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the land
of diversity

Located in the North of Spain,
Navarra is diverse in geography
and history. The region extends from
the Pyrenees Mountains to the Ebro
basin located on the edge of Rioja Baja.
In the northern portions of Navarra,
the terrain is very mountainous. This is
the area Hemingway immortalized
in his novel, Fiesta. Further south, the
landscape becomes more pastoral.

The climate is influenced by both the
Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic
Ocean. The Pyrenees mountains help
to protect the area from France’s
Mistral winds.
The history of this ancient kingdom is evident in the monumental
patrimony it has left behind in its diverse towns and cities: Places as
evocative as Roncevalles where Charlemagne, Charles the Great
fought and lost; the smooth landscapes of Valle del Baztán, the beauty
of Valle del Roncal, the peacefulness of Selva del Irati and the Sierra
de Urbasa; the medieval town of Artajona; Estella renowned for its
historic-artistic patrimony; Olite, medieval home of Navarra Kings;
the surprising landscape of Las Bardenas; Tudela, the crossroads
of France and Spain and Pamplona, the capital, founded
by General Pompeyo where the diversity of cultures of its
inhabitants has been carefully guarded right up until the present.

Distinctive cuisine
Perhaps one of the greatest attractions Navarra has to offer and
where it stands in a league of its own, is its distinctive cuisine.
Utilizing outstanding locally-grown produce such as piquillo
peppers, hearts of lettuce, artichoke hearts, and asparagus,
meats, savory cheese like Roncal and the smokey Idiazábal,
and of course, wines and liqueurs. These products have been
cultivated and prepared by expert hands over generations to
evolve into the art form it is today.

The gastronomy of Navarra has truly
earned its reputation as one of the
best in the world.
A long History
of Wine Making

Vineyards were present in
Navarra during the days of the Roman
occupation, and most likely were
cultivated even before the Romans.
Conquered by Charlemagne in the
eighth century, Navarra shortly
thereafter gained its independence
to become a kingdom with its own
civil rights. This arrangement is still
in effect today.
The Moors were never able to
obtain a very strong hold in this
area of Spain, so their influence is
minimal. During the Crusades of the
Middle Ages, pilgrims came through
Navarra on their way to Santiago
de Compostela along “The Way of
Saint James”.
With them came monks, who had
established vineyards throughout
the area. The French influence
returned to the Kingdom of Navarra
in the thirteenth century and
remained for the next three hundred
years. When Ferdinand and Isabella
(the Catholic Monarchs) came to the
throne, Navarra became annexed
permanently to Spain.
The wines of Navarra
                                                                                            The area’s most fertile soil is rich in
we enjoy today
Demands for Spain’s wines by
                                                                             Five           alluvial silt and set south of Pamplona,
                                                                                            between the cities of Puente la
the English and the French led to
improvements in the viticultural
                                                                             Zones          Reina, Sangüesa and Tudela.
                                                                                            This is where you can find Navarra’s
processes in Navarra, as well as                                             of Diversity   famed fresh vegetables such as
                                                                                            piquillo peppers, asparagus,
surrounding regions. When the
vineyards of Bordeaux became                                                                artichokes and hearts of lettuce.
infected first by oidium, and then,                                                         D.O. Navarra has 32,865 acres
twenty years later, in the 1870’s,                                                          (13,300 ha) which is divided into five
infested with phylloxera, winegrowing                                                       zones:
regions of the North of Spain underwent experimentation with viticultural                    Valdizarbe, Tierra Estella, Baja
processing and barrel aging. The results of these experiments led to the                     Montaña, Ribera Alta y Ribera
wines of Navarra we enjoy today.                                                             Baja.

One of the longest-established wine designations of origin, Navarra
combines traditional stock with continental varieties from other famous
wine-producing regions to offer a wide range of high-quality wines.

The bodegas are well-known for their combinations of traditional varieties
such as Tempranillo and Garnacha with continental varieties as Cabernet
Sauvignon and Merlot. The red wines are usually a blend of iberian
and continental grapes offering complexity and degree of quality which
outshine not only the newly emergent wine regions of the world but are
also manifestly superior to similar wines produced by revered, centuries-
old designations.

Perhaps the best-known wines of Navarra are its “free-run” rosado, light
strawberry in colour, fruity in aroma and of unparalleled taste. However,
Navarra also produces many red and white wines which are held in high
esteem throughout the world.

