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   Introduction
   Definition
   News Clipping       --Drugs
                        --Gum Crime
                        --Sexual Abuse
                        --Cyber Crime
                        --shoplif ting
                        --Thef t

   News Summaries
   Questionnaire
   Result Charts
   Summary
   Members’ opinions
   The end

Crimes are illegal activities---

Recently, the rate of crime has been increasing in HK.
The crimes range from the stealing, raping, gang
fighting, kidnapping, robbery to homicide.

In the project, we found 12 news , definitions of kinds of
 crimes and survey to know more about it . In view of
 the seriousness of the situation ,we have to analyse
 the causes of crimes so that proper steps may be
 taken to solve the problem.
    Violence
    --1 Actions or words which are intended to hurt people;
      2 Extreme force

    Sexual molestation
    --To touch or attack someone in a sexual way against their wishes

    Abuse
    --To use or treat someone or something wrongly or badly, especially
     in a way that is to your own advantage

    Murder
     --The crime of intentionally killing a person
   Shoplifting
    --The illegal act of taking goods from a shop without paying for

   Theft
    --The act of dishonestly taking something which belongs to
    someone else and keeping it

   Drugs
    --any natural or artificially made chemical which is taken for
     pleasure, to improve someone's performance of an activity, or
     because a person cannot stop using it
Porter recovering after overdose
The 33-year-old, who has suffered from post-natal
depression and split with husband Dan Hip grave last year,
took the overdose last week.

She admitted herself after taking the me Porter’s stomach
was pumped at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.

The presenter took the overdose after a meeting with
estranged husband Hip grave, who was guitarist with Top

Porter, who currently presents Dead Famous on digital
channel Living TV, was prescribed medication to combat the
effects of post-natal depression follow the birth of daughter
Honey, who id now two years old.
Murder [case 1]

             Wrongly-jailed brother found dead

             One of two brothers wrongly jailed for
                the murder of a sex shop
                manager in Swansea has died at
                his home.

             The force has reopened the case into
                 Ms Phillips’ murder at the Private

             The Darrell brothers were sentenced
                 to life imprisonment for the crime
                 but were freed by the Court of
                 Appeal in 1992.

             Investigators admitted evidence from
                 Wayne Darrell had been
                 doctored and other evidence
Murder [case 2]

Murder arrest – man in hospital

The boyfriend of a woman found
  murdered with her baby

Besides a five-years-old
  daughter who was out with
  her grandmother at the time
  of the killings .

As well as laying floral tributes
   outside the house ,neighbors
   and friends have begun
   setting up a trust fund to help
   Ms L’ Home's surviving
Sexual Abuse
Summarization :

PE teacher jailed for sex abuse

A sports teacher has been jailed for three years for
    sexually abusing pupils he taught .

He will also be put on the sex offenders for three
   other offences to be taken into consideration.

He fabricated special exercises as an excuse to
    touch children.

He also secretly filmed them to monitor their physical

He had been taking photographs of some of the
   pupils in their underwear and naked.

He resigned in 1999 but was able to secure a place
    at a college.
 Summarization :
Two Iraq abuse soldiers to appeal

Two soldiers convicted of abusing Iraqi civilians are
  appealing against their convictions.

The Cpl and L/Cpl were found guilty at a court martial in
  Germany and dismissed from the Amy.
The abuse came to light when so-called trophy
  photographs of the incidents were developed.

A third soldier was sentenced to nearly five months
   after pleading guilty to assault after he was pictured
   standing on top of an Iraqi.
Cyber Crime
Summarization :

Cyber crime booms in 2004

Similarly phishing attempts are recording growth rates of more
    than 30%

Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

On the increase are the number of networks of remotely controlled
    computers used by malicious hackers can conmen to carry out
    many different cyber crimes.

One of the biggest changes of 2004 was the waning influence of
   the boy hackers keen to make a name by writing a fast-
   spreading virus senior manager in Symantec’s security
   response group.

The financial incentives were driving criminal use of technology.

In particular, phishing attacks, which typically use fake versions of
     bank website to grab login details of customers, boomed
     during 2004.
         Forensic experts at Michael Jackson's child
             molestation trial have given more evidence
             about the singer's pornographic magazine

         Finally, Rodney Melville which could have a
             huge impact on this trial , will decide if
             previous allegations of child abuse made
             against Mr. Jackson can be put before the

         The past accusations were not proven and at
             least one was resolved with an out-of-
             court financial settlement.

         The prosecution believes this is crucial
             evidence and shows a pattern of behavior.

         But the defense will argue that it is irrelevant to
              this case and stressed that Mr. Jackson
              has always vehemently denied any
              previous allegations.
Shoplifting [case 1]
        On – the – spot fines far shoplifters

        Shoplifter, underage drinkers , vandals
           and litter louts will face on – the –
           spot fines from Monday .

        Fines of $80 can be given to first – time
           shoplifters and anyone caught
           drinking underage, buying alcohol for
           a minor or causing minor criminal
           damage .

        People caught dropping litter will face
          fines of $50 .

