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The library's web page can be found on the Hospital's Webpage jgh


									Course description for Audiology and Speech Therapy

   1.   Table of Contents
   2.   Journal page
   3.   Toolbars
   4.   Accessing Mcgill resources from home (VPN)
1.The library’s web page can be found on the Hospital’s Webpage at

Click on the left hand bar Table of Contents (TOC)
Click on Audiology and Speech Pathology
Click on the title you would like to read or subscribe to the table of contents for a specific
This will bring you to the most current issue of the journal. As each new issue is publised
A new table of contents will appear. You can either click on the article or click on the
journal title.
“Reviews are critical to the peer review process”
To access the full text of the article click on PDF Full Text
The pdf format will show you the article exactly as it would look in the paper format. To
print the aricle always print from the icon right above the article.
Do not use “File” “Print”.
To subscribe to the table of contents for this journal, use the back button to take you back
to the table of contents of the journal, and click on the title of the journal.

Click on “Alert/Save/Share”
Click on E-mail Alert to register to receive an email every time another issue is
You must “Sign in”
Choose “Create a new account”
Fill in all the fields and click on “Submit”
Once you have created an account and signed in. It will take you back to the original page
Click on “Alert/Save/Share”
“Create an alert:”
“Click on E-mail Alert” or “RSS Feed”
Some journals take a few more steps to get to the full text. Go back to TOC page for
Audiology and choose “Ear & Hearing”
Click on
In this instance you need to access the full text which is available through Journals@Ovid
Second Part of Instruction. Journals page

Go to the Library’s page Under Collections
Click on JGH Print and Online Journals
Click on the letter that the journal title starts with. It will show you the libraries holdings
and give you access directly to the the full text
“Seminars in Speech and Language” (you can hit ctrl+F) to go to the title instead of
scrolling down. Each record will give you the history of the title, the link to the online
journal          and what is online, and what holdings are in the library. For this title
we have the current year and holdings from 1983-2005
Third part of instruction Toolbars

Also on this page is a link to “Find an e-journal toolbar” and the “LibX Mcgill toolbar”
This will allow you to download a toolbar to your browzer.
Click on ‘this link” to download the toolbar to give you quick access to electronic
journals. You will have to restart your browser after downloading the toolbar.
This will give you a toolbar to McGill catalogue for print and electronic resources
Fourth part of instruction – VPN Remote Access to McGill’s Electronic Resources

How do you connect to all this wonderful stuff from home?
You need a McGill username and password. On the main Library’s page click on
“Remote access to eResources (VPN)”
If you are on staff at McGill you already have a username and password. If you are on
staff at the Jewish you need to print out the form “McGill IT Services/Email form”bring
the form to the Library. Then all you need to know is what kind of operating system you
have on your computer. After that you just download the instructions for your “operating
system” and you are in business. You will need to click on the icon McGill VPN on your
desktop. When you are finished you must remember to log off.

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