   Where Navarra is located
    in Europe and Spain

5 Zones of Diversity D.O. Navarra


                                     Bodegas AZUL Y GARANZA
                                     Bodegas ARTAJONA
                                     Bodegas CAMILO CASTILLA
                                     Bodegas CASTILLO DE MONJARDÍN
Wines Routes
                                     Bodegas CHIVITE
                                     Bodegas ENANZO
                                     Bodega INURRIETA
                                     Bodegas ONDARRE
                                     Bodegas ORVALAIZ
                                     Bodegas PAGO DE CIRSUS
                                     Bodegas PRÍNCIPE DE VIANA Y ALBRET
                                     SEÑORÍO DE OTAZU
               Wine Producers        SPANISH WINE DEALERS (Bodegas 1877)
Valdizarbe is located in the north central portion of the region in the
heartland of the “Way of Saint James”. Its soil is chalky, often with a reddish-
grey tint. This zone represents 7% of the total production.

Tierra Estella, located in the Northwest along the “Way of Saint James”
and is very similar to Valdizarbe. It represents 16% of the production.

Baja Montaña is located in the Northeastern area. It is 13% of the total
grape production of the “denominación”. Limestone and gravel are present
throughout the soil in this area, which is tinted red or yellow with a sub-humid
climate. The best “rosados” (rosés) are produced from the grapes of this

Ribera Alta forms the heart of Navarra. The Ebro river flows through the
middle of the Ribera Alta centered around the town of Olite. The soil is sandy
and limestone is very prominent through this subdivision. 35% of the grapes
grown in this region come from this zone.

Ribera Baja is the most southern area around the town of Tudela. 29% of the
region’s production originates here.

   Kingdom of Navarra
     Wine producing zones and
     their corresponding number
        of acres of vineyards.

Climate   Continental, with sharp temperature contrasts.         Vineyards   Navarra has approximately 32,865 acres (13,300
          Atlantic influences in the northern zones (Tierra                  ha) of vineyards with an annual production of
          Estella, Valdizarbe) and Mediterranean near the                    around 189,597,545 lbs (86 million kgs) of
          Ebro river. Drier in the Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja               grapes, which produce about 18,492,054 gal
          and sub-humid in the rest of the area.                             (70 million litres) of wine.
          Mean temperature                                                   Maximum authorized production
          From 53.06 oF (11.7 oC) in Baja Montaña to                         7,120 lbs/acres (8,000 kgs/ha).
          57.2 oF (14 oC) in Ribera Baja.                                    Production
          Rainfall                                                           55.65 bu/acres (50 hl/ha).
          Between 17.64 in/year (448 mm/year) in                             Vine spacing
          Ribera Baja and 26.89 in/year (683 mm/                             Not under 971.66 vines/acres 2,400 vines/ha).
          year) in Baja Montaña.
          Average hours of sunshine
          2,200 hours of direct sunlight in the northern
          zone and 2,500 in the Ebro valley.                     Varieties   WHITES
                                                                             Viura, Chardonnay, White Garnacha,
                                                                             Malvasia, Muscat de Gran Menudo and
                                                                             Sauvignon Blanc.
Soil      The vines in Navarra are essentially planted on
          brown-limestone topsoil formed over softer                         REDS
          materials, with slight clay content and poor                       Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Mazuelo
          organic matter. They are healthy and have                          (Carignan), Garnacha, Tempranillo, Graciano,
          good permeability.                                                 Syrah and Pinot Noir.
Table Numbers
You will find these companies at the following tables at
the Tasting Showroom:

                                        PERSON ATTENDING        Table
COmPaNY                                 THE TASTING             NumberS

