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Texas Wesleyan University Texas Wesleyan


									                            Texas Wesleyan University
Faculty Council                                                   November 1, 2011
Minutes                                                           12:15 pm
                                                                  West Conference Room
Present: Dr. Pamela Rast, Dr. Jeffrey DeLotto, Dr. Lisa Hensley, Dr. James Schmidt, Dr. Ricardo
Rodriguez, Dr. Lisa Goodman, Dr. Tom Smith, Dr. Peter Colley, Dr. Kalpana Pai, Dr. Linda Metcalf, Dr.
Jon Crook, Dr. Marcel Satsky Kerr

Dr. Kerr called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm.

New Business

1)   Honorary Degree Nominees to be Conferred at President’s Inauguration, January 27, 2012

Dr. Kerr noted that the Faculty Recognition / Honorary Degrees Committee [FRHDC] had approved four
nominees made by President Slabach: Madeleine K. Albright, James DuBose, Dee J. Kelly, and Edgar H.
Schollmaier. Dr. Kerr provided the FRHDC’s minutes from October 25, 2011 to aide in the Council’s
discussion. Additionally, she noted the committee’s discussion that the Faculty Handbook allowed more than
two awardees in a year under “unusual circumstances.”
         Dr. Rodriguez moved and Dr. Metcalf seconded that the Council approve the FRHDC’s
            recommendation to award the four honorary degrees.
         The Council discussed the nominations including justification of individual nominees and the
            number of nominees.

                   Dr. Hensley and Dr. DeLotto questioned the justification of honorary degrees for these
                    nominees noting that the Council had little information concerning any of them. Dr. Kerr
                    shared their biographies and President Slabach’s nomination memo.
                   Dr. Rodriguez responded that the individuals are well known and that Mr. Dubose is a
                    major donor to TWU.
                   Dr. Smith mentioned that Mr. Kelly is a Bass attorney.
                   Dr. Kerr cited the FRHDC’s minute’s recommendation that President Slabach would be
                    present at the next Faculty Assembly to answer any questions concerning the nominees.
                    She also noted that a major goal existed—to reestablish old connections and establish
                    new connections in the Fort Worth community.
                   Dr. Rodriguez recommended sending the biographies of the nominees and FRHDC’s
                    minutes to all faculty members. Dr. Kerr agreed to distribute them with the minutes and
                    faculty assembly agenda.

           There being no further discussion, the Council approved the FRHD Committee’s
            recommendation to award the four honorary degrees to be conferred during the inauguration.

2)   Faculty Handbook: Adjunct Policy Revision Proposal

Dr. Kerr reviewed a request from the Provost, Dr. Henderson, to reinstate a sentence regarding adjunct
faculty policy into the Faculty Handbook into current paragraph 5.17.3

            According to University policy, the use of part-time / adjunct faculty will not exceed 25% of the
            total faculty for the institution as a whole and 35% on any individual department.

           Dr. Kerr reviewed the sentence to be reinstated and the history of its inadvertent deletion since
            2004. She noted that she visited with several past faculty chairs and all agreed that adding the
            sentence back protects full-time faculty and our programs.
           Dr. Rodriguez moved and Dr. Goodman seconded approval; the Council passed the motion
                                                                                                            p. 2
3)   University Judicial Board Policy Revision Proposal

Dr. Kerr noted that the description of this committee and its purposes does not reflect its duties per recent
practices. This board hears cases if the student or students involved prefer(s) that the case be heard by this
board instead of the Dean of Student Support Services. The Board reviews academic and non-academic
cases. The current catalog includes the following sentence: It deals with non-academic matters. The revision
would strike the sentence, It deals with non-academic matters.

            Dr. Rast moved and Dr. Pai seconded to approve the change. Discussion proceeded.

                    Dr. Rast cited the policy in the Faculty Handbook that asserts that academic and non-
                     academic matters will be treated the same.

            There being no further discussion, the Council passed the motion unanimously.

4)   Faculty Standing Committee Membership Housekeeping Changes

        A.   Admissions, Scholarships, and Financial Aid Committee

        Dr. Kerr reviewed the history of the establishment of membership on the Admissions, Scholarships,
        and Financial Aid Committee. She requests that the Director of Admissions be added to the Faculty
        Handbook committee membership making the list consistent with practice.
         Dr. Rodriguez moved and Dr. Metcalf seconded to accept the recommended change.
         No discussion occurred.
         The Council passed the motion unanimously.

