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					                                                             NIH Grant Timeline TO-DO List

PI Name:                                                                                                Today's Date:

Grant Title:                                                                                            New?            Resubmittal?
Funding agency:                                                                                         Noncompeting renewal?
RFA/RFP/PA #:                                                                                           RFA Open?   Yes          No

 Enter DUE DATE                                                                                            Notes and/or Who will be
       here                                             GENERAL TASKS:                                          responsible?
                         Complete this form and send to Susan Graham ( to request
  Before 12 weeks       staff support
                         Write first draft of aims & methods
                         Schedule meeting with Vice Chair for Research (VCR) within 2 weeks
  12 weeks before        Schedule modeling party if appropriate (talk to Jennifer Snow to schedule).
                        Mentor, VCR, co-Is & external reviewer should be invited

  11 weeks before        Work with Laurie to make sure PI & staff are paid on department budget
                        for % FTE spent working on grant proposal
  10 weeks before        Start developing budget
                         Check with Laurie for administrative review of resources (space, staffing,
   9 weeks before
                         Request letters of support, letters of agreement and biosketches
                         If $500,000 direct costs in any year, contact the IC program staff 6 weeks
   8 weeks before       BEFORE submitting the application, to obtain agreement the IC will accept
                        your application for consideration for award
                         Submit nearly final draft of research plan for review by VCR; Submit draft
                        of grant to external reviewers - request feedback in one week
                         Check with Lab Manager for adequacy of budget for lab costs
   5 weeks before        Finalize budget and personnel (pending VCR review)
                         Submit to human subjects/animal studies if not JIT
                         Finish collecting all biosketches; make sure biosketches have PMCID #s
                        for publications as appropriate
   4 weeks before        Provide appendix material to staff for formatting & upload
                         Finish collecting letters of support
                         Finish all forms
                         Finish almost-final draft and send out to Chair and senior faculty for
   3 weeks before        Fill out GC-1 online/ PI Approves online
                         Department Routing Begins with FINAL Budget
                         Submit to other departments/units for approval
                        • e-GC1 signed off by all departments & at OSP by:
   2 weeks before       •
                         Finish final draft
                         Write cover letter
   1 week before         Upload all PDF files & attach FINAL version to e-GC1; notify Kathryn
                        Hovick at OSP.

      Due Date           Due at Sponsor Agency

    C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\d8a33e11-84e1-4e09-8025-481ca4ddacb3.xlsx                                                                   2/27/2012
            0                                    0
Enter DUE                                                                 Notes and/or Who will be
DATE here                     General Tasks                       Done?        responsible?
                Biosketches Received & Formatted

                Letters of Agreement

                Letters of Support


                Parts of Proposal
                Introduction to Application
                Project Narrative
                Bibliography & References Cited
                Facilities & Other Resources

                Research Plan
                                               Specific Aims
                                  Background & Significance
                             Progress Report/Prelim Studies
                                  Research Design/Methods
                                 Inclusion Enrollment Report
                             Progress Report Publication List

                Human Sujbects
                           Protection of Human Subjects
                                     Women & Minorities
                           Targetted Planned Enrollment
                                    Includion of Children

                Other Sections
                                         Vertebrate Animals
                                    Select Agent Research
                                Multiple PI Leadership Plan
                      Consortium/Contractual Arrangements
                                          Letters of Support
                                  Resource Sharing Plans

                                                   Cover Letter
                                  Introduction to resubmission

                                            Budget Narrative
                                          Subcontract Budget
                                Subcontract Budget Narrative
                                Additional module justification
Done?              Item                         Required for OSP Review                      Notes

        424 Form                  All required blanks must be filled in

        424 Budget Pages          Must be filled in with FINAL numbers
                                  Must be filled in with FINAL numbers and attached as
        Budget justification      PDF to 424 budget page
        Subcontract Letters of    Signed letter of Agreement from every subcontract
        Agreement                 must be included (if applicable)
        Subcontract budget and
        justification             Final version must be attached to 424 (if applicable)
                                  Signed letter of Agreement from every consultant
                                  must be included - Do NOT use institutional
        Consultant Letters of     letterhead. Must include specific time and monetary
        Agreement                 commitment/expectation
                                  For OSP review, letters of support from "Other
                                  Significant Contributors" (e.g., available as needed but
        Letters of Support        not being paid) should be included

        Abstract                  Can be draft version

        Research Plan             Can be draft version

                                  Can be draft version, but should be included for all key
                                  personnel and consultants - Don't forget PMCID
        Biosketches               numbers for relevant pubs

        Human Subjects Sections   At least draft versions of all required sections
        Multiple PI Leadership
        Plan                      Required for OSP review if proposal has Dual-PIs
        Targeted Planned          Can be draft version but your participant numbers
        Enrollment Table          should be final by now
                                  At least draft version of both parent and sub-contract
        Resources Section         (if applicable) resources
                                            NEW GRANT PLANNING- GENERAL INFO NEEDED

Copy of the RFA/RFP or the URL

Summary of the Project

Pricipal Investigator


Mailing Address/Contact Information

URL for Forms

Letter of Intent Due Date

Grant Due Date                                                          Enter DUE DATE here

Department Review Due Date                                                        #VALUE!
(two working days prior to finalizing eGC-1)
OSP Due Date                                                                      #VALUE!
(at least 10 working days prior to due date)

Subcontractor Due Date, if applicable                                             #VALUE!