bodegas aZul Y GaraNZa                  Daniel Sánchez            1

bodegas arTaJONa                        Sonia morales             2

bodegas CamIlO CaSTIlla                 José Félix Álvarez        3

bodegas CaSTIllO De mONJarDÍN           alba del Víllar           4

bodegas CHIVITe                         Peter Deutsch             5

bodegas eNaNZO                          Pedro echegoyen           6

bodega INurrIeTa                        Jef Van eccelpoel         7

bodegas ONDarre                         Juan Carlos rodríguez     8

bodegas OrValaIZ                        rafael Castejón           9

bodegas PaGO De CIrSuS                  Jeff bothwell             10

bodegas PrÍNCIPe De VIaNa Y albreT      Giuliano rosi             11


                                        Javier bañales            12

SPaNISH WINe DealerS (bodegas 1877)     rafael masoliver          13

                                      NAVARRA, KINGDOM OF FLAVORS
Bodegas Azul y Garanza

Our vines occupy various plots located
next to the Natural Park Las Bardenas
Reales of Navarra, in the north of Spain,
sharing the same terrain and climate
as this desert area. It’s shallow, clay-
traced soil, minimal water, and irregular,
somewhat minimal rainfall 11.81 in/year
(300 mm/year), as well as extreme
contrasts in temperatures between
day and night, 59ºF (15ºC). Due to
these singular geoclimatic conditions,
unique in Navarra, our vines offer a
lower production of small grapes that
have a high concentration and a perfect
As well, the grapes are organically grown,
without pesticides, insecticides, or
chemical fertilizers that wear out the soil.
A great wine begins at the vine. In the
cellar, we ferment all our wines in small
cement tanks, with indigenous yeast.
Before starting up Azul y Garanza we
had wine-making experiences working in
different countries like Australia, South
Africa, Argentina, Burgundy, and in
Spain: Penedes Montsant and Priorat.

                                               Company Name
                                               azul y Garanza bodegas, S.l.
                                               Contact Person
                                               Daniel Sánchez
                                               C/ San Juan, 19
                                               Town/Postal Code
                                               Carcastillo (Navarra), 31310
                                               (011) 34 636 406 939
                                               (011) 34 948 725 677

Bodegas Azul y Garanza
 BranD name                   varietalS
                            alcohol content                  vintage
                                                             vintage       Price BanD
 Fiesta de azul y garanza      Garnacha & Tempranillo              2009        B

 rosa de azul y garanza        Garnacha & Tempranillo              2010        B

 abril de azul y garanza       Tempranillo & C. Sauvignon          2010        C

 Seis de azul y garanza        Merlot & C. Sauvignon               2009        D

 Desierto                      Cabernet Sauvignon                  2007        E

 Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (USD @ 0,70 euros)

total caPacity ProDUction [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 200,000 bottles

                    Fine eStateS From SPain
                    745 High St. MA 02026-4151
                    Telephone: 1 781 461 5767
                    Contact Person: Jorge Ordóñez
U.S. AGENT          E-mail:

Bodegas Artajona                                                                                                                                     Being
Bodegas Artajona, was founded in
1957, when the Pérez de Ciriza family                                      Brand name                   varieTalS
                                                                                                      alCohol ConTenT                  vinTage             priCeBand
                                                                                                                                                           price Band
moved from their town Artajona, to                                         Bodegas artajona               Cabernet Sauvignon                 2008                C
Pamplona and inaugurated their first                                       Crianza                        & Tempranillo
                                                                           Bodegas artajona White         Chardonnay                         2009                C
From that moment on, quality and
service were the pillars of our family’s                                   argaray Crianza                Tempranillo, Cabernet              2007                C
success in business. In 2002, building                                                                    Sauvignon & Merlot
upon our strong presence in regional                                       argaray young red              Tempranillo & Garnacha             2010                B
markets, Bodegas Artajona inaugurated
modern facilities covering over 0.74                                       argaray rosé                   Garnacha                           2010                B
acres (3,000 m2) and the firm entered
a dynamic expansion phase.                                                 Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)

Our goal was clear: to satisfy the most
demanding palates with top-quality
wines. The culmination of these efforts                                   ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 500,000 bottles
is the portfolio of fine wine we present
today. They are exquisite wines,
painstakingly selected and nurtered                                                           3 CaSTilloS inC.                               looking for u.S. importer
in our bodega, combining the most                                                             Telephone: 1 914 216 9977
modern production processes with the                                                          Contact Person: Iker Fernández
know-how accumulated over years of                                        U.S. AGENT

                                           Company name
                                           Bodegas Artajona, S.L.         Notes
                                           Contact person
                                           Sonia morales
                                           Pol. Agustinos C/G
                                           Town/postal Code
                                           Pamplona (Navarra), 31013
                                           (011) 34 948 186 262
                                           (011) 34 948 186 565

