Creating Microarray Workflows in ProteusLIMS by gegeshandong


									ProteusLIMS Training:
Task Management and
Workflow Template

Sau-Mei Leung Ph.D.
            What is Task Management?

            Task Management is created for tracking billable work

            Any work done in the laboratory is considered as a Task
               Examples:
                  Prepare Final report, Customer consultation
                  Any Processes such as Sample Preparation, Digestion, MS analysis,
                   Protein Search, etc.

               There are 7 tasks for the following PMF workflow
                 Sample preparation (Task 1)
                   2D gel (Task 2)
                     Digestion (Task 3)
                        MALDI-TOF (Task 4)
                           Mascot search (Task 5)
                              Final report (Task 6)
                                  Customer consultation (Task 7)
3/6/2006                                                                               2
           What is Task Management?
     Task can be assigned to laboratory staff
     Report can be generated for these tasks for billing

3/6/2006                                                    3
            What is Workflow Template?
       A powerful way to store commonly used laboratory procedures in
            Example of a Workflow Template created for “PMF and TOF/TOF”

3/6/2006                                                                    4
           What is the relationship between
           Workflow Template and Task
    Workflow template is required for tracking billable work via Task
    You will need to create each billable Task in the configuration in
     order to build a Workflow Template

3/6/2006                                                                  5
            What is Workflow Template?

            Once the Workflow template is created, it can be
            assigned to sample

3/6/2006                                                        6
           Creating a PMF Workflow Template
              This presentation will outline the creation of a PMF

              Prerequisites:
                  Three processes have been created in the ProteusLIMS
                   system for the PMF Workflow Template (i.e. Digestion,
                   MALDI-TOF analysis and Protein Search).

              Outline:
               1. Create a corresponding Task for each Process
               2. Create a Workflow Template using the Tasks
               3. Assign the Workflow Template to a sample

3/6/2006                                                                   7
           Login as administrator to access

3/6/2006                                      8
           Add new task

3/6/2006                  9
           New Task : Tryptic digestion

Select Process
and what is
associated with
this task

  Click save and then add two more tasks: MALDI-TOF analysis
  and Protein Search using Mascot
3/6/2006                                                       10
           Three new tasks have been added

3/6/2006                                     11
           Create the Workflow Template

                                        Select the item you
                                        want to add a
                                        workflow for.

                     Use the “Add” button to
                     add a new workflow for
                     the selected item.

3/6/2006                                                      12
           Create the Workflow

             Use the “Add” buttons to insert
             new tasks in the workflow.

               Select a default
               protocol for each task.
3/6/2006                                       13
           Finish adding the tasks to the Workflow

3/6/2006                                             14
           Assign the Workflow Template to a sample

                   Select samples in a
                   project sample list and
                   right-click to add the
                   workflow to the samples.

3/6/2006                                              15
           Assign the Workflow Template to Samples

                Initially no tasks are assigned to
                the samples.

                                          Use the “Select a
                                          Workflow” button to add an
                                          entire workflow to the
3/6/2006                                                               16
           Assign the Workflow Template

            The default protocol you specified
            earlier is automatically used for a task.

3/6/2006                                                17
           Run the Workflow

            After assigning the workflow, it is possible for users
            to run the workflow’s tasks directly from the sample
3/6/2006                                                              18

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