        People committing these offences will no
           longer be let off with a verbal
           warning .
Shoplifting [case 2]
CCTV in shoplifter's clothes case

Police hunting a shoplifter who
   walked out of a supermarket in a
   stolen outfit have released a
   CCTV image of a man they want
   to trace.

Detectives are keen to hear from a
  man captured on CCTV at the
  same time as the offence at 1047
  BST on 24 July.
Jewel thieves attack disabled man

Thieves raided a jewelers in Surrey, rammed a police car and then
    dragged a disabled man out his car and stole it.

The offenders smashed a hole in the glass at Browne and Son
   Jewelers by using a piece of flint and a scaffolding bar.

They grabbed items and fled in a car which was abandoned, they
   stole another car .

Then rammed the police vehicle. After abandoning the second car,
   the raiders hauled the elderly disabled man from his vehicle and
   made off in it.

The offenders then headed towards Warlingham Green and
   abandoned the Fiesta at the edge of Leas Road. It was then the
   raiders attacked man and left him in the road, driving his car in
   the direction of Oxted where it was later found in Chichele Road.
School killer made violent film

The teenager behind Monday’s high
   school shootings in the US is said
   to have created a violent
   animated film months before his
   rampage .

The 30-second animation attributed
   to Jeff Weise ,16,portrays a
   character shoot dead his
   grandfather and his partner .

He then went on to kill a teacher ,a
   security guard , five fellow
   students and blowing up a police
   car , before committing suicide .

Besides seven other people were
  hurt in the incident.
1.What kind of crime is the most inhumanest crime ?
   Schoolyards Abuse         Taking drugs         Violence       Molestation

2.What kind of crime is most common case ?
   Murder         Domestic violence     Shoplifting         Molestation

3.How could the government prohibit the happening of crime ?
   Legislation       Education      Cooperate with others        Impossible

4.Why did the murderers to have a crime ?
   For Interest       For Money        For Fun             Insane people

5.What will you do when you see a crime is happened?
   Call 999          Call Friends      Fight it yourself        NO action

6.Which do you think the level of HK ‘s crimes ?
    Extremely            Medium             Low              Satisfy
Questionnaire Result
1.What kind of crime is the most inhumanest
  crime ?

                      15%          Schoolyards
                            8%     Taking
60%                          17%
Questionnaire Result

2.What kind of crime is most common case ?

    24%             20%

          40%                   Molestation
Questionnaire Result

3.How could the government prohibit the
  happening of crime ?

        5% 1%

                             Cooperate with
51%                          others
      Questionnaire Result
      4.Why did the murderers to have a crime?

           17%                         22%


                                   For Interest
                                    For Money
                                         For Fun
                                     Insane people
Questionnaire Result
5.What will you do when you see a crime is happened?

                                          Call 999
               10%    10%
                                           Call Friends
            25%                     55%
                                           Fight it
                                          NO action
Questionnaire Result
   6.Which do you think the level of HK ‘s crimes ?

        18%                          14%



                              Extremely       Medium
                            Low               Satisfy
Hong Kong has positioned itself to become the world city of Asia, people
   have to work very hard and the causes of crime :

    To support the life style.
    The luxurious life of the rich may tempt these people to reach it
    through any means
    Increasing unemployment
    They may try to make money in whatever way possible .
    Through mass media violence and materialism are instilled into the
    mind of the people in HK.
    The traditional Chinese virtues are losing influence.
    The values of life are the glorification of wealth and the extolling of
    fame .
    Stuffed with the desire of get- rich-quick.
    unconcerned parents
    examination-oriented education system .

To fight crime, we need better cooperation between the police and the
Member opinion
   Sacky

After this project I know that HK’s case of
   crimes are increasing . I believe that
   fixed penalty notices can save the
   police’s time to patrol on the
   streets .They enable the courts to
   concentrate on more serious offences
   and give offenders an immediate
So I hope the government to pay attention
   this problem . Especially, it need to
   supervise the media strictly that it can
   avoid affecting teenager’s intelligent
   growth .
Member Opinion
   Cizuna

Before doing this project ,we find that this project might be
   quite difficult to do. we can find many information we want
   in the internet .

During the project …
   I started getting interest in English.
   I can learn much English such Vocabulary ,tenses ,idioms
   I can improve our friendship between I and my members.
   This project is very meaningful.
As Crime is a problem that very close to us. We usually see
   crime on TV, or on newspaper . We need to look into it
   and think about the solution to suggest the
   government to solve this problem at all.

Finally, thanks to my members ‘ help and
   cooperation .Without you , I think this project cannot be
   finished .
Member Opinion

   Clara :I thought makes this report
    to be allowed to make me even
    more to understand any is called
    at the same time the crime the
    servant regarding the crime
Member Opinion
Cynthia :
After finishing this meaningful project, I have found
 that the significance of it is very impressive to me.
 Despite of the harsh and fierce difficulties that we
 faced, my team members and me overcame this
 hardship together.
Never can we draw a conclusion that the project is
 useless. In fact, however, it is very useful and
 practical for us as we learned the co-operation,
 inter-personal skills and independence so on. I
 sincerely thank all people helping me to complete
 this great work.

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