Bodegas Artajona
Bodegas Camilo Castilla                                                                                                                               Being
More than 150 years have passed
since Don Camilo Castilla founded                                            Brand name                  varieTalS
                                                                                                         varieTalS                       vinTage       price Band
this emblematic bodega in Corella, in                                        pink rosado                 100% Garnacha                         2010        C
the Ribera del Ebro, always dedicated
to the production of high quality sweet                                      Beltrán Tinto               85% Tempranillo &                     2008        C
wines from the Small Grain Muscat                                            Crianza                     15% Cabernet Sauvignon
grape, of which the bodegas owns 136
acres (55 ha), and red, white and rosé                                       Beltrán Blanco dulce        100% Moscatel                         2010        D
wines from its vineyards.                                                    moscatel

Today, and under the ownership and                                           goya                        100% Moscatel                          nv         C
management of the Beltrán family, it is
a fusion of traditional times and modern                                     Capricho de goya            100% Moscatel                          nv         E
trends, and a bodega where you can find
                                                                             Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
the most classic red and sweet wines to
the most avant-garde rosés.
Origin of exclusive and original                                            ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 500,000 bottles
flavours, its Capricho de goya sweet
muscat based wine aged for seven
years in demi-jhons and barrels, has                                                            looking for nyC agent
won international recognition as one of
the best wines in the world.
                                                                            U.S. AGENT

                                           Company name
                                           Bodegas Camilo Castilla, S.A.    Notes
                                           Contact person
                                           José Félix Álvarez
                                           C/ Santa Bárbara, 40
                                           Town/postal Code
                                           Corella (Navarra), 31591
                                           (011) 34 948 780 006
                                           (011) 34 948 780 515

Bodegas Camilo Castilla
Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín                                                                                                                               Being
                                                                                         Brand name                  varieTalS                   vinTage     price Band

                                                                                         el Cerezo unoaKed           Chardonnay                      2009         C

                                                                                         Tintico                     Tempranillo                     2009         B

                                                                                         la Cantera                  Garnacha                        2009         C

                                                                                         deyo old vines              Merlot                          2006         D

                                                                                         Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)

                                                                                        ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 1,200,000 bottles
Castillo de Monjardín lies in the
northwest corner of Navarra, in the                                                                         WineBoW inC
foothills of the Pyrenées, not far from                                                                     75 Chestnut Ridge Road. Montvale, NJ 07645
the French border. The estate is a way-                                                                     Telephone: 1 201 445 0620
station along the famous pilgrimage                                                                         Contact Person: Félix Jiménez
route from Paris to Santiago de                                                                             E-mail:
                                                                                        U.S. AGENT          Website:
Compostela. Its geographic proximity
and historic cultural links to France
account for a local winemaking tradition
based on Chardonnay, Cabernet                Company name
                                             Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín, S.A.        Notes
Sauvignon, and Merlot - distinct from
                                             Contact person
the common viticultural practice in the
                                             víctor del víllar
rest of Spain.
Monjardín’s 500 acres (202.34 ha)            Viña Rellanada, s/n
of vineyards lie on sunny slopes at an       Town/postal Code
average altitude of 1,800 ft, which are      Villamayor de Monjardín (Navarra), 31242
cooled by the “Cierzo” wind from the         Telephone
                                             (011) 34 948 537 412
mountains. This unique microclimate
and the winemaking skills of proprietor-     (011) 34 948 537 436
winemaker Víctor Víllar yields wines of      e-mail
singularly intense aroma, full flavor, and
firm structure.                              Website

Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín
Bodegas Chivite                                                                                                                                    Being
                                                                            Brand name                   varieTalS
                                                                                                           varieTalS                          vinTage   price Band

                                                                            gran Feudo rosado              100% Red Garnacha                    2010         C

                                                                            gran Feudo Crianza             70% Tempranillo, 10%                 2006         C
                                                                                                           Garnacha & 20% Merlot

Founded in 1647, Bodegas Chivite                                            gran Feudo reserva             70% Tempranillo, 10%                 2005         D
is one of the oldest wine producing                                                                        Cabernet S. & 20% Merlot
dynasties in Spain.        Over eleven                                      Colección 125 Blanco           100% Chardonnay                      2007         E
generations, the firm has grown from
its original establishment in Navarra to                                    Colección 125 reserva          64% Tempranillo, 16%                 2005         E
estates in Rioja, Rueda and Ribera del                                                                     Cabernet S. & 20% Merlot
Duero, and become the most important,                                       Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
as well as one of the most respected
producers and exporters of Navarra’s
wines.                                                                     ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 8,000,000 bottles

