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									                                                                     Job Description

Unit Name:           Biostatistics         Division/Section:

Job Title:           Senior                Salary range:               £35,935 to
                     Investigator                                      £40,527 per
                     Statistician                                      annum
Band:                3                     Tenure:                     Until September
Reports to:          Adrian Mander         Working Hours:              Full time

Class of             Fixed Term            Post Number
Overall Purpose:

To develop and coordinate a programme of research within the MRC Biostatistics
Unit Hub for Trials Methodology Research (HTMR), a new development within the
Unit. The Hub will promote the effective linking of methodology and application,
so that its trials methodology research is focused on important problems in
applied studies, and that new and ongoing trials have access to the best possible
methodological support. The Hub will develop strong linkages with existing
programmes in the Biostatistics Unit.

We welcome applications from candidates with significant experience of research
in statistics and a PhD in a relevant topic.

Working Relationships:

Line managed by Dr Adrian Mander, the post holder will work in collaboration with
others in the Hub and other scientists at the Biostatistics Unit.

Organisational Position:

                                     Simon Thompson
                                       Unit director

                                      Adrian Mander
                                   MRC BSU HTMR Leader

                        Band 3                            Band 4
                       This Post                       James Wason

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                                                               Job Description
Main Duties:

Methodological research                                                  30%
Leading statistical collaborations in applied trials                     30%
Developing the training programme                                        15%
Preparing papers, reports and presentations, attending conferences       15%
Supervising/mentoring junior staff                                       10%

Key Responsibilities:

The post holder will be expected to identify, develop and maintain new Hub
collaborations by directly supporting trials work. This will involve advice on design
and protocol development, developing statistical analysis plans, undertaking or
supervising analyses, and subsequent reporting and presentation of results. This
work will not include day-to-day trial conduct issues, such as data management,
providing randomisation services or patient recruitment. The post holder will take
the primary statistical responsibility for these collaborations.

The post holder will have the lead responsibility for developing the Hub training
programme. The training programme will consist of workshops and courses,
collaborating with visiting workers, supervising PhD students, and supervising
junior statistical staff in the Hub and its associated groups.

The post holder will be expected to take the lead research role on one or more
topics in trials methodology research. There are several areas of interest to the
Hub, for example, trial design (adaptive designs), Bayesian methods, missing
data and non-compliance, and meta-analysis and evidence synthesis. The post
holder will be expected to develop methods that are relevant to the Hub’s

The post holder will be expected to work in collaboration with others in the BSU
as well as independently in his or her own area of expertise. This will require
solving problems that entail novel approaches and the integration of different
ideas and activities to ensure the successful completion of research projects.

The post holder will be expected to contribute to the drafting of scientific papers
and present his or her research at national and international scientific meetings.

Each member of the Hub will share results and experiences from each project to
help form a cohesive group of experts and to build internal and external

Employment Checks:

Please note that final appointment will be subject to pre-employment
Level required:

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                                                               Job Description
Equality & Diversity:

The MRC values the diverse skills and experience of its employees and is
committed to achieving equality of treatment for all. Its objective is that all
individuals shall have equal opportunities for employment and advancement on
the basis of their skills, aptitudes and abilities. The MRC is committed to the
engagement and retention of the best possible talent and to creating an
environment that encourages excellence in scientific research through good
equalities and diversity leadership and management.

Corporate/Local responsibilities & requirements:

The job holder must at all times carry out their responsibilities with due regard to
the MRC’s:

      Code of conduct
      Equality & Diversity Policy
      Health & Safety Policy
      Information technology policy and Data protection Act

Job descriptions should be reviewed on a regular basis and at the annual
appraisal. Any changes should be made and agreed between postholder and line

The above lists are not exhaustive and the job holder is required to undertake
such duties as may reasonably be requested within the scope of the post. All staff
are required to act professionally, co-operatively and flexibly in line with the
requirements of the post and the MRC.

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