on to the sensation of walking
with all different types of              CARD offers four categories
                                                                  cises.                            their own. The time it takes and the different perspective
physical and mental disabili-        of therapeutic riding classes.   Aside from physical bene- to become comfortable around they experience while riding a
ties. The most commonly seen         They include medicine, reha- fits, therapeutic riding also the stable is usually short, as horse.
disability is cerebral palsy, fol-   bilitation, psycho-education provides many cognitive, Green admits that volunteers                 "It’s a huge change, espe-
lowed by muscular dystrophy,         and adapted sport. On going  social and developmental ben- quickly become attached to cially when you’re in a wheel-
multiple sclerosis. Down’s syn-      evaluations are conducted    efits as well.                    the horses and the personali- chair all the time, and people
drome and autism.                    throughout the term in con-      Cognitive impairments are ties of the people they work are always looking down at
   Participants also suffer from     junction with riders and par-improved through the teach- with.                                  you, It’s a huge change to be
varying forms of motor dys-                                       ing of stable management, rid-
                                     ents, therapists and instructors                                  "We’ve had volunteers that lifted onto this horse, where
function,       developmental        in order to determine their  ing skills and horse education. have been here for 17 to 20 you’re looking down at the
delay, traumatic head injuries       physical and mental progress.Riders learn to overcome chal- years. They get hooked. As world around you, not up. It’s
and sensory impairments.                 After a term has ended, alenges, gain confidence and soon as they see the progress a totally different perspective,"
Many of CARD’S adult riders          final evaluation is conductedimprove their self-esteem.        made by the riders, it’s very Green said.
are survivors of strokes and         and riders are given a progress  Michele Green, chair of the clear to them that they are           Although it may take a little
find therapeutic riding helpful                                   board of directors at CARD, making a difference," Green while, the majority of new rid-
                                     report card. At this time it is
in learning to rehabilitate and      decided whether riders shouldagrees with the sentiment that said.                               ers quickly overcome any ner-
strengthen the parts of their        continue at their present level
                                                                  riders feel a sense of achieve-      Although volunteers are a vous feeling they may have.
bodies that were damaged or          of therapy, or perhaps move  ment and satisfaction by very important part of the Excitement and anticipation
immobilized.                                                      reaching the riding goals set therapeutic riding program, replace feelings of doubt and
                                     on to another class that offers
   The majority of CARD’S rid-       advanced physical challenges.out for them.                     there is another irreplaceable apprehension as they develop
ers are referred to the program          A person involved with       "We see a huge boost in element involved with CARD - a bond with their horse and
by their doctors or physiother-      CARD gains many physical     self-esteem and self-confi- the horses.                            their volunteers.
apists. At the time of registra-     benefits. Therapeutic riding dence," Green said.                  When evaluating horses eli-      Although there are approxi-
tion, potential riders are           provides passive exercise for a  Initially, each rider is gible to join CARD, there are a mately 25 other stables across
required to complete a medical                                    accompanied by three CARD number of criteria they must Ontario offering the same pro-
                                     rider, as the horse is the only
questionnaire in order to            animal that simulates the    volunteers. One to lead the fit. The horse must be free of gram as CARD, there is only
determine the severity of their      movements of a human         horse, and two to walk along any respiratory or foot prob one Variety Club Equestrian
disability.                          being’s walk. Each leg moves either side of the horse, pro- lems, they can’t be too tal; Centre in G. Ross Lord Park
   Although there are few rid-       independently, and every viding physical support to the (volunteers need to be able to that, little-by-little, changes
ers not accepted into the pro-       stride covers approximately rider if it Is required. easily support the riders while tlie lives of nearly 600 disabled
gram, certain conditions pre-        the same amount of ground as Volunteers also provide on horseback) and they must riders in the Greater Toronto
vent an individual from              a human’s,                   encouragement and educa- be comfortable being around Area every year.
    Rate of Canada Pension Plan growing
                                                 ulation will rest mostly in the hands of (the Echo Generation) will be support-       Some call it the eighth wonder of the
 BY SANDRA SMITH                                 those who arc currently in high school, ing when they entire the full time work       world. Investors will tell people in their
 Chronicle staff                                 college and university. This generation force."                                       late teens and early twenties that It Is at
                                                 has been deemed the "Echo                    It’s expected that Generation Echo       this point in their lives that they will
     Get ready to celebrate Generation           Generation."                              won’t have as many children as their        decide if compound interest will work
 Echo! You are fast approaching the                 At present, the Canada Pension Plan parents did. Supporting their parents          for them or against them.
 largest retirement bash in history, and         (CPP) has been set up to support those and grandparents in retirement will be            "You can cither use it for your own
 all at your expense.                            who arc retired. The money is taken enough of a financial burden that it is           gain, or have it bury you in the red
     By 2025, seven million Canadians            from the pay of any-                                      expected to stop people     through credit card payments and
 nearly one quarter of the population,           one who works in                                          from having as many         loans" said Antonescul.
 will be retirement age. With current            Canada, and the cur-                                      children.                      Solutions are being offered to the up
 scientific advancements that have               rent rate is 4.3 per-                                        The question that
                                                                               By spending a lit- faces this generation Is             and coming baby-boomer crisis. Some
 extended the average life expectancy            cent, an Increase                                                                     believe tliat the current retirement age
 an additional 15 years over the last few        from 2000’s 3.9 per-          tle less on party-          who will pay for them       of 65 could be raised to as high as 75 in
 decades these seniors will be around a          cent. This percent-                                       and support them In         order to make less time where the gov-
 lot longer than their predesscsors.             age will continue to       ing now, you’ll be             retirement?                 ernment is financially responsible for
    This large group of retiree’s are called     rise and is predicted ’ able to be making                    Although Generation      the retirees.
 the "baby-boomers". Born during the             by financial experts       money for the                  Echo will have paid the        By saving just a little bit of money
 largest population boom known in                to hit the 10 pcr-ccnt                                    highest CPP rates in his-   each year now, students will have the
 North American history (from post               mark over the next         future.                9       tory, those funds will      means to still retire at an early age, per-
 WW2 through the late 1964) Statistics           12 years as the gov-                                      have long since been        haps even earlier than 65.
 Canada estimates the number of                 ernment prepares to                                        spent on their parents         "By spending a little less on partying
 boomers to be somewhere around 9.9             support the aging                                                                      now," Antonescul says, "you’ll be able’
                                                                                     Ray Antotiescul withgrandparents.
                                                                                                          and                  And
 million today.                                 population.                                                        the expected        to be making money for the future...
    Wftli a large number of seniors                 The idea behind                                       smaller birth rate across    When you’re 30 with a family to sup-
 comes a lot of financial problems. A           the CPP is that the                                       Canada, who will pay         port and perhaps fewer mean to save
 C.D Howe Institute study completed in          money paid out by taxpayers will one (lie taxes for the Echoers?                       up for retirement, -you could still be
 late 2000 predicts that the boomers will       day be returned to them when they            The easiest solution according to all     doing so with interest, without ever
cost the Canadian health-care system            retire. "Not so," says financial advisor financial experts is that today’s high        adding another dime or lifting a single
an additional $530 billion over the             Ray Antonescul of Misslssauga.            school and post-secondary students           finger."
next 40 years - that’s more than half of           He explains that the Echo start to save now for their retirement.                      Experts have set up sites on the
Canada’s total gross domestic income.          Generation who will support the               "When you’re young and have fewr          internet to show would-be investors
    "Baby-boomers can expect to live           boomers in retirement will one day responsibilities," Antonescul said, "it’s            how easily compound interest can
long enough to be a problem for not            face financial turmoil themselves, much easier to put away some money                   work for them.
only their children, but their grand-          when they plan on retiring.                for the future. Even as little as $2,000        You can visit their website at
children and great grandchildren too,"             "In 2000 we saw nearly $19 billion a year between the ages of 18 and 30   
says a 1998 study by demographers              spent on the CPP," he says, "and that is can compound itself into over a mil-           nworks/fmintro.htm for further details,
David Baxter and Andrew Ramlo.                 in supporting only one third of the lion dollars by age 60."                            as well as a compound interest calcula-
   Paying and caring for the aging pop-        expected number of retirees that they        The secret is in compound interest.        tor.

Students                              Celebration of Easter                                                    Bell and Adams win 10-8
                                                                                                           BY KEVIN KOBZAN                down, which produced a rival-
rewarded                              rooted in pagan beliefs                                              Chronicle staff   __           ry between the top two teams,
                                                                                                                                          says Hickling.               >
                                       BY AMY BURTON                                                          The DCSA held a free mini-     Second place was secured by
for first                              Chronicle staff
                                          The Easter Bunny has just
                                                                         that rabbits can produce an
                                                                         abundant amount of young
                                                                         this time of year.
                                                                                                           Euchre tournament in the George Mchean and Adam
                                                                                                           cafeteria on Monday March Burns, followed by Julie
                                                                                                           19, which produced the win- Camara and Virginia White.
                                       come to town, and choco-             But Easter Is the biggest      ning pairing of Jenn Bell and Fourth place went to Melissa
semester                               late eggs were selling hotter
                                       than Playstation 2 at year.
                                       Christmas. For many, Easter
                                                                         Christian celebration of the      Brooklyn Adams. The final Nakashlma and Amanda
                                                                                                           score was 10-8.                Thompson.
                                                                        In a recent interview with            The tournament was judged      The tournament awarded a
work                                   is a time to celebrate the Khary Straker, a Sunday
                                       death and resurrection of school teacher for children
                                       Christ. However, Easter was ages six to eleven, spoke of
                                                                                                           by Kim Hickling, vice presi- number of prizes from HMV,
                                                                                                           dent of Administration for the the Body Shop, Dufferin
                                                                                                           DCSA.                          Games, AMC theatres and Don
BY KEVIN KOBZAN                        originally a pagan festival. the commercialization of                   The top four teams squared Cherry’s Whitby - Thickson
                                       There is no indication of the Easter and how most chil-              off In a quarter final show- location.
Chronicle Staff                        observance of the Easter fes- dren see it as a chocolate fes-
                                       tival in the New Testament, tival rather than a religious
   A new scholarship, called           or in the writings of the holiday.
the Year 2000 scholarship, was          apostolic fathers, making it    Straker attends Faith
introduced this year, enabling          evident that Easter’s popu- Family          Church,         a
first year students a chance to         larity with Christiansstarted Pentecostal church, where
get a $500 grant.                       after the pagans began to they celebrate the resurrec-
   The scholarships were pre-           celebrate the holiday.        tion of Christ at this time of
sented to the top three stu-               The pagan origin of the year.
dents in each college program           holiday according to an          Straker said, "the focus is
for their achievements In the           English historian of the on the death and resurrec-
first semester, and were given         early 8th century, like the tion of Christ. However,
out in January.                         name of the days of the they are kids and kids are
   Betty-Anne Biyth, Special           week, is a survives from old always more focused on the
Projects Co-ordlnator at               Teutonic mythology. For chocolate."
Durham College says, "We                pagans, Easter is derived        It is only natural for chil-
thought nobody is really look-          from Eostre, the Anglo- dren to prefer chocolate to
ing at the first year people, as        Saxon goddess of spring, to an hour at church.
far as scholarships go. So what         whom the month of April, However, there is a point at
we did this year, is in January         called Eostur-monath, was which commercialism can
we came up with what we call            dedicated.                    overpower the true meaning
a Year 2000 scholarship."                  For Christians, the pagan of a holiday, including the
   "That way we can say we’re           origin of the Easter holiday beliefs in which it is based.
giving scholarships to first,           has no meaning. However,        Straker said "the commer-
second and third year," says            in today’s society, many cialism is only bad when it
Biyth.                                  people celebrate Easter with starts to replace the truth
   The funding for this new            the ever. so famous commer- behind Easter." The death
scholarship comes from the             cialized Easter Bunny which and resurrection of Christ is
Creating Futures Fundraising           grabs the attention of adults, the meaning behind Easter.
Campaign, at the college.              teens and children. What         As long as people remem-
   Biyth also said the Year            many do not realize is that ber the true meaning of
2000 scholarship, which did            the Easter bunny became these special holidays, there
well this past year, should con-       the symbol of this holiday Is nothing wrong in
tinue to be available.                 because of the sheer fact exchanging chocolates.
                                                                                                                                THCCHRONICte          April 17, 2001        33

                                                                                           » NEWS
    Voodoo Airbrushins modernizes art
Chronicle stall
   Having valued items per-
sonalized through modern art
has become a popular com-
modity        and       Voodoo
Airbrushing is leading tlie way.
   Voodoo Airbrushing in Ajax
has become one of the most
Influential and successful com-
panies In the business since
thier origin in 1985.
   The company was founded
by Gerald McLaughlin, an
artist from the Toronto area.
He had taken a keen interest in
alrbrushing after seeing an
article about an artist named
Ivan, who painted doors and
hoods of vehicles with an air-
brush. Ivan had some of his
artwork hanging in the Louvre
in Parts,
   McLaughlin happened to
meet Ivan 10 years later at a
car show in Toronto, They
finally were able to talk about                                                                                                                              Pholo by Andtoa Roddy
   McLaughlin started the             A DAY IN THE LIFE: Erich Ferguson shows his talent by painting these goalie masks at Voodoo Airbrushing.
business of airbrushing while      ments.                        joined the business,           rette boat for the Bahrainian                     "It is unheard of for an air-
he was working as a roadie for     "1 had a little airbrush kit,    Barry Bolton joined in 1988 royal family. Voodoo have                     brush company to paint that
the band Killer Dwarfs.       and took it on the road, " and than left for a couple of won various awards and tro-                            amount of goalie masks in one
   The nickname Voodoo was    explained McLa.’ighlin. "1 years. He returned in 1991 as phies for their artwork.                               year, " said McLaughlin,
given to McLaughlin by Russel would go into the bars and ask a partner. Pamela McLaughlin            "We’re not bargain base-                 "Nobody paints more goalie
Graham (the singer of the     bikers if they wanted their bike (Gerald’s wife) joined the com- ment painters." said Pamela.                   masks than us, nobody!"
Killer Dwarfs) because "he    tank airbrushed-.l would take pany in 1991, also as i) partner. Voodoo will paint on every                         Voodoo has just started
could, make things happen",   it, do the artwork and give it Voodoo has accomplished an object imaginable.                                    painting Baseball catcher
   While McLaughlin was on    back to them."                     impressive portfolio that         As Pamela put It, "No other                masks and batter helmets as
the road he would paint gui-      Once McLaughlin left the includes work for companies airbrush company is as                                 well.
tars and drum skins for thc- music      scene, he opened such as Microsoft, Molson diverse."                                                     "This company will double
band. To increase business Voodoo Airbrushing.                   Breweries, Labatt’s Breweries,    Voodoo completed more                      or triple in the next couple of
Gerald began painting materi-     The company has grown and the once In a lifetime than 900 goalie masks In one                                years says McLaughlin.
al other than musical instru- since 1985. Two new partners opportunity of painting a ciga- year.