Embracing the best of the region’s
                                                                                               Spain Wine ColleCTion, inC.
traditions and the technology that has                                                         16 Route 9 W. Congers, NY 10920
transformed it from the end of the 1980s                                                       Telephone: 1 845 268 2622 / 631 833 61012
onwards, Bodegas Chivite has forged a                                                          Contact Person: Peter Deutsch
reputation for quality and consistency                                                         E-mail:
                                                                           U.S. AGENT          Website:
second to none in the “Denominación
de Origen”.
Our philosophy is to create high quality   Company name
wines which are a true expression of       Bodegas Chivite, S.A.           Notes
their origin. Therefore, sustainability    Contact person
is a fundamental pillar of who we are      eduardo ruíz / pilar marcilla
and of everything we do. Our aim is        address
to be recognized for our corporate         C/ Ribera, 34
                                           Town/postal Code
responsibility which includes our
                                           Cintruénigo (Navarra), 31592
products (natural and organic), care
for the environment, respect in our        (011) 34 948 811 000
workplace, and a campaign promoting        Fax
consumption of wine in moderation.         (011) 34 948 811 407

Bodegas Chivite
Bodegas Enanzo                                                                                                                                     Being
Bodegas Enanzo was set up in 1958 and
since then has always been a pioneer                                      Brand name                      varieTalS                     vinTage     price Band
in the use of the latest technologies.
                                                                          enanzo Tempranillo              100% Tempranillo                  2009         B
Unbeatable natural and climatological
conditions for wine growing have
                                                                          enanzo rosado                   100% Garnacha                     2010         B
made Murchante an area with long
winemaking tradition.
                                                                          enanzo Chardonnay               100% Chardonnay                   2010         B
All the stages of production are
performed under a strict control                                          enanzo Crianza                  50% Tempranillo &                 2006         C
process applied by our oenologists and                                                                    50% Cabernet Sauvignon
vineyard staff. The process begins in the                                 enanzo reserva                  60% Tempranillo,                  2004         D
vineyard itself, supervising the growth                                                                   25% Cabernet &15% Merlot
and ripening of the wines, and ranges
from basic pruning to the treatment and
ripening controls performed in each                                       Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)

plot, culminating in a selected grape
harvest which arrives at the winery via
                                                                         ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 2,000,000 bottles
4 fruit-selection hoppers.
The average age of the vines grown in
                                                                                             regal Wine imporTS, inC.
our vineyards approaches 25 years.
                                                                                             2 Commerce Drive, Suite 3. Moorestown, NJ 08057
A wide range of varieties allows us to
                                                                                             Telephone: 1 856 985 6388 / 1 917 846 1708
make wine specifically conceived to                                                          Fax: 1 856 985 5848
become young wines or “reserve” (oak                                                         Contact Person: Chris Campbell
aged) with a great respect for nature.                                   U.S. AGENT          E-mail:
It means that our vineyards are
thoroughly controlled and yields of more
than 5,785 lbs/acres (6,500 kgs/ha) are     Company name
not contemplated. In this spirit, Bodegas   Bodegas Enanzo               Notes
Enanzo has become the largest Winery        Contact person
in navarra. Their fields and wineries       pedro echegoyen
have given rise to the best wines sold      address
under the most prestigious labels           C/ Mayor, 189
all over around                             Town/postal Code
the world (U.S.,                            Murchante (Navarra), 31521
Canada, Mexico,                             Telephone
South America,                              (011) 34 948 838 030
Europe, Asia...).                           Fax
                                            (011) 34 948 838 677

Bodegas Enanzo
Bodega Inurrieta                                                                                                                                          Being
                                                                                 Brand name                  varieTalS                        vinTage      price Band