Grant Title

Budget Name (22 spaces max.)

Project Start and End Dates

Number of Years

Funding Limit?

Human Subjects?                                                         IRB Approval #s & dates
("Just in Time" or full application or approval needed?)
Is this a Clinical Trial? If yes, Phase III?
                                                             Yes        No          Phase III? Yes        No
Proposal Type                                 Research?       Basic     Applied               OR     Training Grant?
                                                             New        Renewal                      Revised/Resubmit
On campus or off?
                                                             ON         OFF CAMPUS
Permission to disclose project info?                      ____Yes     ____ No

Indirect Rate/ Award Cap on Directs or Directs plus IDC?

Other Departments? / Schools?

Any COST SHARING proposed?

Stem cells, hazardous waste, etc?
Anything outside US? Export regulation, anything
transported outside, US? Etc.
               If yes, identify countries
Any environmental impact?

Any animals involved?

Revised 2/27/2012                                                                                                       4
                                                                           Dept. Contact Info
                                                         Dept/ School/ (CHECK IBS & Inflation rate   % and #     Years
                    Name                          Role      Place               are OK)              months    involved


  Professional Staff


  Graduate Students
  Research Trainees-Postdoctoral

  Research Trainees-Predoctoral

  Hourly Employees

           VC Technicians at Distance Sites

  Research Admin.

  Computer support

  Library support

  Ed Outreach Staff

CONSULTANT/S (non-UW employees)                            COST

  Biostatistician / other?
  No. of hours
  Fee per hour

  Computer / Laptop                           > $2000
  Other Special Equipment                     > $2000
        (e.g. - high end software, DL tech
            requests, camera, video, etc.)

 Contact Information
 Indirect cost rate

Revised 2/27/2012                                                                                                         5
SUPPLIES (Project Specific)                         COST
 Furniture: desk, bookcase, chair, file
 Printer / Fax
 Books / Manuals
 Data: computer tapes, Zip disks
 Miscellaneous: ___________
 Special: food, surveys, film, calendar

 Local (check for updated rate)                       .55/mi
 National ($1,500/trip)
 National: special (conference, training, etc.)
 International Travel

 Training classes
 Videoconference Room Rentals
 VC Line Charges
 Specialized Web-Hosting Services
 Printing (special:surveys, calendars, etc)
 Subject incentives
 Data Processing
 Library searches
 Conference room rentals
 Equipment insurance
 Special services:

 Rent                                             $$ / sq ft.
 Phone: ~$35/month + $10/mo LD
    (Installation add $160/line)
 Ethernet (~$35/mo.)                              $420/line

Revised 2/27/2012                                               6
                                    Description and/or Notes                                                                    NOTES
PI Name                             0                                                                                           From e-GC1
Budget Number & Date budget
was received
Proposal Long Title                 0                                                                                           From e-GC1
Proposal Short Title                                                                                                            From e-GC1
Dates requested in proposal                                                                                                     From e-GC1
Dates of actual award
Location of proposal files
Location of Final Proposal PDF &    If NGA has not been received, make sure to get a copy and file it by PI name here:
NGA                                 K:\BNHS\BNHS PROPOSALS
Location of JIT files
RFA #                                                                                                                           From e-GC1
Funding Agency                                                                                                                  From e-GC1
Sponsor Award #
Subcontracts                        List subcontract sites, PI names, budget amounts listed in the NGA, if appropriate          From e-GC1
                                    Is there any cost sharing on this, and if so, has this been entered into the cost-sharing
Cost Sharing                        system?                                                                                     From e-GC1
Key Personnel per NGA (for 25%
rule and reporting)
Admin flag?                    Were administrative support or office supplies requested/approved for this award?
Indirect Costs                 Include rate at UW and rates at subcontract sites if appropriate                                 From e-GC1
                               Use this for noting restrictions in NGA or other concerns that would be of note at start-
                               up (e.g., - subjects only in Y3, so IRB approval will not be submitted until a future date,
Human Subjects issues?         etc.)
                               Use this space for noting sub-accounts to biostatistics, or other departments.
Any sub-accounts needed within Remember sub-accounts are now being required for any unit where funding exceeds
UW?                            $25,000/year                                                                                     Check comments on the e-GC1

                                    Use this space for other info such as IDC waiver obtained for part or all of IDC; changes
Any other exceptional               in personnel since grant proposal went in; delay in funding for any reason, cut in budget
circumstances?                      awarded, no expanded authority or permissions required to make changes, etc.
Proposal staff support (for
questions)                          Who worked on the proposal who could answer questions about it?                             Probably evident on e-GC1
Other notes


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