  Tuition includes fundraising                                                                                            Graduation in June
                                                                                                                       BY PAULO SANTOS
                                                                                                                       Chronicle staff
                                                                                 selves at the same time.                 Convocation ceremonies will be held Friday,
Chronicle staff
   Have you ever wondered where
                                            i                                       Around campus, posters are on June 15, at the Civic Auditorium in Oshawa.
                                                                                 display, promoting a fundraiser          From 10 a.m. to noon, the ceremonies will be
the money and prizes for all of the             Money for                        with a sponsor’s name also being held for the School of Business and the Schools of
student association’s fundraising                                                listed. It’s an easy process, says Technology and Applied Sciences. Accounting,
comes from?                                 fundraising                          Ellis.                                Information Systems, Marketing, Operations
   A lot of preparation and plan-           comes from stu-                         "To get a company’s name on a Management, Human Resources Management
ning goes into having an event at           dent fees.                           poster," he said, "someone like and General are for both second and third-year
the college, but none of it would                                                MegaTan for example, will give 10 students.
be possible without assistance. For                                              coupons for 10 per cent off tan-         From 2 p.m. to 4p.m., the ceremonies will be
instance, their needs to be funding                                              ning that will be given away at the for the Schools of Design and Communications
which may come from a local com-                             IV»7/ £//»s         event that they are sponsoring. It is Arts, the Schools of Health and Human Studies
pany looking for some inexpensive                                                an exchange more or less."            and University Centre Programs. well as prizes, which     many things like athletics, lockers,         The number of fundraising             From 6 p.m. to 8p.m., the ceremonies will be
could come in the form of cash or      graduation, the pub and the stu-          events held each year mostly held for the Schools of Justice and Administrative
products.                              dent centre itself."                      depends on the number of spon- Studies. Sports Administration second and third-
   "Money for fundraising," said          As far as prizes go, Ellis said they   sors interested, noted Ellis.         year students are welcomed, and Office
Will Ellis, former president of the    are often donated by local compa-            Fundraisers are events, which Administration first-year students.
student association, "comes from       nies. In turn a majority of them          can benefit everyone, involved,          Convocation invitations can be picked up in
student fees. Every full-time stu-     will sponsor the event, therefore         particularly the DCSA, as well as room B205 as of April 9.
dent pays $60 that goes toward         getting free promotion for them-          local companies and charities.

     Exam anxiety causes stress among students
Chronicle Staff                health counsellor at Durham                                               says. Don’t study the night          things that could happen and
                               College. Learning to cope with                                            before the exam since it will        associate with others who are
   For some people the end of this stress helps a person’s abil-             Test writing is             create added anxiety. Eating         also nervous.
the semester means the end of ity to manage the stress they
school, the beginning of sum- face, she says.
mer holidays and new jobs.        Exam anxiety can start right
                                                                           a skill.             ;
                                                                                        Mary Alice
                                                                                                         healthy and getting a good
                                                                                                         night’s sleep with also help,
                                                                                                         says Alice.
                                                                                                                                                 These tips are all part of
                                                                                                                                              stress management. Knowing
                                                                                                                                              how to cope with anxiety can
However, for others it means after mid-term and continue                                                    Every student has a way of        make writing an exam less
cram sessions, work overload up to exams. It can influence             aches and pains, heart disease    dealing with an exam on the          stressful for students.
and worries of failure. These students’ feelings by making             and strokes.                      actual day.                             "It’s all about control," says
people dread the end of a them think the exam is the                      The first thing to do when        College student Amena             Alice. Knowing how to control
school year because it marks only thing that is important               exam anxiety starts is take con- Sufian says, "right before my        the anxiety can help reduce
exam time and the beginning and If they fail they won’t                trol, says Alice. Recognize that  exam I pray and take a few           the stress.
of anxiety and stress.         graduate or their parents will           there Is a problem and start     deep breaths." Doing these lit-         Student’s having difficulty
   Exam anxiety is like any kill them. It can lead to pro-             dealing with it.                  tle tasks helps her relax and        managing stress or anxiety are
other kind of anxietytoo       crastination, overly negative              The next thing to do is be focus. She also tells herself that       encouraged to contact a guid-
much and the body is physi- evaluation of performance,                  prepared. Spread studying over she did the best she could and         ance counsellor, the Durham
cally, emotionally and mental- and an increase in anxiety and           a couple of days or make a doesn’t dwell on how bad she               Region Mental Health Mobile
ly endangered.                 panicked feelings. On the               study schedule. Also, adapt thinks she did.                            Crisis Service (1-800-742-1890)
   "We’re all under stress," physical Side, Alice says anxi-            good study skills.                    Alice also suggests that stu-   or the Distress Centre (1-800-
says Mary Alice, a mental ety can lead to depression,                 .    "Test writing is a skill," Alice dents don’t anticipate the bad    452-0688).
34 THE CHRONICLE              April 17, 2001

           Do students use their spares wisely?
Chronicle Staff                           increase of workload from a           That’s why in college every    hours at a time?                  the cat," says. Tommy.
                                          student’s days at high school.     student is provided with            Many students use spares to        When asked why he doesn’t
                                             Assignments come fast and       spares, a period of time          study or work when It Is          use the time to do school work
    When the word college                 furious, tests are wort!) so       between classes for students to
                                                                                                           absolutely          necessary.        he said he’s tried, but find the
comes       up      in       a            much they can make or break        use as tlicy wish. But are stu-
                                                                                                           Preferring instead to use their       school has too many distrac-
conversation,popular topics of            a person s term mark, and          dents using their spares pro- free time more for enjoyment.         tions.
discussion include campus                 classes are usually jam packed     ductively?                       GIna Edwards, a second-               Another problem that arises
life, spring break, reading               with note-taking and in-class         How do students kill two, year student at durham, said           with lengthy spares is students
week and of course the                    assignments.                       three or, in some cases, four she usually hangs out In the          who use the long layoff as an
                                                                                                               cafeteria with friends.           excuse to go home early.
                                                                                                                  When asked about using            "Why should 1 stick around
                                                                                                               the time to do any school         and kill three or four hours,
                                                                                                               work she replied, "I do some-     just to stay for a one-hour
                                                                                                               times, but most of tlie time      class, It’s not worth it," said
                                                                                                               I’m with friends, and It’s hard   Nick Sopovki. He’s a second
                                                                                                               to just leave and do your         year-student here at Durham
                                                                                                               homework."                        who admits he does leave
                                                                                                                  Tommy Tassos is a first        early when faced with this sit-
                                                                                                               year-students at Durham who       uation.
                                                                                                               says he would rather use his         Many students felt the same
                                                                                                               free time to do something         way, especially those who
                                                                                                               besides school work,              drive to and from school and
                                                                                                                  "I usually gel something to    have the option of leaving
                                                                                                               eat and |ust hang out around      whenever they please.

      Sl. Mary’s: Renovations were currently completed at St. Mary’s secondary
      school, In Pickering, In order to accommodate the rising number of students.
      20 portables were eliminated during the process leaving the school v»’lth 12.

      High School expansion
      brings positive results
     BY ANDREA REDDY                      sensored taps and self flush-       "That takes some pressure
     Chronicle Staff                      ing toilets."                    off      our     staff    and
                                            The plan for the expan-        students...that they have
                                          sion was passed by the           some parking...."said Bak.
        The end of March break,           school board in September           The portables caused
     brought a new beginning to           of ’99, and construction         more inconviences than
     students and teachers from           began a year later.              interfering with the parking
     St. Mary’s high school in               The school wasn’t expect-     lot, it is harder for students
     Pickering.                           ing      completion     until    and teachers to travel to and
        The school is wrapping up         September 2001, but con-         from the portables in bad
     a 12 classroom expansion             struction            finished    weather.
     that will eliminate approxi-         early.There was a need for           "It was extremely difficult
     mately 20 portables from             the expansion because of         for students to move in and
     their parking lot and fields.        how overcrowded the school       out, as well as the teachers,"
        The     expansion      will       had become.                      said Gonsalves, "especially
     include two science labs, two           "There are 1900 students      when teachers have to carry
     computer labs that will be           in a school that was built for   material such as T.V’s and
     used for math courses, and a         900." said Mr Bak, the prin-     V.C.R’s from the main build-
     weight room.                         cipal of St. Mary’s.             ing."
        The expansion will also              The school must rotate 3          The students agree that
     eliminate 20 portables from          lunch breaks to accommo-         the portables were an incon-
     the schools property.                date all of the students.        vience.
        Both the teachers and the         There are almost 600 stu-       "The portables are so
     students are very happy with         dents on each lunch.         small and cramped," said
     the final results.                      "Studer.ts take their     Keefe.
        "The classrooms are very          lunches to other parts of the   "Some of them were so
     clean and bright." said              school to eat, " said Mr.    old that the stairs were
     Melanie Keefe, a grade 11            Gonsalves a teacher at St.   falling apart."
     student from St. Mary’s,             Mary’s, "There is not enough    The expansion has created
        "The      atmosphere    is        physical space."             more room for the students
     brighter than other class-              Because of the large num- of St. Mary’s, and there is

     rooms, it doesn’t make you           bers of students the school more room to come.
     feel as tired and dreary."           was forced to use 32 porta-     Notre Dame, the new
        Paul Osborne, a grade 10          bles, which eliminated 87 high school being built in
     student, liked the new bath-         parking spaces for students. Ajax, will take 300 hundred
     rooms.                                  The expansion has already students from St. Mary’s.
       "We have clean, high tech      .   allowed the school to 300 less students to cram in
     bathrooms," he said, "with           remove seven portables.      a small cafeteria.
 City gallery a place to explore
ZACHARIAS                                                                                                                                 trying out a class, "It’s not the
                                                                                                                                          final product that matters, It’s
Chronicle staff                                                                                                                           the process."
                                                                                                                                             When speaking about the
   Most people have a list of                                                                                                             art students, Cole also says, "1
things to try tn life at least                                                                                                            never underestimate them."
once. This may Include                                                                                                                       Children ages five to eight
extreme sports, travelling to                                                                                                             get a chance to learn such art
Europe, or maybe even being                                                                                                               lorms as clay sculpture, pencil
a contestant on Survivor. The                                                                                                             sketching and cartooning.
possibilities are endless.                                                                                                                   Young adults ages 14 to 19
   Well, here’s one more Idea                                                                                                             have a unique chance to
for the top of that list. How                                                                                                             design a porttollo which can
about taking a journey to the                                                                                                             he used when applying to col-
Robert McLaughlln Gallery                                                                                                                 leges and universities.
right here in Oshawa? True,                                                                                                                   Adult classes Include draw-
Irs not In the Australian out-                                                                                                            ing and watercolour for begin-
back and jumping out of a                                                                                                                 ners, and creative painting
plane isn’t necessary to get to                                                                                                           techniques.
the gallery.                                                                                                                                  Prices for workshops and
   However, with great things                                                                                                             classes range from 514 to
to offer like free                                                                                                           $100, depending on the
exhibits, a restaurant, a gift                                                                                                            length of the class and sup-
shop and art classes for all                                                                                                              plies required.
ages, the Robert McLaughlin          UNIQUE TREASURES AND TRINKETS: Joan Thornton, a volunteer who runs the                                  However, discounts are
Gallery Is an Interesting place     gallery gift shop, shows Chala Yorke a lamp hand-crafted out of teapots.                              given to gallery members,
to explore right here at home.                                                                                                               A special membership price
   The Robert McLaughlln          layout and beautiful skylight. tions, rotating them every Interesting things to do in the               of S20 is offered for students
Gallery is located in the mid-       A person does not need to eight to nine weeks.         Robert McLaughlin building.                   ages 14 to 24, which Includes
dle of Oshawa, behind City        know about art to explore the        The art at the gallery comes        The Gallery Caf6 is a          discounts on all classes and
Hall .and the library.            gallery.                           in a variety of forms, from        licensed restaurant that serves   special events, borrowing
   Although the current                Attendance is free, so all    painting to sculpture, using everything from coffee and              privileges from the gallery
gallery building has been          that is needed is the curiosity   almost any material one can dessert to full lunch and din-           library, and discounts In the
 there since 1987, there arc still to set foot in the building. As   imagine.                           ner entrees.                      gift shop and the Gallery Cafe.
 many people in Oshawa and Caslmiro put It; "We arc a not-               Careful consideration goes        The restaurant Is located on      When asked how many stu-
 the Durham Region who do for-profit organization; we’re             Into what will be displayed; the fourth floor, framed by a dent memberships the gallery
.not know it exists. According a Service to the community.            the goal Is to have something semi-circle of large windows has Caslmiro replied, "We
 to Ollnda Caslinlro/adminis- So. when you think of it that           to appeal to everyone.             for those who like a view.      don’t have as many as we
 trator and community rela- way, It’s great to be here."                  Sharing her views on the          The Gallery Shop, run would like, but It Is certainly
 tions co-ordinator for the           At any given time in the       collection, Casimiro said, "I entirely by volunteers, carries an area we’d like to explore."
 gallery, "We do have the gallery there are approximate-             think the art really does not a unique assortment of hand-            Current exhibitions at The
 national presence, now we’re ly 60 to 80 works of fine art,         limit your vision of what art crafted objects created by both Robert McLaughUn Gallery
working on having a more both historical and contempo-               should be."                        Canadian and international running until June 24 include
 dominant community pres- rary, as well as 20 pho-                      Linda Jansma is the curator artists.                            Geoffrey James; Parks and
 ence."                            tographs on the walls.            at the gallery. When asked            The crafts vary from paint- Walkways of Oshawa, as well
    The building Itself was actu-     However, the Robert            what she would like to see ed teapots to delicate glass as Art and Architecture: Place
 ally designed by Arthur McLaughlin Gallery is home                  people take away from their jewellery, and because these In Space.
 Erickson, one of Canada’s to approximately 3,600 pieces             experience at the gallery. items are hand-made they are               Upcoming events are vari-
 leading architects. Erickson Is of fine art, created by             Jansma thought a moment.           all one of a kind treasures.    ous art classes starting April
 credited with designing many Canadian artists such as Emily              "I would like to see the         The shop does not charge 19, Fun Day for kids on
 buildings in Canada and the Carr and the Painters Eleven.           work that we have expand GST, an extra Incentive to Sunday, May 6, and Zigzags,
 United States, including             The photographs are from       their horizons, make them visit.                                   Ziggurats, and Streamlines:
 Simon Fraser University and the Thomas Bouckley collec-             look at the world In a different      For a hands-on approach Addressing           Our       City
 the Canadian embassy In tion, which contains more                   way, and maybe look at the the Robert McLaughlln Structures, a walking tour of
 Washington, D.C,                  than 3,000 old pictures,          world in a way that they had- Gallery also offers a range of Oshawa on Sunday, May 27.
   Although the building may depicting the earlier life and          n’t thought of before," she art classes and workshops for             For information on mem-
appear slightly intimidating times of the City of Oshawa.            said.                              children and adults.            berships, classes, upcoming
 from the outside, inside the          In addition to the perma-         A visit to the gallery doesn’t    Darlene Cole, education co- events, or any other inquiries,
 atmosphere is welcoming and nent works, the gallery also            have to be limited to looking ordinator at the gallery, stress- telephone the gallery at (905)-
 bright, thanks to the spacious hosts many external exhibi-          at art, since there are other es this important point about 576-3000.