                                                                                 inurrieta orchidea          Sauvignon Blanc                       2010         B

                                                                                 inurrieta mediodía          Garnacha                              2010         B

                                                                                 inurrieta norte             C. Sauvignon & Merlot                 2007         C
The name of Inurrieta refers to the
lands where our ancestors grew                                                   inurrieta Sur                                                                  C
                                                                                                             Garnacha, Graciano & Syrah            2007
vines almost a century ago. The new
generations chose this name as a                                                 inurrieta Cuatrocientos                                                        D
                                                                                                             C. Sauvignon & Merlot                 2007
tribute to our loved ones who had such                                           Crianza
a passion for wine.
                                                                                 Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
Reviving the traditions with which
we had grown up made this project
possible, which began in 1999 with the                                          ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 1,500,000 bottles
planting of the first vines and has now
come to fruition with Inurrieta wines                                                               vinaio imporTS
that speak for themselves.                                                                          654A Tiffany St. Bronx, NY 10474
                                                                                                    Telephone: 1 718 842 7201
These are very lively wines, with                                                                   Contact Person: Joan Altés
an energy that here in Inurrieta we                                                                 Telephone: 1 646 267 4282
know-how to sweeten with the best                                               U.S. AGENT          E-mail:
winemaking processes and the finest
Our whites and rosados are fresh,         Company name
                                          Bodega Inurrieta, S.L.                Notes
modern floral wines... an explosion of
                                          Contact person
                                          José antonio pellicer
Our reds perfume the glass and are        address
silky and very long on the palate; the    Ctra. Falces-Miranda de Arga, km 30
finest oak endows them with an imprint    Town/postal Code
                                          Falces (Navarra), 31370
of smooth nuances, giving a balance in
which the fruit and the most elegant      (011) 34 948 737 309
tannins reign supreme. Pure velvet that   Fax
lengthens infinitely in the mouth.        (011) 34 948 737 310

Bodega Inurrieta
Bodegas Ondarre                                                                                                                                        Being
                                                                              Brand name                      varieTalS                   vinTage       price Band

                                                                              Cava ondarre millenium          Viura                              --         C

                                                                              Ursa maior Crianza              Tempranillo, Garnacha             2007        C
                                                                                                              Mazuelo & Graciano

Bodegas Ondarre, founded in 1986,                                             ondarre reserva                 Tempranillo, Garnacha             2004        D
belongs to the Bodegas olarra group,                                                                          & Mazuelo
one of the most prestigious wineries
                                                                              ondarre graciano                Graciano                          2007        D
with the Denominación de Origen
Calificada Rioja classification.                                              mayor de ondarre                Tempranillo & Mazuelo             2004        E
Bodegas Ondarre is located in Viana,
                                                                              Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
4.97 mi (8 km) from Logroño (La Rioja),
a historical town rich in tradition which
still conserves remains of its medieval                                      ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 800,000 bottles
fortress. Its name comes from a
centuries-old mansion owned by the                                                               grupo BodegaS olarra
family that founded the winery.                                                                  55 Poplar Street. Stamford, CT 06907
Production       comprises     exclusively                                                       Telephone: 1 203 975 2522
reservas, cask-fermented white wine                                                              Contact Person: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
and cava, with a limited production                                          U.S. AGENT          E-mail:
volume: high quality wines with which
Bodegas Ondarre wishes to consolidate
itself in the area of exceptional wines.     Company name
                                             Bodegas Ondarre, S.A.           Notes
Bodegas Ondarre has the most
                                             Contact person
advanced wine-making technology.
                                             Juan Carlos rodríguez
Wine is fermented in stainless steel
tanks with internal refrigeration sleeves    Ctra. de Aras, s/n
and automatic temperature control.           Town/postal Code
New American and French oak barrels          Viana (Navarra), 31230
are used for aging. The winery makes a       Telephone
special effort to constantly replace old     (011) 34 948 645 300
wood to obtain wines with a distinct         Fax
                                             (011) 34 948 646 002

Bodegas Ondarre
Bodegas Orvalaiz                                                                                                                                    Being
                                                                           Brand name                       varieTalS                    vinTage     price Band

                                                                           Septentrión Crianza              85% Tempranillo &                2006         D
                                                                                                            15% Cabernet
                                                                           orvalaiz Crianza                 40% Tempranillo, 30%             2007         C
                                                                                                            Cabernet & 30% Merlot
                                                                           orvalaiz Tempranillo             100% Tempranillo                 2009         B
Bodegas Orvalaiz is a modern winery
founded in 1993. The winery is closely                                     orvalaiz garnacha                100% Garnacha                    2009         B
linked to the Navarra Wine Route and
to the Pilgrim´s way to Santiago de                                        orvalaiz rosado de lágrima 100% Cabernet Sauvignon                2010         B
Compostela and its aim is to produce
quality wines to satisfy the most
demanding clients.                                                         Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)

Bodegas Orvalaiz produce a complete
range of red, rose and white wines,
                                                                          ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 1,500,000 bottles
using the best grapes selected at
optimum ripeness to create fruity and
elegant wines with the character of our                                                       looking for nyC agent

