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    USA Seminar 2012 at Boston
    HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification
    Compliance: Understanding the Requirements,
    Preventing Incidents, Surviving Audits,
    and Avoiding Penalties
    by   Jim Sheldon-Dean
    On 17th and 18th May, 2012 at Boston

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              USA Seminar 2012 at Boston

                Jim Sheldon-Dean
                Director of Compliance Services, Lewis Creek Systems, LLC

About Speaker:
Jim Sheldon-Dean is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting
firm founded in 1982, providing information privacy and security regulatory compliance services to health care firms and
businesses throughout the Northeast and nationally.

Sheldon-Dean's firm provides a variety of advisory, training, assessment, policy development, project management and
mitigation services for a number of health care providers, businesses, universities, small and large hospitals, urban and rural
mental health and social service agencies, health insurance plans and health care business associates.He serves on the HIMSS
Information Systems Security Workgroup, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange Privacy and Security Workgroup, and
co-chairs the WEDI HIPAA Updates sub-workgroup.

He is a frequent speaker regarding HIPAA and information privacy and security compliance issues at seminars and conferences,
including speaking engagements at AHIMA national conventions and WEDI national conferences, and before the New York
Metropolitan Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Health Information Management Associations of
New York City, New York State, and Vermont, the Connecticut Hospital Association, and the Hospital and Health System
Association of Pennsylvania.

Past Seminars

                                                          Date and Venue:
                                                           May 17th and 18th, 2012 at Boston

                                                           Will be announced soon
                                                                                 USA Seminar 2012 at Boston
Seminar Content:                                                                              Conference timings: 9 AM PDT to 5 PM PDT

Why should you attend:
This session is designed to provide intensive, two-day training in HIPAA compliance, including what's currently in the regulations, what’s
changing, and what’s going to need to be addressed by covered entities and business associates in the near future. The session provides
the background and details for any manager of healthcare information privacy and security to know what are the most important privacy
and security issues, what needs to be done for HIPAA compliance, and what can happen without compliance.

Day 1 - 17th May 2012                                                   Day 2 - 18th May 2012

   Lecture 1: Overview of HIPAA                                            Lecture 5: HIPAA Security Policies and
              Regulations                                                             Procedures and Audits
   „ The Origins and Purposes of HIPAA                                     „ HIPAA Security Policy Framework
                                                                           „ Sample Security Policy Content
   „ Privacy Rule History and Objectives
                                                                           „ Recommended Level of Detail for Policies and
   „ Security Rule History and Objectives                                    Procedures
   „ Breach Notification Requirements, Benefits, and                       „ Using Good Policies and Procedures to Survive
      Results                                                                Audits

   Lecture 2: HIPAA Privacy Rule Principles,                               Lecture 6: Risk Analysis for Security and
              Policies and Procedures                                                 Meaningful Use
   „ Patient Rights under HIPAA                                            „ Principles of Risk Analysis for Information
   „ Limitations on Uses and Disclosures
                                                                           „ Information Security Management Process
   „ Required Policies and Procedures                                      „ Risk Analysis Methods
   „ Training and Documentation Requirements                               „ Risk Analysis Example

   Lecture 3: Recent and Proposed Changes                                  Lecture 7: Risk Mitigation and
              to the HIPAA Rules                                                      Compliance Remediation
                                                                           „ Typical Security Risks
   „ New Penalty Structure
                                                                           „ Social Media and Privacy
   „ New Audit Requirements                                                „ Dealing with Portable Devices and Remote
   „ New Patient Rights
                                                                           „ Compliance Planning
   „ New Obligations for Business Associates
                                                                           Lecture 8: Documentation, Training, Drills
   Lecture 4: HIPAA Security Rule Principles                                          and Self-Audits
   „ General Rules and Flexibility Provisions                              „ How to Organize and Use Documentation to
   „ The Role of Risk Analysis
                                                                             Your Advantage
                                                                           „ Training Methods and Compliance Improvement
   „ Security Safeguards                                                   „ Conducting Drills in Incident Response
   „ Training and Documentation                                            „ Self-Auditing of Compliance                                                       All rights are reserved © GlobalCompliancePanel.
                                                                                 USA Seminar 2012 at Boston

What you get:
1. Learning Objectives
                                                                                           Pricing List:
2. Participation certificates                                                              1. Price for One Delegate pass
3. Interactive sessions with the US expert                                                    $1595
4. Post event email assistance to your queries.                                              (Between March 23th to April 25th)
5. Special price on future purchase of web based trainings.                                -----------------------------------------
6. Special price on future consulting or expertise services.                               2. Early bird price for one Delegate
7. Special price on future seminars by GlobalCompliancePanel.                                 pass $1395
8. Seminar Kit – includes presentation handout, ID card, brochure, trainings catalog,         (Between February 16th to March 22th)
    notepad and pen.                                                                       -----------------------------------------
9. Networking with industry's top notch professionals                                      3. For discounts on multiple
                                                                                              registrations, contact customer
                                                                                              care at 1800 447 9407
                                                  Companies that will benefit:
                                                  † Hospitals
                                                                                          Professionals who will benefit:
                                                  † Academic Medical Centers              £ Information Security Officers
                                                  † Insurers                              £ Risk Managers

                                                  † Business Associates (shredding,       £ Compliance Officers
                                                    data storage, systems vendors,        £ Privacy Officers
                                                    billing services, etc.)
                                                                                          £ Health Information Managers
                                                                                          £ nformation Technology Managers

How to Register:                                                                          £ Medical Office Managers
                                                                                          £ Chief Financial Officers
v   Register online. Use your American Express, Visa or MasterCard
                                                                                          £ Systems Managers
v   For group discount of more than 5 attendees call 800-447-9407                         £ Legal Counsel

v   Call +1 - 800-447-9407 or Fax your PO: 302-288-6884                                   £ Operations Directors

v   Mail your check to: NetZealous LLC DBA GLOBALCOMPLAINCEPANEL,
     6552 Palisades Dr. Centreville, VA 20121

    Contact Information:
    Event Coordinator
    Toll free: 1800 447 9407
                                                                                        Kindly get in touch with us for
    Fax: 302 288 6884
                                                                                           any help or information.
    GlobalCompliancePanel                                                               Look forward to meeting you
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