    Veni Vidi Gallery showcases local artwork
                                   in July 1999, has one of the         "I initiated it," says Hale of   challenge, says Hale, but also   time in the darkroom for
  BY JEREMY LE PAGE                most diverse and original col-    opening Veni Vidi, "but it          Increase her dedication to her Hale.
  Chronicle staff                  lections of artwork from the      has energy of its own."             work.                             But the focus of the gallery
                                 Durham area.                           This energy fueled Hale at          It is with this down-to-    will remain on both photog-
     The staircase opens up into   Along with workshops, it          a recent seminar in Kingston        earth attitude that Veni Vidi  raphy and fine art. The two
  an (old Victorian apartment, features both accomplished            called The Fine Art of Being a      maintains its relaxed atmos-   disciplines create a balance
  now converted Into an art and emerging artists, and has            Professional, where she told        phere; a complement to the     that Hale has no intentions
  gallery and photography stu- become a central component            the audience how her gut            gallery that Hale deliberately of disrupting. She says the
  dio. Paintings line the walls, in the development of reaction dictates what things                     maintains.                     response by artists and peo-
  and with every creak of the Scugog’s artistic community. she likes. She lives by a say-                   Hale says she likes to give ple involved in the work-
  hardwood floor and each          Charlotte Hale is the ing her best friend once told                   to an area when living in it/ shops have been great,
  glimmer from the hanging founder and curator of Veni her, "It’s OK if you fall on                      and Port Perry has been her although some corporate
  art-nouveau light, one Is Vidi. A graduate of Durham your face; you’re still going                     home for more than 11 years. sponsorship may help further
  steeped In the room’s unique College’s Advertising pro- forward."                                         With 12 new exhibits her efforts In the future.
  character.                     gram, Hale’s original goal        But Hale has done any-                every year, and daily work- Corporate interest helps, she
     The Veni Vidi Gallery was to open a photography thing but fall. At 38, a single                     shops including life drawing, says, and for businesses, sup-
  overlooks the various shops studio.                            mother of three, her dedica-            paper making and children’s porting local artists is always
  of Port Perry’s Queen Street,    Sensing a need for more tion is unwavering, Her chil-                 classes, Hale still manages to a good idea,
  an area that has quickly visual arts In Port Perry, it dren play a large factor this,                  find time to develop her own      Hale is optimistic about
  become one of the trendlest was a natural progression for as they are both a responsibil-              art. The photography studio. the gallery and its success,
  day-trip stops within 100 her to join her photography ity and a great Inspiration                      which ranges from portraits and looks forward to Veni
  kilometres of Toronto.         with the talents of other local behind her busy life. Single            to advertisement design, is Vidi adding more colour to
     The gallery, which opened artists.                          mom duties add a big-time               also busy, which means more the small town.
36 THE CHRONICLE             April ! 7, 2001

   Wake up to I s ab el’s D ream
  TORONTO                                                                                                                                    How many
                                                                                                                                             Limp Bizkits
  BAND AT                                                                                                                                  do you need?
  THE HELM                                                                                                                                 How many Puff
                                                                                                                                           Where’s it all
                                                                                                                                           gonna end? ’          -
                                                                                                                                                       Mike Ulrich
                                                                                                                                         At the centre of this aural
 BY PAUL LAND1NI                                                                                                                      experience is what Ulrich
                                                                                                                                      refers to as guitar-wash, "a
 Chronicio slall                                                                                                                      continuous wall of noise, a
                                                                                                                                      sonic blast." This provides the
    "I think music lias been in                                                                                                       canvas for Keclcr to paint on
 a rut for (he last five decades,"                                                                                                    her vocals and for Ulrich to
 bemoans Mike Ulrich, brain-                                                                                                          tinker with his keyboards.
 child behind Toronto-based                                                                                                           Unlike most conventional
 band Isabel’s Dream. "How                                                                                                            groups, there are no real lyrics
 many Limp Bizkits do you                                                                                                             or words for their songs.
 need? How many Puff                                                                                                                     "On the EP, there’s only
 Daddies do you need?                                                                                                                 one track with vocals," says
 Where’s It all gonna end?"                                                                                                           Ulrich.
    Ulrich has spent the last                                                                                                            "Basically, I treat them as
 four years carefully crafting                                                                                                        just another instrument. Most
 and cultivating his own                                                                                                              of my songs are just
 unique style of electronic                                                                                                           sounds...when it comes to
 soundscapes.                                                                                                                         lyrics, it’s just about colours
    Mixing droning guitars             SWEET DREAMS: The band’s debut release, the Monomara EP, has met with                          or landscapes."
 with breaking beats and soft          rave reviews. It should be on store shelves before summer.                                        The soothing sounds these
 vocal harmonies, Isabel’s                                                                                                            two create go a long way to
 Dream, along with the               hiatus from the scene, Isabel’s   bucks arvl   you can yet your      Organizing what is essen-   define the genre that is bliss-
 .American              band         Dream was reformed in 1999                                   tially a studio project onto
                                                                       own label. With the technolo-                                  beat. However, it would be
 Loveliescrushing, is at the         with the addition of vocalist gy today, you can produce the live stage can pose a prob-          wrong to dismiss Isabel’s
 forefront of the emerging           Rachel Keeler, whose angelic music so that most people lem, but Ulrich says he has               Dream as some sort of
 "blissbeat" scene.                  whispers provide the perfect won’t be able to tell if it was some friends ready to back          Cocteau Twins re-hash. This
    "Blissbeat’s not just elec-      foil for Ulrich’s pulsing made in a bedroom or a stu- him up when needed.                        is no one-trick pony.
 tronic; it’s still guitar-based.    arrangements.                   dio."                           "Though, if I really wanted         "I like rockin’ out with the
 It’s kind of a mesh between            While the scope and style       Having recently signed on to." he added laughing, "I          music I play. I’m not just
 the two," explains Ulrich.          of his music have evolved with Toronto indie label could do it all by myself. But I              gonna sit there and stare’ at
 "It’s a very eclectic style of      over the years, Ulrich’s do-it- Aporia    Records, Isabel’s really want the live edge; 1         my shoes when I’m up on
 music."                             yourself ethos remains a con- Dream is on a forward rush. don’t wanna just stand .there          stage. I do a lot of drum n’
    A diehard Misfits and My         stant.                          The band’s debut EP, and press play. There’s gonna               bass and jungle, and with the
 Bloody Valentine fan, Ulrich           "Independent music is an Monomara, should be on be a lot of pretty lights and                 beats I use, I hope people will
 originally started recording in     incredible commodity. Now shelves soon and Ulrich projections too. We want it to                 be shakin’ their booty out
 1997 on a four-track machine        with the Internet, anybody promises to get the live shows be an aural and visual experi-         uiere in crowd."
 in his bedroom. After a brief       can do it. Get yourself 60 rolling sometime in May.          ence."

   Plus One not just bubble-gum pop
BY JENNIFER LEE                      with every rule there is an       number one and even laded on
Chronicle Staff                      exception. The remarkable         the Billboard 200, competing
                                     group known as Plus One is        against other genres of music.
                                     that exception.                     The title track melds R&B
  It Is easy to dismiss toady’s         Plus One burst onto1 the       with inspiring vocals and
music by calling it bubble-gum       music world as a hot boy band     undeniable hooks.
pop, belted out by prepubes-         with a twist; this being a           My Life warns against losing
cents,                               Christian message mixed in        sight of one’s priorities, while
   These youngsters seem to be       with the teen-idol good looks,    Soul Tattoo poetically plays
manufactured in a music              sexy smiles and smooth vocal      out spiritual metaphors.
industry where sex appeal and        harmonies.                           I Will Rescue You is a song
talent don’t have anything in           Gabe Combs, Jeremy Mliire,     with universal charm and Last
common.                              Nathan Walters, Jason Perry       Flight Out features emotional
   Although for the most part        and Nate Cole make up Plus        vocals and subtle orchestral
this is true, .take for example      One. Each member is from a        beauty,
the swooning, crooning heart         different location in the            Run To You has great
stoppers of the early ’90s, New      United State and was selected     crossover appeal while Here In
Kids On The Block. They may          from hundreds of talented.        My Heart gives all of Plus
have looked cute, but certainly      competitors.                      One’s contemporaries a reason
couldn’t hold their own in              Plus One released its hit      to take notice.
music industry where sex             debut album, The Promise last        My Friend incorporates dra-
appeal Is prerequisite for suc-      year. The album sold more         matic chimes into modern
cess.                                than 19,000 copies in its first   instrumentation and speaks of
   With the recent flourish of       week. Tliat broke the record in   the beauty of true friendship.
mainstream pop dominating            contemporary Christian album         This latest boy band will
                                     sales for a single week.          surely be creating swooning         PLUS ONE: From left, Nathan Walter, Gabe Combs,
the airwaves it seems that this                                                                            Jeremy Mhire, Jason Perry and Nate Cole.
farce is far from over, but as          The Promise hit the            hearts with some worldly and
                                     Christian soundscan charts at     otherworldly leverage.
 Napster No .l, b ut for how long?
                                           the Napster system. The R1AA feels the

 THE COURT                                 use of Napster is going to decrease
                                           record sales.
                                              Most Napster users feel tlie exact
                                           opposite. Durham Professor Michael
 BATTLE RAGES                              Gilhooly is a frequent Napster user and
                                           describes the effect Napster lias on the
 ON. .. .                                  record Industry: "I’ve got 28 songs, 20
                                           of them I have elsewhere. I’ve paid for
                                           the (compact disk) and in some case
                                           the 45 (record), I’ve paid, to my mind,
                                           the copyright aspect."
BY JASON NEPHIN                               Napster is often used as a method of
Chronlcio staff                            previewing songs, in order for the indi-
                                           vidual to hear the music before pur-
   The wave of the future is crashing      chasing it.
down, upon us, and riding it like a           "We should think of (Napster) as a          This logo appears on the desktops of computers around the
surfcr is the free music industry, head-   new kind of radioa promotional tool            world, but for how long?
ed by Napster.                             that can help artists who don’t have
   Napster is the world’s most well-       the opportunity to get their music          sites.These other sites liave already       cannot stop people from downloading.
known and used music file transfer         played on mainstream radio or on            gained recognition for their ability to        The largest complaint with Gnutella
program.                                   MTV," said music artist Chuck D on          do what Napster could not and that is       is there Is no directory like the one
   Created in May of 1999 by Shawn                                    to stay alive on the Internet. The          Napster has. This can make it difficult
Fanning, Napster quickly became               The United States Court of Appeal        newest and what could be greatest ser-      for users to find a song.
known by most college and university       however didn’t feel this way and has        vice provider is                 However, this will change rather
students as the fastest and easiest way    decided Napster had to remove -all             Gnutclla is a decentralized system       quickly with the use of programs like
to get free music on the Internet.         copyrighted material.                       therefore it can operate even if certain, which provides a free
Napster shared files from one user to         This process has begun with Napster      computers are removed from the sys-         interface to help navigate the site.
another via their hard drives, with no     using a filter that is designed to pre-     tem.                                           Napster may be on its last leg
charge to either side.                     vent users from downloading copy-               Users are jumping from Napster to       because of tlie restrictions implement-
   However, Napster has made the           righted material. But users found a         Gnutella not only for the safety of a       ed by the court, but the free music
most news because of it’s ongoing          way around it.                              decentralized system, but also for the      industry that it started is only going to
court battle with the Recording               Even with the ability to get around      fact that Gnutella has no central index     get larger.
Industry Association of America            the short-term stops, many feel that        for the music Industry to shut down.          U2 member The Edge put it best, "If
(R1AA). The R1AA wants Napster to          Napster is doomed and it is only a mat-     This means that once users have the         they think Napster’s bad, 1 can tell
remove all copyrighted material from       ter of time before users move to other      Gnutella software, the music industry       them that a lot worse is coming."