                                                                          U.S. AGENT

                                          Company name
                                          Bodegas Orvalaiz                Notes
                                          Contact person
                                          rafael Castejón
                                          Ctra. Pamplona - Logroño, s/n
                                          Town/postal Code
                                          Obanos (Navarra), 31151
                                          (011) 34 948 344 437
                                          (011) 34 948 344 401

Bodegas Orvalaiz
Bodegas Pago de Cirsus                                                                                                                                     Being
The aim of Bodegas pago de Cirsus is
to make 100% single-estate wines of the                                           Brand name                  varieTalS
                                                                                                             alCohol ConTenT                  vinTage
                                                                                                                                              vinTage       priCeBand
                                                                                                                                                            price Band
highest quality. The 333,6 acres (135 ha)                                         pago de Cirsus               Tempranillo, Merlot                  2009       B
of vineyards are planted with Cabernet                                            oak aged                     & Syrah
Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah,
Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, with                                              pago de Cirsus        Tempranillo, Merlot                         2007       C
yields intentionally kept lower than D.O.                                         vendimia Seleccionada & Syrah
requirements to ensure optimal ripening.
                                                                                  pago de Cirsus Cuvee         Tempranillo, Merlot                  2007       E
The grapes are picked manually and                                                especial                     & Syrah
selection is a meticulous process, starting
at the vineyard where the wines are green                                         pago de Cirsus               Tempranillo & Syrah                  2005       E
pruned and later at the selection table,                                          Selección de Familia
where only the best grapes are chosen
for fermentation in wooden vats. The low                                          pago de Cirsus opus 11 Tempranillo & Syrah                        2007       E
yields guarantee good color and ideal
                                                                                  Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
maturation to create wines with body
and powerful structure, which, along with
the highest quality French oak casks,                                            ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 450,000 bottles
achieves elegant, long-living wines.
In the 2010, the winery was the recipient
of more than 25 Gold and Silver Medal                                                                looking for nyC agent
awards, and won the trophy for best
regional red wine at the 2009 Decanter
World Wine Awards.                                                               U.S. AGENT

                                              Company name
                                              Bodegas Pago de Cirsus             Notes
                                              Contact person
                                              Jeff Bothwell / Javier galarreta
                                              Ctra. Ablitas - Ribaforada, km 5
                                              Town/postal Code
                                              Ablitas (Navarra), 31523
                                              (011) 34 945 150 588
                                              (011) 34 945 158 283

Bodegas Pago de Cirsus
Bodegas Príncipe de Viana y Albret                                                                                                                   Being
                                                                           Brand name                   varieTalS                            vinTage   price Band

                                                                           albret rosado                Garnacha                              2009          B

                                                                           príncipe de viana            Tempranillo, Merlot                   2007          B
                                                                           Crianza                      & Cabernet Sauvignon

1.423 Commemorates the year in                                             albret Crianza               Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot            2007          B
                                                                           French oak                   & Tempranillo
which King Charles iii established the
Principality of Viana in honour of his
                                                                           albret la viña de            Cabernet Sauvignon                    2006          E
nephew, Charles of Evreux.                                                 mi madre                     & Merlot
Bodegas Príncipe de Viana was
founded in 1983 and located its first                                      príncipe de viana            Chardonnay                            2009          D
                                                                           late harvest
facilities at Murchante. Next to these,
the current winery was erected, where
                                                                           Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
12 million euros were invested.
In 1996 it reached first position in
Protected Designation of Origin of                                        ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 5,000,000 bottles
Navarra bottled wine exports, which led
it to be present in over twenty countries,                                                    looking for nyC agent
the United Kingdom being the first
foreign market.                                                           U.S. AGENT
In 2000 was built Finca Albret, the new
facilities of Príncipe de Viana Group. In
that year we also acquired Rioja Vega, a     Company name
                                             Bodegas Príncipe de Viana    Notes
Rioja D.O. winery with a long tradition of
more than 125 years.                         Contact person
                                             giuliano rosi
                                             C/ Mayor, 191
                                             Town/postal Code
                                             Murchante (Navarra), 31521
                                             (011) 34 948 838 640
                                             (011) 34 948 818 435

Bodegas Príncipe de Viana y Albret
Señorío de Otazu                                                                                                                                     Being
                                                                            Brand name                   varieTalS                      vinTage       price Band

                                                                            otazu Chardonnay             Chardonnay                           2009        C
                                                                            Blanco sin barrica