        B.   International Education Committee

        Dr. Kerr reviewed the history of the membership on the International Education Committee and noted
        that the Faculty Standing Committee List included an Admissions Representative, which is
        inconsistent with the Faculty Handbook. She discussed the discrepancy with the Director of
        International Programs, Andy Harris as well as the Admissions Director, Holly Kiser. All agreed that
        the faculty list should be edited to be consistent with the membership as specified in the Faculty
         Dr. Kerr also noted that Academic Affairs is currently entertaining changes to the admission
             process for international students.
         Dr. Rodriguez moved for approval and Dr. Colley seconded to accept the recommended change.
         No discussion occurred.
         The Council passed the motion unanimously.

5)   Approval of Tentative Faculty Assembly Agenda for Wednesday, Nov 30, 2011

            Dr. Kerr provided the following agenda items for the November 30, 2011 Faculty Assembly:
                  Approval of Faculty Assembly Minutes, October 27, 2011
                  Approval of Faculty Council Minutes, November 1, 2011
                  Approval of December Graduates
                  Presentation by Warren Ponder, Veteran’s Center, Fort Worth, Texas
                  Presentation by TWU VP, Marketing, John Veilleux (tentative)

            Dr. Rodriguez noted the need to add President Slabach’s availability to answer questions
             regarding the honorary degrees Faculty Council had approved in this meeting.
            Dr. Hensley moved; Dr. Goodman seconded to approve these items for the November 30, 2011
             Faculty Assembly Agenda. Motion passed.

6)   Announcements

Dr. Kerr provided a Presidential Inauguration update.

                The convocation will occur outside in a large tent on the administrative parking lot to allow
                 students to attend and participate.
                                                                                                            p. 3
               The Inauguration Committee estimates 800 to 1,000 guests.
               The procession will include approximately 300 participants including but not limited to:
                    o Representatives of the Methodist Church
                    o Area university Presidents
                    o Six past TWU Presidents
                    o Faculty
                    o Alumni
               The keynote speaker is Madeleine K. Albright, former Secretary of State
               A prayer service will occur in the morning preceding the inaugural convocation.
               A piano recital will occur in the library.
               A Faculty Scholars Recognition Reception will occur. The event was suggested by the
                Deans. This Reception will highlight the meritorious scholarship of our faculty that many
                consultants have often cited.

Other Business

   1)   Attendance at Faculty Assembly Meetings

   Per faculty request, Dr. Kerr opened the floor for discussion of faculty attendance at Faculty Assemblies.
   She noted that she queried past Faculty Assembly Chairs and Deans regarding the advisability and
   desirability to take attendance at the monthly Faculty Assemblies and found the following information.

                         Historically, attendance has not been taken.
                         Techniques [unspecified] do exist to allow this to be done efficiently.
                         Deans of the Schools of Education and Business expressed that they were in favor,
                          and the other Deans were equivocal.

               The Faculty Council discussed taking attendance at Faculty Assemblies.

                             Dr. DeLotto noted that attending Faculty Assembly is a faculty contractual
                             Dr. Rodriguez noted that problems could be overcome with an efficient
                              technique of accomplishing the goal. Further, he asserted that it is the Deans’
                              responsibility to enforce the policy and insure faculty attendance.
                             Dr. DeLotto supported the idea of taking attendance, and he simultaneously
                              emphasized that it is the Faculty Assembly’s responsibility to determine how to
                              use the attendance information. He further emphasized that we have
                              expectations of the University, and the University has expectations of us.
                             Dr. Kerr mentioned that if we [faculty members] expect a role in shared
                              governance then we need to demonstrate our commitment.
                             Dr. Colley stated faculty members have an ethical responsibility to meet
                              obligations and that committee meetings and Faculty Assembly give us one of
                              our opportunities to do so.

               With no further discussion, Dr. Rodriguez moved that attendance be taken at Faculty
                Assemblies with the following implementation protocol: announcement of the
                recommendation at the November 30, 2011 meeting and actual attendance taken starting at
                the January, 2012 meeting; Dr. Colley seconded.
               The Council passed the motion with Dr. Rast abstaining.

With no further business, the Council adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jon C. Crook, PhD, LMFT
Associate Professor

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