  S ex symb ols or role mo dels?
BY SARAH PETERSEN                          into young girls’ heads is not a positive   younger girls. Some of the employees         trayed in the entertainment business.
Chronicle staff                            one.                                        made note of how young some of the              "Very often images of women in the
                                             The     females   are    also   getting   girls shopping in the section were.         music and film industries are very
   At 18, Foxy Brown pushed herself younger. When Salt n N n Peppa were                   One of the employees remembered          beautiful women, not necessarily intel-
out of a bed of money to display only on stage stripping down they were in             helping a girl find a dress for her Grade   ligent, who are willing to do anything
two $100 bills covering her chest. Lit’ their mid ’20s. Today many of the              8 graduation. The dresses available she     to please their man."
Kim sings in her song titled Drugs, artists are younger including new girl was trying on seemed more like some-                       Breen says women are brought out
"Without a bank account, I doubt we group Dream whose members are 16 thing an older teen would wear to                             to be decorative sex objects who don’t
could swing that route’ To please me and 17.                               prom.                                                   need to think for themselves.
you got to be well off." And all the       One of the most popular, and      Katie Randall, one of the store’s                          Of course the" women jn music
while Brittany Spears breaks the hearts arguably the biggest                              team members remem-                      don’t help much in proving this theo-
of men, has little girls imitate her and female role model,                               bers when she was that                   ry wrong.
tries to convince the world she is plan- would be 19-year-old                             age and clothes like                        Almost all have done some sort of
ning on staying a virgin until she is Spears. She went from       Very often              that didn’t even exist                   strip down at an award show. Aguilera
married.                                   being an innocent                                           in those sizes.             just recently at the Grammys while
   How men portray women in their          school girl in her first      images of                        "I wore jeans and T-     Spears doesn’t seem to go to an award
music has always been an issue; such       video to rubbing up to                                      shirts. Even if I want-     show without doing it. Even Destiny’s
as in Mystikal’s Shake ya Ass video        a noticeably older guy        women in the                  ed to wear a tube top       Child traded their outfits in for some
where the camera spends most of its        in her latest.                music and film                at 13, I wouldn’t have      sparkly halter tops and short shorts at
time on the backsides of women. The       And of course who                                            been able to find one       the Grammys.
                                                                         industries are                in my size. Even if I
subject was even recently discussed on
Much Music. ,’
                                       can forget the MTV
                                       Video Music Awards                very beautiful.        y did, my mom would
                                                                                                                                      Breen said many of the girls do
                                                                                                                                   struggle a great deal to try and accom-
   Yet, how women portray themselves when she ripped off her                                      have burned it before I          plish the look of the women they see
seems to be slightly overlooked. suit to expose a bra top                                         could wear it out of             in the music business. This of course
Everyone cares how Jay-Z, Nelly or and a thong covered by                      Andrea Breen       the house," Katie said.          includes problems such as eating disor-
Outkast show women jumping around see-through              flesh                                     Revealing clothes             ders and depression. She also said that
them in their videos, but it doesn’t coloured pants. At the                                       aren’t the only issue            due to the large amount of girls pranc-
bother anyone that Jennifer Lopez award show she sung a                                           with these musical               ing around like sex objects in videos,
strips to almost nothing in her Love classic ruining rendition of Satisfaction icons and their impact on young girls.              "It does seem likely that this has led to
Don’t Cost A Thing video.              only to rip off her clothes and lip sync Down two flights of stairs from the                an increase in girls believing that their
   The females in the music scene por- to one of her own songs.                  girl’s department at Chateau Works is             primary role in life is to be sexy for
tray themselves as sex symbols or gold    As her lack of talent becomes more a hair salon called Funky Town. Here                  men."
diggers. It gives an image to young revealing, so do her outfits. She no the staff focuses on wild hair styles and                    The biggest problem Breen has
girls, which could have a serious longer performs live at award shows, colours.                                                    encountered with this is many girls
impact on how they choose to live but lip syncs while every other artist            One of the assistants talked about             who have been sexually assaulted or
their lives.                           usually performs live.                    how at least one girl a day^will come in          abused do not come forward because
   Adolescent females have always         So why is this important? Only a and ask for her hair to be done like                    they feel it is their duty as women to
been subjected to these negative role few years ago during the wave of the Christina Aguilera’s or Brittany                        please men and it must be their fault if
models. At one time, models were the Spice Girls new sections in stores start- Spears’s. Laura Blair, a junior stylist             something bad happens.
biggest problem. Now as more females ed popping up.                              atso recalls an incident when a young                This means many rape cases still go
find a place in the music business it     Le Chateau was one of the first to girl dressed in all black came in and                 unreportcd and men getting away with
becomes harder to escape these introduce Chateau Girl. It is basically asked to change her black hair into the                     abuse on women.
Images.                                the same clothes found in the other same style and colour as Aguilera’s in                     The women in the music business
   On the radio, TV and in magazines, section, except the sizes are meant for the All I Want Is You video.                         are selling Pepsi and Revlon products
these women are everywhere making it preteen girls.                                 Andrea Breen works with. the                   instead of sending a positive message
near to Impossible for girls to miss      La Senza just recently became a part Violence Intervention Project at East               to young girls.
them.                                  of this by opening up a whole new Metro Youth Services. Slie said she                          When 17 year-old Spears was saying
   Although it is incredible women are store called La Senza Girl.               sees many girls who try and imitate               "Hit me baby one more time" no one
making a strong impact in the music       Chateau Works, located In the their favorite female personality in the                   seemed to stop and think what the sul-
business, which at one point was male downtown Toronto area on Queen media. She feels one of the biggest                           try Catholic girl’s message might tell
dominated, the image they are feeding Street by Spadina, has a section for problems is the way females are por-                    little girls.
38 THE CHRONICLE            April 17,2001

 Community b enefits from casino
BY JACQUI RIVERS                                                                                                                                machine  gamers put their
Chronicle staff
                                                                                                                                                Rapid Rewards card into the
                                                                                                                                                slot machine and collect
   Set on the shores of Lake                                                                                                                    points.
Scugog, owned by the First                                                                                                                         Points can be redeemed at
Nation Mississaugas of Scugdg                                                                                                                   the casino’s Waters Edge
Island, and down windy Island                                                                                                                   Restaurant or from the Players
Road, stands the Great Blue                                                                                                                     Club, which offers a selection
Heron Charily Casino.                                                                                                                           of merchandise such as Roots
   The Great Blue Heron got Its                                                                                                                 apparel.
name from the birds which                                                                                                                          Since the Great Blue Heron
used to fly over the casino on                                                                                                                  is a charity casino players
their way to nesting grounds                                                                                                                    don’t need to feel bad If they
on Scugog Island and even                                                                                                                       do lose some money.
though their flight path has                                                                                                                       The First Nation has a char-
changed slightly since the casi-                                                                                                                itable board called The
no opened, they still nest on                                                                                                             Bnagwating Community Asso-
the island.                                                                                                                                         (baagwating means
   The 25,000 square feet casi-                                                                                                           people of the shallow water).
no opened in 1997 at a cost of                                                                                                            The nine-member board meets
$16 million. It was renovated                                                                                                             monthly to consider requests
last year for an additional $20                                                                                                           for charitable causes. They try
million in order to accommo-                                                                                                              to help put local causes first,
date the slots hall that opened                                                                                                           such as the second ice pad at
 in May and to create a more                                                                                                              the Port Perry Arena.
aboriginal theme.                                                                                                                            Other causes supported by
    "One of the things that a lot                                                                                                         the association include the
of people like about our facili-                                                                                                          Heart and Stroke foundation,
ty is that it’s nothing like wliat                                                                                                        Cancer Society and Big
you’d expect from the outside                                                                                                             Brothers and Sisters.
when you drive up," says Gary                                                                                                                The              Baagwating
Edgar, public relations manag-                                                                                                            Community           Association
er of the Great Blue Heron.                                                                                                               allows the First Nations to
   "Gaming is big in the enter-                                                                                                           continue their cultural tradi-
tainment      industry. It’s In                                                                                                           tion of caring about and shar-
Ontario now for good and                                                                                                                  ing with others.
people are now accepting it as                                                                                     Photo by Jacqul RIvois    Lost everything at the casi-
a terrific form of entertain-                                                                                                             no? The Great Blue Heron has,
ment," says Edgar.                      TAKE A GAMBLE: Spend a day absorbing the excitement that is the Great Blue Heron                  entry-level jobs available in all
  This could explain why                Charity Casino.                                                                                   areas. There are a number of
there has been a steady growth                                                                                                            Durham College graduates
in the number of people              slot machines. In May they concerned I don’t believe centlle payout, which is stan- working at the casino, particu-
attracted to the Great Blue          will get 10 new table games thc’c is more opportunity In dard," says Edgar.                          larly in the security depart-
Heron since the slot hall was        such as poker, mini-baccarat winning roulette than there is        The highest amount won to ment. Some positions, such as
opened in May. The Great Blue        and some extra roulette in other games. I can see why date on the slot machines Is new dealers, require specific
Heron has also introduced 24-        games.                             people can say that because $50,000, A man won that in college training. To apply,
hour weekends,                           With all of these games to you can have side bets all over March.                                pick up an application at
   During the week the casino        choose from, tlie main con- the place," explains Edgar. " I        The highest amount won Guest Services.
is open from 11 am until 4 am,       cern is which one pays out the think that the most skilled on the table games is
but Thursday through Sunday          most.                              gamers are the poker players. unknown. As Edgar explains
it is open around the clock.             "People say roulette because     "The Ontario government it, "People win or they would-              Help for gamblers
The busy time for the casino         it’s so much fun. Roulette is a owns the slot machines and n’t play."
has traditionally been July and      hoot when you get all kinds of they rent space from us for         The Great Blue Heron has a            If losing everything hap-
August.                                      around a table cheering them. The slots are pro- reward system called the Rapid               pens frequently, call the
   The Great Blue Heron now          Eeople
                                       ar each other; it’s really a fun grammed by the government Rewards program. This is a free          Gamblers Help line at 1-888-
offers 40 table games and 450        game. As far as the odds are and are in the mid 90 per- program for slot players. Slot |230-3505.

 Propagandhi; politics, raw power and punk
 BY JIM AGAPITO                          Nobody likes hearing that          Hannah said the band want-
 Chronicle staff                                                         ed to pay testament to mid-80s
                                      the political systems and histo-
                                      ries we’ve been taught to trust    political hardcore while incor-
   Winnipeg punk rock leg-            and build our senses of identi-    porating what direction they
ends Propagandhi have been a          ty on, are riddled with lies and   felt hardcore should take.
crucial part of the Canadian          corruption," says guitarist           So the band merely wanted
Music Scene.                          Chris Hannah.                      to put out an album that was       1st release
    Being one of the premier             In 1997, Hannah and drum-       complete and titled it under a     How To Clean
political punk bands in               mer Jord Samolesky created G7      quote made by Mumia Abu-
Canada, the band has come a           Welcoming Committee, an            Jamal. Jamal, a social activist    Everything (Fat Wreck
long way from its debut in            independent record label dedi-     radio journalist, is on death      Chords, 93)
early 1993 with How to Clean          cated to distributing and pro-     row, convicted of shooting a
Everything to the recent
release of Today’s Empires,
Tomorrow’s Ashes. But one
                                      ducing bands supporting radi-
                                      cal social change.
                                         "What we’re actually trying
                                                                         police officer in 1981.
                                                                            The album was released on
                                                                         Feb. 6, which was former
                                                                                                            2nd release      .    ’.^   ’.:’"
thing remains certain, the            to define and put Into prac-       United States president Ronald
                                                                                                            How To Clean A Couple
political views of Propagandhi        tice," Hannah states, "(are) the   Reagan’s birthday.                 of Things (Fat Wreck          .

influence the music they play.        values that we think would be         The band was originally         Chords, 93) }                       Where Quantity Is Job
   The name Propagandhi is            fundamental to the-^kind of        booked at The Dungeon in
derived from the political term       world that .we’d really like to    May, but the venue had to be                                           #1   (^Welcoming
propaganda and Mohandas               live and work in."                 changed due to size. But it’s     Mreleasfi                             Committee Records, 96)
Gandhi, a humanitarian and                 A live performance has        expected the show will still      I’d Rather Be Flag
pacifist who led India to inde-       been anticipated for several       occur once a venue can be
 pendence.                            years since the last tour. Wliy?   found.                             Burning (G7 Welcoming                6th release
    "We have to stand up for          Because it has taken the band         Propagandhi has been on         Committee Records, 94)
 what we believe in, and it’s not     five years to release the much-    tour in the United States with                                          Today’s Empires,
 always going to be easy...for anticipated Today’s Empires,              Avail. They have played three                                           Tomorrow’s Ashes (G7
 people to reconcile the chasm Tomorrow’s Ashes.                         soldout sliows In Canada, a        4m.release                           Welcoming Committee
 between an alternative analy-       In an interview with                benefit concert in Vancouver,
 sis of society and a traditional, Exclaim Magazine in March,            the CD release party in            Less Talk/ More Rock                 Records/Fat Wreck
 corporate-driven analysis of Propagandhi revealed why the               Winnipeg and in Toronto,           .(Fat Wreck Chords, 96)              Chords, 01)
 society.                          album took so long.                   with Avail.
                                                                                                                            THE CHRONICLE        Aprin7, 2001           39

A night                                                                     Four-year athletes
fo r s tars
to s hi n e
Continued from Page 1           ball, baseball and women’s
festivities began with the      fastball.
induction of two new mem-         The excitement in the
bers to the -Durham College     room was building as the
Athletic’ Hall of Fame.         evening made its way to the
   Stan Marchut was inducted    eventual announcement of
in the builder-coach category   the Male and Female Athletes
for his past and continued      of the Year.      The Female
coaching of the women’s vol-    Athlete of the Year was
leyball team.                              P a t r i c. i a
   M i c h a e l                            C o w m a n           .
Stauffcr     was                            Cowman          is   a
inducted in the                             member of the
athlete category                            women’s fastball
for his achieve-                            team     and was
ments          at                           the         OCAA
Durham as a star                             League       top
on both the" golf                            pi tcner.   The                                                                                             Ptiolo by Kevin Kobzan
and      curling                             male Athlete of
teams.                                       the Year was               GRADUATING ATHLETES: Four Year award winners Sarah John and Quado
   Each inductee                             Darryl Reid, a             Service will be graduating from Durham this year.
received a draw-                             member of the
ing of them-                                 baseball team,
selves and a             Darryl Reid         and a CIBA top
   After the he
Athletic award,
               hall of fame
                                  After the announcement of
induction came the Varsity the Athletes of the Year,
                                awards were given out to five
   Babcock began by present- individuals as OCAA All-
                                                                       And the winner ’s are.
ing Quado Service and Sarah Academic Athletes. To receive
                                                                       BY JASON NEPHIN
                                                                       Chronicle staff
John each with a four year this distinction the athlete
award for their contribution must be on the honour list.                                                                    Baseball
to athletics over their four The five winners were Angela                 The Athletic banquet saw the induction of two     Rookie of the year: Derrick Turpin
years at Durham.                Wilson, Laura Stapleton, Kirn          new members to the Durham College Athletic           Top Pitcher: Matt Homing
   Following this presentation Metcalf. Mohsin Bukhari and.            Hall of Fame, Stan Marchut and Michael               Coach’s Award: Ryan Johnston
came the .individual awards Becky Tranter.                             Stauffer. The evening also saw the presenta-         Lionnel Boom Baker Memorial MVP: tie
for each team including golf,     The final award was given            tion of the following awards:                        Darryl Reid, Geoff Alien
women’s and men’s soccer, out to Laura Stapleton, a
women’s and men’s basket- CCAA academic all Canadian.                     Golf                                              Womgn’s Fagtball
                                                                          Rookie of the year: Joel Michaud                  Rookie of the Year: Diana Nicholls
                                                                          Coach’s award: George Molfit                      Top pitchers: tie Penni-Lee Wheeler,
                                                                          Gerry Pettit MVP: Matt Murdock                    Patricia Cowman
                                                                                                                            Coach’s award: Alexis Heit
                                                                          Women’s Soccer                                    Richard Snowden Award MVP: tie Andrea
                                                                          Rookie of the year: Mariola Labedz                Screeton, Patricia Cowman
                                                                          Coach’s award: Brooke
                                                                          MVP: Jennifer Courneyea                           Men’s Volleyball
                                                                                                                            Rookie of the year; Chuck Bailey
                                                                          Men’? Soccer                                      Coach’s Award: Dave Forbes
                                                                          Rookie of the year: Anthony Plastina              MVP: Chuck Bunn
                                                                          Coach’s award: Leigh Willems
                                                                          Vaso Vajanovic Award MVP: Glen Gaffney            Women’s Volleyball
                                                                                                                            Rookie of the year: tie Tryshia Colquhoun,
                                                                          Women’s Basketball                                Leah Tuyten
                                                                          Rookie of the year: Bonnie Slaughter              Coach’s award: Teresa Mendicino
                                                                          Coach’s award: Angela Wilson                      MVP: Becky Tranter
                                                                          MVP: tie Tina Robinson, Sara John
                                               Photo by Jason Nephin
                                                                          Men’s Basketball                                   The Female Athlete of the Year was Patricia
  BIRTHDAY GIFT:   Will Ellls shows off the caricature                    Rookie of the year; Dudley Bent                 Cowman and the Male Athlete of the Year was
  he received from Ken Babcock at the Athletic                            Coach’s Award: Quado Service                    Darryl Reid.
  Banquet.                                                                MVP: Adam Farr
 40 THECHRONtCUE            April ! 7. 2001