                                                                            otazu rosado                 Merlot                               2009        C

The estate of Señorío de Otazu has                                          otazu Crianza                Tempranillo, Merlot &                2006        C
been involved in winemaking and grape                                                                    Cabernet Sauvignon
growing since the 15th century. Located                                     Señorío de otazu             Tempranillo, Merlot &                2006        E
in the Pamplona Valley, the winery is                                                                    Cabernet Sauvignon
sheltered by the Rock of Etxauri, on the                                    altar                        Cabernet Sauvignon                   2004        E
left bank of the Arga River. The wine
cellar and vineyard (284.17 acres -115                                      Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
ha-) are uniquely positioned as the
northernmost vineyard for red wines in
Spain.                                                                     ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 450,000 bottles
The vineyard soil shows considerable
variation, although clay and gravel                                                            neW age imporTS
dominate. High levels of stone ensure                                                          80 Pompton Ave., Suite 103. Verona, NJ 07044
adequate permeability and filtration,                                                          Telephone: 1 973 857 0612
                                                                                               Fax: 1 973 857 0612
balanced by a favorable Atlantic                                                               Contact Person: Julio Baguer
climate.                                                                   U.S. AGENT          Website:
The vineyard is planted with the
red grapes, Tempranillo, Cabernet          Company name
Sauvignon and Merlot, and Chardonnay       Señorío de Otazu                Notes
for the white wines; over fifteen clones   Contact person
comprise the final blends, and all wines   Javier Bañales / Xavier Batle
come from 100% from our “PAGO DE           address
OTAZU” estate-grown grapes. The            Señorío de Otazu, s/n
                                           Town/postal Code
reds age exclusively in French oak
                                           Etxauri (Navarra), 31174
casks, while the Chardonnay is mainly
fermented in stainless steel.              (011) 34 948 329 200
                                           (011) 34 948 329 353

Señorío de Otazu
Spanish Wine Dealers (Bodegas 1877)                                                                                                                Being
On the right bank of the river
Ebro, in the south of the Region of                                       Brand name                    varieTalS                     vinTage       price Band
Navarra, we find the town of Corella,
                                                                          marqués de luz Joven          60% Tempranillo &                   2009         C
at an altitude of 14,685.04 in                                                                          40% C. Sauvignon
(373 metres). Thanks to the privileged
Mediterranean     climatology      that                                   marqués de luz Crianza        80% Tempranillo &                   2007         D
the Ribera Navarra offers us,                                                                           20% C. Sauvignon
influenced by a continental climate, it
provides an optimum ripening of the
                                                                          Price Band Categories Suggested Retail Price (uSd @ 0,70 euros)
Combining high quality grapes,
produced from stocks that are at their
best production period, we obtain our
wines from the Tempranillo, Merlot and
Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.                                            ToTal CapaCiTy produCTion [in 0.2 gal (750 ml) bottles]: 118,877.49 gal (450,000 litres)

After selecting the grape, it is taken
to the stainless steel tanks to ferment
at controlled temperature. After the                                                         inTernaTional Wine group llC
process of fermenting the alcohol has                                                        P.O. BOX 25. Hinsdale, NH 03451
taken place, the wine is separated                                                           Telephone: 1 845 893 9147
from the grape skins to highlight its                                                        Fax: 1 603 336 8354
freshness.                                                                                   Contact Person: Félix Jiménez
                                                                         U.S. AGENT          E-mail:

                                          Company name
                                          Bodegas 1877, S.L.             Notes
                                          Contact person
                                          rafael masoliver / ana pueyo
                                          Ctra. Madrid, s/n
                                          Town/postal Code
                                          Corella (Navarra), 34591
                                          (011) 34 917 104 880
                                          (011) 34 917 104 881

Spanish Wine Dealers (Bodegas 1877)
Navarra Chamber of Commerce
and Industry

International Business Desk
The Navarra Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public law corporation
in existence for over a century. It aims to represent, defend and promote
the general interests of industry, commerce and services in the region of
It also deals with the provision of useful services to companies and
professionals in fields such as internationalization, training and new             Government of Navarra
technology; the promotion and economic development of Navarra; the drive to
develop business initiatives; and the creation of jobs through the International
Business Desk.
                                                                                   For a list of Navarran companies looking to export:

     General Chinchilla, 4                  Contact
     Town / Postal Code                     Luisa Balanza
     Pamplona (Navarra), 31002              E-mail
     (011) 34 948 077 070                   Contact
                                            Piedad Martín
     (011) 34 948 077 082                   E-mail

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