                                                                 iSpO^IS NEWS
     Athletes of the Year honoured
 REID AND COWMAN                                                                                                           w
                                                                                                  COUfGE ^
                                                                                                                                              realize that a baseball player
                                                                                                                                              could be nominated for it,"

 CREDIT RESPECTIVE                                                                                        AT
                                                                                             OWHAM Fame Indue
                                                                                                                                              said Rcid.
                                                                                                                                                 He also gave praise to his
                                                                                                                                              team, saying that the team-

 TEAMS FOR THEIR                                                                                  & Ha« of                                    work practised throughout the
                                                                                                                                              year was his most remembered

                                                                                                      Celehratmg tf.                 ,_J      moment of the season.
                                                                                                                                                 "Everybody seemed to come
                                                                                                                                              together, we liad great chem-
                                                                                                                                              istry," said Rcid.
                                                                                                                                                 He mentioned that thy
                                                                                                                                              team was close both on and
                                         Even though Cowman suf-                                                                              off the field. "Everybody con-
BY KEVIN KOBZAN                      fered a groin injury during the                                                                          tributed to our success that we
Chronicle staff                      finals, she still mentioned her                                                                          had, everybody seemed to get
                                     most memorable moment of                                                                                along."
   Patricia   Cowman and             tlie year was during tlic cham-                                                                            Reid who Is in his third year
Darryl Rcid have been named          pionship.                                                                                               says the nucleus changes over
Durham’s female and male                 "Our team was awesome                                                                               the years, usually getting five
Athletes of the Year.                and we nulled off a triple play,                                                                        or six teammates coining back
  Cowman, who was study-             it was phenomenal, we did so                                                                            each year.
ing early childhood education        well."                                                                                                     Tills year there were about
 posted a perfect 5-0 record as          Cowman will continue to                                                                             four returning players, but
 pitcher for the college wom-        play fastball in the summer                                                                             guidance was spread through-
 en’s fastball team. She was the     and will return in the fall to                                                                          out the team.
 Ontario College Athletic            help contribute to the Lords                                                                               "The whole team acts as vet-
 Associations top pitcher.          team. Slio also has her sights                                                                           erans, leadership came from
    An enthused Cowman, who         set to coach in tlie future.                                                                             the whole team," said Reid.
 was playing in her first season    "Hopefully somewhere after                                                                               "Even the rookies that come in
with Durham thought the             that I’m going to coach                                                         Pholo by Kevin Kobzan    play competitive sports too, so
event was very special.             younger girls."                       HALL OF FAMER: Head table looks on as Mike                         they act as veterans."
   Although this particular             The Male Athlete of the           Stauffer accepts his Hall of Fame induction.                          Although Reid was accepted
award is presented individual-      Year was Darryl Rcid, early                                                                              to Trent University in the fall,
ly, Cowman gave credit to the       childhood education, who                                                                                 he’s uncertain where he will
entire team.                        was presented with the his position and was the CIBA of being honored, but was                           be going to school.
  "I couldn’t have done this        William Avery Memorial top hitter, posting a .466 bat- shocked when he heard his                            "I’m assuming if I come
without the team, it was an         Award.                            ting average.                  name called.                            hear, I get to play next year,"
awesome year," she said.                Reid was the top player at       Reid said he was very proud    "It’s a shock, 1 didn’t even         says Rcid.

                  Hall of Famers acknowledged
  Chronicle slat)___________

     The Athletic banquet saw
  the induction of two people
  into the hall of fame on April
  7. Stan Marchut was induct-
  ed as in the builder/coach cat-
  egory and Michael Stauffer
  was inducted in the athlete
      Marchut began his career
  at Durham as the head coach
  of the women’s volleyball
   program in 1984. Marchut, a
   teacher at Eastdale collegiate,
   is in his 17th year of coaching
  Women’s Volleyball. While
  at Durham he recorded 219
  career wins to only 91 losses,
  a .706 win percentage. It
  makes him the winningest
  coach in OCAA women’s vol-
  leyball history,
      During Marchut’s tenure,
  the team has never missed
  the playoffs and has failed to
  qualify for the OCAA champi-
  onships only once. The
  women’s volleyball team has
  qualified for the playoffs 10
  straight years and four times
  for nationals. In 1986 the
  team placed third at the
  nationals in Vancouver.
      Marchut has been recog-.
  nized five times as the OCAA
  Coach .of the Year and in
                                         MIKE STAUFFER: Stand-out athlete In golf and
                                         curling during his four-year tenure at Durham,
                                                                                                             STAN MARCHUT; Winnlngest women’s volley-
                                                                                                             ball coach In OCAA history, with a .706 win-
                                                                                                             ning percentage.          ; .’:,’..’., ;;’. :", ’"i ’-.:.
  1994 received the CCAA                Inducted with Marchut           golf champion in 1995-96, In   Stauffer was also a silver               He finished his career win-
  Career Coaching Excellence          was his former student            all he won eight champi-       medal curling team member             ning the Durham College
  Award.                              Michael Stauffer. Stauffer        onship medals during his col-  In 1994.95: "’:-...:..: ;"’"..; ’.^   "William Avery Award" as the
     When speaking about his          began his three- year career at   lege career: Two gold medals      In 1995-96 herrecelvea the         Male Athlete of the Year.
  induction Into the hall of          Durham College In 1993,           in Golf 1993.94 and 1995-96    Keith Fietcher Memorial                  When speaking at the ban-
  fame, -Marchut said "Usually        During those years at             and two gold medals In men’s   Scholarship Award based oh            quet, Stauffer said that it was
  you. wait until someone             Durham, Stauffer amassed          curling. Stauffer skipped the  his leadership and overall            "an honor to be Inducted
  retires; but Ken (Babcock) said     numerous OCAA awards,             men’s curling team to two Involvement at Durham                      with his former high school
  he can’t wait that long."           including OCAA individual         titles in 1994-95 and 1995-96, College,                              gym teacher."
                                                                                                                                   THE CHRONICLE         April 17, 2001      41

                                                                             PORIS NE^S
     S cholarships needed to compete
Chronicle staff                                      For this reason, a number of             are going to stay and the competition greater financial resources will hold a
                                                  Canada’s top student athletes leave         and sports programs in Canada are justmonopoly on championship banners,
                                                  after high school to attend university      going to get better and better." This much like in the NCAA. "Universities
   Balancing school and work is a                 In the U.S. where they can receive a        increase In university scholarship    are a .little bit indifferent and some
tough task for anyone. Now add on                 scholarship easily paying for all their     money will persuade more athletes to  really like it and some don’t because
daily practices and games that con-               costs.                                      go to university In Canada. This will they don’t feel they can come up with
sume a large portion of a student’s                  In the past, the majority of Canada’s                                          the funds, it’s a burden I guess," said
                                                                                              have a positive affect as far as universi-
time.                                             most talented high school athletes                                                Babcock. "You have to work at it
                                                                                              ty athletics, but it will be a negative for
   This Is the dilemma faced by many              have been heading south of the border    the college system.                      through a bit of the model south of the
of Canada’s most gifted university and            for lucrative National Collegiate           The Canadian College Athletic border. Through alumni, through
college athletes. However, there is a             Athletic Association                                    Association       (CCAA) fundraising, that’s the way it has to
way to resolve this problem and that is           (NCAA) scholarships.                                    must Increase the maxi- happen,"
with athletic scholarships.                       A ruling passed last                                    mum amount allowed           The idea of a two-tiered system is a
   Like many other colleges and uni-
versities in Canada, Durham College
                                                  summer mav change
                                                  all that.
                                                                                (                         for college scholarships. negative that will affect a number of
                                                                                                              "Durham College’s schools and may cause them to take
has established a scholarship program,               The          Canadian           This is a            position Is we’d Tike money from other areas in the univer-
but It is minuscule In comparison to              Intercollegiate Athletic                                eventually some day to sity in order to stay competitive athlet-
scholarships provided by major United             Union (CIAU) loses                 great                offer the same number ically.
States’ universities.                             roughly 1,700 talented             move for             of. scholarships, two per    On the other hand, many people
   Durham College established a schol-            athletes per year to the                                sport that would cover feel that the idea of scholarships for
arship program in 1989 to assist stu-             NCAA. However, In an               the CIAU             tuition in order to sports Is ridiculous.
dent athletes witli the cost of their edu-        effort to retain some of                                 remain      competitive     "The change (in CIAU policy) is
cation. The maximum allowable                     those students, the                                     with the CIAU," said causing some real concern because
amount under OCAA guidelines for a                CIAU is making it                                        Babcock.                 most smaller institutions simply can’t
scholarship Is $1,000 per year paid out           financially attractive                                      The increase of ath- afford to spend any more on their
                                                                                           Jay Triano letic scholarships in sports teams," said Frank Butler, associ-
in two instalments of $500 in January             for students to stay in
and $500 in May. This is based on the             Canada.                                                 Canada as a whole, can ate director of Newfoundland’s
student athlete obtaining a 2.5 grade                Until this year, the                                 be very positive, and Memorial University’s school of physi-
point average.                                    maximum amount of financial support will allow for a more competitive CIAU cal education. "We’re waiting to see if
   According to Ken Babcock, Durham               a Canadian student-athlete could and OCAA. There are two sides to this we can get some help from the presi-
College Athletic Director; "The basis of          receive was $1,496. But thanks to a coin. A number of schools feel the dent’s office, but if our budget isn’t
the scholarship program, is it is to be           vote at the 48-mcmbcr ClAU’s annual increase in allowable scholarship fund- tuned up we may have to start drop-
used as a recruiting tool for the coach-          general meeting last June, schools will ing is going to hurt their athletics.     ping certain sports."
es. The scholarship is a back-ended               be able to pay their top athletes full      While the CIAU will now allow uni-       "I think you’re going to have^
scholarship, not a front-end scholar-             tuition plus compulsory fees.            versities to offer full-tuition athletic schools that simply aren’t able to com-
ship like you arc familiar with in the               That’s as much as a $3,300 raise for scholarships, it is up to individual pete in some sports," Butler adds.
States; the $80,000 deals they’ll sign at         athletes at some schools and places the schools to decide how many, If any, to "We’ve thought about changing stu-
University of Oklahoma, those kinds of            CIAU in a position much more compa- hand out. Some universities believe dent recreation fees, but we can’t bur-
things." -                                        rable to that of the NCAA.               scholarships should be handed out den students with higher fees because
   The student may use the funding to                 "This is a great move for the CIAU," based on need and academic standing, they are already outrageous. Maybe
help pay tuition, books and any other             says Jay Triano, former National not athletic prowess. Others are won- we’ll be able to find private funding,
expenses accumulated over the school              Associate of Intercollegiate Athletics       dering where they’ll find the extra          but that too Is difficult because well
year. As most students may realize,               (NA1A) stanUout at Simon Fraser              funding.                                     likely have the student body crying
$1,000 a year is less than half the cost          University. "If the CIAU makes It easi-         They say the changes will create a        foul because It’s not fair to other stu-
of tuition.                                       er for them to go to school, more kids       two-tiered CIAU, where schools with          dents."

         Chris Eade drafted by                                                                                     Rough play in DCSA
                                                                                                                    intramural hockey
            Florida Panthers
                                                                                                                BY DAN LABAJ                         This is not the way that the
                                                                             Legionaires and the under-         Chronicle staff                   DCSA Intramural League had
     Chronicle staff
                                                                             17, all-Ontario teams, that he                                       been played up to the
                                                                             realized his dream of becom-                                         Christmas break, said one ref-
        "It’s kind of crazy the way                                          ing a professional hockey            The     Durham         College eree.
     the draft works.. You never                                             player was within reach.           Student            Association       Due to the amount of rough
     really know what’s going to                                                Last year Eade ran Into         Intramural Hockey season is play in the league, a new play-
     happen. I just wanted .to get                                           some problems when he had          now over. Congratulations to off system was being consid-
     picked," said Chris Eade, and                                           to have his appendix               the Rangers for their first place ered.
     drafted he was.                                                         removed. Because of it, he         finish.                                This would have left the two
        Eade, a long-time resident!                                          was out for five weeks, but           However, this was one of teams with the most penalty
     of Oshawa, walked out of last                                           even though it was his draft       the roughest seasons in the minutes out of the playoffs.
     year’s NHL junior draft as                                              year, he was still drafted.        past four years, with over five Christo mentioned that this
    (Florida’s fourth pick, and a                                               He hopes to one day play        suspensions handed out.          would not necessarily be the
     smile on his face; With                                                 up to the likes of Scott           Previously, there was only one   way the league would go, but it
     teams like Colorado, Detroit,                                           Stevens of the New Jersey          suspension in the last three     was definitely an option.
     Vancouver, San Jose and            garteri, his family made             Devils.                            seasons.                            "If we don’t cut down sus-
^    Columbus showing interest, the move to Oshawa, He
     it was the Florida Panthers attended Eastdale Collegiate
                                                                                Eade now has to finish his
                                                                             OHL career, and next year
                                                                                                                   Dwayne Christo, convenor pensions, we’ll fold the league
                                                                                                                of the league, held a meeting all together," he added.
     that snagged him;               for Grades 9 and 10. After              will attend another camp           in January, with. the captains      The second half of the sea-
        Eade, who is: 18, has been being drafted by North Bay,               with the Florida Panthers.         of the six teams to discuss the son was not as rough as the
     playing organized; hockey he moved north and attend-                    Eade said he has just as much      rough play during the first first, but there were still far too
     since he was about four. He ed Chippawa .Secondary                      chance at making the NHL as        semester.                        many infractions ruining the
     played AAA hockey all the ’School there. When ’he                       the other top prospects.              He explained to the captains chances of a traditional playofl
     way through major novice to transferred back to Oshawa,                    "After the draft, everyone      that the league had to play by format.
     minor bantam. After minor he attended Donevan High                      is in the same boat," Eade         the rules set forth by Ice          Players seemed to follow the
     bantam, he went on to play School.             ,.,:.     :              said.                              Sports, the arena where the rules after the warning.
     for the Oshawa Legionaires.        Fade said that his parents              Some highlights of his          intramural games are played.        If the two teams that didn’t
     From there, he was drafted had the greatest influence on                young Career include being            These are the same rules fol- make the playoffs under this
     third overall into the OHL by his hockey career; ?            1!: ’’.   drafted to both the OHL and        lowed by all Adult Safe-Hockey format were at the top of the
     NorthBay. He has been play-        "They’re the ones who get            the NHL; attending the hock-       League (ASHL) teams through- standings but received too
     ing defence with North Bay you your first skates, get you               ey. .camp with the Florida         out North America.               many penalties, no one would
     for three years, and may soon out, push you hard and help               Panthers and making the all-          Ice Sports pledges to keep have left this experience feel-
     be a member of the Florida you when you heed it," Eade                  Ontario, under-i7 team.            the game of hockey safe and ing like the best team won.
     Panther organization.          said.     ,

                                                        : -1:. .\’^’-           Eade mentioned that the         fun for all participants.           Rough play was toned down
        Eade was born in                Like any boy growing up              single most important thing           Its mission statement is, "To and a traditional ulayoff for-
     Etoblcoke, and lived his first and playing hockey, he had               a young child should do, is to     provide our ASHL members mat was used. The Rangers
     four years at Buckshot Lake, always wanted to make the                  just have fun playing hockey       across North America with a had to win the title In a shoot-
     Ont.f just two hours north of NHL, but if was when he                   and riot to worry about mak-       professionally managed and out, because the two-game
     Belleville.When In kinder       made        the            Oshawa       ing the NHL.                       operated league that is safe and series was split.
 42 THE CHRONICLE             Aprin7. 2001

                                                                      IPOKR NEWS

    How much is to o much?
 Chronicle staff
                                             to further injury at this time and         recovered athletes, she notes their          and sensation. "Studies show each
                                             should not be jarred again."               medical progress throughout the sea-         concussion sustained over a lifetime
     "Suffering from a concussion occurs       A player returning too early could       son.                                         further affects day-to day living," says
 more commonly than most people              suffer from second impact syndrome,          Chasczewski is concerned for stu-          Chasczewski. Students who disregards
 believe," says Alison Chasczewski, ath-     which may be fatal, reports the            dents who do not report their history        the dangers of a concussion could find
 letic therapist at Durham College.          American     Academy of Family             of head injuries with her while On           them selves struggling to pay attention
    A concussion is the bruising of tlie     Physicians.                                 scholarships. Some students could not       to what’s being said In class. Students
 brain and is the result of a blow to the       It is vital for the brain to go through afford to attend college without’ their      could then get lower marks and even
 head.                                       a complete healing                                         scholarships. Some stu-      fail. Physically, Students could no
    Chasczewski says a player who has        process before the                                         dents do not report          longer demonstrate agility and quick
 sustained a blow to the head must be        injured player can                                         their injuries for fear of   reflexes In the game. If you tic these
 pulled from the game and put through
 a standard test to rule out the possibil-
                                             return to the game.
                                                When Chasczewski
                                                                         "     The injured
                                                                             player   tried to
                                                                                                        losing their scholar-
                                                                                                        ships because they
                                                                                                                                     academic and athletic deflations
                                                                                                                                     together students may find themselves
 ity of a concussion. The test is com-       was on student place-                                      believe they will no         struggling with extreme depression
 prised of a series of simple questions      ment, a player on the           get up and was             longer be eligible to par-   and failure.
 used in determining if the player has      opposing team suf-           behaving very                 ticipate in their sport.          While it may be nice to medicate a
 suffered a concussion and its severity.    fered a severe concus-                                     Chasczewski believes          concussion, the only real prescription
    According to the American Academy       sion and convulsed on        aggressively                  this could be dangerous       is rest. It is never a good idea to take
 of Neurology and Brain Injury
 Association there arc three grades of
                                            tlic ground.
                                                "The Injured player
                                                                                                 5     to tlic athlete’s long-
                                                                                                       term health and wel-
                                                                                                                                     anything other then a simple painkiller
                                                                                                                                     for a concussion. The key to success-
 concussions each characterized by          tried to get up and was                                    fare.                         fully dealing with a concussion is to
 headache, dizziness, vomiting, loss of     behaving very aggrcs-                 A. Chesczewski          Chasczewski com-           monitor it as closely as possible from
 concentration, memory loss, blurred       siveiy because he was                                      pares hurting the knee         beginning to end and that means not
 vision, pupil dilation, convulsion and    extremely disorient-                                       and hurting the brain          masking any of the symptoms with
 ringing in the ears. There are varying    ed," said Chasczewski. "I kept him and an athlete’s typical treatment of                  medication.
 degrees of these symptoms although        firmly on the ground because when the two injuries. The injured knee will                    Following a concussion, a player can
 not all the symptoms may be present.      head injuries arc suspect it is natural to keep a player out of the game until it         expect to return to competition as
    The first grade is characterized by a  assume neck injuries are also present." has had the full time to heal. A con-             soon as symptoms disappear. An ath-
 simple headache, seeing stars, dizzi-         The injured rugby player was later cussion, on the other hand, is not so              lete suffering from a moderate concus-
 ness, loss of concentration or memory     hospitalized briefly for his concussion. easy to monitor and care for because it          sion can expect to be out of play from
 loss lasting up to five minutes. The          Continuing sports participation is a closed injury.                                   anywhere between several days to a
.second grade Is characterized by nau- after a concussion leaves the player               "Most times, despite medical recom-        couple of weeks. Further to that, an
 sea, mild vision impairment, dizziness, susceptible to acquiring another con- mendation and lingering pain, the ath-                athlete suffering from a severe concus-
 prolonged memory loss lasting up to a cussion.                                        lete will shrug off the pain and risks        sion can expect to be out of play for a
 couple of hours and a short blackout.        "Eric Lindros is a good example of and jump back into the sport without                month or longer.
The third grade is characterized by recurring concussions," Chasczewski caring about the potentially serious sit-                       Depending on the severity of the
blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, ring- said. "Lindros is a premier National uation they’re putting themselves in,"                  concussion and the player’s history of
 ing in the ears, convulsions, severe Hockey League player who hasn’t says Chesczewski.                                          concussions, a medical proicsslunul
 memory   loss, usually lasting more than played since last May because he                The long-tenit  effects of concussions may recommend a permanent change
 24 hours, and temporary hospltaliza- acquired a series of concussions that arc also a potential problem and have in sports activities to accommodate the
 tion.                                     became detrimental to his health."          been studied by the Department of player’s health requirements.
    Chesczewski says: "A player suffer-        As Durham College’s athletic thera- Neurology at the Baylor College of               While medical practitioner’s recom-
 ing from a concussion should be pist, Chasczewski says students with a Medicine. Concussions can affect mendations on when it is absolutely
 removed from the game immediately. past history of concussions need that long-term memory, balance, coordina- safe to return to sports may vary, it is a
 Once a concussion is sustained the much more attention for practical rea- tion, physical exertion, behaviour, good idea to maintain optimal physical
 brain swells. The brain is very sensitive sons. While she doesn’t hover over the attention span, probiem-s.-.’ving skills health.
                                                                                                                          THE CHRONICLE               April ! 7. 2001 43

                                                                       PORIS NEWS
 Generals aiming higher for next season
BY SARAH VANDEWALKER                                                                                                                             Ranger will take on a veteran’s
Chronicio staff
                                                                                                                                                 role next season.
        Missing the playoffs for                                                                                                                    Ben Eager also liad a great
the first time in 23 years means                                                                                                                 finish this year and will ue a
the Oshawa Generals have a                                                                                                                       key factor in the Generals’ sea-
lon^ summer ahead of them.                                                                                                                       son next year.         Although
And fans arc wondering what’s                                                                                                                    Nolan also spent a consider-
in store for next season.                                                                                                                        able lime out with an injury,
   The Generals started the                                                                                                                      lie is expected to be a leader for
2000-01 season with a seven-                                                                                                                     the team from a skill stand-
game wintcss streak. Head                                                                                                                        point.
coach and general manager                                                                                                                           Although the team strug-
George Burnett knew some                                                                                                                         gled, the Generals were a much
changes needed to be made in                                                                                                                     stronger loam in tlic last 34
order to make them a more                                                                                                                        games. "I was happy with my
competitive force in the                                                                                                                         play as of late," says Generals
league.                                                                                                                                          forward Ryan llealy, who
   "It is a process that every                                                                                                                   missed tlic final few games due
OHL team goes through, says                                                                                                                      to injury. The Generals won
Oshawa goaltender Derck                                                                                                                          twice as many games as they
Dolson. "We built some young                                                                                                                     did in the first half of the sea-
talent for the years coming                                                                                                                      son.
up."                                                                                                                                                "1 think we’re going up next
  But the Generals luck did                                                                                                                      season," says Burnett. They
not get any belter. By mid-sea-                                                                                                                  beat a lot of good teams down
son the Injury bug hit and the                                                                                                                   the stretch but left the season
team was without rookies                                                                                                                         earlier than they expected.
Brandon Nolan and Paul                                                                                                                           "They left enthused and excit-
Ranger.                                                                                                                                          ed. about returning in
  By the second half of the                                                                                                                      September."
season the Oshawa Generals                                                                                                                           There will be a rookie camp
were a force to be reckoned                                                                                                                      for all the new draft picks as
with. They were 4-1 in their                                                                                                                     well as last year’s draft picks
first 5 games, and were a more                                                                                                                   who weren’t eligible to play
exciting team to watch.                                                                                                                          last year,
    "We were a very competitive                                                                                                                     The purpose of the camp
team with a lot more skill,"                                                                                                                     will be to further evaluate
says Burnett. In the last home                                                                                                                   where some of the players will
uarne of the -season the                                                                                          Photo by Sarah VanDaWalkar-    fit Into the system for next
Generals defeated the top-            STILL WORKIN’ HARD: Oshawa Generals Coach George Burnett takes the team                                    year.
ranked Belleville Bulls. They         through practice.                                                                                       OtficlaUy the team gets back
played like a team that was                                                                                                                together on the Sunday before
heading to post-season play,           These changes allowed the will be difficult to replace.         back as an overage p;ayer.         /a hour day.
but actually finished the sea-      team to bring in some younger         "Kevin has allowed the          "I’d like to play yio next sea-     "I want it to be a very com-
son with a 20-36-7 record.          players who will play a big part younger defencemen to devel- son. I’m going to keep working petitive camp, and we’ll get to
   "It wasn’t that we didn’t        in the team’s future. It also set op at a more appropriate level, hard and chances are I might business right away so that
have enough talent. We ran          them up for a better position says Burnett.                        be back here next year." says we’ll be well-prepared when
into some bad luck. Anything        in the priority draft May 5.         "They know what can be Dolson.                                   the season starts," says Burnett.
that could happen to us did,"             "Skill is the No. 1 priority achieved with a lot of hard        With younger players get-             It’s important for the
says rookie right winger Sean       in the draft," says Burnett, "We work."                            ting more ice time they will Generals to begin the season
Stefanski.                          want to get stronger from a          The natural progression become veterans much faster.             with a good start.
   The Generals saw a lot of        skill standpoint."                 would be for Ladislov Kolda to    One key player to look for          "1 think we were a more
change in the structure of the         With the departure of cap- fill in for Mitchell’s absence on next season is Paul Ranger. exciting team to watch by the
team over the season.               tain Kevin Mitchell, the the powerplay.                            Although he spent three end of trie season, because we
   "We got younger. We were         Generals will have to make up        Burnett is a little unsure of months out with a broken were more skilled and we hope
an older team at the start of       for some lost skill on the blue the goaltending situation as’of wrist, Burnett feels that by that this is an indication of
the season that was not very        line. He was a star player in now. There is a possibility that staying healthy and getting what is in store for next sea-
skilled," said Burnett.             the league and his experience Derek Dolson might not be stronger over the summer son," says Burnett.

     Healy a force to be reckoned with
BY SARAH VANDEWALKER                in the OHL".    .
                                                                                                                                                 could use to their advantage.
Chronicle stall                       The  road to the Ontario                                                                                      Healy was acquired from the
   Hockey is one of Canadais        Hockey League was not an easy                                                                                Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds in
national sports and quite often     one for Healy. A native of                                                                                   exchange for Shayne Fryia
defines Canadians, So it’s not      Hamilton he played for Stoney                                                                                early in the season. Healy, a
a surprise why so many young        Creek and made the move to                                                                                   rugged leftwinger, brings a
Canadians dream of playing          Toronto to play for Wexford,                                                                                 needed physical presence to
professional hockey.      Ryan      then the North York Rangers                                                                                  the Oshawa Generals organiza-
Healy. is no                                       before     being                                                                              tion.
exception.                                         Sault        Ste.                                                                                This season Healy earned
  The 6-11,                                        Marie’s      3rd                                                                              IS goals, 14 assists, and 75
2301b      left-
w i n g e r.i s
                   t I started play-               round      pick,
                                                   54th overall, in
                                                                                                                                                 penalty minutes in 49 games.
                                                                                                                                                    "I’m happy with the way
dream of play-     ing hockey as                   1998.                                                                                         live been playing as of late. I
ing    profes-                                        One of the                                                                                 would have liked to get a few
sional hockey      soon as I could                 smartest things                                                                               more points though."
has     already    walk n                          1 did was play                                                                                   The Oshawa Generals didnit
taken him to                                       hockey        in                                                                              make the playoffs this season.
the Ontario                                        Toronto," says                                                                                They finished the season sec-
H o c k e y                                        Healy. He made                                                                                ond last in the league ahead of
League and he                                      the   move    to
                                                                                                                          Photo by lan Goodall
                                                                                                                                                 only Mississauga.          The
is hoping that                                     Toronto       in                                                                              Generals have a long summer
this will be the                   Ryan Healy      Grade 9 in order      EYE ON THE PRIZE: Ryan Healy of the Oshawa                              ahead. Him planning to work
stepping stone                                     to  get more          Generals scans the Ice.                                                 out and prepare for next sea-
that allowing                                     publicity.    It                                                                    son,"         says       Healy.
him to play in                                    was an intelli-      influential people in his life. .been there for me and taught Overall it has been a rough sea-
the National Hockey League.         gent move by a young Healy,        "They have always been there me all about hockey."             son for all of the Oshawa
   "I started playing hockey as     but it was difficult leaving       for me. They drove me to           While playing for the Sault Generals. But donit count out
soon as I could walk, says          home.                              Toronto."                       Ste. Marie Greyhounds, Healy Healy and the rest of the team
Healy who began playing                ’’You do miss your family          His father is also someone racked up 22 goals, 19 assists, out for next season.
hockey In house leagues. I          and friends, but you get used      he looks up to for hockey and 111 penalty minutes In 94           "I’d love to have a 50 point
then moved straight to rep and      to’lt."                            advice. "My father was a great games. He was a definitely a season, so I’ll see what 1 can
played rep all my life, now I’m        His parents are the most        hockey player, he has always player the Oshawa Generals do," says Healy,
 44 THE CHRONICLE                   April 17. 2001

                                                                 SPORTS NeVS
  Oshawa makes plans for skatepark
 Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                                 the park. Parking lots may be
                                                                                                                                                 needed for skateboard exhibi-
    The dreams of many skate-                                                                                                                    tions to promote the sport and
 boarders may come true here                                                                                                                     show the community how
 in Osliavva. A skatepark is in                                                                                                                  much fun is involved In the
 the works.                                                                                                                                      sport.
    The Oshawa Skateboard                                                                                                                           Pickcring, Kitchener and
 Association (OSA) and City                                                                                                                      Clarington have all built
 Hall have held meetings to                                                                                                                      skateparks in recent years,
 determine the location, cost                                                                                                                    spending $160,000, $194,000
 and methods of building the                                                                                                                     and $230,000 respectively.
 park.                                                                                                                                           Osliawa already has $225,000
    "It’s a question of when and                                                                                                                 put aside, and If these
 who is going to select the                                                                                                                      fundraising efforts arc a suc-
 design," said Jay King, owner                                                                                                                   cess, Oshawa skateboarders
 of Alcatraz Skates.                                                                                                                             could find themselves with
    In 1997, King and an associ-                                                                                                                 the best skatepark in the
 ate attempted to bring this                                                                                                                     Durham Region.
 matter to City Hall, but lack of                                                                                                                   In tlic OSA proposal, guide-
 preparation forced them to                                                                                                                      lines were set for construction.
 start again. It wasn’t until                                                                                                                    The association asked for the
 now tliat (lie city expressed a                                                                                                                 park to be built in a two-year
 willingness to go ahead witli                                                                                                                   phase.
 the idea,                                                                                                                                          The first phase would
    "We went to City Hall lo                                                                                                                     include the digging of the
 find out what you have to go                                                                                                                    park’s outlines, the Taying of
 through to get anything                                                                                                                         concrete and the construction
 done," said King.                                                                                                                               of basic obstacles.
    The OSA submitted a pro-                                                                                                                        The second phase would see
 posal to Recreation and                                                                                                                         construction of additional
Cultural Services for consider-                                                                                                                  obstacles and, if funds permit,
ation.       Osliawa now lias                                                                                                                    the addition of a lighting sys-
5225,000 in the 2001 budget                                                                                                                      tem.
for tlic skatepark.                                                                                                                                 The obstacles in the park
   Tins project will include                                                                                                                     will vary because there Is, wide
input from the OSA and oilier                                                                                                                    variety of skill levels in:
Osliawa skateboarders.                                                                                                                           Oshawa.                         ,,;
   Larry Bryant, manager of                                                                                                                         There will bo beginner <;oc-
Oshawa’s     Kccrcation and                                                                                                                      tlon, an intermediate section
Cultural Services, the OSA                                                                                                                  and an advanced section. This
wants to assist the city in fiml-                                                                                                                will allow all skateboarders to
jny a suitable location and                                                                                                                      use the park.
design.                                                                                                                                             The OSA also included the
  ’"They have a lot of ideas in                                                                                                                  park would be available to tlic
regards to what they would                                                                                                                       public on a "ride at your own
like to include in the skate-
board park," lie said.
                                                                                                                                                 risk" policy.        ,        \.

                                                                                                                                                    This is important because
   Tills is good news to skate-                                                                                                                  neither the city nor the OSA
boarders,      because   other        FLYIN’ HIGH: Mike Kreznowski heel-flips a barrel at the Brooklln Skatepark.                                will have full responsibility of
skatcparks designed by cities                                                                                                                    tlie land.
have been unpopular with             skalepark, because the city           access to wash rooms.               how the rest of the money will       Any injuries while using the
local skateboarders.                 hopes to build it in a part of           A major concern of the city      be raised.                        skatepark will become the
  Bryant also f.aid there is a       Osliawa wlierc the- activities        is    vandalism,      but    Rob         The OSA is planning          responsibility of the skate-
concern witli the noise that         won’t upset residents.            .   Robichaud, one of King’s asso-      events, such as benefit con-      boarder.
follows          skateboarders.         The location under consid-         cia’tes at Alcatraz Skates, said,   certs at the Dungeon Night           However, (he city does have
"Recogni/ing (tlie amount ot         eration is Brick-by-Brick Park,       "You have to look at it as a        Club and the bandshell at         money in its budget for insur-
noise that comes) witli skate-       just south of the Midtown             kid’s bedroom, of .course it’s      Memorial Park. The Dungeon        ance.
board activities, they do tend       Mall. Another location under          going to gel messy."                and many bands have donated          If the OSA gets its way, tlie
to play loud music," said            consideration is (lie Donevan            This means Doncvan’s com-        their services to the OSA and     skntepark will be completed by
 Bryant.                             Recreational Complex. There           plex may not be the best loca-      Osliawa skateboarders.,           the summer of 2002 and dig-
    This limits the different        is a large pad in the back for        tion.                                  The OSA is also talking with   ging may begin sometime
 areas for construction of the        the park and there would be             The only obstacle now is         businesses for sponsorship of     later this spring or summer.

 Lacklustre support for Durham’s teams
BY JASON NEPHIN                              play when sports other than profes-            vised and an additional 25 percent of        out for free to any game they want,
Chronicle Slaff    __                        sional hockey enter the Canadian               those being televised by major               choose any game anytime, fax it in and
                                           arena of sport.                                  American networks.                           we will send out tickets."
   Final seconds of the game, this shot       For decades Canadians have associ-               This television exposure is great for a     This program serves as a way’to get
to win. She takes the shot. Basket! And ated themselves with Canada’s nation-               sport that is’ relatively new to             the community involved in the team
the crowd goes wild.                       al pastime, hockey. Generations have             Canadians and it also benefits               and to make future fans of the sport
   That is how most athletes would like been raised on Hockey Night in                      Canadian college and university teams.       and team. In return the team sends
to win a game, but what happens when Canada, making it very difficult for                   With the professional teams providing        player .representatives to the schools
there is no roar of the crowd, because newer sports to break into the                       the exposure, the college arid universi-     for assemblies.
there is no crowd?                         Canadian spotlight.                              ty teams will gain recognition because          The program was re-introduced in
   This is a reality Durham College ath-      Durham College Athletic Director              fans who want to see more of the sport       the latter half of the year, after having
letes regularly have to face; a reality no Ken Babcock said. "...we live in                 than just the games on television will       been defunct for four years.
athlete wants to face. The fact of the Canada, where sports aren’t revered in go-to the college games.                                      "We used to do this quite heavily
matter is the attendance for Durham the same manner they are south of the           The NBA expansion and the atten-                     from about 1993 until about four years
College court sports is at times dismal. border where the buy-in and owner- tion it brings is astep in the right direc-                  ago where staffing cutbacks didn’t
   This lack of support’may occur for a ship of association with your local tion, states Basketball Canada, but                          allow us to continue those kinds of
number of reasons.                         team whether it be high school, com- there are other factors that will help                   things," said Babcock.
   The team records and standings in munity, college or university is quite raise attention to court sports.                                 "But now with the advent of an
the Ontario          Colleges Athletic large in the U.S. Team association-is        At Durham a program has been re-                     increased sports (administration) place-
association (OCAA) or the fact stu- big in the minds of Americans."              introduced that brings tlie excitement                  ment program we have some quality
dents have jobs outside school and            The introduction of the National of a college basketball game to the chil-                 students."
lave little spare time for games, may be   Basketball Association to Canada has dren of the local area.                                     This program has shown great
:ontributing factors la the lack of helped greatly with the introduction of         Babcock said: "We were able to re-                   response, with groups packing the
ittendiince.                               other sports to Canada..              establish a program called our elemen-                  stands at Durham men’s basketball
   l-lowever, it may also be something        Tlie NBA’s Toronto Raptors have tary school ticket program and tour                        games against Humber,
 nuch deeper than that. It may be made great leaps in their six seasons, program. Which means’ we provide                                   The program Is a tool to expand the
 vhat some would describe as a This season has seen the greatest free tickets to community schools, ele-                                 exposure of the teams and to introduce
 ’Canadian tiling."                        improvement as far as exposure, with mentary schools, and high schools and                    a new generation of sports fans to a
    This is tlie factor tliat comes into 90 percent of their games being tele- youth group organizations, ,.. to come                    new sport.
                                                                                                                                     THE CHRONICLE            April 17, 2001     43

                                                                        ^PO^nS NE^S

 Here is a "wake ’-up call for all
BY HILARY KISCH                                                                                                    phere, where I can just chill         Once riders become more
Chronicle staff                                                                                                    with friends,"                      advanced they will complete
   If you don’t know what a                                     .,;:/.-.;-.,,     ..-;:,                              Peat explained that it is a tricks like the Hutchie Glide
Initdile glide or a backside roll                                ^f- ’.’’"      -’J^,’                             easy to learn tlie basics and where the rider uses the
is, then you haven’t been                                                                                          people of all ages can enjoy it. momentum from the wake of
Introduced to Wakeboarding.                                                                                        He said one can take it as far as the boat to send them flying to
This sport which has become                                                                                        you want to, just for fun, or to land on the opposite wake.
popular over the last five years                                                                                   a competition level.            His   The media and major surf-
and has caught on all over the                                                                                     favorite trick, he said, is "a slob ing companies arc now notic-
world, now lias major compe-                                                                                       front flip to fakie." The expla- ing the popularity of the wake-
titions and big sponsors.                                                                                          nation in layman’s terms is a boarding and are starting to
   Wakeboarding is done on a                                                                                       Front flip with a grab on the capitalize on it.
board that is a cross between a                                                                                    board and turning the wakc-           There arc two major maga-
surfboard and a snowboard.                                                                                         bonrd 180 degrees to land,          zines devoted specifically to
The rider is pulled behind a                                                                                          All anyone needs to start Is a ’the sport, Wakeboarding
boat much the same as in                                                                                           boat, a rope, llfejacket and, of Canada and Wakeboarding.
water-skiing.                                                                                                      course, a wakeboard.          After    Many major surf and water-
   Wakeboarding has caught                                                                                         mastering the standing pos-          skiing companies have started
on with many teens and                                                                                             (ion while behind the boat,          to produce gear for wakeboard-
young adults as both recre-                                                                                        which is sometimes the hard-         ing realizing its growing popu-
ation and competition.                                                                                             est part, riders can start to        larity, These companies not
   Fiona Young of Richmond                                                                                         work on the dozens of tricks         only make products, but have
Hill was Introduced to wake-                                                                                       that can be done on a wake-          started sponsoring competi-
boarding by a friend and has                                                                                       board. Most of these tricks are      tions and riders these U.S.
been riding for fun for the                                                                                        done by carving towards the          based companies include the
past three summers. "It Is fun                                                                                     wake and using the upward            O’Nell,      Billabong      and
and a great way to spend time                                                                                      momentum that comes from             Quiksilver.
with friends."                                                                                                     hitting it to give the altitude         Wakeboarding Is becoming
   Many people agree and have                                                                                      needed to complete the tricks.       the hottest water sport out
picked up wakeboarding at                                                                                             Beginner tricks include           there says Wakeboarding
cottages and from friends.                                                                                         turning the board in the air by      Magazine, and more and more
   Brad Peat, also from                                                                                            half a rotation or a full rota-      people arc taking up the sport.
                                                                                           Photo by Hilary Kisch                                        It has been introduced into
Richmond Hill, who started                                                                                         tion.
wakeboarding four years ago             CRUISIN’ HIGH: Richmond Hill native Brad Peat                       As riders move to the inter-                such extreme sports competi-
when his cousin rented a                shows his stuff while completing a backside roll on              mediate level they will start to               tions as the popular X-Games
wakeboard when the store                Lake SImcoe.                                                     complete tricks like a backside                and has many pro stops
they rented from ran out of                                                                              roll, which is a backflip In the               around the world. One major
water skis, has enjoyed it ever      al championships where he           Inality of the sport that first air from one wake to the other,                competition is held in
since.                               placed second and seventh           attracted him to it and that and learning how to complete                       September In Bala, Ont. where
  He has even started compet-        respectively,                       wakeboarding is en|oyable two rotations of the board                            pros show their stuff to the
ing at the Ontario and nation-          He explained it war the orig-    because "It Is a relaxed atmos- known as a 720.                                crowds.

     Ontario wakeboarder   Martial arts expert will give
     loves the competition something back to the sport
     WATER FANATICS                ing in it two years after start-
                                                                         BY JESSICA ROWLANDS
                                   ing. He reached his best                                                        Shodan-Jujitsu In 1985 at the           Wong has won approxi-
                                                                         Chronicle staff                           World Federation in England          mately 40 provincial and
     LOVE ORIGINALITY results secondyearthe Ontario
                                                        when he
                                                                            "Train hard, train smart and           and Shodan-Kempo in 1985 at          national tournaments, placing
                                   championships and seventh             train from the heart," is a               YKKKF in Canada.                     first or second, in kyu and
     OF THE SPORT                  in nationals.                         motto Sean Wong has used to                  Goju-karate is his favorite       black belt divisions.
                                      When training Peat tries           continue his progress in mar-             sport as it fulfills his survival,      Wong has been a profes-
     BY HILARY KISCH               to take three runs a day,             tial arts.                                growth and spiritual needs.          sional coach and trainer since
     Chronicle staff__________ starting on weekends, and                    Wong is a martial arts                 Karate is so diverse, said Wong,     1984. He coached the gold
                                   then moving to every day.             teacher at his Markham karate             that it can fulfill all of his       medallists of the international
        The cottage store he and      He explained that com-             and fitness studio. He began              needs.                               junior team in 1999 and 2000.
     his cousins usually rented peting in this sport can be              martial arts at 17 because he                He believes that karate is in        He has taken coaching class-
     from was out of water skis so expensive with some compe-            thought that the sport looked             each element of Maslow’s the-        es such as the National
     they rented a wakeboard titions costing up to $200                 interesting. He picked up on               ory of hierarchy of needs.           Coaching           Certification
     Instead, and ever since Brad dollars plus equipment and            karate very quickly, which                 Maslow’s theory refers to the        Program, levels one and two
     Peat, 20, of                                 gas for the           explains why he turned profes-             basic survival needs for             theory, as well as the highest
     Richmond                                     boat.                 sional after three years.                  humans, which are food, water        practical and technical course
     Hill,     has                                    But many             Wong has visited England                and shelter.                         that Karate Ontario offered.
     b e e n                                      sponsors have         to learn the practical aspect of              This is why Wong has con-         Wong established his martial
     hooked on          I had seen it             started     sup-      karate such as locks, joint locks          tinued on with martial arts as       arts school in 1990 in the town
     this sport.     on television...             porting young         and throws. He has been to                 it provides him with the basic       of Markham. He started his
     It was four                                  athletes       in     Japan many times to learn the              survival needs, growth needs         business as a hobby and then
     years    ago     but other than                 wakeboarding,      art of karate.                             and spiritual needs. Martial         decided to make it a full-time
     that he first    that it was                 and two major            "The Japanese have a great              arts in regard to the survival       career, which was difficult, as
     rode        a                                companies.            work ethic, " said Wong. The               needs have taught him proper         it does not supply a steady
     wakeboard.       unheard of                  Rip Curl and          Japanese are very dedicated to             nutrition and how to fight,          income.
         "I had                                   Liquid Force          the art and are not lazy like                 Martial arts have allowed            Wong said that his martial
     seen it on                                   have picked up        people in North America, he                Wong to grow, "The growth            arts school fulfills a great need
     television                                   Peat.                 said. In Japan, pretty much all            need is teaching, 1 grow when        for the community, as there is
     and a cou-                     Brad Peat        Peat says his      the residents walk or ride bikes,          I teach."                            always room for potential
     ple of peo-                                  major influ-          every where, where as resi-                   Wong’s self development in        growth for his business as well
     ple riding                                   ences are his         dents of North America seem                the spiritual sense continues to     as the students.
     on the lake,                                 cousins who           to prefer a vehicle. Wong has              Increase as he practices martial        The only down side that
     but other than that it was push him to do his best, and            now been a karate professional             arts.                                Wong finds at his job Is that it
     unheard of," said Peat         he looks up the pros includ-        for 20 years.                                 He   has    also   won     the    is very labour intensive as he
         Peat explained that, "it ing Scott Byerly                         He specializes in karate and            .Canadian championship for           teaches many martial arts
     was the originality of the        Peat encourages others to        studied jujitsu for a year and a
                                                                                                       bow, which is the art of                         classes every day.
     sport," that first drew him to try the sport saying it is a        half. He has educated himself  weapons. Wong went to the                           He offers classes in karate,
     it.                            great way to spend time with        with all the other martial artsWorld Karate and Kobudo                          sport kick-boxing, fitness kick-
         That It was Interesting to friends and to be active.           in order to understand them    Tournament In Okinawa,                           boxing and a free women’s
     be doing a sport few people       He enjoys a lot of other          better.                       Japan in 1997, ,to compete                       self-defence class where yoga is
     had ever tried or even heard sports including rugby, ski-              Wong has many rank among 1,200 participants.                                taught,
     of.                            ing, and playing running             achievements such as a fourth Also in 1997, he won the silver                     Wong wants to write a book
         Peat picked up the sport back for the York University           degree black belt in Okinawan metal at the Kubodo Cup in                       on karate, discussing a stan-
     quickly and started compet- football team.                          Goju-ryu at the International Toronto, Canada, for perform-                    dardized way of teaching and
                                                                         Melbukan in Japan in 2000, ing kata,                                           practising karate,
46 THE CHRONICLE            April 17. 2001

                                                                 WRFS NEWS.

   Different colleges, different sports
                                                                                                                           er selection. "I think that hockey,
  COLLEGES CONSIDER                                                                                                        football and lacrosse would definitely
                                                                                                                           get students more interested in attend-
                                                                                                                           ing games," says Boyd.
                                                                                                                               Even though college sports don=t
  DIFFERENT ELEMENTS                                                                                                       attract crowds with the same intensity
                                                                                                                           and consistency as the professional
                                                                                                                           ranks, spectator turnouts arc still
  WHEN ASSESSING SPORTS                                                                                                       "I think turnouts arc among the best
                                                                                                                           throughout colleges," says Babcock
                                                                                                                           relating to Durham’s home games.
                                                                                                                              Durham College puts on halftime
BY KEVIN KOBZAN                         phy student at the University of                                                   events to draw audiences to men’s and
Chronicle staff                         roronto says: "I think students would                                              women’s basketball games. At every
                                        generally prefer intramural sports                                                 home game, for the purchase of a $1
   For a sporting activity to stay suc- because every person doesn’t have an                                               ticket, two spectators had a chance to
 cessful at the college level, whether extraordinary talent. Some students                                                 win $1,000 by attempting to sink a
 intercollegiate or intramural, there has just want to play a sport for the enjoy-                                         shot from half court. The final home
 to be money, a constant need and fan ment and exercise."                                                                  game of tlie season gave a fan a chance
 interest to run the program, says Ken       Centennial had to drop men’s bas-                                             to collect $10,000 with a shot from
 Babcock, athletic director at Durham ketball due to lack of commitment, but                                               half court.
 College.                                                  offered a men’s vol-                                               Durham also draws crowds through
    Ontario colleges offer                                  leyball club for stu-                                          the elementary school system, allow-
 students different athlet-                                dents still interested                                          ing each school a 50 - ticket maximum.
 ic   programs because      {                              in participating. The
                                              is too athletic department
                                                                                                                           Babcock says, "These games give the
 each      post-secondary       Hockey                                                                                     young kids a chance to see people
 school has stronger
                                 expensive,                supplied       students                                         dunk, it’s like tlie NBA to them."
demands for certain                                        with        equipment,                                              Diana Drury, atlilctic director at St.
sports.                        and is not                  gymnasium time and                                              Lawrence College in Kingston, says
    Colleges           like
                               good use of                 uniforms to compen-                                             turnouts for the sports tliey’re compet-
Centennial, which are                                      sate for the loss of the                                        itive in are great. St. Lawrence has an
multicultural, make an
effort to produce sports
that cater to the various
                               the dollar.        -        varsity team.
                                                              A l t h o u g h
                                                           Centennial was able
                                                                                               Ken Babcock
                                                                                                                           annual winter carnival/spirit week that
                                                                                                                           attracts big crowds to their men’s bas-
                                                                                                                           ketball games, where a three point
cultures.                                                  to keep men’s volley- elsewhere.                                contest Is held with the winner getting
    Mary Zettel, athletic                Ken Babcock       ball as an option,        Babcock says, "Hockey Is too expen-   a trip to Florida during spring break.
director at Centennial,                                    some sports are too sive, and is not goou use of the dollar."      Colleges also use various promotion
says badminton is avail-                                   costly.                    For hockey to exist at the college   methods to help spark an interest In
able for its students                                             Zettel acknowl- level a women’s team would also have     sports around the school and within
because it works well with diverse cul- edged that schools have to look at the to be put together to avoid gender bias,    the community.
tures.                                    finances, equipment and facilities says Babcock.                                    Some promotion techniques used         .

    Zettel believes that sports don’t available and accessible.                       Former St. Lawrence College stu-     are through the Internet, Pipeline,’’
always   need to be at the varsity level     For example, hockey would require dent Andrew Boyd believes college           school newspapers, media guides,
for the program to flourish.              colleges to spend too much money, sports are boring, but thinks they             school handbooks and during orienta-
    Alex Procope, a history and philoso- which could be used more effectively could improve fan support with a larg-       tion.
                                                               sSPORTS NEWS
                                                                                                                            THE CHRONICLE            April 17, 2001 47.

                                                                                                                                                            Graphic by: Dun Labaj

     Are athletes really overp aid?
     KEVIN KOBZAN                   them. Sports is supposed to be        The more money the higher          they are get paid ;. lot of      much money because fan;
Chronicia Staff                     fun, but professional athletes     paid players make, the more           money?                           keep going to games, watching
                                    are getting rich from playing      money the lower paid players             Before people start judging   the games and buying mer
   Professional sports seem to      games. More players are sign-      will demand, the more salaries        athletes on what they’re paid,   chandise. Besides, professiona
be increasing in popularity,        ing short-term contracts, so       will rise, it’s a vicious cycle.  think about how much money           atliletcs are worth every penn)
but the financial landscape has     they can make more money by           To pay these salaries ticket   the owners make.                     they receive, no matter wha
changed dramatically. The           testing the free agent market.     prices have escalated. If tickets    The reason why others             sport they’re involved in
balance of power has shifted           Athletes are becoming           were only a couple of bucks,     don’t get paid as well as ath-        Even NHL president Gar}
from the owners to the players’      greedy, wanting more money        every game would sell out. So     letes is because their jobs don’t    Bettman says, "The player;
 favour.                             when they already make mil-       owners know they can charge      create the revenue for the            nowadays want so mucr
    In 1917, no National             lions. If an athlete receives     high prices and still fill the   owner of the company.                 money, but it is their right anc
 Hockey League player made           $10 million a year, the next      stands every night.            Fans
                                                                                                        Otherwise they would get paid         prerogative to want as mucr
 more than $2,000. The first        athlete who comes around           believe athletes should be paid  more. Athletes are also criti-        money as possible."
NHLer to sign a million-dollar       with the same status will ask     well, but not millions for       cized for only being in their
contract was the smooth skat-        for $12 million, and get it. The  something that was supposed      respected sport for money.
 ing Bobby Orr, followed by
 Bobby Hull who signed a 10-
                                     number of players holding out
                                    for a chance at a big money
                                                                       to be.
                                                                          Being a millionaire in pro-
                                                                                                        Athletes put their bodies on
                                                                                                        the line everyday. Some do it
                                                                                                                                                 Touch football
year $2.75 million dollar con-      contract is increasing yearly.     fessional sports is not as exclu-for the money and fame, but               at Durham?
tract. After Hull’s signing, con-       Salaries in every sport are    sive as it used to be. The sportseven those lucky ones do it for
tracts in the NHL doubled and       too high, and athletes are still   industry is a money making-      the same reason others do,             BY KEVIN KOBZAN
tripled.                            demanding more                                         machine,     simply because they love the           Chronicle Staff________
   In 1990 Major League             before their con-                                 .grossing bil- sport. When Wayne Gretzky
Baseball players were paid an       tracts expire. The      /                          lions of dol- was a boy, he did not play                   For touch football to be
average salary of $579,000, the
average salary in the National
                                    Ottawa Senators
                                    said a contract is     "   The players             lars each year. hockey because he knew it
                                                                                       Curtis Joseph, would make him rich, but for
                                                                                                                                               re-introduced at Durham
                                                                                                                                               College there needs to be
Football League was $430,000,       a contract, and         nowadays want              of hockey’s his passion for the game.                   an interest, a committed
the      National      Basketball   refused to give in      so much                    To ronto             People who watch sports for        coach and an accepted
Association paid their players      to Yashin.                                         Maple Leafs entertainment, should try to                budget increase, says. Ken
an average salary of $823,000,           The Senators       money... it is             earns $6 mil- realize the price in pain these           Babcock, Athletic Director
and the. players in the NHL         sued Yashin for         their right...             lion a season, athletes         have      endured       at Durham College.
received an average pay             breach of con-                                     and deserves throughout their careers from                 Even if a student attrac-
cheque of $505,000.                 tract and com-                                     every last bit sprained ankles, to torn knee            tion surfaced, the sport
   As athletes’ salaries contin-    pensatory dam-                                     of it.        If ligaments, to broken bones,            would not be available
ue to rise, players are still       ages. Owners are                  Gary Bettman Joseph does even to losing an eyeball.                      the same year the interest
unhappy with what they’re           becoming more                                      not makp that        New York Islanders 24-year-        started, mainly because
paid annually. For example,         frustrated with                                    much money, old prospect Jeff Libby, almost             the budget has already
Alexei Yashin of the Ottawa         players not fulfilling their con and earns $30,000 dollars a lost an eye playing the sport he              been set.
Senators would not play the         tracts, but they seem to always year like tlie average person, loved. An opponent’s skate                     Babcock says touch
final year of his contract unless   give up. Players know this so tlien the only ones profiting blade sliced Libby’s right eye-                football     would     cost
his salary was raised..
 ;                                  they sit tight, watch their would be the owners.                    ball, causing loss of blood and        approximately $3,000 per
   "Tear up the contract and        teams struggle while seats           Jerry Jones, owner of the resulting in five hours of                  year.      which     would
pay me maybe $8 million or          remain empty and wait until a Dallas Cowboys, understands surgery.                                         include travel, coaches
$;10 million," said Yashin.         new deal arrives.                  the value of his players, and       Michael’ Jordan did not             and uniforms.
"because that is what I am             Players’ associations have pays them accordingly. In the retire because he could not                       "If the school grows the
vyorth in today’s market. No        been coaching player agents early 90s, the Cowboys won find work. He could have                            way it’s going, 1 can see
pay, no play."
                                    and players to squeeze every three             Super        Bowl stayed around for another 10              programs       like    that
  Professional athletes were        penny out of team, owners. .Championships in four years. years and made more money,                        excelling," says Babcock.
once considered lousy busi-         Keith Tkachuk signed a con- If Jones had been unable to although there is speculation                         Durham College was
nessmen, but now they often         tract in 1997 that would pay sign some of tliose players, he he’ll be back in the fall. This               successful at touch foot-
prevail    against   millionaire    him $6 million a season. He might not have won three just shows that competition                           ball in the past winning
owners. The more money pro-.        was being paid like one of the championships.                       and love for the sport drive           the 1985-86 OCAA touch
fessional athletes earn, the        premier players In the league,       So why shouldn’t athletes athletes, not the money.                    football championship.
more controversy surrounds          but he wasn’t, and still isn’t.    who make franchises what            Athletes are getting paid so

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